Last Night's Presidential Debate Showed that No One Likes Obamacare—and No One Has a Plan to Fix It

Clinton forefronts criticisms of the law, while Trump fails to understand his own plan to fix it.


Credit—JIM LO SCALZO/EPA/Newscom

Last night's presidential debate featured an extended back and forth between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton about Obamacare. And what is showed was that no one really likes it—and no one has a plan to fix it.

The exchange started when the candidates were asked about the law by an undecided voter who asked about the health law. "Premiums have gone up. Deductibles have gone up. Copays have gone up. Prescriptions have gone up and the coverage has gone down." Obamacare, he said, was "not affordable."

Hillary Clinton responded first. After caveating that she would not repeal the law, she said, "I'm going to fix it. Because I agree with you. Premiums have gotten too high. Copay, deductibles, prescription drug costs."

It's more than a little telling that this is how the candidate who is ostensibly the pro-Obamacare candidate is responding to voter concerns about the law: by agreeing with their criticisms, and agreeing that it's not working.

In the same response, Clinton also defended parts of the law—including its rules restricting insurance companies from denying coverage based on preexisting conditions, and said she had "laid out a series of options we can try"—try!—"to get those costs down."

But at no point did she make even a cursory attempt to explain what those options were. And her first response, after rejecting the option of full repeal, was to make many of the same critiques of the law that its opponents have been making for years.

Clinton, who has recently avoided talking much about Obamacare on the campaign trail, isn't really defending Obamacare. She's defending selected provisions of the law—while gesturing to supposed fixes that she does not describe.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, said that he would repeal and replace the law with—well, he hasn't quite figured that out yet. "We have to repeal it. And replace it. With something absolutely much less expensive. And something that works." That's…not really a plan.

Trump did go on to offer one kinda-sorta policy idea, arguing that, "We have to get rid of the lines around the state. Artificial lines, where we stop insurance companies from coming in and competing because they want and President Obama and whoever was working on it, they want to leave those lines because that gives the insurance companies essentially monopolies. We want competition."

This description is incoherent enough that I'm not entirely sure Trump himself knows precisely what he's talking about. The "lines around the states" bit is just a catchphrase that he resorts to whenever he's talking about the health law, as he did throughout the GOP primary debates earlier this year. In one telling instance, he went back and forth with Sen. Marco Rubio, who pressed him to explain what he meant when he said he wanted to get rid of the lines around the states, and he couldn't elaborate. Trump's ignorance about policy is so deep that it extends to his own policy proposals, which means that even if he happens to stumble upon a good policy idea, he can't be trusted to implement it effectively.

As it happens, Trump does appear to have stumbled on an idea that is not half bad. Being charitable, it seems as if he is saying that individuals should be allowed to buy health insurance across state lines. Alone, this is far from sufficient to fix the health care system's problems. But it might help reduce the cost of health insurance by letting people buy from states where insurers are subject to fewer expensive coverage mandates. In theory, those who live in states with lots of mandates, and expensive coverage to match, could buy from states with fewer mandates, making insurance more flexible and more affordable.

This is where Trump's deep disdain for policy expertise becomes a factor. In the health care reform plan that Trump released earlier this year, he proposed allowing the purchase of health insurance across state lines "as long as the plan purchased complies with state requirements."

In other words, Trump would require that insurers comply with insurance mandates in the states where the coverage is being sold—defeating the entire purpose of allowing insurance to be sold across state lines. Trump's garbled explanation of his one policy idea strongly suggests he doesn't understand what he's talking about; his written-out proposal proves it.

As with much of the debate, the exchange was both infuriating and revealing. The state of the Obamacare debate in the presidential race is a pretty decent gauge of the state of the Obamacare debate nationally: No one really likes the law as it is—and no one has a plan to fix it.


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  1. It can’t be fixed. Just let it die on it’s own.

    1. I’m not…I don’t think that’s how laws work?

      1. So you want some “plan” by Top Men to change the law? Pfft.

      2. There are tons of laws that aren’t enforced any more.

    2. Exactly. And no need to replace it, either. When you cut out a cancer you don’t need to replace it with something.

    3. That is a kind of fix.

  2. No one’s fixing it. No one’s repealing it. We knew this was the trajectory when it was signed into law and the last credible challenge to the law failed.

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  3. “Hillary Clinton responded first. After caveating that she would not repeal the law, she said, I’m going to fix it. Because I agree with you. Premiums have gotten too high. Copay, deductibles, prescription drug costs.”

    That cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

    1. That bitch has dissonant cognition.

    2. She’s signalling, natch, massive federal subsidies for health insurers/insurance.

      1. Free shit all around!

        Paid for by the rich fella behind the tree!

        Not paid fer by ye and me!

        (There-there now, FIXED it fer ye, was THAT all so horribly hard!???)

  4. You’re fucked.

    Next up.

    Single payer. That they’ve been talking about it for quite sometimes only cements it’s a matter of time.

  5. Huh, and yet “opposition” to the ACA is at a near all-time low:


    So whatever these ‘structural problems’ are that everyone keeps going on about, they’re obviously not resonating widely in the public.

    1. Those feeling the most ACA pain now are the 5% or so who buy their insurance in the individual market.
      Employer-provided insurance policies aren’t feeling the same level of pain. Yet.
      I’m not sure why insurance companies have different pools within their own company for individual, small business, and big business pools. Is that choice or regulation?

  6. They just need to quadruple the number of pages. That should fix it

    1. Creating a couple more gigantic bureaucratic entities would be a good thing too.

  7. A 5-second search found Donald Trump’s Obamacare Repeal and Replace plan. Evidently, this is beyond the competence of Reason and Peter Suderman. Seriously, guys, we know you hate Trump’s guts. But this doesn’t excuse you from not doing your job.



    Congress must act. Our elected representatives in the House and Senate must:

    Completely repeal Obamacare. Our elected representatives must eliminate the individual mandate. No person should be required to buy insurance unless he or she wants to.

    Modify existing law that inhibits the sale of health insurance across state lines. As long as the plan purchased complies with state requirements, any vendor ought to be able to offer insurance in any state. By allowing full competition in this market, insurance costs will go down and consumer satisfaction will go up.

    Allow individuals to fully deduct health insurance premium payments from their tax returns under the current tax system. Businesses are allowed to take these deductions so why wouldn’t Congress allow individuals the same exemptions? As we allow the free market to provide insurance coverage opportunities to companies and individuals, we must also make sure that no one slips through the cracks simply because they cannot afford insurance. We must review basic options for Medicaid and work with states to ensure that those who want healthcare coverage can have it.

    1. Look, it’s another Trumpet.

      1. Yes, because pointing out the stupidity of writers who first demand a replacement for ObamaCare then don’t look at the Presidential candidates website for said answer, makes someone a Trumpet.

    2. In this post, Suderman is playing the role of lazy idiot who does no research beyond watching the debates, i.e. a large swath of the electorate.

      1. I am pretty sure Suderman doesn’t just play the role of lazy idiot.

      2. Did ENB twll hom to play that role?

        1. Lm te twll hom, ery ta twll fen hom!

      3. I don’t read most of the articles at this stage. Suderman has been repeating the Democratic strawman that all Republicans lack a coherent alternative to the ACA. So, he’s always allowed the left to define the terms of the debate here.

        It’s pretty clear what Trump is suggesting when he says allow insurance to be sold across state lines. There’s nothing confusing about it. It’s very simple and a libertarian solution to increase competition through deregulation.

        Trump did say some things that were incoherent. But he was no less non-specific than Hillary who simply chirped about reform, cost-cutting, and keeping the ‘good’ parts of the law without ever mentioning how she would accomplish any of that or the specifics. Trump, for his part, allowed himself to be painted into a corner and endorsed keeping coverage for preexisting conditions. But I dare say his plan was more concrete than HIllary’s.

    3. Once you realize that Reason gets paid for bitching about Republicans (always), Democrats (unless they shit on social conservatives) and government, while whooping for open borders, cornholery and pot, errors of omission like this make sense.

      1. Well, I wish the fuck they’d hurry up and get on some of that cornholery and pot and give us a break from 24/7 Trump for a while.

        1. No kidding! I’d like more bitching about government also.

    4. “As long as the plan purchased complies with state requirements”

      Not good. Not libertarian. Not freedom.

    5. Professional fake libertarian Pete Macadoodle Suderweigel lies for a living.

      Nice gig, if you can get it.

      1. Everyone knows real libertarians vote for Donald Trump

        1. Real libertarians certainly don’t believe that it’s the responsibility of so-called “Top Men” in Washington D.C. to try to design and implement a comprehensive, top down, one size fits all plan for a health care system to support a nation of 320 million people.

          Obama-loving big government liberals like Macadoodle believe that.

          1. Trump proposes such a system half the time he talks about health care, the half when he isn’t talking about free market principles. Trump may be better on the issue by default, but that doesn’t mean he’s good.

            Accusing other people of loving big government when you vocally defend and support a big government-loving statist like Trump is hilarious.

            1. Enemy of my enemy is my friend.

              Trump dislikes progressive government corruption, my friend Trump.

    6. Suderman talked about his states plan in the article. What exactly does he mean by “state requirements?” Isn’t that the issue in the first place?

      Also, the part at the end is totally vague. How are people going to be prevented from falling through the cracks? What are these “basic options for Medicaid?”

      Also, hasn’t Trump repeatedly said that people with pre-existing conditions will keep their health care? How exactly is he going to accomplish that while repealing Obamacare. I don’t think he’s ever explained that.

      1. Also, hasn’t Trump repeatedly said that people with pre-existing conditions will keep their health care? How exactly is he going to accomplish that while repealing Obamacare.

        Before ObamaCare, there was (and still is) HIPAA. Most people don’t know what it means, but the first three letters stand for “Health Insurance Portability”. Before HIPAA was COBRA, which requires that everyone who has insurance through their employer be given the option to keep it by simply paying the premiums.

        ObamaCare didn’t invent the idea that people with pre-existing conditions should be able to keep their health plan. It was already pretty well mandated by law. Repealing OCare will not change these pre-existing laws.

        1. ObamaCare wasn’t the first law to have policy in that area, but it certainly made a big difference. COBRA only applied/applies if you have/had insurance through your employer and lost it.

          1. All these ideas are horrible and are unworkable.

            Back to pay-as-you go health care for non-serious stuff and catastrophic health insurance for serious stuff.

            Make all health stuff tax free, if we kept our current crazy tax system. I think there should be a flat tax on income or whatever tax that impacts everyone a small amount anyway. Everyone would have skin in the game.

    7. Huh. Those are the exact first steps that should be taken. He’s got the policy exactly right on this.

      And the next step after that is “wait at least two years before fucking with it anymore”.

    8. Modify existing law that inhibits the sale of health insurance across state lines. As long as the plan purchased complies with state requirements, any vendor ought to be able to offer insurance in any state. By allowing full competition in this market, insurance costs will go down and consumer satisfaction will go up.

      Can I ask what federal laws are keeping health insurers from selling across state lines and how would Trump change those laws? I haven’t read about any specific federal law that could be changed to reduce the market barriers between states in the health insurance market. What you have linked isn’t a plan it is a bunch of fucking talking points that don’t mean anything without specifics. I agree with many of the points, but I don’t know how as president he will accomplish this without taking power from the states (which has already been done under ACA but conservatives were once against that).

  8. My favorite moment of the night was Anderson Cooper quoting Bill saying what a disaster Obamacare is. Then when Trump referenced it, Hillary said that wasn’t what her husband was arguing.

    Hillary’s response isn’t about reality, but what soundbites appeal to her base. So she makes vague references to good parts of the law, but cost cutting. Even though the costs are obviously tied to any of the ‘good things’ Hillary could reference. Keeping coverage for preexisting conditions being the most obvious example. Unsurprisingly, the exchanges have seen a rash of people buying “insurance,” getting treatment, and then dropping it.

    Newsflash – that’s not fucking insurance anymore.

  9. Hillary’s plan is a public option.

    A public option is a surefire way to single payer.

    As long as Trump’s plan doesn’t involve a public option or single payer, he’s head and shoulders above Hillary on this issue.

    1. The only issue I can think of that Hilary might be better on, is trade. And I don’t trust her to not somehow make that worse too by turning all trade into another Clinton money laundering scheme.

      1. She is not for free trade. She is not for free market.

        How you can say that she is better on trade?

        Trump is for making trade involving America a better deal for America, whatever that means. If its more tariffs- bad. If its not letting Communist countries subsidize their products and make their import tariffs too high for US products, there is a discussion there. If its about not letting the EU demand our companies like Google submit their 1st Amendment rights by doing business in France, then fuck France.

  10. He’s back! Suderman’s back!

    *claps heartily on the shoulder*

    Glad you put that momentary indisposition behind you, lad. Excellent article.

  11. Oh, and Hillary talking about ObamaCare like it’s a success is ridiculous.

    1. It is a success for her and other cronies. The fact that it’s a total disaster for most Americans is not an issue for those people.

  12. And what is showed was that no one really likes it?and no one has a plan to fix it.

    Where, oh where is the Top Planner who will save us with his godlike wisdom?

    1. Hillary said she’s going to ‘fix’ it. And I believe her, it’s just that ‘fix’ in this context doesn’t mean what it usually does. the word ‘fubar’ comes to mind.

      1. That was kind of a watershed moment wasn’t it? It is now no longer racist to admit Obama fucked up the entire healthcare system. It definitely had a Khrushchev in 56 moment about it.

        1. Bill Clinton is a total sleezebag, but what he said about Obamacare is spot on.

          1. Everyone knows it is true. There is no defending it. And they are not getting a public option. They couldn’t get the public option when they had 60 votes in the Senate and a popular black Jesus as a President. They are not getting one now.

            They are fucked.

  13. After caveating that she would not repeal the law, she said, I’m going to fix it.

    Laws are not made to be repealed.

    1. Not to mention the President doesn’t pass laws.

  14. I went over to the huffington post because no one around here would tell me who won the debate. Wow, there is some crazy whooping and hollering about how Hillary is cruising to victory and all Republicans are now publicly disowning Trump. Thank goodness the election is finally over. It’s been a long 18 months.

    1. FluffPo, eh? Hillary could have barked like a dog for 90 minutes and they would call it a victory.

      1. I just want resolution, man.

    2. I didn’t watch the debates. As I said last night, I was lighting my own farts on fire instead, and I stand by that choice.

      Based upon what I’ve seen on Facebook this morning, Trump must have destroyed her. Full. Spin. Mode. This most common complaint: he was standing behind her when she talked.

      1. That’s actually pretty accurate to me. I could see his performance yesterday as campaign-salvaging, really. He did everything that he needed to do to keep his voter base fired up and maybe won a few undecideds with his “throw Hillary in jail” statements.

      2. I was in NYC this weekend. Am I missing something or has Uber totally fucked up the cab situation in Manhattan? It used to be that there were cabs everywhere and they were very cheap. They are still cheap but there are half as many of them and very hard to get, especially at peak times. Uber of course is supposed to make up for that, except that it doesn’t. Uber is great if you want a cab at 5 am on a Sunday morning. Want a cab on a Friday night and Uber up charges the living shit out of you. If you are lucky enough to find a yellow cab it is 1/2 or less the price of Uber during peak times. But you can’t find a cab anymore thanks to uber.

        Am I missing something here? It sure looked to me like Uber has made things worse.

        1. I don’t know. My “Manhattan” is on the west coast. And I drive a minivan with 3 cars seats. No cabs.

          1. I always thought you were in the big Manhattan. My mistake. Never mind.

            1. And “playa” is espanol for “beach”. He’s not a “playa’ in the Notorious sense.

              1. I know that but somehow never made the connection and assumed it was the notorious sense.

              2. And I just realized it was Big Pun, and not Biggie who rapped that.

          2. Playa,
            I thought you had New York values. *has sad

      3. Post-debate polls showed more people thought Clinton won, though less than last time, and Trump outperformed expectations for most people. I think Luntz’s focus group mostly had Trump winning.

        1. If you are using CNNs poll they rigged it for you. Read the fine print. Respondents were 58% democrats. Shockingly, 57% of those polled said Hillary won.

    3. Trump won pretty handily, in my eyes. Unlike the first debate, he actually seemed to be on target with the talking points that he had in mind, and the overall debate seemed to be more about the issues. Still not voting for either of them, but if I had to hold my nose and vote for one of the two, Trump’s an easy choice to me at this point. The sending Hillary to jail comment is also a major checkmark for Trump.

    4. Here is how you know Trump won the debate, CNN called it a draw and Vox spent the entire morning bitching about what a big vicious meanie Trump is. It is like Pravda; its what they don’t say that matters. Trump clearly hurt her badly.

      What is interesting about it is that if anyone had savaged Obama the way Trump did Hillary last night, it would have backfired. People wanted to like the first black President too much. With Hillary, it helped Trump to undo some of the damage of the video. Whatever happens in the election, things will never be the same for Hillary. Trump showed last night that there is no political downside to attacking her in the most pointed and vicious ways. You can stand up and threaten to throw her in jail and call her a crook to her face and be more popular for doing it. If she wins the election, she will spend four years as the designated pinata for American politics.

      1. To me, the most hilarious and retarded thing about this campaign is how the media keep spinning up stories about how establishment Republicans are deserting Trump. I’m not sure what universe they are living in, but in the one I live in, guys like McCain and Ryan bitching about Trump is an endorsement for Trump. If they keep it up, they might actually hand him the election.

        1. That is my universe too. I don’t know anyone who gives a shit about the video or what people like McCain think who were not already voting for Hillary. I see where Rasmussan has Hilary up 7 this morning. The interesting thing about the poll is that it has Trump winning independents but down because he is only getting 71% of Republicans. Look it up if you don’t believe me. I know Republicans are often stupid, but I don’t believe they are that stupid. No way is Trump only getting 71%of the R vote.

        2. In my eyes, enough of the right people are deserting Trump for the core voting blocs to want to vote for Trump even more. He’s shaken up the status quo so much that I really don’t believe that anyone should underestimate his chances, especially since I’m highly suspicious that a huge chunk of his support is underground.

          1. Me and my wife will probably vote Trump. Just for the enjoyment of watching people’s heads explode. We’re kind of assholes.

            1. If I’m being honest with myself, there’s been at least 8 times that I have contemplated pulling the Trump lever this election. Overall, though, I have principles, and I’m one of millions of votes, so I don’t think that my vote really would mean anything unless NC was separated by hundreds of votes.

              1. checks 538 to see where they think NC is.

                Well, current polls are something like 42% Trump and 43% Hillary in the polls. Rest go to Johnson. In 2012 4.5 million voted in your state according to Wiki.

                So, 1% is about 45,000 votes. So right now there’s about a potential 45,000 lead of Hillary, with maybe 300,000 votes nominally parked for Johnson right now. I believe your in that category right now.

                Most people seem to assume a bunch of those Johnson voters will break for either Clinton or Trump.

                How many go either way however could turn the election for your state.

                Honestly, you seem to be in a state where your vote potentially matters: the difference in absolute number of voters isn’t particularly massive, and you’ve gone back and forth between being a Trump state and a Clinton State in the polls.

                1. My state, in comparison, as a polling of 55% Trump to 30% Clinton. That’s been the case since June. The Democrats going to a local democrat’s town hall are asking them how they would protect us from Clinton should she get elected.

                  Now, we only have 600,000 voters, but that’s still a lead of 150,000 votes for Trump. The 42,000 who theoretically are voting Johnson could all go for Clinton and it would not matter.

                  Thus, I’m planning to Vote Johnson since its completely safe for me to do so: the chance of Clinton winning my state is effectively 0%, and me voting someone else has zero likelihood of letting the hag in.

                  You however could potentially help flip your state: its theoretically possible in your case.

                  But, it’s your vote: vote based on your own priorities.

            2. I plan to do the same. I want progressives to be wailing and ripping their clothes the day after.. The sweet taste of tears would be something…

              1. I dream of licking prog tears after an election. I spend half my day in Chapel Hill, so if Trump wins the tears will be unlike any that’s ever been collected. I have a bucket in my room just in case.

    1. It looked like the saxophone non-skeleton to me.

      1. Think of it like an Advent calendar.

        There are surprises each day.

  15. The governing fix nothing except that which is cleverly legislated to be under continual revision or else why fucking exist as the governing at all?

    Optimal governing would naturally potentiate its own shrinkage. Authentic solutions WILL fucking address perversely circuitous issues, unless the long-term suitability of the governing organism is in question.

  16. Becayse neother of them want to come out against the “free shit” parts (i.e. the good parts) whille being for the “how the hell does this shit get paid for?!” parts ( i.e. the bad parts). That is the tricky part of offering a free lunch policy, trying to hide when and on who the bill comes due on jntil it is too late. The progs did an effective job in the past with Social Security and MediCare. ObamaCare was just too ambitious in scope to effectively hide the knife from the lambs.

  17. Not sure if anyone here has posted this yet, but this is some scary fucking stuff:

    Hillary’s tax hike wish list

    Plus free college for everyone and more wars. Holy shit, we are so fucked.

    1. She would get none of that through Congress. What happens when she just tells the IRS to start collecting it anyway? I think she is crazy and crooked enough to try it.

      1. She won’t have to. She appoints one missing SCOTUS seat and she has a rubber stamp for whatever she wants to do. And she’s already said that she’ll just do whatever she wants regardless of what Congress does. And I believe it.

        1. There isn’t a “missing SCOTUS” seat. There is nothing in the Constitution that says there has to be nine of them. And the Court has been running just fine for the last few months with 8. Of course the GOP is too fucking stupid to do this, but there is no need to ever confirm anyone. Leave Scalia’s seat vacant. What is Hillary going to do about it? She would come in as unpopular as Nixon. What would be the political downside to just refusing to do it? None as far as I can see and there would be a lot of upside.

          1. I might be wrong on this, but I think that the general fear is that Hillary and the Democrats would play the usual identity politics game and select a judge from one of the privileged classes, and just comment string “racist” or “misogynist” towards every dissenter from the GOP.

            1. Sure they will. But let them. The race card is played out. Are they really going to get any Republican voted out of the Senate over a black SC justice? No way.

              1. Every card should be played out, but unfortunately I’m not as confident about that actually being true. If the average Republican voter believed that their representatives had any backbone at all, Trump would not be the nominee.

  18. “The copays are too damn high!”

  19. Hillary’s tax hike wish list

    Plus free college for everyone and more wars.

    Every tax lawyer in America is with her.

  20. ?and no one has a plan to fix it.

    Repealing it IS a plan to fix it suderman. It just makes you butthurt, so you don’t like it, but it is a plan.

    1. The man’s ability to write the same fucking lie over and over and over again in so many different ways is something.

  21. The fix is simple and obvious:
    1. Repeal the ACA in its entirity
    2. Require medical care providers to charge the same rate to everyone, regardless of their insurance or lack of it. Require them to publish those prices. They may change prices once per year.
    3. Require insurance companies to publish what they cover, and what they pay for it. They must charge the same price to everyone. The prices may change once per year.
    The date range for provider rate changes will be 60 days prior to the date range for insurers to publish theirs. This will allow the actuaries time to beat their computers to death to get the new premiums. Then everyone signs up for a year. (In theory, the need to impose time spans would fade away as the inefficiencies of current regulations fades.)
    4. Repeal the law requiring free medical care “to those who cannot afford it”. Caring for those people is why we have charity.

    That’s it. People pick a provider and an insurance company based on the relationship between costs and coverage premiums. Those who cannot afford insurance, but feel they need it can appeal to any of several charities for assistance. For instance, the democratic party could use all the money they spend campaigning for ACA on actually providing healthcare. Under the current system, even the doctor does not know how much he charges for something; it varies based on the “discount” “negotiated” by each insurance company, and possible by the phase of the moon.

    1. They must charge the same price to everyone.

      And auto insurance will cost the same whether you drive a beater or a Ferrari.

  22. Ted Cruz had a plan: use the power of the purse as intended by constitutional design team to stop funding this shit.

  23. “In the same response, Clinton also defended parts of the law?including its rules restricting insurance companies from denying coverage based on preexisting conditions, and said she had “laid out a series of options we can try”?try!?”to get those costs down.”

    So, not even going to really try after all. Color me shocked.

  24. 1. Repeal the ACA in its entirity


    2. Require medical care providers to charge the same rate to everyone, regardless of their insurance or lack of it. Require them to publish those prices. They may change prices once per year.

    Nope. Freedom of contract.

    3. Require insurance companies to publish what they cover, and what they pay for it. They must charge the same price to everyone. The prices may change once per year.

    Insurance companies already publish what they cover, and their premiums are locked in, by law, for a year at a time. The rest of it is a violation of freedom of contract.

    4. Repeal the law requiring free medical care “to those who cannot afford it”. Caring for those people is why we have charity.

    Other than EMTALA, I am aware of no such law.

    1. Emtala? Is that the 2nd largest city in Syria?

    2. My solution:

      1. Repeal the ACA
      2. Use the ICC as it was meant to be used, and prevent states from banning purchase of policies across state lines. If a New Yorker wants to buy a policy with Mississippi rules, they can.
      3. Treat employer supplied insurance as a taxable fringe benefit.

      That is a good start.

  25. “Let’s get a man who can make a plan work !”

    (no attribution necessary with this group)

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  27. I suppose we could just outlaw third-party payment for healthcare, and most of O-Care’s problems would be solved instantly. Unfortunately, as George Carlin said, we don’t have time for rational solutions.

  28. fix this!!!!!!

    ACA was an evil scam from day one……brought in before a Nation is brought to Socialism


  29. “Nobody with a replacement” includes the entire libertarian establishment. Suderman continues his own inept reporting with his praise of selling across states lines — not quite as stupid as Catos’ Medicare vouchers — both addressing the wrong market! Insurance is not healthcare, just as progressives confuse coverage with healthcare.

    Can we address automobile prices with more competition between Allstate and GEICO?

    Selling across state lines at least avoid the disaster of Medicare vouchers. The anti-gummint goobers see private insurance as “privatization.” But with all reimbursements still paid by the feds, the insurance competition adds …. a costly and needless middleman! Is this rocket science?

    Giving seniors skin in the game in the correct market, providers, would do 10 times as much as all the bureaucrats and think tanks (same thing!) combined.

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  31. No one has a plan to fix socialism? Not even central committee?

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  33. You can’t fix communism. It must be rooted out and stomped on with my big ass Red Wing boots.

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