Gary Johnson

Nick Gillespie on Libertarianism, Why Gary Johnson Is a Success, Trump, Clinton, and Millennials

Also discusses where Rand Paul went wrong on "Part of the Problem" podcast with Dave Smith. Listen now!


Last Friday, I appeared on Part of the Problem, a twice-weekly podcast co-hosted by Dave Smith, a standup comic and self-made libertarian currently housed somewhere in that hipster's paradise, Brooklyn. It's an irreverent, wide-rangind, and ribald conversation covering whether Gary Johnson's 2016 run has been a net good for libertarianism (obviously, I think), where Rand Paul went wrong in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination, growing up in and around New York City at very different periods of time, why I think millennials have a real shot at defining their own lives unknown to previous generations, and more.

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Attention, New York Area Reasonoids: I'll be debating Walter Block in Manhattan tomorrow about whether libertarians should vote for Trump or not next week (Smith is the warm-up act). Tickets are free but must be reserved. Go here for more information.