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France has banned disposable plastic cups and plates, the first country to do so. The government had already banned plastic bags. The law will require "all disposable tableware to be made from 50% biologically-sourced materials that can be composted at home by January of 2020. That number will rise to 60% by January of 2025."

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  1. Ah. So biodegradability is not economically competitive.

    And so “someone” got a law. Why am I unsurprised?

    1. College fraternities and sororities hardest hit. But particularly fraternities.

      1. There are no college fraternities or sororities in France

        1. I thought it was in their motto? “Fraternit?, Sororit?, Biodegradabilit

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  2. And as to “plastic bags”. Does that mean surgically enhanced porn stars? Or just regular old surgically enhanced women?

  3. Frat boys hardest hit.

    1. Didn’t read far enough down before posting.

  4. A Brickbat on a Sunday morning?

    1. Surprise,surprise,surprise

      1. I figured it was because they removed Shikha’s article.

        (They didn’t remove all of Shikha’s articles?)

        1. I’m more surprised I’m here on a sunday morning. I mean, I’m not even at work…

    2. I bet Chuck was hoping to finally get three or four hundred comments by being the only Sunday post. He would have gotten away with it to if it weren’t for that meddling Root.

  5. Damn, everyone is up early today.

    1. I work the 6:00 to 2:30 shift. Even on weekends, I wake up between 5:00 and 5:30, although I usually lie in bed until sometime after 6:00. Can’t lie in too late, however, because the dog will go nuts. 🙂

    2. It’s Sunday night here in Taiwan.

      1. What do you Taiwanese think about Commie China building all those islands and trying to isolate your country to someday destroy you? I don’t know any Taiwanese and was curious.

  6. Just start labeling them as re-usable.

  7. So removing a key feature of the ‘Murican-themed party.
    That’s a hate crime.
    So hateful.

    1. Really,what’s grape and grain with out a red cup?


        1. Cristal d’arque in particular. They are as easy to polish as monocles. Plus, more lead.

          1. But can you play “Peter and the Wolf” on them like Hugh Hefner?

            1. I love that episode. Has to be in the top three of all time.

  8. The ironic thing is that, economics aside, when you do an ecological impact analysis of plastic vs. paper for food service and packaging materials, plastic wins. I did several of these over the years as part of my work…

    But that doesn’t FEEL right, so that sort of thing is just ignored.

    1. I’m no expert but I read, many years ago, that wanting a paper plate to decompose does not make sense — that the whole idea behind landfills is to seal them and keep them from leaching bad stuff into the water, etc. Perhaps France is a bit different if there is widespread composting at home — but the whole “biodegradable is better than plastic” argument seems to rest on the assumption we are all just throwing our paper cups and plates on the ground when we’re done using them.

      1. When stuff degrades in a landfill, the ground collapses. Not a good thing. If you nevertheless want plastic to biodegrade, this is not difficult to do.But it’s PLASTIC and we all know that this is corporate evil reified.

        I seriously doubt that most Parisians are composting. And I wouldn’t want the chemicals used in paper manufacture and processing to be leaching into MY compost.

      2. In my neck of the woods many of those sealed landfills are eventually capped, covered with earth and sod then converted into fine golf courses.

        1. Biodegradation could be useful for creating new traps. Think of the marketing angle- the course topography is never the same twice.

          1. it’s “continually evolving”.

            do you even market, broh?

  9. Mother Nature. Doing what Congress refuses to do.

    “Hundreds of non-essential personnel were being evacuated from the U.S. Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba early Sunday ahead of a possible direct hit by Hurricane Matthew.”…..nears.html

  10. This is the only think I drink out of.

    1. “…think I drink out of.”

      Good grief Fist, the sun isnt even up here. Well…it is Sunday…

      Have one on me. I have been on the wagon for a couple of months.

      1. I’ll have what he’s having. And lots of it,I’m watching the Clowns,er,Browns game today.

        1. Ryder Cup Sunday, first cocktails by noon.

      2. I choose my words carefully. Mine for the meaning.

        1. If you really chose your words carefully, you wouldn’t be first all the time.

        2. “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean?neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

          Not a squirrel.

    2. Do they come in different sizes? If so, we need to find names to describe them, like they do with champaign and other drinks:

      1 gallon: “Winter Weight”
      2 gals: “Married Minivan Driver”
      3 gals: “Southern Redneck”
      4 gals” “Pittsburgher”

      The following inspired me:

      Champaign bottle sizes:
      0.1875 liters: Piccolo
      0.2 liters: Quarter
      0.375 liters: Demi
      0.75 liters: Standard
      1.5 liters: Magnum
      3 liters: J?roboam
      4.5 liters: R?hoboam
      6 liters: Methusaleh
      9 liters: Salmanazar
      12 liters: Balthazar
      15 liters: Nebuchadnezzar
      18 liters: Solomon
      26.25 liters: Sovereign
      27 liters: Primat
      30 liters: Melchizedek

      1. Isn’t champagne? in bottles larger than a magnum decanted instead of aged in bottle?

        1. I defer to your knowledge — I’ve never been lucky enough to see anything that large.

          1. I don’t drink sparkling wine — I’m one of those freaks who doesn’t like carbonated beverages.

        2. I would think so. It would be challenging to riddle a bottle that large.

      2. You forgot Bacardi 151.

  11. I may have to move to France. Obviously their Top Men have solved all of their serious problems and have nothing else to worry about beyond disposable dinnerware. France must be a paradise.

    1. Except mass unemployment, Allemands (Germans), unassimilating foreigners, terrorism, lack of free speech, etc.

  12. I like that scene in Veep where she’s promoting the biodegradable plastic table wear, and all the spoons started going limp when they stirred their coffee.

  13. Link please.

      1. That guy should voice muppet characters.

      2. Ok I took the click bait – interesting!

        YouTube then offered me this wonderful tidbit.

  14. You do realize this is coming to California.

    Then the virus spreads across the continent.

    1. That “Cali Virus” has many uncontrollable strains. One wonders why the CDC doesn’t get involved.

    2. I recommend building a wall

      1. Luckily there are only about a dozen roads out of Taxifornia. We should just close those roads.

  15. Retailers in […] New York City charge customers a small fee for plastic bags at supermarkets.

    No, they do not. They WANT to but the pushback has, for now, put a stop to that idiocy.

    1. Montreal officially has a full ban. We had the pay a nickel for a bag option but noooo. Not good enough for the fucko ignorant Luddites.

      I gladly pay the nickel as a compromise.

      Now I’m hoarding plastic bags.

      1. I’m not paying a nickel for a goddamn plastic bag. I don’t know what I’ll do if it eventually passes, but I’m not paying. Not. Paying.

        1. You’re lucky you can get plastic bags. I live in California. You can’t even buy plastic bags & pay 10? for a paper bag.

          Try scooping cat litter into a paper bag. It sucks.

          1. I would scoop cat poop into said bags and mail them to your politicians.

            Title their name as: Honorable “first name” “Shit” “last name”.

          2. I use little plastic trash bags for that. I assume those are still around. (And if so, why? What’s the difference?!)

            1. Indeed. In fact, all types of plastic bags are available – for purchase.

              But not those “single use plastic bags” you’d get when shopping.

              Although – what garbage bag isn’t “single use”?

      2. Plastic bags are mostly gone in CA, and will probably be gone statewide after a vote on the topic in the fall election. Normal friends are convinced that every plastic bag ends up in the middle of the Pacific.
        I try to point out that we re-use every plastic bag, and you can’t carry ice cream or meat or anything frozen in paper bags, and the response is always that I should ‘get cloth bags’ to use on my trips to Safeway.

        But what about those impulse stops into 7-11, or something else? Can’t we at least pay for the plastic bags if we need them? I have no problem paying 10c per each plastic bag if my only other option is to pay 10c for a crappy quick-to-break paper bag. But nooooo, can’t have them at all!

        So yes, we’re hoarding plastic bags, and I will always keep a supply in my car trunk. And when those run out, I hope some enterprising folks on EBay will sell and ship me their hoarded plastic bags from a state that doesn’t suck so much on issues like this.

        1. I will buy a box of plastic bags gladly.

          Fuck those assholes.

        2. Great idea! Count me in. I am sick of scooping cat litter into a paper bag.

        3. Can’t you buy them on Amazon by the case?

      3. You want me to ships you plastic bags in a plastic Post Office bag? I think they have the padded postal shipping bags to add in more plastic to the mix.

  16. Also.

    There are Brickbats on week-ends now?

    Why was I not informed?

    1. These screw-ups didn’t happen when Virginia Matt was in charge.

  17. biologically-sourced materials

    Like urea? It’s colorless, odorless, highly soluble in water, and practically non-toxic. *Perfect* for disposable tableware!

  18. Toby Keith was unavailable for comment.

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  20. Years down the road we will find out that biologically-sourced composted plastic gets into the water supply and causes cancer.

    1. I have been for wooden plates, bowls, utensils and wooden crates this whole time.

      Fuck those forests- fuck ’em.

  21. I have trouble picturing Parisian flats with compost heaps in the living room.

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