Clinton Getting More Republican Endorsements, FBI Director Rejects Idea of Reopening Clinton Email Probe, Congress Overrides Obama 9/11 Veto: P.M. Links


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    Hillary Clinton is picking up more endorsements from Republicans. Michelle Obama hit the campaign trail to slam Donald Trump. Melissa Joan Hart joins the campaign of Gary Johnson as its Connecticut campaign chair.

  • Congress has overriden President Obama's veto of a bill permitting 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, the first veto override of his presidency.
  • FBI Director James Comey rejected the idea of re-opening a probe into Hillary Clinton's emails.
  • A State Department spokesperson says U.S. officials have discussed "non-diplomatic" options in Syria.
  • Presidents Obama and Clinton are expected to attend the funeral of the former Israeli prime minister and president, Shimon Peres.
  • The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has reportedly reached its first deal to cut oil output since 2008.

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  1. Congress has overriden President Obama’s veto of a bill permitting 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, the first veto override of his presidency.

    The honeymoon is over. The thrill is no longer up anyone’s leg.

    1. President Drone may have been right on this one. I wonder if Somewhere-istan might have pondered a suit of its own over some blown up wedding party.

      1. This puts our own precious leaders at risk!

        1. Yay!!

        2. At risk of not getting a big fat payday from the Saudis after they finish their term. Hence the pointless veto he undoubtedly knew would get overridden.

      2. Then, of course, the drone strikes are wrong.

      3. I wonder if Somewhere-istan might have pondered a suit of its own over some blown up wedding party.

        Why? Did the bill give other countries the right to sue us?

        1. wouldn’t the ability to sue work both ways? If our govt says, “yes, you can sue _____ for ____”, why is it unreasonable to think the road can run both ways?

          1. So far they haven’t tried that with the drones, have they? If the mullahs declare a fatwah against some infidel pain-in-the-ass living in Chicago then Iran can dronestrike his daughters wedding at Lakeshore Park all nice and legal-like. can’t they?

            1. “…then Iran can dronestrike…”

              Well, there is the little problem that Iranian drones are cardboard cutouts painted with tempera paint.

          2. wouldn’t the ability to sue work both ways?


        2. Thats what gets me about this.

          Everyone is freaking out about other countries doing the same thing. News flash, they already try to do that… and will do more in the future with or without this bill.

          1. not everyone, people within the administration. President CYA made a couple of actual decisions in his tenure that were not well thought out. Even most Dems were for the bill.

      4. Like, they couldn’t already? Lefties were talking about having foreign countries arrest Cheney for years.

        1. and it’s reasonable to think they felt a tug on their own petard with their guy in the Oval.

          1. A petard is a bomb.

            1. Garcon means “boy”.

      5. Seems to me that it’s just as easy for the US to tell whatever little tin-pot dictatorship to go fuck themselves with this law in place as it was without it.

        This is just about suing foreign governments, right?

        1. this is mostly about election-year posturing.

        2. Yeah, I’ve said it before, but I took a bunch of international law classes in law school and the real answer, when talking about countries with actual power, is “fuck you, make me.”

        3. More specifically, Zeb, this is about suing the individual officials of foreign governments in US Courts.

          1. Yes, sue individuals not governments.

    2. Hello.

      I’m sure Obama is totally thrilled to go to the funeral. What, being a left-wing progressive and all.

      1. That’s enough of the Oxbridge pleasantries, Rufus.

      2. He’ll take selfies at it.

        1. Obama will do something shamelessly self-absorbed, if not exactly that.

        2. Dude, he could take selfie dick pics in a 3-way swordfight with Carlos Danger and Bill Clinton over who gets to take Peres’ grief-stricken great-granddaughter out on the town later and get a free pass from the media.

          At this point in his lame-ass lame duck Presidency, what difference does it make?

  2. A State Department spokesperson says U.S. officials have discussed “non-diplomatic” options in Syria.

    Smart. Power.

    1. It’s mind-boggling to think this is somehow news. Are they suggesting that they’ve only now discussed this, that heretofore everything they’ve been doing has been done on a whim or according to whatever Janice in the typing pool felt like doing that day or determined by throwing a monkey at a dart board? WTF? What’s next, a press conference to announce that they’re seriously considering the possibility of flushing the toilet after they take a dump or something?

      1. I lol’d at throwing a monkey at a dart board. Maybe a monkey with a velcro suit and one of those giant fuzzy dart boards that velcro can stick to.

    2. “We are going to have to start discussing some nondiplomatic solutions about getting your lunch money to me on time everyday, Four Eyes.”

  3. So I went to this Tajik steam bath place for lunch, and one of the gentlemen upsold me on the traditional Tajik Ball Dance. A large sweating man danced his testicles lightly back and forth over the bridge of my nose and upper lip while shaking a tamborine and periodically farting in short, controlled bursts. It’s supposed to relieve sinus pressure – I guess I feel a little better, but I believe it may be a placebo effect.

    1. *blinks*

      If this is your only serious post all day, Jimbo…

    2. I went to this Tajik steam bath place for lunch

      steam baths are so low calorie.

      1. That is true, sperm is very low in calories.

        1. Isn’t it mostly sugar?

    3. I guess I feel a little better,

      When he stopped, I think I would have felt a hell of a lot better.

    4. I think they were probably just having some fun with you – in the traditional Tajik Ball Dance it’s a large sweating hairy man that’s used.

    5. A tamborine? Weird.

    6. For Christ’s sake Jim, thats not even a euphemism.

  4. Anti-gun-control video project gets H.S. student suspended

    The teenager ran into trouble when he mistakenly left the thumb drive with the project on it in a computer in the school library. Someone found it and turned it over to the school administration, who then contacted police.

    Manville police cleared Harvey but district officials suspended him and said he’d have to undergo a five-hour evaluation before being allowed back in school because the teacher said she didn’t recall giving him the assignment.

    Harvey and his mother refused, according to News 12. He’s since withdrawn from school and is pursuing a GED.

    1. the teacher said she didn’t recall giving him the assignment.

      If I was that teacher, I wouldn’t cop to it either. How long before the word “gun” is forbidden in a school?

      1. It’s already begun started.

    2. Good for mother. Fuck that shit.

      How dare he do work that wasn’t assigned? The horror of a self motivated student.

    3. Manville? More like Pussyville.

    4. Nice job heading off that psycho guys. No way he can cause mass shooting death now, without being enrolled or having any kind of legit hall pass or anything.

    5. Wait, if it was an anti-gun…. control project, wouldn’t the cupcakes be rewarding him?

  5. Hillary Clinton is picking up more endorsements from Republicans.

    She’s the original RINO.

    1. VINO

      Vag in name only

      Vene, vidi, vajayjay

        1. Is that died in the keeled over sense, or in the Shakespearean orgasmic sense?

    2. Might as well cancel the election. John Warner has decided every election since the Hayes-Tilden debacle.

  6. Hey, did Comey answer why he granted immunity out to anyone and everyone in the Clinton probe?

    1. FYTW. You knew that.

    2. No but a couple of commentariat spread their bitch feathers when I brought it up earlier today.

      1. Your kind will eventually evolve feathers, don’t worry.

    3. Not only did he give Cheryl Mills immunity, as I understand it he still let her plead the 5th, and claim attorney-client privilege.

      As a government-employed attorney, she cannot have any other clients, is my understanding. And the privilege belongs to the client, not the lawyer, which means it can be waived by the client.

      I cannot imagine any circumstance in which a government-employed attorney should be allowed to refuse to testify in a criminal investigation based on the privilege.

      1. It is better than that RC. They not only gave her immunity, they gave her immunity for anything that was found on her lap top. Let that sink in for a second. The things are her lap top are not covered under the 5th Amendment. That is physical evidence that the government goes and gets a warrant and collects. Giving her immunity on that is like giving someone immunity for the victim’s blood stains they found in the trunk of their car.

        It is just fucking unbelievable.

        1. But, Comey said getting a search warrant would be hard. Why do you want to make Comey’s life more difficult?

          1. If they didn’t have probable cause to think there was evidence on the laptop, why did they want it or know getting it was important enough to give her immunity in order to get it?

            What a fucking assclown that guy is.

            1. Agreed. His explanation that it would be difficult and time consuming floored me. I guess the FBI is more like Domino’s pizza now. Justice in 30 minutes or less, or you walk free.

            2. If they had subpoenaed the laptop it probably would have been “accidentally” lost or wiped before the feds got their hands on it anyway. At least they had a fighting chance of seeing what was on it by granting immunity for its contents.

              1. Except, if they had issued a subpoena or search warrant, and it was accidentally lost. They have her on destruction of evidence. Which is how they typically turn witnesses. They aren’t as apt to cover for others when they could spend a few years in prison.

                1. Well I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to this whole thing, but that is the irony.

              2. Well, it’s a good thing there are laws like obstruction of justice they could use when a normal person destroys evidence under subpoena.

      2. I personally think it’s time to have government workers subject to the UCMJ, or at least something similar.

        1. WTF. They are subject to the FYTW.

      3. Worst part of that is that she isn’t a government-employed attorney. Her status with the State Department was not as legal counsel at all. And I’m 99% certain that an individual who is a part of the facts of an underlying case cannot serve as legal counsel to another participant.

        1. “And I’m 99% certain that an individual who is a part of the facts of an underlying case cannot serve as legal counsel to another participant.”

          Cheryl is obviously a member of the 1% then.

      4. “I cannot imagine any circumstance…”

        You don’t have to imagine it. You are looking at it. Cankles corruption is like runny babyshit. It gets on everything. Soaks into everything, stinks up the whole house. The more you try to clean it up the more it gets everywhere.

        She corrupted the State Department and like a cancer it grew into the DOJ and even Obumbles already corrupt whitehouse.

        If she is elected it will soak into the entire country right down to your local dog catchers office.

        1. It doesn’t rhyme but I’d still call that poetry.

    4. Yes, because it would have been time consuming and hard to issue a subpoena or search warrant. His actual quote.

      “He explained that because Mills is an attorney, the issue of potentially privileged materials on the computer would have made the subpoena process difficult and time consuming.”

      1. So lawyers are super citizens?? Fuck that!!

        1. Apparently the director of the FBI is afraid of them. So, in a way, they are super citizens. The Anti-Justice league if you will.

      2. He explained that because Mills is an attorney, the issue of potentially privileged materials on the computer would have made the subpoena process difficult and time consuming.

        More bullshit. She can’t claim any privilege that her only client at the time, the government, can’t waive.

        What’s that? She got special permission to also serve as the private attorney for the people under investigation for the same events she was implicated in?

        Oh, well, that’s OK then.

        1. “She can’t claim any privilege that her only client at the time, the government, can’t waive.”

          She can if they let her. And, apparently they where willing to let her get away with a lot of stuff. I don’t know how the man can sit there with a straight face and say they did a professional and exhaustive investigation. And, we aren’t weasels. I mean the guy that deleted her email archive literally called the work ticket. “Hilary coverup operation”. You can’t make this shit up.

  7. Teathuglican obstructionists Harry Reid dedicated to gumming up legislative process

    I guess this is Reid’s new thing? Not let anything happen in the senate until Merrick Garland gets the nod for Supreme Court?

    Skip to 4:15 if you want to see Harry Reid look supremely wounded that Toomey doesn’t accept his premises. Watch the whole thing if you want to hear a senator describing crush videos and the sexual abuse of animals. Maybe watch DMB – Crush to cleanse your mental palate of a senator describing crush videos.

    1. It’ll be funny when Clinton gets elected and Reid, without missing a beat, changes to opposing Garland.

      Because Garland is not a serious Dem pick. He’s sort of moderate (in a pro-state way) and was meant to show that the Republicans are just obstructionists because they won’t even give a ‘compromise’ candidate a chance.

  8. A State Department spokesperson says U.S. officials have discussed “non-diplomatic” options in Syria.

    These euphemisms are getting a little obvious.

    1. That’s because “pit bull” is an English name.

      1. I thought he was Cuban.

    2. Pitbull‘s French Canadian mistress is NOT amused.

      Pitbull’s could be reached for comment, but it was totally indecipherable.

    3. Yeh, my brother in law is freaking out.

      Although at the time he chose pit bulls I told him there were other breeds that will cause him grief. But did he listen? Nooooo.

      1. less grief.

      2. Are they grandfathering existing pits?

        Or are they rounding them up for immediate execution?

        Because if some jackboot ever comes for my dogs, there will be a “frank exchange of views”.

        Plus, there’s the problem that, as has been proven repeatedly recently, cops don’t know what a pit is, and they have seized “illegal” pits that aren’t pits at all.

        Fuck that. I’ve had pits for 30 years. There’s no better family dog, IMO.

        1. I play baseball with a guy that brings his pit to every game. Mellowest dog I’ve ever seen.

          1. I was running on a trail today and a small to medium dog (on a leash, being walked by a man with a cigarette in one hand a beer in the other) sprinted at me and lunged, snarling and snapping until the guy finally pulled the dog back.

            This past weekend I was on a different, much more narrow, secluded trail and an unleashed pit bull was walking next to two ladies and did not even glance at me as I ran past it.

            The point: the breeds are not the issue.

            1. The point: the breeds are not the issue.

              Those Clown outfits, greasepaint smell, and reeking of Monte Crusto Sandwiches may have something to do with it, however.

              1. I merely sweat out bourbon and caffeine.

            2. “Breeds are not the issue”

              What about a pit bull wearing a clown suit?

              1. Dammit Groovus. I have to start reading replies before I reply myself.

        2. Got mine off the street here in Houston and he’s the most mild-mannered dog I’ve ever owned (and the chillest of the four breeds Ladyfish and I currently have). It’s nothing but stigma from shitbags raising them for fighting and irrational fear driven by media coverage.

          1. IKR? It’s like they don’t even watch The Dog Whisperer.

          2. Every Pit I’ve ever encountered has been extremely nice and well mannered. I’m allergic to dogs, and so don’t go around them often, but mostly it’s the damaged rescue mutts my aunt and uncle refuse to train that are the biting and nasty dogs. One of the former ones wouldn’t stop snarling at me during a 7 hour car trip. The only nice dog they’ve ever had is the current one, who is a big, sweet, golden lab, and was my cousin’s until she didn’t have space for him anymore.

    4. The Montreal city has passed pit bull ban in the city nearly three months after a brutal attack which caused a women’s life in the city.

      The first fucking sentence. What are they paying their editors for? Or did they hire an ‘English major’ fresh out of college to do the job?

    5. “The Montreal city has passed pit bull ban in the city nearly three months after a brutal attack which caused a women’s life in the city. ”

      Well if it caused a woman to live why ban them ?

  9. FBI Director James Comey rejected the idea of re-opening a probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    You can’t go back to being a nation of laws.

  10. A State Department spokesperson says U.S. officials have discussed “non-diplomatic” options in Syria.

    I.e., “shenanigans.”

    1. Is that the place with all the goofy shit on the walls?

  11. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has reportedly reached its first deal to cut oil output since 2008.

    They have a lot of 9/11 payoffs coming up.

  12. New Airbnb rules could shut down 1,000 short-term listings in Vancouver, says mayor

    Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson says a new proposal that would require people to get a licence for Airbnb and other short-term rentals could put up to 1,000 homes back into the long-term rental pool.

    That’s because short-term rentals of less than 30 days would only be legal in homes that are principal residences, Robertson revealed Wednesday at city hall.

    Ah, yes, freedom means begging for permission.

    1. Yup. To a lot of people, “peak freedom” means you have the right to beg for permission.

      Seriously, look at all the court cases that say that as long as you have a license for something, you have the right to do it. Overlooking the fact that every licensing requirement is an exception from a blanket ban.

      As I keep telling people, a license is a prohibition wrapped in a bureaucracy.

      1. Restrictions rationally related to a legitimate government end for the win.

        We don’t really have rights so much as we have things the Supreme Court likes and prevents the government from restricting.

        1. We don’t really have rights so much as we have things the Supreme Court likes and prevents the government from restricting.

          *sadly retches into a bucket*
          *gets cited for disposal of hazardous waste without a license*

    2. To my Western compatriots, my cousin is eventually going to move back to Canada after stints in Scotland, England and Spain. He seems to be obsessed with Kelowna as being the perfect community. He definitely wants nothing to do with Quebec as does his Spanish girlfriend.

      Any thoughts?

      1. I grew up in the Okanagan, north of Kelowna.

        I’m not sure I’d use the word “perfect” to describe it. While it has lakes, mountains, hiking, nature, yadda yadda, all in plain abundance, its urban centre is pretty devoid of any discernible culture (beyond strip malls), and it has quite a bit of crime. It can get really fucking hot in the summer, so hopefully he’s prepared for that.

      2. I’ve only visited it for the weekends, but seems a nice place, locals don’t lose their shit over guns quite as much and Lake Okanagan is lovely. If he can find a job or has some source of income, real estate madness hasn’t reached it yet so real estate is still affordable, and may go up in the near future.

      3. If he’s ever been to the south of France, I actually think that large swaths of the Okanagan Valley are reminiscent of the areas around places like Nyons, without any of that silly French language. (Note to all ? I’m of French heritage and have lots of rellies in Normandy and Paris, so I get to call it “silly” as much as I want. Nyah.)

        However, the regional economy is heavily dependent on tourism (mostly of the “wine route” type), so keep that in mind. Many of the locals who have only seasonal employment refer to it as the “broke-anagan Valley,” and there’s increasing numbers of retirees (not always bad ? they bring lots of retirement cash and spend it).

        It is, technically, the northern tip of the Great American Desert, and gets very hot and dry during typical summers. Then again, I love that type of climate, so I’d be all in.

    3. Why don’t AirBnB property owners just rent their properties out on one year leases but without early termination penalties ?

      That should work for a while at least .

      1. Because, with advance bookings they would have about 50 consecutive leases covering the same property for the same time periods, which could get them in trouble. The customers wouldn’t complain but it would technically be fraud if they were ever “investigated”.

        1. Sorry, not ‘consecutive’, rather, ‘concurrent’.

    4. I’m looking forward to large numbers of Vancouverites telling Robertson to go f*ck himself three ways ? hard, fast and continuously.

      AirBnB has been running TV ads non-stop in the Lower Rainland? featuring various politically-correct minorities talking about how wonderful AirBnB has been for their ability to continue to afford one of the most unaffordable cities on Earth. I’m hoping they double-down on this strategy; I’m also hoping that Robertson’s opponents in the next election are taking lots of notes.

  13. Presidents Obama and Clinton

    And here I thought we only had one President at a time.

    1. They called Clinton back off retirement. They didn’t have a choice. He is the only living and physically capable former Democratic President who can fill in now that the current one has gone into early retirement.

    2. I don’t think we are going to win that battle. Maybe we should go for a compromise with “president emeritus” or something.

      I wonder, have ex-presidents of the US always kept the title after their terms, or is that a convention that developed later?

      1. Ex-anything. Tradition in America is to continue to be addressed by the highest job-title you held. Senator, Ambassador, President, Governor. I’m going to go around saying, “I prefer to be called “Engineer L”, even though I never drove a train, I was an engineer.”

        1. I know it’s the tradition now, and has been for a while. That’s what they told me in school. I’m wondering if it was that way from George Washington on or if it was a more recent innovation. Given that the only examples they had in the early days was that of mostly hereditary aristocracies, I’d guess it’s always been that way.

          1. I’m pretty sure they called him General Washington between the end of the war and his election.

  14. “I hope some day when this political craziness is over you will look back again on this, because this is the FBI you know and love,” Comey responded.

    Careful what you hope for, Jim.

  15. It is a great bits of omedy to watch all of these Republicans endorse Hillary not understanding that by making Trump appear to be something other than your typical Republican they are actually helping him.

    1. The tone-deafness is especially striking: “yes, we see that the status quo is a giant cluster, but we’re backing the person who embodies it and everything that is wrong with the system. Because reasons.”

      1. She is wrong but she is acceptably wrong. What the fuck does that even mean other than “she is one of us”?

        1. Hey, listen. Bill is a great wingman even when he isn’t married to the President. Imagine how much better a wingman he’ll be as First Gentleman. Well, as much as a lawyer from Arkansas can be a gentleman.

          1. Well, as much as a disbarred lawyer from Arkansas can be a gentleman.

            1. Why you gotta go and make me root for him?

        2. and “us” should be a disqualifier considering the mess us have made.

      2. “Moreover, all these scary clowns are obviously a Trump plot!”

      3. ‘Reasons’ being that they don’t want their snouts jerked out of the trough and as bad as Cankles is she won’t do that. She will maintain the status quo.

    2. Yup. Trump’s supporters are pissed at the establishment. When the establishment endorses Clinton, it just validates the supporters beliefs.

      1. And it frees him to appear more reasonable and walk away from his original promises. They are giving him huge amounts of credibility. It is amazing how stupid they are.

        1. Like actors, pols are only provably good at lying well enough to be well-enough liked.

  16. Apple has a picked a very familiar site for its new London HQ:…..r-station/

    They’re gonna be disappointed when they find out you have to pay extra for the giant inflatable pig.

    1. +1 Pig stain on your fat chin

      1. Charade you are.

  17. Melissa Joan Hart joins the campaign of Gary Johnson as its Connecticut campaign chair.

    If he spoils this for Hillary, she’ll never work in Hollywood again!

    1. She’s moved onto a real world job in old media.

  18. A State Department spokesperson says U.S. officials have discussed “non-diplomatic” options in Syria.

    So bombing runs, training rebels and providing weapons to rebels counts as “diplomatic?” I’d hate to see what the “non-diplomatic” options are.

  19. Shit JB’s Prog Friends say, the return:

    The only reason anyone is against Hillary is sexism (linking this HuffPo Article), and the only reason she’s a hawk is that people wouldn’t take her seriously as Commander in Chief if she wasn’t because she’s a woman.

    1. The only reason any of your prog friends were against Sarah Palin was sexism.

    2. Doesn’t that mean that we can never and should never elect a woman President? If any woman President has to bomb people and be belligerent when a male President would not have to be in order to be taken seriously, I personally don’t want a female President. Do you?

      1. Moreover, she has to bomb twice as hard as her male counterparts!

        1. And the bombs only do 73% as much damage.

        2. Female comedians been proving this for years.

      2. If any woman President has to bomb people and be belligerent when a male President would not have to be in order to be taken seriously,

        Don’t be silly, that excuse only applies to Democrat women presidents. A Republican woman president would bomb people and be belligerent because she’s worse than Hitler.

    3. I think that was posted in the AM links by someone.

    4. Are they trying to convince you that women shouldn’t be president?

    5. As to the second point that just circles back to the criticism that the Clintons and their allies are opportunists willing to adopt whatever position puts and keeps them in power. Your friends have drunk so long and deep of the koolaid that they don’t realize what amoral monsters they come across as.

  20. Sargon of Akkad smugly cherry picks libertarian Youtube clips, and responds to them. My favorite – taking 100% of someone’s income isn’t slavery.

    1. The “social contract” is waved around quite often. Never are the terms of that contract examined very closely.

      1. The thing to ask them is if they can name any limits to the social contract. Is there anything the government can’t demand under the contract? They always swear there is but then never can give an example of one.

        1. Government can’t demand that trannies use the bathroom that conforms to their birth gender.

          1. Birth sex, Ted. Either XX or XY, which you makes male or female (deviations from these norms are classified are conditions, disease processes, and syndromes). “Gender” denotes masculine or feminine, and has no bearing on genetic makeup. So, under Title IX, which assumes a factory-original birth sex (including outward factory-original formation in the case of Swyer’s), which can be demonstrably proven, you betcha they can.

            Try as one might, one cannot change their birth sex (i.e. genetic makeup) any more than believing in the Easter Bunny makes it so, or believing that women can spontaneously abort their unborn children at will, as Todd Akin suggested.

      2. Well, isn’t that how social contract is always used? I once said on here that I loathed the entire concept of the social contract as it is used to waive away questions of governmental legitimacy. Sargon does nothing but point to it as a way of legitimizing his claims without ever touching on principles of any kind. The social contract has always struck me as hiding the force of the majority or state behind a mask of consensus. Even if a consensus exists, it doesn’t explain the moral justification for the majority acting.

        Yes, it places some theoretical limit on government. But that is a very hazy limit that only exists when people decide to rebel against the state.

      3. Nobody has ever showed me where i signed the fucking thing, either.

      4. Even if you are deemed to have agreed to the social contract when you are born, contracts can’t be amended without the consent of both parties.

        Anyone who uses the term “social contract” without mockery is a fool who can be disregarded. Its one of their many “tells”.

        1. Actually lots of contracts can be. Your EULA for example. Those get amended all the time and your only recourse in that situation is to stop using the software – you won’t get a refund, of course.

          Privacy policies are amended unilaterally.

          And, from personal experience, the contract military members sign has been unilaterally amended by the government multiple times – always to the servicemember’s benefit, but still – the option to go the other way is always available in contracts with the government.

          1. I’m pretty sure every credit card contract I’ve ever seen has said that the bank reserves the right to change the terms of the contract at any time for any reason.

            I had to stop reading the damn things so I could get a credit card.

            1. But the bank is still following the original contract, which says the bank doesn’t have to follow the original contract…. confused?

    2. I was now getting, as I have said, one dollar and fifty cents per day. I contracted for it; I earned it; it was paid to me; it was rightfully my own; yet, upon each returning Saturday night, I was compelled to deliver every cent of that money to Master Hugh. And why? Not because he earned it,?not because he had any hand in earning it,?not because I owed it to him,?nor because he possessed the slightest shadow of a right to it; but solely because he had the power to compel me to give it up. The right of the grim-visaged pirate upon the high seas is exactly the same.

      – Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (who, I guess, wasn’t a slave, per above logic)

      1. But did Douglass have the power to refuse to do the work?

        I enjoy the cry of “fuck off slaver” as much as anyone, but actual slaves not only don’t have the right to the fruits of their own labor, they also don’t have the right to decide what labor to engage in or not.

        I suppose the only way a 100% tax could possibly work would be if people were compelled to work. So practically it would have to be slavery.

        I think it’s funny that someone tries to defend such a thing in any case. It’s only meant to be a limit example to explain the Laffer curve.

        1. But did Douglass have the power to refuse to do the work?

          The preceding paragraph

          After learning how to calk, I sought my own employment, made my own contracts, and collected the money which I earned. My pathway became much more smooth than before; my condition was now much more comfortable. When I could get no calking to do, I did nothing. During these leisure times, those old notions about freedom would steal over me again. When in Mr. Gardner’s employment, I was kept in such a perpetual whirl of excitement, I could think of nothing, scarcely, but my life; and in thinking of my life, I almost forgot my liberty. I have observed this in my experience of slavery, –that whenever my condition was improved, instead of its increasing my contentment, it only increased my desire to be free, and set me to thinking of plans to gain my freedom. I have found that, to make a contented slave, it is necessary to make a thoughtless one. It is necessary to darken his moral and mental vision, and, as far as possible, to annihilate the power of reason. He must be able to detect no inconsistencies in slavery; he must be made to feel that slavery is right; and he can be brought to that only when be ceases to be a man.

          So… kind of, if there was no work to be had?

    3. Dammit, Sargon! At least that should put to rest (hopefully) the “Sargon is a right-winger” brigade?

      But did he cherry pick? He supposedly answered questions posted in a video by Libertarians (can’t watch the whole thing now).

      1. Yea, you are correct. I wasn’t really sure where the clips all came from.

    4. I love the people who have the social contract mentality!!

      “But you’re GETTING something for your taxes!!” they say!!

      And then they get all mad when I break into their house, steal their money, and then mow their lawn.

      Hey, man, I mowed your lawn!! It’s not theft, it’s my payment!! You GOT something for your money, it doesn’t matter if you consented to the service I provided!!

      1. I’ve got this analogy I lay on my acquaintences who are against right to work.

        Say you move into a neighborhood, and the day after you move in, there’s a fairly decent used car parked in your driveway, with a bill stuck under the wiper that says, “Welcome to the neighborhood. Here is your used car. That’ll be $2000.00.” That afternoon somebody from the neighborhood comes by and says, “How do you like your car?” You respond, “I didn’t agree to by that car!” But the neighbor responds, “But that car would normally cost double that, and you’re getting a fantastic deal, and besides, that’s the rule, everyone who moves in gets a great deal on a car. The only way I can provide them that cheap is to buy them in bulk and distribute them to all the new residents.”

        The only difference between that scenario and mandatory union dues is that you have to agree to the arrangement prior to getting the job, otherwise it’s spot-on.

    5. YouTube Intellectual answering questions posed by other YouTube Intellectuals who claim to speak for my philosophy.

      No thanks.

    6. My favorite – taking 100% of someone’s income isn’t slavery.

      Nah, it’s robbery. Close to slavery, but not quite if they can’t compel you to work. When they start locking people up for failing to have an income to steal at all, then we’re slaves.

      1. It would have to be slavery in practice. Who would work for nothing if it’s not compelled?

    7. Disappointing. Sargon has had some useful and clever things to say, that seemed compatible with libertarianism.

    8. I thought this guy was supposed to be smart-he sure likes to pat himself on the back for it.

      I hear a lot of conflation (when it suits him), then distinctions ( when it suits him), regardless of what he just said, the social contract bullshit, the problem with “peoples’ tone”, the res ipsa loquitur belief in government actions, especially around money (“when the Government taxes you, it’s no longer your money”)…. I can’t even the rest of that video.

  21. Melissa Joan Hart joins the campaign of Gary Johnson as its Connecticut campaign chair.

    So now we’re up to four celebrity libertarians? Drew Carey, Penn & Teller, and Clarissa?

    1. Adam Baldwin.

      Also, Mike Rowe is dropping a whole bunch of hints.

      1. I thought Baldwin was straight-up Republican? Having him on SS Monocle would be awesome, though.

        1. Dear me, he and Alec must have really nice conversations.

          1. Adam is not related to the other Baldwins

            1. Ah, Adam Baldwin. That’s right. The guy from ‘Chuck’.

              1. What? He’s Animal Mother.

                1. Or Jayne Cobb. Or Major Mitchell from Independence Day.

          2. He’s not related to the more famous Baldwins. Though a buddy flick with him and Alec playing highlighted version of their real-life personas would probably be great, as long as Alec has no control over the script.

      2. Libertarian or libertarian. I think Rowe’s done more than drop hints that he’s the latter. But I also don’t think he cares enough to use his celebrity to push the issue.

    2. Has Teller actually said he’s voting for Johnson?

      1. He mimed his support.

      2. “Has Teller actually said he’s voting for Johnson?”

        Crotch grab = Johnson
        Finger = Trump
        Slit throat = Hildog

    3. Vince Vaughan. Clint Eastwood, according to his son, though he’s still officially a Republican.

    4. Jack fuckin’ Burton, man!

      1. That it took this long for someone to mention him absolutely disgusts me. For shame, all of you. For shame.

        1. Its all in the reflexes.

        2. Really! Show some pride, folks!

          (..OK, I had to google the name, but I figured it was referencing Russell)

          1. Russel should have been the LP nominee. We would be in a much different scenario at this point, with KR probably pulling in over 20%, getting into the first debate and literally demolishing Drumpf and Canklestein.

            He would have been our next President.

            1. Probably would have gotten more votes than Johnson.

              1. Probably would have gotten more votes than Johnson.

                What?! A handsome actor from Hollywood? Become PRESIDENT! While suggesting ideas of smaller government rooted in tenets of freedom and ideals of liberty? It’s simply unprecedented! Unpresidented, even! *chuckles* It’ll never happen, Tonio…

            2. If he wanted to, I think he could have won. The mutton chops probably would’ve helped, too.

    5. Krist Novoselic, Kenny Smith

      1. Oh, and I think one of the hosts of The View.

    6. Woody Harrelson, if individualist anarchists count. Also, Rob Lowe.

      1. I’ll count anarchists

    7. I don’t think Teller’s actually ever said which party he supports.

      1. I see what you did there.

    8. Vince Vaughn. The south Park guys, Matt and trey.
      A few porn stars.

      1. Why aren’t we 50 points ahead?!?

        1. Compare the ratings for South Park to those for SVU or Scandal.

          Weep for humanity.

    9. I don’t think he’s a libertarian quite, but remember when Big Boi said “Bitch I voted for Gary Johnson!”

  22. Hillary Clinton is picking up more endorsements from Republicans

    Which really helps explain the republicans of the last 20 years

    1. Now that their party’s nominee has pulled even and has momentum, that’s the moment they pick to endorse the other party’s nominee?

      Stupid Party, indeed.

      1. What do you mean, other party?

        1. Well, on paper, anyway.

  23. H&R clickbait?

    Solidarity for Venezuela at Labour conference

    ‘What we’ve seen is this well-organised right wing attack assisted by the US and the Mainstream Media and other elites in attacking Venezuela in particular ? and having some success. That’s the worst thing about it.’

    Not that Reason gives a fuck, but UK Labour doubled down on their hard-left leader, in a showdown between party leadership and members (members wanted him to stay). Sadly, leadership didn’t go all-in and disband the membership so they could appoint new one.

    1. Third way socialism is dying. It seems that every leftwing party in the west is going hard left.

      1. It was never anything but an incremental strategy to go hard left, anyway.

        1. No, I think they did get it into their thick skulls that hard left was a bad idea, so they tried going soft. Then they won. Then they lost, and decided to fall back on what they do back.

          As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
          There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
          That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
          And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

    2. I wonder if there was left wing support for the Soviets on par with this when the Holomodor was going on. We hear about Durante and the NYT covering it up but maybe the other support just got lost in history.

      We are about to have a repeat of The Killing Fields and these evil fuckers are cheering it on while ignoring the forced labor and starvation.

      1. Oh shit, yes. Laski, Shaw, Webbs and sundry fellow travelers in UK were pushing pro-Stalin line during the famines and show trials. The usual

        a) it never happened
        b) also, they deserved it
        c) and look, Results!
        d) oh my, these were some deviations and let’s forget all about it

  24. More Wealth, More Jobs, but Not for Everyone: What Fuels the Backlash on Trade

    But trade comes with no assurances that the spoils will be shared equitably. Across much of the industrialized world, an outsize share of the winnings have been harvested by people with advanced degrees, stock options and the need for accountants. Ordinary laborers have borne the costs, suffering joblessness and deepening economic anxiety.

    These costs have proved overwhelming in communities that depend on industry for sustenance, vastly exceeding what economists anticipated. Policy makers under the thrall of neo-liberal economic philosophy put stock in the notion that markets could be entrusted to bolster social welfare.

    In doing so, they failed to plan for the trauma that has accompanied the benefits of trade. When millions of workers lost paychecks to foreign competition, they lacked government supports to cushion the blow. As a result, seething anger is upending politics from Europe to North America.

    1. This applies equally to interstate trade.

    2. This was in no way fueled by the highest corporate taxes in the world or by the constant clamoring for more taxes. I don’t see how any business can not be terrified every time some pol says “If you have a business you didn’t build that, someone else made that happen.”, “Pay your fair share”, and “We are going after the millionaires and billionaires”.

    1. Just as their version of the EPA (E P Eh?) is forcing all the cheap coal plants to either switch to nat gas or shutdown.

      BTW that same thing is happening here

    1. Michelle Obama hit the campaign trail to slam Donald Trump.

      Campaign trail hardest hit?

      1. I checked the link in preview and it worked then. Fing squirrels.

  25. CIA Director John O. Brennan also warned of the 9/11 bill’s “grave implications for the national security of the United States” in a statement Wednesday.

    Of course, the CIA knows the Saudis will blame them.

    1. What are they going to do? Crash another plane?

      1. No, just show connections between the CIA and the Saudis.

    2. Why would they crash a plane into their own office, huh?

    3. “CIA Director John O. Brennan also warned of the 9/11 bill’s “grave implications for the national security of the United States” in a statement Wednesday.”

      Yes, Brennan believes that when evil terrorist enablers are able to able to murder 1000’s of people without fear of repercussions, it makes us all safer.

  26. “When making life-or-death, war-or-peace decisions, a president can’t just pop off or lash out irrationally,” [Mrs. Obama] said on behalf of the Democratic presidential nominee at La Salle University in Philadelphia.

    “A president has to deliberately conspire to hide her corruption and carefully choose her words as she dissembles about it.”

    1. When making life-or-death, war-or-peace decisions, a president can’t just pop off or lash out irrationally

      Does her husband know this?

      1. Depends. Has it been mentioned in any newspapers?

  27. What a shame.

    (CNN)The Senate cleared a bill Wednesday to fund the government and the federal response to Zika, avoiding a potentially embarrassing government shutdown just weeks before the election.

    1. So the Repubs caved again and left the Planned Parenthood funding intact?

      And they wonder why their base increasingly despises them?

    2. Zika is still a thing?

  28. A State Department spokesperson says U.S. officials have discussed “non-diplomatic” options in Syria.

    There’s sticking your dick in crazy and then there’s covering it with honey and fucking a fire ant hive.

      1. Mr. Bonus is notoriously stingy with his dick pics.

  29. Norman Lear is here to save us via TV:

    “Stars expose problems, seek solutions on ‘America Divided'”
    “I’m happy to have reached the 1 percent,” said Lear, back in New York, where he spent part of his childhood, to shoot his report, “but I started as a kid in the Depression whose father was serving (prison) time. But what was wonderful about America was it offered me opportunity. And it promised that opportunity to everybody else, regardless of the color of their skin. After all these years, that promise has yet to be delivered on. I care about that.”…..372117.php

    Somehow, I doubt the ‘solutions’ will be hard to predict.

    1. That propagandist is still fucking alive!? God, the worst people live to be a million.

    2. The myth of the lack of opportunity.

      1. Perpetuated by Norman Fucking Lear – the guy who tells you he started out poor with a convict father had an amazingly successful career and is decently rich. *That* guy tells you the ‘American Dream has not delivered’ to him.

        Fucking putz.

    3. How many blacks started out poor and are now multi-millionaire entertainers? How exactly could that promise be delivered on if it hasn’t been already?

  30. I’m disappointed the FBI is closing their investigation into Hillary’s email server. I really think they are hiding something.

    1. No. Comey described four crimes in detail. Not hiding.

  31. WHY ISN’T REASON COVERING THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?:

    The 39-year-old rapper performed Famous – the song that triggered Kanye’s Snapchat expose of Taylor, with help from his wife Kim Kardashian – three times, egging on the crowd in a chant of ‘F**k Taylor Swift.’

    And the Stronger singer was well aware of his location in the vitriolic outburst, telling the concertgoers, ‘I need to hear that loud in Nashville. I need to hear that so loud in Nashville!’

    This is how race wars start, people.

    1. They are obviously in the tank for Taylor Swift when they refuse to report these stories.

      1. “You call yourself Famous? You’re an arrogant bastard
        I don’t even remember our date or how many seconds it lasted.”

    2. Just a good old fashioned country versus rap beef. Nothing to see here.

      1. Country Taylor Swift was 10 years ago.

    3. This is going to go well with the alt-righters who consider T-Swizzle to be some sort of Aryan goddess.

      1. Don’t they also want to “F*ck Taylor Swift”? Although maybe with swastika in place of the asterisk.

        How do you pronounce the asterisk anyway?

        1. Anyway you want – that’s the point of the asterisk.

      2. Now that’s messed up.

        Unless “Shake it Off” was about (((influence))).

    4. I know those words but that sign quote makes no sense.

  32. Not the Onion – it’s Ballot Access News

    “Utah Debate Commission Holds One-Candidate Event for the Republican Nominee for Attorney General; Refuses to Allow Libertarian to be the Other Participant Even Though He was Present…

    “The event organizers were very surprised to hear that the Democratic nominee would not be appearing because he had decided to drop out of the race, for health reasons. But even though [Libertarian nominee W. Andrew] McCullough was present, the Commission still refused to allow him on the stage. Instead, they let the Republican nominee consume the entire time for the event.”

  33. The NFL = Not enough gays, chinese, women involved.

    The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport* gave the league its seventh consecutive A on racial hiring practices and a combined grade of B for hiring minorities and women. The second straight C+ indicates the NFL still has a long way to go in improving hiring opportunities for women, but it is a dramatic improvement from two years ago, when the numbers were abysmal.

    *Their Slogan = “We’re The Answer To = “WHO GIVES A SHIT?!?

    1. Kaepernick has already jumped the shark.

    2. between that and the spate of hashtag activism, the NFL seems quite consumed by first-world problems.

    3. Reminds me of a Sopranos line from Uncle Junior when Tony complained about falling revenue: “Chinks and housewives are bettin’ football!”

    1. Have a non-Breitbart source?

        1. Do we have any reason to believe ICANN is in any way particularly hostile to US interests or prone to infiltration by authoritarian governments? If these functions are as important as is claimed, why would we trust the U.S. government with them?

          1. Its the UN. They may not be particularly hostile to *US* interests, but they certainly are to the the interests of *personal freedom*.

            And its not so much that I *trust the US* as that I trust the USG *more* being in control of ICANN than the UN.

            I’m not particularly happy that Russia, China, and a whole slew of other countries that are civil-rights hell-holes will have more than a nominal say in American internet policies.

  34. Deer Hit By SUV = “What?!? You Want Some of This?
    Tries to kick the shit out of the driver before it dies

    Sager stopped and opened her door so she could look at the damage. The patrolman pulled over to help when the buck ran back across the road and tried to jump into Sager’s driver’s seat.

    The deer attempted to climb over her before she managed to kick it away and close the door.

    1. There were three deer at the bottom of my driveway today. (I live on top of a hill with a ~1000-ft driveway.)

      Of course, this was 5:40 AM when it was still pitch black out. I swerved just enough to shine the hi-beams into one deer’s eyes, and the thing still wouldn’t move. Thankfully they weren’t actually on the road.

    2. The deer was unable to gore the driver, but did manage to infect her with Lyme disease.

      1. The Deer reportedly said, “EAST COAST, BITCH” and waved gang-signs before expiring

  35. Everything is going great in Syria. The US is bombing the ‘terrorists’ in the West and Russia is bombing the ‘rebels’ in the East. What do we need a ‘solution’ for?

    1. Well, that resolves the refugee crisis.

    1. I didn’t realize the psychopathology was on the Aspie spectrum. Hmm.

  36. “Congress Overrides Obama 9/11 Veto”

    The emperor is all wee-weed up.

    1. He probably has another phone.

  37. John Warner? baaahahaha….a)he’s senile b)he’s been endorsing Democrats for a long time now. Him endorsing Hillary! is not remotely surprising.

    1. Maybe I could register Republican just so I can get a paid consultant job on the Republicans for Hillary organization.

  38. No Boots On the Ground

    “Boots” of course means “fully supported armored division”, duh

    1. “OK, men, our legal pepole say we have to wrap our boots in these plastic bags so the soles of the boots don’t touch the ground.”

      1. +1 pair of camo sneakers

    2. People told me if I voted for Romney we would end up back at war in Iraq. I didn’t believe them but they were right.

      That joke will never get old or out of date as long as Obama is in office.

      1. They said the same about McCain

  39. Vancouver millennials not great recyclers, study finds

    Turns out a lot of Vancouverites don’t quite get it when it comes to recycling, and the head of Multi-Materials B.C. is trashing millennials over some of it.

    The problem, MMBC managing director Allen Langdon says, is with “convenience recyclers”: people who recycle only when the appropriate receptacle is readily available.

    He says a study of recyclers conducted in June, about two years after B.C.’s new recycling program was launched, found 35 per cent of millennials are convenience recyclers.

    1. The study found millennials are the least likely to check MMBC’s recycling guide for accepted materials ? only 12 per cent do that ? and the most likely to “over-recycle” meaning they recycle materials they simply assume are recyclable. Twenty-two per cent do that, according to the study.

      “They tend to recycle what they’ve determined is recyclable,” Langdon said. “In many cases they may be putting material in the bin that isn’t recyclable.”

      So, you don’t think it’s maybe a problem with your regulation, then?

      On the other hand, the fact that brainwashing is only skin deep (to mix the metaphors) is somewhat encouraging.

      1. I barely recycle.

        I do it when I feel like it.

        Until they, of course, force me under threats to do it.

        My municipality where my business is now enforces composting. And they’re pricks about it too.


        1. I do glass beverage bottles, cardboard boxes and junk mail. Plastic containers only if no washing required.

          1. I don’t do any of that. Regular trash goes in the blue and the green containers. I even put lawn waste in the recycling.

            And, as it turns out, the city doesn’t even have a contract with a recycling plant – so even if I did spend my time and money sorting trash, it would all end up at the landfill anyway.

        2. When I was out in Palo Alto this summer, I was struck by how enormous the composting can was (it was larger than our cans in TX) compared to the recycling can (the same one we use in TX) and the garbage can (a tiny little can that could hardly fit a garbage bag).

          I’m all for composting and recycling, if and when it is convenient. Things that aren’t convenient are giant containers filled with rotting foodstuff baking in the 100* heat and having to check the bottom of the trash to find out which compartment of the recycling container it belongs in.

      2. So, you don’t think it’s maybe a problem with your regulation, then?

        This, although with the caveat that one plastic bottle with motor oil residue can ruin the whole batch of plastic for recycling purposes – or so I’ve heard. Anyone know definitively and can explain? Also, apparently cardboard with oily food waste doesn’t recycle well.

        1. Yeah, your not supposedused to throw pizza boxes in recycle due to grease

  40. Commentary: It’s time for Europe to stop holding referendums

    Because the biggest obstacle to the success of a mega-state is “people”

    1. Hey, rule by representatives who get elected on a bundle of unenforceable promises and cannot be removed until the next election is far superior to the fickleness of The Dreaded Mob. As clearly demonstrated by the last ten or so years of EU politics.
      Seriously, if the populace has lost the trust of the politicians, just dissolve your people and elect another already*.

      *insert your favorite cheap “migrant crisis” joke here

  41. Mentioning this again:

    Except for the “voting for Bernie” parts, this comic kinda captures my existential angst regarding this election:…..ether.html

    Also worth checking out the tone death reponse from Hillary supporters in the comics.

    1. “tone deaf response in the comments” even.

    2. So, you’re voting for Trump, right?

      1. Since it’s a fictional story (or at least that’s what I get from the intro), ending panel of him punching/circling/whatever “Donald Trump” would be the most dramatic conclusion to the story after all…

      2. I’m trying to decide between Gary Johnson and casting a blank ballot again.

        1. Do you think Gary Johnson would make an acceptable president?

          If you, like me, don’t, then I suggest you write in “none of the above” and stop agonizing over it.

          1. I’ll vote for Johnson or not vote. Just will depend on how I feel when I get off work that day. Straight to the bar or stop at the polls first.

          2. I’d argue, if you live in an area of 85%+ votes for one major candidate, voting the other is your duty as a troll. Watch as people try to figure out who are Trump/Clinton voters among them!

            1. I’m in Columbus so it will be Clinton although the County will probably be much more even.

          3. 1) Yes, I do think he’d be acceptable as president. Not perfect, but acceptable.
            2) I kinda hope he can get enough votes that his support is actually bigger than the split between Trump and Hillary, because if Libertarians actually made the difference, the epic ham tears will be so so yummy.

    3. Comic was good, comments made me want to slice open my wrists.

    4. Comic was good, comments made me want to slice open my wrists.

      1. But can you do it again?

      2. I found the “they really can’t tell how bad they come across to non-cult members, can they?” aspect of the comments hilarious.

      3. Fuck you all, I clicked on comments and now I have an urge to vote Trump.

        Despite being a) Canadian b) Not near enough to the US c) incredibly lazy and d) generally opposed to crony capitalist clowns ever since I laid eyes on this guy in 1992 (Wiki entry is short, but basically a heavily-promoted straight-spoken banker who ran a textbook pyramid scheme to vacuum up foreign currency for the regime).

        1. Request an absentee ballot.

          1. Ooh, maybe I should just write-in Donald Trump in the next election? We’re due for provincial election next year…

  42. Washington Monument: Can’t Get it Up

    Park Rangers consoled it, saying “it happens to everyone”

    1. They can’t fix a fucking elevator?

      1. They can’t fix a fucking elevator?

        (Can’t get it to the) Top. Men.

      2. Have you ever been to DC? They can’t even keep half of the Metro escalators running most days. Also sometimes the tracks catch fire, trains fill with smoke and kill people, derail, or collide into each other.

        1. And apparently, sometimes they can’t *stop* the escalators running some days.

      3. Trump should campaign on getting the elevators to run on time

  43. There is never any cost for being monumentally stupid as long as its the kind of stupid that *feels right*

    because all he’s doing is taking the “half-assed stupid” of the pandering Govt officials, and signaling how much absurdly further he’s willing to go*

    (*provided everyone else on earth do the suffering for it)

    1. I bet he’s anti-nuclear as well.

  44. This morning I heard my first election advertisement for the November election.

    An ex-military guy going on about how Trump should know that you don’t attack Gold Star Families and insult “our” POWs (I didn’t know I own POWs… interesting). Trump is unfit for office, but Hillary is. That’s why he stands with her!


    1. “Ex-military” usually means “still on the government tit”.

      As long as we keep creating POW’s, nobody has to suffer the humiliation of being the remaining one.

    2. Does anyone else think that “Gold star family” is a really weird term?

      Not that families who have lost people to war don’t deserve respect and consideration. But the name just seems odd and kind of condescending to me. Maybe people with more ties to the military have a different association, but it just makes me think of an elementary school teacher giving you a star sticker for turning in homework on time or something.

      And the fact that you have suffered a loss like that shouldn’t make you immune to all criticism in any case.

      1. It’s an artifact of WW2 (and perhaps WW1) where families with active servicemembers displayed a (blue?) star in their front windows as a symbol of patriotism, applarently very important for recent immigrants. Families who had a servicemember die displayed the gold star.

  45. Congress has overridden President Obama’s veto of a bill permitting 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, the first veto override of his presidency.

    Obama will just expand some regulatory process in order to make it impossible for folks to sue the Saudis.

    BTW, there are two d’s in overridden.

  46. RE: Clinton Getting More Republican Endorsements

    Umm…tell me again the difference between republicans and democrats again.

    1. Republicans are obstructionist racists, except when they help the Democrats, then they are acting bipartisanly

  47. She really looks different now than from that wdatpdim pic. She still looked like an older version of herself just a couple of years ago, but now she looks like the doped up old lady from requiem for a dream.

  48. I don’t remember who was talking about the new YouTube heroes thing, but this was a fun response. he’s also pretty funny, and crude. Lots of bad video game commentary, and plenty of stories that got me to laugh.

  49. “Congress has overriden President Obama’s veto of a bill permitting 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, the first veto override of his presidency.”

    I don’t understand why Congress is allowed to do that without permission from the UN.

    1. Not to worry, Ken.

      The UN will withhold all funds to the USA once the UN finds out about the Congressional treachery.

    2. With the right Saudi backing, Obama could probably drone strike congress.

  50. Neo-cons for the war monger Clinton!!!

  51. Presidents Obama and Clinton are expected to attend the funeral of the former Israeli prime minister and president, Shimon Peres.

    Jesus, tReason, she’s not president yet.

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