Friday Funnies: Obamacare Death Spiral


Chip Bok—Creators Syndicate

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  1. Victory lap == 2D.
    Death spiral == 3D.
    Obamacare death spiral == IMAX 3D.

    I wish. Government programs never die, they just get refreshed with new regulations.

    1. Look, if a government program fails, it just means we didn’t government hard enough, so the only solution is to government harder. This is known.

      1. The failure is caused by the Wreckers and Kulaks, get rid of them and we will have paradise.

        1. True, because we are all Wreckers and Kulaks in one way or another, so if we are around to realize that everyone is gone, then we must be in Heaven.

  2. I see the, “The Choom Gang,” is actually an aerial manoeuvre with an Aeroflot vodka sot pilot who forgot that, “…You must *think* in Russian…” Who knew?

    1. haha, I larfed at this.

  3. Chemtrails!!! I thought those were bullshit!

    1. Priceless!

      An old gf from 30 years ago called up out of the blue, turns out she believes in chemtrails now, has a “magnetic wave” destroyer on her cell phone which removes 97% of electromagnetic waves but she still only turns it on to make calls.

      Chemtrails! I remember reading some guy’s over the top takedown of them, how it is such an inefficient way to disperse chemicals compared to simple trucks or buses spewing it from their exhaust, and so much more expensive. Thought of getting into that with her, but it wasn’t a conversation I wished to prolong.

      1. I am sorry to hear that. Having intimate experience with a few family members that practice Conspiracy Theory, it can be quite the thing when you’re — as I like to say — talked at. Maybe you’ve already come to the conclusion, but it is not likely to be much more than the status quo or collapse for this person for the rest of her life.

        1. Yes, no followup call is my hope. I help people when I can, but as I joke around, God helps those who help themselves, and if it’s a good enough policy for God, it’s good enough for me.

          I have tried to help people before who didn’t want to change the ways that got them into trouble. It’s a waste of time. Sad but true, and a hard lesson to learn.

  4. Curse you Red Baron!


  5. The NTSB will ultimately determine Pelosi’s vehicle was never airworthy in the first place.

    1. “Unsafe At Any Altitude”

  6. You forgot to include shriek dressed as Baghdad Bob. “IT’S MARKET BASED!”

    1. Premiums are skyrocketing because GREEDY CEOs!!!!!!!

  7. In his mind, he had nothing to do with the failure of obamacare.

    In fact, I would wager that he never understood the first thing about how health insurance worked before and he could not recite one article of obamacare.

    This guy is way dumber than george bush and that guy is a moron too.

  8. It’s all the fault of the Heritage Foundation and the Republicans who unanimously voted on this plan.

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