Donald Trump

Donald Trump's Tape: Yep, He's Talking About Sexual Assault

The Republican presidential candidate's gross mistreatment of women is a manifestation of his anti-libertarianism.


Keiko Hiromi/Polaris/Newscom

The nation is reeling from the release of a recording that contains audio of Donald Trump making disgusting remarks about women while en route to an interview with Access Hollywood in 2005. This isn't just your garden variety Trump scandal: the GOP presidential nominee bragged about forcing himself on married women and even assaulting them.

"You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful [women]—I just start kissing them," Trump told Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, according to an audio tape leaked to The Washington Post on Friday. "It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything."

Emphasis mine, because, well, you can't do that. Grabbing an unsuspecting and unwilling person's genitals is a criminal act of sexual assault under any definition of sexual assault. Trump is evidently proud of the fact that he wielded his wealth and star power as a weapon to help him abuse women—to kiss and grope them without their permission. This is violence, full stop.

Some people might be tempted to write off Trump's comments to Bush as empty boasts. They would be utter fools to do so. The New York Times, in fact, has just run an interview with a woman who says she was given the Trump treatment by the reality TV star. This is not an isolated incident: there is ample evidence that Trump has physically harmed women. And he has now admitted on tape that he feels license to mistreat them.

To be absolutely clear: there is nothing ambiguous about Trump's stated (and demonstrated) approach to women: it's battery, at a minimum.

Trump would be a dangerous enough human being if he were just a regular celebrity with a penchant for groping women. As it so happens, he might also become the next leader of the free world—a position he is manifestly unqualified to hold.

Some months ago, I described Trump as the least libertarian Republican presidential candidate in decades—in no small part because he displays zero respect for people's lives, rights, and property. His treatment of women is only the most obviously disturbing manifestation of the philosophy of brutishness and authoritarianism that characterizes his entire worldview.

No man whose overriding ideology is that he gets to do whatever he wants—to whomever he wants—should be president.

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  1. “It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

    Carpe volva!

      1. That’s such an amazingly great scene.

        1. “But before she can even get her knickers on, I’ve seen everything.”

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    2. I only work about for 12k- $15k hours a week from home. Im using an online business opportunity I heard about and I’ve made such great money. Join the many successful people who have already started freelancing over the web. Visit this web and go to tech tab to start your work…

    3. Trump didn’t learn how to play the game…
      First you rape women using the State Police as your henchmen,
      Then you get your power crazed wife to destroy the lives of any of those women who dare complain.
      And, of course, never forget to stick your thumb in the air while muttering “I feel your pain”.

  2. The nation is reeling

    Is that the word to use?

    1. They’re really-ing in the amy poehler seth myers sense.

    2. Are you reelin’ in the years? / Stowin’ away the time? / Are you gatherin’ up the tears? / Have you had enough of mine?

      1. Crushed by a bull dyke’s vagina

    3. Yeah… no. Nobody is “reeling”. Anyone who claims to be is just socially signalling; people who already disliked him already assumed the worst about him and his supporters will say this is overblown. The same but opposite reaction people would have if this read “Bill Clinton” (though there are several specific allegations that Bill has behaved worse than this).

      This does, however, just add fuel to my retort to people who claim “he’s Mussolini” – no, he’s not, he’s another Italian politician – he’s our Berlusconi.

      1. he’s our Berlusconi.

        other people have pointed this out.

        In France or Italy, Trump’s boorish behavior would be considered “Normal”. Hell, by Bill Clinton standards, he’s normal.

        1. I don’t know if this was the Burlosconi comparison i was thinking of, but its the first one that popped up

          Berlusconi started out as a wealthy demagogue on the brink of bankruptcy, whose celebrity was ? like Trump’s ? rooted in both real estate and popular entertainment culture. Berlusconi presented himself as Italy’s strongman, speaking like a barman, selling demonstrably false promises of wealth and grandeur for all. He made the electorate laugh while stoking fears of communists and liberals stripping privileges and increasing taxes. Presaging Trump, the Italian media mogul cast himself as the only viable savior of a struggling nation: the political outsider promising to sweep in and clean up from the vanquished left and restore the country to its lost international stature. ….He once dismissed opponents as “too ugly to be taken seriously” and insulted a fellow European leader during a conversation with a newspaper editor, referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel as “an unf?able fat bitch.” (Il Giornale, Berlusconi’s own newspaper, characterized the allegation as “gossip.”) Berlusconi was known to advise U.S. businessmen to invest in Italy because they have “beautiful secretaries ? superb girls.”

          1. Yeah, I wasn’t thinking it was an original thought, just an obvious one for anyone who was at all familiar with Berlusconi and wasn’t a “he’s Hitler+Mussolini!” hysteric. The above is on the money.

            1. I like saying, “he reminds me of that Italian demagague…[pause] Berlusconi.” They assume I’m going in another direction until I get to the punch line.

              1. Yeah, but Trump would be a Berlusconi with nuclear weapons.

                1. Oh, sure – there’s a big read button in Oval Office & he might just smash it in a fit of pique. The US having nuclear weapons doesn’t change the comparison to Berlusconi in the slightest.

          2. referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel as “an unf?able fat bitch

            Well, he may be Mussolini-light, but when he’s right, he’s right.


        2. Exactly,
          Of all the reasons to despise Billy Clinton, his infidelitys rank far down the list.
          What the Donald said doesn’t magically make me all of a sudden willing to vote for that corrupt shrew.
          To his Mexican whores, L.B.J. was know as “el B.J.”
          This comes with the territory. Anybody that runs for ‘top bureaucrat’ is bound to be a power hungery statist whom needs to sow his oats as much as control his subjects. I respect ‘Slick Willie’ more for leaving Hill to Huma.
          If only there was a third choice.

    4. Well, in this case “reeling” translates to “put up it’s feet, cracked open a beer, and reached for the popcorn”.

  3. He’s done. Only question is can the R’s dump him?

    1. No he’s not. Are you that obsessed about getting Hillary elected as your Fuehrer?

      1. I never said what she has done is less bad, but the media will trumpet (heh) this while ignoring her misconduct (and the misconduct of the White House). You seem to believe it’s a fair game. He’s done.

        1. It’s time for Gary Johnson to grab this opportunity by the balls.

          1. *By the pussy

          2. By its Mother-effing leg!

          3. I am so triggered right now.

    2. I can see how his saying stupid things is far worse than her committing numerous crimes, perhaps even treason, not to mention Herself’s enabling of a predator and actively targeting the women involved.

      1. If you think that Clinton’s trumped-up “scandals” are real but Trump’s aren’t, then have I got an article for you!…..llary.html

        1. well, who could possibly argue with a house organ like The Daily Beast. Please ignore how people who left the White House broke are worth nine figures today.

          1. If reading isn’t your thing, then watch John Oliver explain the difference in scale between Hillary Clinton’s and Trump’s scandals:

            And as an aside because you mentioned it, the national debt went DOWN when Bill Clinton was in office. In fact, he was the last president who was able to balance the budget:

            1. An appeal to authority on this site using John Oliver just means you have no fucking idea where you are.

            2. you go from TDB to John Oliver and expect to be taken seriously? The debt has doubled under Obama; you know, Hillary’s former boss. The guy who called the Libya thing she championed a clusterfuck.

              1. My aside was only calling out that the national debt went down under the Clinton’s, not up as you claimed. That is all.

                As for Hillary Clinton’s scandals, sure she has made some terrible decisions. And, as a libertarian, I disagree with many of her policies, but criminal? Come on. She has been investigated over 20 times by very skilled investigators who wanted to take her down. If Clinton had done something criminal, at least one of these investigations would have found something. Instead we are left with lots of artificial smoke, and no fire.

                1. Nope.

                  09/30/2000 5,674,178,209,886.86
                  09/30/1999 5,656,270,901,615.43
                  09/30/1998 5,526,193,008,897.62
                  09/30/1997 5,413,146,011,397.34
                  09/30/1996 5,224,810,939,135.73
                  09/29/1995 4,973,982,900,709.39
                  09/30/1994 4,692,749,910,013.32
                  09/30/1993 4,411,488,883,139.38
                  09/30/1992 4,064,620,655,521.66
                  09/30/1991 3,665,303,351,697.03
                  09/28/1990 3,233,313,451,777.25

                  Measured just in dollar amounts, the debt went up every year under the Clinton administration. Measuring it as a percentage of GDP doesn’t actually mean the government owed less money one year than it did the year before.

                2. My aside was only calling out that the national debt went down under the Clinton’s, not up as you claimed. That is all.

                  Which is, of course, a total and complete lie. The gross federal debt increased every year during the Clinton administration, as a cursory examination of public treasury data clearly shows. Deficit != debt. And the deficit did not disappear on an accrual basis either.

            3. Clinton NEVER operated under a balanced budget, there was NEVER a surplus. Publicly held debt was reduced only by increasing intragovernmental debt. The last POTUS with a budget surplus was Eisenhower in FY1957.

            4. There is a difference between the national debt going down and the national debt going down as a percentage of GDP, which is what the linked chart shows. All that means is that the economy during that time period–remember the internet bubble?–was growing faster than the debt. It doesn’t mean the debt wasn’t growing.

            5. he was the last president who was able to balance the budget

              Nope. Bubba wanted to spend like a drunken sailor, but he was thwarted by a republican congress.


            6. Presidents don’t balance the budget, Congress does. And Congress under Clinton was … what do you know? … Republican!

              1. Note: This is not to ignore the fact that in the subsequent years under Bush and Obama, Republican Congresses spent like only slightly less drunken sailors than Democratic Congresses of the period.

              2. Note: This is not to ignore the fact that in the subsequent years under Bush and Obama, Republican Congresses spent like only slightly less drunken sailors than Democratic Congresses of the period.

        2. Oh noes! The Daily Beast! That bastion of balanced investigative journalism and integrity!

  4. Once again, Trump running his mouth is much more dangerous than Hillary’s overt criminal actions.

    1. It’s pretty fucking ridiculous. You have more emails being ignored, ones that basically show Hillary is lying her ass off when it comes to the trade agreements she now wants to disavow. You have a corporate media outlet coordinating segments of their ‘news’ with her campaign. You have Soros donating to her Super PAC and then basically telling her campaign what policies it wants.

      I saw an argument on here the other night where Agamemnon argued that calling Clinton treasonous was wrong. Well, based on the Constitution or some law, sure. Based on the standard definition most people operate by, she is a treasonous fucking cunt along with her husband.

      Trump is unfit to be president. Hillary should be in a jail cell. There’s a difference there.

      1. I’d wager that at least two third of US Presidrnts have failed the talking shit about broads . “fitness test”.

        1. Christ, the conversations of the Kennedy brothers alone would cause modern-day heads to explode across the land.

          1. “That’s right Bobby. The bitch from ‘Some Like it Hot'”

            1. “The bitch from Some Like it Hot? You did Tony Curtis?”

              1. Jack did ’em both. It was threesome.

          2. Imagine their reaction to Harding.

        2. Especially the gay presidents; Buchanan, Lincoln and the other one

          1. Nixon?

        3. Let’s assume it is true that 2/3rd of our presidents are sexist assholes? That doesn’t mean we should elect another one! This behavior should be unacceptable! And in this case it is even worse. Here we aren’t just talking about vulgarity, we are talking about Trump admitting to sexual assault!

          How anyone can defend him is beyond me.

          1. We certainly shouldn’t elect a woman who sought to hide her private dealings with foreign governments and businessmen from the American public while she held high office in the current administration.

          2. You sound like you might be bleeding out of your… whatever

          3. I’m not defending him.

            I’m saying that the mainstream alternative admitted in a private speech that she was well aware of hack attempts on State Dept. She still decided to conduct her State Dept. business on an unsecured server so she could hide her play for pay from FOI requests.

            She sold out the power of high office for personal gain while exposing our highest level secrets to our enemies to hide her corruption.

            You attempt to convince me that 10 year old locker room bragging is worse than her actions isn’t going to be successful.

            Nor will your claim to be a libertarian.

      2. BTW, a ‘libertarian’ ‘journalist’ getting his panties in a twist over decade old locker room talk by a presidential candidate nicely illustrates the ridiculous infantilization of American society.

        1. Maybe the libertarian journalist wants to see the authoritarian statist asshole lose this one.

          1. Wait, which one is the “authoritarian statist asshole” again?

          2. OH HI BUTTPLUG!!!

            Do me a solid and tell me how my stock is doing.

          3. One of them isn’t going to.

        2. A 50 year old man just admitted to sexual assaulting women, and you dismiss it as locker room talk????? Trump isn’t an adolescent high school student struggling with how to interact with humans in a respectful manner.

          I admit, I made a couple abhorrent jokes in high school while I was growing up, but I didn’t joke about sexual assault then, and I definitely wouldn’t as a 30 year old man.

            1. Are these people coming here for the first time getting the vapors over Trump just true believers or are they getting paid? It’s not like any significant portion of commentators here would vote D or R instead of abstaining or grabbing the Johnson. I’m not sure which is worse.

              1. One is buttplug, one is mary, and this one above is just some retard

              2. I don’t know if you are talking about me, but I’ve been reading Reason for 20 years ever since Richard Maybury’s “Whatever Happened to Penny Candy” sent me down the libertarian path.

                I live in a state where it doesn’t matter who I vote for president, so I am voting for Johnson. But if I lived in a swing state you better believe I would do everything in my power to keep Trump’s right wing authoritarian ways out of the white house.

                But either way it doesn’t matter, sexual assault is sexual assault no matter what politics you follow, and I have found it extremely disappointing as a watch Reason’s commenters slowly reveal themselves as more Trump followers than Libertarians 🙁

                1. But either way it doesn’t matter, sexual assault is sexual assault no matter what politics you follow

                  Juanita Broaddrick agrees.

                2. Your claim to be Libertarian while being more troubled by 10 year old words than treasonous behavior over that same time period troubles me.

                  You come across as a paid troll.

                  That or a Clinton true believer.

                  Do you work for the foundation ?

                3. The only sexual assault related to the presidential race has been committed by Bill Clinton.

              3. “Grabbing the Johnson” is sexual assault. You said it, you must have done it.

      3. I’m not saying Hillary isn’t a criminal, but the definition of treason that counts is the one in the constitution.

        1. Facilitating arms sales to countries that encourage terrorism against Americans for personal profit isn’t giving aid and comfort to our enemies?

          1. That depends. Were the arms “given”, or sold?

            Serious question.


      1. Please, tell us more about how Clinton will usher in a new age of liberty and freedom.

        1. PB doesn’t want that. He wants a new Soviet Union right here in the US. Soulless unclean things like him bitterly jerk themselves and their buddies off while fantasizing about it.

    3. This is bullshit. Trump never had the opportunity to do commit the crimes that Hillary did, so it’s hard to credit him for not committing them.

      Every indication from his life is that he’s a narcissistic immoral scumbag, so given the chance he probably would.

      1. “Probably would” is not the same as did and would do so again. Trump has had the means if not the opportunity to do a lot of things, but words are all that’s been shown.

      2. Hey, listen to the PHD all caps!!! Authority!!!

        Hillary is paying these people for this shit????

        1. Please call her ‘Doctor Sarah Jackson’. Because when people ask “is there a doctor in the house?” they mean Doctors of Education too.

          1. Wasn’t there a Sarah Jackson story a couple days ago – there’s a Sarah Jackson who was some kind of lingerie model.

            1. She’s a porn aficionado. Er, actress. I always get the two confused.

              1. So I think this new commenter is riffing on that, I don’t think their real name is Sarah Jackson. They may not even have a PhD.


                  1. STOP USING ALL CAPS, I’M SENSITIVE.

                    1. I haven’t felt this aggressed against in some time.

          2. If you’re nasty.

        2. Probably. Which, as the “PHD” just told us, is good enough.

        3. PHD is an excellent pizza chain in Hong Kong, at least by Hong Kong standards.

      3. Hey Doc.

        Since you’re already here, could I get a script for some sinus relief ?

        I’m allergic to bullshit.

  5. No, he isn’t talking about sexual assault. Or else just about every guy who has ever gone for it with a broad is guilty of sexual assault and we are basically talking about having to ask before you make a move.

    1. Did you watch the same video that the rest of us did? He bragged about grabbing women without their consent, and that he can get away with the assault because he is a celebrity.

      If you are doing this to women in your life then stop, stop now! Please god, rethink your life and stop assaulting women!

      1. He said women LET HIM do it because he’s a celebrity. He talked about just going for it. No, no amount of twisting this is going to make this sinister to the average human being who has had actual interactions with the opposite sex.

        I went for a kiss without consent! Lock me up!

        1. Not suing Trump afterwards for sexual assault because he is a wealthy celebrity, is not the same as wanting Trump to grab their pussy.

          Have you asked a woman if they would be excited if a dude grabbed their pussy in a bar?

          Would you be excited if a woman kicked you in the dick and then claimed that you didn’t stop them so you must have wanted it?

          1. Yeah, you’re not getting anywhere with any of that.

          2. I have had women grope me in a club and feel me up pretty god damn randomly. One who outright grabbed my dick. I have seen guys who did not have Trump’s fame or bank account go up and just start making out with women in the same sort of environment. I’ve seen them grope. Sometimes, the reaction is horrible and they get slapped. Rightfully so. Other times, the women go right along.

            You know, because that’s just reality where sexual encounters are pretty god damn murky areas. If Trump is going up to random women in the work place and grabbing their vaginas, that’s obviously sexual assault. If Trump is at a party and makes a move on some dopey model who knows exactly why she’s there, or is alone with some broad he’s trying to nail (who is probably well aware of his intentions), that’s a far different thing.

            So, again, this is reality.

            1. This is reality:

              Harth and her longtime boyfriend were in meetings with Trump to forge a business partnership. “He was relentless,” Harth recalled in an interview, describing how on Dec. 12, 1992, he took the couple to dinner and a club ? and then situated himself beside Harth and ran his hands up her skirt, to her crotch. “I didn’t know how to handle it. I would go away from him and say I have to go to the restroom. It was the escape route.”


            2. This is reality:

              Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein knew I was 13 years old.

              Defendant Trump had sexual contact with me at four different parties in the summer of 1994. On the fourth and final sexual encounter with Defendant Trump, Defendant Trump tied me to a bed, exposed himself to me, and then proceeded to forcibly rape me. During the course of this savage sexual attack, I loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to stop but he did not. Defendant Trump responded to my pleas by violently striking me in the face with his open hand and screaming that he would do whatever he wanted,


              1. You really want to bring Bills good pal Epstein into this???

                1. What the fuck does Bill have to do with this! If Bill did the same thing that Trump did then he should also be put in jail.

                  1. If Bill did the same thing that Trump did then he should also be put in jail.

                    And if OJ killed Nicole Brown, he should be in jail too.

                  2. Did you seriously just say that? About the same Bill Clinton that made 22 FUCKING TRIPS TO PEDO ISLAND with the same Epstein? The same Bill Clinton who IS accused of MULTIPLE violent rapes over a near 50 year period?

              2. Is that the same girl that Glenn Beck raped and murdered?

          3. Have you asked a woman if they would be excited if a dude grabbed their pussy in a bar?

            This is actually my standard opening line.

      2. Hi Hillary campaign! Nobody DID anything. Well, expect for the Bill Clinton rapes… Care to continue?

      3. Ult, don’t be some oversensitive little pussy beta male.

    2. Remember this is the outrage of people who see heterosexuality as rape.

    3. Remember this is the outrage of people who see heterosexuality as rape.

  6. Emphasis mine, because, well, you can’t do that. Grabbing an unsuspecting and unwilling person’s genitals is a criminal act of sexual assault under any definition of sexual assault.

    What if it’s just a prank? Teehee.

    1. What if you…. Fuck her right in the pussy?

      If you don’t get the reference, you suck.

      1. Succcaneer.

      2. …did someone say crab legs?

  7. So he was talking shit. So what? I don’t see anyone pressing charges.

    1. The gall of the left or a cosmo like Robby calling this sexual assault when half a dozen women have accused Bill of actual honest to god rape or real sexual assault where they had to fight him off is astounding. And that’s before we even get into his 22 trips on the Lolita Express.

      When women come forward talking about having to beat Trump away as he bites their lip, I’ll be concerned. What the fuck are these people even talking about right now?

      1. Yeah, how can it be sexual assault when Bill has done so much worse?

        1. Then make a case for how it constitutes sexual assault. Because even if I take what Trump is saying as 100% literal, it’s not sexual assault unless you are employing a ridiculous affirmative consent standard.

          1. There is a lot of room between ridiculous affirmative consent standards and just kissing or groping people because you think you can get away with it.

            If he did what he described, he could have appropriately been charged with assault. If none of the subjects of his attention saw fit to press charges, that’s their business. But let’s not pretend that it isn’t deeply into some gray area, at the very least.

            I’m not saying that this means everyone has to vote for Hillary now. She’s still the worst. But Trump is an obnoxious fucking creep and it’s silly to pretend that’s not real.

            1. But Trump is an obnoxious fucking creep and it’s silly to pretend that’s not real.

              Which makes him no different from pretty much any other politician we normally bitch about. Bill Clinton’s rapes and Hillary Clinton’s treason and corruption (which has apparently spread to the FBI) make her worse than any other politician to me.

          2. What the actual fuck does Bill Clinton have to do with any of this? Hell. What the hell does Hillary have to do with it? It’s not like anyone here is actually considering voting for her.

            1. The point being, one crime doesn’t excuse another.

        2. MJ… I agree with you on almost everything.

          But…. How can you sexually assault someone with words, when they aren’t even present?

          1. It’s the kissing and snatch-grabbing that’s assault (or abuse or battery or whatever). I haven’t seen anyone say that his private conversation constituted any sort of crime. That’d be gosh-darn silly.

            1. Oh fuck. This is going to turn into a snatch-grabbing meme.

              1. It’s groin grabbingly delicious.


                You make me sick when you speak, Morris.

              3. I’m glad I changed it from pussy-grabbing at the last second.

                GOTTA KEEP IT LIGHT

              4. Snatch Grabbers!

      2. Trumps a big meanie. Which means he can’t be president. Because in the land of the wimps and home of the pussified, only a niche can be president. Even if they’re a corrupt criminal and textbook fascist.

      3. Trumps a big meanie. Which means he can’t be president. Because in the land of the wimps and home of the pussified, only a niche can be president. Even if they’re a corrupt criminal and textbook fascist.

        1. How mean are the squirrels?

    2. Nobody’s pressing charges against Hillary for the email server either. Does that mean we have to shut up about that too?

      1. I doubt anyone would mind if you did.

      2. The Trump tape is ten years old. The Hillary thing is a bit more recent. And there was a lawsuit involving Bill in the Paula Jones case. Big payout, too.

      3. Oh hi. Playa Manhattan, PHD MD ESQ DDS MA Fine Arts here.

        Are you familiar with the law? I am. If somebody steals from me, I can press charges. If Hillary steals from the country, only a partisan political appointee can press charges.

        Understand now, sweetie?

        1. “DDS”

          speaking of which, what’s the verdict on chipped teeth? aside from stains, is there any risk of structural damage, or can i just let them slide for a while?

          1. Seriously, no. The structure of the tooth is on the outside, just like the World Trade… uh.. never mind.

            You don’t have structural damage now, but you will. If you want to wait on it, at least get MI Plus paste. It’s calcium based, and will resurface your tooth. Your teeth enamel is actually a mineral called “appetite” (for whatever reason, probably stupid), and you can rebuild it with calcium or fluoride, as long as there isn’t too much damage.

            MI Plus paste 3x daily, or you’re looking at a 5 figure dental bill down the road.

            1. Jet fuel can’t melt enamel!!!!

            2. Not appetite, apatite.

    3. Uh, you not been paying attention then:…..02962.html

      1. No one is pressing charges in that story either.

        Maybe you need to pay attention.

        1. There is literal a court case filed against Trump for raping a 13 year old. He is appearing to testify this October. Or do you mean something else by pressing charges then a court case being filed against him?

          There are tons of more sources, here’s snopes for example:…..ald-trump/

          1. A literal court case? Holy shit!

            And it’s not “pressing charges”. It’s a civil suit.

            And the alleged rapist (I don’t actually need to say alleged because he accepted a ridiculously generous plea deal from the DOJ) was Epstein. Where do I know that name? Hmmm

            Stop fucking lying.

            1. Thank you Playa, that is, exactly what I meant

              It is a civil case. No charges were filed.

              You are lying.

            2. Ultimateway is the epitome of hypocrisy. Comparing Trump and Blii Clinton on rape is like comparing bank robber DB Cooper and some guy who picked up a $20 bill on the street and did;t turn it in to the police.

      2. No, I have not been paying attention to morningnewswhateverthefuck.

        I hope you’re getting at least minimum wage for this bullshit. Although, it’s not your fault. You don’t have much to work with.

        1. Okay, then pay attention to snopes then:…..ald-trump/

          1. I did. It said that the lawsuit has been refiled for THE THIRD TIME.

            And it involves Jeffrey Epstein. Hmmm…. where have I heard that name before? He owns some kind of airline called the lolita express, right? And…

            Well fuck it, you get it. Or do you.


            1. I think it is the Epstein that brought both Trump and Bill Clinton on his planes to St Tomas. Right? Is that what you are going after? How it is a defense of Trump to say that Bill Clinton also did the same shit? Then they would both be shit! The type of shit that should be in jail!

              1. “The plaintiff’s reported address in Twentynine Palms was a one-bedroom, one-bath home belonging to 72-year-old David Stacey, who had died on Oct. 9, and public records show no evidence of a Katie Johnson living at the property”

                Sounds legit, bro.


                “Taylor has coincidentally been the subject of Epstein-related news before. In 2011, Taylor, at first freelance producing for The Jerry Springer Show”

                Uh wut?

                Listen asshole, most of us here are smarter than you and Hillary Clinton, and we’re voting for Johnson. Go back, tell your boss you fucked up, and leave. If you don’t, I’m voting for Trump. Seriously.

                1. I think you are mistaken. I’m voting for Johnson too. What I don’t understand is why you see the need to defend Trump? Can’t we agree that Trump is a shitty person who shouldn’t be president, and that sexual assault is bad and people who do it should be prosecuted?

                  And then go vote for Johnson together?

                  1. Why are you lying about the Civil case, and charges being filed?

                2. Why does one of them have Orange text and the other doesn’t?

                  1. Because it’s easier to google, and he fucked up. We had a troll who made the same mistake earlier.

                3. Dayam man. There is nothing that could make me vote for Trump, or anyone still calling themselves a Republican.

                  Write yourself in if you have to.

  8. Holy fuck, Reason.

    SIV is right.

      1. I would just like to say that I jumped on SIV’s bandwagon before the rest of you. 🙂

  9. “It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”


    Grabbing an unsuspecting and unwilling person’s genitals is a criminal act of sexual assault under any definition of sexual assault.

    These poor unsuspecting women…that LET YOU DO IT. Isn’t that a contradiction? Why do you assume they’re unsuspecting if he says they let him do it? And why hasn’t a single woman claimed they were unsuspectingly and unwillingly groped?

    You’re omitting an extremely pertinent part of his statement. Then you’re condemning him for something that exists in your mind rather than in his statement.

    1. This is not shaping up to be a good night for a lot of you.

      1. Who, those of us who take a statement in its entirety before having a retarded knee jerk (and completely erroneous) reaction?

        1. “They let you do it” = consent is the sensible reaction?

          OK then.

          1. Letting someone do something is pretty much the textbook definition of consent.

            Or maybe I’m just old fashioned in that if I don’t consent to something, I’m not going to allow it to happen without fighting to maintain my personal liberty.

              1. Actually, the married woman Trump was trying to sleep with in his story said no, and Trump didn’t sleep with her.

                So yeah…nothing in Trump’s comments shows he sexually assaulted anyone.

            1. When did you read your textbooks on consent? The 1950s? When they thought you couldn’t rape your wife because she’s your property? You need to update your textbooks, now-a-days real people make sure the person they want to have sex with wants to have sex with them too.

              1. Or… they don’t let you do it?

                1. He “doesn’t even wait.” I hate to repeat what one of the trolls said above, but the way Trump tells it, he goes in and does what he wants, and the woman “lets him do it” because she doesn’t protest. Understanding that they don’t complain because he’s “a star” suggests he knows they would complain if he were just an orange schlub, and that he’s getting away with something. Perhaps because they’re so in awe of his stardom and consider it a privilege, or perhaps because they know that protesting against a powerful man can be dangerous.

                  Is this really so hard? You’re able to read “They let you do it. You can do anything.” in any charitable way?

                  Of course, this could all be the sophomoric boasting of a deeply insecure man trying to impress alpha Billy Bush. I don’t think it’s difficult to believe he’s done this kind of shit to young women just trying to make a career or get their business deal finalized.

                  1. …alpha Billy Bush…


              2. I will join you in subscribing to this new notion of consent if you agree that if you have ever had sex (or touched for that matter since we’re not talking about actual sex in this example) with:

                1. anyone who didn’t explicitly instruct you to do so beforehand;
                2. anyone who had any alcohol whatsoever in the two days prior to your contact; and
                3. anyone who might have any material or emotional interest at all in refraining from objecting to your action)

                …that means we can treat you as a rapist.


                1. I think you are confused about sexual consent. It really isn’t that hard, you navigate the world of consent when everything else you do with humans. It is exactly the same with sexual consent. You don’t smash cake down someone’s throat without making sure that they want it first, treat your dick the same and you’re golden.

                  Like, if you understand why stealing money is criminal, then you should also understand why stealing sex is also criminal:

                  If you are still confused:

                  1. Have you or have you not ever had sexual contact of any kind with a person on any drug or who was legally drunk?

                    Answer the fucking question.

                    “Oh, yeah, but they really wanted to.”

                    Nope, sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Using the definitions provided at your site, impairment utterly invalidates apparent consent.

                    Do you think anyone ever had sex with you because they thought you might break up with them or not pursue a relationship with them if you didn’t?

                    If so, FUCK YOU RAPIST SWINE. The affirmative consent standard means that if your partner is considering any other factor but their enthusiastic desire for sex while making their decision, they didn’t really consent and you are a rapist.

                    I don’t even know why I’m bothering to talk to a rapist like you anyway. You fucking rapist fuck.

    2. I’m guessing the hot sluts who were hanging around Trump were very suspecting, and even hopeful to get their pussies grabbed by him. As famous billionaires tend to be popular with hot gold digging sluts.

  10. “THEY LET YOU DO IT!!!!!”

    Can’t you fucking read, Rico? Can’t you fucking read?

    1. You’re not doing it right. You have to ignore the parts of what he says that mitigate the bad parts, which are to be taken 100% literally.

      1. And apparently you ha w to read things into his statement that are completely absent from it at the same time.

        This is as irresponsible as journalism can get. It’s akin to the Rolling Stone fabrication Robby was good enough to shred to ribbons. Yet here he is…omitting an extremely important part of the quote and expanding portions of it that simply do not exist inoorder to hump on the bandwagon of moral outrage that’s all the rage in leftist circles today.

        1. the Rolling Stone fabrication Robby was good enough to notice that someone else had shred it to ribbons, and publicly suggest that they actually might have a point


          Seriously, credit where credit is due. people in the comments were more skeptical than robby in the early reports about the thing

          1. My bad. I thought Robby did that on his own.

            1. Oh god no…Robby operates from a default position of believing the rape stories before the evidence comes in. He very much believed Rolling Stone’s story when it came out.

    2. They let him do it according to him. Could it perhaps be that they let him do it because they are concerned about keeping their job or getting smeared in public by Trump?

      I don’t know why so many people are making excuses for him. If no one saw fit to press charges, that’s their business. But if he did what he said he did, they very well could have.

      Robby’s overdoing it, and it probably should have little bearing on anyone’s views about the election. But “Bill clinton did it” and noting that these women didn’t make a scene in public is weak tea.

      1. Could it perhaps be that they let him do it because they are concerned about keeping their job or getting smeared in public by Trump?

        Change that to Monica the intern and Bill Clinton using her as his personal humidor and cum-dumpster… Remind me again how many Dems voted to impeach Bill.

        1. So what? What difference doe it make what Democrats did in 1998?

  11. Calm down Robbie! He woke them up and asked them first.

  12. While treating a woman the way Trump is talking about is of course monstrous, talking about it is in and of itself not. The main way to defend this conversation is that it was a joke, which could certainly seem plausible under the right circumstances. (I make it a point to not associate or even leave identifying information with folks who seriously declare that they go around grabbing women by the pussy, but I certainly do not make it a habit of avoiding those who make offensive jokes.)
    The interesting point, of course, is how severely this will hurt Trump. I can see evangelicals, especially evangelical women, thinking twice about their much-ballyhooed recent warming to him. Having something caught on tape, or camera, is a very different thing psychologically in terms of how you view a person viscerally than even hearing a story that you find credible. And this is even worse than any of the previous stuff, and is certainly getting more attention. For the first time this year, I’m starting to worry about downstate races.

    1. Why in the fuck would you want to defend the fascist canker sore Donald Trump.

      Just vote Gary Johnson.

      1. I am not particularly concerned with the issue of who I vote for personally, since it does not matter. And I am not defending him; I am hypothesizing about how those who are interested might do so. What is wrong with everyone?

        1. No need to pay attention to Shriek…

          1. Is Shreek groping your mom? She lets him do it!!

      2. Unless you were planning on voting for Clinton which case voting for Johnson is voting for Trump, right buttolug?

    2. There’s nothing “monstrous” about what Trump said. If it is, you better lock up most of the male population and put us all in one big camp.

      The worst thing about this is that Trump is talking about going after a married woman. But even that isn’t really atypical and it’s kind of hard to make the claim that it matters much in an election against Hillary and Bill.

  13. Good gugu mugou, can the election get here and be over already?

  14. No man whose overriding ideology is that he gets to do whatever he wants?to whomever he wants?should be president.

    So Vote Hillary and Bill…Um…

    1. So Vote Hillary and Bill…

      Did I miss the part where Robby said that?

      1. Winston is a TEAM RED! asshole parking his partisanship here.

      2. Going on a high horse about Trump’s treatment of women with Bill Clinton’s wife in the race?

        1. He is a journalist. He lives on a “high horse”; that is his job. This article is about Trump, not Hillary. Is he not allowed to write an article on Trump? He doesn’t view himself as having some sort of duty to influence the public, therefore a need to artificially “balance” every article individually; he just calls them as he sees them. And in any way that does not answer my question. Robby did not here, nor has he ever to my knowledge, suggested that viewers vote for Hillary Clinton. And again, he views himself as someone reporting on the candidates, not as someone measuring the effects of his reporting on his viewers, so if you are about to say, well, if you criticize Trump but don’t talk about Hillary you are “encouraging” people to vote for her. Fuck that shit, he would no doubt say.

          1. There’s a pretty obvious tilt toward Hillary at Reason. The anti-Trump stuff is very harsh and ignores Hillary while the anti-Hillary stuff is a lot milder and bashes Trump at the same time. Trump’s DNC speech had several articles on how terrible he was yet there were crickets on Hillary’s DNC speech for example…

            1. I would be perfectly happy to subject all the morons who support Hillary to her tyranny if it did not effect my life. As it does, there is no way she can become president. She must lose, no matter what.

              1. ^^^T H I S

              2. What are you going to do when Trump inevitably loses, then?

                I mean seriously. On what planet do you guys live where he has any chance?

  15. Why, on a goddamn (supposedly) libertarian site, are people defending this fascist douchebag Trump?

    Oh, I forget, the Peanut commentariate is TEAM RED! all the way…..

    1. Sorry, too soon

      So did this guy ever pay off his bet?

      1. No. Claimed he mailed a “money order” to Welch. Still MIA. You’d think a big baller like Buttplug would have cash on hand.

        BTW, how’s my stock doing, playboy?

    2. Fuck off. The clear choice for libertarians is {guffaw}, excuse me, Donald Trump.

      1. {guffaw}

        Mind you don’t choke on your own tongue, there, AmSock.

        1. That’s not his tongue, it’s Hildog’s dick.

          1. Hildog and Bubba are spitroasting him.

    3. Because some of us have integrity, unlike you. And honesty sort of matters. Principles rather than principals sort of thing, you cunt.


      1. And lie about paying off bets.

  16. Trump is sleazy and disgusting but I don’t think he was confessing to any actual crimes here. I think he was just bullshitting about some married broad he wanted to screw.

    That said, what the fuck were Republicans expecting? Anyone at all familiar with Trump would have known that something like this would come out before the election.

    My biggest hope is that the more Trump implodes the more Republicans abandon him and endorse Johnson. The governor of Utah officially un-endorsed Trump over this and I’m betting more will follow.

    1. My own biggest hope is that this will finally snap downballot Republicans out of their dithering, and give them the balls to finally campaign on, “Hillary is going to win. The fate of our country depends on those standing in her way. Send me to Washington.”

      1. “Hillary is going to win. The fate of our country depends on those standing in her way. Send me to Washington.”


        1. Uh-huh.

          Well, can’t argue with that.

          1. I don’t know but “Yes the Republicans suck and can’t win but vote for us to stop the bad Hillary whom we can’t stop in order to stop her” is not the most convincing campaign slogan.

            1. Not being able to “stop her” from being elected, and being able to hamper her agenda from your control of the other elected offices, are two completely different things. Not unrelated, given the “party in disarray” narrative that has followed their presidential nomination shitshow, but certainly not one and the same thing; the Republicans have functioned perfectly fine electorally as a “permanent opposition” for the past six years. You have played a word game in order to make the strategy appear nonsensical when it is not.

              1. What in the f have McConnell and Ryan been doing in DC while Obama’s been in office?


    2. That’s what makes “reeling” so funny. A lot of people may be disgusted by this, but surprised? No one should be shocked that Trump talks like this.

      1. Water wet, sky blue, Trump boastful boor.

        In other news, Posesta criminal…

        1. And Hillary still guilty of treason. But Trump is a big meanie who engages in locker room talk.

          1. Seriously, a politician who commits treason again her own government (which is, of course, the only entity it is possible to commit treason against) sounds like a fucking great idea.

            It’s not like government matters, and so it’s not like that would hurt anybody who mattered. It would be great comedy, however.

    3. I kinda hope it opens the door for more state and local Libertarians.

      Fuck, I’d be happy if it meant we’d get a couple libertarian leaning Republicans like Massie, Amash and Paul.

  17. I admit it. I can’t tell if soave is trolling us or not.

    1. What else could he be doing?

      Clickbait trolling is what he does. It’s how you get paid in his business.

    2. He’s too stupid for that.

  18. Butbutbut… Juanita Broaderick. What exactly could Trump do that would get the garden variety right-winger here at reason.comto not vote for him? Murder someone on live TV?

    1. Tell you what, if you can come up with some come scandal about Donald or Ivanka that can’t also be said about Bill or Hillary, then we can talk.

      1. Or, better yet, a sex scandal that hasn’t already been exceeded by the Clintons (both in quantity and quality).

      2. An Ivana sex scandal? Tell me more! Is there video?

    2. Vaguely support extending anti-discrimination protections?

    3. What exactly could Trump do that would get the garden variety right-winger here at reason.comto not vote for him? Murder someone on live TV?

      A reminder to all viewers that amsoc has vocally supported the enslavement and massacre of his political opponents and Muslims. Please remember this every time this moron tries to claim some kind of moral supremacy.

      1. “Moral indignation is the standard strategy for endowing the idiot with dignity.”
        -Marshall McLuhan

    4. Eh, depends on who he murders.

  19. The nation is reeling

    uh… what?

    1. Yeah, that’s fuel for the “Robby is trolling us” argument. Because, otherwise, I just dunno what to do with Robby at this point. Robby: nobody is “reeling” over this, nobody’s even shocked.

      1. If he’s trolling, then he’s “belittling violence against women”

        If he’s dead serious, then he’s completely retarded

        1. Reason become Feministing so gradually that I only recently noticed.

          1. We’re like a frog in a pot full of boiling menstrual fluid.

            1. eww…. You used to be a chef. You know what that does.

              1. Adds a lovely nickle-y tang to the frog, along with a lovely side of menstrual blood cakes?

                (BRB, vomiting)

    2. Be fair to Robby, he lives in DC and doesn’t know a single person that isn’t reeling from this news.

      1. Or pretending to reel from this news.

        1. Ding! Ding! Ding! Social signalling for the win. Fainting couches all around!

      2. Er, no – DC lefty douchebags & cosmos will just have their biases confirmed, they won’t reel. You’d have to be some sort of Trump supporter for this to make you reel.

    3. I am imagining monocles popping out and women in corsets fainting.

    4. It’s called dry sarcasm.

  20. Tweet of the day (from conservative Wall St Journal columnist Bret Stephens)

    Needs to be said that Mike Pence is more despicable than his running mate, since he puts a stamp of moral legitimacy on this. #Resign.

    1. Please stop lying and telling people you paid your bet.

      And just pay your bet.

      1. PB will pay his bet around the same time AmSoc pays his mortgage. Progtards are all fucking worthless deadbeats.

  21. Guy on CNN is saying that there is laundry list of comments like this, which is true, so why is this one expected to kill him? Because it’s on video?

    1. Well, a shit ton of his other comments were over the radio, so…

  22. I was talking to my mom earlier about that, she’s a nice Southern Baptist lady, and her position was basically, “Meh, I thought you guys talked that way all the time when women weren’t around.”

    I remember a few years back reading an article about a lawyer who specialized in defending obscenity charges. He was on retainer for companies like Vivid and Hustler. And what usually happened was some prosecutor would try to press obscenity charges for some free press. So the prosecutors would try to stack the juries with little old ladies, and the porn lawyer tried to keep all the young men out of the jury.

    His attitude was basically that a room full of little old ladies watching lesbian double anal fisting would just go, “Wow, that looks really uncomfortable. But we’ve all done things we’re uncomfortable with admitting. So, Not Guilty.”

  23. Yeah, everybody knows nonaggression doesn’t apply to broads. And besides, Bill Clinton, so because the people we don’t like c are hypocrites we can be too! Team Red yeeaarrggghh!

    1. Who the fuck are you?

  24. Robby, you fucking worthless douchebag, I’ll accept this from you on one condition:

    If you promise us that if you have ever:

    1. Bragged about getting laid; or

    2. Tried to come on to a married woman you thought was hot; or

    3. Pointed out a hot girl’s ass or laughed and taken a look when someone else did

    …that’s it’s OK for us to come to your house and feed you into a fucking wood chipper.

    Unless you’re a queen or something. In that case, no deal.

    I say this as a Johnson voter, by the way. Already voted early. But I’m just so sick of cucks like Robby. Fire this fuckwad and hire Milo in his place, please.

    It’s cunts like this that have gradually backed us into the position we’re in. You’re doing a capital job bringing about the libertarian society, loser. The way you gnash your teeth and cry crocodile tears on demand whenever your diversity trainers clap their hands is really carving out a new world for freedom, dude.

    You fuck goats, Robby. There’s probably no woman in the world who says as many positive things about you as Ivana Trump says about her fucking ex-husband. That’s what we’re talking about – how bad can a guy be when his ex-wife from two fucking wives ago says nice things about him? But he says bad words, and Robby’s millennial fake libertarian girlfriends will frown at him if he doesn’t denounce those bad words, so he’s got to cuck his way up and down the street. Loser.

    1. Isn’t Robby a flaming homo? NTTAWWT

      1. I can never remember. Sometimes I hear his name and think, “Didn’t I hear somewhere that he’s fucking Elizabeth Nolan Brown?” But then the next minute I think, “Oh wait, maybe he’s a twink. Fuck, why is my memory getting so bad?”

        But then I just say What difference, at this point, does it make?

        1. Robby is married to a nice young lady who works for the Department of the Interior.

          1. So definitely gay then?

          2. Can’t tell if serious. Reason editors sexual orientation isn’t something I really care about. I know bad yokeltarian…

          3. That doesn’t really exclude either of my possibilities, though.

            1. I’m going to go with your assertion that he fucks goats. Sounds reasonable where Robby is concerned.

    2. Fluffy,
      Nice to hear from you. It’s great to know you’re still around.

    3. Good stuff, Fluffy. Good indeed.

      *note to self, don’t piss of Fluffy*

  25. I imagine reason will have something up about this tomorrow, but the first WikiLeaks doc dump is live. 2,000 of 50,000 emails released. Some pretty interesting stuff discovered so far, most of which seems to be coordination between the Clinton campaign and various media outlets, as well as potentially illegal communication between the campaign and David Brock’s Media Matters. Also a lot of her paid-speech transcripts.

    In a sane, just world, all of this shit on top of Clinton’s blatant criminality would see her ousted from the race with torches and pitchforks. But of course, this is a damned clownshow of an election season, so it’ll probably get disappeared from the media while everyone hyperventilates about Trump’s latest sleaze.

    *uncorks bottle of scotch*

    1. I’m going with rye.

        1. Cusano Rojos!

    2. the first WikiLeaks doc dump is live.

      Friday @ midnight?

      they aren’t really the brightest lot, are they

      1. Or maybe they’re not as ‘anti-Hillary’ as they claim to be.

  26. Yeah…no one supporting Trump at this point is shocked by this. Just like any new story about Hillary lying or being corrupt will shock them. People voting for Turd Sammich or Giant Douche are doing it eyes wide open at this point. This story will have about as much of an effect on this election as all the previous stories about Trump acting like a boorish dick did. And seriously, Soave, get your T levels checked. Your acting like such a pussy that Trump might be willing to grab you.

    1. And seriously, Soave, get your T levels checked. Your acting like such a pussy that Trump might be willing to grab you.

      Ha ha, burrrn. Banjos from the top ropes!

      1. Maybe Trump can finally make that little girl Robby Soave into a real woman.

    2. Trump has had so many chances to put this election away and he’s basically done the opposite of making that happen.

      This won’t hurt him among his devotees but it will send a lot of Republicans candidates running for cover and do nothing to stop the trend of him losing swing voters and women.

      1. This will be forgotten in week. Just like the beauty pageant story, the tax release story, and all the other stories were quickly forgotten but were suppose to have buried him atthe time. The average voter doesn’t give a shit and had their minds made up months ago. Any new story outside of a candidate dying will have no effect on this election at this point.

        1. Disagree. Some voters who might have been warming to the new, presidential Trump could be turned away. The Donkeys will keep up that drumbeat to keep the momentum against Trump.

          That’s the story Robby should have written. But xe’s not capable.

      2. There were rumors (or confirmed reports now? this is swallowing up all discussion) earlier today that his campaign is canceling a bunch of ads in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. I don’t actually think he’s trying to throw the election, but it’s hard to imagine what he’d do differently.

        1. There were rumors (or confirmed reports now? this is swallowing up all discussion) earlier today that his campaign is canceling a bunch of ads in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio

          I heard he was driving through those states in pickup truck, dragging little black babies by a chain, and throwing molotov cocktails at churches.

          i mean, when not raping people.

          1. WE’LL JUST HAVE TO SEE, WON’T WE?

          2. Just renounce your TEAM RED! ways, Gilmore, and vote for Gary Johnson.

            No use wasting your life as a fucking deplorable Bitter Clinger riding the SSDI train every week.

            1. Oh my god, you actually used the word “deplorable”. And “bitter clinger”.

              You are sooo voting for Clinton.

          3. I laughed.

        2. From what I gathered, the stories were over blown and he just changed strategies as to where he was going to air the ads.

          1. Curious how we aren’t getting any screeching about the corrupting influence of money in politics when Hillary is outspending the Republican by historic margins this time around.

            1. It’s worse than that considering how the vast majority of her money came from rich elites while Trump’s came from small donars. This election is about how the dumb poor, uneducated rubes are being duped into voting for Hitler while our smart, educated betters are working hard to protect the country from Hitler.

              1. This election is about how the dumb poor, uneducated rubes are being duped into voting for Hitler while our smart, educated betters are working hard to protect the country from Hitler.

                So Banana Republic/Weimar Germany territory…

                1. Whoever is president will be the one dealing with the next pending financial collapse. I have full faith that both will put forth a massive and economy destroying New Deal like package in order to make a name for themselves.

                  At least with Trump, the Supreme Court will be somewhat safe.

                  1. At least with Trump, the Supreme Court will be somewhat safe.

                    Talk about damning with faint praise…

            2. Reminds me of this Tito quote:


              The new law allowed individual candidacies in elections to the National Assembly, replacing the previous closed list system, although the closed list system remained in place for the Council of Nationalities.[1] Candidates required the signatures of 100 registered voters in order to be able to run for office.[1] However, opposition parties were not tolerated by the ruling People’s Front.[1] However, no opposition candidates were allowed to stand, with only a single People’s Front candidate standing in each constituency.[4] Prime Minister Josip Broz Tito claimed that any alternative programme would be hostile to socialism, and “this, naturally, we cannot allow”.[4]

              As there were no opposition candidates, voters had the choice of voting for the People’s Front or casting a negative vote.[4] Voting was carried out using rubber balls, with voters having to place their hands in both ballot boxes to ensure secrecy.[2]

              1. Commies – they get you by the balls.

        3. Trump doesn’t really have to run ads.

          Have you seen Hillary’s ads?

          Every Hillary ad run produces at least one more Trump voter.

          1. Again, disagree. Hillary’s ads are targeted at the 10% undecided or wavering voters for whom touting her love of children and Trumps boorishness are factors. I’m sure the ads are poll tested. We see them differently b/c we are familiar with her strategy.

            1. You know who else is reputed to have loved children?

              1. Jesus?

              2. NAMBLA?

    3. no one supporting Trump at this point is shocked by this

      why would anyone “opposing” trump be shocked either?

      It seems about as “shocking” as Hillary’s “Maybe i suggested drone-assassinating Julian Assange, Maybe I didn’t?!? Who cares” – moment this week.

      No one will give a shit at all. Well, except a few bloggers ^^

    4. Yeah…no one supporting Trump at this point is shocked by this.

      Which says something about the people who support Trump…

      1. Yeah, they’re that terrified of Hillary.

      2. And what does it say of Hillary’s supporters that none are shocked thatshe has committed high treason?

  27. I hate Trump. But the liberals defended Clinton fucking an intern in the Oval Office – and all kinds of other sexual escapades – (including rape allegations) by saying “it’s just sex people! It has nothing to do with his ability to be president! Get over it!”

    1. But Hillary and Kaine are horrified by this! They swear!

    2. I don’t really how “sexual escapades,” Bill’s or Trump’s, have anything to do with competence or otherwise desirability at being President. If the allegations of Trump’s actually groping unwilling women, or of course Bill raping them, are true, that of course makes them common thugs and criminals and we should know about that kind of thing.
      I don’t know much about the plausibility of Juanita or Paula and so forth, except that it greatly exceeds that of Hillary’s hero Mattress Girl and many of the other accusers she so odiously claims have a “right to be believed” when the accused is not her husband. It’s Hillary’s almost clinically pathological authoritarianism and dishonesty that makes me dread the next four years.

      1. makes me dread the next four years.

        An optimist…

      2. I don’t really how “sexual escapades,” Bill’s or Trump’s, have anything to do with competence or otherwise desirability at being President.

        It speaks to character. The president has loads of discretionary power, and thus has to be somebody trustworthy to some extent.

        Hillary surely is not trustworthy, but Trump isn’t either. At least Hillary can be counted on not to do things not in her self-interest, but Trump is like a five year old who runs around with scissors demanding a chainsaw instead.

        1. At least Hillary can be counted on not to do things not in her self-interest

          Cite needed.

        2. “It speaks to character”

          Yeah, this is what speaks to his character. It was so unclear before.

          Seriously though, why do you think running the same play book you always have, but against Trump, will work any better than it has up to now?

        3. “At least Hillary can be counted on not to do things not [only] in her self-interest”

          Hahaha!! Clinton ‘Foundation’, private server, Wall Street speeches, Whitewater, pork belly futures… The list is endless.

        4. Mitt Romney folded up and literally stuffed women into binders!!!

        5. Yes, Trump is so much worse than the conniving cunt who committed high treason while SoS.

  28. Oh wait, maybe I was too mean to poor Robby.

    I’m sorry, I meant to say:


    whimper whimper whimper please don’t hurt me please don’t unverify my Twitter account I’m not a mean man who doesn’t respect women whimper whimper whimper

    Was that better, Robby?

    1. I have an extremely hard time believing Trump gets women that easily, even back when this tape was made. His fame is not good fame. He’s famous for a bad hairpiece, going bankrupt several times, treating his several wives terribly, and acting like a clown on his reality TV show. Yeah, he’s got money, but only the stupidest of ho’s would allow themselves to be groped on sight for that fact. I could certainly see women leading him on in the hopes of getting spent on, but that’s not what he’s talking about.

      1. Wait, you’re saying that a loudmouthed New York ego case might have made… an empty brag?

        1. The deuce you say!

      2. I don’t find it hard to believe at all.

        This was from during the time frame of The Apprentice. So he was famous for being incredibly wealthy, for marrying models, and was on TV.

        You realize that Flavor Flav had a TV show about women fighting to get to be with him, at about the same time? Hapless poor dumb broke ass midget Flavor Flav, still turning up in late 80’s rapper gear. Kicking women off his show. But he was famous, and was on TV.

        A famous guy with money and with Trump’s incredible self-confidence will bowl right over the vast majority of the women he meets. Because he meets the type of women who have expended a lot of effort maneuvering themselves into positions where they can run into famous guys with money and self-confidence.

        1. Women don’t give two shits about self-confidence. The manipulative type that you’re referring to would actually prefer a guy with low self-esteem.

          If they were that good at meeting rich and powerful men, they certainly would not content themselves with a laughingstock like Donald Trump, not to the extent of giving him a no questions asked grope buffet.

          1. And this is a subject you know a lot about, I’m sure.

            Run into many billionaires while you were getting your puppetry PhD?

            I guarantee you that if Trump left the campaign trail now, this moment, and flew to New York and walked into the office of the New York Times, he could fuck Maureen Dowd’s brains out on her desk without saying so much as “Hello”.

            1. Right, this is a subject that can only be known about by billionaires, models, and people commenting in the middle of a Friday night on political blogs with a pet’s name. [/sarcasm]

              I can see him being able to get women by spending money on them. That’s the pattern he followed with Ivanka and Marla and now Melania, though eventually in all those cases he had to buy the cow, so to speak.

              But just walking up and groping for free? No. He’s not a rock star, or an NFL QB, or an attractive TV actor. He’s a laughingstock with a bad hairpiece and a reality show. Yeah, he’s got money, but that’s not going to be enough for free-grope status.

              1. Are you shitting me?

                Division II back-up point guards have free-grope status, at the right party.

                He’s a laughingstock with a bad hairpiece and a reality show.

                He has plastered his name over half of New York.

                There’s probably a 40% chance he’s the next President of the United States.

                Consider the last time the “Trump Abuses Women” card was played. They tried to run that story where he told some woman he had just met at a party to leave and go put on a bikini and come back. And she did it.

                The story was offered as evidence of what a monster the guy is. He must have RAPEY MCRAPED that poor girl and FORCED her to wear a bikini without her CONSENT!

                …Oh wait, it turned out that she thought it was cool. She basically dug being told to put on a bikini and then being paraded around a party. By a guy she just met.

          2. “Women don’t give two shits about self-confidence”


            I will wager large amounts of money on this.

            1. Yeah, that struck me as risible as well.

              1. That seems hilariously counter to my entire life’s experience.

      3. “I have an extremely hard time believing Trump gets women that easily”

        Who cares?

      4. I think you underestimate the amount of dumb women in the world. Seriously.

    2. This Bullshit reminds me of the sex addiction South Park.

  29. I hope this topic comes up in the debate.

    1. Me too. Trump should say you are going to criticize me for saying women throw themselves at powerful men when your husband is a fucking poonhound.

      1. Who is still “ducking bimbos at home”.

        1. also,dicking.


      Donald = Technically, you’re married to one. I know, not *you*, but seriously, do you give him as much shit? It explains a lot.

  30. Trump is unable to grab the Bush vote,

    1. what you did there, I see

  31. A loudmouth New Yorker once spoke uncouthly about women!?! And was recently discovered to have been complying with federal tax law!?!

    Still better than Hillary.

    1. You are permitted to be a libertarian and not be a pathetic fucking Republican shill, especially when the one in question is obviously a cosmic disaster. Just jump ship while you still have some dignity left for Christ’s sake.

      1. Still less of a cosmic disaster than Hillary.

      2. Tony you stupid cunt. Your precious Hillary committed high treason while SoS. I would say something about cognitive dissonance, but that would indicate you engage in, or are somehow capable of some tangible form of cognition.

        You are not. Now begone, foul soulless, unclean thing.

  32. I find it humorous and telling that the same assholes here that blistered Anthony Weiner for his dick-pics are defending physical assaults by Trump.


    1. I like how you had to go to Anthony Weiner. I’m pretty sure a lot of people here had the same reaction as I did to his sexting scandal. Which is who gives a fuck.

      But you won’t dare actually bring up Bill here, shitstain.

      1. Bill isn’t a fascist authoritarian jackass like Trump is.

        I personally use much rawer language than either of them have. Their comportment with free-range pussy is not a concern to me.

        I just hate fascist authoritarian jackasses like Trump who lie 24/7.

        1. I only eat cage-free myself, but make no further demands. I’m no radical.

        2. But treasonous lying power climbers who have been accused of rape and sexual assault? A-OK in your book.

          There’s no argument you could make here. Few people are out there lambasting Bill for his infidelities, but you clearly want to ignore that distinction.

          1. My only complaint about Bill is that he settled for chopsteak.

            1. I wouldn’t rate Hillary nearly that highly.

            2. I thought Bill’s real passion was for red snapper?

            3. My only complaint about Bill is that he settled for chopsteak.

              So Juanita Broaddrick should consider herself lucky to be raped by Bill Clinton because she doesn’t meet your definition for attractiveness?

              You really are a despicable sack of shit, buttplug.

        3. I missed the bit when Trump used his fake charity to channel funds that were intended for distressed folks in Haiti to pay his campaign staffers.

          Yeah, Trump sucks donkey balls, he’s funneled his charitable donations through a sham corporation, but he never fucked over another country like the Clintons did with Haiti.

          1. He was never in a position to do what the Clintons did, so he shouldn’t get credit for not doing it.

            Within his sphere of action, he has behaved like an immoral, egotistical douchebag, in similar ways to what Hillary has done, but without the benefit of federal power.

            1. And yet, he managed to build hotels and golf courses and such. What has Hillary ever built? A better Libya?

            2. I am about 100,000 times more bent out of shape at his use of eminent domain than I am about the fact that he likes to bang models, apparently whether he’s married at that moment or not.

              1. As you should be.

                But while nearly every guy would like to bang models, that’s not what Trump was talking about.

            3. Within his sphere of action, he has behaved like an immoral, egotistical douchebag

              …Said the person who felt the need to put ‘PHD’ in their dumb internet forum handle. Sure.

              1. I am sure that is a joke, no? Whose handles are serious? I never even supposed “Dr. Jackson” was necessarily a woman, let alone a Ph.D. (Surely someone one would at the very least make the aitch lowercase if they were being serious!)

                1. I’m willing to accept joke handles on consistent accounts, i.e. people who are actually showing up regularly to engage in an actual, real conversation. This account, however, showed up out of nowhere right now and proceeded to make disingenuous claims about people’s statements and lecture the entire thread on how they’re wrong with extremely moronic arguments. Since they’re demanding I take those arguments seriously I might as well take their entirety seriously.

                2. I am really FBI Agent Dale Cooper.

                  I am posting from the Black Lodge.

                1. Whenever a new handle shows up and they’re immediately snotty and condescending, I figure it’s Tulpa.

                2. It is indeed an excellent answer to my curiosity!
                  That said, I still remain suspicious that your knighthood is fraudulent. I have never heard of a foodstuff belonging to the registered gentry, with the notable exception of Sir Loin.

                  1. My reply to JT was about his, “Said the person” comment.

                    1. Ah, gotcha! Well, carry on, Baronet! 🙂

                    2. How do you know he’s a Bart, he might just be a common old Knight.

            4. Similar ways? Please explain now Donnie made decisions that broke a country and killed thousands. Or how he moved money his charity was supposed to spend in Haiti to cover payroll. Or how he sold the influence of his political office for personal profit.

    2. Wait, there’s complaints of physical assaults?

      1. There is an admission of physical assaults.

        1. Just when I thought you couldn’t get more retarded.

        2. I once killed a man in Reno … just to watch him die.

          1. *shot*


      2. No charges were pressed against Trump for sexual assault.

        Just like no charges were pressed against Clinton for the email server.

        Yet something tells me you think we need to shut up about one and not the other.

        1. Has anyone actually complained about being crotch-grabbed by him? This seems to be about statements he’s made that could go either to “sex bragging”, or him admitting he actually was assaultive in his behavior.

          You, however, sure do seem invested in the latter of the two options, without the benefit of actual victims coming forward. Why is that?

          1. Maybe you should read the post? Mr. Soave provides two links on that subject.

            1. One of the links is to a hearsay story from a sketchy celebrity biography.

              A story that says he raped Ivana, who strangely has nothing like that to say in her statements about him from this year.

            2. Maybe you should read them yourself? I did read them. And, while I see boorish behavior, I also read statements in both where women say that is was bad, but that they both don’t consider his actions criminal.

              Again, you sure do seem invested in the idea of him being a rapist of some sort. Do you have any evidence not already in play, or is this just you not liking him? Either is good, but you’re shitting on others who aren’t arriving at the conclusions you have.

              1. The DOJ and FBI don’t consider Hillary’s actions with the email server criminal, so you better shush about those too.

                1. The statute of limitations hasn’t run out yet.

                  Tick tock.

                2. That’s not even remotely true.

                  Comey said that her actions would be criminal…for anyone else, so don’t get any bright ideas people not named ‘Clinton’.

        2. A. A surreptitiously-recorded brag of unknown veracity.

          B. Overwhelming evidence of violations of federal law, destruction of federal records under subpoena, lying under oath, and a visibly rigged FBI investigation that ends in verbal condemnation but not formal charges.

          Yeah, they’re precisely equivalent.

          1. Trump never had a clearance or the chance to do govt business on a private email server.

            1. Well, here’s the thing.

              Let’s say we had some enforceable agreement to never again mention any of the negative claims about either candidate that haven’t been proven in a court of law.

              That would leave us with just the things the candidates say about themselves.

              And if we do that, I’d have to hate Trump for his immigration and trade policies…but I’d have to hate Hillary for literally every word that comes out of her mouth, including “and”, “but”, and “the”.

              Every time I see one of her smug ads, every time I see her give an interview on any topic, every time I see any written summary of any position she has taken – I hate her that much more.

              I know I threw my vote away on Johnson. But if we set that aside and look at the two major party nominees, I can’t see how anyone can expect me to not hate Hillary more.

              1. We also know, for a fact, that Hillary lied under oath about her handling of classified materials. What has Trump lied under oath about?

                1. Being in a position of power like the Clintons were/are didnt just magically happen.

                  They devoted their lifes work to get there.

    3. I find it humorous that people who don’t even have the decency to pay their bets continue to act like righteous moral scolds.

    4. Well, that’s partially generational.

      To me, the entire concept of sending a dick pic – as anything but a deliberate terror tactic – is utterly beyond bizarre. To see someone roughly my own age doing it…it was like coming across him while he was masturbating in a public park.

      The guy who is the center of attention at a party and walks up to some hot chick and tries to kiss her…that I understand. Especially when she kisses him back 99 times out of a hundred. The guy who takes a picture of his own dick? That guy I don’t understand. (Forget the sending the pics to someone else – I don’t even get the whole taking the picture part.) When it’s some 20 year old I can write it off as just typical millennial dumbassery.

      I didn’t have any real moral objection to Weiner. I just thought he had to be a fucking weirdo. Nobody older than me gets to have tattoos without me thinking they’re trailer park folk, and nobody older than me gets to take pictures of his own dick without me thinking they’re a weirdo. Those are my Gen X rules. Sorry.

    5. “are defending physical assaults by Trump.”

      Where was that in the video?

    6. To be fair, Huma finally mustered enough dignity to leave Weiner, unlike Hillary and Bill. Although unlike Hillary, Huma’s professional ambitions revolve around her boss, not her husband.

      1. I wonder if there’s ever a point where Huma turns on Hillary.

  33. Oh Joooohn. Where are yoooou.

    1. A message board turns its lonely eyes to you!

    2. A message board turns its lonely eyes to you!

  34. I moved on her like a bitch

    Like a dog!

      1. Or this, to reassure family values conservatives.

    1. Like a Trump hey! Like a Trump hey!

    2. Still trying to figure out if he meant he was like a bitch or she was.

  35. See, it can never just be “Donald Trump is a boorish buffoon.” It just has to be “TRUMP IS A MONSTER. BECAUSE HE SAID THINGS. THINGS THAT DON’T ACTUALLY MATCH UP TO WHAT WE ACCUSE HIM OF.”

    “Hey, why is trust in the media so low nowadays?”

  36. I’m very disappointed at the lack of Back to the Future Part II references…

    1. Were Marty &/or Dcc Brown grabbing a lot of snatch in that one? I didn’t pay that much attention.

      Or, was it Biff?

      1. alternate 1985 Biff was modeled on Trump…

        1. So was Clamp from Gremlins 2. I have never seen a fictionalized version of a famous person bear so little resemblance to their real-life counterpart. And I saw that Steve Jobs movie.

          1. And I saw that Steve Jobs movie.
            There were two…

            1. The Aaron Sorkin one, not the Punk’d one. It was essentially a movie about a software executive character named “Steve Jobs,” feeling no particular obligation to resemble him in any way. It’s too bad, creatively speaking, that nearly all big-budget movies nowadays have to be based on some sort of particular “institution” that the audience is already familiar with. A lot of them would do much better to simply do away with that baggage. But them’s the breaks.

              1. That was a bizarre casting choice – “let’s use hunky Michael Fassbender to portray skinny nerd Steve Jobs, it won’t be distracting at all”

                1. I guess after you cast the Abercrombie and Fitch model from Dude Where’s My Car? anything seems reasonable by comparison.
                  The least-worst Jobs movie by a long shot, of course, remains the made-for-TV Pirates of Silicon Valley. And–talk about miscasting!–that one featured the even-more-nerdy Bill Gates played by, of all people, Anthony Michael Hall–whom we all best know, of course, as the hunky pussy-magnet meathead top quarterback in the nation in Johnny Be Good.

                  1. Pirates of Silicon Valley was pretty damn good – I have a fond-ish memory of catching that just as it started while donating platelets for my dad. It was just about the perfect length – I just had to sit in the chair for a couple minutes after the needles came out to watch the end.

                    1. I love platelets and plasma! You can do it really often, and (if you tend to be; I don’t) it doesn’t make you lightheaded like whole blood. Takes a while, but I end up feel more satisfied about the use of my time after a “movie night”; the half hour chunk for whole blood is that awkward size where it just feels wasted, as you don’t really get a chance to do anything.
                      I also liked Pirates as much as the next guy. Right now the fact that the ’90s B-list made-for-TV movie was so much better than two subsequent megabudget theatrical attempts is still pretty striking. But I bet ten years from now the idea of “made for ‘TV'” (however that is conceived) being a go-to production model for a quality, “serious subject” movie will not seem remotely something to remark on.

                    2. I’ll confess I’ve not given platelets nor plasma since my father was at Slone Kettering, oh so many years ago. Not really terrible, time aside, though they did screw up the return needle one time and I ended up with a hugely impressive hematoma as the return blood spread under my skin vs. going back into my vein. I should make the time again.

        2. alternate 1985 Biff was modeled on Trump…

          Huh…. Well, in any event, that Biff had Marty’s mom . Not exactly a match to this brouhaha here.

        3. The biography they played about Trump at the RNC had the same feel as the documentary about Biff in that movie’s alternate timeline.

          1. “I just have to say one thing…God Bless America.”

  37. Trolls out in full force force tonight, huh?

    1. They’re more like sockpuppets.

    2. Yes. must have linked an article here. Lots of TEAM RED! assholes circling the drain right now.

      1. So are you you payed to payed by the comment, or do you actually believe the shit you spew?

        1. Dave really believes it.

      2. “”

        Are you fucking serious with this?

        1. Dave prefers to put his faith in the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost.

          1. Where’s DD when we don’t need him?

  38. All we need now is some USFL stuff proving Trump is tax-evading racist rapist homophobe in every Reason article and newscast and everyone totally ignoring an email where Hillary admits that she really did have Vince Foster killed.


      1. I was told to ask about the state of your bet.

    2. Meh, If somebody released videotape of Hillary killing Vince Foster, the response would be that it is old news, let’s move on already.

  39. Now we know his position on Stop and Frisk.

    1. Attorney General Yiannopolous will rule out no tactic in protecting against the threat posed by young black males.

  40. Is there a gun to Trump’s head just off camera?

  41. The only thing more pathetic than the lengths that Hillary supporters will go to to defend her is the lengths Trump supporters go to to defend him. At least Hillary is trying not to embarrass herself and everyone around her.

    1. Anyone who is around Hillary and isn’t embarrassed is clearly psychotic.

      1. Or heavily medicated. Like she is.

    2. “trump supporters”

      for the love of christ, stop; WE ALREADY DEALT WITH THAT. Its the dumbest ‘troll-tell’ ever.

      1. So you’re not Trump supporters, just people who happen to rush to his defense whenever he says something stupid. Do you perform this service for all people or just Republican presidential candidates?

        1. most people here are voting gary johnson or not voting at all. are you retarded? This is a libertarian magazine. Learn to read, dipshit.

        2. Yeah, rushing. I even threw my iPhone on the ground as I dove into the pool to save my double PHD from water damage.

        3. Do you perform this service for all people or just Republican presidential candidates?

          All people, for the most part. Few people here are voting for Trump, but the commentariat hates “gotcha” bullshit. I’m sure you can find someone defending Hillary for her recently revealed milquetoast comments re: Bernie supporters, since that was also some “gotcha” bullshit.

          You never posted here before a couple days ago – if you’re aiming to convince people you’re just a troll, you’re doing an excellent job.

          1. I guess I underestimated your altruism. So you defend Hillary too?

            1. No. She DID things that are indefensible.

              Trump SAID things.

              Do you need another “PHD” in understanding things?

              1. This, too, in addition to my comment below – I’ll defend Hillary being accused of saying bad things when it’s warranted but she’s got a track record of _doing_ horrible, illegal things.

              2. She DID horrible things that Trump never had the opportunity to do. Given the horrible things he did that were within his power, it seems likely that he would have done exactly the horrible things Hillary did too.

                1. “She DID horrible things that Trump never had the opportunity to do. Given the horrible things he did that were within his power, it seems likely that he would have done exactly the horrible things Hillary did too.”

                  Dumbest attempt a Hillary defense I’ve ever seen.

                  “The Avengers had to fight alternate universe Trump after he became time traveling Super Hitler, so, Vote Hillary! “

                2. Given the horrible things he did that were within his power, it seems likely that he would have done exactly the horrible things Hillary did too.

                  Bull. The guy’s a cutthroat real estate developer. He had plenty of incentive to knock off troublesome union goons and building inspectors. Where’s the “Trump Death List”?

                3. Are you fucking serious? That you think he might do the same things she definitely did makes them equivalent?

                  Kill yourself. An idiot like you has no value, and can only do harm. Much like your mistress Hillary. Go under your kitchen sink and find the Drano. Proceed to drink it.

                  P.S. An off brand drain cleaner is also perfectly acceptable.

            2. I’ll defend Hillary where defense is warranted – she’s a horrible person who should be kept from the levers of power but trying to ding her for the comments about Bernie supporters “living in their parents basements” when the full quote included:

              If you’re feeling like you’re consigned to, you know, being a barista, or you know, some other job that doesn’t pay a lot, and doesn’t have some other ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe, you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing.

              That’s not her slamming Bernie supporters and the spin that it was was just so much bullshit. That doesn’t change the fact she’s horrible, but I shouldn’t have to put that disclaimer after anything that’s not explicitly anti-Hillary nor do we after anything that’s not explictly anti-Trump. I want them both to lose.

          2. I’m sure you can find someone defending Hillary for her recently revealed milquetoast comments re: Bernie supporters, since that was also some “gotcha” bullshit

            You mean when she said Bernie people were basement-dwelling losers who don’t understand economics and have ?

            That was the only true thing she’s said all month!

        4. It depends on which things we’re talking about.

          Personally, I think his absolute refusal to back down from his policy of constant personal insult is the best possible contribution he could make to the US at this point.

          He’d probably be a terrible President, but he’s a hell of a Twitter user.

          If, in addition to banging cocktail waitresses two at a time as I suggested above, he spent four years insulting people on Twitter – and maybe randomly running around the streets of DC with a chainsaw, as you suggested – I would consider it a new Golden Age.

          1. Right, because there aren’t any problems that need to be solved in the federal government.

            Like the national debt spiraling out of control, our entitlements going bankrupt, etc. Like Russia and/or China taking over the dominant power role in the world stage, which I guarantee they will not exercise with the benevolence that the US has.

            1. Lol I have full confidence Hillary will not exacerbate any of those issues.

              1. Looks like BUT HILLARY is your guys’ version of BUUUUUUUSSSSSHHHHHH!!!!

                1. Seriously, what’s your point? You say Hillary is bad too, right? So you want us not to vote for Trump or Hillary? Done.

                  1. Sarah Jackson… OMG!!!!


                2. I thought I expressed confidence in her ability.


                  I did.

                3. Bush didn’t sell uranium to the Russkies. Bush didn’t sell missile tech to the Chinese. Bush, for all his failings, did not do most of the evil treasonous things Hillary and her serial rapist husband have already done. And this cunt is just getting warmed up.

                  So yes, many of us will do anything in our power to keep the evil bitch out of the White House.

            2. Trump is a dickless bag of human pus who i’d never leave alone in a room with children,

              and he’s still better than hillary, who is actually *responsible* for some of the problems you list.

              Fortunately we can all vote for Gary Johnson to signal our distaste for the both of them. But the above is still true, and you’re still a fucking idiot.

            3. Our national debt spiraled out of control and our entitlements became unsustainable because of the diligent and tireless efforts of people who did not spend a lot of their time banging cocktail waitresses two at a time and insulting fat girls on Twitter.

              Our current situation is the result of their efforts and energy.

        5. We are libertarians who hate the media more than the candidates?

    3. Worst two candidates ever.

      Worse than Bush vs Kerry even. Close though……

      (Dukakis vs Bush 41 was bad too)

      OK. they are the THREE Worst batches in my lifetime.

      1. They pay their bets, though.

      2. What, no Bush/Gore or Obama/McCain or even Obama/Romney?

    4. Hillary is incapable of shame and, therefore, never worries about embarrassing herself.

  42. Oh wait, I just figured it out.

    Robby’s feelings are still hurt by all the things his liberal girl friends said to him when he came out against the Jackie rape story.

    So he needs to dial up the TRUMP IS A RAPEY MCRAPER RAPIST WHO RAPES RAPE ITSELF shtick just to make sure nobody mistakes him for a non-cuck.

    This is his big chance to get back on the right side of rape history, and he doesn’t want to miss it.

    This is like watching McCain get Bush’s bill immunizing war criminals passed. You’re like, “Dude, you only have one thing about you that isn’t total shit. And now you’re flushing it away?” And then Robby and Senator McCain look at you (and their faces are all superimposed, like they’re really the same person, and their voices blend together like the scene where Gandalf comes back in The Two Towers) and say, “Yes. Yes we are.”

    1. Trump would be a dangerous enough human being if he were just a regular celebrity with a penchant for groping women. As it so happens, he might also become the next leader of the free world?a position he is manifestly unqualified to hold.

      Do you disagree with this statement?

      Nevermind that Hillary sucks too. Do you, yes or no?

      1. I disagree with “manifestly unqualified.” It depends on the definition of “qualified.” He is not, by the establishment’s definition, but he is by many others.

      2. Oh hi, playboy!!!

        How is my stock doing??? We don’t get to talk much these days. Would you be a Georgia Peach and look that shit up for me?

      3. My complaint about the article is that these are not related issues.

        Trump is dangerous as the next leader of the free world because he hates trade. And because he likes to take people’s property to build parking lots. And because he’s erratic.

        He is not dangerous as the next leader of the free world because he likes being a rich and famous guy who is nearly invariably successful when he comes on to chicks, and likes that fact and is vain about it. If he wins the election and spends the next four years banging cocktail waitresses two at a time in the Lincoln bedroom, and does absolutely nothing else, I’ll be delighted.

        He is not dangerous as the next leader of the free world because he said that Rosie O’Donnell is a fat pig. Rosie O’Donnell is, in fact, a fat pig.

        That’s the worst part of this election. I get suckered in to defending this asshole because of the utterly fucking stupid reasons that the press throws up to “hate” him. “He said a mean thing about a fat girl once, that means he hates all women!” That’s fucking stupid. I say mean things about Leslie Graham every day, and nobody says that means I hate all men.

        Annoying shit like that. And like this latest crap.

        1. And if Hillary is elected, every fucking criticism of her will be responded with accusations of sexism. It’ll be 4-8 more years of hyper identity politics.

          1. It’s identity politics as far as the eye can see regardless. You think Trump being in the White House will make the Democrats reasonable on those issues?

            1. It will put the SJWs on the defensive, and take substantial power from their hands. A huge reason to vote for Trump, right there.

            2. The democrats are in no way reasonable to begin with. Nothing in this country will be solved until the equation is corrected. By that, I mean reducing the number of progressives in the US.

          2. Hillary will never last eight years. I’m not sure she’ll last another year. She’s clearly severely ill and medicated to her eyeballs.

        2. But all that speaks to his character, which sheds light on whether we can trust him with the enormous discretionary power that the president has. The same guy who blusters about women in the crudest possible terms, who claims that no person of Mexican ancestry is fit to be a judge in his case, who levels baseless attacks against his political opponents while running and hiding when faced with unfriendly questions…. is going to be negotiating with other countries’ leaders on our behalf.

          Don’t tell me “BUT HILLLARY!!!!!” because I’m not disputing that she’s awful too.

          1. The same guy who blusters about women in the crudest possible terms

            Hey, fuckface. Answer me this: are women adults or not? Because making CRUDE REMARKS about another adult is irrelevant bullshit.

            Or are you white-knighting because they are delicate little hopeless dandelions that need strong, honorable male hands protecting their virtue?

            1. Because making CRUDE REMARKS about another adult is irrelevant bullshit.

              No, it isn’t. It offers a window into the soul. I don’t understand what their adulthood has to do with anything though… making crude remarks about children is just as legal and conducive to libertarianism last I checked.

              1. I’m asking if women are adults or children. Because women are supposed to be independent, fierce, capable, strong people every bit as capable as men; but if Trump says mean things about women and this is some sort of Bad Thing, it implies that women are fragile little children who can’t deal with the least bit of conflict.

                I think women are adults, and as adults shouldn’t be particularly affected by a known blowhard saying stupid shit.

                1. I think women are adults, and as adults shouldn’t be particularly affected by a known blowhard saying stupid shit.

                  Me too. However, one effect should be to consider the guy who said it to be, as you said, a known blowhard, and untrustworthy and certainly unfit for office.

                  1. “one effect should be to consider the guy who said it”

                    There’s that word “said” again. As a PHD all caps, can you tell me the difference between that and “did”?

                    Eager to learn from you, I’m just a student.

              2. No, it isn’t. It offers a window into the soul

                Good thing neither of these guys became President.

              3. No, it isn’t. It offers a window into the soul.

                I’ve never known a person who continually expressed themselves in the hackneyed, cloying progspeak Hillary uses who was worth a damn at anything, including cleaning toilets.

                The window we have into Hillary’s soul has to be up to a couple of million words by now.

                1. HILLARY HAS NO SOUL!

          2. “Don’t tell me “BUT HILLLARY!!!!!” because I’m not disputing that she’s awful too.”

            Oh hey, she’s totally one of us!

            And she has a PHD all caps! Let’s listen to what she has to say!!!

          3. I was happy when he made the statement about the judge.

            His statement could only be false if a judge of Mexican heritage could be expected to be exactly the same, in all respects, as a judge of WASP heritage.

            But if that’s true…why do we need diversity? How can it add any value?

            The only way for “diversity” to be a thing is if a judge of Mexican heritage is manifestly different than one of WASP heritage. And if they’re different, it is entirely valid and reasonable to prefer one over another.

            One of the only positives about Trump is that his refusal to say the expected things in the expected language sets up situations like this that expose the monumental intellectual dishonesty of the Left.

            I see that the concept of equality (that says that there’s no difference between judges of different ethnicities, so Trump should consider them all the same) simply cannot be reconciled with the concept of diversity as a value – so I discard diversity as a value. But leftists, because they’re lying cunts, refuse to choose. They just put their fingers in their ears and yell “WAH WAH WAH WAH RACIST RACIST RACIST!”

            When forced to intellectually choose between equality and diversity, they choose…intellectual dishonesty. And I hate them for it, every last one of them, more than I can tell you. If Trump burns the whole country down, it will be worth it, just to burn those motherfuckers too.

            1. And if they’re different, it is entirely valid and reasonable to prefer one over another.

              There you go again. You’re editing Trump’s statement to make it innocuous. It’s sophistry like this that makes me think your protestations of “oh i’m not a trump supporter, just a neutral party” are a bit strained.

              Trump didn’t say he would prefer to have a WASP judge, he said that the Mexican-heritage judge must recuse himself because of his ancestry.

              1. If the claims made by advocates of diversity are true, that is a reasonable and logical conclusion for a white litigant to reach.

                It’s simple. For us to agree that Trump’s statement was bad, you have to concede to me that diversity on the bench adds no value. Concede that, and we agree. Deny it – as virtually every Hillary supporter and every member of the mainstream press would deny it – and you can go fuck yourself. I’m going to allow THE DONALD to follow the logic of the pro-diversity argument all the way to its absurd end.

                I’m not editing the statement. I’m allowing the logical proof to play out, because the entire proof is inherent in the first premise, and it’s really, really easy for me to supply the rest of the steps.

                1. I don’t give a flying fuck about “diversity on the bench adding value”. Where are you getting that strawman from? I do care about not discriminating against individuals on the basis of ethnicity.

                  You’re casting what he said as mere preference, which is a misrepresentation. So yeah, you are editing.

                  1. “Where are you getting that strawman from?”

                    The answer to that is pretty plain from reading his posts.

                    I don’t have a PHD and even I can see it.

                    1. Hey now, not everyone can have a Pretty Huge Dick. Though I am unclear as to how that enters into this discussion.

                  2. Are you an idiot?

                    I’ll try to lay our discussion out for you again, since you are apparently too stupid to follow it:

                    I do care about not discriminating against individuals on the basis of ethnicity.

                    Discriminating against individuals on the basis of ethnicity is morally wrong because there is no material difference between individuals of different ethnicities. Ethnicity is a false phenotype with regard to (for example) being a judge, so opposing a member of a particular ethnicity being a judge is bad. Very, very bad.

                    But if there is no material difference between individuals of different ethnicities with regard to being a judge, then it is impossible for diversity among judges to be of any value. All judges are exactly the same, regardless of ethnicity, and it therefore makes no difference if all judges are WASPs, or all judges are Mexican-Americans. It can’t make a difference, because we’ve already stipulated that it can’t.

                    This means that no one who, at any point, advocates for or has advocated for increased “diversity” in anything at all is entitled to object to Trump’s statement. Anyone who has ever said, “We need to have more African-Americans on appeals courts,” or “We need to have more Hispanics in high tech,” or “We need more women doctors,” on the basis of the claim that increasing diversity in this way will add value by “bringing in more perspectives and life experiences” or whatever, cannot object to Trump’s statement honestly.

                    1. You seem to be having such a fun time with your strawman that I almost hate to interrupt.

                      I never said anything about valuing or increasing diversity or anything related to it. So whatever hobby-horse you seem intent on riding on that issue is irrelevant to our discussion.

                      Trump’s comment is horrid because he’s discriminating against a judge on the basis of ethnicity. Do you disagree that discrimination on the basis of ethnicity is a bad thing?

                    2. “I never said anything about valuing or increasing diversity or anything related to it. So whatever hobby-horse you seem intent on riding on that issue is irrelevant to our discussion.”

                      I love so much that you don’t even understand the discussion you’re having.

                    3. How was Trump “discriminating ” against judge Curiel?

                      He felt the judge was making unreasonable rulings and speculating that the judge’s motivation for doing so were driven by the judge’s membership in an explicitly racist organization that ha s publicly Called do for stopping Trump.

                2. Fluffy nailed you, Sarah PHD. Give it up. You’re either missing or intentionally ignoring the point. In prog-think, ethnicity matters, so it would matter in the case of a Mexican ethnic-activist judge being impartial in a case involving Trump.

          4. “The same guy who blusters about women in the crudest possible terms, who claims that no person of Mexican ancestry is fit to be a judge in his case, who levels baseless attacks against his political opponents while running and hiding when faced with unfriendly questions..”

            You say this like it is a bad thing. For foreign affairs this is a great profile. He won’t be be bullied or shamed into betraying America.

      4. Good thing “the free world” ain’t voting for him. What a neocon bullshit term.

      5. It depends, what is the definition of ‘is’?

  43. “He buries his forehead between her breasts, between two contents of death.”

    And then he grabs her pussy, because he can.

    1. Quite the move for a reported germaphobe.

    2. *Continents.

      Just make sure you grab her pussy after you bury your head between her death breasts.

  44. Scott Adams on Twitter: “Trump’s bid for Sainthood officially ended today. I think he’s still available for Kennedy-type jobs.”

    1. *snort* that’s good stuff.

    2. So he can shout over people on the Fox Business Network?

  45. Well at least this election will finally convince everyone that the country is too polarized and that they need to reduce the size of gov… Ha Ha no.

    More likely the progs will blame everything on Republican kulaks and how we need some strongman to suppress them and we can’t allow opposition parties since that means more guys like Trump.

    And the Trumpistas will think that the system is incredibly corrupt and in the hands of a corrupt ruling elite that will not give up power freely so we need some strong man to save us from them.

    This has worked out well in the past…

  46. Trump = Shows he’s ‘In Touch‘ with America’s youth culture

  47. Fuck this shit. I’m voting for Clinton. This nation deserves to die. Trump being Trump (read: running his mouth) vs. Clinton, Inc. committing treason. God this species is fucking stupid.

    1. This nation deserves to die.

      Maduro is still alive natch. And China and Russia are libertopias…

      1. Just because the other inmates on death row raped their murder victims doesn’t mean your murder doesn’t count.

        SMOD 2016! Wipe the slate clean!

      2. “This nation deserves to die.”- Rodrigo Duterte

        1. Duterte is the chairman of the party that ousted Marcos. And his main opponent is from a party that was backed by MacArthur back in 1946.

  48. Buttplug, where are you????

    Why do you keep avoiding my calls???

    1. Theres a stock joke there, but I really don’t know enough about the subject something about puts?

  49. Dear Reason,

    If you are going full on for Hillary just come on out and say so. Seriously. If your principals move you so, then stand up and let it be known; don’t hide behind the libertarian label and pretend to be something you aren’t.

    Nobody here is going to hold Trump up to be the second coming of Christ. He’s not a good man. We get that.

    But hes not a Clinton.

    Thats all there really is to it.

    I know some of these kids don’t remember the Clinton years all that well. But I remember watching that compound in Waco burning with all those kids inside. I remember that little Cuban boy getting ripped from his family’s arms with an assault rifle aimed at him by a Swat team, just for the sake of political posturing. I remember an unelected first lady trying to impose a socialist health care system on the entire nation. I remember the same first lady copying FBI files on her enemies.

    Do you really want to give Hillary Clinton complete control over the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Dept of Justice? I know, Trump is stupid and ignorant and self centered. But do you honestly think he’d make use of those powerful agencies the same way we KNOW Hillary will?

    So keep up the posturing and virtue signaling. Maybe if you let everyone know just how moral and virtuous you are, one of those blue haired girls will let you grab her pussy.

    1. That’s funny, I remember the Clinton years as full employment and peace and prosperity.


        1. His biggest bubble popping came after he left office.

      2. Totally by accident thanks to the failure of Hillarycare and dealing with Gingrich…

      3. That’s funny, I remember Bill trying to put put Hillary in charge of health care reform, and Hillarycare lead to the Republican contract with America, and the Republican. take over of congress. Putting Hillary in charge of Healthcare is probably as atrractive now as it was 20 years ago.

      4. Total collapse of a socialist empire,$.90 a gallon high test gasoline, cocial welfare cuts, and a few new radio-based disruptive technologies will do that for an economy

      5. Peace eh? So I’m guessing you’re not Serbian or Iraqi.

        1. Or Somali or Wacoian.

      6. Peace, except for the bombings and cruise missile attacks.

      7. And Sarah reveals herself for what she is. Fucking progressive shill. Kill yourself.

    2. I remember that little Cuban boy getting ripped from his family’s arms with an assault rifle aimed at him by a Swat team…

      Everything is an assault rifle with you people. That was an MP5, a submachine gun. Geesh.

      (ball-busting aside, I _do_ remember all of that terrible shit)

    3. But do you honestly think he’d make use of those powerful agencies the same way we KNOW Hillary will?


      1. How can you not think that?

        We complain about Obama having a thin skin…

      2. Hillary is Russian roulette with a semi-automatic. With Trump, at least we get to spin the chamber.

        1. Best analogy I’ve heard yet.

    4. The Elian Gonzalez thing wasn’t even about political pandering. Political pandering would have been to allow the kid to stay with his relatives in Miami, or at least wait until after the election to repatriate him. It’s not exaggerating to say that that picture of the officer pointing the rifle at the kid got Bush elected in 2000.

  50. So, I wonder if Johnson is going to get a post grope bump.

    1. i suspect Johnson will see a slow steady rise, accompanied by some mellow mood-music and a dry chianti

      1. Johnson needs to stay rigid on the issues.

  51. Tony, Buttplug and a douchebag that puts PhD in their handle. The trolls smell an opportunity.

    1. Paid trolls.

      Not worth the money.

      1. See, I’m always surprised that Reason doesn’t have at least one 50 Cent Army guy ranting about how horrifying the United States is and how fantastic and enlightened the PRC is. Probably because they severely lack an international perspective.

        1. We seem to lack the Russian team, too.

          1. Libertreee is probably the local Russian stooge, I’ve only ever seen him show up on threads for articles that mention Putin or Russia, and it’s always some indignant defense of either.

          2. I just assume the Chinese & Russian troll armies see what erudite motherfuckers we are and know they’re overmatched. That, or they don’t think H&R commentators count for anything. I prefer the former.

      2. “Tu quoque! Tu quoque!”

        “Uh, no. We’re just pointing out your utter lack of consistency, hypocrite.”

        “Ad hominem!”


      3. I’m dying with curiosity over this – how much could it pay? It’s all clear, colloquial English, so it’s not just some random body off the streets of Wherethefuckistan.

        1. Her campaign is in the BILLIONS now. Even tried to fuck up my precious Weather Channel. I can’t jerk it to hurricanes when her fucking face is in the commercials.

          For the record, I haven’t seen a single Trump commercial. Not one.

          1. I’m just dying to know the mechanics – are they getting marching orders – “go to and set those libertarians straight!” or is it self-directed “I told those shitlords what for, so pay me”?

            1. It’s not nice to poke fun at sincerely-held conspiracy theory beliefs, Slumbrew.

          2. The buttplug person and I have both leveled criticism at Hillary too, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

            1. So, what are you arguing for? We shouldn’t vote for Trump? Done and done.

            2. Well, buttplug knows how threaded commenting works, so he has that going.

              But, in spite of his claims, he doesn’t know how financial markets work.

              Not unlike your handle, really. Appeal to retarded authority, I think it’s called.

            3. Well you are kind of new around here, so I do have to accuse you of being tulpa.

      4. Right, Clinton campaign is desperate to damage Trump’s reputation among Reason blog commenters, because they’re such an important consituency.

        1. I’ve seen them post shitty pro-Hillary memes on Candid, for God’s sake. Soros has lots of money to blow, and they’re desperate.

    2. It stands for playa hating degree, and if I can get behind having a doctorate in any discipline, it’s a discipline that hates playa.

      Chipotle is delicious.

      1. I see you’re on the Clinton payroll too. No hard feelings; I don’t want you starving to death.

        1. I would do anything for the chance to be near Huma.

          1. I actually… might. Need to survey the lowers first.

            1. She is obviously a tough nut to crack – even for her husband – but I like a challenge.

              Plus, there’s a good chance I would learn some truth about the Clinton’s dirty laundry.

      2. You know I’ve never been there. Why do you keep bringing it up?

        1. Crusty has weird fetishes about diarrhea.

        2. I bring it up because it is delicious food that I enjoy, because I have amazing taste in everything, including mediocre Mexican fast food.

          Lower those expectations, people.

      3. Them’s fighting words. Freebirds has much better burritos.

        1. McDonalds has much better burritos.


  53. “It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

    Trump is evidently proud of the fact that he wielded his wealth and star power as a weapon to help him abuse women?to kiss and grope them without their permission.

    I didn’t watch the video so maybe it went into more detail, but bragging that you could do something is not the same as admitting that you actually did something.

    Going after married women is a fucking dick move no matter what you do.

    1. How would he know that he could unless he tried it?

        1. Bill Clinton never did what Trump is claiming he could do. Slick Willie was a smooth operator, not a flash-groper.

          1. Slick Willie was a smooth operator, not a flash-groper.

            Smooth Operator”

            1. aw shucks.

              the ‘operator’ was supposed to be ‘shades of hillary’. I Sf’d it.

              1. You’re the worst. Worse than Nikki.

          2. Slick Willie was a smooth operator, not a flash-groper and a rapist.

      1. BTW, what time does your shift end?

        1. Sorry, I only allow free gropes to billionares with orange faces and obvious hairpieces.

          1. How much to you charge for gropes, otherwise? Asking for a friend.

          2. Grab it’s motherfucking vagina.

            I’m going to hell for this comment, aren’t I.

              1. /* slow clap */

      2. The same way that I know if I was a loaded celebrity I could get away with pretty much anything. Or is your head so far up your ass that you haven’t paid attention to anything that celebrities have done (and gotten away with) over the last 20 years?

        1. Honesty and nobility. Thats the rich lifestyle. We all know rich and famous people are the most moral.

  54. So, republicans just aren’t familiar with the concept of vetting I take it?

    I mean were Cruz’s interns just jerking off at those computers in the campaign office the whole time?

    1. If they’re anything like our interns, they’re busy fucking each other.

      1. Hah, I’m just kidding – our interns are CS majors from MIT, CMU & CalTech (and Northeastern – go Huskies!). There’s not much fucking going on with them.

        1. That’s not my experience. Let’s just say the roleplaying doesn’t end when they put the 20-sided die away.

          1. Yeah, I’m mostly teasing. My interns have been pretty awesome.

          2. Go on…

    2. The halfwit Republicans who voted for Trump wouldn’t have cared.

      The rest of his voter base, Democrats crossing over in open primary states to vote for the weakest candidate, would have been even more motivated to have him be Hillary’s opponent.

      1. Are you still here? You’re a single bad joke with a shitty punch line. And it’s played out.

        Now go drink the fucking Drano under the kitchen sink. It will be a blessing. No one could possibly ever love you.

  55. Hey Sarah Jackson PHD all caps, do you want to see a really cool blog? Its about realism in education or something like that. If you’re interested, I can link it. I think we can all learn from it.

    1. Something something America’s most prominent libel case.

      1. It’s his blog. If he implies that he hates chinks (which he does), well, that’s on him.

    2. That’s not the same Sarah Jackson, PHD.

      1. What _does_ ‘PHD’ stand for, anyway? Pussy Hunting Detective? Because that’s a HBO series I would totally watch.

        1. ‘Pretty Huge Dick’.

      2. Ha wut?

        Yeah, I scraped your entire blog. This is going to be so fun.

        1. I don’t even have a blog, but by all means continue to do what floats your boat.

  56. Right about now, the writers of this shit-com election should have the rich, insensitive bigoted Republican go to a black church and promise to grant clemency to Bill Cosby.

    1. “What!? I was sure that would go over well with those people!” /cue laugh track

  57. The only thing sillier than all the outrage over the latest Donald Trump comment is all the outrage over that outrage.

    1. Mom and Dad are fighting.

  58. So, I was on a plane when this broke. How many weeks until we elect hillary?

    1. An infinite number of weeks. She’s still going to lose.

  59. And is this a new troll, or a new old troll or an old new troll?

    1. Well fuck. I think it’s all 3, plus some other shit you haven’t suggested.

  60. Robbie Soave,

    “No man whose overriding ideology is that he gets to do whatever he wants?to whomever he wants?should be president.”

    Have you figured out how to get someone who *should* be president elected? I’m guessing the next President should not be President whether Trump wins or not.

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  62. before I looked at the check which had said $6190 , I be certain …that…my sister was like trully bringing home money part time at their computer. . there uncle has been doing this for only about nine months and resently took care of the debts on their home and purchased a top of the range Lotus Elan . you could try here

  63. Johnson just rebuked Trump. Can we all agree that Trump was wrong here, and go vote for Johnson?

    1. Hmmm? nah he’s a joke too.

  64. This might be one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Extra chromosomes everywhere.

  65. 1. How many more of these tapes will surface over the next couple weeks, you think?

    2. Did they intend to run this today, on a Friday (granted, 2 days before the debate), or intended to release it later, but decided to run it early because of the Wikileaks dump?

    3. How great will SugarFree’s next installment be?

    1. You say “great”, I say “traumatic”

  66. Meanwhile, some of Hillary’s secret speeches are leaked, and in one, she said: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.” I realize that to many that sounds great, but open borders will be the end of liberty in this country, once we’re filled with enough Latin American peasants who will reliably vote for more statism.

    That’s the Democratic Party plan, people. They make no secret of it.

    Yes, Trump is hugely flawed in countless ways, but he’s the only hope to stop Hillary.

    1. Or a violent armed uprising. Which is the more realistic long term outcome.

  67. “This is not an isolated incident: there is ample evidence that Trump has physically harmed women.”

    Robby’s link on the words “ample evidence” goes to a statement that Ivana Trump has denied.

    “Donald Trump’s ex-wife is disputing a story published by The Daily Beast that reported that she had accused Trump of rape in a court deposition from the 1990s.

    “I have recently read some comments attributed to me from nearly 30 years ago at a time of very high tension during my divorce from Donald. The story is totally without merit,” Ivana said in a statement to CNN. “Donald and I are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and are very proud of. I have nothing but fondness for Donald and wish him the best of luck on his campaign. Incidentally, I think he would make an incredible president.”…..ast-120721

    Ivana Trump denies that any rape ever happened, and she has done so consistently since 1993. In fact, Ivana denies that we she was raped at the bottom of Robby’s own link under the heading “STATEMENT OF IVANA TRUMP”.

    I don’t know that there’s any good explanation for Robby linking to Ivana denying that she was physically harmed–and Robby then calling it “ample evidence that Trump physically harmed women”?

    That’s just stupid dishonesty on Robby’s part. Being contradicted by his own link is embarrassingly amateur at best.

  68. Incidentally, did Donald Trump accept money from foreign governments while he was the Secretary of State?

    1. He didn’t have the chance to do that. His unethical behavior in the areas where he did have influence indicates he probably would have, given the opportunity.

  69. The best part of all this is Trump issued an apology. He’s been neutered, he’s officially one of them cuck losers now, gotta mumble the right obsequies and maybe they’ll let him carry his balls home in a paper sack. And all the GOP elites got him right by the pussy where he’s gotta do what they says now and all the hmnmhawers get to say well, we never much liked him anyhow while back-pedaling their asses off on every unkind word they failed to utter in his offense. What a fucking pathetic shitshow this has become, somebody change the goddam channel, will ya fer the luvacrist? It’s all pearl-clutching and tongue-clucking and why-I-nevers while the turd in the punchbowl’s the only thing distracting us from the fact that the turd in the punchbowl is what’s for dinner. Put the evil bitch in the White House and let’s get on with the rapine. I got dibs on John Boehner”s rat-gnawed pelt, I got a dog-shit stain on the carpet that needs covered up.

    1. You’re like an Agile Cyborg that makes sense.

      1. I always thought AC made perfect sense.

    2. Hells yeah, I’m looking forward to the feds kicking in my front door to collect my guns (just kidding, I swear, I don’t own any).

    3. Hells yeah, I’m looking forward to the feds kicking in my front door to collect my guns (just kidding, I swear, I don’t own any).

      1. Whoops.

  70. Reason has sickened me this year. I used to think that the word “Reason” actually applied. Honesty too. This year with Trump, I see it was only a matter of turning the debate to where they showed themselves as the same lying scumbags in most of media.

    “Emphasis mine, because, well, you can’t do that. Grabbing an unsuspecting and unwilling person’s genitals is a criminal act of sexual assault under any definition of sexual assault. Trump is evidently proud of the fact that he wielded his wealth and star power as a weapon to help him abuse women?to kiss and grope them without their permission. This is violence, full stop.”

    Where is the word “unsuspecting” or “unwilling” in Trump’s story? Where does he indicate he does anything to any women “without their permission”?

    What part of “let you do it” don’t you understand?

    Beautiful young women going backstage to the band are not there to talk quantum physics. They had to compete with other young women to be there by being the most alluring and most offering to get there. Compete in who “let you do it”.

    Trump has billions, power, fame, charm, and even height! The competition of women to *throw* themselves at Trump must be immense. It’s certain that he has security to keep enthusiastically willing and able women *away* from him.

    This is all obvious to any grown up. But no. The Progressitarian rot has taken Reason. And so it’s hysterical, and more importantly, *dishonest* character assassination all the way down.

    1. I’ve been coming to the site I think for a good decade. In the last year and a half, we’ve seen the Progressitarian invasion. I used to wonder if they would ever get around to banning me. No need to bother. Sickening me is much more effective for keeping me away.

      I’m sure I’ll keep popping by, but there are fewer and fewer writers here that I have any respect for, and even that respect is dwindling, while there are more and more lying scumbag light weights who simply annoy me.

      1. I still come to this site because there are more libertarians here than anywhere else than I can think of. That being said, Reason is a biased outfit with about as much credibility as Huffpo which is a shame because they used to be reputable. There are plenty of good articles but you have to wade through largely leftist biased garbage to see them.

        1. Yeah, I come here to read the comments and see what libertarians think. I don’t really rely on the actual articles for that much anymore.

        2. They really should change the name from Reason to Emote

        3. You can’t be a libertarian and support Trump. Period.

          If you want to go off and form another movement based on Trump’s positions and values, go for it. Let a thousand flowers bloom, even the ones that smell like shit.

          1. You can’t be an American and vote for Hillary. A vote for Hillary is an act of treason.

          2. I’m not sure where I saw anywhere that the OP or others are supporting Trump. This is indicative of what buybuydandavis is complaining about, i.e. emotion above logic.

            1. I don’t see in the OP or the comments where anyone is voting for Hillary.

      2. It has been remarkable that various SJW assumptions seem to have permeated the authors here. Sure, sometimes they’ll criticize campus SJWs or whatever, but other times, they seem to swallow that worldview whole.

    2. Where is the word “unsuspecting” or “unwilling” in Trump’s story? Where does he indicate he does anything to any women “without their permission”?

      Just walking up and grabbing pussy seems to preclude getting consent.

  71. >>he might also become the next leader of the free world?a position he is manifestly unqualified to hold.

    What horse shit. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and LBJ have all been credibly accused of rape, but Trump is uniquely dangerous because he made a tasteless joke? I’ve made MUCH worse jokes in private. Many of us have.

    Soave is hoping that if he shoves his tongue far enough up Hillary’s ass, he can get a job at the NYT after he’s helped run Reason into the ground.

  72. Also, Trump’s critics have zero understanding of the appeal of an alpha male. None of these scandals will have the slightest effect on his popularity, unless he makes the mistake of apologizing. Voters are so pissed off at the establishment that they would vote for Putin at this point.

    1. unless he makes the mistake of apologizing


    2. Bullshit. There’s a limit to how much social conservatives will hold their noses for.

      These are the people who sat on their hands in 2012 and let B.O. get reelected because Romney was a Mormon.

      1. Heh. The petulant child in me is glad a mormon will never see the WH.

  73. Pretty crass but sexual assault it isn’t. If he said she said stop but “I kept reaching for that sweet pussy” you’d have a point.

  74. Straight to the point and not half bad. Not a song about sexual assault though.

    1. Those eyes are wasted on this zilch.

  75. Over 500 comments on this one in six hours? Outstanding. I hope this is the weekend’s only post. It’s absolutely perfect.

    1. Hail to the Commenter-in-Chief !

  76. You can’t buy class

  77. Again with the relentless anti-Trump and silence on Clinton. It has been pointed out before that everything wrong with Trump is wrong with Clinton ten times over.

    Sinister? Her husband is not only guilty of sexual assault and probably rape but she actively tried to discredit and destroy his victims. That is sinister. Pure evil.

    1. Have you lived in some alternate universe where Reason never covered any of Hillary’s scandals?

  78. And the Living will envy the Dead.

  79. Loving that the usual trolls are out in force for a nonce story like this. ACA collapsing? Syria? Countless administrative abuses? Nah brah. Trump said a thing on a tape one time. Priorities, right?

    And fuck Trump. Fuck that stupid sow-eared flap-jawed motherfucker. And fuck his supporters who somehow manage to be even dumber than he is. His most articulate contribution to the political world was about abusing the privilege of celebrity to entice women. Go die in a ditch you dumb fuck.

    1. That stuff isn’t important

  80. ithe next leader of the free world

    Can we please stop calling the president the “leader of the free world”? Please? Please?

    1. Leader of the vast administrative bureaucratic state.

    2. I second this motion.

  81. Holy crap, although I have a highly unhealthy interest in politics, even I am getting grossed out by this year’s campaign.

    The Democrats ran a contest to see who was the most corrupt, cronyist hack in their party – Hillary won easily, and so she got nominated.

    The Republicans had a good chance this year, given the incumbent and Hillary, so they decided to run with this Trump guy. Maybe they believe in handicapping themselves to give up any unfair advantage they might have had over the Democrats?

    The Libertarians manage to break out of their electoral obscurity and get serious attention – but they do it by nominating a couple of pro-abortionists, one of whom wants to do to guns what Trump claims he did with women’s genitals (i. e., grab them).

    I think this is why we have alcoholism in this country.

    1. I myself am partaking in a few celebratory drinks in honor of this year’s unprecedented awfulness.

      It’s after five somewhere! Five in the morning, as it happens.

      1. Strictly, it’s not your liver’s fault these guys got nominated.

        1. My liver is pulling double duty for my brain.

          1. Yeah, I drank to my limit last night. No politics.

          2. Is he writing his congressman

    2. Rand Paul would be 12 points ahead at this point. And Reason would probably be running more anti-Paul articles than anti-Hillary articles.

      1. Yeah, no. Even left-libertarians prefer Rand to Hillary.

        You don’t seem to get it. Nobody likes Hillary. We pretty much all feel that nobody could possibly be any worse than Hillary, and yet somehow Trump is.

  82. And let me suggest that using one’s position to debauch young women is a Bad Thing. If you’re an older guy, you should be going beyond what the law requires and treat women like ladies, even if they don’t want to be ladies.

    1. I mean, I hesitate to ask this because I fear the answer, but what if Trump learned some horndog was treating his (Trump’s) daughter like that? I sure hope he’d be filled with paternal indignation, but one never knows with this guy.

      1. He’d ask what’s the meaning of paternal, and indignation.

        I kid, I kid.

        He would bluster through a response acting as if he knows the meaning of either word.

  83. The Daffyd Thomas skits from Little Britain are an apt inversion of our culture’s bizarre prevailing attitude toward gays. Daffyd styles himself “the only gay in the village”, and attempts to prove himself a flaming homo, even if only to himself, at every opportunity. Despite being a portly man, he dresses scantily and in mesh. He rebukes others for the always unfounded perceived slights against his sexuality. And he does not tolerate any hint of sexual deviancy in his midst, despite the fact that the entire village is comprised of self-avowed gays and bisexuals. Because, as he insists, he is the only gay in the village.

    Compare that to our running fascination with homosexuality, despite the fact that gays represent a tiny minority and the overwhelming majority of people are happy heterosexuals. And of that vastly superior number, very few are terribly worried about gays. It’s seen as a kooky fixation and a distinction of self-denying homos. And yet we are obsessed with the goings on of gays.

  84. Oh yeah? Hillary!

    1. And there’s the quadfecta. Tony, AmSoc, Buttplug, and now this guy.

      Hey, how about those failing exchanges?

      1. Wait…I know Trump said these things, but it’s really a story all about Hillary, right? It just has to be.

        1. Representational evil vs. some guy said something with which I disagree.

          Remind me why I shouldn’t vote for Trump over Hillary?

          1. Nah. You’re the perfect definition of someone who will vote for Trump. I want you in that camp. It’s where you should be. Enjoy!

            1. It’s a lovely morning, Jack. Assuming you’re not in Florida or NC, anyway, I assume. Did you have something to say or are you going to blither here all day?

              1. Lovely indeed, at least here in New York. Not good for Fla. and SC. We here know what they are going through from hurricanes (Sandy) made worse by warming oceans from AGW…but I digress…enjoy your day!

                1. Just to be contrary, I will not. I will spend it drinking and reflecting on my general unfitness as a human being. And continuing to comment here. I will have a thoroughly miserable day. WHAT SAY YOU.

                  1. Come on in off the ledge. all will be OK.

                    1. Woah, hey now. I’m not suicidal. I have tons to live for! I’m not Mike Pence.

                    2. Haha! Good point! And I’m not Kaine. We both will have a good day. I wish you the best!

  85. What’d I miss?

    1. Trump said something crude and indefensible. People are acting as if he let four Americans die in an embassy in Libya. The usual.

      1. Ah, well then. Carry on!

      2. He never had a chance to let anybody die in an embassy. That earns him credit how?

        1. Nah brah he said something unforgivable about women. Un. For. Givable.

  86. So, your saying that Trump is like Bill Clinton or Kennedy, but with less evidence that he followed through on his fantasies? How does that make him unqualified?

    Furthermore, would you rather have a qualified fascist in power or an unqualified moderate conservative?

    The more qualified Hillary is, the worse she looks as a president, because she is using her qualifications to push a disastrous agenda.

    1. What he said doesn’t make unqualified to be President. The fact that he is a narcissistic moron makes him unqualified. I would make 10 times the candidate that Clinton or Trump would make and you would be just plain stupid to vote for me.

    2. Where is the evidence that Bill Clinton groped women without consent?

      would you rather have a qualified fascist in power or an unqualified moderate conservative?

      Are you seriously suggesting that Trump is a “moderate conservative”?

      He’s a liberal trying to lip sync what he thinks conservatives believe.

      1. He isnt that far from center.

  87. ENB seems to take pussygate with an amused shrug while Robbie is overcome with the hysterical vapors.

    1. Because ENB isn’t furiously trying to socially signal the cool kids. I used to think folks were overly hard on Robby, but it’s become harder not to come to the conclusion that he’s just treading water at Reason & trying not piss off “the right people” until he finds a “real” job in his natural environment.

  88. No man whose overriding ideology is that he gets to do whatever he wants?to whomever he wants?should be president.

    I concur. He’s a malignant travesty which will fucking rip the soul of liberty straight from the marrow of noble eagles.

    Trump is also a piddling street peddler prancing down shoddy gloom-stricken streets silent and listless under the somber titanic shadows of a goddamn grandmother Graft Goliath.

    Pretending that this vile fuck has crossed the line is a wadded twisted effort in pretentious fucking righteousness hacking when one even remotely considers the goddamn aura politics shuffles its evil feet through.

    The simplicity of this election is staggering, frankly.

    Claim the villain that suits the limits of your own contrived taste since neither choice is defensible.

    1. The darkness that roils beneath the machine of politics reveals the deplorable only when the openers sense the rewards of fortune.

  89. I was at this frat party once and a girl I never saw before walked up to me and grabbed my dick through my pants. It was pretty great. But after reading this article I realize I am a survivor of a horrible offense of sexual violence. Will start playing my victim card immediately, and look into whether I can file a Title IX complaint against a student who graduated a decade ago.

    1. If she was famous, it was totes okay

    2. If she had been 400 lbs and smelled like compost would you feel the same way?

      1. Go drink your Drano! Are you this fucking stupid?

      2. Seems like you’re implying there is in fact a difference between an attractive person groping you and an ugly person doing the same? That would make it ok for Donald Trump too since we all know being rich makes you a 10/10 even if you look like and have the IQ of an orange gorilla.

  90. The fact that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could actually be nominated to be President of the United States makes me ashamed of being an American.

    1. Shame is the gentle fog preceding the impending darkness, friend.

      1. Shame is a self-defeating behavior.

        1. Masturbation?

    2. Meh, look around the world. Stupidity is a human condition.

  91. God damn, I just watched a neighbor take down a Trump yard sign. It’s in his garage learning against the wall. Motherfucker. Grab that pussy!!!

    1. What an idiot.

      …for putting that sign up in the first place.

  92. “The Republican presidential candidate’s gross mistreatment of women is a manifestation of his anti-libertarianism.”

    Does somebody want to break that down?

    Explain what that’s supposed to mean, exactly?

    Does libertarianism now mean whatever Robby wants it to mean?

    What does libertarian mean to Robby, and why should libertarians care what libertarianism means–to Robby?

    1. Libertarianism means you own yourself, and being a billionaire and having a TV show doesn’t allow others to grope your genitals.

      1. “What you think, you getting girls now ’cause of your looks?
        Negro please”

  93. Eh, whatever the comments prove or don’t prove, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump was a rapist, just due to the company he keeps. But the American people have already shown a willingness to put a center-left rapist into office, so it doesn’t change things. And unless hillary gets divorced between now and January, there’s going to be a rapist in the white house either way, so it shouldn’t influence anyone’s vote unless they switch to a third party.

    1. Hey, that’s a damn novel way to look at it: either way, you’re getting a rapist to “tarnish” the White House (hahahaha)…. But thank God we live in America…. We get to choose our rapist!

  94. “It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

    I get stupid. I’ll shoot an arrow, like cupid. I’ll use a word that don’t mean nothing, like lupid. I sang on doowutchyalike, and if you missed it, I’m the one who said, just grab ’em in the biscuits…

    1. Yeah I called you fat, look at me I’m skinny

  95. I can’t believe nobody has pointed out that being a malignant sociopath is EXACTLY what qualifies somebody to be President. By the standards of the past 100 years, the only thing wrong with Trump is that he isn’t evil ENOUGH.

  96. But I thought people like Trump were legally entitled to one free grope per woman. Gloria Steinem told me so.

  97. Wow 700 nice.

  98. LOL I didn’t even need to look to know this was written by Robby SJW Soave

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  100. I am not sure he literally meant grab them by the pussy? How would that even work? By the short hairs? Or is he talking “bowling ball” style? There are so many questions….

    Or maybe he is being literal and means just what he said. Either way the man’s a turd but my mind keeps going back to words vs. action. We have proof Clinton is felon, and while we know Trump is too, no one has proved it yet.

    I guess it comes down to, this choice other people will be making (not me, thank you) is as shitty we’ve had in history. Shame we ever got here.

  101. “Emphasis mine, because, well, you can’t do that. Grabbing an unsuspecting and unwilling person’s genitals is a criminal act of sexual assault under any definition of sexual assault. ”
    Except of course that he doesn’t say that the women are unsuspecting or unwilling. In fact his position seems to be that they are willing because he’s a star. If they were not willing then surely they would stop him, at least some of the time.

    The “ample evidence” that Trump has hurt women turns out to be a statement by an angry ex-wife who walked it back. Not saying it never happened, just saying that’s hardly “ample evidence”.

    There are many reasons to hate Trump. Him boasting that women let him grab their pussy is not one of them.

  102. 90% of America knows that there are hordes of women who would stand in line to be grabbed by the pu$$y by a multi-millionare playboy.
    51% of America will refuse to acknowledge that fact no matter what evidence is presented.

    So how popular was that 50 shades of female denial book again?

    1. Dude, last night my wife got all indignant at the prospect of…men rating women. (Gasp!) And I was like, “Neat. Hey, you still want me to go ahead on that website you want me to make? The one where visitors go through matchups and pick which quarterback is more attractive in each game?”


    So according to this woman (no other source) Donald Trump groped her, repeatedly, in the presence of her fianc?. Allegedly he was forcing her into his daughter’s bedroom and trying to rape her. This happened when her boyfriend and several women were in the same house. Her response to this was to continue meeting him, even without her man or anyone else around. She doesn’t seem to mention this to her boyfriend, even to the extent of saying “Don’t leave me alone with him”. This is exactly the opposite of what scared women do.

    She seems to tell the boyfriend when they need the sexual harassment suit to Trump to pay them what he owed them. Later she actually dated Trump, when she could get something out of it. While it’s certainly not impossible this happened, everything is consistent with her simply making it up.

    Even in the article what she says directly contradicts itself.
    ” and it would turn into a wrestling match. ? But she says that he was never violent ”
    Which is it? This is not the least credible rape accusation I’ve ever heard, Jackie still takes that “prize” but it’s close.

  104. He’s not talking about sexual assault because he’s saying that women, overawed by fame, will let any and all famous men grab their bits. It’s also pretty obvious from context that he’s bragging to impress a reporter for an entertainment “journalism” outfit.

    Everybody has met one of these guys at least once; they’re bros, they probably do a lot of shoulder-slapping, they tell off-color jokes and laugh too hard, they very conspicuously talk about all the sex they’ve had with hot chicks or whatever, and they’re basically desperate fratties scrabbling to reclaim popularity they briefly had during their senior year of high school. But being a boorish, crude schmuck is not the same thing as being a sexual predator.

    1. He was mentoring young Billy, preparing him for fame and fortune. If The Donald wrote a men’s advice book, I wonder what he would title it?

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