Rolling Stone Worried About Biased Jury in UVA Lawsuit, Northern Illinois U. Defends Free Speech: P.M. Links


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    Screenshot via Power Rangers / Youtube

    Rolling Stone wants the Nicole Eramo trial postponed because an upcoming 20/20 episode could bias the jury against the magazine, its lawyers argue.

  • Northern Illinois University has published a statement in support of free speech in the mold of the University of Chicago letter.
  • On college campuses, anything could be sexual harassment.
  • Read Cathy Young on the Trump tapes and rape culture.
  • Watch the trailer for the new Power Rangers movie.

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  1. I say we boycott Hit and Run until they get commenting wrestled into submission. WHO’S WITH ME?

    1. Hello.

      Boys from my kid’s school were singing ‘we will, we will rape you’ on the bus today.

      Interesting huh.


      2. And the bus driver had them arrested for not singing en fran?ais.

      3. A whole school bus full of Trump supporters????

      4. “8 year olds, Dude.”

        1. “There was 20 of em”


      5. We don’t need no education!
        We don’t need no rape control!

    2. I strolled through that Hihn thread from the other night – holy shit. Amazingly, I managed to learn something for once, albeit about pool sanitation.

      1. Michael Hihn owes me an apology. He insulted me and claimed that I was wrong that pools weren’t sanitized with hydrochloric acid and posted a link about liquid chlorine as evidence. Liquid chlorine used in pools is sodium hypochlorite.

        As such Hihn, once again, made an ass out of himself with his criticism and insults and should apologize to me.

        I know you’re reading this Hihn.


        1. Bully

        2. (laughing)

          Heroic Mulatto continues to make an ass out of himself!! Sodium Hypochlorite is exactly what I was referring to!

          He probably calls himself a libertarian…a label which is rejected by 91% of libertarians!! (per Cato)

          Another foul-mouthed BULLY!

          1. No you weren’t. Any native speaker of English can see that you were referring to hydrocholoric acid. Either you can’t speak English or you are lying and continue to libel me.

            You have made an ass out of yourself again.


            1. …holds breath in anticipation…

              1. I just think it’s hilarious that he actually was lurking right now!

              2. I”M SO SORRY

                To all of you guys, I am so sorry and recant everything I’ve ever said. My repressed tendency toward bestiality drove me to say hurtful and unreasonable things.

                As penance I will pleasure myself to the thought of all of you tonight.

                1. +1 Morrissey reference

            2. HM, maybe Hihn has a touch of the dyslexia like I do. I had to read it about 10 times to see the difference.

              Nah, he’s just an ass. Carry on. You are the twerkin’ doG!

          2. (Drooling uncontrollably)

            57% of Americans are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, which is why goober AGRESSOR Heroic Mulatto doesn’t know how to clean pools.

            While assistent county auditor of Buttfuck County Wyoming, I took side jobs as pool boy successfully cleaned every pool in the county with my tongue, but GOOBERS like HM BULLY me because they hate public pools, because God forbid a poor brown kid without a coutnry club to go to should get to go down a WATER SLIDE

            1. Lol, you fooled me for a second. I wonder, does Hihny have a file on people that steal his commenter name?

            2. You are doing God’s work.

          3. Summary:
            Sevo: Chlorine isn’t an acid.
            AmSoc: I’m a ChemE and pools are disinfected with hydrocholoric acid.
            HM: AmSoc is retarded. Pools are disinfected w/ calcium hypochlorite

            You are truly the worst poster here. Like, way below the spambots.

            1. My mother-in-law’s cat makes $2341 a week working just 40 hours a day lurking and calling out Hihn for the deranged looney he is.


        3. Er, that produces HClO (hypochlorous acid), which is a weak acid, not HCl (hydrochloric acid), which is a strong acid. That extra oxygen atom makes a huge difference in behavior since oxygen is extremely electronegative (only fluorine is more strongly electronegative).

          I don’t know what Hihn said, and given his history I’ll assume it was dumb, but what you just said is definitely not correct.

            1. I re-read what you wrote and realize that I missed a double negative and didn’t parse that as you intended. Hihn was claiming pools are treated with HCl (which is wrong) and you told him differently.

              1. Gotcha. I can see that it wasn’t the clearest.

                I can’t believe the latest Hit ‘n Run battle is over pool sanitation.

                But that’s 2016 for you.

                1. Found the thread you were referring to:


                  Looks like Hihn never actually said HCl was used. American socialist said that (in the same breath as claiming to be a chemical engineer), which makes it even more rich. He got some of what he said about chemistry right, whereas Hihn didn’t say anything correct about chemistry at all.

                  American socialist should know better, assuming he is even telling the truth about being a chemical engineer. One of the easiest ways to determine if something is basic or acidic is that bases tend to be slippery, and bleach is no exception. His frequent experiences with anal bleaching should have been more instructive.

                  1. A tutor at Texas A&M who held classes to teach what the Profs couldn’t or didn’t care to.

                    His method of making sure that particular lesson was learned and remembered is this.

                    The way to decide whether some is basic or acidic is to ask yourself………..

                    WOULD YOU STICK YOUR DICK IN IT ?

                    I had no Chem classes and heard it from someone who did but even I remember it 35 years later.

                    Pretty effective teaching. ( Is it true ? )

          1. Guys, I’m really sorry that I made a sign error in calculating the dissociation constant of HCl. Can I get a one time Get Out of Jail card.

            The reason I’ve been employed for 18 years in more or less the same industry is that I’m able to graciously and constructively tell people they are wrong and take the same criticism in a nice way from my colleagues.

            1. And then you kill them with your socialism.

              1. He kills the ones who supported him the most fairly quickly. Those ones are dangerous to his goals once he’s used them. The rest he kills slowly through policy.

              2. Socialism kills. Don’t let friends socialism and drive.

                1. I am confused. Why was this argument the subject of chemical equations and not by someone who actually owns a pool and has a bucket of “chlorine tablets” in the garage? This link explains the difference between common pool tablets and wastewater tablets.


                  “Pool acid” aka “muriatic acid” aka “hydrochloric acid” is used to adjust pH.

          2. MMMM Flourine, toxic as Fuck and great for Air Conditioning, (A/C Guy)

            1. Corrosive as Fuck as well

  2. Watch the trailer for the new Power Rangers movie.

    Is the Asian ranger still yellow and the black ranger still black?

    1. And if not, is that cultural appropriation?

      1. Cultural misidentification? Maybe?

    2. Is the White Ranger still supreme?

      1. If you say: ‘A black cloud was hanging over my head.’ And that’s not a positive in your mind….
        You might be a racist.

  3. On college campuses, anything could be everything is sexual harassment.

    1. When everyone is sexually harassed, no one will be.

      1. “Class deportment, effort etc??. 10% (applied only to select students when appropriate).”

        How could 10% of the grade being inappropriate for unselected students possibly be construed as some sort of sexual dog whiste?


    1. Never let it be said that Robby doesn’t take every advantage to ride his hobby horses with a pathological monomanic devotion that makes Captain Ahab look like the poster child for ADHD.

      1. What is it this time?

        Or is it just taking other people longer to bitch about how Robby’s links are always entirely self-referential campus-news-nontroversies? I’m already over it.

        1. One more complaint like this, and I’m going back to the All-Trump-All-the-Time PM Links.

          Your move.

          1. …and that’s why I’m voting for Dan Qualye.

            1. I quail at the thought!

          2. You just think you can grab our pussy and nothing will happen? Why…because of your hair? Bitch please, you will be shaved by next p.m. links(on time) unless you actually post some article where you don’t social signal. And you need to post the next links on time with alt-text. Don’t make us use your fellow workers against you, we already have ammo.
            Hugs and kisses forever,

          3. Ooh, nice one Robby. Your wit is more rapier than Trump’s.

            1. I still think Robby Soave is his alternate name. Real name = Milo Yiannopoulos(jeesh that’s a long name).

            2. The phrase you were looking for is “more rapey”.

              1. Riposte.

                1. Fucker didn’t post his comment a second time. Definite disrespect.

          4. I’m going back to the All-Trump-All-the-Time PM Links.

            This is what i get for saying “Get over it, people!”?

            besides, go right ahead. We’ve only got a few more weeks of Trump left for you to milk to your hearts content. After that you’ll be forced to find some other laser-pointer to jump around after.

          5. One more complaint like this, and I’m going back to the All-Trump-All-the-Time PM Links.

            You wouldn’t.

          6. Now that the Trump campaign has entered hospice, we should direct our attention elsewhere and let it die in peace. It’s death rattle only serves to drown out important events related to Hillary’s campaign. Starve it of oxygen and maybe it will pass away sooner.

        2. I just immediately had this image of Robby hearing about the Power Rangers trailer on Saturday and saying to himself, “This is perfect! When is the next time I can do links? …Not til Tuesday evening? I can still get away with posting it then, right?”

        3. Robby-links are cancer.

          But for the sake of discussion, let’s run through one tumor, play-by-play

          On college campuses, anything could be sexual harassment.

          1. Universal statement that wouldn’t even pass muster on Wikipedia.

          “This classroom is an ‘unsafe space’ for those uncomfortable with viewpoints with which they may disagree: all constitutionally protected speech is welcome.”

          2. From Robby’s cursory description, as well as the source, he wants you to think the noncontroversy is all about an arbitrary claim that a grading criterion is sexual harassment, but reading further in the article we see it’s about that statement in the syllabus. And as much as I support the sentiment behind the statement, I wonder why the hell it’s on the syllabus for a geology course.

          Not a bad professor! I don’t agree with some of the stuff he says (he tends to talk about politics a LOT) but his lectures are very detailed. He doesn’t take attendance, but you’ll miss out so much if you’re absent. There’s also no textbook but if you think you need an extra source to read over, you should buy one.

          1. 3. 1 fucking minute on Google and the inherent laziness of Robby’s cut-‘n-paste journalism is exposed. The other reviews are not nearly as complimentary, but it’s clear that Prof. Seidmann seems under the impression that students attending a lecture on how plate subduction leads to orogeny is the appropriate audience for his political blowharding.
            4. This extremely one-side and overly-simplified presentation is used as confirmatory evidence for the imminent fall of Western Civilization and the mass deflowering (deflowerment) of White womanhood by Soavesuckers.

            I feel the tide turning as chemo seems to be being applied to the comment section, but as long as Robby continues to be employed by Reason mag., we’ll never be in remission.

            1. PWND

              1. This guy is a very bad and boring teacher. You can’t help but doze off during each lecture. His exams are too difficult and I never got such a low failing grade on a midterm before in my life. He also has this huge grudge against NYPIRG and makes it known to everyone the first day.

                Nice, nice guy. Good lecture and very attentive and helpful in lab. Low pressure. If you don’t care, he won’t either. But be prepared for an essay exam and some serious rock action. Cool fieldtrip in central park. Worth taking him just to witness his silly feuding with Dr. Savage, NYPIRG, environmentalists and Yankee-haters. High energy.

                Take very good notes during his lecture. For the exam just memorize all of your notes and you’ll be fine. Textbook is unnecessary for this course as he will tell you. Write down EVERYTHING he says even if you think its more politics than geology.

                “this professor’s exams are hard and unfair.” yes very true. Advice for those taking his class…he wants you to regurgitate all the crap you learned throughout the semester…so write down EVERYTHING..even if he talks about nothing!He might use

                Very nice guy if you kiss up too him. Hard tests but doesnt care if you go to class or take notes.

                I thought we were against political indoctrination in college.

                1. He’s against the Government-Interest Research Group?

                  That’s a plus.

            2. So blown link is SugarFreeing it, but an irrelevant/uninteresting link is a Robby?

              1. Mr. Drew from the top ropes!!! Pandemonium! The crowd goes crazy! ! !

            3. Orogenous zones are only interesting to gold-digging bitches like Trump wives.

          2. I think what you’re saying is…..

            ….If Gawker were still around, we wouldn’t have this problem??

  4. Episiarch sighting?

    Police: Nudist who ordered bread sticks also served his own
    A man removed his pants after placing an order at a Capitol Hill Italian restaurant

    A self-proclaimed nudist got a rise out of people at a Capitol Hill Italian restaurant Monday when he dropped his shorts after placing an order of bread sticks.

    A student cop with his field training officer was sent to Amante Pizza and Pasta on East Olive Way in Capitol Hill. They arrived about 5:35 p.m. to find a 33-year-old man sitting naked on a couch inside the restaurant.

    He told police that as a nudist, he regularly “travels naked.” He mentioned that he carries “cloths” in his backpack, according to the Seattle police report.

    One person at the restaurant told officers he entered the restaurant wearing shorts and asked for an order of bread sticks. The customer then asked the person to take a picture of him. When the witness looked through the camera’s screen, he found that the customer had removed his shorts and was naked.

    A second witness also told officers he was alarmed by seeing the naked man and told cops the same man had done the same thing at other locations.

    1. Wait, is bread stick now slang for penis?

      1. Depends if it is the crunchy or the soft kind.

        1. And how much cheese is sprinkled on.

          1. Yes, endless. Comes with a tossed salad.

        2. Starts off soft but hardens in the oven.

        3. Hard or soft. FTFY

      2. Wait, is bread stick now slang for penis?

        And, did Epi have a special relationship with yeast?

    2. I think there’s probably a difference between “nudists” and “exhibitionists”. Nudists seem to want to be nude for their own comfort. Exhibitionists seem to want to do it to irritate other people and draw attention to themselves.

  5. Northern Illinois University has published a statement in support of free speech in the mold of the University of Chicago letter.

    “I agree with suppressing unpopular speech like anyone else; however…”

  6. Rolling Stone wants the Nicole Eramo trial postponed because an upcoming 20/20 episode could bias the jury against the magazine, its lawyers argue.

    Jurors will be just as surprised that 20/20 is still around as they are Rolling Stone is still around.

    1. Admittedly, the facts of the case will also bias the jury against the magazine.

    2. Is Barbwa Wawa still alive, even?

  7. I get to cook whatever I want tonight because my wife is going to be fasting for 24 hours.
    So far, I have
    1) Prime Rib au jus
    2) Garlic Truffle Fries
    3) ???? (vegetable)
    4) ????
    5) ???? (dessert)

    Help me out here.

    1. Do you have a cast-iron skillet? 😉

      1. Absolutely. 12 inch Lodge. Seasoned and ready to go.

      2. If yes, get it good and hot then hit yourself in the face as hard as you can with it.

    2. 3) Southern style green beans with bacon and onions
      4) Soft, crispy bread
      5) peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream

      1. I like that.

        I don’t know how to bake, so I’m going to have to go on a hunt for the cobbler and bread.

        1. These euphemisms…

          1. 5) Squat cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

      2. Put a little bit of cayenne pepper and ginger in the cobbler.

    3. Vegetable?

      1. A vegetable that goes with prime rib. Like brussels sprouts, but not brussels sprouts because I had them last night.

        1. Hmm, I usually wouldn’t advocate consuming green foods with prime rib, but if you must, and Brussels sprouts are off the table, then I’d go with kale or chard with bacon. As far as I’m concerned it’s fall and summer vegetable season is over.

      2. Asparagus.

        1. Then no golden showers before bed.

        2. Roasted baby aparagus with olive oil and salt n pepper and sesame seeds

    4. 3) ???? (vegetable)

      Terri Schiavo! (too soon?)

      1. This really fits your handle

      2. Tender like veal because…
        never mind.

      1. I would. Nothing better you can do for your health than fasting.

    5. 3) ???? (vegetable)

      Since it is fall, I like doing twice baked squash. My version contains meat (bacon/sausage/ham) and mushrooms. I also prefer the Buttercup squash. Varieties are endless.

        1. Dude, it is seriously good, if you like squash.

      1. That sounds good, if you leave out the squash

    6. 3) Field greens with strawberries, walnuts, and blue cheese in a cider vinaigrette
      4) Some sort of crusty bread (important note: not Crusty bread) for sopping up extra jus
      5) Dark chocolate stovetop pudding (the kind made with whole milk and a bit of cornstarch) with homemade vanilla whipped cream

    7. You want to make something that will stink up the whole house with delicious smells. I’m thinking homemade corn bread and a pot of chili.

      1. She’s eating with me tonight. Tomorrow is when I’m going to be a dick.

        1. So, it’s your opinion that you’re not a dick every day?

          1. I am who I am. Don’t try to change me.

      2. Yeah boy

    8. 3) More Prime Rib
      4) Bourbon n Branch
      5) See #4

      1. That cheer has been banned for it’s overt racism.

    9. Chocolate ice cream and brownies*

      (*women hate to watch other people eat chocolate they can’t have)

      1. With a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon

      2. Yes, the best way to seduce a woman is to bring over chocolate and then throw it out the window piece by piece while looking her in the eye, and then say “now what are we gonna do.”

        1. That sounds like a good way to get stabbed

        2. My wife: After I’m done splashing around in your guts like a child in a puddle, I’ll probably eat some dark chocolate and call my lawyer.

      3. Twice a Week Yeah Boy

    10. 5) Profit!!

  8. Watch the trailer for the new Power Rangers movie.

    SPOILER ALERT: Amy Jo Johnson makes a cameo at the very end of the movie.

  9. Nobody wants a jury biased in favor of the truth.

  10. Engorged is a gross word.
    That is all.

    1. It really depends on the context.

      1. No, no it doesnt!!1

  11. I managed to learn something for once, albeit about pool sanitation.

    Don’t shit where you swim?

    1. OK, two things

    2. Yeah, that’s what the neighbor’s pool is for.

  12. Clinton’s advisers wanted her to set the record straight on her secret email when it was first revealed – with a bizarre ‘light-hearted’ chat with Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore

    linton’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill wrote an email to communications director Jennifer Palmieri suggesting that the presidential candidate sit down with Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore, who was already scheduled to appear with her husband at a Clinton Global Initiative event.

    ‘HRC is not slated to join, but maybe she should,’ Merrill mused.

    ‘It would be just light-hearted enough while giving her the opportunity to address this seriously, but a little conciliatory as discussed, and then get back to a discussion about CGI etc.,’ Merrill explained. ‘Goal would be to cauterize this just enough so it plays out over the weekend and dies in the short term.’

    1. That be the same as not saying anything, since no one would have watched

    2. “cauterize this just enough so it plays out over the weekend and dies in the short term.”
      They are masters at getting unflattering news out late on a Friday or over a holiday weekend.

      1. Well, when the media takes it marching orders from you, its not that hard.

    3. “cauterize this just enough so it plays out over the weekend and dies in the short term.”

      yep. the point is to “put something out there” that covers the subject but not in a way that reflects poorly on you

      That way your media sycophants can cover it and say they’ve done their job, and avoid publishing anything else about it for another week.

      You have to feed them stuff.

  13. Will Damon or someone else comment on the federal appeals court calling the CFPB unconstitutional?

    A federal appeals court on Tuesday declared the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s structure unconstitutional because too much power is vested with its sole director, but said it can continue operating under the president’s supervision.

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit threw out the bureau’s $109 million penalty against PHH Corp. PHH objected after the CFPB accused the lender in 2014 of referring customers to mortgage insurers who in turn bought reinsurance from one of its units.

    The bureau, created by the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law, cast the reinsurance payments as improper kickbacks and imposed the penalty in June.

    But while PHH argued the agency should be shut down as a result, the court opted for the more narrow remedy of allowing the agency to operate by allowing the president to remove the director at will.

    Kind of approaching penaltax logic.

    1. Well surely the president has plenty of time to provide close oversight of the director.

      1. And will do so diligently without using the agency as an attack dog of firms the government doesn’t like.

    2. Dodd-Frank is a case study in “regulations designed by and for lawyers”

      Most of the stuff in it reveals astounding lack of awareness of how many of the things being regulated actually work

      an example = one of the early versions of the bill put broad-brush restrictions on prop-desk trading

      which would have limited banks ability to act as market-makers in Muni bonds

      which would have instantly made it harder and more expensive for cities to offer muni-debt

      which, given the state of govt finances at the time… would probably have resulted in a tidal wave of municipal bankruptcies


      And that was just one dimension of like 100 different often self-contradictory rules.

      Last i checked, they’re still “fixing” it. (i.e. replacing it, one piece at a time)

    3. Wait, how is this unconstitutional, but not dozens of other agencies that work the same way?

      1. I don’t see how the court gets to just change the law to allow the president to fire the director at will (especially since that’s not the only reason that the agency is unconstitutional). The agency is entirely funded through fees collected from financial institutions, which means Congress has no power of the purse.

  14. Also, the fj40 wont start again. It tries and tries and struggles. The second i hook another batter to jump, it fires up as though nothing was wrong. I think its a bad ground or a slow drain.
    Early spring it did the same thing. I ‘fixed’ by replacing the battery, starter, starter solenoid, and cables.
    So that stuff should be ok. Any ideas?

    1. Hit it with a hammer.

    2. How many volts is your battery showing before you jump it?

      1. 10-12. It had 13 and change when it wouldnt start monday afternoon. I think its more amperage than voltage?

        1. Next time you get it started, check the voltage while it’s running. I suspect your alternator isn’t putting out enough juice. If you have low compression, the engine will spin on the starter but not fire until you spin it faster with a second battery hooked up.

          1. Its an old 55 amp one. Its the main reason i switched all my bulbs to LED.
            Ill run another compression test.

    3. No clue. I’m just surprised an FJ would have these kinds of problems. I’ve got two, with a combined total of nearly 200K miles, and I have not had a single problem that I did not cause through my own very personal idiocy.

      1. Don’t sell yourself short. Your personal idiocy may have caused this problem too.

      2. The PO didnt help. Body 74, engine 78. Alt is 74 as best i can tell. All old wire.

        1. Why the hell would the post office help? Check the ground on the alternator.

    4. Sort of related:
      My Toyota kept going dead. Turns out that the ignition was fucked up, and the key was coming out in position #1 instead of “off”. Replaced 2 batteries before I figured it out, and now I have an optima yellow top (deep cycle) just in case.

      So, silly question, but are you sure that you’re turning it all the way off? That could be causing the slow drain.

      1. I pulled most of the wafers out, but the switch itself is 42 years old. It could be “on”

      2. I went through this on my truck recently. If It sat for more than a day, my battery would go dead. I ended up putting an amp clamp on the + cable. With the key off the truck was drawing 250mA. I went to my fuse box and started pulling fuses until it went to zero. Ended up being the fuse to my seat adjustment control. Traced it out to the seat heater cable. I unplugged it and haven’t had a problem since.

    5. Check the starter solenoid. I know it’s new, but I had a 71 Monte Carlo that I gave a tune-up many years ago. Then it wouldn’t start. I tried all sorts of things but the problem was that the new starter solenoid was faulty.

      1. I get the impression it’s cranking, just not firing.

        1. Itll spin, just no fire.

      2. Will do. I hate electric issues. Theres so many spots that can go wrong.

    6. So, are we going to start a betting pool on the correct diagnosis? I’ll put $5 on weak alternator.

      1. Donations to reason!
        $5 on alt.
        10 if its my compression.

    7. You have a short to ground, in this case the chassis, and if you don’t find it your kinda hosed unless you use a battery disconnect and a sturdier alternator

      1. Ill start sanding grounds.

    8. alternator ?

  15. Clinton brings in Gore as closer on climate change

    Hillary Clinton is bringing in Al Gore as her closer on climate change as she struggles to appeal to young voters who consider the issue a priority.

    Vice president during her husband’s eight years in the White House and a longtime environmental activist, Gore will join the Democratic presidential candidate at a rally in Miami Tuesday. During the event, Clinton will emphasizing her plans to develop more clean energy, reduce fossil fuel production and build more weather-resistant infrastructure. She will also continue her attacks on Republican Donald Trump.

    Meatball subs are for closers.

    1. Jesus Christ these old liberal/progressive rehashes are like a god damn virus. They never go away.

        1. Here’s an inconvenient truth: Gore would have won the election if his own home state had voted for him. The voters who knew him best didn’t want him for President. Thank you, Tennessee.

          1. Imagine how much less damage he would have done as president and not earning a billion dollars peddling climate alarmism.

    2. Are proggies this dumb? If you are trying to sell climate change….why use Gore? He is probably the biggest joke there is

      1. But he’s not a joke to the left. And since they live in an echo chamber, they don’t realize he’s a joke to everyone else.

  16. Usual suspects beginning to get nervous that self-driving cars may usurp the state.…..he-answer/

    Almost every day I encounter a breathless story about the revolution to come from self-driving cars. Far fewer deaths from automobile collisions! No traffic jams! No distracted driving! In other words, here is The Answer to myriad problems created by an auto-centric culture.

    Beneath it is a veiled excuse to continue sprawl and car-dependency, as well as ammunition for critics of transit investments, especially rail transit and intercity passenger trains. Suburban building moguls, gobsmacked by the back-to-the-city movement, love this argument. So do anti-transit ideologues. After decades of highly subsidized sprawl, we can have more ? thanks to self-driving cars.

    1. Dammit, Paul, why do you hate the future? Only a caveman could doubt the benefits of spending tens of billions of dollars to finish a train three decades from now!

    2. People should be forced to live like battery hens, whether they want to or not!

      1. You know who else forced his subjects to live like battery hens?

        1. Farmer Brown?

    3. The hatred of the idea that people should go where they want when they want instead of on someone else’s schedule is fascinating to me. I lived in a (notionally) socialist country. Most of the stupid leftie shit I heard over there as well. This, however, never occurred to anyone. And it’s not like car ownership was non-existent (one per family, mostly, but still).

      1. It’s hilarious to listen to those fuckheads respond to such questions.

        The idea of waiting for a bus with no seats in the dead of winter is unappealing to me.

        But to progtards it’s perfectly normal – especially the rich ones who will, of course, never use public transportation.

        1. Autonomous shared electric vehicles. How is that not transportation utopia?

    4. Cody Wilson needs to invent and market an armed drone that suffers fewer accidental discharges, shoots targets more accurately/with less ammo, and can do so while it’s owner is cowering in fear taking cover.

      That should really grease the wheels on the whole self-driving car panic.

    5. I like the bit about sprawl being subsidized. This when all public transit is so heavily subsidized, and much of the reason for the abandonment of downtown as a living space is due to government regulations that make building new housing downtown a non-starter.

      I’m surprised that they don’t see self-driving Uber as the ultimate for downtown life. People who live in town have a tough time owning cars – but wouldn’t need one at all if this thing actually takes off.

  17. Synagogue in 11th-hour appeal to hold chicken-killing ritual

    Lawyers for an Orange County synagogue have filed an 11th-hour motion asking a judge to dissolve a temporary restraining order preventing worshippers from carrying out a religious ceremony that involves killing chickens.

    U.S. District Judge Andre Birotte Jr. issued the order last week after Virginia-based Universal Poultry Concerns sued to stop Chabad Irvine of Orange County from carrying out Kaparos with a live chicken. The ritual involves whirling a chicken above one’s head while reciting a prayer. Practitioners believe the person’s sins will be transferred to the chicken.

    Some Jews who practice the folk ritual use money wrapped in white cloth as a substitute for the chicken

    Jews have no religious freedom?

    1. You know who, uh, who else… uh… ?

      1. SIV pours himself a glass of red wine and whirls one of his gamecocks over his head before logging on and trolling Reason about GayJasy.

    2. Way to transcend the stereotype, Jews.

    3. Virginia-based Universal Poultry Concerns

      Who comes up with this shit? And they have the manpower and resources to sue people.

      1. MI6 overused the Universal Import/Export name, so they had to come up with something new.

      2. Founded in 1990 by Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns is the world’s foremost non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the respectful treatment of domestic fowl. UPC runs a haven for chickens in Virginia,

        Harmless eccentrics, until they start suing people.

        $600K in revenue in 2014, $188K in 2015.

  18. The advising version of my boulder County ballot came in the mail last night. Its a little frightening.

    1. I’m assuming it was a just a noose in an envelope.

    2. Dude, you read the state blue book? What a fucking nightmare. All but 1 is a no for me.

      1. Not all of it. I enjoyed the arguments for and against.
        Which one got you to say yes?

        1. I am only mildly in favor of the assisted suicide one.

          I am on a little committee down here in south metro (you know where the COOL people live) that collects all the initiatives for the local districts and writes cons for them. I was lucky this year, none were submitted anywhere we could make a statement. If you like saying No to tax increases you should join our drinking club…err i mean committee.

          1. Is that connected to the lp or something else?I signed to get that on the ballot. You own you and all that.

  19. Moar rape kulture:

    Accused Canadian rapist is too fat and penis is too small to commit alleged crimes, lawyer says

    An accused rapist who is on trial in Canada could not have committed his crimes because he’s too fat and his penis is too small, his lawyer argued in court.

    To beef up her argument, the attorney also showed the jury naked pictures of her chunky client.

    Jacques Rouschop ? a rotund career criminal known by the nickname “Porkchop” ? is accused of choking and raping two sex workers in Vanier in 2013.

    His lawyer argued last week that Rouschop couldn’t have raped the women even if he tried ? because he has a hernia, and because measurements aren’t in his favor.

    1. Accused Canadian rapist is too fat and penis is too small to commit alleged crimes, lawyer says

      Poor Cytotoxic.

      1. I knew someone would finger him…as the perp.

    2. To beef up her argument, the attorney also showed the jury naked pictures of her chunky client.

      Rouschop’s hernia “makes it too painful to have sex from behind, his stomach is too large and his penis is way, way too small,” his attorney Natasha Calvinho said in court Thursday, according to the Ottawa Sun.

      She passed around nude photos of Rouschop for the six men and six women on the jury to peruse.

      According to a nurse who testified at the trial, Rouschop stands at 5’6″ and weighs so much that he exceeded the scales at a jail, which go up to 320 pounds.

      His waist is 66 inches, but his penis is only one inch ? two when erect, the nurse said.

      Way, way too funny.

      1. This is a macro aggression against men with micro penises. They are just as capable of raping as any other able bodied man.

    3. I will not comment on this. *resumes eating bacon while thinking rapey thoughts

    4. I don’t understand how this ‘Canada is boring’ tag continues to persist.

      1. Quiet, you fool! Would you rather “Alberta man” replace “Florida man”?

  20. Your new WH press secretary:

    > On Sep 8, 2015, at 7:26 PM, Brian Fallon
    > wrote:
    > I know it is late in the game and we have gone round and round on edits on
    > the oped, but just throwing this out there:
    > Given that we just offered an apology on emails that some reporters think
    > happened “on a dime” after months of resistance, do we worry that
    > publishing an oped that leans this aggressively into our newfound position
    > on Keystone will be greeted cynically and perhaps as part of some
    > manufactured attempt to project sincerity?

      1. Astonished, not surprised.

    1. ?

    2. I can answer that for him.

      No, they don’t worry about that, ever, no matter how fucking obvious it is, they assume the usual morons will slurp it up like it an intern within slurping distance of WJC.

  21. Fuck you, Americans. You started the $15 Minimum Wage bullshit, and now our Beloved State Broadcaster is banging that drum hard.

    Horvath says one of the key ingredients of the system is a smaller gap between the rich and the poor.

    He says inequality has been largely responsible for the anger that caused the Brexit vote in the U.K. and the rise of Donald Trump in the United States.

    “If you look at the U.S. and Britain, they are the [rich world] countries with the largest educational and income inequalities,” says Horvath. “Whereas Sweden, Switzerland and all those, there are no really poor people but neither are there billionaires of really large scale.”

    Horvath says there are signs that’s paying off. Economic growth in Sweden is at an astounding 3.5 per cent, higher than any other country but China, he says.

    Hi, buddy. You want maybe to give us Swiss-like democracy down here? So we can vote up/down on Minimum Wage, Living Wage, Guaranteed Living Income, and all that other shit? Maybe?
    On the upside, the article gets stupider as it goes, to the end where “oh yes, US innovates, but a lot of innovation money goes to the military, so when you take that out…”- what? US remains the centre of world-wide innovation?

    1. As Rufus always likes to point out, Canada has always imported its socialist tendencies from the United States, and then been stupid enough to double down.

      Also, fucking hell, Sweden and Switzerland have no billionaires of a really large scale? I better call Zurich and tell it IT DOESN’T EXIST.

      1. Ingvar Kamprad has a sad.

      2. And I’m always equally enthusiastic to express all the values we’ve made part of our national identity – like universal health – aren’t Canadian ideas. But we sure love to brag the shit out of it no matter how shitty.

      3. In fact I remember a story about a Swedish billionaire getting a speeding ticket in Switzerland for like 1.5 million euros (because rich people should pay more for the same crime or something).

    2. I heard a story last weekend or the weekend before about it, and amazing the CBC included a soundbite from some guy with the CFIB.

      1. I’m part of the CFIB.

        They do God’s work.

    3. Did you see this earlier?…..hat-even-d

      1. Yes, that’s why I linked the last Friday’s article. Like always, shitty idea will start south, grab a few places before it fizzles out, then come up here and be implemented top-down because we are far less democratic* than the US.

        *literally – I keep banging on this, but there’s no such thing as Proposition whatever, primary election or citizen initiative up here.

    4. But 15.00CAD is like 11.32USD.

  22. Watch the trailer for the new Power Rangers movie.


  23. Because you can never have too many delay-of-game penalties:

    “QB change: 49ers’ Kaepernick will start Sunday vs. Bills”…..962798.php

    1. Someone made a funny joke about playing the National Anthem during the entire game so he has to keep taking a knee.

    2. Buffalo fans had better be clever in their razzing whenever Kaep throws a pick or fumbles. I don’t know if the USA! USA! USA! chant is going to cut the mustard.

    1. I heard he’s into beast and little boys too.

      1. So, not only does he rape 13 year old girls, he’s into bestiality and gay pederasty, too?

        /amsoc OFF

  24. So 3 stories about university idiocy, one link to Reason hand-wringing over a buffoon being a buffoon, and a link to the Power Rangers movie?

    Goddammit Robby. For the love of god start reading something other than your Twitter feed.

    1. Haters gonna hate, Robbo, but I know you will just shake it off.

      1. Rob is our Kaepernick and the links his national anthem.

      2. Not everyone “got” Andy Kaufman either.

      3. We knew he was trouble when he walked in.

          1. It’ll leave you breathless, or with a nasty scar.

      4. Maybe in your Wildest Dreams

    2. At this point he’s doing it on purpose, John.

      1. Yes but there’s a difference between a throwaway line in some article to piss people off and generally being incompetent at your job. Robby’s just being an unprofessional cunt for no reason now.

        1. He’s young and he’s reckless. He’ll take this way too far.

        2. Who ever reads links anyway? Robby was just the first to adapt to the reality of the situation!

          Up next: Robby makes Heroic Mulatto linkmeister for a day.

          1. No, it’ll be Johnny Longtorso.

          2. Up next: Robby makes Heroic Mulatto linkmeister for a day.

            Even I would only limit myself to 1 twerking video link per PM posting.

            1. Dear Reason. The $1000 contribution level should be a PM links takeover — links to be submitted by 4:00 pm Eastern and reviewed by reason editors.

            2. Well yeah, I’d expect you to pay more attention to foreign affairs, what with Skeleton War in full swing…

            3. Even I would only limit myself to 1 twerking video link per PM posting.

              Now, that’s restraint!

              I think a handle change to “Modest Mulatto” may be in order.

          3. I need the illusion of civilized behaviour from the top-down here! If we lose the legitimacy of that we will become nothing but animals! Hihn will become the first comment on every article, Longtorso will return and endlessly try to redpill us, Gilmore will considering lapels and fedoras good fashion sense, Sugarfree will become a not-stop spew of Chelsea Clinton anal-fisting stories, Warty will…leave his basement to rape people instead of bringing them there.

            Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

            1. WARTY IS STEVE SMITH?

            2. fedoras

              I don’t do hats

            3. But Bacon?


    “Democracy in America is dying. It’s dying because it’s being strangled by winner-take-all capitalism and corrosive militarism. Greed-war is consuming America’s resources. Not just material, not just political, but mental and emotional resources as well. The greed-war nexus as represented and nurtured by the Complex and its power elite is both narrowing and coloring the horizons of America. Tortured by mindless fear and overwrought concerns about weakness and decline, Americans embrace the Complex ever tighter.”

    1. “The people are too stupid to make the right choices, which is why we have to return power to them”

      1. I think people that vote for assholes because they think their taxes are going to Black people and Mexicans are stupid. Sorry, I’m elitist like that.

        1. Argle, bargle, blither and blat.

          You just spout stupid nonsensical bullshit now.

        2. american socialist|10.11.16 @ 4:55PM|#
          “I think people that vote for assholes because they think their taxes are going to Black people and Mexicans are stupid. Sorry, I’m elitist like that.”

          No, you’re just a whiny lefty ignoramus.

        3. “By God, you’ll turn your money over to minorities and LIKE IT!!

    2. Precisely. We must for the love of God embrace subsidiarity and devolution. Imagine state governers holding greater domestic power than the president. We could endure a century of Clintons.

      1. I agree. Break up this tinpot republic, get rid of nuclear weapons, and let Kansas and California go their own way. Somebody has to break up the evil empire.

        1. I’ll meet you halfway: we nuke LA, Sacramento and San Fran, AZ, Oregon, and NV fight over what’s left.

        2. get rid of nuclear weapons

          Clap your hands if you believe!

        3. get rid of nuclear weapons

          That worked out for Ukraine.

    3. Hey look, Amsoc claiming to be anti-war while he comes on here to regularly defend the biggest warmonger in the election. What a surprise, he’s being a degenerate hypocrite again.

      1. “regularly defend the biggest warmonger in the election.”

        Except for the fact that I am not filled with inchoate rage over HRC’s emails or the Clinton Foundation where have I defended her? I’m profoundly concerned about her policies with regard to Syria and her sabre-rattling with Russia. Does that mean I’m going to vote for Trump like most of you right-wing apologists? No.


          Does that mean I’m going to vote for Trump like most of you right-wing apologists? No.

          I’m Canadian you fucking moron. And the majority of people here are voting Johnson. Of course, to understand any of this would require you to be a functional human being with the capacity to achieve basic reading comprehension.

        2. OMG amsoc figured out that Gary Johnson is really just Donald Trump in disguise!

          He’s so smart and intelligent, you should listen to everything he says. Especially the contradictory parts.

        3. Canadian here too.

          It wouldn’t hurt none if Trump deported your sorry socialist ass to Venezuela.

          Because you don’t have ‘rage’ against Hillary’s criminal activity absolves you of supporting her war-hawk record and stances?

          1. DURR I’M CANADIAN AND I’M BUSY BITCHING ABOUT BENGHAZI. Question: is there something wrong with you?

            1. You’re only supposed to care about the things amsoc says you can care about. Like any good proponent of democracy, he believes the people should be told what to think.

            2. Where did I bitch about Benghazi, Mr. Mass Murderer Apologist?

              Just spewing shit like a stupid baboon is your shtick I reckon.

              It must cost your wife a bundle on diapers I bet.

          2. “It wouldn’t hurt none if Trump deported your sorry socialist ass to Venezuela.”

            Using the power of government to forcibly detain your political opponents? Sorry, you are too much of a Chauvezista for me. I’m a libertarian peacenik, who thinks the government should house, feed, and comfort the poor, aged, and children.

            What fascist party is there for you in Canuckistan?

            1. Using the power of government to forcibly detain your political opponents? Sorry, you are too much of a Chauvezista for me. I’m a libertarian peacenik, who thinks the government should house, feed, and comfort the poor, aged, and children.

              For those of you watching at home, I remind you that amsoc has vocally supported the idea of putting Muslims in forced labour camps, and is also an apologist for numerous genocides and authoritarian regimes.

              1. He admitted he likes Marx but he’s a ‘libertarian’.

                He’s impossible at this point.

                1. People labeling themselves as “Marxist Libertarians” are pretty much a dime a dozen. Emma Goldman and Bertrand Russell were two of many. I’m sorry that you didn’t know that before 1940 or so most communists referred to themselves as libertarians and struggled for things like universal suffrage and civil rights for African-Americans.

                  You can’t be blamed though since the whole concept of libertarianism has been taken over by right-wingers and Randians, who have contributed to its demise as an intellectual movement.

                  1. Of course nothing says ‘libertarian’ like praising a state regime that killed millions of its own citizens.

                  2. its demise as an intellectual movement.

                    Thus sayth the brain-dead moron who can’t write a single post without a logical fallacy or some delusional rant. ‘Marxist Libertarians’ are actively delegitimized as an intellectual movement by you claiming to be one.

            2. Not forcibly detain THROW OUT YOU FUCK

          3. See above. Did you read the part about profoundly concerned? That means profoundly concerned.

            1. Oh, we read it. Just kinda curious as to when you were going to show evidence of it.

              Actually, scratch that. Most of us know it’s non-existent, and are really just hoping you’ll go infect some other corner of the internet.

    4. The greed-war nexus

      Great name for a metal band.

  26. Climate Change Blamed for Half of Increased Forest Fire Danger

    The study uses “fuel aridity,” or dryness of the climate and the forests, as a way to measure the influence of climate change on forest fires. The combination of a long period of drought in the West and hot temperatures have caused trees and undergrowth to become particularly tinderlike. Warmer air can draw more moisture, in general, from trees and plants, turning them into kindling.

    The scientists used the dryness of the climate to determine the dryness of the forests themselves, using eight metrics that corresponded with fuel dryness and fire danger, said A. Park Williams, one of the study’s authors and an assistant research professor at Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

    1. First line in the article…”Forest fires are burning longer and stronger across the western United States, lighting up the landscape with alarming frequency.”

      Actually, frequency has been decreasing. It peaked in 1978 with 216,000 wildfires. Last year there were 68,000 wildfires. Longer and stronger? Yes – acres burned has gone up over the past 10 years or so.…..Fires.html

      1. Hey, didn’t we have a policy change about when to put fires out and when to let them burn?

    2. Methinks it’s more to do with government land management than a smidgen of an increase of a trace gas in the atmosphere.

  27. Metro Man Defecates in Court, Flees After Wearing His Trousers

    A melodrama occurred on Tuesday at an Oredo Magistrates’ Court in Benin, when an 18-year-old man, Abudullahi Muhammed, defecated on his body to evade arraignment.

    Muhammed defecated on his body when he case was to be mentioned. After defecating, he put on his trousers back and took to his heels. This led to a rowdiness in the court.

    The Investigative Police Officer, Sgt. Aigbochie Iruonagbe, had to call for more policemen to assist him to apprehend Muhammed.

    The policemen arrested Muhammed and gave him bags of sachet water to bathe before he was arraigned.

    During arraignment, the prosecutor, Insp. Thomas Ojo, told the court that the accused stole four cartoons of powdered milk, from Mrs Favour Nwachukwu. Ojo said that the accused committed the offence on Oct. 8 at Mission Road, Benin.

    1. That is a wonderful story. Note that american socialist is acting it out a couple comments up.

        1. Thanks, Danish experts!

  28. Also, the fj40 wont start again. It tries and tries and struggles. The second i hook another batter to jump, it fires up as though nothing was wrong

    EFI? Sometimes the injectors won’t fire if battery voltage is too low.

    It does sound like a slow drain on the battery. How long does it have to sit before it happens? Quick and dirty test: pull the ground cable off the battery with it shut off and see if it sparks, or put an ammeter between the negative post of the battery and the detached lead.

    1. Carb. It makes for some ease and a lot of other problems.
      I will be checking the system when i get home. First time it wouldnt start it sat for 8 hours or so.

  29. Also, you Yankee motherfuckers better have your election already. Canadian smug about Trump is reaching toxic levels up here. Today I had to deal with both my car pool and the radio jockey going on and on about how terrible Americans are for even considering Trump (they of course completely avoid the possibility that he’s only being taken seriously because of how terrible his opponent is) and how great Prime Minister Zoolander is in comparison. Barf.

    1. My thoughts and prayers are with you, eh?

    2. You didn’t end this rant with “hoser”, so this will be ignored. Have a nice day and keep on the look out for white walkers.

      1. You don’t get it, we are the white walkers. You’re building the wall on the wrong border.

        1. You know nothing, John Titor.

    3. We need a special flair for Canadian comments.

    4. This.

      So much this.

      Some Canadians are insufferable at the moment.

      1. I’m actually pretty sure a Clinton Presidency will be better for us in the long run because a Trump Presidency will cause these morons to endlessly praise and elevate the Idiot Prince for no other reason than he’s not the orange buffoon.

      2. Why does that matter? Their bacon is ham.

  30. Hillary Clinton is bringing in Al Gore as her closer on climate change as she struggles to appeal to young voters who consider the issue a priority.

    Unless that eight inches of wet heavy snow outside right now is a mirage, global warming is a pretty low priority with me.

  31. Another thought on the fj- if you have a vacuum leak downstream from the carb, it may not generate enough suck power to make the idle circuit work. This is a low probability event.

    1. But then it wouldn’t start with a jump either.

      1. I know i have a small leak in the vaccum. My real fear is a head gasket leak killing my compression.

        1. Unless you have to add coolant on a regular basis, that’s not very likely.

          1. Coolant isnt a big issue. I had to work out an air bubble when i removed the rear heater loop.

    1. You will give us what we seek!
      You’ll give it to us ’cause you’re weak!

      Oops, I mean

      Invest in our children!

  32. Johnson head-to-head poll results
    If the MSM is going to publish pointless 2-way polls, we might as well see some other 2-way variations.

    16.7% said Gary who?
    38.1% had not heard enough to form an opinion of him

    Johnson 41.6%, Trump 37.3%
    Johnson 37.0%, Clinton 45.5%
    Clinton 46.4%, Trump 38.9%

    1. What are the breakdowns for Clinton/Trump vs. an asteroid impact crater where Washington DC used to exist?

      1. They’re awesome but unlikely.

  33. Pentagon =

    The Rules of the Game Are = We Bomb You, You Cry On News. You don’t “Shoot Back”. Totally Not Cool Man.

    Seriously, what kind of “retaliation” is supposed to be scary when you’re already helping people bomb their fucking hospitals? Oooh, what, you’re going to “take the gloves off” now?

  34. Related to the above bullshit claims about “retaliation”…

    Obama Talks Tough About “Response” to Russia

    Barack Obama will consider a variety of responses to Russia’s hacking of political party organizations and it is possible that any action may not be announced publicly, the White House said on Tuesday

    The pretense which i find amusing is everyone acting like ‘They Did It First’, and we’re some innocent babes who only unwillingly get involved in such sordid affairs….

    1. I don’t even believe the Russians are necessarily the ones who did it. The administration just wants to make it look like the people who are benefiting from the leaks (enemies of Democrats) are in bed with the Kremlin.

      Russia is interfering in our election like a youtube video interfered with Ambassador Stephen’s purely diplomatic duties.

      1. I don’t even believe the Russians are necessarily the ones who did it.

        I don’t even believe much of what people are complaining about ever even “happened” in the sense of being some special kind of targeting.

        If i let my firewall tell me of every potential ‘intrusion’, i’d quickly get the impression that some shadowy org was trying to “hack me”.

        Or rather, some bots were just constantly pinging addresses looking for open ports.

        People get ‘hacked’ because hackers hack stuff. Not because they’re foreign governments looking to undermine democracy, but because that shit just goes on constantly like background noise.

        My impression is that the dems have decided to pretend that this perpetual background noise of internet security provides them the ability to claim some fictional “Red Scare”.. and given that the “evidence’ is so vague and amorphous, its like @#(*@$# Climate Change = something that justifies Govt Action and must be addressed… even though no one is sure what the “Threat” really is…

        1. And how in the world are leaks that draw attention to corruption, malfeasance and propaganda going to undermine democracy? Oh right, because it’s largely the Democrat establishment’s corruption, malfeasance and propaganda seeing the light of day. And look at how quickly they’re able to shift the story from the content of the leaks themselves, to shadowy foreign hackers trying to bring the country to it’s knees. They’re pathetic, but also very good at being evil cunts. Bravo.

          1. Moreover, you can’t “undermine democracy” by doing anything other than tampering with the ballots or the electoral process.

            Worse yet, no one has yet disputed the authenticity of anything revealed by these leaks. They are seriously claiming that informing the voters undermines democracy.

            1. You could ban political speech?

    2. Obama to consider ‘proportional’ response to Russia hacking

      So…keep doing exactly what you’re doing?

  35. Reposted from morning links:

    An outfit called Free and Equal is hosting a Presidential debate. Trump, Hillary, and several third-party and independent candidates have been invited.

    I believe the event will be broadcast on the Internet.

    The event will be crawling with SJWs – Ramsey Clark and Ed Asner will be speaking – and it will be held in Colorado.

    In short, it sounds like ideal Gary Johnson territory.

    Alas, Johnson isn’t one of the three candidates who has accepted so far.

    Fortunately, Darrell Castle has accepted their invitation, so he’ll be there to make the case for economic freedom and reining in the federal government.

  36. reposted from Sherrif Joe thread

    Bakeries Remain Central Locus of Culture-War

    … customers have been leaving Yelp reviews criticizing Fat Cupcake for its “Mr. President” pastry. The cupcake is described as an Oreo Cookie baked inside white cake with cookies n’ cream buttercream.

    Owner Anjelica Hayes says she is black, so the cupcake cannot be racist.

    She later found out President Barack Obama’s favorite cookie was the Oreo

    Michelle be all like, Nah Uh it aint

    1. A Mr. President pastry should have no healthy ingredients, the customer should get in on credit, thereby running up a large tab he hasn’t figured out how to repay.

    2. She later found out President Barack Obama’s favorite cookie was the Oreo

      Mike! We need a nickname verdict on this, stat!

      Block Insane Nomnoma?

      Barack Oboreo?

      1. Buttrack Hoois Orebumma

  37. She later found out President Barack Obama’s favorite cookie was the Oreo

    *opens mouth as if to speak- closes mouth, looks at floor, looks at ceiling…*

    1. Ima stop you right there…

      1. Owner Anjelica Hayes says she is black, so the cupcake cannot be racist.

        Bacon, too bad you weren’t there for the interview.

  38. Re: The Geology Teacher thing…

    I teach geology at Brooklyn College, part of the City University of New York (CUNY). And luckily I have tenure, an important protection in case of Kafka-like trials at a PC college. What had I done wrong? See for yourself. Here is the offending phrase from the grading portion of my syllabus: “Class deportment, effort etc??. 10% (applied only to select students when appropriate).”

    Can you spot the alleged offense? I bet not. For reasons that escape me too, that phrase was perceived as a prelude to sexual harassment. And the phrase was so clearly problematic to the administration that they directed me to change it..

    I still don’t get it.

    I had been using warning triangles sardonically instead of ordinary quote marks when referring to foolish PC terms. All my department chair would say is, “The triangles are the problem.” I never found out what made the triangles a problem. They were ready to act on a problem without saying what the problem was.

    I still don’t get it.

    My guess is that some administrator thought the warning triangles were reminiscent of the pink triangles that the Nazis made gays wear.

    So he doesn’t get it either.

    Kafka at least had some good prose.

    1. Can you spot the alleged offense? I bet not. For reasons that escape me too, that phrase was perceived as a prelude to sexual harassment. And the phrase was so clearly problematic to the administration that they directed me to change it..

      I still don’t get it.

      Have you ever seen the sexual harassment awareness series Naughty Bookworms?

      1. Ooh. actually yes. I actually decided to look into getting a “Teachers Certificate” after that. But then someone explained that those aren’t documentaries.

  39. “Its just heartbreaking watching you put all this time and money into it only to be chasing ghosts “

    Another thought- have you put a timing light on it (any/all plug leads) while cranking it? It’s another quick and dirty test, for ignition problems; weak spark (which would presumably be “fixed by the jumper battery) or jumpy timing.

    1. I haven’t, i should get my hands on a gun

  40. Class deportment, effort etc??


    Also, “On yer knees bitch, and suck harder!”

  41. In Case You Wondered How “All You Can Eat Shrimp” Were So Affordable

    Red Lobster is getting a $575 million investment from a Thai seafood exporter of shrimp that The Associated Press found last year came from supply chains tainted by slavery….
    …n. Thai Union, meanwhile, said the shrimp it purchased from the peeling sheds using slave labor that the AP tracked did not go to major U.S. companies, while declining to say where it went.

    In any case, according to U.S. and United Nations standards, if even a single piece of shrimp coming from a company is tied to forced labor, it taints the entire supply chain.

    There is probably a good joke here which ties into the typical Red Lobster customer, but i’m just not going to go there.

    1. The Simpsons already used the joke about “we pass the slavings on to you.”

      1. Sadly, compulsory shrimp work doesn’t sound as…sexy…as sex slavery. Good thing the AP looked into it (assuming they got it right)

      2. Oh, that’s priceless.

        Krusty’s show T-shirts are made for kids, by kids! And we pass the ‘slavings’ on to you!”

  42. Itll spin, just no fire.

    I’m leaning toward ignition/weak spark issue.

  43. Re: Power Rangers

    My eight year old self feels so pandered to. But like most of these nostalgia flicks if you seen the trailer you’ve seen the movie.

  44. And it looks like someone at work now has my multimeter.
    Back to amazon i go

  45. My asshole is very itchy.

  46. While coming to education, the technology has brought many advantages to students and as well as teachers. showbox For example, students can do their homework or assignment with ease and can complete it faster by using the Internet.

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