Conspiracy Theories

Pollsters Made Up a Conspiracy Theory, and Then 32.5% of the People They Questioned Endorsed It

Which does that tell us more about: conspiracy theories, or polls?


TUBS/Creative Commons

In Chapman University's latest Survey on American Fears, pollsters asked about 10 alleged cover-ups. In the most striking result, 25 percent of the respondents agreed—and another 7.5 percent strongly agreed—that the "government is concealing what they [sic] know about the North Dakota Crash."

What's striking about that? Just that the pollsters had never actually heard any conspiracy theories about a "North Dakota Crash"; they threw that in to see how people would respond to a vaguely ominous-sounding episode that they invented. Yet enough people said agree to make it the sixth most popular theory in the poll: It finished behind the notions that the government is concealing information about 9/11, the JFK assassination, aliens, global warming, or plans for a one-world government, but it was more popular than the ideas of a birther, AIDS, Scalia, or moon landing cover-up. You'll have to guess for yourself how many of those North Dakota Crash truthers were trolling the pollsters, how many simply figure the government habitually conceals information about everything, how many were thinking about some other crash, and how many were just getting excited in the heat of the moment. (Who knows? One might even be a fellow who lives in the Dakotas and has long harbored suspicions about some crash.)

The pollsters say that 74 percent of the sample agreed with at least one of the "real" conspiracy theories they asked about. I ought to like that number, since I'm constantly arguing that conspiracy theories are not just a fringe phenomenon but can be found across American society. But because of the way the questions were framed, I'm not sure these results really tell us much. Are officials "concealing what they know about the 9/11 attacks"? Well, yes: These answers were collected in the spring, and the feds didn't declassify 29 pages (*) of their 9/11 report until July. You didn't have to believe in an elaborate conspiracy theory to tell a pollster the government was hiding information; you just had to follow the news. The same goes for the Kennedy assassination: The government hasn't released all its files about that yet. Is "concealing what they know" really the best way to frame that question?

But if you want to see the totals, here they are in snazzy infographic form:


For the full report, go here. For Reason's coverage of a previous Chapman Survey of American Fears, go here.

(* Everyone calls them "the 28 pages," but there were actually 29 of them.)

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  1. What? Most Americans are grossly uninformed? I don’t believe it!

    1. I did not know that most Americans are grossly uninformed.

      No one informed me.

      *wipes nose on shirt sleeve and coughs on shared office equipment*

      1. So you’re saying that the MSM who work tirelessly to make sure you’re uniformed didn’t tell you that you’re uninformed? Go figure…

        1. Goddam shadowy figures wanted to keep me in the dark, but I pierced their veil of secrecy!

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      2. Charles, you saw my apology from several weeks back, right?

        1. You stay away from him. You’ve done enough already.

        2. What did you do to Charlie? He’s good people.

        3. I cannot remember anything for which you needed to apologize, Tonio.

          1. It’s Tonio, there’s always something to apologize for.

            1. He’s pretty deplorable, it is known.

        4. Love means never having to say you’re sorry. Now you too kiss and make up… and do, you know, other stuff to each other. Don’t worry, we won’t watch, we promise.

          1. *peeks through fingers to watch*

    2. After reading the WikiLeaks shenanigans government conspiracies just don’t seem that out there anymore. And “Plans For a One World Government” are actually pretty likely considering how power-hungry our graft-loving Western political elite has become.

  2. Fools who don’t believe in the grand unifying conspiracy theory. Aliens shot JFK because he was going to expose their plans to build and eventually destroy the Twin Towers on 9/11 in order to bury climate change evidence. Alien overlord Barack Obama, the inventor of the AIDS virus, had Antonin Scalia fake a birth certificate for him and then had him killed in fear he might talk.

    The moon landing was faked in conjunction with all of this to form not a one world, but one universe government.

    1. But then it all came crashing down in North Dakota.

    2. The Nazis who are now living in tunnels under the Amazon, are conspiring with the lizard people inside the hollow moon to take over the world. They’ll launch the invasion soon and they’re using bigfoot and chupacabras as foot soldiers.

      1. Someone is going to get disappeared…

        1. Maybe the aliens will put me someplace better than the camps the government has in mind?

          1. Pros: top-notch wi-fi, early adopter tech before it’s released to the masses, balanced and nutritious meal pellets with no extraneous calories.
            Cons: daily analysis probings.

            1. Damnit, I forgot about the anal probes!

            2. anal cyst*

              1. Damn, does auto-correct count as a Johno? Though “anal probing” renamed “analysis probing” sounds what you get in the government camp…

            3. How is that a con?

      2. Where do reverse vampires stand? Is there any hope they’ll oppose the takeover?

    3. As laid out in the missing 18.5 min. of the Watergate Tapes!

      *chuckles, then sighs, schadenfreude-ly at the quaintness*

      1. The same 18 minutes from the movie Contact? OMG carl Sagan was in on it!!!

  3. Faked Moon landing at 24%? Buzz Aldrin has a lot of punching to do for 90 years old.

    1. It’s how he staves off Alzheimer’s.

      1. Who is Buzz Aldrin?

        Who are you?

        Who am I?

  4. A few of these are not clear cut conspiracy theories. At least in my opinion.

    1. Global warming: That could go both ways. Are we talking about ‘deniers’? Or the politically connected alarmists who plan to profit greatly from this?

    2. Plans for a one world government: Are you saying that there are no people on the planet who are actually advocating for something like that?

    3. The death of Scalia: There may be nothing there, but it does seem really suspicious.

    But yeah, a lot of people will just believe anything and do no research at all to verify the accuracy. Just look at the videos made by that guy who goes around asking random people crazy questions. Like Carl Marx running for president. The general public have a combined avg IQ of about 40. Seriously.

    1. Perhaps some people are too polite to call someone a liar to their face, or they’re scared of random strangers accosting them with nonsense questions?

      1. Some of them seem awfully enthusiastic about signing a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights to be scared at the time.

      2. But seriously, if someone walks up to you and asks you about the crash in North Dakota, you’re not going to say ‘What crash’? I’ve found that most people can tell you every detail about the new prime time TV drama, but if you ask them anything about national and world news, they’re totally clueless. I mean outside of the fact that they all seem to know that Donald Trump is awful.

    2. 9/11 Attacks. While I don’t believe the “big” conspiracy theories (inside job, joos, jetfuel can’t melt steel) that doesn’t preclude mere ineptitude and government covering that up. So those 53.4% people are right. Remember this little nugget?

      In the past few days, government officials have acknowledged for the first time that an F.B.I. agent in Phoenix had urged the F.B.I. headquarters to investigate Middle Eastern men enrolled in American flight schools. That memorandum also cited Mr. bin Laden by name and suggested that his followers could use the schools to train for terror operations, officials who have seen the memorandum said.

      1. The government is full of winners.

        “We need more power to do our jobs, even though we can’t really exercise the powers we already have in any way that reflects even the vaguest sense of competence or professionalism”

        1. Well it’s more like using grenades for target shooting. There’s so many people in government all engaged in activity, that by pure chance you’ll hit something. It’s just goddamn hard to tell when your activity hit something because it’s buried under all the other activity.

          I mean, if, say, 9/11 guys got in a lethal crash after their pre-celebrating strip club visit, this guy would like like a racist idiot.

          1. yet another example of how strip clubs save lives every day

      2. The only 9/11 conspiracy theories that’ve ever made more than a lick of sense to me were: 1) that the Gov’t pushed through the 9/11 Victims’ Compensation Fund to short-circuit any plaintiffs’ discovery of inconvenient screwups, like the Towers being shoddily constructed, any hijackers’ visa positive vetting hijinks, whatever links KSA had to setting up the attack, etc…
        and 2) the passengers regained control of #93 and it got shot down anyway.

        That said, how can you not look at the last month’s wikileaks revelations and O’Keefe’s tapes and not think that the tinfoilers have more than a few good points?

    3. I bet you get a lot from either side on #1.

      #2, I’m sure some people have such plans. But I think that the conspiracy theory part is where people think it is immanent and a whole plan is in place to make it happen.

      #3, why wouldn’t they have offed him sooner?

    4. How exactly is an overweight 80 year old dying from a heart condition suspicious?

      1. +1 arteries carbonara

        1. needs more Parmesan…

  5. “Is “concealing what they know” really the best way to frame that question?”

    Yes it is! That way, you can get high numbers of “conspiracy theorists” as fodder for stories about dumb, paranoid American voters.

    1. Whic you would think would lead people toward individualism and libertarianism because they wouldn’t want their lives controlled by the idiots electing the politicians.

      Instead these polls are just used to convince the average moron who reads HuffPo that he must be one of the enlightened vanguards of the people who has a duty to lead the halfwit army against its capitalist oppressors.

  6. In Chapman University’s

    Chapman gets his own university? He competing with Trump university?

    1. Yea, first one to lose a class action lawsuit has to buy the other one a free night in the Presidential suite of the Taj Mahal casino.

      1. Atlantic City has already conspired to make that impossible.

  7. Is the ‘global warming’ conspiracy bullet point a conspiracy the government is promoting ‘global warming’ to take over society, or a conspiracy suppressing knowledge about global warming because Big Oil/Koch something?

    Could go either way on that one, and I didn’t see an outline about it in the poll.

  8. Harambe can’t melt steel beams.

    1. That depends how much water he drinks first.

      1. Harambe only drinks pure grain alcohol.

        1. Who doesn’t?

          1. ^this guy gets it.
            /adjust tin foil hat

            1. I already told you people that I only wear tinfoil berets!

    2. Not since he died.

      1. They WANT you to think he died.

        1. There’s gotta be hilarious racist conspiracy-connection between Harambe and Obama’s birth certificate out there somewhere.

          I wish I knew what it was, and where the dude is who believes it. Because he’s probably voting for Trump, and CNN would pay me big bucks to point that guy out so they can interview him and throw it up on the front page.

          1. Just pretend to be that guy, have someone else tip off CNN, then you and your co-conspirator split the $$$.

            I want a cut, too: my idea.

        2. Now that the media is reporting that Harambe died, his arch-enemy will be emboldened to make his move…his overconfidence will be his undoing!

          1. I thought his arch-enemy was Grape Ape.

        3. Harambe wasn’t really killed. He lives on the Bush compound in Weatherford, TX where he and the former President get along famously.

  9. My FIL paid cash to watch “angels and demons” because he didn’t want the government to know he watched a movie exposing the illuminati.

    1. Just tell him that you post on H&R and haven’t been sent to the camps ‘yet’, so he probably has nothing to worry about.

      1. He is from Guatemala, so nothing I say is going to make him not afraid of government.

        1. “I hear the camps all have A/C and flush toilets.”

        2. Why would you want to make him not afraid of government?

          1. Rational fear.

            Government data collection and analysis is so poor that it’s a joke.

            Jackbooted thuggery is something they’re good at, however.

          2. So his liver doesn’t explode from stress drinking?

          3. He’s a wise man for being afraid of government. Not sure what else he should be more afraid of. Being hit by a meteor?

            1. One can only hope and pray to be hit by a meteor, in these trying times.

        3. He is from Guatemala, so nothing I say is going to make him not afraid of government.

          What a coincidence! The Guatemala Syphilis Experiments are one of those keystone examples of why I don’t trust my government either.

  10. Made-up conspiracy my ass. I live in North Dakota, and I was in a crash once. Believe it

    1. Not buying it without peer reviewed studies from a crashologist.

    2. I don’t believe you.

      There’s no such place as North Dakota.

      1. Not anymore there isn’t. It crashed!

      2. It’s a trick, they’re trying to imply the existence of a South Dakota when in reality there is only Dakota! True story!

        1. The real story behind the North and South Dakota commemorative quarters.
          North Dakota’s first pick for slogan on the coin; “North Dakota, celebrating out first black man”
          South Dakota’s pick for slogan on their coin; “South Dakota, did you hear North Dakota has a black guy?”

  11. I think the high numbers regarding the “North Dakota Crash” is because North Dakota is in the news right now due to the pipeline protests and that got mixed up with some other conspiracy like the Roswell crash. I think it would have been lower if they would have said Montana Crash since there are no resent national news stories about Montana.

    1. I too resent national news stories about Montana… entitled, half-Canadian assholes.

      1. They don’t act much like Canadians to me. At least the ones that I know. They have a lot of scary guns and stuff and dress like cowboys.

        1. You’ve never been to Alberta or Saskatchewan, huh?

    2. Shhhhhhhh! They’re still trying to keep the Montana Crash on the down-low.

      1. If its anything like the Idaho crash, they need to keep that shit under wraps.

  12. It’s 130 pages but there’s soon cool info in demographic appendix. Almost 20% report their religion as “none”, 48% watch 2 or less hours of TV and 33% never saw an episode of “crime drama” (csi, l&o etc – cop fellating stuff). If that’s a representative sample, it goes counter to my assumptions…

    1. Where the fuck did they find these people? Curious advertisers want to know!

  13. People are idiots. People also don’t wish to appear uninformed. People lie to pollsters.

    And government routinely lies to people and witholds information.

    The only surprise here is that people continue to view polls as reliable.

    1. Do people think polls are reliable? I like to see some opinion polls on that.

      1. I wonder what Millennials think?

        1. They don’t.

          1. As the polling conclusively demonstrates.

        2. Who cares?

          1. How else will we know that poll reliability is experiencing a Libertarian Moment?

      2. The RCP has been pretty accurate quite a bit of the time over the last 2 elections, but I’ve also seen it be off by about 20 points, just not in a national election. The problem now is that you have pollsters oversampling Democrats. So who knows?

        1. I have never ever been surveyed about voting. I vote every chance that I get.

          You can draw your own conclusions.

          1. I’ve never been surveyed either and have always been a registered voter. I mean, not when I was 4, but after that I taped on a mustache and got registered.

            1. At 4, a buddy sat on my shoulders and we donned a trench coat to vote. We forgot the mustache though.

              1. I voted Democrat because they let anyone vote.

          2. That’s because they actually just throw your vote in the waste bin every time, but let you do it anyway to make you feel good about yourself.

          3. Do you live in a swing state and own a landline phone? Because, living in a swing state and owning a landline phone, I’ve probably been getting an average of at least three presidential survey calls a week for the past several months.

        2. The problem now is that you have pollsters oversampling Democrats.

          Hi, I’m Hyperion. I know nothing about statistics and have no idea what “oversampling” actually means. But Rush Limbaugh told me it’s bad, so I’m against it.

          1. Yeah, yeah. But we know what he means and they’ve been pretty clear about weird assumptions about the assumed statistical make-up of the people who will eventually turn up to vote.

            Having survived a few stat classes, I wouldn’t inflict getting this stuff right on anybody!

    2. Yup. Hillary is winning by landslide margins.

      So sayeth the media.

      1. + 5 RCP avg this morning. That down about 4 points from 2 weeks ago. It looks like the sex crazed Donald stuff has worn off and the creepy Hillary stuff has taken over. All the corrupt shit and even illegal stuff she has pulled, all the scandals had no effect, but that creepy plastic smile may be her demise.

        1. I think endless blatant media rah-rah for Hillary (prime example is today’s cnn homepage headlined by title: Poll: She’ll win, he’ll whine) is also having counterproductive effects, especially in vacuum Hillary’s radio-silence outside of her boosters (the name ‘Hillary’ doesn’t exist presently on same cnn homepage – ‘Trump’ is there 13 times).

          1. The Media M.O.:
            If Trump is actually ahead in the polls, lie and have Hillary and Trump neck and neck.
            If Trump and Hillary are actually tied, have Hillary slightly ahead.
            If Hillary is ahead, lie and make her WAY ahead.

            This tells me all that I need to know about where Trump is actually in the Democrat polls. I predict a Trump landslide except for Taxifornia and maybe Oregon.

            1. Haha, oh you sweet child.

              I’m calling it right now: Hillary wins by double digits.

              I was reading fivethirtyeight’s methods and they’re the most statistically conservative (except Roth third parties, which they likely overestimate) and they have her at 7%, which will rise close to election time I predict.

    3. The only surprise here is that people continue to view polls as reliable.


  14. depending on how you want to define “conspiracy”, i definitely believe that information on at least the jfk, 9/11, and aliens is being kept from us.

  15. (* Everyone calls them “the 28 pages,” but there were actually 29 of them.)


  16. I used to poo_poo conspiracies. But after seeing the ubiquity of corruption from the FBI, the media, state department, everything, I know longer automatically snear

    1. If you pay attention to the reaction, I find that helpful in sorting really possible conspiracies with almost impossible conspiracies.

      Also understand that government incompetence/corruption makes anything possible.

      1. Oh, you put that more succinctly than I did below.

        1. I am ex-military and have dealt with government hacks for years and they made me the skeptic that I am.

    2. Forget about the Feds, it’s the squirlz you need to watch out for

      1. Forget about the Feds, it’s the squirlz you need to watch out for

    3. ^This. But it is in the interest of government to encourage conspiracy theorists. That way when garden variety malfeasance and coverups are discovered they government can attempt to discredit its critics as nutjobs who believe in lizard people, etc.

      1. Do we need to talk about lizard people in a less than favourable light? One of their appointed overlords might come around, sniffing for mammal flesh.

        1. Disrespectful louts. It is a testament to the greatness and the goodness of this nation that if some bigots are still unkind about lizard people, the average American is open-minded enough to elect one as our next president.

    4. Being able to dismiss conspiracy theories out of hand is a privilege of living in a liberal democracy with well-functioning, honest, credible institutions such as the free media, independent judiciary and legislature and so on. In many countries in the world these conditions don’t exist. If you live in one of those countries and the official investigation of an event is non-transparent, self-serving and generally implausible, then it makes perfect sense to consider alternative explanations whether they are branded “conspiracy theories” or not.

      The 9/11 attack in the US was thoroughly investigated and the detailed report was presented to the public. Therefore, it makes sense to disregard conspiracy theories concerning 9/11 unless some new ground-breaking evidence is discovered.

      On the other hand, Russia’s FSB was caught red-handed placing a bomb in an apartment building in Ryazan in 1999. The official explanation was ridiculous — a training exercise — and had plenty of holes. When one has to resort to the suspension of disbelief in order to accept the official version of the events, then it may want to consider different explanations.

      The question is which country do we live in: the first kind or the second?

  17. I used to poo_poo conspiracies. But after seeing the ubiquity of corruption from the FBI, the media, state department, everything, I know longer automatically snear

    1. Forget about the Feds, it’s the squirlz you need to watch out for

  18. “Is the government concealing what they know about the North Dakota Crash??”

    “I’ve never even heard of that, someone must be covering it up and doing a good job of it at that!!”

  19. Gary Johnson’s complete answers to the survey:

    1) “9/11 is proof we need even more Muslims in America.”
    2) “Who is ‘JFK'”?
    3) “Aliens are real; I know because I got stoned with one once aboard their mothership.”
    4) “Global warming is the most important issue of our lifetime, and will be the top priority of my administration.”
    5) “There are no plans for a one world government. I know because my good friend George Soros told me so.”
    6) “Everyone knows Barack Obama, America’s greatest president ever, was born in a manger in Honolulu.”
    7) “Ronald Reagan, our worst president ever, created the AIDS virus to commit genocide against blacks and gays.”
    8) “Who is ‘Antonin Scalia'”?
    9) “The moon landing is proof of the importance of government. I’m not one of those ‘extreme libertarians’.”
    10) “How the hell did they ever find out about that time I got stoned in North Dakota and drove my car into a pile of cinder blocks? That was thirty years ago!”

    1. +1 GayJay

      1. +100 for #6

    2. 10) “How the hell did they ever find out about that time I got stoned in North Dakota and drove my car into a pile of cinder blocks? That was thirty years ago!”

      He was born in ND, so I find this theory very credible.

  20. You know, why are libertarians sneering at this? If anything, we should cheer this. It’s more evidence of just how little people trust government. I never heard of that plane crash, but it sounds entirely plausible that our government would be doing something shady so sure.

    1. I never heard of that plane crash

      We only said it was a crash. Who said it was a plane crash? What do you KNOW!?

      1. So now the aliens are disguising their interstellar crafts as earth made automobiles? Very clever, these aliens.

      2. — What do you KNOW!?

        Well, Brochettaward? We’re waiting?

    2. I just wish when an actual conspiracy is exposed (Hillary and staff violating federal law), most people demand accountability.

      It is great that more and more people are becoming Libertarian-ish. I do have more and more people asking me about Libertarianism. Some just have decades of progressive brain-washing to get past.

    3. Most things that could happen didn’t happen, so I wouldn’t say that’s good enough reason to believe it happened.

      This doesn’t demonstrate healthy skepticism of government but rather the power of suggestion, which can go both ways.

    4. Except, Brochtard, when you’re trusting govt handling of GTMO prisoners.

      Enjoy the November landslide.

  21. North Dakota Crash Summary — the truth is out there.

    1. +27 8×10 color glossy photographs

      1. Do they have circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one?

        1. Hmmm. There is an Alice’s Restaurant in Dunn Center, North Dakota. We may be on to something here. Better run it by Jeff Goldblum.

  22. Of course THEY want us to believe that conspiracy theories are all nonsense.

    Like the idea that the FBI covered up Hillary crimes.

    Or that Hillary has severe health issues.

    Or that the Clinton campaign intentionally provoked violence at Trump rallies.

    Or that the DNC organizes vote fraud.

    Or that the MSM secretly collaborates with the DNC to elect Democrats.

    These are all silly ideas that nobody sane believes.


    1. Oh you’re baaaaaaaaa….d.

  24. I recently had a drunken convo ( I was drunk, he wasn’t)with a guy at neighbourhood bar about aliens. After I couldn’t convince him that “ancient aliens” isn’t a documentary, I attempted to appeal to his logic… At first I thought he was an idiot, then I thought this mofo is trolling me, nope, first impression was correct, then the thought came to me that this person can vote…

    1. I was on a plane years ago next to a hot lady. We struck up a convo and I mentioned that I was flying to home on leave before my next duty station. She asked me point blank if I knew about the aliens the government was holding.

      With a straight face, I said yes.

      Needless to say, I got back home 2 days later than expected.

      1. The truth is down there.

      2. I went on a date with a girl who actually believed in the reptilian overlords. Apparently they’re the royal families of Europe and the pope. She was an inner city black girl. She also liked to talk about the violent fights she gets into with her Muslim aunt and uncle.

        As soon as possible I got an uber to take her as far away as possible. Still not happy that she knows where I live.

    2. I once met a woman who is 100% sure that there are Satanic cults all over the place that practice ritual child abuse and child sacrifice. She was a therapist for 8-9 such victims, three of whom were forced to murder infants. (The child murders can happen because there are “breeders” in the cults who have kids “off the books” for just that purpose.) She also believed that all the McMartin Preschool stuff really happened, and was just covered up.

  25. “government is concealing what they [sic] know about the North Dakota Crash.”

    The question is the type of ill-posed crap in attitude surveys, perfect for later dime-a-dozen harrumphings of bien pensants.

    The distribution of answers to question says little about the distribution across the population of thinking about any particular conspiracy hypothesis, accurate or fanciful, but about what people think about the likelihood that the power class conceals information from the public for the benefit of the power class. The correct answer to the stupid question, in fact, should be “strongly agree” followed by reference to “James Clapper” or “James Comey” or “Henry Paulson” or other cynical, manipulative sociopaths who have obviously concealed, covered-up and scammed the public.

  26. The first thing that came to mind for me when I saw the phrase “North Dakota Crash” was the crash of the oil industry there. Maybe some of people polled were thinking that too.

    1. Or maybe one of several recent horrific oil train derailments in North Dakota?

      This article lists at least five since the oil boom started:…..nt_is.html

      Or maybe when you ask people if the government is concealing information about an event they’ve never heard of, then some % of them will assume they’ve never heard of it precisely because someone is concealing information about it?

  27. It is true though, and frightening, how many people buy into these conspiracy theories. You’d be amazed even how many educated people actually believe in the Patriarchy.

    1. That would depend on how you define “educated”.

  28. Looks like Canada crashed into ND, flattened it on top.

  29. I’m just pissed off that the truth of the New Mexico Burnout isn’t getting more coverage.

  30. Is it really a conspiracy theory to claim that the government withheld information on the JFK assassination?

    If so, then even the CIA believes in conspiracy theories.

  31. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  32. No mention at all about a conspiracy whereby Government Almighty tells us all that Government Almighty loves us all (VERY deeply!), while Government Almighty really-actually loves Government Almighty, and does not give one flip about the rest of us…

    It’s a CONSPIRACY, I’m tellin’ ya!!!!

  33. Then this one HERE is for REAL:
    Some folks are already blaming the “Islamofascists” for this, before the evidence is at all yet clear. But a very strange thing has been mysteriously cropping up on structurally essential aluminum airframe members of civilian and military aircraft alike. A radio-triggered tiny device that sprays amino acids, vitamins, minerals, lipids, carbs, etc? Pre-digested nutrients, but harmless, basically? Now WHY would anyone go to all the trouble to sneak diluted, harmless nutrients onto airframe members?!!? The “Homeland Security” types were totally baffled? They had taken these tiny little devices and analyzed them by themselves. Finally, it occurred to them to be more “holistic”, and trigger one “in situ”, in their fancy words, ya know? Trigger the device WHERE IT IS PLANTED, basically?

    So they did this safely, in a hangar, and what happened? The nutrients trigger some nearby-planted, tiny bacterial spores, spores of some sort of GMO, engineered bacteria, which are capable of making acids that digest aluminum! Bring down an aircraft, see? They are still debating a scientific name for these GMO bacteria, that serve as the root of this conspiracy, but so far they are thinking? Let’s call them the Aluminum-Eatee!!!

  34. “One Weird Survey The Government Is Concealing”

  35. “the government is concealing what they know about?”

    That’s probably at least partly true for every subject on which the government might have some information.

    the North Dakota Crash.”
    What’s striking about that?

    Nothing. The survey didn’t seem to have an “I don’t believe there was a ND crash” (even though there was, and four people were killed).

    Does it mean that people believe in “alien encounters” if they say there is no conspiracy?

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