20 Years Ago


"The tough fact to face is that nothing—not 'nothing short of totalitarianism,' but really nothing—can reliably stop bombing attacks."
—Brian Doherty, "Safety Dance"

"The result is that political expression, which the framers of the First Amendment clearly intended to be the most protected kind of speech, is in fact today the least protected. If the [Federal Election Commission] and its good-government—or 'goo-goo'—cheerleaders have their way, the attack on the First Amendment will get a lot worse."
—Allison R. Hayward and Steven Hayward, "Gagging on Political Reform"

"Even though the speaker continually rhapsodizes about decentralism and 'Third Wave' forms of flexible governance, his environmental vision is little more than top-down technocracy. Gingrich constantly invokes the memory of Theodore Roosevelt, whose Progressive-era conservation ethic entailed little more than buying huge chunks of private land with tax dollars and placing them under bureaucratic management."
—Rick Henderson, "Washington: Natural Lite"

—October 1996