20 Years Ago


"It is the boldness of the president, gaining relevancy by wielding the veto pen to protect our nation's meek and needy, contrasted with the unctuousness of Speaker Gingrich, having the temerity to shut the government down in a brash display of arrogant audacity, that has produced Campaign '96's conventional wisdom."
—Thomas W. Hazlett, "Putting People On: The Pander Bear Returns"

"The easy flow of information in cyberspace can also promote quackery and innocent-but-ineffective treatments. But enough doctors will find answers, and enough patients relief, to create a serious challenge to the [Food and Drug Administration]'s monopoly powers."
—Virginia Postrel, "The Other Drug War"

"Fiscal conservatives often fret about unproductive government workers. But contrary to the popular impression that the Reagan administration throttled government growth, the number of federal workers went up by close to 200,000—nearly 8 percent—during the eight Reagan years."
—Richard B. McKenzie, "Clinton Confidential"

—November 1996