Disney Pulls Moana Costume, Apologizes for Cultural Appropriation, Saddens Children

Damned if they do, damned if they don't


Screenshot via Disney / Youtube

Little boys will no longer be able to dress up as the banished demigod Maui—a character in Disney's latest film, Moana—thanks to all the people (some of them Polynesian) who complained about cultural appropriation.

Screenshots of the offending costume are available here. Disney is pulling it from shelves, and has apologized in a press release.

"The team behind Moana has taken great care to respect the cultures of the Pacific Islands that inspired the film, and we regret that the Maui costume has offended some," the company said in a statement, according to Entertainment Weekly. "We sincerely apologize and are pulling the costume from our website and store."

Disney has been criticized for not having a diverse enough roster of characters and films—too many rail-thin white princesses—and Moana is an attempt to address that. But Disney's filmmakers are damned if they do, damned if they don't. When Disney uses merchandise and costumes to make a minority culture accessible to non-minority children, the studio gets accused of cultural appropriation. When it sticks to stuff for white audiences, it's accused of racism. When Disney's protagonists are good-looking and thin, it's accused of promoting unrealistic and unhealthy beauty standards. When it includes a plus size protagonist, it's accused of fat-shaming Polynesians.

People are free to work themselves into a frenzy over whatever they want, of course, but taking Halloween costume options away from kids who are expressing an interest in other cultures is such a weird hill to die on.

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  1. This is a perfect example of why it’s an utter waste of time to try and appease the Social Justice Whiners. As long as they can caterwaul about some imagined “social injustice”, they’re important folks (to some people, people not me). If the problem gets resolved they have to go back to just living their lives like the rest of us ordinary folk, and they can’t deal with that. Eric Hoffer was plainly right about them.

    1. Aren’t you in the Twin Cities, EES?

      1. No, out in eastern Virginia. Rather too close to D.C. for my taste but otherwise a nice enough place.

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    3. Yeah, they blew it.

      You never negotiate with terrorists.

      You never give an inch if you are right. Disney was 100% right, the objections were 100% wrong. Don’t back down under those circumstances.

      If you feel absolutely compelled to respond, trot out a bunch of cute little kids wearing Disney costumes and talk about how great they look. Bonus points if you can find some kids of the proper ethnicity. Double bonus points if you put the Norwegian kids in the Lilo and Stitch costumes, the Hawaiian kids in the Elsa and Anna costumes, the Chinese kids in the Moana costumes and the pacific islanders in the Mulan costumes.

  2. So can anyone get in on this gig of shifting corporate retail offerings? I’d sure like to get Mavel’s Black Falcon action figures pulled from the shelves. (Don’t worry, it’s just for racist reasons.)

      1. I don’t think Asians can be wiggas, Paul.

        1. aiggas? origgas? giggas?

          1. I think we can all agree that chinameniggas is the least offensive option here.

          2. I dunno, but FUBU is inexplicably popular with Asians (and Samsung inexplicably owns a stake in the company).

          3. Chiggas, please.

        2. A bit of a chink in the ol’ armor, I guess.

          1. What you did there, I see it.

          1. Cheetos LOL

            1. A ‘bag’ of cheetos no less.

    1. “Mavel’s Black Falcon”

      What is Mavel and who is “Black Falcon”?

      1. Exactly. That’s what I’m going for.

  3. So a twitter meltdown by eleven bitchy activists can turn a giant mega corporation on a dime. Noted.

      1. Odd… The women who made history led me to think of two Margaret Thatcher and Empress Dowager Cixi. In most situations they fit the very model of “Well behaved” they were just not pushovers and were very intelligent in politics.

        1. Cixi and not Wu Zetian?!?!

          1. My familiarity with Chinese history is stronger between the Opium Wars and the Boxer rebellion than during the Tang Dynasty.

            1. Eleanor of Aquitaine was Queen of France, then Britain, had a crusade in between, two future kings among her seven kids (all but one lived to adulthood), and was total blonde hottie who threw great parties which she used to promote whole new schools and styles of poetry. And she lived into her late seventies.

              If one could go back in time and put her on stage next to Shrillz, how bad would the contrast be?

              1. But I bet no one made fun of Eleanor when she took her law school exams!

                1. I bet the aristocrats took her gender studies degree super cereally when she applied for queenship.

      2. Yeah well women who act up rarely make sandwiches

      3. Knowing the source, I can only assume that the link lead to some bitchin’ tumblr porn.

    1. How many of them were Polynesian?

    2. Only chicken-shit mega corporations.

  4. Put some Oshkosh overalls on the character and call her Andrea Dworkin.

    1. Highly underrated. You win, sir.

  5. The Hawaiians had a strict caste system. At the bottom was a slave class that was banned from interacting with other classes and was used for human sacrifices. In the process of un-whitewashing our own history, we’ve completely whitewashed every other culture.

    1. Is there any culture that didn’t have this in its past?

      1. Technically, slaves in the antebellum south were too valuable to be used for ritual human sacrifice, barring them getting what their masters deemed “uppity”.

      2. Is there any culture that didn’t have this in its past?

        Bronie culture.

        1. and hopefully no future

      3. Basically any culture which came into being after roughly 1500 AD. Yeah their genetic ancestors who had a completely different and utterly unrelated culture may have done it but just because there is a genetic ancestry in place does not mean there is an actual cultural relationship in existance.

        For example, Modern England can realistically be called a descendant of dark ages Anglo Saxon and Norman cultures however it bears no relationship whatsoever to the pre Christian British or the even earlier Celtic culture that inhabited the Island even though most modern Brits are genetic descendants of those peoples.

        1. I’ve been triggered

          – an average Jute

      4. I understand that Yopait (?galit?!) yogurt bacteria have achieved a level of social equality unheard of in multi-celled organisms.

      5. I understand that Yopait (?galit?!) yogurt bacteria have achieved a level of social equality unheard of in multi-celled organisms.

    2. And anyone who wasn’t an ali’i ( basically means the elite royalty), who was presumptuous enough to look anyone who was ali’i in the eye, could be executed on the spot.

      And yet large numbers of native Hawaiians would like that monarchy restored.

      1. Some bigman who’ll have me executed for looking him in the eye? Better than hillary, at least.

        1. And I bet he’d know about Aleppo off the cuff.

          But would he build a giant wall to make honolulu great again and keep out all the mexicans?

    3. They were beautiful, BEAUTIFUL in their primitiveness. White people ruined it.

    4. I don’t know why people are so unwilling to accept that all cultures and civilizations have done horrible things historically (not to say they are all equivalent) and that we should all stop being shitty now simply because that will make life better for everyone. It doesn’t fucking matter whose ancestors most recently screwed over whose and you can’t undo or erase the injustices of the past.

      1. you can’t undo or erase the injustices of the past.

        Some people think a lot of money can do just that.

        1. Its not so much that my ancestors will be assuaged, but with big piles of money in my hand, I’m pretty sure I can ignore them.

          1. I demand reparations from the Catholic Church for how the Romans treated my Celtic and Germanic ancestors…

      2. Modern Western civilization is the first in history to look back at all our conquering and enslaving and feel bad about it. Every other civilization in history took pride in the number of people they could kill and enslave and the amount of land they could conquer, including Native Americans and Africans.

    1. I guess that’s your attempt at mimicking their language?


      1. I just can’t even

        1. bassjoe… like Hitler, only racist.


      2. Too many consonants to be Hawaiian

  6. Oh, and can we please stop printing 800 word articles on “the talk” parents keep having with their children. Keep that shit where it belongs… in the woodshed.

    1. I banged my gf in her ‘woodshed.’

      1. Doesn’t that cause splinters?

    2. My dad also had The Talk with me about dealing with police officers. He said to basically treat them like toddlers that had somehow gotten ahold of a knife.

      1. My mom used to get overwrought about my sassy attitude when dealing with cops. “They could just shoot you and claim it was your fault and nobody would know!!!” I wonder if she feels that way now or if years of exposure to Fox News has changed her opinions.

        1. My mom used to get overwrought about my sassy attitude when dealing with cops

          I thought you were sassy with everyone, girlfriend. Now I’m disappoint.

          1. Well yes, but not everyone can respond to a teenager being a little shit with violence and have it be state sponsored.

        2. “I’ve sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn’t want to do it. Felt I owed it to them.”

      2. That’s an fn awesome explanation.

        1. My father was a wise man.

          His maxim was: “Life is too short to drink shitty beer.”

          His advice on women: “Always leave them wanting more.”

          His thoughts on the afterlife: “I want to come back as a 40-lb crow, because what’s around that would fuck with a 40-lb crow?”

          1. “I want to come back as a 40-lb crow, because what’s around that would fuck with a 40-lb crow?”

            A farmer with a shotgun.

      3. Huh, The Talk I had with my son was to tell him that the secret to life was to stop arguing with women and just tell them whatever they wanted to hear. Then go off and do whatever you wanted to do in the first place.

        That way both of you are happy. You got to do what you wanted and she got to hear you agree with her.

    3. I’m white and my dad told me almost exactly the same thing, only without the dramatic overtones. “If you get pulled over, just keep your mouth shut and keep your hands on the steering wheel so you don’t get yourself in more trouble”

      1. Right, but did a major daily print an article about it?

      2. I remember getting pulled over with my dad as a kid and how he immediately became subservient and apologetic to some fat yo-yo with a badge and a gun. I was humiliated for him, until afterwards when explained that if the guy was willing to put down his doughnut and pull us over, it was better just to play into their bullshit. I’ll explain the same thing to my children. Sometimes I wonder if cops are smart enough to realize how disdainful people are of them while pretending to be respectful.

      3. I’ve found this, delivered deadpan, works well:

        “Respectfully, officer, I do not wish to answer questions and I do not consent to searches.”

        Last time I got pulled over, had to repeat it a second time before they just wrote the fucking ticket and let me go.

      4. Shit, they taught that in HS drivers’ ed. Pull over, put your hazards on, turn off the car, throw your keys on the dash (that part’s obsolete now that the industry is about key fobs and push button start), keep your seatbelt on, and have your license, insurance, and reg in your hands.

        Cops are lazy bastards on a power trip. Make their lives easy and there’s a decent chance you get off with a warning.

        1. Pull over, put your hazards on, turn off the car, throw your keys on the dash (that part’s obsolete now that the industry is about key fobs and push button start), keep your seatbelt on, and have your license, insurance, and reg in your hands.

          That’s exactly what they told us not to do in drivers’ ed. They taught us to pull over, put it in park, and sit there with your hands at 10 and 2 until you get further instructions. Fussing around looking for your license, insurance, and registration could be considered a furtive movement and end up in a bunch of people looting your nearest metropolitan area.

          1. Yes, this exactly. A guy on my dad’s baseball team who was a Virginia state trooper told me exactly that when I was 16 and getting my license – never rummage around in your car for your license and registration when you get pulled over. Stop the car, shift to park, turn on your interior lights, and then glue your hands to the steering wheel until the cop asks you for those things.

            It’s bullshit that we have to do it, but that’s exactly what I still do when I get pulled over, 23 years later, for the simple fact that I have no interest in being a martyr for anyone’s cause.

      5. I totally got white privileged about a month ago. Made an illegal left coming out of a brewery where my wife and I had enjoyed some beverages. Cop sees me and lights me up. I pull over immediately. He walks up to the car, takes my ID and says, “do you know why I’m pulling you over?”
        “Because I made an illegal left.”
        “Yep. Don’t do it again. You’re free to go.”
        Probably saved me $5000 plus in attorney’s fees.

        1. You live in Florida now. The cop knew that it was a matter of moments before he’d have to go shoot an exotic reptile or chase some tweaker hauling ass in an airboat down Main Street, and he didn’t want to deal with your bourgeois-ass paperwork.

          1. “Two fully clothed adults, no visible tattoos or piercings, driving a late model Honda with working lights and two car seats in the back. Threat level: negligible.”

        2. Had something similar when I ran a red.
          “I’ll be back to tell you why I pulled you over.”
          “What? It’s because I ran a red.”
          “Look, I misjudged the light and thought going through would be safer than slamming on my breaks, by the time I was in the intersection I knew I’d miscalculated, but it was a bit late to slam on my breaks then.”
          “Well…your insurance card is from the last cycle. Here’s a $25 fix it ticket, drive more carefully.”

    4. It is amazing that it only took 8 years for the healer in chief to turn an entire generation of “that could be my sons” against ‘Murica.

  7. too many rail-thin white princesses

    What? Look at those hips!

    Snow White was thicc PAWG.

    1. Snow White was always my favorite. Hmmm this is starting to get weird

      1. Ariel. Because she was hawt AND I like sushi.

        1. “It’s a good time for her and a sushi dinner for you!”

        2. and the fact that she was like a 15 year old redhead didn’t hurt either right?

          1. But does the papilla match the drapes?

          2. It was the mute part that really got me going.

    2. Yes, and surely the thin waist was just the corset doing its magic.

  8. Most blatant political pandering i’ve seen so far =

    ‘He Will Be Our Brother’: Boy, 6, Asks Obama To Bring Syrian Boy To Live With HimNPR
    – Boy also requested a talking-monkey, and spaceship

    I think an aspiring hacker should link the NPR audio with appropriately child-themed “allahu akbar” vines

      1. I’m going to hell for laughing at that.

  9. Dammit Disney!


    1. They’d have to drop ESPN then.


    Problem solved.

    1. Already working on it.

    2. No, we need holidays like Halloween and Cinco De Mayo as pressure release valves so that the SJW types blow off some outrage steam on a regular basis. Otherwise it’ll build up and then who knows what will set them off.


    4. Already done. In my district, they call it a harvest party.

      1. You know, to avoid the heavy religious symbolism associated with kids dressing up in Kylo Ren costumes.

  11. damned if they do, damned if they don’t

    And yet they still won’t learn. Every time you retreat a step, some pack of assholes will jump forward and keep pushing.

  12. This is terrible. Absolutely ghastly. You effectively give power to shrill ignoramus idiots to continue their buffoonery and even boast about succeeding.


  13. When it includes a plus size protagonist, it’s accused of fat-shaming Polynesians.

    I’m guessing these idiots have never seen a cover for a Bruddah Iz CD: Future.jpg

    1. And they still won’t with your me’d up link.

    2. They’ve also apparently never seen the movie Brave, which features a rather, um, husky white dude as father of the protagonist. Merida’s mother, of course, is fit and trim.

      1. It’s OK if you fat-shame white people. Especially those whose descendants became the Scotch-Irish of Appalachia and probably Trump voters.

    3. And the funny part is that the chief in Polynesian culture is supposed to be fat, because he is rich and can afford to eat a lot. Where do you think all the Tongan and Samoan linemen in the NFL came from?

  14. Those Disney bastards! Forcing people to buy their character tie-in merchandise at gunpoint.

    What has become of this country?

  15. And the opposite of cultural appropriation is basically cultural segregation. These social justice fascists are basically just a new breed of segregationists.

    Here’s 4 minutes of SJW cringe for you

    1. I couldn’t make it even halfway through. Are we seriously all on the same planet, here?

      1. I see things on youtube that make me think I was put into cryogenic sleep in the distant past, and they just recently thawed me out and I look out the window, and see the ruins of the statue of liberty, and a bunch of chimps riding horses around it.

      2. The first girl however did seem to have a nice little rack.

      3. You should’ve stuck around. One guy does some of that hyperventilation-style debating.

      4. I barely made it more than a minute. Hell, I almost couldn’t power through the very first pinhead sharing her theory about how, “like, men don’t have feelings and junk? Like, OMG!”

        The only way I could was by staring at her modest cleavage and ponder what it might be like to hate fuck her.


    2. I’m about a minute in. This is painful…

    3. No. They aren’t a NEW bunch of segregationists. They are the same old bunch that controlled the Democrat party in Lincoln’s day, and Wilson’s.


      1. Exactly.

        And fucktards like Tony like to pretend like we’re the racist/misogynist/bigots.

  16. I’m a proud Irishman. And I love me some fucking Lucky Charms cereal.

    …and apparently all the self-loathing that goes with it.

    1. They are magically delicious.

    2. The Irish don’t get offended by that shit because the Irish aren’t a bunch of pussies.

      1. Too bad they kept getting rolled by the Brits time and time again. That’s what happens when you’re drunk all the time, though.

        1. one of the few legitimately funny bits Family Guy ever did was the “Irish Before Alcohol” educational video, where it’s like the Jetsons, and then when they discover alcohol it becomes nothing but drunken brawling.

        2. I just saw a youtube video where a Latino starts speaking in an Irish accent and saying potato over and over. I thought it was hilarious.

      2. Too busy drinkin’, prayin’, and blowin’ up the damn protestants occupying the north ta worry about gettin’ offended!!

  17. SFd the link. Friggin 50 character word limit. Take two:

    1. I’ll be in my bunk of size.

  18. What if I stay at the Polynesian resort at Disney World?

    1. Are you Polynesian?

        1. Ohhhhh …. shit.

    2. I stayed there, but it’s cool, since my Mom grew up in Hawaii.

  19. I grew up around a lot of Tongans, Hawaiians, and Samoans, and I recall all of them talking about how awesome of a movie Lilo & Stitch was. Just something I was contemplating on this Throwback Thursday.

    PS: Tongans sell dank weed

    1. You don’t want Samoans on the other side of the rugby pitch…

      *shudders at memory of 390 pound loosehead prop running at me*

      1. *unzips*

        Say more things about rugby plz.


        1. jesse you consistently make me laugh. Upvote to top commenter.

          1. That is personal isn’t it? How do you know Jesse doesn’t want to be a bottom commenter?

            1. I’m fairly flexible on such things. As long as everyone’s having fun, it’s all good.

              1. If you were really, really flexible, you could be both at the same time!

                1. I think it’s cute that you think I haven’t been.

                  1. Oops, I didn’t think of that.

                    I was thinking more of being both at the same time while also being by yourself. Sort of a “go fuck yourself” situation.

                    1. Oh yeah, I’m definitely not endowed enough for that. I have a big-dicked friend with a pronounced downward curve. I should ask him if he’s ever tried.

        2. Half for you, half for me.

          1. It’s a big country/continent I’m fine sharing.

            1. Cool. I prefer the weather in Victoria anyway.

    2. But how are their memes?

  20. At what point will people realize that capitulation only magnifies the idiocy?

    1. People do – just not all people.

  21. We’re doomed.

  22. How to not offend anyone:

    1. Dig hole
    2. Jump in.
    3. Pull dirt on top of self.

    1. Are you mocking my culture!? I’ll fucking undermine the foundations of your home while you sleep.

    2. “Jump” in? Way to other Wheelchair-Americans, shitlord.

    3. “Jump” in? Way to other Wheelchair-Americans, shitlord.

    4. What would a Morlock do if an Eloi followed your steps???

  23. The only effective way to shut up an Social Justice Warrior is wth a ball peen hammer.

    1. A ripping hammer or shingle hammer would also serve quite well.

    2. Did somebody say “Hammer Time”?

      Note: MC Hammer does not appear in this clip. I’m guessing the guys who got hammered aren’t SJWs, either.

      1. Did somebody say Hammer time? (part 2)

  24. This is why Donald Trump is so popular

    1. Because compared to these self-important, self-rightious, silly bastards bubonic plague looks good.

      1. I think you’re underestimating these snots, and a wee bit overestimating on the other side. Both sides would fire up the ovens if given a chance.

  25. Here’s what I don’t get. Battle Los Angeles had the aliens after our water. Being readily accessible, we are a water source unique in the galaxy. (Maybe they said universe, but galaxy makes more sense.) The aliens powered their ships and perhaps themselves with water.

    Okay. So. Why do you build your ships and your bodies to run off one of the most phenomenally unique and hard-to-access substances in existence?

    Don’t overthink sci-fi, people. It’s been bugging me all day.

    1. I think water’s pretty common in the universe. Is this another M. Night story?

      1. Water is very common in our Solar System, it’s just usually frozen. No reason to think it isn’t equally as common in other Solar Systems. And that shouldn’t be surprising – it’s just Hydrogen (most abundant element in the Universe) and Oxygen (also very abundant), and is a very simple molecule.

        Also common – alcohol.

        1. There’s an entire nebula made of alcohol, which would be awesome if it wasn’t methyl alcohol instead of ethanol.

      2. Shouldn’t the humidity in the air have instantly killed those aliens?

    2. It makes even less sense than that. Even on the far fetched notion that water is rare and hard to get at outside of our solar system, there’s an awful lot of it in comets and on Mars and various moons. If you can travel across the galaxy, you can melt some comets.

      Don’t overthink sci-fi, but the premise should at least pass some basic scrutiny.

      1. And not withstanding that, hydrogen is fucking everywhere. You aren’t traveling in space without it. And oxygen isn’t that hard to come by either. And if you have hydrogen and oxygen…

      2. there’s an awful lot of it in … various moons

        Geez, way to step all over NASA’s Europa announcement next week.

      3. Yeah. I wasn’t about to look it up just to fact-check a space marine flick. But water as a rare and precious resource caused a doubt. Then I was all, fine. Maybe it’s just hard to get to. Watch the damned show, Hamster.

        It’s disconcerting. I thought the movie itself did space marines right. Several prehensile appendages lifted in satisfied approval. The illogical premise is haunting me.

    3. So did V, if I recall. And the original Transformers cartoon was about the Decepticons heading out to plunder energy from other planets (more proof that solar isn’t the answer).

      It’s a cautionary tale about oil dependency and how it can make people behave badly.

    4. Wasn’t that just one guy’s theory and invasion is not explained?

      I had high hopes at the start, since it starts with aliens attacking, that it would have the good sense to skip the fucking “build up and character development” part before aliens arrive. Who ever gave a toss about character backgrounds in ‘aliens invade Earth, wreck shit’ piece?

      1. I want to be invested enough that it bothers me to see the character in danger. And see, you don’t get that from watching people whose names you’re still sorting out laugh at a barbecue, or cry over some other unfamiliar character’s grave. You get that by investing in the choices you see these characters make, right in front of you. Bugger the character backstory, I say, let’s get this party started.

        Wasn’t that just one guy’s theory and invasion is not explained?

        It was not horribly clear, or I was not paying attention. This was the in-show explanation offered on the news during the post-battle lull where the writers paint more backstory on what’s going on.

    5. Given that something like half of all comets are dirty iceballs, that makes no sense.

    6. this reminds me of something Ray Liotta’s character says in an obscure movie called Phoenix. In King Kong, the islanders are terrified of Kong and build this gigantic wall to protect themselves from him. So, since they’re smart enough to do that, why the hell do they put a huge gate in the wall big enough for Kong to fit through? Why not just build a little human-sized gate?

    7. Couldn’t they have stopped at Mars for the ice??

      Or are they, like, Captain Planet villains. They couldn’t possibly go for the easy to access stuff when they could twirl their mustaches with pure evil by going for the stuff necessary for life on a populated planet.

    8. Why do you build your ships and your bodies to run off one of the most phenomenally unique and hard-to-access substances in existence?

      Have you been monitoring the Green Energy movement? “Let’s take our food and make it into fuel.”

  26. Are people starting to understand? NO.MATTER.WHAT.THESE.PEOPLE.WILL.NEVER.BE.HAPPY.


    So stop apologizing, for the love of God STOP APOLOGIZING.

    Also, cultural appropriation does not exist.

    1. So stop apologizing, for the love of God STOP APOLOGIZING.

      Resistance is futile.

  27. Surely there are some Polynesians who like seeing their cultures depicted in popular culture. Don’t their feelings count for anything?

    When you let shrill activists speak for an entire culture, you are basically silencing most people who belong to that culture.

    1. I suspect there were few actual Polynesians among the vocally aggrieved.

    2. It’s called the heckler’s veto for a reason.

  28. taking Halloween costume options away from kids who are expressing an interest in other cultures is such a weird hill to die on

    They don’t think they are dying, they think they are winning. And it sort of seems like they are some times.

    1. And even if they aren’t winning, they aren’t dying either. They’ve got absolutely nothing at stake.

  29. *burns Superfly Jimmy Snuka t-shirt, action figure, and autographed coconut*

    1. May as well. Poor Jimmy got squat for royalties from WWF.

      1. He got something when he was a guest on Piper’s Pit.

      2. Well, he killed a woman, so the lack of royalties is a perverse justice.

        1. Ahem. It was a white woman he killed. So…not that bad.

  30. At what point will people realize that capitulation only magnifies the idiocy?

    I blame Neville Chamberlain.

  31. fat-shaming Polynesians.

    WTF? These people do not even know the culture of which they think they’re defending.

  32. Well, since the Moana themed Halloween is out I guess we’ll have to break out the Uncle Remus and Jim Crow costumes.

  33. Polynesians were all thin until white man introduced pork

    1. And evil capitalism

  34. If the costume is offensive, how can they release the movie featuring it?

    Once they concede that the costume is so offensive that it can’t be sold to the public, how can they sell tickets to movie itself?

    1. Its not so much the costume as white people wearing the costume.

      1. Who are you, who is so wise in the ways of social justicing?

        1. The answer is always “white people = bad”

        2. The correct answer question is, “Then how do they let white people watch it?”

          If white people laughing and deriving entertainment from caricatures of Polynesians isn’t racism, I don’t know what is.

          I suppose you could somehow make them poorer for indulging in a vice such as this by, say charging them a fee, but you couldn’t give the money directly to the Polynesians because then they’d get rich and their culture would be spoiled. Maybe you could establish a voluntary collective that allowed both Polynesians and white people to come together to extort funds from white racists and then redistribute their earnings based on proportional ownership or something…

  35. You’d think they’d be happy people would be willing to pretend they’re Polynesian for at least one day.

    1. To them dressing up as anything else is minstrel show blackface.

  36. Disney has been criticized for not having a diverse enough roster of characters and films?too many rail-thin white princesses?and Moana is an attempt to address that. But Disney’s filmmakers are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

    I remember watching commercials for this flick and noting Disney had the Rock for the big dude’s voice and muey authentico Polynesian unknown for the girl’s voice. I recall thinking to myself how hard Disney had tried to cross all the SJW T’s and dot the PC I’s, yet it would be for naught – the snowflakes would find something about this movie.

    And they did. I give it a couple more years (and a couple Frozen sequels) before these same types change the Complain Machine back to Too White from the current Stealing from Brownie setting when it comes to Disney.

    1. I recall thinking to myself how hard Disney had tried to cross all the SJW T’s and dot the PC I’s, yet it would be for naught – the snowflakes would find something about this movie.

      IMO, the worst part is, this is true every half-century (or generally in cycles) or so for Disney. James Baskett was given an Honorary Oscar in 1948 for his part in Disney’s Song of The South but you don’t dare show the movie in mixed company and you sure as hell don’t bring it up in the era of “Oscars so white”.

      1. I’ve watched it a few times on YouTube, and still can’t tell what is so significantly racist in it. The only thing I find deeply bad is that the white parents are condescending towards Baskett’s character and their servant (Oscar winner Hattie McDaniel). Other than that, I guess it’s the simple goodness of the black characters? Or their speech patterns? I can’t figure it out, especially since the Brer Rabbit parts are genuine southern folktales told by generations of African Americans and some Southerners (for instance, my first exposure to Brer Rabbit was by a Civil Rights Worker from the 60s who was my Sunday school teacher, and wanted us to remember the cultural traditions of both sharecroppers and former slaves). I might not let little kids watch it, but I just can’t see a huge amount of racism in the movie.

  37. White Americans invented sneakers.

    I guess everyone else has to walk around barefoot.

  38. So…nobody is allowed to dress up like a person from another culture? I, uh, wow…I don’t understand this at all. When I was a kid, school basically forced me to dress up like a Native, a Pilgrim, a Chinese emperor. I guess I thought it was kind of fun. The educrats called it social studies. They said it helped us learn about other peoples in the world, and helped us understand diversity.

    But now it’s a bad thing because- what, reasons? Because SJWtards are literally the most insufferable retards in world history?

    Fuck. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

  39. So is Disney going to apologize to me, and my fellow persons of Italian ancestry, for their cultural appropriation of Pinocchio?

  40. Every time this stuff happens, people care less about the protestors.

  41. Cultural appropriation is as American as Apple pie and Baseball.

  42. Cultural appropriation is as American as Apple pie and Baseball.

  43. Being white, I played it safe this all hallows eve and dressed the kids as Al Jolson.

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