Jeb Bush Gets Nihilistic About Voting, Sheriff Has 'Zero Tolerance' for Creepy Clowns, Happy International Blasphemy Day!: A.M. Links


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        1. My guess: She was interviewing a sex-working clown and lost track of time. I can’t say I blame her.

            1. Or a price list? Asking for a friend.

          1. “…but those dressing as clowns with the intent to conceal their identity and scare citizens will. (be arrested and molested)”

            All praise Government Almighty! Government Almighty “servants” now have the power to read our minds and see our intentions!

    1. Hello.

  1. “If everybody didn’t vote, that would be a pretty powerful political statement,” says Jeb Bush.

    Please vote.

    1. Delete your account.

    2. I wouldn’t call that nihilistic, although JEB! does lack an ethos.

    3. If everybody didn’t vote it would be proof that everybody likes everything just the way it is. The fact that Jeb! thinks anything anybody not one of the anointed says matters in the least is a pretty powerful statement that Jeb! is retarded.

    4. If everybody didn’t pay their taxes, that would be a pretty powerful political statement.

      1. Saying pay “your” taxes is as bad as saying cops aren’t civilians.

    5. What if they gave an election and nobody came?

      1. Then based on the bylaws, I think Putin gets to be president or something.

  2. Is your Halloween costume racist?

    Duh. What else is even the point of Halloween?

    1. I don’t care as long as it is sexy.

      1. +1 sexy klansman

        1. Now that’s transgressive!

        2. That’s klansphobic.

        3. Okay, who just googled “sexy klansman”?

          1. Our Taliban mole? Sounds like the sort of thing they would like.

          1. Add a guitar and you have a female Angus Young.

    2. Yelling at small children for tresspassing?

      1. That’s just a day that ends in Y for you though, ain’t it.

        1. No… they’ve learned to keep away.

      2. You’re supposed to hide behind the bushes and spray them with the hose when they come on your property. /no euphemism

    3. 1) Are you white?
      2) If the answer to question 1 is yes, then your Halloween costume is racist.

      I didn’t read the article, am I pretty close?

    4. Women wearing slutty costumes. Duh.

    5. I hope people take advantage of this opportunity to show up in the most racist, ridiculous shit possible and play dumb. Show up in a sombrero, serape, and such looking like a character straight out of Blazing Saddles or Three Amigos. Just show up in any overtly racist costume and then go in with a straight face, ask if it’s racist, and then politely thank them for helping to educated you on cultural stereotypes.

  3. US band The Slants trademark case headed to SCOTUS

    An Oregon band’s bid for the right to trademark their “offensive” name has reached the US Supreme Court.

    The case was brought to the Supreme Court by The Slants after their trademark was refused because the name is disparaging to Asian-Americans.

    The Asian-American band acknowledges the name may offend, but say they chose it to “reappropriate” its meaning.

    The ruling could impact the high-profile case of the American football team, the Washington Redskins.

    In 2014 the US Patent and Trademark Office cancelled the team’s six trademarks, including the lucrative team logo, after years of complaints from Native American groups.

    The Slants had first attempted to register their band name in 2011, and sued after they were refused.

    The Portland, Oregon “dance-rock” band, which is made up entirely of Asian-Americans, claimed that they chose the name to take back the racial epithet.

    A lawyer for bandleader Simon Tam argued that his client “was following in the long tradition of ‘reappropriation,’ in which members of minority groups have reclaimed terms that were once directed at them as insults and turned them outward as badges of pride.”

    On Thursday, the US Supreme Court agreed to hear the band’s case. Hearings will begin next week and are expected to last several months.

    1. Maybe try an abbreviation: SWA or some such

      1. The Band Formerly Known As The Slants. Featuring Sum Chin Kuys and A Goo Kuh.

      2. That would defeat the point

      3. Cream of Sum Yung Gui

        1. Sum Ting Wong here.

      4. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Triggers! (feat. Milo Rapist and Loretta Lynch’em)

        1. With Ku Klux Klam on bass.

    2. It’s like nobody’s ever heard of goregrind band names

      1. They probably don’t have the names registered as trademarks.

      2. XXX Maniak baby. (NSFW at all)

    3. Land of the free my ass.

      The cocksucking snowflake progressive SJW own it now.

      1. I’m not sure that trademark protection is really an example of regard for free speech rights. No one is saying they can’t use the name.

        That said, it’s a load of crap. Putting aside whether trademarks protection should be a thing at all, it should be about protecting brands and preventing fraud and deception, not policing good taste. And using “offensiveness” as a standard is so ridiculously subjective that it should always be thrown out in court as unreasonably vague.

        1. It shouldn’t get to this point, Zeb.

          1. No. But the thing about free speech in the US is that it really hasn’t been all that well protected historically. Now we have SJWs instead of social conservatives (or in addition to those who still push obscenity laws and such) trying to shut down certain aspects free expression. Despite those people, I really think we have some of the best free speech protections that there have ever been right now in the US, though it is far from perfect when it comes to commercial or electioneering communications. It may be more endangered now than it has been in the past 50 years or so, but it remains one of the better enforced parts of the BOR. And as far as I can see, the US still has the best free speech protections in the world.

            And much of the left will probably remember how important it is if Trum gets elected.

            Please excuse my moment of optimism. I know were supposed to act like everything is going to hell all the time.

            1. I agree.

        2. Trademark protection does not require registration with the govt. Simply stick “TM” by your name and you have notified everyone you claim this is “yours”. Just like claiming copyright on stuff you write. Though you don’t even need to do that. If someone uses something that you have been using and claim, you can sue them.

          I’m guessing this is how they can sidestep arguments about rights when it comes to playing politics with the registrations.

    4. My measuring stick for the progress of political correctness ends with Richland High School in WA. All is not lost as long as they stay the Bombers and keep the mushroom cloud on their football helmets and basketball court

  4. Politico takes a deep dive into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    Why not? Everyone else apparently has.

    1. But the important issue is Trump called a woman fat 20 years ago! Stay focused, people!

    2. As long as she didn’t make any Clown Threats in those emails, it’s perfectly fine.

  5. 243) We’re about to start the best time of year because: scary movies. We talked a little about Texas Chainsaw Massacre last week, but here’s my list of the best five horror movies ever:
    1) Dawn of the Dead
    2) Rosemary’s Baby
    3) Shadow of the Vampire, Alien (tie; yes I’m cheating)
    4) The Shining
    5) TxCM

    Best movie for sleep-overs: Carrie

    Best Black and Whites: 1) Bride of Frankenstein, 2) Nosferatu, 3) Invisible Man

    Best year for horror movies? I’m torn between 1933 (King Kong and Invisible Man) and 1978 (Dawn OTD, Halloween). And man, what was going on in the late 70s? That era kills it with the scary flicks.

    Best franchise: Universal’s Frankenstein

    Best modern franchise: Nightmare on Elm Street, the only slasher franchise watchable past the first movie

    Question: Is Silence of the Lamb a horror film or a thriller? It should probably be on this list somewhere.

    Best B-Movie: Tough, tough category, but let’s go with the Brain That Wouldn’t Die, with special mentions for Basketcase and Eaten Alive

    Most Overlooked: Village of the Damned

    Most Overrated: The Exorcist, and it’s not close?this movie is vile without being scary or fun

    1. Best movie for sleep-overs: Log Jammin’.

      1. “I hear there’s something wrong with your cable.”

        1. +1 The Dude – Mr. Lebowski

      2. I am surprised that Ghostbusters didn’t make the list. It seemed to scare quite a number of feminists.

    2. No mention of The First Wives Club?

    3. I don’t consider “Alien” to be a horror film because there are no supernatural elements.

      And I hope you mean the Kubrick version of “The Shining” because it’s way better than the other version even if Stephen King doesn’t like it.

      1. Other version?

        1. With the guy from Wings and the dried up corpse of the hot girl from Risky Business.

            1. Melvin Van Peebles was involved? Oh the humanity…

            2. But why?

        2. If you don’t know about the other Shining, keep yourself that way. You’ll be much happier not knowing, ignorance is bliss and all that.

          1. That 2nd version is actually much truer to the book, but Kubrick recognized the strengths and weaknesses there.

            1. Literary horror is a different beast than cinematic horror. Kubrick understood that, whereas King with his preference for the second version seems to not understand.

      2. The supernatural disqualifies a movie as a horror and puts it in the psychological thriller category for me. Invariably I decide in the first ten minutes that the protagonist is schizophrenic and see the movie from that viewpoint from there on out.

      3. I don’t consider “Alien” to be a horror film because there are no supernatural elements.

        By that logic, almost nothing H. P. Lovecraft wrote is horror.

        1. Totally. For Lovecraft, “supernatural” == “cosmic force beyond human understanding”. Lovecraft is when you take Alien and note that the difference between the xenomorph and humans is roughly the same as between humans and chimpanzees when compared to, say, the Old Ones.

    4. JATNAS, I watched the first Presidential debate, which pissed on all of your top five

      1. See, I didn’t watch that because I want to be able to sleep at night.

      2. Being a horror fan doesn’t mean I want to watch snuff films, crush videos, or presidential debates.

    5. Ties are okay, but it means you skip the next number.

      So the tie at 3 means that #4 doesnt exist.

      People who make lists and do this wrong are in a tie at #2 on my list.

      1. I always laugh at people/companies bragging along the lines of “we are on so and so’s list of top 16 companies.” Well, 16 is a nice round number, isn’t it? Gee, I wonder what place you hold on that list of the “top 16”!

        1. “we have more than 26 locations around the state”

          1. Oh God, one of my pet hates right there, and clearly one of yours. You are my BFF

            1. *hugs*

      2. People who make lists and do this wrong are in a tie at #2 on my list

        Out of curiosity, who’s #3 on your list?

        1. NO ONE!

          And its a multiway tie at 2, so I think the next number is about 6.

    6. My definition of horror film is a little more wide. I include romantic flicks and bad comedies.

    7. Friday the 13th, Night of the Hunter, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (original), Jaws

      There are so many good movies.

      1. At first, Canadians didn’t understand Friday the 13th. The goalie mask threw us off. We thought it was gonna be a good hockey movie…until the killing started.

        1. There’s no hockey mask in the original.

          1. Or the 2nd one.

            1. Fuck off.

              Both of you.

              And your literalness.

              1. Don’t besmirch our movies, you maple-sucking puck-slapper.

          2. Was there a Gump Worsley mask?

        2. The recent reboot of Friday the 13th was disappointing. Not only was Jason wearing a present-day goalie mask, he had blocker pads and a Habs sweater too.

        3. I thought blood and gore is what makes a good hockey movie?

    8. Rosemary’s baby is a boring waste of time. Friday the 13th is more fun.

    9. I think almost all recent horror movies are terrible, but I watched It Follows a couple weeks back and highly recommend it. It has an interesting aesthetic and a better understanding of how to build tension than pretty much any film in the genre I’ve seen in many years.

      1. Thanks. There’ve been a few good ones in the past decade or so. The Ring (American, never seen the Japanese one) was okay if you didn’t think about it too much. My wife and I enjoyed Witch earlier this year.

        Somebody else told me It Follows was pretty good too. I’ll definitely have to check it out.

        1. Check out The Babadook

          1. The people who made Babadook were really good at making a creepy book.

            Not so good at making a scary movie, though. Seems like something that looks scary as a 2d drawing in a children’s book just looks silly in three dimensions.

        2. The Original Japanese “Ring” was infinitely better than the American one. Check it out.

        3. Jeepers Creepers and the sequel were good

      2. I liked the conjuring movies. Not perfect, but the best recent stuff.

        1. I’m a big fan of James Wan’s horror work. Especially in his most recent stuff he does a really good job of manipulating horror movie tropes such that even though you know the trick, e.g. slow pan to the right towards a shadowy corner of the room where something’s going to jump out at you, you still bite, because he just does it so damn well.

    10. We’re about to start the best time of year because: scary movies

      Cool weather, autumn leaves, football, dark beer, squash, and roasted meats all rank much higher on my list. I just don’t see the appeal of scary movies, as a genre. There are some individually good ones – The Witch was genuinely creepy and well done.

      1. The premises of scary movies are often really cool, but I find that they rarely live up to their potential.

      2. I really liked the witch. Also I enjoyed Krampus. We need more horror X-mas movies.

      3. According to current headlines, the whole country is in the midst of an “It” remake.

        1. When does the moral panic about weird prepubescent sex rituals in sewers start?

          1. What was up with that? I was only 12 or 13 when I read it and didn’t think too much about it at the time. Years later, as an adult, I was like, “Wait, am I remembering that right? Surely that didn’t actually happen in the book.”

            1. Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.

      4. The horror movie genre is pretty boring. But then, so are most movies.

    11. No list is complete without John Carpenter’s The Thing.

    12. Salem’s Lot

    13. “1) Dawn of the Dead”

      My favorite part was the random banditos.

    14. The Burning, one of the earliest rips of the Friday the 13th concept is pretty good, if you’ve never seen it. And the cast is hilarious: Holly Hunter, Fisher Stevens, Jason Alexander.

    15. No list is complete without Takashi Miike’s Audition.

      Silence of the Lambs is a thriller, I think, but the line is so blurry it’s almost meaningless. The same can be said for Night of the Hunter, a great movie that regularly makes Top 100 Horror lists. I think to the extent that Silence presents a world where innocent people can be victimized at random and where the protagonist is vulnerable, it’s a horror movie.

      Great call on Most Overlooked. I’d add the original Wicker Man.

    16. 1) Dawn of the Dead

      You mean Night of the Living…, right?

      1. The sequel was more horrific.

    17. The answer to the question about the Seventies is cocaine. lots of cocaine.

  6. Apparently the Trump Foundation may not have the proper certification to actually accept public donations

    Is it bullshit that the Trump Foundation gets more mainstream media attention and investigative journalism than the Clinton Foundation? Yes.

    Are some of these purported violations relatively harmless, especially compared to the potential pay-to-play schemes that Clinton ran? Yes.

    And yet that doesn’t change the fact that Donald Trump and everyone and everything surrounding him are fucking idiots. With all of Clinton’s negatives this should have been a comparatively easy election for Republicans. The right candidate could have actually brought new voters, younger voters, into the Republican fold — the kind that you might actually be able to build a medium-term coalition around. And they may not have been libertarian, but they could very well have been friendlier to liberty.

    Instead they played down to their competition, and they and Trump deserve to lose badly because of it.

    1. Its idiots all the way down.

    2. We will all lose, and badly, come Nov 9.

      1. Don’t blame me. I’m taking Jeb’s! advice.

        1. Don’t you mean Jeb!’s?

    3. It is why Trump was smart not to harp on Clinton’s scandals in the debates. Everyone who knows the truth is already voting for him or at least not voting for Hillary. The rest of the public either doesn’t care or won’t make the effort necessary to get passed the major media to understand what is going on. With those people the media is going to cloud the waters so much, going after her accomplishes nothing.

      1. I don’t think so. With such a huge audience for the debate, I think many viewers would not be fully aware of the depth of Hillary’s malfeasance due to the whitewashing by the media. It was an opportunity to raise awareness and get them into the forefront of the news. Serious missed opportunities there.

        1. If those things mattered to undecided voters, they wouldn’t be undecided.

          1. They are likely undecided partly because they are unaware of the actual depth and facts behind the scandals due to media whitewashing, is my point.

            1. Not really. Even if they know the depth, that isn’t going to sell them on Trump. It will just make Trump look like he only wants to be President because he hates Hillary.

        2. Her foundation accepted money from foreign governments while she worked as secretary of state. She’s vowed to place her daughter as trustee while she’s president. Her staffers referred to the arrangement as a pay to play arrangement. These are recognizably curious things for most people, and it only gets worse with a little research.

      2. Smart would be attacking her in a way that resonates with undecided voters. Or just not having your own closet full of skeletons that she can easily bring up to deflect your attacks.

        1. He doesn’t have a closet full of skeletons. The point is that it doesn’t matter. The media would invent them if he didn’t. That is what they are doing here. The effect of that is to cause undecided to just throw up their hands and vote on something else. And that is okay because Hillary has no reason for anyone to vote for her. So it doesn’t take much for Trump to offer a reason and he pretty much did that in the debate.

          1. True. Trump’s skeletons are all out on his front lawn, in full view of the street, arranged in lewd poses.

            1. Hillary’s skeletons, by contrast, are hidden behind a pile of other skeletons, and themselves are the cover for yet more nasty skeletons.

            2. Trump’s skeletons are cheeky and fun. Hillary’s skeletons are cruel and tragic.

          2. Wardrobe, bureau, walk-in…I don’t care what you call it, the point is the same.

            1. What are his skeletons? That he expected Miss Universe to not get fat?

              There are not any. Every time the media has tried to manufacture one, it has gone nowhere. I know it is an article of religious faith around here that Trump must be like the worstest person like ever, but sometimes reality doesn’t match up with our faith. Life is like that.

              1. Did you read the article linked above? Maybe it doesn’t pan out, but it sounds like there is a decent chance that his charity broke tax laws. There is also the Trump University stuff.

                1. The Trump university stuff is a big nothing. People didn’t make money in real estate? Really?

                  And there is a decent chance a charity he run broke a few obscure tax laws. OMG!@@! Its like Watergate all over again.

                  When is the last time you heard the media mention Trump University? None of this stuff is going anywhere. They are desperate. And they would have found the same “skeletons” in any Republican. It is what the media does.

    4. My opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted.

    5. Apparently the Trump Foundation may not have the proper certification to actually accept public donations

      What are the odds the media refers to their donation-taking as “illegal” rather than “undocumented”, I wonder?

    6. I actually don’t get why this is that big a deal.

      The Trump Foundation is basically a private foundation where Trump family members put money that they will donate to various causes. This makes the fact that they took money out of it for things they wanted to pay — while admittedly a fine-worthy violation — not ultimately that big an issue for me.

  7. Guardians is a Russian superhero movie. Here’s its trailer

    1. “Soviet Union Superheroes,” huh.

    2. I wonder who the bad guy will be.

      1. Big Nicky and his League of Distinguished Romanovs

  8. High-speed chase suspect shoots out own tires, ends pursuit

    Police attempted to stop 24-year-old Taylor Parker for a traffic violation.

    The man allegedly took off and led police on a short pursuit.

    While still driving, police say Parker threw a shotgun out of the car, and the gun then fired off a round, shooting out the tires of the car he was driving.

    He then jumped out of the car, took off on foot, and was eventually caught by the officer.

    Police say that Parker was found with a “significant quantity” of meth.

    1. “While still driving, police say Parker threw a shotgun out of the car, and the gun then fired off a round, shooting out the tires of the car he was driving.”

      The need for common-sense gun control is obvious.

    2. Is it just me, or does this seem impressively unlucky? I mean, don’t go throwing loaded guns with the safety off or anything, but wouldn’t it have had to hit at exactly the right angle?

      1. Not only firing, but firing in the right direction to hit the tires does seem pretty unlikely.

      2. Is it just me, or does this seem impressively unlucky?

        Well, considering that it could have just as well shot him in the face, or hit the cop, either of which would have ended with his death, maybe he was lucky?

  9. Is your Halloween costume racist?

    It’s high concept. It’s baby Adolf Hitler as a Jew, but in blackface.

    1. So, baby diapers, blackface, Hitler mustache, and yarmulke?

      1. What? Where are you getting that? Swastika-shaped pacifier, dark makeup and a mohel at the ready.

        1. A near-sighted mohel would explain the missing testicle.

    2. With the nipples cut out?

    3. cis or trans Adolf?

      1. Slutty baby Hitler, you pervs. But not CPA’s lame concept above.

    1. I feel like there’s a metaphor in there somewhere….

    2. Always use a leather cock ring.

    3. Was the wedding band The Slants?

      1. Or maybe The Strokes.

    4. Wait…wedding band? As in a ring…that is worn on a finger? He managed to get his dick in a ring that fits a finger?

      I have heard that on average the orientals are…oh never mind. I am feeling sorry for the bride now.

      1. Shit. I read it as “welding band”.

        Maybe it was really cold when he put it on.

      2. Suthen, didn’t you read the label on your Viagra? You’re supposed to contact a doctor if your erection lasts for more than four hours.

    5. I, uh, hope he has giant fingers

      1. I went to the KY Derby in 1992. Caught Pat Day walking to the saddling area before race 3 and shook his hand.

        Absolutely y-u-u-u-u-ge! The dude was like 4′ 10″ tall, but shaking his hand was like grabbing a handful of leather bananas with steel rebars in them. I mean, it was like the ligaments in his fingers each had little muscles of their own.

        Also, the little prick didn’t tell me he was going to win the Derby that day… :o)

  10. Feminist PhD Candidate: Science Is Sexist Because It’s Not Subjective

    College science classes are hostile to women and minorities because they use the scientific method, which assumes people can find reliable truths about the natural world through careful and sustained experimentation, concludes a recent dissertation by a doctoral candidate at the University of North Dakota.

    Laura Parson, a student in the university’s education department, reviewed eight science class syllabi at a “Midwest public university” and said she discovered in them a hidden hostility to women and minorities:

    Initial exploration of the STEM syllabi in this study did not reveal overt references to gender, such as through the use of gendered pronouns. However, upon deeper review, language used in the syllabi reflects institutionalized STEM teaching practices and views about knowledge that are inherently discriminatory to women and minorities by promoting a view of knowledge as static and unchanging, a view of teaching that promotes the idea of a passive student, and by promoting a chilly climate that marginalizes women.

    1. This stuff is going to burn itself out eventually.

      1. Yes, but it may take a generation, or perhaps much longer. I’m in a pessimistic mood today.

        1. I really don’t see how people like this can function in the real world. They’ll have to create more and more bubbles for themselves, but even those will rot from the inside. They meek actually *don’t* inherit the Earth.

          1. These folks are not nearly meek enough for me.

          2. They can’t function in the real world. This person is a doctoral student at the University of North Dakota education department. Why would somebody end up in a place like that? Because they can’t function in the real world and are desperately looking for somewhere to hide from it.

            1. “Why would somebody end up in a place like that?”

              I hope you are referring to the “education department” and not “The University of North Dakota”. I would hate it if you microagressed me.

          3. They meek actually *don’t* inherit the Earth.

            “Maybe Jesus was right when he said that the meek shall inherit the earth?but they inherit very small plots, about six feet by three.”
            ?Robert A. Heinlein

      2. Would happen really quickly if someone said “what the fuck is this? No, you do not get a PhD. Do not pass go. Do not collect tenure”

        1. Hah! It’s a PhD in Education. In the running for most useless graduate degree in the world in terms of what you actually learn.

    2. practices and views about knowledge that are inherently discriminatory to women and minorities by promoting a view of knowledge as static and unchanging

      Even if STEM were promoting a view of knowledge as static and unchanging (and surely it isn’t), it would not just be inherently discriminatory to women and minorities, for Satan’s sake – it’s batshit crazy, stupid, and inherently discriminatory to the truth. Or doesn’t that matter?

      1. It doesn’t matter. “Other ways of knowing” = “the truth is whatever I feel it to be”

        We are so fucked.

      2. Sexist.

    3. Didnt reason cover this earlier this week?

      1. Probably, I’m not around very much anymore so I miss a lot of stuff.

    4. I’m going to construct this aircraft out of dreams, unicorns, and fairy tales. What? You don’t want to go for a trip?

      I’m going to build this amplifier out of shit that is lying around my garage. What? You actually want to listen to music through it?

    5. I can relate. When I got out of the service and went back to school I was a journalism major. I really liked it and had a good time arguing with everyone. No classwork was ever graded objectively. I actually did pretty well because I learned that if you were willing to argue forever, most profs would give up and increase your grade. Laziness almost always trumped ideology.

      Then I fell in love, got married and decided that maybe trying to start a family on a journalist salary was a bad idea. So I went over to the Electrical Engineering department and talked to them about how much credit they would give me for my experience as an electronic tech in Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (actually quite a bit).

      My first couple semesters as an EE student were confusing as hell. I would come up with an answer to some problem and the snotty prof would insist on grading it based on how close it was to the answer he came up with. No arguing about how you had to account for historical oppression or cultural bias before you could really assign a grade. I was forced to actually start studying so I could get the same answer as everyone else. It was way harder than j-school.

      1. After a year studying journalism, I moved to mechanical engineering. The first two semesters after the switch were an ass pounding. No problems after that. I just had to re-learn how to learn as J-school was not exactly rigorous.

    6. It’s an Ed doctoral dissertation – you gotta come up with something “original” to get your PhD so there’s no peak to that derp. It’s like if you’re an historian with a special interest in Abraham Lincoln you’re going to have to come up with a persuasive argument that he was two midgets in an overcoat to get that PhD because what the hell is there new to say about Abraham Lincoln?

    7. “We are in a war of narratives”

      “This is my truth…”

      Remember, for the left truth doesnt exist, only narratives do. All this idiot is doing it stating that explicitly.

    8. JFC. It terrifies me that there are people who believe this shit.

    9. Seems to me that most undergrad classes anyway should, in some sense, expect a “passive student”. You need to learn what people who came before you knew before you can break out and start doing new and exciting things on your own. If you are going to go into science or engineering, you just need to learn calculus, linear algebra, physics, etc.

      And this seems incredibly insulting to women.

  11. Does Congress have “buyer’s remorse” about a bill allowing families of victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia?

    They are idiots, so…yes?

    1. Nowhere in this article do they explain what the potential bad effects are, only that Josh Earnest whines that it’s embarrassing. I despise this type of journalism, that focuses on the political gamesmanship, and not the actual issue.

      What, specifically, are they finding buyers remorse about?

    2. Nowhere in this article do they explain what the potential bad effects are, only that Josh Earnest whines that it’s embarrassing. I despise this type of journalism, that focuses on the political gamesmanship, and not the actual issue.

      What, specifically, are they finding buyers remorse about?

      1. Maybe I’m naive, but I just don’t see Saudi Arabia as that critical of an ally. The biggest thing we depend on them for is oil, but as long as we pay they’ll continue to sell.

        1. We don’t even depend on them for oil. Most of our oil comes from domestic production, Canada, and Mexico. The Europeans depend on them for oil.

          1. Also, it’s a two-way relationship, like all trade. The seller ultimately benefits by trading with the buyer as well.

      2. The article does mention that it might leave the US open to similar litigation. But, that’s all it says. No more explanation of how that would be. No explanation of how it might be fixed. Mostly just Josh Earnest bitching.

        It’s odd to me because McConnell is saying they never really considered the negative consequences and Obama should’ve made them more aware of them. Which is surprising because I thought he was fairly clear that this was his concern and the reason he was vetoing it. Maybe I keep up with politics a little more than McConnell.

        The feigned ignorance of the legislators and Earnest’s air of superiority (“They didn’t understand the negative consequences of the bill. That’s a hard suggestion to take seriously”) are pretty friggin’ funny to me. I’m pretty sure Obama has been surprised by the negative consequences of a few laws.

  12. Arkansas sheriff warns that his county has “zero tolerance” for creepy clowns.

    But one hundred percent tolerance for unconstitutional subjectivism.

  13. I can’t believe that Presidential candidates are discussing a beauty pageant winner. I’m not particularly outraged by the meat of the debate, such as it is, but that this is even happening and considered newsworthy. I’m actually considering that this might have been rigged and didn’t turn out as planned. We are so fucked.

    1. meat of the debate

      That’s sexist.

      1. Ok, “beef curtain of the debate” then. Happy now?

          1. It was the marbling of the meat that is contentious.

    2. If it didn’t turn out as planned, we’re probably better off.

    3. They have to keep it focused down in the mud on small issues like this, because Hillary gets killed on anything substantive such as her actual experience and the results thereof, her record of lies and malfeasance, etc. etc.

  14. Is Bigfoot in the White Mountains?

    What’s making all this noise in the White Mountains? Could it be Bigfoot? A researcher says yes.

    New Hampshire researcher Michael Eastman recorded the sounds and says it’s audio evidence of a sasquatch in the White Mountains.

    Warning: Auto Start video





          1. Cat cougar or middle aged woman cougar?


    2. Because someone knows what a Samsqanch sounds like?

  15. Meet Gary Johnson’s Koch-network money men: Throwing your vote (and values) away.

    His candidacy is more of a threat to Trump, dummies. Why can’t people see this?

    1. I thought the numbers showed more Hillary voters defecting. Of course those are mostly disaffected Sanders supporters who were never going to be reliable Clinton supporters anyway.

      1. They vary, but the numbers now are irrelevant anyway. On Election Day, no otherwise Dem voter is going to pull the lever for the guy touting smaller government.

        Which I guess is what this article is trying to convey to Millennials. “Don’t vote for Johnson, he’s not the Big Government we’ve been brainwashing you to want.”

        1. You are wrong about that. They will vote for Johnson. They don’t think as deeply as you credit them for and they have lost faith in this government. It is not that they want small government. But they want to protest this government and Johnson is a way to do that. They also are very social conscious about appearing reasonable. And Stein is too much of a nut for that.

          He is going to pull more from Hillary. You really are firm in your belief Hillary is going to win this thing and win it by some huge margin. I think you are in for a rude surprise.

          1. I think the Millennials you describe won’t vote at all, and while I’m still expecting a Clinton electoral victory, I no longer see a landslide coming.

            1. Most of them won’t vote. That alone makes recreating the Obama coalition impossible. We saw what happens to Democrats when the youth and minorities don’t turnout in 2010 and 2014. How you square that with Hillary winning is a mystery to me.

      2. I’ve seen several mentions of Johnson’s Aleppo moments on the TV news and you’d have to be an idiot to think they’re bothering to even mention him just to mock him because he’s taking votes away from Trump.

      3. Shit, sorry. Low-caffeine post. Fist is right about disaffected Sanders voters voting for Trump. The otherwise-D voters who would consider Johnson are moderates disgusted with their party’s nominee.

      4. Only when Stein is not included in the polls. I believe it’s usually the case that, when Stein is included, she gets the percentage points that Clinton loses. I don’t know about if she’s on the ballot in the battleground states.

    2. He’s not a threat to Hillary, he’s a threat to the two-party system. The media thrives on the current system and is loathe to see it change (marginalizing their influence and status in the process).

      1. If Johnson was seen as a threat to Trump, the media would be trumpeting the need to vote 3rd party.

        They’re not.

        Thus, they see Johnson as a threat to Hillary.

  16. I got paedophiliac, necrophiliac, zoophile, but don’t now the word for being sexually attracted to objects. But i know one of you will know it:

    Woman seen straddling headless model of baby T-Rex with her bare bottom on show

    1. Mr. Lizard strikes again

      1. Dinosaurs are now believed to have been warm-blooded, hence not reptiles. The joke, I ruined it.

        1. I thought it was only some of them. I suppose it’s hard to know for sure.

      2. I’ve told you mammals before: Once you go green, you’ll never be seen

    2. Hot. The word is hot.

    3. Well, dildos are objects, so this could be a very widespread attraction.

    4. Bang this gong.

      1. +1 for the Marc Bolan reference

    5. but don’t now (sic) the word for being sexually attracted to objects — Lonely.

    6. “Object-sexuality” or “objectophilia” is what I can find. Kind of disappointing.

  17. Meet Bernard the Roughneck, Canada’s Joe the Plumber

    Canada may have found its very own Joe the Plumber in Bernard Hancock, aka Bernard the Roughneck, a 32-year-old oil-rig worker who made waves when he showed up to the House of Commons dressed in greasy coveralls and a red hard hat.

    Like the American Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, who rose to fame as a right-wing everyman during the 2008 US presidential election, Hancock has become the public face of the Alberta oil industry and its employees.

    His face and his trademark mop of curly hair are plastered on T-shirts and mugs.

    Last week, he appeared on Parliament Hill in his oil-rig getup to support a petition asking the federal government to do more to help Canada’s struggling oil and gas industry.

    “Families are being destroyed,” he said.

    The petition, which had 35,000 signatures, was tabled by Alberta Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs and organised by the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC), a pro-oil advocacy group.

    1. Surprisingly…wouldn’t.

      1. trademark mop of curly hair

        I know I shouldn’t click but OMG GAHH!

    2. And all the progressives – who just love humanity – will piss on him.

      1. Progressives love The Workers, but they cannot stand actual workers.

        1. It’s the catch-22 hole in their pathetically anti-human ideology.

  18. Three Chinese fishermen killed in confrontation with South Korea coastguard

    Three Chinese fishermen were killed on Thursday in a fire that broke out on their boat when South Korean coastguard men trying to apprehend them for illegal fishing threw flash grenades into a room they were hiding in, a South Korean official said.

    Disputes over illegal fishing are an irritant in relations between China and U.S. ally South Korea, even as their economic relations grow close. They also share concern about North Korea’s nuclear weapon and missile programs.

    The three men were believed to have suffocated, a coastguard official in the South Korean port city of Mokpo said, adding that the incident was being investigated.

    1. So when do countries just start sinking chinese fishing vessels for tresspassing?

      1. More likely that the vessels will be impounded.

        1. Indonesia already does that.

          I’m asking about the next escalation.

          1. Slant epithets being thrown?

            1. Oh very nice tie in!


    1. That’s arousing in a very nerdy way.

    2. +1 PC Load Letter

  19. Not voting Jeb for President seemed very popular this year

    1. Shreek hardest hit.

  20. El Cajon police are still refusing to release a video shot by a bystander who witnessed police shooting an unarmed man earlier this week.

    The el cajones on these guys.

  21. Jeb’s quasi endorsement of Gary didn’t appear when I googled Gary Johnson last night, which makes me wonder how much Google customizes their search results. Here’s what I see on the News tab for Gary Johnson:
    Why is Gary Johnson still in the race? CNN
    Stephen Colbert Takes Aim at ‘Aging Clown Without Makeup Gary ? HuffPo
    Tony Norman: Are you just like Gary Johnson, too? Pitt Post-Gazette
    Endorsement: Libertarian Gary Johnson for president The Detroit News
    Why No One Should Vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein ? Daily Beast
    Why Gary Johnson’s Second ‘Aleppo Moment’ Matters ? WSJ blog
    Jeb Bush downplays report he’s voting for Gary Johnson – CNN
    The Lid: Measuring the Gary Johnson Effect ? NBC
    Meet Gary Johnson’s Koch-network money men: Throwing your vote ? Salon
    Clinton Skirts question on Gary Johnson’s qualifications, but she ? WaPo
    Trump Just Pulled a Gary Johnson By Blowing The Favorite World ? PoliticusUSA
    Notable & Quotable: Gary Johnson on Global Warming – WSJ
    Watch Gary Johnson’s ‘Aleppo moments brutally immortalized as ? The Week Mag
    Gary Johnson Says His Favorite Foreign Leader is Obi-Wan Kenobi ? The New Yorker

    Is this what you see when you google Gary Johnson?

    1. “Aging Clown Without Makeup Gary”

      He should avoid that one county in Arkansas.

    2. The intensity of “A vote for a third party candidate = a vote for Trump” whining seems to have increased sharply in the last couple of weeks.

      1. Hillary’s campaign has spent millions trying to get that message across to the youth vote which isnt excited about a crooked 69 year old establishment white woman .

      2. No it didn’t. Hillary WON the debate. She’s having a bounce.

    3. Jeb’s quasi endorsement of Gary didn’t appear when I googled Gary Johnson last night, which makes me wonder how much Google customizes their search results.

      Heavily. On the day after the DNC email leaks, the only stories you could find using general search terms, were talking about how Donald Trump was a Kremlin operative.

    4. I googled “Hillary Clinton lies” and the first 3 results were articles with ‘Trump is a liar’ in the headline. Personally I believe that a vote for Trump will be a vote for gridlock, which would work out much better than the alternative.

    5. Why is Gary Johnson still in the race? CNN

      Because the Libertarian Party is an established party on the ballot in every state. Its candidates for president don’t just ‘drop out.’

  22. France’s New Sharia Police

    In France, no organized Islamist brigades patrol the streets (as in Germany or Britain) to fight alcohol consumption or to beat women for the way they are dressed. Yet gangs of “youths”, again, both men and women, are increasingly doing just that in practice. For years now, “big brothers” have been obliging their mothers and sisters to wear a veil when they go out. And now that this job is done, they have begun to fight non-Muslim women who wear shorts and skirts — no longer just in the sensitive Muslim enclaves, the “no-go zones” of the suburbs, where women no longer dare to wear skirts — but now also in the heart of big cities.

    1. What could possibly go wrong with Muslim immigration? I am sure that could never happen here.

      1. They will all be thoroughly vetted. By Top Men.
        Besides, think of all that we will lose by not bringing them here!

        1. Listen, a little bit of terrorism is the new normal. Get used to it. There’s no particular policies or reasons why it happened, so there’s no assumptions to challenge. Islamic terrorism is just part of the modern world, it’s the price we pay for having Muslims live among us and it’s a price worth paying, is it not? I mean we gain so much from them.

      2. I suppose its a good thing we’re an armed nation unlike the pussies in France.

    2. Listen, as libertarians we’re duty bound to advocate for our colonization and destruction as a society because there’s nothing more important than open borders and predicating the existence of natural rights like “freedom of movement” on artificial (non-natural) constructs, like public property and public accommodation laws.

      I for one, welcome our new borderline retard rapist Islamic overlords.

      1. Open borders types are failing to extend the concept of ownership to the citizens of a country. I own my property and decide who may or may not enter it. The citizens of the US own the US and decide who may or may not immigrate. It’s pretty damned simple.

        The whole thing has shades of international socialism to me; the notion that national sovereignty does not exist.

        1. And your notion of communal property managed by vote and unbounded by liberal rules does not have shades of communism?

          1. Communal property? What are you talking about?

            I pay people for maintenance and upkeep. I pay for upgrades, and, of course, I pay my mortgage on the US. I OWN it.

            And so does every other citizen.

          2. Just like a country club.


        2. I don’t have much money this week As a citizen of the U.S., can i sell my share? No?

    3. organized Islamist brigades patrol the streets (as in Germany

      I was extremely skeptical of this… so I followed the link and sure enough it’s just some crank convert posting a “Sharia Controlled Zone” sign – in English, no less – in one German city.

      1. not sure what link you followed–but the link with that particular sign also has muslims dressed in sharia police vests harassing people.

        And video links of the ‘muslim London patrol’ harassing people.

  23. Takeaway from quick scan of article:

    Hillary Clinton doesnt know how to use a desktop computer.

    This is flat out stated.

    Remember the Bush the Elder moment with the grocery store scanner?

    1. Remember the Bush the Elder moment with the grocery store scanner?


      I may be a geezer, but that’s a state of mind. I was actually a kid when bubba entered office.

      1. UCS spent his childhood telling other kids to get off his lawn, it is known.

      2. In 1992, Bush did some photo op at a grocery store and was overly impressed by the bar code scanner technology.

        Apparently he hadnt been in a grocery store in a decade.

        A big deal was made about how it meant he was out of touch with real Americans.

        1. Funny thing about that:


          1. I should have refreshed before posting. Off by 3 minutes

        2. He wasn’t at a grocery store. He was at a grocery convention that showed off new technology:

          “Then the details of the story started to dribble out. Andrew Rosenthal of The New York Times hadn’t even been present at the grocers’ convention. He based his article on a two-paragraph report filed by the lone pool newspaperman allowed to cover the event, Gregg McDonald of the Houston Chronicle, who merely wrote that Bush had a “look of wonder” on his face and didn’t find the event significant enough to mention in his own story. Moreover, Bush had good reason to express wonder: He wasn’t being shown then-standard scanner technology, but a new type of scanner that could weigh groceries and read mangled and torn bar codes. “

          1. Yeah, I knew the story wasnt exactly as portrayed, but couldnt remember the details.

            But, apparently it isnt a big deal in 2016 that Clinton cant use a PC.

          2. but a new type of scanner that could weigh groceries and read mangled and torn bar codes and obviate having to deal with surly cashiers.

  24. Brookings explores anti-blasphemy laws in the digital era.

    Is this about Obama giving internet control to the international acquiescers to Islam?

  25. A good mechanic is second to only a woman who doesn’t have a gag reflex on the list of important people a man should have in his life.

    1. You only need five friends in the world; a good mechanic, an accountant, a lawyer, a bartender, and a cop. Any other friend is just a luxury.

      1. What do you do if your cop friend shoots one of your other friends?

        1. Find a replacement, because you need to know a cop.

        2. Keep your mouth shut, same as everybody else.

      2. I have an awesome mechanic, my wife is an accounting whiz, i’m related to a number of lawyers and work with even more, all i need’s a case of Genesee, and fuck tha police.

        I’m doing alright.

        1. In America police fuck you. It pays to know one or two.

      3. Good list but Doctor is x1M more valuable than bartender as a friend

        1. Yes. I forgot doctor. Good catch. I did that list in my 20s. Now that I am in my 40s and can afford my own booze, I guess Doctor should replace bartender on the list.

        2. Discreet doctor.

  26. Obama operatives stripped Judical Watch of ‘media’ status, overcharged for FOIA requests:

    Political operatives within the Obama administration wrongly punished conservative legal group Judicial Watch, stripping it of “media” status and trying to force it to pay higher fees for its open records requests, the General Services Administration inspector general said in a letter released Thursday.
    The GSA botched several high-profile open records requests, delaying them for months while political appointees got involved, Inspector General Carol F. Ochoa said. The findings were released while the administration was facing charges of slow-walking open records requests for Hillary Clinton’s emails, as well as other requests.
    In the case of Judicial Watch, the order to strip it of media status came from political operatives with long ties to Democratic causes ? and even from the White House.
    The inspector general said the decision came at the behest of Gregory Mecher, a former Democratic campaign fundraiser who at the time was liaison to the White House. He is married to Jen Psaki, a longtime spokeswoman with the Obama administration and its election campaigns.
    Ms. Ochoa said stripping Judicial Watch of media status violated several agency policies and things got worse when the GSA denied an appeal by the group.

    1. Third World Banana Republic. We’re just about there.


    New York Magazine on the emotional toll of covering Trump. You just can’t understand the horror of having to hear people say mean things about Hillary every day. These people are beyond parody. Ten years ago that article could have appeared in the Onion. Today, it is in NY Mag.

    “I think you don’t realize the emotional cost of every single day, twice a day, being in rooms where the norm has become people shouting out, ‘Hang the bitch,’ ‘Kill her,’ ‘Cunt,'” the second reporter said. “You shouldn’t be at the point where you hear ‘Cunt’ and you think, Oh, they’re angry at Hillary, or you hear ‘Bitch,’ and you’re like, Oh, they’re talking about our former secretary of State.”

    1. When I was in the fourth grade, we used to have insult contests at the lunch table. It was fun, all the boys took part. Teachers didn’t interfere in our lunch–why would they? They were eating their own lunch at their own table.

      Today, at my son’s elementary school, there are a number of themed tables for the kids. My son likes to eat at the “friendship table.” I can’t imagine how fast a teacher would intervene if he tried to start an insult contest.

      No wonder so many under 30 are thin-skinned. They’ve never been in a situation where they’ve heard hurtful things before.

      1. I really is. This is especially true of the sort of upper class twits who end up being writers at places like New York Magazine.

        1. OTOH, spending all day every day listening to people bitch and moan about [insert hate figure name here] would give me the shits too

      2. Tough Crowd should be required viewing for chillerns. Get the little bastards started right.

    2. There are different curse words used for the different genders, I don’t see what’s so egregious with that. Men are typically referred to as assholes, dicks, bastards and sons of bitches (son of a dog). Is it sexist that men are called those things and women are not? Women might more often hear cunt and bitch, and I can’t think of a third off the top of my head, but I’m sure it’s just superduper sexist.

      1. Wait, should I call you a dirty cunt, or a dirty, dangly sac?

        1. I self-identify as a dangly sctrotal sack.

      2. Vaginal blood farter.

      3. I just make their heads explode and invert the genders for insults. They don’t know how to respond when you call a man a “bitch”.

        1. I call everybody a dick.

        2. In Australia “cunt” is normally a term for a man

            1. I’m a woman, so no, you wouldn’t call me that. But you can use it as a term indicating anything from affection (I have heard one bloke in the country greet his friend with “G’day ya queer cunt!”) through to the deepest contempt for a man (“you weak cunt”).

              1. I wouldn’t dare call a woman a cunt. Not to her face, anyway.

                I do routinely call my brother a faggot, however. Especially since he’s married a woman and has a child. Nothing gayer than monogamy and children.

                1. sounds like a card-carrying homosexualist

          1. I have a good number of English and Australian friends, and I use cunt way more often than my peers. I get cockeyed looks all the time. I’m just trying to be more worldly.

        3. ‘Bitch’ when applied to men, means effeminate, weak or pathetically submissive. When applied to a woman it means shrill, thin-skinned, or unnecessarily aggressive and confrontational. So that one swings both ways.

    3. I’m sure they were equally horrified to have heard horrible things said about George W. Bush, and Trump too, for that matter. And Sarah Palin.

    4. a) bullshit this is constant refrain, and b) Democrats are far, far more vile toward Republican presidents.

      1. But that’s different because Republican presidents are objectively evil while Democrat presidents are objectively good.

      2. Oh, and c) grow a spine, you sanctimonious whinging twat.

  28. Democratic Super PAC Cancels Minnesota 3rd District Reservations
    House Majority PAC cuts TV time for 2nd District for opposite reason

    Democrats had touted the suburban district, held by four-term Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen, as one that Donald Trump’s candidacy could help put in play. A Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee poll from Sept. 12 gave Democratic state Sen. Terri Bonoff a 40-38 percent edge over Paulsen.

    But recent GOP polling gave Paulsen a comfortable margin. He has a significant cash-on-hand advantage over Bonoff, ending the pre-primary reporting period on July 20 with $3.2 million in the bank compared to $571,000 for his Democratic opponent.

    House Majority PAC reserved $574,000 for the district in mid-July. Time can still be rebooked if the race begins to look more favorable for the Democrats.

    1. Hillary is still advertising like crazy in the MDVA market. A month ago she was supposed to have pulled all her ads because the state was in the bag. I said at the time that was bullshit and it appears I am right, because I see at least three Hillary commercials a night.

      1. MDVA

        Isnt DC market easier to type?

        I read that as DVDA, which was an interesting market for her to be advertising in.

        1. I don’t know. You know what I mean.

          1. Actually, I didnt.

            I had to stare at it for a minute or so to figure out what city MDVA was.

            Middle Valley? Somewhere in CA?

            Then it clicked.

            1. I read that as MDMA and a play for people who where ‘millennials’ back in the 80’s

        2. If i paid good money to own a movie and it had a Hillary ad on it, i would be so pissed.

          1. DVDA is something else.

            1. Though you might be into that kind of movie, I suppose.

      2. She’s been advertising heavily in the Philadelphia/PA market as well. They may think PA is actually in play.

      3. It’s called the DMV, DC-MD-VA. Took me a year before I figured it out. Before I did I kept wondering why everyone cared so much about the Department of Motor Vehicles

      4. I live in the NY media market and I see Hillary commercials during prime time broadcast shows and the evening news quite often. It’s really off-putting. Why are they wasting their money here?

        The campaign’s behavior speaks to a complete distrust in its own base. I’d be shocked if she ends up getting anywhere near her polls – I’ve been assuming a 3 point swing (H -1.5 / D +1.5) on every poll I see based on the historical records of the candidates, but the HRC campaign’s habits make me wonder if it’s even worse.

    2. Paulsen is the congress critter for Tundra and myself. No way he is losing.

      There was a great story earlier this year in our lefty rag about how many undecided voters there were.

      The headline was “GOP poll: Paulsen ahead of Bonoff, lots of undecided voters”. The lede was about how there were still 12% undecided in the race, so don’t despair about Paulsen leading.

      However when you look at the numbers, you see that Paulsen led 57-31. Even if every undecided voter broke for the DFL candidate she would still lose by double digits. And the MSM wonders why no one trusts them.

  29. “If everybody didn’t vote, that would be a pretty powerful political statement,” says Jeb Bush.

    Another pretty powerful political statement would be for America to tell the Bush family “We hate you, so please go away forever and leave us all alone.”

    Oh snap, that’s right, that already happened!

  30. In his early weeks, Powell recalled, he’d “received several security briefings that restricted his ability to communicate.” He’d questioned the NSA and CIA on “why PDAs were anymore of a risk than the television remote controls.”

    We’re being ruled by geniuses.

    1. (cont.)

      And so, he advised Hillary Clinton “to resist restrictions that would inhibit her ability to communicate.” But he told her to choose wisely and not to create an unnecessary paper trail. He said if it became “public” that Clinton had a BlackBerry and she used it to “do business,” her emails could become “official record[s] and subject to the law.” As Powell said: “Be very careful. I got around it all by not saying much and not using systems that captured the data.”

      So Powell is a douchebag too. Good to know.

      1. he advised Hillary Clinton “to resist restrictions that would inhibit her ability to communicate.”

        One of the interesting things about the French Revolution is that a large number of people in the journalist class ended up playing a large part in fomenting and directing it all the way up until Napoleon decided he deserved to be in charge more than those other assholes. Today, instead of pointing out how fucking corrupt and illegal all this behavior is, they enable it based on political alliances and personal acquaintances.

        Makes you wonder sometimes if we don’t need an Alaric moment to burn the whole edifice to the ground and rebuild, even if it takes 400 years to get there.

    2. Never, and I mean never, underestimate the absolute technological cluelessness of older people. This really ought to be a campaign issue – if you’re supposed to be able to rattle off a list of foreign leaders, then I also expect you to know your bits from your bytes.

      1. Powell is a former National Security Adviser. You’d think he would bone up on the topic a little. It’s not hard.

        1. Yeah, signal intelligence, computers, that sort of thing.

  31. Welcome to the jungle…French style.

    1. Not clicking the link, but i assume it goes to a website of upskirt shots of Parisian women.

      1. [L’applaudissements du le Golf]

        1. du = de le, so what you typed is redundant

  32. Jeb Bush Gets Nihilistic About Voting,

    “If everybody didn’t vote, that would be a pretty powerful political statement,” says Jeb Bush.

    Due to the fact that he finds value in making a “powerful political statement”, it’s not nihilism. It might be comically unself-aware however.

    1. Well, everybody didn’t vote for Jeb and that did make a statement.

  33. This robot-made pizza in Silicon Valley should terrify Domino’s and Pizza Hut

    A Silicon Valley-based startup wants to take a slice out of the nearly $40 billion pizza industry in the most Silicon Valley-way possible ? using robots to make its pies.

    Zume Pizza, founded in 2015, set out to make better pizza faster by streamlining the process through technology. Robots use artificial intelligence to accept orders and prepare pizzas to buyers’ exact specifications. And if customers live far enough away that the pizza could get cold before it’s delivered, a new high-tech delivery truck cooks the pies en route.

    Some day, in the dystopian future, we will be eating robot deep dish pizza.


    2. keep raising minimum wage to keep raising incentives to use automation instead of people to get stuff done

    3. Why would it terrify them? They will love the lower labor costs when they buy Zume out.

      1. If a company like that has a good technology that all pizza chains will want, they should license it instead, and be the service techs, rather than selling the patents to a pizza chain.

    4. Wait, I thought we weren’t allowed to say “deep dish” and “pizza” in the same sentence.

  34. Is your Halloween costume racist?

    I certainly hope so. Al Jolson’s memory isn’t going to revive itself.

  35. Should babies who are born alive after a botched abortion be killed, or should their lives be preserved?

    This is the question addressed, in congressional testimony recently, by Gianna Jessen.

    Jessen’s mother went to an abortion clinic to try and kill her baby. The procedure didn’t kill Jessen, but it did afflict her with Down’s Syndrome. Normal protocol would have been to kill her after she was born, but the “doctor” who usually did that thing wasn’t there, so a nurse took Jessen to a *real* medical facility, and her life was saved.

    TRIGGER WARNING: Sky-daddy bleever references.

    1. Eddie’s search history is far more disturbing than my search history.

      1. That seems unlikely.

        1. I rarely Google abortion and/ or down syndrome. I do Google nude Bea Arthur. I think one is more disturbing than the other.

        2. He hasn’t yet found the dating site that matches women without gag reflexes with homeless streakers, but there are a lot of close substitutes out there

          1. Crusty’s not homeless! He lives in the back of a pet store.

            1. Still, the lack of gag reflex comes in handy with both situations, in more ways than one

              1. The van got repo’d. Now, at least, he’s got all the pellets he can eat.

    2. Given the Down’s Syndrome is a genetically based disorder how does a mechanical surgical procedure give it to someone one?

      1. Yeah, I had the same question

      2. Probably because they knew the kid had Down’s and as such, intended to abort it, but that would be illegal. So the abortion magically gave the kid Down’s.

        1. Most likely, this.

          As others have pointed out, Down’s is caused by a chromosomal anomaly, specifically and extra copy or partial extra copy of the 21st chromosome. No way it can be caused by the abortion procedure.

          1. Didn’t John Edwards make his money on this exact premise?

        2. It’s not illegal to abort a fetus because it has Down’s. Her mother was also 17 when she was born. She also doesn’t, apparently, have Down’s.

      3. That is what I was wondering. I could see a botched abortion causing problems, but Downs isnt one of them.

        As part of the procedure, they inserted an extra chromosome in each cell?

    3. Being partially aborted gave her an extra chromosome? I don’t think that’s how trisomy works, Eddie. But you can ask Mike M.’s mom to be sure.

    4. The procedure didn’t kill Jessen, but it did afflict her with Down’s Syndrome

      Bull. Shit.

      Down’s Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder. It cannot be inflicted physically. A botched abortion might cause brain damage, but it cannot inflict Down’s.

      1. It afflicted her with Downs in the sense that it caused her to be born with Downs, as opposed to being aborted before being born with Downs.

    5. The procedure didn’t kill Jessen, but it did afflict her with Down’s Syndrome.

      Down Sydnrome is a problem with chromosomes. How the fuck does that even work? Cerebral palsy as a result, I could buy, but chromosomal damage?

      1. “Brain damage is what we were after, chromosome damage is just gravy”

    6. Fuck, she was born with cerebral palsy, and my error totally invalidates the effect of an abortion survivor testifying against abortion.

      1. +1 Charlie Kelly

        1. I found the Youtube video with that scene on it.

      2. Just to be clear, it was *my* error, not hers, but now she’s guilty by association.

      3. Whine louder, Eddie.

        1. I took a case where a woman survived a botched abortion and uses this experience to give powerful testimony against killing babies after they’re born, and I screwed it up – so now you get to say “ha ha, this guy gave a mistaken summary of her testimony about the way in which the botched abortion damaged her, so now we get to laugh off the idea of protecting babies from being killed after birth!”

      4. You know me. I’m anti-abortion and pro-accuracy (to the point of pedantics when I’m not making snarky jokes).

        A blunder of facts like that will derail any discussion of what you actually wanted to bring up.

        [off-topic rant about links to videos removed]

        1. “I’m anti-abortion and pro-accuracy”

          As am I, as indicated by the fact that I correct my errors rather than wave them away or try to blame someone else.

    7. The procedure didn’t kill Jessen, but it did afflict her with Down’s Syndrome.

      I’m calling bullshit. Down’s is a genetic disorder. You don’t get that from a botched abortion.

      1. You post this five minutes after my correction?

        1. Next time just make the correction and leave off the commentary.

          1. Also, post the correction before everyone jumps on it.

            Its not like you have a problem responding to yourself.

            1. I was actually away from the computer, believe it or not. Then I saw the error and was like, “oh, shit, dude!”

              1. ^Post 1 of 6^

        2. Yes, because I don’t constantly refresh. Sue me.

          But keep trying to play the victim – that works out so well for you.

          1. I haven’t said *I’m* a victim…the children in the crosshairs of the abortionists are the victims.

            But now we’ve gone straight to principles/principals…because *I* was the one to mention the issue, and because I (not Jessen) got the facts of her case wrong, somehow this means what Jessen said can be ignored.

            1. the children in the crosshairs of the abortionists are the victims

              Why do their parents get a pass?

              1. OK, the children in the crosshairs of their mothers and the abortionists.

    8. The procedure didn’t kill Jessen, but it did afflict her with Down’s Syndrome.

      How does an attempted abortion create an extra chromosome?

      1. Nevermind. I see everyone else also caught that.

      2. I posted a correction at 9:33 AM, and there were numerous comments on my correction, you may want to allude to that.

        1. You are part of everyone else.

          1. Deep, man, but isn’t it, like, too early to start toking?

            1. You’re part of “everyone”, not of each person.

              This is why I usually try to use a lot of quotation marks to distinguish use from mention.

  36. The Politics of Dissociation
    Why populism, nationalism, and tribalism will outlast Trump and Clinton

    The project of global integration?the free movement of capital, goods, and people for the improvement of man’s estate as defined by the postmodern West?is at a standstill. The nationalist governments of Russia and China subvert world order. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is in limbo. The Brits voted to leave the European Union. Europeans have turned on Brussels. There is this annoying issue of political Islam. Above all there is Donald Trump, the man who made “globalist” an epithet.

    The Times sent reporter Anand Giridharadas to the final meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. He heard the former president lament the “zero-sum” world of “tribal” politics exemplified by his wife’s opponent. What Giridharadas did not hear, he said, was “anyone who could explain populist ire with authenticity.”

    Panelists described the theoretical and actual costs of tribalism, nationalism, and populism. They imagined themselves a refugee, an immigrant, a villager coping with hunger and disease. But they could not imagine themselves?could never imagine themselves?a supporter of Brexit or of Donald J. Trump.

    1. Panelists described the theoretical and actual costs of tribalism, nationalism, and populism. They imagined themselves a refugee, an immigrant, a villager coping with hunger and disease. But they could not imagine themselves?could never imagine themselves?a supporter of Brexit or of Donald J. Trump.

      I’m gonna guess that there was a lot of navel gazing going on there.

    2. Uh, the EU stands for free trade? That’s got to be news to Europe.

      1. Free trade within the EU, no?

        1. There’s highly regulated trade. I wouldn’t call it free.

          1. So just like the US.

          2. Well, no. But that’s what passes for “free trade” these days.

  37. Abedin, for her part, found that it was difficult to print from the State Department email system, so she’d often forward emails to her Yahoo email, accounts, or even another account that she’d previously used to support the campaign activities of her husband, Anthony Weiner. And there was a lot to print: Clinton didn’t like reading long emails?the BlackBerry font was too small?so she’d often forward such staff to staff to print.

    So why did she have the damn thing?

    1. The leaders of the free world, (hypothetical) ladies and gentlemen.

      1. How the fuck could it have been difficult to print shit out? Unless they had the system configured to prevent printing for security reasons, in which case…

        Not knowing that is incompetence. Not asking the helpdesk to fix that is willfull incompetence. And it’s not like calls from the SoS suite get routed to the regular support queue.

        1. It’s not like she could have had an air gapped system for her aides to use only for printing out e-mails she wanted to see on paper (my mom also prints out almost everything, the parents are retired, and her ink bill is like $85 a month). Simply burn the files to a disc each day, print the things, then shred the disc and the files after she’s done with them. Easy.

    2. So she forwarded it to her account. Alright, did she then go home and print it? If not, there was no point in forwarding them.

      Further, every agency I am aware of has a VPN and the ability to access your email from home. So even if she needed to go home to print, something given the time constraints of her work I find very hard to believe, she still didn’t need to forward it to her personal accounts.

      Anyone who knows anything about government IT knows that story is complete bullshit.

      Beyond all that, government IT is generally not that bad and certainly not for the higher ups. The claim that the COS and close confidant of the secretary of state could not print and no one came to help her or fix the problem is just laughable. That bitch needs to rot in prison for insulting the country’s intelligence if nothing else.

      1. Actually, it’s the truth.

        They were terrified of leaks. They were terrified that the dirty laundry would come out. They were terrified that there would be an FOIA request and off of some backup tapes out would come incriminating emails.

        The whole idea was to keep everything in trustworthy hands. The server would be controlled by a confidante. He may not be the best, need to ask questions in reddit to solve basic problems, but he would be loyal.

        It’s amusing how their hubris led to their downfall. Contrast the fate of the head of the EPA who also evaded FOIA with a secret email account, also sold her office to outsiders. She used the government IT system and has a cushy job at Apple now. She will never hurt for money again.

        1. Its not the truth. They are claiming they did this because she couldn’t print. No, she did this for the reasons you mention. It is all one laughably bad lie.

          1. I stopped early.

            I think they wanted to print shit out, but didn’t want to use the state department printers. There would be records. They would have to account for the copies they printed.

            So, they wanted to use their own printers. Keep everything in house and outside of prying eyes.

            1. NO. That is not how it works. There is no record of what is printed. The records are all electronic and of emails and such. Printing didn’t expose them to anymore scrutiny than having an official email address did.

            2. While those personally-owned printers are less subject to discovery, many printers have (mechanical or electronic) hard drives where the print jobs are temporarily stored. It is at least theoretically possible to recover files from these.

              1. But the government printers are only hooked up to government computers that are archived. You wouldn’t need to have the printer to find those documents, they are on the government computers.

              2. many printers have (mechanical or electronic) hard drives where the print jobs are temporarily stored

                Exactly this. So if you had some incriminating emails that you didn’t want to have uncovered and it was on the government email system, you could delete it from your account, delete it from your email archive, your sent email folder, you could delete every copy of it you have, but if you printed it it could still be out there on either the print server or the printer’s physical memory/ hard drive. This is why they did this shit. Their excuses are laughable bullshit that only a complete ignoramus would believe.

                There’s a reason why printers that are used in a classified area (aka, SCIF) have to have their hard drives replaced and their old hard drives destroyed before they can be transferred to non-classified use.

                1. That is all true Cynical. But I have never seen printer hard drives searched over a FOIA request. In a criminal investigation, sure but I don’t think Hillary and her crew were too worried about that.

                  1. In a criminal investigation, sure but I don’t think Hillary and her crew were too worried about that.

                    Still never hurts to CYA. You never know when the “vast right wing conspiracy” will rear it’s ugly head and start one of their “witch hunts.” /sarc

                  2. Wait, isn’t the issue that she would “forward emails to her Yahoo email”?
                    Yahoo, which is in the news for having millions of accounts hacked?

                    1. Wait, isn’t the issue that she would “forward emails to her Yahoo email”?
                      Yahoo, which is in the news for having millions of accounts hacked?

                      That’s what makes it so deliciously ironic. She was less afraid of the Russians reading her emails than the government she was an officer of.

                2. And don’t forget backup tapes. Government IT standards require that backups be made and that the tapes be preserved for a period of time. Generally it takes the full backup tapes several months until they are re-used and overwritten. The more that inquiry is delayed the more chance of the information disappearing.

        2. Yeah, and the more times you transmit information, ie by forwarding it to another email system, the greater the risk of interception, mis-routing, etc.

        3. It’s amusing how their hubris led to their downfall.

          That’s almost always the case with these types of people. Their hubris, arrogance, and their belief to be “untouchable” always ends up leading to their downfall. Unless your last name is Clinton.

        4. They were terrified of leaks. They were terrified that the dirty laundry would come out. They were terrified that there would be an FOIA request and off of some backup tapes out would come incriminating emails.

          Turns out that paranoia was undeserved. Given the “nothing to see here” response, they really didn’t have anything to be worried about.

      2. Further, every agency I am aware of has a VPN and the ability to access your email from home.

        Unless you’re on the classified network, then there’s no VPN. They don’t want you accessing that from home, for obvious reasons. I thought part of the issue was not just that she was forwarding and printing emails from her unclassified account, but also that she was (somehow) forwarding classified emails to her yahoo account as well. Or am I mistaken about that?

        Which, if that was the case, puts the lie to the claim that she was so technically inept as to be unable to figure out how to print from her government account. Getting email from the classified system over to the open system is no easy task. If she was able to do that, she should have been able to figure out how to print. In short: she’s a lying cunt and she obviously thinks we’re a bunch of dumb rubes who will believe literally anything.

        1. You can’t forward email from a classified email account to your Yahoo account. The classified internet is not in any way hooked up to the regular internet. What they did was put classified information into unclassified emails. There was no forwarding from classified email addresses since that isn’t possible. It was just them not caring and talking about classified subjects in unclassified emails.

          The reason they did that was Hillary is such a crook she refused to have an official email account of any kind and thus didn’t have a classified email account. So if you wanted to email her about classified information, you had to do it on unclassified emails.

          1. You can’t forward email from a classified email account to your Yahoo account.

            That’s what I remembered from my time working on classified programs. There was a way for the IT people to migrate data from the classified to unclassified system (after the data had been reviewed to ensure that the data you wanted moved wasn’t classified, of course). but I don’t know how they did it, I’m not an IT guy. So the only way they could have done anything like that is if they had someone in the IT department who was “in on it” and was willing to move shit around for them.

            What they did was put classified information into unclassified emails. There was no forwarding from classified email addresses since that isn’t possible. It was just them not caring and talking about classified subjects in unclassified emails.

            Which I’ve said before, but it bears repeating: I would be in Ft Leavenworth prison if I did that shit.

            1. Anyone but them would be.

            2. There was a way for the IT people to migrate data from the classified to unclassified system after the data had been reviewed to ensure that the data you wanted moved wasn’t classified, of cours;. but I don’t know how they did it, I’m not an IT guy.

              Because of the restrictions on copying material from siprnet and JWICS to removable media, you normally have to get a waiver from the agency or installation IT chief, with appropriate justification (for instance, your job requires you to mail physical copies of your work to the National Archives for permanent records-keeping). So it’s actually not that difficult to get a waiver if your job requires it. For people in Huma’s or Cheryl Mills’ position, the waivers would probably just be pencil-whipped because of their duties as Hillary’s aides.

            3. The rub is that once any removable media touches a machine connected to the siprnet or JWICS, it’s immediately supposed to be classed according to its appropriate security level and can’t be inserted into a machine that’s connected to the niprnet or sent via commercial email, because of the risks of spillage and cyber-hacking. So the question here is whether Huma and the rest of Hillary’s criminal claque simply transcribed classified material and mailed them to her server without the headers, or copied material from siprnet and JWICS with an approved removable media waiver and then stripped the portion markings and headers before emailing the documents to Hillary. Both means are prosecutable offenses, and allowed Hillary to make the claim that “nothing on the server was marked classified,” despite the fact that it’s the info that makes it classified, not the header or portion markings, which just confirm the level.

              And the thing is, anyone with a security clearance would be aware of this. So it’s infuriating that Comey and the rest of the FBI are playing dumb here, because given their responsibilities they ought to damn well know better.

  38. Do Black Holes Die?

    There are some things in the universe that you simply can’t escape. Death. Taxes. Black holes. If you time it right, you can even experience all three at once.

    Black holes are made out to be uncompromising monsters, roaming the galaxies, voraciously consuming anything in their path. And their name is rightly deserved: Once you fall in, once you cross the terminator line of the event horizon, you don’t come out. Not even light can escape their clutches.

    But in movies, the scary monster has a weakness, and if black holes are the galactic monsters, then surely they have a vulnerability. Right?


    A black hole with the mass of the sun will last a wizened 10^67 years. Considering that the current age of our universe is a paltry 13.8 * 10^9 years, that’s a good amount of time. But if you happened to turn the Eiffel Tower into a black hole, it would evaporate in only about a day. I don’t know why you would, but there you go.

    1. I thought black holes evaporated if they weren’t actively sucking in matter, due to some sort of quantum theory effect. (As I understand it, after a particle is sucked into the black hole, the particle has a quantum partner that re-appears somewhere near the far side of the blue event horizon at some point.) So, yes, eventually, black holes should die.

      1. It’s called Hawking radiation but has never been observed. The idea is that particle/anit-particle pairs randomly pop into existence but usually annihilate almost instantaneously. If one falls into the black hole, though, while the other escapes, then that mass has to come from somewhere, and it comes from the black hole. So over time they evaporate. But it happens really slowly – if there were small black holes created during the Big Bang then they should be evaporating about now. But all observed black holes are much, much more massive.

        1. And, if I recall correctly, it’s supposed to be a non-linear relationship between the mass and how quickly it evaporates. Proportional to surface area, maybe?

        2. The real physics question is what would we observe Hawking radiation to be, since the act of observing a particle changes the particle?

          1. It would be light (photons of some sort), I think. Massive particles wouldn’t escape the gravity. Uncertainty means you can’t know both momentum and location with high accuracy, but observation doesn’t generally change what a particle is.

            If anyone knows better, please correct me. I’m not a physicist, but I’m a very interested and somewhat sophisticate amateur.

    2. Black holes matter

  39. ‘Trumpapillar’: Fluffy Caterpillar Looks Just Like Donald Trump’s Hair

    Wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer was scouting in the Peruvian Amazon, when he came across the bright-orange, luxuriant fluff ball.

    “I was putting on my boots, and someone said, ‘Hey, check out this caterpillar hanging out,'” said Cremer, who captured photos of the larva in all its hairy beauty. “Sure enough, it was Donald Trump’s hair hanging on a branch.”

    This isn’t the first time Cremer has seen the strange-looking caterpillar. He also spotted the creature four years ago, when he noticed the striking resemblance to Trump’s hair, Cremer said.

    Locals call this creature “ovejillo,” which means “little sheep” in Spanish, Cremer told Live Science.

    1. We do live in an amazing world.

    2. Other researchers have discovered a fish that looks exactly like Hillary’s vajay. There were no survivors.

      1. Do I dare click on that link…

        I’m not sure. If you stare into Hillary’s vajay long enough, does it stare back?

        1. It has numerous eyes.

          1. If you can see Hillary’s vajay, it can see you.

            If you can’t see Hillary’s vajay, you may be only seconds away from death.

    3. “We’re building a cocoon. And it’s terrific, it’s the best cocoon anyone ever saw. I’m the #1 caterpillar for building cocoons, believe me.”

    4. The secret origins of a SugarFree character revealed!!

      1. Wait, that means The Hair is a Peruvian immigrant… does The Hat know??

        1. Way to spoil the season finale, dude.

  40. “Last December, a school official asked local law enforcement to investigate a truck driver who displayed a rebel flag on the grille of his tractor-trailer….Several UWL students harassed workers at the job site when they saw the flag.”

    If buttercups buzz’d after the bee
    If boats were on land, churches on sea
    If ponies rode men and if grass ate the cows
    And cats should be chased into holes by the mouse
    If the mamas sold their babies
    To the Gypsies for half a crown
    If coeds harassed truck drivers
    And not the other way round
    Then all the world would be upside down!

  41. King Arthur takes council to court in Stonhenge parking row

    Arthur Pendragon, the self-titled druid king of Britain and who says he’s the reincarnation of King Arthur, is suing over a parking charge at Stonehenge.

    He’s also taking action against a police force and English Heritage over the ?15 fee.

    King Arthur believes the charge is ‘illegal’ for worshippers to the stones for the summer solstice, dubbing ‘pay to pray’.

    The charge was introduced for this year’s event on June 21, which saw 12,000 people flock to Stonehenge, in Salisbury, Wiltshire, to mark the longest day of the year.

    When Mr Pendragon refused to fork out ? saying the ?15 fee is ‘grossly unfair’ as it is three times what tourists pay on any other day of the year ? he was barred from the UNESCO World Heritage site.

    1. Cool. I’m going to join a nature religion which requires me to worship in woodlands and demand exemption from all park fees.

      1. And clothes. Get an exemption from clothes. Being sky-clad makes it all the more convincing as a nature religion.

        1. Oooooh, good point.

    2. Crazy as he may be for thinking he’s the reincarnation Arthur Pendragon, he’s got a bit of a point here:

      “the ?15 fee is ‘grossly unfair’ as it is three times what tourists pay on any other day of the year”

      Like if America had a park where Christians or some other popular religion group (like the Native American groups who have sacred lands within state parks) met for a ceremony once per year, and the government decided on those days only to hike up the price by three times the normal amount, there would be a fair amount of outrage.

      I mean we actually do allow Native groups to worship and do their ceremonies at Devil’s Mountain. Can you imagine the outrage from the Left if the state decided to charge MORE to the Natives during their ceremonies??

      1. Sounds like surge pricing to me. I have no problem with it.

  42. I may hate Illinois Nazis, but I NoDak hecklers. (North Dakota guy heckles European players for missing putts. Gets called out and goes out and sinks a putt himself)

    After my last flight home, though, I still hate all the morons who were going to Minnesoda for the Ryder cup. What a bunch of rubes and pests.

    1. I take it there is no polite golf heckle?

      1. You pretend to cough and yell “Blowjob!”

  43. “Meet Gary Johnson’s Koch-network money men: Throwing your vote (and values) away.” (Never change, Salon.)

    The Left is really, REALLY starting to shit their pants over GJ “stealing votes” from Shrillary. The salty ham tears should she lose the election are going to be awesome. It’s going to be almost too much to bear.

  44. In June 2010, Clinton received a new device: Just weeks after the first iPad was released, Philippe Reines purchased one for Clinton to use. The iPad, her staff hoped, would give her a way to read news articles on her own. She didn’t like reading news on her BlackBerry, but their hope was short-lived. She initially responded enthusiastically to the idea, responding to Reines’ email that her iPad had arrived by writing, “That is exciting news?do you think you can teach me to use it on the flight to Kyev next week?” But when the traveling party embarked on the Air Force plane for the meeting with President Viktor Yanukovych, Clinton instead fell asleep with the unopened iPad package in her lap. Reines told the FBI that this struck him as funny because, “in contrast, he would not be able to sleep if he had just received a new iPad.” Then he added a dour note: “This episode was a foreshadowing for how little she would use the iPad.” Over time, she warmed slightly to the device, using it in the evenings and while traveling for reading news, but once she got comfortable with it, she resisted attempts to upgrade it.

    It’s like giving toys to zoo animals. What will they do with it? Oh look, she’s picking that one up! Maybe she’ll figure out how to get the banana now.

    The deeper message is that everyone is afraid of Clinton.

    1. The deeper message is that and that she is dumb as a post. They were giving her an ipad to get her to read news articles. She fell asleep on the plane instead of preparing for a meeting with the leader of Ukraine. She was too stupid, sick and lazy to do her job.

    2. Even the head of the FBI

      1. J. Edgar Hoover may have been an evil fuck but was a zealot about the integrity of the FBI. I wonder how this would have played out in Bizarro-land (where a robotic zombie Hoover is still in charge).

        1. Mmmm…except that he’d have fired anyone outside his inner circle who engaged in anything non-normative like transvestism. He was just a garden-variety statist hypocrite.

          1. What man doesn’t want to dress like his mom? *guilty shifty eyes*

  45. Let’s try this again:

    Should babies who are born alive after a botched abortion be killed, or should their lives be preserved?

    This is the question addressed, in congressional testimony recently, by Gianna Jessen.

    Jessen’s mother went to an abortion clinic to try and kill her baby. The procedure didn’t kill Jessen, but it injured her. Normal protocol would have been to kill her after she was born, but the “doctor” who usually did that thing wasn’t there, so a nurse took Jessen to a *real* medical facility, and her life was saved.

    TRIGGER WARNING: Sky-daddy bleever references.

    1. You had your chance!

      1. No, her testimony survived my attempt to abort it.

      2. You telling him to abor…. I just can’t do it!

    2. Sorry, Eddie, you’re in timeout.

      1. Come on, everybody wins – you are finally able to get worked up over something bad I actually said, rather than a straw man I didn’t say.

        Now let’s see how worked up you can get at killing babies after birth.

    3. I heard it gave her Down’s Syndrome.

      1. Perhaps one of the many numerous commenters who isn’t me can protest their prolife bona fides can post a link about the malpractices of abortionists.

          1. That’s just what God told you to say.

            1. Yeah, don’t you hate religious meddling in the abortion issue?

              36 Religious and Faith-based Organizations Support EACH Woman Act

              “…the EACH Woman Act would ensure that every woman who receives care or insurance through the federal government will have coverage for all pregnancy-related care, including abortion.” etc.

              1. 36 organizations want to give children Down’s Syndrome?!? How irresponsible.

            2. I am but His vessel, Sweet’n’Low.

              1. And did Citizen X commit himself as the Gravy Boat of the Lord. And filled he was with the Lord’s thick and meaty sauce. And he see that He was savory. Amen.

                1. Thus today’s reading from the Book of Squirrels, chapter 8 verse 33.

  46. Another instance of pinning a badge on some idiot and he thinks he can violate whatever laws he wishes.

    1. I don’t know what this is a response to, but as a generalization, it works.

  47. Navy Eliminating 241-Year-Old Rating System in New Enlisted Rank Overhaul

    The change comes as Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has pushed the Department of the Navy to create gender-neutral titles for positions like rifleman and motorman.

    Mabus’ request ? examining how changing ratings like Yeoman, Legalman and Damage Controlman could better reflect the diversity of the service ? was the genesis of the new policy, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson said during a Thursday all-hands call explaining the changes.

    The initial question was, “do [the ratings] capture that inclusivity with the respect to diversity,” Richardson said.

    Fuck them.
    Boatswain’s Mate 2/c

    1. Yeomama???

    2. Are the secretaries presidential appointments? Will he be gone at the end of the year?

    3. Can I still tell this joke:

      Q: How do you tell the temp of the ocean?
      A: Stick your finger in a WAVE. (If it comes out red, it is hurricane season)

      It is depressing to see how this Mabus character if fucking with the Navy (and USMC). I remember when Gen. Al Gray replaced PX Kelley as Commandant. When he talked to us at Okinawa he told us we were going to be doing PT in boots and utes instead of our red running shorts. He was worried that running in shorts was too easy and that we would be the best looking guys to ever be run off a hill (and we were the air wing).

      I could only imagine what would someone like him would say about gender inclusive ratings and putting women into the infantry (despite your study showing it is a bad idea).

      1. Obviously, you can. HA!!!

    4. Jesus fuck, just on reading the headline I guessed this must be because womyns weren’t scoring high enough under the current system. Because “diversity” is much more important than effectiveness of your armed forces in an actual fucking war.

  48. How I got unfriended by a relative. She posted this so I responded with this. Caption: The face a Libyan civilian makes when she hears Hillary isn’t a warmonger. So far I haven’t been unfriended by any Trumpkin friends even though I constantly call out his bs. Dems? At least 2 so far.

    1. I’m stealing that.

    2. Why would you use Marky Mark to attempt to illustrate superior intelligence?

      1. Especially Marky Mark in one of the dumbest movies ever made.

  49. Portlandia’s feminist bookstore says, “Fuck Portlandia”

    The Women and Women First segments that are filmed at In Other Words are trans-antagonistic and trans-misogynist and have only become more offensive as the show goes on. ‘LOL Fred Armisen in a wig and a dress’ is a deeply shitty joke whose sole punchline throws trans femmes under the bus by holding up their gender presentation for mockery and ridicule. In a world where trans femmes ? particularly Black trans women ? are being brutalized and murdered on a regular basis for simply daring to exist, dude in a dress jokes are lazy, reactionary, and actively harmful. They’re also just straight up not funny.

    1. And they play into their own stereotype.

      1. I bet they shat forth that pile of whinery while wearing something with a bird on it, too.

        1. Armisen has said that the show is increasingly difficult to make. They will often think up something outlandish for a skit and then find out someone is already doing it in real life.

    2. Feminists don’t understand humor, details at 9

      1. Q. How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

        A. That’s not funny.

      2. Women are funny. Get over it.

    3. In a world where trans femmes ? particularly Black trans women ? are being brutalized and murdered on a regular basis for simply daring to exist

      Is she talking about the Muslim world? Because I can’t think of anywhere else this might actually be true. Pretty Islamophobic of her.

    4. The “dude in a dress” is not supposed to be the funny part of the joke.

    5. “In a world where trans femmes ? particularly Black trans women ? are being brutalized and murdered on a regular basis…”

      By whom?

      They got one thing right. Men in dresses are not funny.

  50. Graphic video showing fatal police shooting of 6-year-old boy released as murder trial evidence

    After a police body camera captured two deputy city marshals firing on a car and killing a six-year-old boy, the head of the Louisiana State Police said the video was the most disturbing thing he’s seen.

    Nearly a year later, the public is getting its first look at the graphic footage.

    1. It’s nothing short of miraculous that these cops are being tried for murder.

      1. The true miracle would be an actual conviction.

        1. I asked around…I think at this point a conviction is a foregone conclusion. Marksville is a small town and everyone in town knew and loved that kid. Additionally there was some kind of hanky-panky going on between the cop who shot them and the wife of the guy he shot.

  51. “That sign accuses the comedy?in which Armisen and Brownstein portray the storeowners as perpetually offended, thoroughly humorless firebrands?of various unforgivable transgressions, among them “Transmisogyny ? Racism ? Gentrification ? Queer Antagonism ? Devaluation of Feminist Discourse.” ”

    Proves the point. And it only took six seasons!!!

    1. Goes with lafe.long

  52. Fj40 is green, Tundra!

  53. Did Robby cover this? I think we have a winner, winner, chicken dinner here.…..peedo-hike

    1. I don’t think there is nearly enough coverage in this story.

      1. Of the men or of the women?

  54. For the record I was triggered by those complaining about women in bikinis. It made me want to cry.

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