Clinton Advisers on Email Scandal, Putin Praises Trump, Twitter Kills Off Vine: P.M. Links


  • Hillary Clinton
    Bruce R. Bennett/ZUMA Press/Newscom

    More internal emails released by Wikileaks suggest some advisors were not in the loop as to how extensively Hillary Clinton was using her private email server to handle communications and at least one thought doing so was "f—king insane."

  • Russia's Vladimir Putin praised Donald Trump for energizing voters who are "tired of elites" but denied any attempt to interfere with the election.
  • Amtrak has reached a $265 million settlement in its deadly Philadelphia train crash from 2015 that killed eight.
  • Police in riot gear are forcibly removing Dakota Access pipeline protesters camping on private property (to be clear: without permission) in North Dakota.
  • To make sure you don't get distracted from strangers screaming at you online by cute pet videos, Twitter is killing off Vine as part of its workforce reduction.
  • The Department of Justice has charged dozens in a scheme where scammers pretended to be IRS or immigration officials calling people and threatening to fine or deport them unless they were sent money. The DOJ believes they had managed to scam at least 15,000 people out of more than $250 million.

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