Half of U.S. Adults Are in Facial Recognition Databases, Health Insurance Premiums Spiking, Final Presidential Debate Tonight: A.M. Links


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  1. Here’s what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are expected to discuss.

    Maybe the gloves will finally come off. Or the masks.

    1. Hello.

    2. Morning, Fist.

      I was at my mom’s house this past weekend. She lives in an middle to upper-middle class neighborhood in a heavily white and hispanic area in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s district.

      Saw 5 Trump signs, 2 Hillary signs, and 1 Johnson sign.

      Doesn’t mean anything at all, of course. But found it mildly interesting.

      1. I have had similar experience, J B.

        A mostly blue region — and I saw my *first* Hillary sign this weekend.

        1. I still see Bernie signs. (New York)

          1. Thanks for sharing your secret. Do they know he’s dead?

            1. Probably not.

              Funnily I finally saw signs for the Libertarian party. They weren’t planted, they had three people standing by the side of the road holding them.

              I don’t think waving your Johnson signs at traffic is something that should be done in public.

              1. I don’t think waving your Johnson signs at traffic is something that should be done in public.

                Well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

              2. No you are confusing that with just waving your Johnson…

                1. … that was supposed to be the joke.

                  1. Do another one!

                    1. No, I’m clearly unfunny.

        2. Unfortunately I live in Illinois and I’ve seen some Clinton signs. It makes me sick. Sicker than if I’d just read 3 Sugarfree posts.

      2. Philly suburbs and the HIllary to Trump sign ratio is something like 25 to 1. There are more Bernie signs still up than there are Trump signs.
        Only 2 Gary signs and they’re both in the same yard.

        1. Yeah but, come on. Philly.

        2. If you live anywhere Filthacrapia adjacent then you’re dead to me.

        3. All true, all true.

        4. I just went on a fall foliage drive in rural west Mass, Vermont, and upstate NY for a week and about 700 miles. Saw exactly four Hillary signs, a couple hundred Trump signs, a couple dozen Bernie signs, and a few Johnson signs. In the bluest of the blue and whitest of the white parts of the country, there is next to zero enthusiasm about Hillary.

          1. That’s gun country, though. I’m sure you saw plenty of “No SAFE” signs in upstate New York right next to those Trump signs. Those people are outnumbered in New York and Mass for sure, which is why Hill will win the electoral votes.

      3. Driving around eastern Los Angeles county from Baldwin Park to Whittier to Cerritos into Long Beach this weekend I saw more Trump signs than Hillary signs. Probably 2:1

        1. I have seen more Johnson signs than Clinton signs.

          I am in Rand Paul’s hometown.

          1. I’m just up the road, lots of Rand signs, a few Johnson and Trump signs, maybe one neighbor with a Hillary (for prison) sign.

            Interestingly, Jim Gray, the gay mayor of Lexington and Rand’s opponent, seems to be trying to position himself as being to the right of Rand. It is fucking surreal.

            1. Interestingly, Jim Gray, the gay mayor of Lexington and Rand’s opponent, seems to be trying to position himself as being to the right of Rand. It is fucking surreal.

              How in the world does a Democrat expect to win by going to right of Rand Paul? Is the Democrat base so small he feels safe in abandoning it or is it so partisan that he feels safe they won’t abandon him when he flees their preferred policies?

              1. The Democrat base is much larger than the GOP base. They are just conservative democrats outside Louisville and Lexington.

            2. I actually havent heard a thing from Gray or seen a single sign.

              I dont follow Lexington news, but he does seem to be one of those Democrat because Gay kind of guys.

          2. Me too. I have seen maybe two clinton signs and prob half dozen GJ

      4. Annapolis, MD, about 30 minutes east of DC and 30 minutes south of Baltimore, I’ve seen maybe two Hillary bumper stickers. So far, the sign total is like 7 Johnson, 2 Stein, none for Clinton or Trump. Not a single one. That’s interesting to me, because Maryland (at least the middle part) is about as blue as it gets. Our city council is mostly Dem, we’ve got a Republican mayor, and most people around here trend Democrat. The Johnson signs are everywhere from $750k+ houses in the nicer parts of downtown to little run-down Cape Cods in my middle-class neck of the woods.

        1. You’re in Annapolis? I just moved to Kent Island and work in Annapolis

          Over on Kent Island it is about 3 -2 in favor of Trump and I can’t recall seeing a Johnson sign. Once you get over onto the Eastern Shore proper it is about 10 – 1 Trump

        2. I’m in Central Ohio.

          Trump: 105
          Hillary: 45
          Johnson: 10

          Suburban/Rural areas mostly. Geographical biases for sure.

          1. I’ve also seen a eight or nine giant-ass Trump signs but zero non-standard size Clinton ones.

          2. I’m between Toledo and Columbus, I didn’t see the first Hilary sign until two weeks ago when the Democrats carpetbagged a local campaign office into town, where the volunteers and activists are *almost all from out of town. The ratio of Democrats to Republicans in my area is about 100 Republicans to every 5 Democrats.

            *About 3 out of the ten or so volunteers are locals, two of them are school teachers and the other is on disability. (probably for being a retard)

      5. We’ve got a few Clinton signs in our neighborhood. But we’re also heavy with retired civil servants. One Johnson sign.

      6. I live in the Bluest neighborhood in Arkansas, where a lot of people know the Clintons personally, and there are obviously more Clinton signs than anyone else, but not nearly as many as I would expect. Way more Johnson signs than I ever would have thought. Very few Trump signs. Basically, just tells me that even in Hill’s old neighborhood, people aren’t excited about her.

      7. In the Ft. Lauderdale area, presidential signs and bumper stickers are still extremely rare. This is a solidly blue part of the state, but we definitely had more Romney paraphernalia last time out than the total of all candidates combined this time around. Even in the mid term elections, there were Obama bumper stickers and yard signs everywhere.

        This time around, nothing. I’ve still not seen more than a handful of campaign signs and bumper stickers over the last year.

        On top of the general antipathy toward Clinton, this election has been so weird and hostile that I don’t think anyone wants to put a target on their back. We probably have a dozen yard signs on my street – out of maybe 3 dozen houses. All are for local races. My neighbor across the street has a kid who worked for Biden and Bloomberg and they have always been politically active – but they don’t have a sign up.

        I have a sign for a councilman’s re-election campaign – and he’s a personal friend.

        People are definitely highly motivated to keep their politics to themselves this time around.

        Even at church – where the right wing nutjobs tend to let their freak flag fly – there has been very little in the way of election talk. Such discussion as there is tends to focus on “can you believe” type gossip and talk of disgust for the way the press is covering things.

        I’d say there are not many people who are going to be proud of their vote this year.

  2. …he was not high during the Aleppo fiasco.


    1. He might have done better stoned…

      1. He wasn’t dazed. Just confused.

  3. Gary Johnson sets the record straight: he was not high during the Aleppo fiasco.

    He should have lied.

    1. Did he “maintain” the truth?

  4. A California police officer who took 11 minutes to report a shooting was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

    This is really going to take some maneuvering to get this DUI warrior his back pay.

    1. It will be reversed on appeal, and the jury chastized by the appelate court judge.

      1. Majority Opinion: “The Jury failed to understand their role in the Master/Overseer/Slave relationship and are fined $100.”

    2. C’mon man – everybody knows proper procedure is for weapons to be discharged, not police officers. This is obviously a gross miscarraige of justice, holding a police officer accountable for the actions of his firearm.

  5. Health insurance premiums are going up around the country. Thanks, Obamacare!

    A competent candidate could make some hay out of this.

    1. If the GOP had nominated someone not terrible they’d be winning big right now.

      They had the most easily winnable election since 1984 in front of them and instead they blew it to Hillary fucking Clinton.

      1. Do you think any of the 135 Republicans that ran wouldn’t have been labelled horrible? Just because most of us think Rand Paul is unhorrible doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have gotten the standard tar-and-feather job all Republican nominees get.

        1. Sure, they’d try to label them as horrible. But with Trump it’s much more believable. And it helps that an awful lot of people do believe that Hillary is horrible too.

          I agree with JB. This should have been an easy election for the Rs.

          1. I disagree. The deck is stacked against the Republicans no matter who they nominate. I agree that Trump makes it easier, but they painted Mitt “Ward Cleaver” Romney as some sort of monster.

            1. Biden’s “put you back in chains” comment.

              1. I believe it was “put y’all back in chains,” technically. Which makes it even worse.

            2. “It’s a scary time to be a woman.”

            3. Mitt “Ward Cleaver” Romney wasn’t running against Clinton. This race was a walk-in for anyone but Trump.

              1. I don’t know about that, there were a few of the 17 member clown car who would have had a hard time beating Hillary for various reasons but I think it is safe to say about half of that field would be winning handily right now and Paul would be on his way to one of the largest landslides since the Great Depression

            4. Well, Romney didn’t pay his taxes. That won’t happen to Trump……….oh, wait

            5. I know. That was some feat making a demon out of a Mormon.

            6. So do you think we are going to have only Democrat presidents from now on or what?

              It wasn’t that long ago that people kept saying we now were going to have a permanent Republican majority.

              1. So do you think we are going to have only Democrat presidents from now on or what?

                I think it’s going to be more likely for the conceivable future, just because that’s where the population is trending. More people are moving to the cities, which have been Democrat strongholds for decades, and these are people who are increasingly removed from the problems faced by rural and working class areas of the country.

                And to be honest, I don’t see the Republicans maintaining a strong national party presence going forward just because Trump’s candidacy has brought into the open a lot of divisions that have been marinating the last 8 years. I’ve been predicting a realignment from “conservative/liberal” parties to “nationalist/globalist” for a while now, and I don’t see any indication that this trend won’t continue. If/when the next recession hits in the next four years, Katie bar the door on the old political order.

                1. “And to be honest, I don’t see the Republicans maintaining a strong national party presence going forward”

                  I hear this a lot, but don’t think it is true. Right now, if HRC doesn’t win (I know, I know) R’s will have run the table completely, state and fed. If she does win, it looks increasingly like she will only get the brass ring, no house and no senate. The D’s are becoming a regional rump party, its why they want to change the entire system, remove any state influence.

              2. It wasn’t that long ago that people kept saying we now were going to have a permanent Republican majority.

                Who was saying that? All it will take is one blanket grant of amnesty and within one presidential term, the Democrats will have millions of left leaning voters ripe for the plucking. The Democrats don’t win by making good arguments, they win by using state mechanisms to stack the deck. Whether it’s union laws, regulatory extortion or immigration policy, to name a few.

              3. It wasn’t that long ago that people kept saying we now were going to have a permanent Republican majority.

                But those people were stupid.

              4. Which just shows how awesomely bad Karl Rove was at politics, how corrupt the GOP Beltway types like Jack Abramoff were at lobbying, how venal and statist congressmen like Tom DeLay were at pandering, and how incredibly inept George Bush was at president.

                If wise and benevolent politicians were possible, the GOP would have had a permanent majority.

        2. Most of the rest wouldn’t have been tripping over themselves to hand the election to Hillary. Discount the media for a sec; he’s still an idiot.

        3. Half the time Reason magazine thought that Ron Paul was horrible.

          1. Baloney. The worst treatment Reason ever gave Ron Paul was their objective reporting on his racist newsletters. What were they supposed to do?

            1. Cover it in 1996 and then move on.

        4. Marco Rubio Warns Republicans: Don’t Talk About Wikileaks

          Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is warning his fellow Republicans not to talk about the Wikileaks dump of emails stolen from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta, breaking with the example set by Donald Trump.

          That’s what a “competent” GOP candidate would do (and why he would lose in every year but maybe not this year) and that’s why candidates like Rubio lost to Trump.

          1. So what was Rubio telling his campaign contributors that he does not want the public to know?

          2. Jesus fuck, seriously? The Wikileaks dumps are gold for any halfway decent candidate to exploit, plus the O’Keefe videos. For god’s sake, you’ve got Democrat operatives, including one *on Hillary’s payroll* admitting that they commit voter fraud and incited violence at Trump rallies, sometimes to the point of using mentally ill individuals to do their dirty work. They get directly to the heart of how corrupt the Democrat/media complex has become. No wonder Trump is running with the “election is rigged” line.

            And Hillary’s camp was worried about Rubio getting the nomination? Sounds like they would have run right over him. What a pushover.

          3. Many Republicans think it’s their job to fall on their sword every presidential election because they’re mislead into thinking their opponents hold the moral high ground.

            1. How fucking demented do you have to be to think that Hillary Clinton holds the moral high ground over anyone?

              1. I guess I should clarify, the progressives and their presumptions of moral superiority, are often accepted by Republicans who feel the need to cede ground to go on the defensive.

        5. Of course whomever was nominated by the GOP would have been attacked as viciously as the media could manage. That’s happened every single campaign since Eisenhower. And that’s why it’s not an explanation for losing, just a pathetic excuse. Nixon, Reagan, W — did the media like any of them? They were two-termers anyway.

          The problem isn’t that Trump is a terrible candidate in the sense of “Ivan the Terrible”, it’s that he’s a terrible candidate in the sense of “Major League batter with a .015 batting average terrible”. He’s incompetent at the basic skills of general-election campaigning.

          (Romney was just a stupid choice of candidate for 2012, because running against Obama during a recovery [anemic as it was], the only way the GOP could have won was hitting Obama on his #1-negative issue — Obamacare. And he was the only damned Republican in the primaries who couldn’t credibly make a full-throated attack on Obamacare because he fucking signed the prototype!)

          1. (Romney was just a stupid choice of candidate for 2012, because running against Obama during a recovery [anemic as it was], the only way the GOP could have won was hitting Obama on his #1-negative issue — Obamacare. And he was the only damned Republican in the primaries who couldn’t credibly make a full-throated attack on Obamacare because he fucking signed the prototype!)

            That was brought up frequently on these boards during that time, and it basically confirmed how stupid the Stupid Party had become. It didn’t matter that Romney was a decent guy, a Rockefeller Republican in most respects, and probably would have been an okay President. They nominated a guy who established Obamacare before Obamacare was established, and now they couldn’t even credibly attack Obama on that point, either.

            1. And now Trump seems to doing everything to throw the election, and McCain picked Sarah Palin, dooming the ticket, and John Kerry was the worst choice (after Lieberman) to take on George W Bush. Bob Dole. Notice a pattern? When the establishment wants someone in there that the public mostly hates, this is how it’s done.

            2. The media manipulated conservative voters into thinking that Romney was the most electable. Many of the exit polls during the primaries had voters saying exactly this — they supported Romney because he was electable.

              What is horrifying, is how easily manipulated voters are, and how much control the media has over them. Even if Trump wasn’t specifically asked to run by Clinton, they did use the media to help simultaneously ridicule and ignore the more electable candidates.

              1. In a certain generic sense, he was arguably the most electable. I mean, run Romney in 2008, he possibly could have made a “competent manager/experienced executive” run as much against Bush as against Obama and managed to win. (Let’s consider that the person with the most executive/managerial experience on any 50-state-ballot ticket in 2008 was Sarah Palin . . .) This year, he’d have had a good chance against Hillary (at least if he hadn’t already won and lost, getting the “loser” taint).

                In ’12, though, it was damned stupid to run him.

                1. In ’12, though, it was damned stupid to run him.

                  He could have even hit on Obamacare in this cycle–“Look, we were able to make this work in MA, but the evidence is in and clearly this is not something that should be applied nationwide. The middle-class is getting absolutely shredded with high premiums, super-high deductibles, and fewer choices, and we still can’t cover everyone. I’m going to work to repeal this so the states can determine the best course of action on their own.”

      2. If the DNC had nominated someone not terrible they’d be winning big right now.

        They had the most easily winnable election since 1984 in front of them and instead they blew it to Donald fucking Trump.

        1. If the GOP had nominated a “serious” candidate we’d be in the midst of a “national conversation” right now. Instead we’re seeing the entire force of the fourth estate gang up on a billionaire playboy from New York. To me, that’s progress, as it de-legitimizes the solemnity of these elections.

      3. Who was going to be the nominee? Ted fucking Cruz? Marco Rubio? None of the candidates were much more likable than Hillary.

    2. Well, see, there’s the problem…

  6. We’ve made it to the last presidential debate of 2016, folks. Here’s what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are expected to discuss.

    TL, DW:

    “You’re a crook.”

    “You’re a misogynist.”

    1. Post-debate commentary: “Hillary won.”

    2. We’ve made it to the last presidential debate of 2016, folks. Here’s what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are expected to discuss.

      Link goes to 404 Page Not Found – and you’re not fucking applauding that you ungrateful bastard?

      1. ENB is obviously what most of us can only aspire to be.

  7. A new study finds one in two American adults is already in some sort of facial recognition database.

    It’s called your wife’s Facebook friends.

    1. If you think that’s something, you should see her Tinder account.

      1. She has a third nipple. All three are on one boob.

  8. “Health insurance premiums are going up around the country. Thanks, Obamacare!”

    Not according to Politifact post debate fact checking last debate.

    1. “Sure, premiums are going up but so are subsidies, so really there’s been no increase in expense to consumers.”

      1. It worked so well with the university system!

        1. Can I get a federally guaranteed loan to pay my ObamaCare premium?

          Subsidies only cover those whose household AGI is less than 400% of the poverty line … about $62k/year. So, if husband and wife make around $17/hour and work full-time, they can forget about it. If they’re in their sixties and they’re in the national ObamaCare “marketplace”, they lose out on the $9k/year subsidy and get to pay in full. The amount of the subsidy varies from state to state, but the 400% hurdle applies everywhere.

          If they’re rich, and tax-savvy, there a number of deductions that taxpayers can take to get their AGI below $62k/year if they’re close to that hurdle. Deductions like retirement plan contributions, health care savings account contributions if they have a qualified high-deductible policy, and long-term care premiums. But these require ready cash, which most folks at this income level don’t have. So the decision is whether to pay the mortgage or enroll in ObamaCare.

  9. Gary Johnson sets the record straight: he was not high during the Aleppo fiasco.

    You can’t put your boots on the ground if they’re high as a kite.

    1. Quality, not quantity.

    2. It’s like a one man show for you today. Other commenter barely even trying!?

      1. There are other commenters?

        1. Just Tulpa.

            1. The plural is “Tulpae.”

                1. A basketful of tulpii.

    3. Really? Looks like a sausage fest to me.

      1. If you didn’t want sausage, you shouldn’t come to a libertarian comment section.

        1. I am the bacon among the sausage.

    4. Where is the link to the videos of Clinton campaigners saying they are going to do vote fraud and intimidation. Including one guy who has been to the Obama White House hundreds of times.

  10. Here’s what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are expected to discuss blather on about.


  11. Gary Johnson sets the record straight: he was not high during the Aleppo fiasco.


  12. A new study finds one in two American adults is already in some sort of facial recognition database.

    And two in three American girls are in OMWC’s database. One in five are in his basement.

    1. There may be a few still there, but he’s mostly moved on to his new role in the world wide Jewish conspiracy.

  13. Health insurance premiums are going up around the country. Thanks, Obamacare!

    Wait a second, the internet told me that the “Thanks, Obama” structure of joke was only done in service of snark now.

    1. We’re reclaiming it.

    2. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  14. A new study finds one in two American adults is already in some sort of facial recognition database.

    I’ll finally achieve my 15 MB of fame.

      1. Like, with you fingers?


  15. A new study finds one in two American adults is already in some sort of facial recognition database.

    And one in four is in some sort of genital recognition database.

    1. That database? Winston’s mom.

      1. She has a photographic pussy. It remembers all of the hundreds of thousands of things that have ever been in it.

  16. Fight or flight? Trump Force One passes Hillary’s campaign plane as they both land in Las Vegas ahead of third and final debate

    t’s almost fight night in Las Vegas ? and Trump Force One skirted narrowly past Hillary Clinton’s much smaller campaign plane when they both landed at McCarran International Airport on Tuesday ahead of the third and final presidential debate.

    Trump’s Boeing 757, the renovated commercial jet the billionaire has on occasion used as a backdrop for his rallies, is ? like the Republican nominee himself – bigger and flashier.

    It’s like cuckold porn.

    1. Why, because it’s black? Racist.

      1. Yes, the black one is much larger than the other one, as is often the case in the popular pornographic genre.

        1. I defer to your cuckporn expertise.

    2. *Slips air traffic controller a mickey*

  17. Maybe if Trump discusses the O’Keefe “bird-dogging” video during the debate, Reason might finally acknowledge its existence

    1. Maybe, but doubtful. I saw this morning that Creamer (sp?) resigned and Foval was fired. That certainly adds to the reliability of O’Keefe’s video.

      1. It still needs to be vetted. And vetted and vetted some more.

        1. Until fully crammed down the memory hole.

          1. In the span of a week or two it will be old news even if someone did care enough to report on it by then.

        2. They are still writing the article where 90% of the time they talk about how horrible Trump is and only briefly mention Hillary and the Democrats

        3. The criticism of O’Keefe videos is moronic. People have been fired every time he’s released anything. And the major criticism – that he edits to change context, is mostly bullshit.

          1. The damning statements in the video by Foval and Creamer are direct and unequivocal. There is no “context” out of which they can be taken that would make them appropriate.

            1. “I’d be a total lunatic if I said…”

            2. Calidissident, professional progressivism apologist, is convinced that the direct and unequivocal statements were taken out of context and edited and probably fabricated altogether.

      2. Reason keeps covering important news… with a pillow.

      3. Foval was fired for getting caught. Hadn’t heard about Creamer quitting, or whatever his name is.

        1. O’Keefe got two scalps with the videos being almost entirely embargoed by the media. He gave Hannity credit on his Twitter feed for actually getting them out into the mainstream and bringing more attention to them.

        2. Creamer was already busted in Illinois in a fraud case.

          The guy’s Mr. Straight-and-narrow.

    2. This would only prove to Reason that Trump is not a serious candidate.

      1. Reason hasn’t covered the story and yet you somehow know about it. It’s wild.

        1. Know about what?

          1. Aleppo.

    3. Thanks, Reason.

  18. Champagne flowed over Hillary’s nude and glistening body as she cackled in delight, bloated on her dais.

    “Third debate, motherfuckas,” Mook screamed as the boy in the Paul Krugman mask pleasured him roughly.

    “Another wikileaks release, my love,” a worried Huma said, looking up from the phone she constantly browsed. “This one says that Podesta traded cocaine and sexual favors to keep you from having to give a press conference throughout the entire campaign.

    “Who cares?” Hillary said over the loud music. “Third debate! Starbucks gift cards for everybody!” She fed the empty champagne bottle into the gaping maw where her bellybutton should have been and there was a sound like a garbage disposal choking down a handful of silverware.

    “The National Enquirer knows about us!” Huma said.

    “Who cares?” Hillary said, opening another bottle to anoint the assholes stippled along each shoulder. They grew smaller every day. Soon they would be naught but tiny farting freckles. “Tell Mook to get more champagne when he’s done shitting out all that cum.”

    1. “No!” Huma screamed. “Drudge is running a video of you pissing on a cancer kid, like literally pissing right in his face!”

      “Who cares?” Hillary said. “Wait, it was a white kid, right?”

      Huma looked up from the video, her olive skin turning pale. “Yes,” she replied.

      “Who cares? Release a couple more of those girls Donald groped. We still have over 50 of them, right?” Hillary cackled again. A wave of horripilation passed over the Secret Service guards gagging at the scene.

      “Grapes!” Hillary yelled. “I want grapes! And meat! Bring me meat!” A dwarf stumbled forward, staggering under a tray piled with bloody hunks.

      Hillary clapped her hands together awkwardly. “Send in the entertainment.”

      Mook vomited loudly as a nude woman in a Donald mask and a nude man in a Hillary mask were herded in the room from opposite doors.

      Hillary cackled again as they began to circle each other warily.

      1. I… i don’t know enough words in Old Enochian to give this the response it deserves.

        [claps awkwardly]

        1. I won’t be in my bunk.

      2. So now she’s just a Lovecraftian creature and has no android compenent at all? Is this some multiverse thing? I just can’t keep things straight in my head.

        1. The android component was supposed to help her maintain a humanoid body shape. Her tissues kept attacking it, though, so as soon as it acquired self-awareness, it bolted.

      3. “Secretary Clinton, we have a question from a Mr., um, Free for you. Well, actually it’s more of a story.”

      4. Is that why she has those awkward giant teeth smiles as she looks into the heavens after Trump says something at the debates? She hears one of her shoulder assholes fart? Everybody chuckles at a fart.

        1. I don’t think she’s smiling, but rather baring her teeth in a predator display.

      5. “naught but tiny farting freckles”

        *checks to see if soul has revived from last reading*

      6. Fucking poetry.

      7. Champagne flowed over Hillary’s nude and glistening body

        There is no way in hell her body has ever glistened.

        The descriptor your looking for is either ‘effulgent’, ‘gibbous’, ‘squamous’ or ‘non-euclidean’

        1. Squamous and rugose.

      8. Thanks, I’ll be in my coffin.

    2. a sound like a garbage disposal choking down a handful of silverware.

      It’s the little details that really bring the story to life. Beautiful.

      1. What have we said about encouraging him?

    3. “Who cares?” Hillary said, opening another bottle to anoint the assholes stippled along each shoulder. They grew smaller every day. Soon they would be naught but tiny farting freckles. “Tell Mook to get more champagne when he’s done shitting out all that cum.”

      *field of vision gradually turns white*

      What the- ?

      *sound of loud rushing water fills ears*

      Oh, no. Not this agai-

    4. It’s just not enough.

      This is like old home week.

      I mean really, it’s so……Euclidean.

      And ‘glistened’/

      ‘shone with a moist feverishness’ or even ‘gleamed moistly’ Bloated things don’t glisten–I should know–the sickly shine of their skin stretched taut over unfathomable horrors can never glisten.

      Come on–have you set larvae to writing this?

  19. “Gary Johnson sets the record straight: he was not high during the Aleppo fiasco.”

    It was the sumac! I swear!

    1. He did snort some kratom to protest the DEA rescheduling which had already been abandoned by that time, but no one told him.

  20. This seems weird.

    At 3 p.m., officers responded to the 1600 block of 11th Avenue for a report of a suspicious male. At the conclusion of the investigation, a 24-year-old Helena man was arrested for two outstanding warrants. A search conducted in the jail located a dangerous drug, acetaminophen. He was charged with possession of dangerous drugs, a felony.

    I mean, I know it can cause liver damage, but…

    1. I don’t even get carded buying that over the counter.

    2. I’m hoping the actual drug found on the scene was something dangerous that the writer could neither spell nor pronounce, and that he typed acetaminophen as a placeholder until he figured out what it was.

    3. Don’t you live in Florida? Why are you reading Montana police logs?

      I too have a hard time believing that Tylenol is illegal in Montana. Perhaps it was some narcotic with APAP.

    4. …I mean, was it sharpened or something? Loaded into a blunderbuss?

    5. Probably some Canadian high-dose acetaminophen. The FDA limits dosage-per-tablet to 325mg in the US under the assumption that Americans are too stupid to figure out how to take two tablets.

      1. Really? Is there no extra strength Tylenol anymore?

        Could be Canadian codeine/acetaminophen too, I suppose.

  21. Clinton Challenges Trump for a Traditional Republican Bloc, White Catholics

    Roman Catholics are the country’s second-largest religious group after evangelical Protestants, and they are as diverse as the country itself, with young liberals, cultural conservatives and, increasingly, Democratic-leaning Hispanics.

    But now, the Clinton campaign senses a rare opportunity to block Mr. Trump’s narrow path to victory by making inroads with a core part of the church: white Catholics, a prized group of voters that has defied predictions this year.

    1. White Catholics aren’t a “Traditional Republican Bloc” unless you exclude Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, parts of Louisiana, and probably some Western states.

      1. Forget it Derp-o, its NYTtown.

      2. According to the last polls I saw on the subject, Catholic Priests tend to be conservative while Catholics in general tend to be liberal.

      3. God the NYT is oblivious. I’m from Maryland and know a ton of Catholics. Maybe one in ten doesn’t reliably vote Dem right down the line.

        1. I mean, the Gulf Coast is pretty conservative, but even there, the Catholic areas are more Dem-leaning than the rest of the state. My old district in south Mississippi had a Democrat rep until the Tea Party wave in 2010.

    2. Yeah, I bet they are inspired to vote for Hillary by her campaign’s talk of fomenting a “Catholic Spring”.

    3. Traditional Republican Bloc, White Catholics

      Is this a fucking joke?

  22. This intensely antagonistic election has shattered another quaint campaign ritual: the handshakes between opposing candidates’ family members before a debate.

    The new arrangement calls for the candidates’ spouses to enter the hall closer to their seats, rather than crossing the room, and each other’s paths. That would avoid any potential for confrontations, given Mr. Trump’s penchant for dramatic stunts.

    Emphasis added. Fucking Trump — he ruins *everything*!

    1. After reading SF’s stories, I wouldn’t shake her hand either.

    1. I wish I could afford one, but the cost of maintenence and the length of the commute make it impractical.

  23. Guiding Trump, an Ex-General Who Shakes His Fist at Washington

    He is angry about the “political correctness” that makes President Obama and Mrs. Clinton shy from even uttering the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” ? a phrase the general makes a point of using, often ? never mind tackling the very real threat he believes it poses. He is angry about what he sees as the lack of accountability represented by Mrs. Clinton and her emails. He is angry that the United States, under both Republicans and Democrats, keeps blundering into wars that seem only to make enemies of what should be natural allies, like Russia, in the fight against Islamist militancy.

    He has little patience for the Republican neoconservatives who led the United States into Iraq during the George W. Bush administration ? “they’ve gotten us into mess after mess for the wrong reasons” ? and he sees the Democratic national security establishment as no better.

    “Hillary Clinton pushed to get us into Libya. Is she a neocon on the Democratic side?” he said. “We’re in too many conflicts that just seem to be perpetual.”

    1. General Flynn is dismissive of former colleagues in the military who have privately and publicly urged him to dial back his support for Mr. Trump.

      “They’re saying, ‘You’re using your title in politics.’ So? You’re not using your titles, admirals and generals, to get on corporate boards?” General Flynn said.

      “I care deeply about this country,” he continued. “I actually found it very disrespectful that those guys would come out and counsel me publicly.”

    2. “they’ve gotten us into mess after mess for the wrong reasons”

      Much better to get into messes for the right reasons.

    3. The neocons are on the left end of the Republican party, so it’s not far fetched. They like Welfare Lite, Big Government Lite and liberal interventionism.

    1. Wow, we can beat cancer with aerial dogfights? Awesome!

    2. The paint job, a vivid shade named “hellonica,” is mixed with a dish-washing liquid that will wash off after October ends.


    3. So what color is the Navy Testicular Cancer jet?

      1. Bumpy.

      2. They are actually going to hang enorrmous Truck Nutz from the undercarriage.

      3. Up close, it looks like landscape.

    4. Honestly, shouldn’t it be a pink drone?

    5. Um, wait the plane they painted pink to fight Breast Cancer is a Cougar?

      Problematic example of the war on women

  24. Rubio: Republicans Should Not Indulge Wikileaks

    “I will not discuss any issue that has become public solely on the basis of Wikileaks,” said Rubio, who sits on the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. “As our intelligence agencies have said, these leaks are an effort by a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process and I will not indulge it.”

    1. As I posed above, that’s why Rubio lost the nomination.

      1. And as I posed above, what is Rubio telling his campaign contributors that he does not want the public to know?

        1. Rubio’s a climber. God knows what he’s promised to the devil to get as far up the GOP food chain as fast as he did.

      2. Oh sorry, didn’t see your post. But yeah, if you won’t air your opponent’s diundry because you’ve bought into the idea the leak is associated with a foreign government or that it could hurt you later, he would not be able to handle a general election. He might campaign better for sure, but those who disliked McCain or Romney’s nomination for being too weak wouldn’t want to hear this from another of their presidential nominees.

    2. Methinks the junior Senator from Florida is worried about some emails he sent to the Secretary of State.

      1. This is… probably not that far off base. Hadn’t considered that yet.

  25. Is no one going to post a link to that story on Drudge about Hillary’s campaign bus? I had a “SHITTER’S FULL!” reply all teed up.

  26. DU gets weird(er)

    What a beautiful couple! The dress is stunning.

    I am going to miss them so much, regardless of how much I will enjoy Hillary in the White House


    1. “Oh, Michelle? Before I go, I just have one word for you. Sleeves.”

      1. “You want your belt to buckle, not your chair.”

      2. Os that Michele’s natural hair ?

        CULTURAL APPROPRIATION on aisle 1.

    2. There’s no sense hiding that it’s a cult of personality any longer.

      1. It’s just downright disturbing.


        And I love the way they are looking at each other in second picture.

        1. The country needs its Camelots.

        2. Not only are they content to be ruled, they must believe they are being ruled by their superiors. That’s what makes it OK to attack those poor fools afflicted with the desire to be free.

      2. It’s pretty pathetic (but also infuriating) the way that people have been fawning over them for years. It’s even worse with her, since she doesn’t even have a position with power so there’s no reason to pay attention to her opinions.

    3. I spit out my coffee when I read this comment:

      “Best Presidential couple in my lifetime. I liked Jimmy and Rosalynn , too.”

  27. A metaphor for the election

    On stage, dressed in a fine red coat and black britches, Le P?tomane began each performance by explained to his audience that his emissions were odorless. After reassuring the masses, he would launch into his act. He would start with a comedy series of what he called ‘fart impressions’. He would emit a tiny toot, label it as the fart of a ‘new bride’, then flap a thunderous emission and label it as the same bride a week into the marriage. He did impressions of famous people, squeezed out a ten-second long squeaker, and then blew out candles using nothing by the gases emitted from his posterior.

    1. Yet another excuse to post this.

    2. Fun fact: Mel Brooks’ character in Blazing Saddles is Governor LePetomane.

      1. I never noticed that. Looks like it time to watch it again.

        1. and again and again and again

          1. I’m just going to go over to the DVD rack and whip it out.

            1. Mongo like candy!

            2. Oh, these masturbation euphemisms…

  28. I’m losing what little faith I invested in Reason very quickly.

    1. Like so many things, Reason was pretty awesome in the days before it got infiltrated and taken over by Saul Alinsky’s students.

      1. Election season is always good for TEAM RED/BLUE tears.

        1. Looking forward to the post-election recriminations. Those salty ham tears will be delicious.

  29. Pundits’ Response to DNC Leaks: “Were You Surprised?”

    The response from some journalists has been to analyse, dissect and find the most newsworthy bits. For others, the reaction has been to dismiss and downplay, turning the often cynical meatgrinder of American politics into a snooze barely worthy of discussion.

    Something doesn’t have to be shocking or surprising to be newsworthy, much less objectionable. Indeed, the routine banality of Clinton and her aides colluding with the DNC to undermine Sanders, and cozying up to Wall Street, makes it more consequential, not less. The “why is this shocking?” tic is a rhetorical gimmick meant to downplay revelations that, while perhaps assumed, had heretofore not been backed by specific evidence.

    1. None of these pundits are surprised, but pre-leaks would have called you a conspiratorial loon if you had suggested these things.

    2. I remember prior to the Florida/Gore/Bush mess that there was a guy traveling around the country pointing out how screwed up the local election people were and he could barely get any of the media to mention him. He was going after both Republican and Democrat election officals

      Then when Florida happened these same media were ‘shocked, shocked” of how screwed up the voting system was.

      1. The whole process attracts self-important retards like flies to shit. Competent, trust-worthy individuals have other things to do.

    3. When you say that corruption is rampant, they respond “there’s no proof, that’s just a conspiracy theory!”
      When you find the evidence, they respond “everybody knew that already, why are you even still talking about it?”
      And then they win re-election handily.

      1. That’s because 80% of the electorate is busy with their lives and only gets a glancing exposure to politics. So they pick up a general tone from the news stories and pundit reactions, but don’t really pay that much attention. And if their friend who really follows politics hasn’t tossed off Clinton (or Trump), then they figure everything is as it should be and go along with the flow.

        All of this nonsense about policy and campaign tactics is tertiary at best. The only thing that really matters is the general perception. And as long as the people are modestly content, they aren’t going to go looking.

        That is why the media spent all of 2012 telling us how wonderful the economy was doing, despite rampant unemployment and a crappy economy. That is why they spent all of 1990 telling us that it was the worst economy since the great depression, despite the reality being that things were pretty good for most of the year, and were recovering strongly going into the election.

        Perception is reality in politics. That is why control of the media is so important. Which is why the left is so apoplectic about Fox News, Drudge and Rush Limbaugh. Without those outlets, they would have an iron lock on perception, and therefore an iron lock on the electorate.

        1. Of course, if all you have is “glancing exposure”, why would you cast a vote? Just stay home or leave that section of the ballot blank.

          1. Do you really think any of those folk think themselves uninformed? Or that their opinions might be suspect?

            Not a chance. Everyone thinks they are competent and well informed. Everyone thinks their opinion is valid. From the most well-connected politico to the most out-of-touch retiree. It is only “other people” who have suspect opinions, are plagued by ignorance or are plain stupid.

            So of course they vote. It is their duty to vote, after all.

            1. Eh, it sounded like you were saying people were ignorant and didn’t care. Now it seems like you are saying people are ignorant (by your measure) but actively denying that fact.

              I think the question of informedness in voting is a red herring. While I would definitely say there are “uninformed” voters who probably shouldn’t be voting, if we are talking about people who think themselves informed, then what we really get into arguing over is premises/perspectives. Two people can see the same piece of information and reach very different conclusions.

              Ultimately, voting seems to be more about cultural/tribal factors; spitefulness drives more outcomes than ignorance.

  30. Rolling Stone Deletes Article About the Derrick Rose Rape Case

    Deadspin reports that Rolling Stone sports editor Jason Diamond was going back-and-forth on the corrections with the NBA before unnamed superiors on the masthead got involved, and apparently made the decision to take the piece down Friday morning.

    Rolling Stone published a note about the retraction on Monday, which said in part, “After publication, it became apparent that the story had substantial flaws.”

    1. Grab its motherfucking leg.

      1. Grab its motherfucking leg source.

  31. Philippine police van rams protesters in front of US Embassy

    A Philippine police van rammed into protesters, leaving several bloodied, as an anti-U.S. rally turned violent Wednesday at the American embassy in Manila.

    At least three student activists had to be taken to a hospital after they were run over by the van driven by a police officer, protest leader Renato Reyes said.

    AP Television footage showed the van repeatedly ramming the protesters as it drove wildly back and forth after protesters had surrounded and started hitting the van with wooden batons they had seized from the police.

    Police later arrested 23 protesters, who broke into a line of riot police and hurled red paint at the policemen and a U.S. government seal at the seaside embassy.

    “There was absolutely no justification for it,” Reyes said of the violent police dispersal of about 1,000 protesters. “Even as the president vowed an independent foreign policy, Philippine police forces still act as running dogs of the U.S.”

    1. I saw the footage on TV this morning. It was shocking. He runs over one lady and then backs up over her.

      The police said he was acting in self defense, but it looked like he was in a blind rage, running over people willy-nilly.

      I’m surprised that the crowd didn’t pull him from the truck and then tear him into tiny little pieces. The depravity of his actions was horrifying.

      – to the authorities’ version of “the truth”: If he had merely been fearful of the protesting crowd, he would have driven away through the crowd. This guy backed up through the crowd several times. He was clearly just trying to plow through people – perhaps in order to forcibly disperse them, but certainly not in order to escape a threat.

  32. Im pretty sure I can subdue a 66 year old lady without lighting her up. Bat or no bat. But thats just me.

    1. Barry, an eight-year department veteran working in the 43rd Precinct, convinced her to drop the scissors, but she grabbed a wooden bat and lunged a “close distance of an amount of feet” across the narrow room at him, sources said.

      Cop speak at its finest.

      1. Cop speak at its finest.

        By that you mean unintelligible, right?

        1. Well, that’s what happens when you run “the bitch came right at me” through the police union’s English-to-cop translator.

        2. Can’t perjure what you can’t understand.

    2. “They were giving her CPR trying to bring her back, but she was purple already,” Nieves said.

      Now that’s just racist.

  33. In before The Hated One writes about it: Campus sex assaults stir debate on when to alert students

    When a student athlete at San Jose State University in California was accused of sexually assaulting two women at an off-campus party over Labor Day weekend, school officials acted decisively.

    The student was ordered to stay away from the women involved and was moved from his dorm into a staff housing facility. He was also temporarily suspended from campus and team events pending the result of an investigation.

    University officials also acted quietly, prompting many students to ask why they were kept in the dark about the alleged assaults. Fueling the criticism, the suspect ? identified as an international student ? left the country as authorities investigated.

    The case has renewed focus on the problem of sexual assaults involving college students and raises questions about what obligations a university has to inform students and when it’s time to go public about an alleged assault.

    1. University officials and legal experts say it’s a delicate issue. On one hand, students have an interest in knowing immediately if a perpetrator is on their campus. But schools also need to protect students’ privacy before an arrest is made or charges filed.

      One proposed solution is for schools to notify students of suspected assaults in police-blotter style, without divulging details that could identify suspects or victims.

      1. One proposed solution is for schools to notify students of suspected assaults in police-blotter style, without divulging details that could identify suspects or victims.

        “The Campus Social Justice League responded to allegations of sexual assault by a member of the campus community on Friday evening. Most students are advised to do nothing in particular, lest anyone be accused of blaming the victim or other problematic behavior. White heterosexual men, ‘aggressive’ homosexual men, and men of color suffering from false consciousness are encouraged to seek reeducation.”

      2. On one hand, students have an interest in knowing immediately if a perpetrator is on their campus

        I think a red-R armband would suffice

    2. There are two kinds of Reason commenters: those who are open about their insane jealousy of Robby’s hair, and liars.

      1. Your classification scheme is missing a category – people who have no idea what most or any of the reason contributers actually look like.

        1. That may be true for other contributors, but we’ve all seen Robby’s hair – in our dreams, if nowhere else.

        2. I have never actually seen KMW with purple hair, but I am jealous of those that have.

  34. I’m gonna say since none of you have the guts:

    Abby from Ray Donovan annoys and irritates the heck out of me.

    1. I like Ray Donovan, but I agree.

      1. You boys got something against redheaded MILFs?


    2. My wife and I always quote Abby around the house when the kids aren’t around to hear.

      I’ll say: “Fuck youu, Ray!”

      She’ll say: “You fuck me too haard. You make my pussy huurt.”

  35. Bill Clinton has a new sexual assault accuser interviewed by Brietbart.

    I’m sure that we’ll see just as much coverage of this.

    1. The complimentary kneepads have already been mailed out.

    2. “Old news! Move on!”

  36. Bill Cosby was a trial balloon.

  37. The yard signs are incredibly light this year. Whenever I see a Hillary Sticker on a car it’s always some haggard gray haired baby boomer in a prius.

  38. Was ENB high during the alt-text fiasco?

  39. Remember those overblown partisan warnings about “death panels”? Well…

    There are many horrifying aspects of the British health system – weeklong waits to see a family doctor, further waits to see a consultant, but by far, the biggest negative is the lack of access to the most cutting-edge drugs. Overall, 5,000 people a year die in the UK that wouldn’t if they were receiving US standards of healthcare.

    Rather than seeing the UK emulate the best of the US system, it is disturbing to see the reverse, with the appearance of groups in the U.S. like the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review? (ICER), clearly inspired by the misnamed National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). To restrain costs here in Britain, the government introduced NICE to assess and ration treatments available to the British public.

    ICER, like NICE does in the UK, is bringing similar health rationing to the US. At least in Britain there is little hiding the links between the government-funded NICE and the government-funded National Health Service (NHS). But ICER portrays itself as being independent when it is nothing of the sort, as it was founded and is being run by people with strong ties to the insurance industry.

    1. “ICER” is definitely a more appropriate name than “NICE”.

      Seems like something insurers would want to do in any case. But if politics can touch it, it’s bound to be a shit show.

      1. Has no one at the NHS read Lewis? NICE is the name of the bad guys’ organization in That Hideous Strength.

        Fun fact: according to a Brit expat whose kid is friends with my kid, part of the NHS’s rationing scheme involves doctors giving out placebos instead of real drugs for whatever they can get away with.

  40. Gary Johnson sets the record straight: he was not high during the Aleppo fiasco.

    Great save, Gary.

  41. “Health insurance premiums are going up around the country. Thanks, Obamacare!”

    And according to this ( http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/11…..-2017.html ) one of the largest drivers of the increases is “High Cost Claimants”, which I’m sure surprises Obo.
    He expected all the healthy people to sign up to offset those with bad health.

  42. Exclusive: White House plans community-based prevention of violent ideologies

    The new collective-communities will be called kolkhozy and sovkhozy, and will generate a new spirit of togetherness….

    A new White House plan aims to convene teachers and mental health professionals to intervene and help prevent Americans from turning to violent ideologies, work that is currently mostly done by law enforcement, a draft of the policy seen by Reuters shows.

    The 18-page plan, to be announced on Wednesday, marks the first time in five years that the Obama administration has updated its policy for preventing the spread of violent groups. Authorities blamed radical and violent ideologies as the motives for attacks in the last year in Charleston, South Carolina; San Bernardino, California; Orlando, Florida; New York and New Jersey.

    A self-styled white supremacist is accused of shooting dead nine black people inside a historic African-American church in Charleston and the other shootings and bombs were inspired by Islamist militants.

    If we just give teachers unions *(and associated family-therapists) federal money, that should solve Jihad and Racism and stuff. Sounds like a realistic plan, to be sadly stymied by Obstructionist Teathuglicans who just want to protect their racist pals

    1. Funny how those same groups have no problem encouraging adherence to that most violent of ideologies, Statism.

    2. Wrongthink. Coming soon to a school/hospital near you.

    1. Sounds like a Thursday to me.

    2. But DEA malfeasance had no bearing on Ross Ulbricht’s case, they say.

  43. Internet sleuths connect Clinton to mysterious intelligence contractor associated with Assange false accusations

    Now this may be nothing but I find it quite strange that a website/company that is attacking Julian Assange just so happens to share an address of record with a corporation that happens to have 2 people that are connected w/ the Clinton Campaign, Larry Summers and Neera Tanden. Suspicious at a minimum but given recent events I am starting to think there may be more of a connection, maybe someone here can help out as well.

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