Facebook Temporarily Turns Silk Road, Hurricane Matthew Looks Like a Demon, Mike Pence Offers Peek at Alternate GOP Universe: A.M. Links


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    1. Hello.

      1. Are you a College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick adjunct prof?

    2. And yet we keep adding to them

    3. Well, if it has an aborshunz link, it has to be ENB.

    4. Too. Many. Links.

      I saw that movie! It’s an anagram of Seatec Astronomy.

      1. I have had it with these motherfucking links in this motherfucking blog!
        (yes, I know it’s a different movie)

    5. My dear ENB, don’t take it too hard. Your work is ingenious. It’s quality work. And there are simply too many links, that’s all. Just cut a few and it will be perfect.

      1. You mean “abort a few”

  1. Canada’s College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick will begin teaching students how to grow marijuana.,/i>

    Build a wall!

    1. looks like some chinks are beginning to appear in your armor.

      1. He does it to try to look as if it’s all natural

        1. I like to remind everyone every once in a while that I don’t prepare my comments in advance. I know certain of you like the prepackaged, focus group tested and polished comments but this is REAL LIFE and sometimes it’s GRITTY and RAW.

          DEAL WITH IT.

          1. this is REAL LIFE and sometimes it’s GRITTY and RAW.

            Like your ‘bikini’ area?

        1. Dude, “Chinaman” is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American in the armor, please.

          1. But they you don’t know if you’ve got chinks, gooks, slants, nips, towel heads or wogs in your armor. Too vague.

          2. cis male Chinese Asian-American si vous plait

        2. I think this is from the original Kung Fu series.

    2. Wall of Cannabis!

      1. Didn’t they open for the Psychedelic Furs one tour?

  2. Football player Allen Artis’ attorney says lawyer of woman accusing him of rape doctored the photos.

    I can’t prosecute this man. He’s my son!

  3. The main-party vice presidential candidates took to the CNN stage last-

    I was in Virginia!

    1. Kaine brought up a 5th grade civics class, which was appropriate considering that he acted like a 5th grader for most of the debate.
      Everyone is still going to vote for whoever they planned to vote for before the V.P. debate, but Team R can feel better about their choice while the Team D now needs to squeeze their nose even harder.

      1. Kaine is the perfect example of idiot Virginia Democrat. There’s not much thought process going on, or any bright ideas, just keep on keeping on.

      2. I’ve been seeing press outlets desperately trying to spin Kaine’s performance with the “damning with faint praise” variety, which shows just how badly Pence emulsified him.

    2. “I was in Virginia!”

      Was it consensual?

  4. using it to try and exchange guns, sex, drugs, and baby hedgehogs.

    I see Sonic has reached stud status.

    1. Guns, sex, drugs….fine. Baby hedgehogs?! THEY GO TOO FAR!

  5. …(also may be an omen of end times; see photo to right for further evidence).

    A photo of Trump and Hillary would work there, too.

    1. Kaepernick got to FoE, too! Does his sphere of influence know no limit?

  6. Canada’s College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick will begin teaching students how to grow marijuana.

    I see a lot of incompletes coming up.

    1. I don’t know. Growing some nice plants is one thing that motivates stoners even more than building bongs.

  7. Bank of Canada urges ‘Star Trek’ fans to stop ‘Spocking’ their fivers

    Bank of Canada is pleading with Star Trek fans to stop “Spocking” its five dollar bills. Since Leonard Nimoy’s death, Canadian folks have been “Spocking” the hell out of the five dollar bill that features a portrait of Canada’s seventh prime minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier.

    Sir Wilfrid now sports, on certain bills at least, pointy ears, the signature Vulcan haircut and eyebrows and Spock’s mantra “Live long and prosper.”

    According to Bank of Canada it’s not illegal to do this but:

    “…However, there are important reasons why it should not be done. Writing on a bank note may interfere with the security features and reduces its lifespan. Markings on a note may also prevent it from being accepted in a transaction. Furthermore, the Bank of Canada feels that writing and markings on bank notes are inappropriate as they are a symbol of our country and a source of national pride.”

    1. Those aren’t “important reasons” to not deface your government paper things.

    2. They make a politician look silly, so they want it to stop. Just be honest Bank of Canada.

    3. “and reduces its lifespan”

      In other words: it fights inflation. Carry on.

  8. The countries where cash is on the verge of extinction

    My dad, a former Wall Street trader always advised me “cash is king” and to “hold on to it” when the economy gets tough.

    But in the Netherlands, cash is definitely not getting the royal treatment. In so many places, it has simply ceased to be recognised as legal tender. More and more Dutch stores, from upscale health-food store Marqt to my local baker and bagel shop, take pin ? or debit ? cards exclusively. Some retailers even describe going cash-free as “cleaner” or “safer”.

    Tucking my debit card firmly away, I decide to see how far a bundle of cash will get me. Not far. The big-ticket items are strictly cashless affairs: my rent and my telephone bill among them.

    I meet with baffled expressions and some resistance. “I can’t remember the last time we received a cash payment,” says Marielle Groentjes, an administrator with the company that manages my apartment, Hoen Property Management BV, and has worked there for a decade. “We don’t like cash in the office, we don’t have a safe, and banks charge you for depositing it.”

    1. Not sure about the veracity of this one. As an American who wants to minimize my exchange rates and fees, I used my credit card wherever I possibly could, literally no casual or fine dining restaurant that I visited took a card anywhere in that country. The places that did take a card were chain stores and the train stations. Small shops often did not and I was repeatedly chastised that “all you Americans want to use is credit card or checks” which the Dutch seemed to think was very peculiar.

      1. Another journalist just making up a story? I was on my high school newspaper, and the advisor (a great teacher, nice person, and speech writer for Dan Quayle) told us specifically not to make stuff up. Maybe they don’t teach that in j-school nowadays?

      2. That’s been my experience in Europe in general. Much more cash centered than in the US.

        Perhaps it is changing. I think part of why they favor cash so much is because tax evasion is a proud tradition there. Maybe governments are incentivizing electronic payments somehow to try to improve tax compliance.

      3. They just wanted to complain about Americans. Remember they hate us because of our freedom…

      4. I’m calling bullshit. I traveled all throughout Europe while I was stationed there including The Netherlands. There was no place which wouldn’t accept cash. And since most places either had a significant service charge or minimum transaction cost for using a card I always made sure to have sufficient cash on-hand.

    2. Tried to pay rent in cash? Not at all surprised that it was met with resistance – I’m sure they weren’t set up for receiving that much. Same for the phone bill – ours was always an automatic draft from our bank account.

      That said, I was definitely in the minority when I used a card at most places. Even at the larger ticket locations (electronics and home improvement stores), it was not uncommon to see people pulling out a wad of cash and plunking down hundreds or thousands of Euros.

  9. Facebook’s new “Marketplace,” allowing mobile app users to buy and sell goods, launched Monday and before long people were using it to try and exchange guns, sex, drugs, and baby hedgehogs.

    Law enforcement’s greatest new tool.

    1. I’ll keep shopping on yahoo marketplace, thank you very m…. wait, what’s that you say?

      1. Oh very nice.

        *polite applause*

    2. Drugged, sex maniac, armed, baby hedgehogs are the worse!

      1. Has Nikki passed?

    3. Human nature … how does it work?

    4. Low hanging fruit. It is absolutely baffling how many drug dealers conduct there business out in the open internet.

      1. There/Their/They’re

        Coffee before commenting is now mandatory.

  10. Some see Bigfoot photo-bombing Michigan eagle’s nest cam

    The clip includes a pop-up window zooming in on whatever is roaming below the nest. A dark figure ? walking on two legs too much to be a bear ? can be seen moving up a wooded slope, pausing on a fallen tree, then leaping down a slope and out of view.

    It’s definitely Bigfoot. Or a man in an ape suit. Or just a normally dressed guy in silhouette.

    “Like most videos purported to be Bigfoot, it’s grainy and out of focus ? of course, the camera wasn’t set up to be focused on the ground; it was focused on the nest,” said Ed Eisch, DNR Fish Production manager for the state and the Platte River hatchery.


      1. His work is his holiday

    2. Some guy in a hooded Land’s End jacket, which made him look taller and bigfoot-like?


  11. Taste for high-fat food ‘in our genes’

    Some people are genetically wired to prefer the taste of fatty foods, putting them at increased risk of obesity, according to UK researchers.

    The University of Cambridge team offered 54 volunteers unlimited portions of chicken korma, followed by an Eton mess-style dessert.

    Some of the meals were packed with fat while others were low-fat versions.

    Those with a gene already linked to obesity showed a preference for the high-fat food and ate more of it.

    The gene in question is called MC4R.

    It is thought about one in every 1,000 people carries a defective version of this gene which controls hunger and appetite as well as how well we burn off calories.

    Mutations in MC4R are the most common genetic cause of severe obesity within families that has so far been identified.

    Humans probably evolved hunger genes to cope in times of famine, say experts.

    When food is scarce it makes sense to eat and store more fat to fend off starvation.

    But having a defect in the MC4R gene means hunger can become insatiable.

    1. No shit, huh? I think we already knew fat makes things taste good. I suppose identifying a specific gene related to hunger and satiety is interesting.

    2. BREAKING: fatty foods are tasty, study concludes.

    1. So. Will the English police take these idiots in?

      I mean, had it been the other way around….

    2. people have no sense of humor these days./

    3. I think I prefer my precocious youths to err on the side of being offensive rather than erring on the side of everything being a trigger warning.

    4. I’ll admit the art is a bit amateurish, but shit, what do you expect for only 5 quid?

    5. That is so incredibly wrong. That’s a mumu not a dress.

    6. Buy the dress, get a free ASBO! Protest the dress get a free ASBO for being anti-Western Oriental.

    7. Why is it always, “This shouldn’t be allowed to be sold!”

      Instead of, “That’s awful, I’d never buy it.”

      1. Because then some dead cops wife wouldn’t be able to stand on a podium and cry in front of the media.

    8. Meanwhile local resident Sean Gower, 35, told The Sun reporter Dan Sales: ‘It’s very offensive. There were British people killed in the Twin Towers.

      Thankfully, no parrots were killed on 9/11.

    9. That is hilarious. In poor taste, but it’s just so weird that I almost want one. Are those palm trees in the foreground?

    10. Palm trees at ground zero? As if.

  12. South Bay man pleads guilty to torturing, killing up to 20 cats

    A 25-year-old South Bay man faces up to 16 years in prison after pleading guilty Tuesday to torturing and/or killing more than 20 cats he abducted from a quiet residential San Jose neighborhood.

    Robert Farmer took the cats off the streets of the Cambrian Park neighborhood during a two-month period last fall, injuring some and killing up to 16. Only four bodies were found.

    He pleaded guilty to 21 charges of animal cruelty. His sentencing is not set yet.

    “As this sad case comes to a close, our thoughts are with the families who lost their beloved pets,” prosecutor Alexandra Ellis said in a written statement. “We intend to hold Mr. Farmer accountable for his perverse and violent acts.”

    1. Avatar
      5 minutes ago
      Feral cats are a menace and spread disease.

      If people valued their cats’s lives, they would keep them in or tied up.

      Torturing animals is sick but killing fetuses is far worse.

      You know who else turned every topic into an abortion thread?

        1. I mean, you can put them on a leash, but most just flop around like it was made of kitty kryptonite.

          1. There’s a crazy cat lady in my neighborhood that walks her cat every single evening. The cat is on a leash and she basically just drags it down the sidewalk because low and behold, her cat is not a fucking dog.

            1. There was a woman in the section 8 housing down the street from my business who would walk her cat while riding in her motorized wheelchair every day. Thing was, she would ride right down the middle of the damn street and wouldn’t move for anyone.

              One day, the leash got caught one of the wheels, so she gets out of the wheelchair, goes to the rear of the chair, and lifts the back end of it to untangle the leash.

              Sometimes however, life is just. The disability scam artist crossed the major thoroughfare in her wheelchair one day and got hit by a schoolbus.

              1. The disability scam artist crossed the major thoroughfare in her wheelchair one day and got hit by a schoolbus.

                And thus became pregnant? /Tony

              2. Lee, when I read this the very first thing I thought was “hey that remind me of that amazing story posted a few years ago about the faker in the wheelchair with the cat who got hit by a car. Now, who the hell posted it?” No bullshit – that story has given me cheap laughs for years. Thank you thank you thank you

                1. I mean when I read Free Society’s post, not yours, obviously

          2. I’ve seen a few cats that will tolerate a leash, but not many. I’ve also known a couple of cats that like to swim.

            1. I had such a cat. It used to swim in the pond with me whenever I’d be out there. Not because he liked the water, he just didn’t want to be too far away from his humans. Good cat that.

      1. Wow, that’s all over the place. Make up your mind, are you talking about feral cats or cats that people let out?

        I always feel like it’s cruel to cats to keep them inside all the time (if you live where it’s reasonably safe to let them out). They need to go out and hunt and explore.


  13. X.Org Hit By New Round Of Security Issues, Multiple Libraries Affected

    Courtest of OpenBSD developers, they have uncovered protocol handling issues in X Window System client libraries. This is on top of the earlier X.Org security disclosures.

    Matthieu Herrb explained, “Most of these issues stem from the client libraries trusting the server to send correct protocol data, and not verifying that the values will not overflow or cause other damage. Most of the time X clients & servers are run by the same user, with the server more privileged than the clients, so this is not a problem, but there are scenarios in which a privileged client can be connected to an unprivileged server, for instance, connecting a setuid X client (such as a screen lock program) to a virtual X server (such as Xvfb or Xephyr) which the user has modified to return invalid data, potentially allowing the user to escalate their privileges.”

    Libraries found to be affected by this latest round of X.Org security issues include libX11, libXfixes, libXi, libXrandr, libXrender, XRecord, libXv, and libXvMC… Pretty much all of the core X.Org libraries you’ll want to be updating. Fixes are available to address the range of poor validation of data from the X.Org Server; the changes are in Git while new releases of these key libraries will be available shortly.

    1. Command line only on remote servers. Save the hassle.

      1. Wayland can’t come soon enough.

      2. Doing everything on a keyboard is way more efficient anyway.

  14. Selling uniforms for food, Venezuela oil workers feel the pinch

    For decades, jobs at Venezuela’s state-run oil giant PDVSA were coveted for above average salaries, generous benefits and cheap credit that brought home ownership and vacationing abroad within reach for many workers.

    Now, in Venezuela’s asphyxiating economy, even PDVSA employees are struggling to pay for everything from food and bus rides to school fees as triple-digit inflation eats away incomes.

    They are pawning goods, maxing out credit cards, taking side jobs, and even selling PDVSA uniforms to buy food, according to Reuters’ interviews with two dozen workers, family members, and union leaders.

    “Every day a PDVSA worker comes to sell his overall,” said Elmer, a hawker at the biggest market in the oil city of Maracaibo, as shoppers eyed pricey rice and flour imported from neighboring Colombia.

    1. Only socialism could turn rice into a luxury good.

      1. Quote of the day. Paste it all over Facebook.

      2. Excellent

    2. This is going to end in blood…soon.

      1. Military coup followed by a doubling-down on the command-and-control approach.

        1. +1 Dirty War

      2. We just need to send the Venezuelans a Liberty sapling, so it doesn’t go to waste.

      3. Venezuela might be better off if the communists were just purged. Even after you dispose of Maduro, there’s still a critical mass of those fucks working to destroy lives and property regardless of the consequences. Not to say that will or should happen, just that the country would be better off.

        1. Pinochet isn’t remembered fondly anywhere but I would much rather live in Chile than Venezuela today.

        2. Venezuela needs to be reorganized based on freedom of association and community sovereignty. Under such a system, communists would only have power over other communists. Of course, as a bandit ideology they would certainly attempt to use violence to pillage and/or enslave the other communities that expelled them, but the ensuing slaughter of reds would not be a purge, but instead a just war.

      4. I hope so. The soon part, not necessarily the blood part.

        I really hope Maduro is taken care of by this time next year.

  15. Sand Sculpture Protesting Light Rail Expansion Gets Censored

    A coalition of grassroots groups, opposed to light rail but unable to afford expensive radio and TV spots, entered the freelance division of the Neptune Festival sand sculpture competition. For a $15 entry fee, they created a modest little mound of sand with a simple message: “Please vote no light rail.”

    “No” was underlined.

    Imagine how those five sandy words must have irked local power brokers who almost unanimously support the now-$243 million plan to extend Norfolk’s light-rail system to the Beach.

    Once darkness fell on Saturday and the crowds thinned, festival officials reportedly visited the offending entry and raked away the words.

    1. Can they all lose?

      1. The supporters of the light rail extension don’t care that it will be a cash-guzzling boondoggle that will never ever pay for itself; the opponents are scared that Norfolk’s darker-skinned inhabitants will be able to get to Virginia Beach easier.

        It’s people who should lose all the way down.

        1. the opponents are scared that Norfolk’s darker-skinned inhabitants will be able to get to Virginia Beach easier

          Ha! I hadn’t heard that accusation. -1 Greek Week

          1. Some of them have been pretty explicit about how light rail will facilitate “criminal elements” coming to town and decreasing their property values.

            Fun fact: Virginia Beach PD used to pick up homeless people, stick ’em on buses, and ship ’em to downtown Norfolk all the time.

    2. “””extend Norfolk’s light-rail system to the Beach.”””

      No, the $243 million is only to get it from Norfolk city line to a new “city center” in Virginia Beach. Its only 3.5 miles long and its on an already existing railway right of way that the city owns. Getting all the way to the beach in the resort part of the city will costs hundreds of million, up to a billion dollars more

      1. Like your typical light rail project, it sucks donkey balls.

        1. Norfolk’s bullshit excuse for a light rail line was super cheap for its first year; Hampton Roads Transit authorities were shocked (shocked!) when ridership plummeted after they raised the price.

          So they raised the price of a yearly transit pass (for all buses, ferries, etc.) by 500%. I guess they were planning to soak all those super-rich fat cats who rely on public transportation to get around.

          1. The land sales around the light rail in Norfolk are quite interesting. It’s almost like people with connections knew ahead of time where it was going. Coincidence, I’m sure.

  16. Don’t know if we have any Fedora users in here, but if we do, heads up:

    PSA: Do not run ‘dnf update’ inside GNOME, KDE or any other graphical desktop on Fedora 24

    Recently several reports of people getting ‘duplicated packages’ and ‘kernel updates not working’ have come through to us in QA from Fedora 24 users. I managed to get one reporter to explain more specifically what happened, and it sounds a lot like what’s happening is that something in the ‘dnf update’ process can cause a GNOME or X crash, possibly depending on hardware or package set installed. When that happens, the update process is killed and does not complete cleanly, which is why you get ‘duplicated packages’ and other odd results.

    I’m working with the reporter right now to investigate and hopefully get this fixed, but in the meantime – and this is in fact our standard advice anyway, but it bears repeating – DON’T RUN ‘dnf update’ INSIDE A DESKTOP.

      1. How did I guess that would be the case?

    1. There go my never-realized plans to check out Fedora eventually…someday.

      I thought dandified yum was supposed to be the super-awesome package management system of the future (Red Hat/Fedora types have been peddling that for a while).

      Whatever. Hope they fix it soon. Something like this is pretty bad, even though Fedora is billed as a bit bleeding-edge/unstable.

  17. Vicar didn’t realise this sign might come across a bit dirty

    Reverend Bob Marshall told his parishioners at Ebenezer Baptist Chapel in Buckley, North Wales: ‘Forgiveness is swallowing when you want to spit’

    He’s from the US so thinks there may have been a bit of a translation mix-up.

    He said: ‘When I put that sign out I had no idea what it meant over here. Forgiveness is what it’s all about. One lady said she didn’t even see the word forgiveness.

    1. I’m pretty sure that connotation could be inferred in US English as well.

      1. Forgiveness is sticking with someone who would want to spit.

      2. I’m not even sure what other interpretation there could be.

    2. Only a bit dirty?

      1. Get on your knees and pray hard.

        1. I do. Nightly.

    3. I need to buy more pineapple juice.

      1. heh. Makes you taste sweeter. And buy fresh pineapples; don’t go for that canned shit.

        1. Are you macking on Crusty?

    1. Before spellcheck? Outstanding. Now? I need a team of edtors.

    2. 15/15
      You have a spelling OCD

      So if you can do something correctly you’re “obsessed” now?

    3. 14/15

      Harass has been tripping me up wanting to add an extra “r” since I was in fucking kindergarten.

      1. You fucked in kindergarten? (was how I read it the first time through).

        1. I didn’t find out until it was too late that Mr. Lester’s first name was Moe.

          1. badoom tish!!

      2. Me too. It’s because embarrass has an extra r.

      3. 14/15 also, same word! You/me are Tulpa.

    4. 15/15. It was multiple choice with the words right there in front of you, that’s practically cheating.

      1. Uh, cheeting.

        C’mon man.

  18. Hurricane Skeletor?

    1. Just noticed that scary face in the photo too. Post that with the evacuation orders

  19. First they wanted to get married, now they want to be our friend: The Rise of the ‘Bromosexual’ Friendship

    Amid a scene of scantily clad sun worshipers, the best friends Reza Farahan and Mike Shouhed gaze at different objects of desire: Mr. Farahan at musclebound guys, Mr. Shouhed at voluptuous women.

    Their distinct lusts, which may have alienated gay and straight men from each other in the past, inspire the ultimate gesture of fraternal connection: a fist bump.

    There is often a traditionally masculine sense of familiarity at play in these portrayals, exuding a feeling particular enough to suggest its own term: bromosexual relationships.

    Where my country gone?

    1. “Mike and I are so similar,” Mr. Farahan said. “He has been a womanizer and I’ve been a player. In the ad, we’re having a moment, and it’s the same moment. The only difference is that I’m looking at men and he’s looking at women.”

    2. It makes sense. You have perfect wingmen.

      1. truth, but a wingman that may try to sleep with you and you let him after drinking one to many chardonnays at the bath house, it happened to “my friend”.

        1. What happens in Frisco, stays in Frisco.

    3. sounds kind of gay…

      1. NTTIAWWT ?

        1. No, there is nothing wrong with that, but it’s the When Harry Met Sally effect ? men and women can’t be friends without sex getting in the way.
          Now I wonder if it will become so that 2 guys can’t be friends without sex getting in the way either.

      2. In high school I had a very close friend who turned out to be gay. I had no idea, I just thought he wasn’t that interested in women or sex in general. We hung out all the time, had shared hobbies – record collecting, and were both social outcasts in a conservative suburban wasteland.

        It turns out – all along – that he had a crush on me. Even though I was distinctly only into women. I guess I should have realized this when he used to disparage any gal I was dating. Duh on me.

        1. No, she really was awful.

          1. but she had a great ass!

            1. So did you, presumably

              1. Still do. *blushes on both cheeks*

            2. but she had a great ass!

              /Al Pacino, Heat, 1995

        2. Sure you didn’t know Rain Man, sure.

    4. You want a gay wingman. They are comfortable chatting up hand grenades. And if you can find an attractive girl in a gay bar, chances are she’s desperate.

      1. Also, having a gay buddy who you can introduce to your wife or girlfriend means you never have to go to the mall again.

      2. Go on. Desperate for what?


        1. Man-penis. Desperate for man-penis.

      3. I’d say your chances are 50/50 that they’re in the gay bar because they’re actually pretty sick of being hit on constantly in your non-gay bars. At least that’s why most of the women I know go to those things. *shrug*

    5. After reading that, I need bromo.

    1. Calling him ‘Brownie’ still would’ve worked.

      1. That would have been mildly clever. Mike avoids clever.

        1. In Soviet HyR, clever avoids Mike!

          1. Shut up, Swishy Pervo-Whore!

            1. You shut up, Man-Row Fed Her, Doin’ Her!

  20. The Free Speech Fairness Act would allow churches and religious nonprofits to make political statement without fear of losing tax exempt status.

    Like we’re not already subsidizing political speech all over the place.

    1. OK, then, abolish the nonprofit tax exemption, don’t offer it arbitrarily to nonprofits with sufficient connections and clever lawyers to phrase their political statements in ways which don’t trigger an IRS audit.

      1. Lyndon Johnson was not a friend of liberty. When he persuaded Congress to add his censorship clause to the tax code in 1954, he was not acting out of concern for protecting freedom and fiscal responsibility. Instead, he was reacting to a nonprofit group in Texas which campaigned against him.

        1. The worst betrayals of liberty always seem to start with an elected official settling a petty score or looking to gain some short term political advantage at the cost of severe long term problems. Democracy is not a friend of liberty.

          1. +1 Patriot Act

  21. So, starting to get ready for the hurricane, I live in MB, SC. My facebook is full of so much retardedness, the worst so far is this one story that keeps getting shared that claims LANDFALL IN CHARLESTON EMINENT!!!! along with the famous radar image of Hugo making landfall…

    1. If it were another Hugo, I’d agree on the fleeing. But it’s not headed that way.

    2. Just don’t wait too long. Better to take a long weekend in the Smokies than get caught in a storm that knocks out power and water for a week. Look at Tallahassee. Despite the partisan fighting about the rate of power restoration, a week to ten days is probably what is going to happen if you get winds strong enough to blow down trees. Come back on day three of that with a trunkful of ice and you’ll have lots of friends among your neighbors.

      1. For sure, I’ve been tracking this storm since last week when it jumped up to a Cat5 so quickly. I’ve been through them before and I take them seriously. I just hate how so much of the media presents the information to the public (I’m looking at you TWC.com).

        1. I agree on that last bit. It is off-putting to me to see TWC jerking off to the storm for a week before it starts destroying things.

        2. TWC is ridiculous. They’re fully invested in disaster porn and fear-mongering at this point.

          1. Then last night they were all like WHY IS EVERYONE PANICKING, IT HASN’T HIT US YET.

          2. There was apparently a massive earthquake “predicted” for SoCal this week. San Bernadino shut down it’s city hall, and some people were really panicking. I found out when an acquaintance of mine (a recent immigrant from Russia) was asking me for advice on what to do. She was visibly scared. It was heartbreaking. She of course learned about it on tv news.

            I told her to relax. They can’t predict earthquakes. Live your life and enjoy your day. I hoped it helped.

            1. Did that count runaway pets to predict earthquakes thing not pan out?

            2. Well, in all fairness these are the same people who probably think that someone can correctly predict the temperature in a hundred years even though they are consistently wrong on what the temperature will be tomorrow. Surprising? Sadly, not at all.

        3. I generally stick to the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service at this point. They deliver just the facts unless it becomes completely necessary to do otherwise. (like the message they put out before Hurricane Katrina hit.)

  22. If this hurricane blows South Florida away and this is my last day of lynx before the demon hurricane kills me, I’d just like to say I love you all. Except for you. You know who you are.

    1. If I die, I want you all to know you’re just terrible at what you do here and I’d fire you all if I could…

    2. The feeling is mutual.

    3. Come to Clearwater. We’ll have a hurricane party. My brother is in West Palm, and he’s staying, too. I think the payoff of seeing a place he hates destroyed is worth as much as his life*.

      *This is hyperbole. As much as he can’t wait to leave South Florida, I don’t think he wishes it to be destroyed.

      1. I’m actually pretty likely fine. I’m in a house built post-Hurricane Andrew with rolling shutters (which I haven’t decided yet if I actually want to close) and I’m so far inland I’m in the Everglades. Everyone around is panicking though.

        (and I also want to leave South Florida, badly. But that’s another story.)

        1. Pretty Likely Fine was one of the most underrated, and one of the best, albums of 1994. Depressing Alternative Rock Monthly called it “Okay, I guess. Like it matters.”

      2. I’m actually pretty likely fine. I’m in a house built post-Hurricane Andrew with rolling shutters (which I haven’t decided yet if I actually want to close) and I’m so far inland I’m in the Everglades. Everyone around is panicking though.

        (and I also want to leave South Florida, badly. But that’s another story.)

        1. Hopefully it kills all the squirrels though.

    4. I’m up in Tampa. If anyone needs a fallback shelter, we could probably make room. Already have one person from St. Augustine talking about coming down for an unintended visit…

      1. Can I move in permanently?

          1. Eh. Given a choice between Crusty and my in-laws (who have commented frequently about how nice it would be to get away from the German winters and retire in Florida), I think I’d take Crusty.

            Unless you were warning Crusty. If that’s the case, I have nothing to say…

            *puts away filet knife with a sigh*

            1. German wife? I’ll be there, my hat and tarp in hand. Let’s get weird.

              1. “Who wants a moustache Ride?!”

      2. I’m interested in joining some sort of Fire team/looting brigade. Where do I sign up?

        1. Your local Black Lives Matter chapter.

          1. Zing!

    5. Eagles forever brother.

    6. I think it might be worse than “blows away”. Instead its going to rain pieces of Haiti on you.

    7. Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

    1. Oh. I thought shonkies were shitty honkies.

  23. Mixed in this article, Colin Kaepernick is a real American, which is kind of pointless, is this quote:

    “Yes, Mr. Kaepernick, you are the man to follow in the tradition of Paul Robeson, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali and W.E.B. Du Bois, who were willing to face consequences, unafraid.” ? message from the Rev. Amos C. Brown, pastor of Third Baptist Church of San Francisco, Sept. 4.

    1. Real Americans have hawt gf’s also.

    2. Paul Robeson was an admirer of Stalin. Fuck that guy.

    3. who were willing to face consequences, unafraid.”

      “After they got their $11 million guaranteed salary, of course.

    4. What fucking consequences has Kaepernick faced?

    5. Frederick Douglass isn’t impressed.

  24. Freedom requiring fucking law has morphed into a goddamn cleaver and rarely does this exist without dark purpose.

    Svelte jolts vibrantly powering the liberty vessel emanate from within consciousness. Its intrinsic networks gently jostle, bump, and rest organically against the busy peripheries and fringes of multitude external inquiring, pondering, and meandering realities. The ‘laws’ for this concourse are as fucking natural as the goddamn pebbles sunning under the washing forces of glittering forest streams.

    1. I promise to re-read this next time completely stoned out of my mind.

      It probably makes perfect sense.

  25. Football player Allen Artis’ attorney says lawyer of woman accusing him of rape doctored the photos.

    rtis has maintained that he and Robinson had consensual sex and he “did not rape her.”

    Robinson’s attorney, Denise W. Branch, on Sept. 13 released a photo purportedly taken the morning of Feb. 14, showing what Branch said was bruising on Robinson’s neck.

    Artis’s attorney, Kerry Sutton, contacted CNN last week after she received 13 evidentiary photos of Robinson from District Attorney Jim Woodall’s office. She sent them to CNN, including one that is similar to the photo issued by Branch.

    Having attorneys debate your case via CNN? That’s going to turn out well.

  26. Adults at Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Parlor Erupt Into All-Out Fistfights and Hair-Pulling

    The adults were most definitely not acting like grown-ups.

    A blazing brawl erupted at a south Florida Chuck E. Cheese’s over the weekend, with adults throwing punches, kicks and pulling hair while their children ran screaming for safety.

    A 16-year-old girl shot video of the melee with her cell phone and posted it on Twitter, where it naturally went viral with thousands of shares.

    Miami high school student Krystel Jimenez told InsideEdition.com Tuesday night that she was at the pizza parlor with a friend when “two people got into a fight and then their families got involved.”

    While she was filming, Jimenez said she felt frightened by all the punching and yelling. “It was worse because no one could stop it,” she said.

    “I felt scared and I didn’t know when it was going to end.”

    The cops arrived, but no one was arrested, she said. The Miami-Dade Police Department has issued no information about the incident.

    1. That’s surprising given how much of an upper class place Chuck E Cheese’s is.

    2. Florida Man and Chuck E. Cheese Man: the worst combination on Earth.

    3. I have taken my child to Chuck E Cheese a total of one time. I’m never going back, and neither is she. That place is horrifying.

      1. I’ve lived this story. My daughter had her 5th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. We were in the party room with about 5 other kids having parties. Two tables over a fistfight broke out between adults. “STOP! We at Chuck E. Cheese! CHUCK! E! CHEESE!” Best 5th birthday ever.

    4. Judging by that last bit, it must have been a police involved punchup.

    5. My favorite Chuck E. Cheese story: A guy here robbed one. On a Wednesday. At 4:30 in the afternoon. Unless it was a targeted token heist, I doubt he made off with much cash.

      1. Even more than going to jail, that should be the real “what the fuck am I doing with my life?” moment in your criminal career.

        1. They speculated he was the same person that robbed a Goodwill store some hours later.

          I’m not kidding.

            1. dolla dolla bill yo

            2. So his kid’s birthday party was that night at Chucky Chesse and he needed some presents, coins and a couple of bucks.

    6. Idiocracy.

      It’s coming.

  27. Can YOU see the hidden message in these pictures? How a glamorous fake Instagram account managed to trick 50,000 people

    Whether it’s a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in her hand, a cocktail by her side or even a sly bottle poking out from her handbag, Ms Delage’s photos always come complete with an alcoholic drink.

    And while the 25-year-old is indeed a model from Paris, Ms Delage was in fact hired by the Parisian ad agency, BETC, to send a clever message about alcohol addiction to young people.

    As part of the company and Addict Aide’s Like My Addiction campaign, she aimed to raise awareness of drinking among young people, and draw attention to the fact that alcoholism can be so easily missed.


    1. She made alcoholism look fabulous.

      1. I feel that I’m a sex addict. She needs to do an ad campaign to raise awareness of my crippling affliction.

    2. If I drink as much as she does maybe she’ll see we have something in common and twitter me.

    3. To make alcoholism more acceptable we had a young attractive person be subtly promoting alcohol in every picture.


    4. I thought the women in Paris were good-looking, if perhaps a little hairy.

      1. How can you tell, behind the burkas?

    5. Next up for the agency, they promote increased acceptance of Islamic immigration by posting photos of ISIS lopping heads off.

    6. So to raise awareness about the harm of alcohol addiction, they take a beautiful woman, take pictures of her enjoying life in beautiful scenery while drinking mostly wine. That doesn’t discourage me, it just makes me want to drink and bang hot women.

    7. Doesn’t seem like a very good plan. Those pictures have convinced me that I should drink more wine.

    8. Fucking babe alert.

  28. and turning substantive discussions into referendums on Trump’s incivility.

    That’s going to be the rest of the campaign from here on out.

    1. It would be too ridiculous to have a chance if not for the collusion of the media. Seriously, all of Hillary’s documented malfeasance doesn’t matter, because Trump sometimes says mean things. It’s just absurd.

  29. Public health groups are suing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over its delay on graphic cigarette-pack advertising.

    In another case, Altria is fighting back against the rule’s ban on the use of words like “low,” “light” or “mild” on product labels for both cigars and e-cigarettes.

    Wow. So essentially the FDA’s goal is to make the only way to differentiate products is by the color of the package or the type of disease photo on the package?

    1. If cigarette packs were just a picture of a diseased lung with no logo, would anyone be dissuaded from buying? “Fuck, I thought these things were healthy!”

      1. I’m pretty sure several comics did this bit 25 or 30 years ago.

        1. Dennis Leary did in No Cure for Cancer. But couldn’t remember the specifics of exactly what he said.

          1. “You could have cigarettes that were called “Warnings”. You could sell them in a black pack, with a skull-and-crossbones on the front, call ’em Tumors – and you’d have smokers lined up around the block to buy ’em, saying, “Oh man, I’ll bet these things are so good!”

      2. Australia has so-called plain packaging, which has been credited with cutting smoking rates. The theory is that seeing gross things will gross you out. Like these Australian cigarette packs. Nothing to do with the fact that a pack of 25 costs around US$20 because of taxes.

        1. I could also see being turned off by the fact that you have no idea what your smoking after you plop down that kind of cash.

          1. How the fuck am I supposed to buy my black and milds if I can’t tell what fucking flavor it’s going to be? God Damn you FDA! Mark my words there are going to be riots.

            1. You can’t breathe?

        2. Legal sales went up after plain packaging was introduced. Sales fell after the next tax increase. How much is sold through the black market is unknown but probably substantial.

    2. I can’t hardly wait for the when some large corporation just tells the federal government to shove it and keeps doing what they were ordered not to. I’d hope the CEO would meet a raid at the doors with a shotgun. I can dream, can’t I?

  30. to try and exchange guns, sex, drugs, and baby hedgehogs.

    I can see the first three, but why would a libertarian want a baby hedgehog? They make terrible monocle factory workers, just rolling into an adorable ball whenever you yell at them. Useless.

    1. They make pretty good exfoliators

    2. You’ve obviously have never had a local mad scientist kidnapping local wildlife and turning them into robots for some vague reason.

  31. Bond set for 16-year-old girl accused of throwing baby out of the window

    OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – 16-year-old Antonia Lopez, the teen accused of throwing her newborn child out of her apartment window Friday, officially made her first court appearance on Tuesday to face her charges.

    Lopez is being charged as an adult and was charged for a felony child abuse resulting in death of a child.

    Lopez is being held on a $500,000 bond.

    The defense asked for a 24/7 monitoring ankle bracelet for Lopez to wear but prosecution rejected it.

    Records showed that Lopez was reported missing nine times in 2015.

    Lopez is currently a junior at Central High School.

    This is now an abortion thread.

    1. Jesus Christ. That poor girl probably shouldn’t have been left alone with her baby, but I’m sure the State will make sure she gets good and fucked up over this. To make an example to other women not to throw their babies out windows, which would happen all the time if the State didn’t punish 16 year olds with existing mental disorders, right?

      1. Fuck her. I don’t care what your mental health problem is, if you kill babies, you ought to be put down like a sick animal. But since we live in an ostensibly civilized society, the bitch should be sterilized and locked up indefinitely.

    2. Did anybody think maybe she was just attempting to get rid of the bathwater?

      1. *one clap, one clap only*

        1. Well done Vasily.

    3. So is this an implicit admission that there is a line somewhere on when it’s not ok to have an abortion?

    4. And here I thought it was James Bond!

      *license to kill teenagers who throw babies out windows*

  32. UC-Merced fraternities and sororities told to stop using “Greek Life” term because cultural appropriation

    Students involved in a fraternity or sorority at the University of California Merced have been instructed not to use the terms “Greek,” “rush” or “pledge” because they are “appropriating Greek culture” and are “non-inclusive,” several students told The College Fix.

    In particular, they’ve been told:

    Replace “Greek Life” with “Fraternity and Sorority Life”

    Replace “rush” with “recruitment”

    Replace “pledge” with “potential new member”

    “Greek Life” is an ubiquitous term that for decades has represented and encompassed fraternity and sorority activities and organizations nationwide on college campuses.

    1. I guess the Pederasts are “taking back” Greek Life?

    2. You know who else wanted to disrupt Greek life…

      1. Socrates? The Gadfly of Athens?

        1. Fuuuuck.

      2. Xerxes?

      3. Gary Coleman?

    3. The good news is, maybe the Greek folks who aren’t ancient history majors will learn the meaning of Molon Labe.

    4. There’s nothing wrong with the West Coast that a massive earthquake along the entire I-5 corridor wouldn’t fix.

    5. Rush is a greek word?

    6. Definitely change rush to recruitment. Severe Canadian rock band cultural appropriation.

    7. So no more alphas or betas?

      Alpha males hardest hit.

      Mathematicians confused.

      Alphabet renamed ourletters.

  33. Bill Weld: Libertarian VP Platform to Focus Fire on Trump

    The Libertarian vice presidential candidate, William F. Weld, said Tuesday that he plans to focus exclusively on blasting Donald Trump over the next five weeks, a strategic pivot aimed at denying Trump the White House and giving himself a key role in helping to rebuild the GOP.

    Weld’s comments in a Globe interview mark a major shift in his mission since he pledged at the Libertarian convention in May that he would remain a Libertarian for life and would do all he could to help elect his running mate, Gary Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico.

    1. This makes it obvious that they’re making a play for Clinton supporters.

      1. Or they’re making sure that anyone who came to them from the “Never Hillary” camp votes for Trump. Is he a double secret Republican?

      2. Weld has made it clear that he was anti-Trump from day 1. He was supposed to be the master fundraiser.

        Disowning his ‘libertarian for life’ pledge at the convention to never go back to Team R just shows him to be another lying POS politician. Gary lives on a lonely island of honesty

    2. Yeah, because the VP candidate of a third party is going to make so much difference. Good luck with that Bill. And if Trump does lose, I am sure everyone in the Republican Party is going to be in the mood for embracing gun control and forced public accommodation of gays.

      What planet does he live on?

      1. The drunk one?

    3. This actually makes sense if you look at the type of people they are polling well with. The real question is what the chances are that Bill Weld actually formally endorses Hillary before election day, 35%?

      1. maybe better than that. He seems like a lose cannon. I don’t think Johnson would do that but Weld keeps making it clear he isn’t a Libertarian and has no interest in being one.

        I really don’t understand why Johnson chose him.

        1. He has some connections within the republican party that Johnson doesn’t, maybe he’s good at fundraising or does better appealing to moderate dems? maybe a bit of all three? I don’t know. But him endorsing Clinton would be an aleppo moment if there ever was. I don’t think he will but it wouldn’t surprise me. I actually think appealing to disenfranchised dems is a smart play I just don’t trust Weld at all or think Johnson has any kind of idea what’s going on.

          1. The worst thing you can do is run a fake candidacy that is just there to fool people into not voting for one side so the other can win. Every candidacy should be honest and there to get the most votes possible. If Weld were to endorse Hillary or Trump for that matter it would reveal him to be a complete fraud and unworthy of ever being taken seriously again.

            1. Weld is 71. This is his last rodeo

              1. I don’t care if he is 91, that doesn’t make him any less of a dishonest self centered unpatriotic shitbag if he were to do that.

        2. A lose cannon is the perfect typo for Bill Weld.

          1. “He’s shootin’ his damn fool mouth off again, like a lose cannon!”

        3. He seems like a lose cannon.

          This typo is gold.

    4. Bill Weld is finally enjoying the attention he has desperately desired. However, it is another bullshit story, trying to fracture the scary Libertarian ticket, which is hilarious.

    5. Awesome pick for VP there. I hated the Weld pick from a day one and pretty much everything he’s done and said since then has only made me hate him more.

    6. Ironically, this would be the ideal thing to do if they want Trump to win. And both of them are Republicans. I can’t tell whether it’s an act to deliberately scuttle Jezebel’s chances, or they’re sincerely neverTrumpers who are unaware that they’re scoring an own goal.

      1. Given the state of politics, I assume the latter. Conquest’s Law, politics corollary: “In any sufficiently sophisticated political organization, one can predict their actions by assuming they are secretly controlled by a cabal of their enemies.”

      2. they’re sincerely neverTrumpers who are unaware that they’re scoring an own goal.

        It is that. They are just so out of touch and arrogant they think their opinion about Trump holds sway with people.

        1. It does, it just sways people the opposite way. Trump’s coalition is probably 30% people who would vote an old yellow dog if it were on the R ticket, 25% people who think he, personally, is the best choice for president, and 45% people who don’t really like him, but think he has the right set of enemies.

  34. http://observer.com/2016/10/ru…..se-manure/

    We have now reached the point where the Russian media plays it more straight and tells the truth more than the American media.

    1. Forget the American Media, I’d settle for the Daily Show having the balls to go over the UN Speech bit.

      1. I read last week where someone had said The Daily Show is for Progressives today what TV evangelists were for born agains in the 1980s. Damn is that the truth or what?

        1. Last I checked, The Daily Show wasn’t raising funds by selling Buy-A-Prayer at 1-800-JESUSSAVES

          1. Sure but that is not the point. They are to their viewers the same thing as the TV evangelists were to born agains; a place to hear the gospel and be reassured of your superiority to the great unwashed mass of sinners. Whether one show sells trinkets or not doesn’t change the similarity of their meaning and purpose for their viewers.

            1. The daily show does sell trinkets to pay for their operation. The just do so through ‘advertising’ instead of via direct sales.

          2. No, they’re just holding revivals like “the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear”

  35. Cop’s 3-year-old daughter dies after girl is left in hot police cruiser for 4 hours

    Two Mississippi police officers were placed on administrative leave after one of them left their daughter in her squad car for hours, resulting in her death, according to reports.

    Cassie Barker, the mother of 3-year-old Cheyenne Hyer, reportedly left the toddler in a cruiser Friday afternoon for four hours.

    Reports said the car was running and the air conditioner was on when police found the girl unresponsive in the hot car. She was transported to the hospital but later died.

    The Sun Herald reported that Barker was visiting another officer, Clark Ladner, at the time that she left the child alone.

    According to AJC.com, Ladner didn’t know the little girl was in the car during their visit.

    The officers were both off-duty during the incident.

    1. Totality of the circs/furtive movement/blue lives matter/call a crackhead

    2. So the AC was on but the car was hot? What?

      1. They left the engine & a/c running for four hours?! I’m pretty sure my car would overheat, probably terminally, long before four hours were up.

        1. That’s just confusing. If she didn’t know the child was in the car, why was the car running with the AC on?

          1. That’s typical cop behavior.

          2. I think it was the guy she was visiting who didn’t know the child was in the car

            1. Ah. I see that now, thanks.

        2. The bit missing from the story is who actually found the little girl. I’m going to go ahead and bet the car wasn’t running with the AC on the entire time and either the mother or the co-worker she was banging started it when they found the little girl dead and called for help.

    3. Even if the AC had been working, it’s dangerous to sit in an idling car with it running..especially for that long. She sounds like a stupid, reckless woman…and then confirms it with this statement

      After that I just was angry, and I went in the backyard and started beating up the shed,

      She sounds like a neanderthal

      1. The person who beat up the shed was the toddler’s father who hadn’t seen his daughter in a year after they divorced.

  36. Public health groups are suing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over its delay on graphic cigarette-pack advertising.

    I’m really looking forward to this commencing. I’m really looking forward to see how long it will take for me to collect them all.

    1. In the UK they used to and may still have a brand of cigarettes called “Death’s Head”. They brilliantly capitalized on the health nanny’s panic over cigarettes by explicitly marketing their product as a risky and unhealthy thing to do. The nanny’s had a fucking stroke over it but had a difficult time explaining why it was wrong.

      1. Hey, they used to originally sold baseball cards in packs of cigarettes. This can just be a continuation of an old tradition.

  37. “The Free Speech Fairness Act would allow churches and religious nonprofits to make political statement without fear of losing tax exempt status.”

    According to this, “[t]he bill is not just limited to churches but applies to all entities organized and operating under section 501(c)(3) of the Tax Code.” In particular,

    “The bill is specifically crafted to maintain the prohibition against 501(c)(3) organizations contributing money to candidates or campaigns. The bill only allows for speech in the “ordinary course of the organization’s regular and customary activities” so long as the organization does not incur “more than de minimis incremental expenses” for the speech.”

    So if this is correct, it means that a purely secular nonprofit would be free to endorse, say, a Presidential candidate in the ordinary course of its regular and customary activities. So if, hypothetically, that nonprofit organization published a magazine about public policy, then in the course of discussing public policy it could endorse a candidate whose ideas are generally in line with the nonprofit’s policy preferences.

    Wouldn’t that be nice?

  38. Guns, Sex, Drugs, and Baby Hedgehogs was where Jared Diamond sort of went off the rails.

    1. +10000

      That is so perfect I can’t think of anything to add.

  39. There’s no transcript but NPR digs into why people want voter ID. It’s most definitely because they’re racist.

    1. Blacks are too stupid and poor to get free state issued IDs. Or something. /Democrat

      1. Maybe this is why Democrats want to close the “gun show loophole”, because blacks that can’t get IDs shouldn’t have 2nd Amendment rights. Now that is racism at it’s best.

    2. Yeah, it has nothing to do with all the dead people and non-citizens the Dems have been caught registering to vote.

  40. may be an omen of end times; see photo to right for further evidence

    You can’t fool me; that’s the eye of Sauron

  41. I presume the complete lack of articles in the major newspapers doing an end-zone dance about how Tim Kaine won means it didn’t go well for him, which means “it doesn’t matter then”, and there will be a Do-Over.

    1. Yes. My favorite is the Washington Post’s Chris Chizilla saying we shouldn’t even have VP debates anymore. They are so transparent and stupid. I guarantee you Chizilla has no idea how much that makes him sound like a hack. I think their rationalizing come so naturally that they don’t even realize what they are doing.

      1. The sad thing is, while VPs and what they think and say are almost always worthless and irrelevant beyond the realm of late night comedy, this year is the rare case where they actually somewhat matter, given that whoever wins is going to be on the older side for a president, and Hildog in particular is a sick old Snukeapotamus who can barely even stay on her feet and needs to be hidden out of sight most of the time.

        Kaine could VERY easily become an unelected president, and America deserves to know a lot more about him.

        1. If Hillary wins I think it is likely that Kaine will end up President. There is no way she is going to make it a full term. She is either going to die or become such a drag on the party with her scandals and corruption that the Democrats will be forced to turn on her causing her to “resign for health reasons”. I don’t think she would ever be forcibly removed from office. I do however think a combination of her health and the continuing political damage her being President will do to the Democratic party could cause Democrats to finally force her to resign. It would be sold to the public as poor Hillary’s health just not allowing her to do the job of course.

          Look at the damage Obama being President did to the Democratic Party as a hole. Obama was at least fairly well liked and popular. Hillary is loathed by most of the country. She would enter office hated on day one. And Democrats will be forced by the media and the sheer nastiness of the Clinton machine to defend her. The resulting carnage in 2018 would be catastrophic.

          1. Look at the damage Obama being President did to the Democratic Party as a hole.

            as an a-hole. FTFY

          2. “…become such a drag on the party with her scandals and corruption that the Democrats will be forced to turn on her causing her to “resign for health reasons.”

            Haha, John!! Good one! Dems acting with integrity!

            You here all week?

  42. CNN’s coverage of Hurricane Matthew’s affect on Cuba and Haiti

    Buried in the story is a picture gallery. In the gallery is a picture of Haitians buying supplies at a grocery story. There is product on the shelf, unlike in Venezuela. Damn, Haitians better off then Venezuelans.

  43. US Government on fool’s errand

    Warning: auto-play video

    The U.S. government announced on Wednesday a coalition to end traffic fatalities on the nation’s roads within 30 years.

    The Department of Transportation is committing $1 million a year for the next three years for related grants. Federal agencies, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Federal Highway Administration and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will team up with the National Safety Council on the project.

    1. It could also be called, “the coalition to pay off tech moguls by mandating self driving cars”. I am pretty sure Bailey had an orgasm reading that article.

  44. US “Can’t Confirm” If It Might Have Been Dropping Bombs On The Wrong People In Iraq

    You’d think if the US were willy-nilly bombing people in countries where we supposedly were not at war, that it would be news.

    Instead, its not even in the top 10 “World News” items of the day. Not even mentioned in the NYT at all.

    20 Sunni tribal fighters were killed in a airstrike south of Mosul in the early hours of Wednesday when they were mistaken for Islamic State militants, Iraqi police said.

    Whether the aircraft that carried out the attack belonged to the Iraqi air force or the U.S.-led coalition could not be determined.

    A spokesman for the coalition in Baghdad couldn’t confirm if it had planes in the air at the time of the attack, around 1 a.m. (2200 GMT Tuesday), near Qayyara, according to a local police and a tribal leader.

    1. That shit only matters if the president has an “R” after his name.

  45. New Jersey set to raise gas tax

    Warning: auto-play video

    New Jersey drivers are about to see their state’s gas tax nearly triple. But they’ll still pay less than their neighbors.

    The state legislature is expected to vote Wednesday to hike the gas tax by 23 cents a gallon, the first increase since 1988, to pay for road and transit improvements. At the same time, New Jersey will trim its sales tax, increase breaks for retirees and the working poor and eventually eliminate its estate tax.

    New Jersey state gas taxes currently total 14.5 cents a gallon. Only Alaska pays less, according to the American Petroleum Institute. Even after the increase, New Jersey drivers will pay less in state gas taxes than those in Pennsylvania, at 50.5 cents a gallon, and New York, at 43.4 cents.

    You still won’t be able to pump your own gas.

    1. I was going to say, how about they just put that tax on the self-serve and let Jersey folk determine whether it’s worth the 35 cents a gallon.

  46. More Details on California “Furry” Murders

    Honestly, the murder thing is horrible enough by itself, and i’m not sure why they’re still playing up the angle that “OH AND BTW? THESE PEOPLE WERE FREAKS, YO” as the main thread. Its not like they were dressed up like Thumper and Bambi and buttfucking at the time they were killed. But they can’t help dwelling on the cosplay stuff regardless.

    1. It looks like the woman’s crazy daughter and her scumbag friends murdered them. What a horrible crime. And yeah, it seems to have nothing to do with them being Furries. It looks like the crazy bitch daughter got pissed about something and talked her dirtbag b/f into murdering them.

      1. Men really are stupid. “Sure, I’ll risk the death penalty for you, baby.” Why? Just stop talking to her and go to the next furry convention alone.

        1. They really. Men are stupid and woman are expert at manipulating them.

          1. To be fair, every guy on the planet who’s over the age of 12 is pretty good at manipulating himself, too.

            Talkin’ about masturbation, folks.

            1. The euphemisms are getting weird.

        2. Or at least tend to have really short time horizons when it comes to sex.

    2. Because reporting it as furry murders generates more interest income than just saying some crazy girl got her boyfriend to kill her mom?

    3. OT (sorta), but have you guys seen pics of the daughter?


      And I mean that.

  47. The U.S. government announced on Wednesday a coalition to end traffic fatalities on the nation’s roads within 30 years.

    Easily done. WHY HAVE WE WAITED SO LONG?

  48. I watched that “debate” last night.

    I have a suggestion for the people who operate those shows. Equip the moderator with a light, whippy walking stick, and give him/her full authority to whack the participants energetically with it, while admonishing them to, “ANSWER THE GODDAM QUESTION, YOU YAMMERING CRETIN!”

    1. Preferrably, also select moderators who wouldn’t get thrashed by even Hillary if they tried it.

    2. I’m pretty sure if you did that, the moderator would just beat the GOP candidate unconscious upon opening the debate, and then turn the floor over to his opponent for the remainder for an hour-long political ad.

    3. I was watching the season finale to the 2nd season of Marco Polo last night and they had a scene where the Khan and his brother who was trying to usurp him were asked a question by one of the other chieftans. The brother kept hemming and hawwing and not answering the question so the chieftan just kept yelling “ANSWER THE QUESTION!”

      My wife remarked how great it owuld be to have that guy moderating the next debate.

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