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Democratic Lawmaker Calls for Boycott of Brewery for Supporting Trump

Maybe make better arguments instead of trying to punish people.


Brian Sims
Pennsylvania House

Meet Brian Sims, member of Pennsylvania's state House of Representatives and a Democrat. He gets a lot of attention nationally because he's also openly gay and an activist in the gay community. He's been serving in office since 2012.

Now meet Dick Yuengling Jr., the elderly proprietor of Yuengling brewery in Pennsylvania. Donald Trump's son, Eric, visited the brewery on Monday and promoted it as a great business success, promising there would be more companies like it if his dad were president. Yuengling (the man, not the brewery) is a Trump supporter and told Eric, "Our guys are behind your father. We need him in there."

Apparently that some people at a brewery support Trump as president has resulted in some outrage within the gay community, and this has led to a call for gay bars to dump Yuengling's beers as a protest. Sims is a loud proponent of such a boycott. He posted on Facebook:

GOOD BYE, Yuengling Brewery: I'm not normally one to call for boycotts but I absolutely believe that how we spend our dollars is a reflection of our votes and our values! Supporting Yuengling Brewery, that uses my dollars to bolster a man, and an agenda, that wants to punish me for being a member of the LGBT community and punish the black and brown members of my community for not being white, is something I'm too smart and too grown up to do.

D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. believes that an agenda that is anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, anti-racial minority and anti-equality is best for them and that tells me all I need to know about what they think is best for their own customers.

I won't reminisce about your product or lament any losses. Goodbye Yuengling and shame on you.

A former customer of 17 years!

Now, this initial post is simply Sims saying he's not buying Yuengling anymore because of the owner's politics, and, you know, there's nothing wrong with that. Many people have made choices like this. But a subsequent post took it to the next level and called on gay bars in the Philadelphia area to dump the beer. And because of Sims' position as an elected official, this call is getting media attention.

Claire Sasko over at Philadelphia magazine notes that Dick Yuengling is a well-known conservative who holds conservative views and has been such for years, so Sims acting like he's just discovering the man's politics is a bit rich. If true, it kind of shows how unaware Sims is of his state's own political landscape.

I've been critical of previous LGBT-centered boycott calls as misguided and ineffective (consider the absurd and pointless of boycott of Stolichnaya vodka in order to attempt to punish the Russian government for treating gay people there badly). We should be even more critical of this call from Sims.

Sims is not just a gay activist. He is an elected official of the Democratic Party. He is calling for citizens to punish a business for supporting the presidential candidate of the political party that opposes him. He is not Dan Savage. He's an elected office-holder attempting to punish a supporter of another political party. He can couch it in terms of gay issues all he wants, but he is still calling for the economic harm of a man and a company over support of a Republican.

This is grotesque and needs to be pushed back. This is an unhealthy attitude for a politician in a country that values free and open elections. The response from a Democratic politician to Trump's campaign should be to make a better case for Hillary Clinton, not to try to hurt citizens within his own state who support the Republican.

Furthermore, this is an effort that can so clearly and obviously backfire terribly. A good, huge (yuuuuge!) chunk of Trump voters are motivated by the belief that they are victims and that politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., are "out to get them," to hurt them by handing their tax dollars to illegal immigrants, to steal their money with Obamacare, to ship their jobs to China, and to line the pockets of their friends and donors. Where on earth do they get these paranoid ideas? Well, I'm sure a Democratic lawmaker literally calling for economic retribution against a conservative business owner probably plays a role there.

And the final killer here is that if Sims supports using ones political influence to punish adversaries, well Trump is willing to do that in spades. He's threatening lawsuits left and right and his campaign rally rhetoric is ominous for its "strongman" undertones. Sims' behavior serves to enforce Trump's crass "I'll show them" mentality. The way Sims has approached political disagreement in policy makes it clear that he supports punishing one's foes. He just has a different vision of who those foes are than Trump's.

This is an election whose narratives revolve around punishing our political, cultural, and (because so many people are ignorant about how markets and trade work) economic enemies. Sims is more than willing to play his role in that story and get right down into the gutter with Trump. Whenever anybody complains about a third-party voter like me believing that the Democrats are just as awful and bad as the Republicans, these are the kinds of stories I'll be pointing to.

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  1. Bears for Clinton unite!

      1. Cripes, talk about a sure path for electoral success…

    1. Bears for Clinton unite!

      Yes, he is. And, yes, that is a thing. In addition to the relentless facederp about Clinton from the at-large gay community, every time Sims says anything about politics that gets endlessly reposted by the bears on my feed.

      1. bears on my feed


        1. +1 pic-a-nic basket of deplorables

          1. Oh very nice. X, you have been on a roll this week. I might even be able to relax my narrowed gaze a bit (Rich, Bee Tagger and Fist aside).

            1. Oh, *please* do not relax the gaze, Sir!

            2. Oh, *please* do not relax the gaze, Sir!

              1. And the squirrels agree!

                1. You are one of the perpetual recipients, O frequent offender, Rich.

                  1. “Please don’t throw me in that brier patch, Br’er Fox.”

            3. I always thought those were gazes of affection.

              1. Think of it more a a glare of approbation.

          2. “More proggie than the average Bear …”

  2. Sims is not just a gay activist. He is an elected official of the Democratic Party.


  3. alt-text winner

    1. Scott Shackolololford is the King of Alt-Text, it is known.

    2. ^So much this.

    3. The guy in that pic looks like a doofus, or some variety of goober. Is that a three-button suit? What kind of gay – lumbersexual or not – wears a three-button, and for his portrait no less?

  4. Too fat and too hairy.

    1. Shut your whore mouth, grizzly. [runs sobbing from room]

      1. It’s a “meh” from me.

          1. Twinks are always in fashion. I’ve heard there are even some who are neither bear nor twink.

            1. I refuse to believe everyone doesn’t fall into some stereotype.

            2. This whole thread is just a little too comfortable with the nuances of gaybear speak. Methinks there is more than just a few here who “march to the beat of a different drummer”. Not every gay bear (or gay twink for that matter) is a raving leftist, but those who aren’t need to be careful – gay culture is just as illiberal as the leftist population it is generally assumed to be part of.

  5. On a scale of 1 to 10, that alt-text is Fabulous

    1. Wow! Seven social-media shares in seven months! “Anarcho-liberty” is on the move and going places!


        1. I’m getting some mixed messages. Kind of hard to get a read on that fellow.

        2. It’s been a while since Kizone has shown up around here.

        3. Are libertarians xenophobic, collectivist bigots in Republican clothing? Libertarians believe in “states’ rights” and condemn whole religions for the actions of a few individuals. So yes, libertarians are collectivists pretending to be individualists. This is their song.

          I’ll give him credit for originality. At least it’s not the standard Somalia argument.

          1. Which religions do we hate again?

            1. All but the Spaghetti Monster one, the Church of the SubGenius, Discordians and The First United Church of Cthulhu (also, I guess, “The (Real) Cult of Cthulhu, Reformed”). Basically, all the ones to which “organized” can be adjectivally applied.

              Also, you don’t really have to put a lot of effort into actually *hating* them. Mild disapproval or critical analysis will be sufficient. Remember, the judgement is being made by progtards. The same good folk who’ll grant you ‘racist’ status for citing statistics or historical facts.

          2. Libertarians believe in “states’ rights” and condemn whole religions for the actions of a few individuals.

            No and no.

            So yes, libertarians are collectivists pretending to be individualists.

            I think that’s a fair characterization of some self-identified libertarians.

        4. That’s a nice name….Todd GAAAAAK….what is that, Dutch?

          1. Fucking Dutch ought to be deported. And then forced to build a wall. Somewhere.

          2. Fucking Dutch ought to be deported. And then forced to build a wall. Somewhere.

  6. Hillary doesn’t love gay people.

    1. Hillary loves Hillary, and nobody else. If she thought it would get her elected she would barbecue her daughter on national television.

      1. Hmm. I’d pay to see that.

      2. Melisandre would advise this course of action.

    2. Hillary loves gay people so long as it gets her votes. If the national sentiment turned against gay marriage tomorrow, she’d be against it again.

  7. This is what it took you to stop drinking Yuengling? How about the thousands of beers available that are orders of magnitude better? What an opportunistic, self-aggrandizing fucktard.

    1. Judging by the results of previous calls to boycott businesses that the Gay community doesn’t like, this will make the brand immortal.

    2. Sure there are better beers, but for the price? Yuengling is a pretty good value.

      1. It’s Obama’s favorite.

        1. I hate it.

      2. I’d rather drink Rolling Rock.

          1. Sorry, it just tears my guts up the next day to drink more than one Yuengling. Even just one draft will do it. I don’t know if its the carbonation level or what.

            1. I got no attachment to Yuengling. But I really don’t like Rolling Rock.

              1. Rolling Rock used to be a decent cheap beer like Yuengling before they were sold to A-B.

            2. Or its that you suck. A man can drink a half dozen of whatever with no problem. It’s not rock surgery. It’s just not being a fag. Try it!

              1. Or some of us have an allergic reaction to it and just deal with the repercussions.

  8. more bullying, of the Ernst R?hm variety

    1. Keep it down, will ya? Do you want to summon Underzog?

      1. Don’t say the name, Hugh, don’t!

      2. Unserhunden?

      3. Oh, come on. Don’t you want to see more of his piano and family barbecue videos?

  9. Stupid social signaling supercharges socialist shirtlifter.

    Film at 11.

  10. He isnt just punishing Yuengling. How many people does Yuengling employ? How many are employed because of his brewery?

    If Yuengling had any employees who were planning on voting for Clinton they probably are reconsidering that now.

    I am honestly ignorant on this issue – how is Trump mean to the LGBTUBVXp crowd? I don’t remember him having a position on it.

    1. He’s been weak on gay marriage, I think. Or strong. Or both. Odd that he’s so unpopular, there’s something in his many positions for everybody.

    2. how is Trump mean to the LGBTUBVXp crowd?

      He wasn’t; then he added an (R) after Trump.

    3. In all honesty, he’s not really the one punishing Yeungling. The ‘tards that choose to boycott along with him so they can post it on their Facetweet account are. He’s just profiting from the vapid stupidity that’s rampant on both sides of the aisle.

      1. “In all honesty, he’s not really the one punishing Yeungling. ”

        Disagree, he’s using his visibility from an elected position to encourage negative action.


        1. Dude I totally get it. It’s like when your favorite politician says he likes Huggies instead of Depends. You’ve totally got to switch brands. It’s just unthinkable to not do it.

    4. how is Trump mean to the LGBTUBVXp crowd

      He opposes the importation of anti-gay terrorists who want to kill terrorist.
      Which is an affront to the tolerance that is central to gayness.

      So opposing the murders of gay is itself an insidious form of homophobia.

      1. He opposes the importation of anti-gay terrorists who want to kill terrorist. and terrorize gays.

      2. In fairness, Islamic terrorists are rather good at killing other Islamic terrorists.

        1. For. Sure. See Taliban Vs. ISIL-KP (ISIS in Afghanistan) and Shiite Militias Vs. Al Qaeda in Iraq for reference.

    5. The most definitive statement I can find is: I think I’m evolving, and I think I’m a very fair person, but I have been for traditional marriage. I am for traditional marriage, I am for a marriage between a man and a woman. Which doesn’t actually say anything explicitly about same sex marriage, but the implication is there.

      He also appears to have waffled on the NC bathroom bill.

      I could not find anything to support the claim I often hear from the prog hive-mind that Trump wants to (somehow) overturn Obergfell.

    6. He’s a New York socialite. I have no doubt that he is personally fine with gay people. And I’ve never heard anything that you could really call anti-gay from him (though I haven’t exactly followed every word).

      Yet somehow people I know are convinced that if he gets elected all gays will be murdered or something. Because everyone who supports trump embodies every extreme right wing stereotype there is. I think that’s the reasoning, such as it is.

  11. Dems hate small business, news at eleven.

  12. For all his faults, I don’t remember Trump being homophobic or being against the LGBT community.
    Why does Sims believe he is? (Heading out to buy a Yuengling six pack)

    1. Trump is the GOP nominee, and therefore ipso facto hates anyone who isn’t a straight white male, or hot enough to warrant a firm pussy-grabbing.

  13. …a man, and an agenda, that wants to punish me for being a member of the LGBT community…

    Does he? Honest question. A representative of the Log Cabin Republicans on NPR yesterday called Trump the most LGBT-friendly Republican candidate in history. (Laughably low bar, but still.)

    1. I hope they qualified that as presidential candidate, because according to The Hill there are several down-ballot gay republicans running.

      1. there are several downlow-ballot gay republicans running.


        1. So much reducing the *narrowed gaze*


          1. *narrows gays*

    2. I don’t get it either. I think any fag-hating views would have been apparent after being in the spotlight for so long. It’s the (R), like someone said above.

  14. The exclamation use is more than enough to disqualify this guy from being taken seriously.

    1. Agreed!!!!!


  15. that uses my dollars to bolster a man, and an agenda, that wants to punish me for being a member of the LGBT community

    The “black and brown” part is at least a little debatable, but AFAICT, for all his faults Trump DGAF about teh gayz.

    1. Indifference is even more offensive!!1!

    2. Thats what I thought too. I am also pretty sure Trump isnt so much anti-black/brown as he is more of a cultural bigot; anti-not american.

  16. Currently being reported by the Daily Mail :

    Hillary Clinton headlined a major fundraiser for a political action committee shortly before the group steered nearly $500,000 to the wife of the FBI official who oversaw the Clinton email investigation, has learned.

    Clinton’s ties to the Common Good VA ? a Virginia state PAC run by Clinton’s long-time friend and advisor Terry McAuliffe, its governor ? came under scrutiny this week after the Wall Street Journal reported that the group donated heavily to the state senate campaign of Jill McCabe.

    Her husband Andrew McCabe led the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails.

    Andrew McCabe, now the deputy director of the FBI, told the Wall Street Journal that he complied with federal ethics rules and was not promoted to lead the Clinton probe until months after his wife’s unsuccessful state senate bid ended.

    1. Doesn’t matter, the DOJ is completely staffed with reasonable prosecutors.

    2. She’ll be in the clink before the election for sure!

      1. “The clink”? Is that a bar that doesn’t serve Yuengling?

      2. I’m not sure why I larfed at this so much.

    3. Linky. This would be an open-and-shut case if the parties were switched. Democrats have proven themselves wholly willing enablers of political gangsterism.

      1. This more than anything is tge lesson frim the election. At least large parts of the Rep party have disowned trump. The Democrats have done nothing but prove their lust for power is not constrained by any principle.

    4. I wish I had invested in red yarn before this election cycle started.

      1. It took me a moment to get your comment, but well played.

    5. There was a post at Slate yesterday that gave the timeline of the donation (I can’t find it today)

      In general, Hillary attended a fundraiser before it was publicly announced that the FBI was going to investigate her emails.

      The contribution to the FBI guy’s wife also occurred before this announcement.

      The FBI guy’s wife lost the primary.

      Then the FBI guy was twice promoted and put into a position where he was at least partly responsible for the investigation into Hillary’s email.

      The FBI guy is clearly at fault for not disclosing a conflict of interest and recusing himself from the investigation.

      As much as I hate Hillary, it is not clear she did anything improper in this case.

      1. But it still stinks to high heaven on the FBI side.

        1. Absolutely.

        2. I get frustrated that so many people jump to the wrong conclusions and miss the real wrong-doing that occurs in these kinds of problems.

          There is very very fucking serious conflict of interest on the part of the FBI here.

          But when I see postings online it’s about Hillary donating money to influence the investigation, which is just plain wrong.

    6. Well, well, well.

      The FBI has sent a letter to Congress on Friday announcing it is re-opening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

  17. Huh. So, lager will be the conspicuous drink of choice for my weekend.

  18. Yuengling, huh? Yeah, i remember being 22.

    Yuengling may not be great, but you sure can get a lot of it on a budget.

    1. It’s what I take to parties. Seems like most everyone drinks it.

      1. It’s an economical choice when you want to get a lot of people tipsy but don’t want to stoop to Beast.

        1. *quietly rolls keg of Natty Light back into college rugby house*

    2. Also, it’s often the most drinkable thing on tap at bars that slept through the entire craft beer revolution.

      1. Got it – it’s the Labatt’s of Pennsylvania.

  19. It’s strange with all the negative coverage of Trump, they didn’t bother to mention his hatred for gays. Did I miss something there?

    I sorta figured that as a New York City businessman, and pretty much a liberal until recently, Trump actually has no problem with gays.

    So does this lowly state rep know something the rest of us don’t? Or is this really all related to Trump’s pussy-grabbing remarks? Maybe because Trump didn’t even bother mentioning penis-grabbing on tape, Sims inferred that Trump must be against that stuff.

    Let’s say Trump personally doesn’t like grabbing guys’ junk. So? That doesn’t mean he’s anti-gay. But I guess that requires more logical thinking than a state pol is capable of.

  20. And the final killer here is that if Sims supports using ones political influence to punish adversaries, well Trump is willing to do that in spades. He’s threatening lawsuits left and right and his campaign rally rhetoric is ominous for its “strongman” undertones.

    Yep, a private person threatening to sue people is exactly the same as a government official using the state’s monopoly on the use of violence against opponents.

    1. I thought Trump was threatening to sue critics once he was in office. Which would still be kind of a dick move even if he did so privately.

    2. Thank God we worked an attack on Trump into the article.

  21. We all know the immigrant thing, but I have to agree with the other commenters in wondering, what has Trump done exactly that’s anti-LGTQIQWERTYinfinity or anti-woman or anti-black?

    1. Nothing really. Doesn’t matter.

      1. ^This^

        You are either on board the collectivist train, in which case you have license to do anything at all, or you aren’t and must be destroyed.

        Funny…someone linked to the article about fasces yesterday and that being the origin for the name fascism and it just came back to me – I think my 7th grade teacher translated the saying on an illustration of a Roman fasces as ‘Stronger Together’.

        1. I think my 7th grade teacher translated the saying on an illustration of a Roman fasces as ‘Stronger Together’.

          Good Lord.

          1. The Democrats have been pretty openly fascist since at least 1932, it is known.

    2. Anyone who thinks Trump doesn’t respect women must be bleeding from their wherevers.

      1. Ah yes, that covers the women.

        What about the blacks & gaze, though?

        1. Notice he worked in “LGBT” every time rather than ever saying Trump was directly against gays. Probably some opinion Trump rendered on transgender-bathroom-rights-laws. Also there’s Rosie O’Donnell.

          1. same thing for blacks in fact, it was “anti-minority” or “black and brown” association games, never a direct claim of Trump racism vs blacks.

    3. Nothing, but as Scott Adams put it she’s framed him and his supporters as bigots in the broadest sense and her useful idiots have taken it all in without question.

        1. So according to the NYT, black people rely on government make-work. That’s not at all belittling.

      1. It’s particularly offensive that she gets away with it given her support from people who oppress women, kill gays, and wage undeclared wars throughout the middle east.
        Hillary is no friend to gays, or to women. She only cares about power, her own power.

  22. As a yuengling drinker, I’ll be sure to drink even more of it now.

    1. Excellent choice.

      *** starts sobbing ***

  23. It’s a painful proposition given the harm it would do my family, but I’m hoping for a deep recession in 2017. It’s clear we haven’t bottomed out, and perhaps a good deal of pain under Clinton’s tenure after eight years of Obamanomics would help convince the electorate a) not to run political losers who make Dems look sane, and b) quit thinking that Dems are the sane ones.

    1. If Clinton is an especially vulnerable incumbent that means Republicans have room to give an especially shitty insider candidate his “turn” because of the lowered bar, rather than falling in line behind an idealistic and charismatic younger candidate who would be less willing to play ball.

  24. Not a fan of Yuengling beer, but I will buy a 6er out of sheer cussedness.

  25. This is an election whose narratives revolve around punishing our political, cultural, and … economic enemies.

    What better way to unite the county?

    *** slouches off in search of Yuengling ***

  26. “The response from a Democratic politician to Trump’s campaign should be to make a better case for Hillary Clinton, not to try to hurt citizens within his own state who support the Republican.”

    Ha ha, but seriously, folks…

    A better case for Hillary Clinton, that’s a good one.

  27. I grew up not too far from Pottsville and have been to the Yuengling brewery several times. I consider the beer I grew up on. It’s cheap but still a solid go-to for inexpensive domestic.

    So a friend from college posted something on Facebook about this and I said I could never give up on Yuengling, partly as a joke. But I also said that if I tried to punish everyone with different views than my own I’d have almost no friends. And if we all did that we’d polarize society even further and create more Trumps (and Sanderses).

    The response is that this wasn’t punishment, just an attempt to not support “immoral” causes, even indirectly. I’m suspicious of that. If it’s just about personal moral judgement then do it in private. When you publicly encourage others to join you it sure seems like you are trying to alter someone’s behavior or limit their ability to act in a certain way by taking punitive action against them, and that’s called punishment.

    1. If your friends want to avoid supporting immoral causes, they should all toats vote for Hillary

      1. And that’s a wrap.

  28. IIRC Trump had a gay business guy speak at the Republican Convention – the business guy (Thiel?) called himself a proud gay man.

    Meanwhile, Hillary wants more immigrants from areas containing a considerable proportion of literal gay-bashers.

    So of course the gay activists are aggressively supporting Hillary.

    1. It wouldn’t be progressive politics without absurdly contradictory logrolling, now would it?

      1. These homosexuality euphemisms are barely abstract at all.

    2. ^This, too. [cuffs nearest orphan in fit of pique for being one-upped by Eddie]

      1. Misopediaist!!!1!

  29. As a devout Trumpkin, this kind of retaliation really frightens me. Just because we wanted to ship out all the illegals in boxcars and start WW III with Putin against all of North Africa and punish women for having abortions and just because we wanted to restore law and order to the black people living in the squalid inner cities doesn’t mean we should be publicly embarrassed and held accountable until we change our views. I’m not voting for Trump since the election is rigged, but I sure as hell will be out there rioting with my fellow Trumpkins – it might be our last chance before Hillary sics her police state goons on us.

    1. I’m so proud of you AM. You stay the course.

      1. Maybe he got embarrassed of the pounding he was taking with his other screen name (PB)?

        1. And what happened to dajjal?

          1. It is gone where the woodbine twineth.

        2. These euphemisms are entirely not abstract enough.

    2. “Pay attention to meeee!” the troll explained.

  30. What did Trump do to the gays again? I forget.

    1. Nothing, but to the lesbians…well, you know.

      1. But do gays stand up for lesbians? I thought they were natural enemies.

        1. I thought LGBTQIAPK was one large group.

          1. You left off the H, the other Q, the C, the P, the other A, the other I, and the O, shitlord!

        2. Lesbians and gays are natural enemies. Like straight women and lesbians or straight men and lesbians or lesbians and other lesbians.

          1. something something ENEMY FOR LIFE

            1. And in 3 years Nick will notice this and post about how funny it is.

        3. Sir, let me assure you that I have never “stood up” for a lesbian.

          1. You get a golf clap of your own for that one.

      2. Only the attractive ones.

  31. Clinton Foundation takes hundreds of millions from countries that outlaw and execute homosexual as criminals = NO PROBLEM

    Beer Company has 1 executive who supports Trump = OMG BOYCOTT

    1. But they’re only *taking* hate money, not providing “hate” money. Totally different.

  32. Meh at least he isn’t trying to ban them from doing business at all like some politicians did during the Chik-Fil-A hysteria.

    But, slippery slope and all that…

    1. Man, that Chik-Fil-A boycott thing accomplished nothing besides giving me a mighty craving for Chik-Fil-A, which usually only happens on Sundays.

      1. Same, lol. There’s one close to my house, always taunting me.

  33. What does Obama think of this? Yuengling is supposedly his favorite beer.

    1. OBAMA TO WHITE HOUSE STEWARD: “I thought I told you to have my Yuengling brought to the White House in crates marked ‘Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream’!”

      1. STEWARD: “I’m very sorry, sir, I’ll make the arrangements right away. Incidentally, you also told me to mention when your dinner guest, Mr. Walker, arrived, and he just got here.”

        OBAMA: “Oh, yeah, thanks, I’ll go and, uh, meet him.”

        MICHELLE: “How come you never take me to meet with this Mr. Walker?”

        OBAMA: “I told you, Mr. Walker and Mr. Daniels value their privacy.”

  34. As an ardent Trumpkin who has fantasized for months about Trump being elected so we can grope women and then threaten to sue them if they complain about it, and who regularly threatens various gruesome ways of killing people who disagree with us, I am outraged by this hatred and hostility against us for the ‘crime’ of wanting to make our country “great” again. I mean, it feels like a witch hunt or something. They might as well be coming at us with pitch forks and woodchippers. On election day I’m going to Wendy’s for that new bacon thing have you seen the commercia? – and then I’m going out to riot with the other Trumpkins and anarchists. Might be our last shot – who’s with me?

    1. “Pay attention to meee!” the troll explained.

    2. Nobody is with you, shriek. Nobody. Ever. Hence your lonely bitterness.

      1. Poor, mentally ill Weigel is now trolling us with all three of his handles at once.

        I can’t wait until June when I can give his shitty book the one star Amazon review it deserves without reading it.

        1. Or, more importantly, without buying it.

  35. spending you money according to your values is admirable. having a different political position(s) isn’t the same thing.

    not to mention, what does it say about his “values” that he’s voting for hillary? when the general election began, you had people claiming that hillary wasn’t perfect by any means, but she was the best of the bunch and we had to vote for someone. now that it appears she’s going to win, they don’t even bother to pretend like they notice or care about her being flawed…because they honestly never did.


    1. Hmph.. And to think I was about to go purchase a Derp-o-Matic 5000 later today. As were my 100 closest friends.

      Not now, buddy. Not now!!! The DoM boycott is ON.

      You might think about that the next time before using use so many !!!!!’s

  37. Wait, didn’t Bud Lite recently do a series of (grossly misleading and/or outright incorrect) ads about how we should all get behind Democrat issues?

    Seriously, everything is fucking politicized these days. I want non-partisan beer, goddamn it!

    1. Exactly. I drink to forget about politics!

      1. That’s me with sports. Can’t watch ESPN for 5 minutes anymore without some SJ faggotry being thrown at me.

        Same shit with our local (Dallas) ‘sports’ radio station. The (still somehow) popular 3 – 7 show veers soooo far into social justicery these days it’s become un-fucking-listenable.

        1. Sorry t hear that. It used to be really good, but that was 10 years ago.

    2. Yes. It was one of the most hilariously ill-conceived ad campaigns ever. The kind of people who drink Bud Light are hardly the kind of people who are going to respond to Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer prattling on about how unfair the world is to women.

      1. They did commercials with Rogan and Schumer?

        “Our beer is as sophisticated as the entertainers who appear in our ads!”

          1. Must be the Belgium in AB, as they’re certainly not in STL anymore.

  38. “Dump out that Yeung-a-ling if you want some ding-a-ling”.

    1. That’s so silly, it’s almost as bad as the actual political slogans people are using this election season.

  39. Sims had recently switched to Heineken Light anyway.

  40. I had a couple Navy pals who were Yuengling drinkers, so double-fuck this guy, right in his ass. But figuratively, not in the way he likes it.

  41. The idea that this mincing Nancy ever drank a Yeungling in his life, or indeed anything other than pedestrian California chardonnays, is risible.

    1. Risible you rapscallion!

  42. Oakee, DOAKee… Seems there is a bit of dissension regarding Rep. Sims’s “boycott” of a certain brand of beer.

    In the 1970’s, a certain “community organizer” ? one Mr. Harvey Milk in the Castro neighborhood [he wasn’t on the Board of Supervisors… YET!] ? also established a boycott of a certain brand of beer ? Coors… Maybe you’ve heard of it ? because management/ownership was resisting their employees’ efforts to unionize. Said Mr. Milk convinced ALL the gay bar owners in San Francisco to dump their Coors beer and to NOT buy any more.

    Coors is now unionized.

    Any questions? 😉

    1. So it looks like the Coors boycott worked in the long run. Applying this logic, does this mean that Mr. Yeungling will now endorse Hillary, because he’s afraid of the gay bars pulling out their taps? Methinks not…

  43. My wife sent me a WaPo article about this earlier with the subject line “No more Yeungling!”.

    Its been my default beer for a while-very refreshing after a workout our cutting the grass on a 95 degree August afternoon. There are many other beers that I love more, but I like that Yeungling is relatively cheap and pretty good quality.

    There were some rich comments at WaPo from progtards flipping out over this. I am tempted now to find a supermarket in some hipster hood and put a case in my cart to see how many dirty looks I will get.

    It seems now that Philly has surpassed the Bay Area in overall self-righteous progtard douchebaggery.

  44. The response from a Democratic politician to Trump’s campaign should be to make a better case for Hillary Clinton, not to try to hurt citizens within his own state who support the Republican.

    There is no better case for Hillary Clinton. She’s an absolute piece of shit. He’s shilling for an absolute piece of shit. He knows this, which is why his only defense is to bully people who disagree with him. Which makes him a piece of shit.

  45. Yawn, these boycotts are largely hypocritical and annoying. The popular vote is going to be nearly 50/50, so statistically, half of all brewery owners (and half of all suppliers to gay bars) are going to be voting for Trump. What if the landlords who own the properties where these gay bars are located would publicly announce their support for Trump, are they going to shutter their doors immediately? So get over yourself, you’re not that important!

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