Hit & Run

Donald Trump Responds to Assault Allegations, U.S. Strikes Sites in Yemen, Gov. Christie Faces Court Summons over Bridgegate: P.M. Links


  • Trump
    Allen Eyestone/ZUMA Press/Newscom

    Donald Trump says all the sexual assault allegations against him are all part of a conspiracy against him. Like we needed another example of his similarity to Hillary Clinton.

  • First Lady Michelle Obama is telling women they should rise up and rebel against Trump as a nominee. I think they're well ahead of you there.
  • The United States launched strikes on coastal radar sites in Yemen after missiles targeted a warship in the Red Sea for a second time.
  • A judge will be issuing a criminal summons against New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for official misconduct over "bridgegate," where staffers arranged for traffic-snarling lane closures of a bridge in order to punish a mayor who declined to endorse the governor.
  • Arkansas' Supreme Court will allow citizens to vote on a constitutional amendment allowing legal access to medical marijuana for some conditions.
  • Keith Lamont Scott, shot and killed by police in North Carolina in a confrontation, was struck at least three times, including once in the back, according to an autopsy.

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