A.M. Links: Presidential Election 8 Days Away, Clinton Leads Trump in Polls, Happy Halloween


  • The presidential election is one week from tomorrow.

  • New poll: Hillary Clinton 42 percent, Donald Trump 39 percent, Gary Johnson 7 percent, Jill Stein 5 percent.
  • "Federal investigators have obtained a warrant to begin searching a large cache of emails belonging to a top aide to Hillary Clinton, law enforcement officials said on Sunday, as prosecutors and F.B.I. agents scrambled under intense public pressure to assess their significance before Election Day."
  • According to reports, Donald Trump initially offered the vice presidential slot to Chris Christie. But Trump cancelled the offer.
  • Iraqi forces are preparing to enter Mosul.
  • The Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians last night. Cleveland now leads the World Series 3-2.
  • Happy Halloween: Here's a selection of Reason's best writing on zombies, vampires, ghosts, satanism, Cthulhu, and more.

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