Bombings in NYC and NJ, Gary Johnson Trying For Second Debate, Putin's Party Wins Big in Russia: A.M. Links


  • UPI/Newscom

    Authorities identified Ahmad Rahami as a suspect in bombings that rocked New York and New Jersey, while the Islamic State claimed responsibility for a mass stabbing in Minnesota. A transformer also exploded made a big booming sound mistaken for an explosion in Virginia. The media and partisans reacted to reactions by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

  • Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is trying to get into the second presidential debate.
  • For the second night in a row, police in Philadelphia were shot at, this time after chasing a suspected marijuana user.
  • Vladimir Putin's party won big in parliamentary elections in Russia.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7's may be blowing up in China too.
  • The HBO show Game of Thrones was among those that won Emmys last night.

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  1. Authorities identified Ahmad Rahami as a suspect in bombings that rocked New York and New Jersey…

    They’re going to get Trump elected.

    1. Bad tag. Does this count?

      1. My part of the comment was meant to be wry, hence its italicization.

      2. Fists’ bad tags have become part of his reputation.

          1. Only one of his fists is for etiquette.

            The other… best not to mention it.

    2. Hello.

      “Authorities identified Ahmad Rahami as a suspect in bombings that rocked New York and New Jersey, while the Islamic State claimed responsibility for a mass stabbing in Minnesota.”


      Always remember…THE CRUSADES.

      /points finger aimlessly around.

      1. Crusaders didn’t make it that far. Gotta blame Alexander. (I seriously wonder why no one is blaming Greeks and Romans yet.)

        1. (I seriously wonder why no one is blaming Greeks and Romans yet.)

          Pre-Islamic Middle East is deliberately separated from the Islamic Middle East. Because then you’d have to answer the awkward questions of what happened to the Zoroastrians and Semitic pagans.

          1. They went to a special farm, didn’t they?

      2. Yeah, NPR was doing a quite nimble little dance this morning, stating that “no links to known terrorist groups” had been established for the NY/NJ bombings. No mention of islamism, of course. Because this is an election year and people might start questioning the government’s ability or desire to protect people against that.

        1. Yeah, NPR was doing a quite nimble little dance this morning, stating that “no links to known terrorist groups” had been established for the NY/NJ bombings. No mention of islamism, of course

          If lone wolf attacks no longer count as Islamic terrorism, does that mean the guy who shot up the Planned Parenthood clinic isn’t a right-wing Christian terrorist since Westboro Baptist didn’t order the hit?

          1. No, because their rhetoric created the environment that…oh, wait…..

        2. Yeah but we have no way of knowing if this guy is connected to Islamism. His name is Ahmad and he was born in Afghanistan, he could be Jewish for all we know!

          1. Another one of those Christian terrorists, I suspect.

            1. He was radicalized here in the US by watching reruns of “Little house on the prairie” and “Married with children”! The inhumanity…

            2. Those fucking Methodists…

      3. Workplace violence, Rufus. Move along.

      4. I’ve never understood the leap to Crusaders.

        We should remember that some people very belatedly got around to saying that, hey, maybe we should do something about all these conquering Musselmen?

  2. 233) This was a front page article in the local/metro section of the Washington Post on Saturday: American University investigating after black student says banana thrown at her

    The article continued onto an inside page with 634 words, including a picture of the woman who had been so victimized by the banana incident. Another student “found a rotten banana outside her door the same night; she also found an obscene drawing on the whiteboard attached to her door.” And so on, with all the hurt feelings of various students on campus.

    Why is what is essentially a college prank on the front page? Must have been a slow news day, right? Let’s check the inside of the local/metro section:

    “Two crimes in P Street corridor within blocks of Nationals Park” (the crimes were a shooting and armed robbery, covered in 238 words)

    Man, 23, fatally shot through his window (69 words)

    Sexual assault reported in hotel room on Interstate 66 in N.Va. (174 words)

    1. Heh, Banana crime is no joke Mr!!!!!!

      1. Probably false flag, anyway. (False fruit?)

        1. Drive by fruiting! By the drive by media!

      2. Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you merely an incipient racist?

        1. Uhh… yes?

    2. The media is going ape…oops.

    3. Yeah, but what if she had slipped on that banana????

      1. Wacky hijinks might have ensued calamitously.

    4. Hate hoax.

      1. False but accurate.

    5. Tomorrow she’ll spot a noose-like object somewhere on campus and social signals will be flowing.

      1. They will be everywhere next month…

  3. A transformer also exploded in Virginia.

    Decepticons can’t be allowed access to our country.

    1. Some of them, I assume, are good robots.

              1. At least mine was somewhat erotic, CJ.

                1. At least it wasn’t Dunham…

                  I’m still mad about that one.

              2. Crusty hates us.

            1. I’m confused.

      1. I would like to applaud you both

  4. Man with ‘superhuman strength’ wearing only red underpants rams police car into mobile home

    Baton Rouge police say a man wearing only red underpants attacked officers with “superhuman strength,” got into a patrol car and tried to run over officers and rammed a mobile home off its blocks.

    WBRZ-TV reports that according to an arrest report, 35-year-old Jeremy Wayne Saylor punched a beach-ball-sized dent in the car’s windshield, and shook officers off and got into the car despite four shocks from a stun gun.

    Police spokesman L’Jean McKneely tells The Advocate that relatives had called police about 4:30 p.m. Saturday, saying Saylor was “tearing things up” after smoking synthetic marijuana called mojo.

    1. Who let Warty go to Baton Rouge? Haven’t they been through enough lately?

    2. Who let Warty go to Baton Rouge? Haven’t they been through enough lately?

    3. “Superman, you’re a real mean drunk”

      1. Gotta love the classics.

    4. Yet another article that makes me thing synthetic marijuana/baths salts/PCP would be really fun to try.

    5. Wonder Woman lays naked on the beach. Superman spies her from a mile a way, flies in at super speed, does his business in a split second and zooms off. “What the heck was that?”, asks Wonder Woman. “Got me. But my ass sure does hurt”, says the invisible man.

    6. Baton Rouge police say a man wearing only red underpants…punched a beach-ball-sized dent in the car’s windshield

      Video of the incident

      1. Bravo!

      2. This just made me feel old

  5. The HBO show Game of Thrones was among those that won Emmys last night.


    1. When the adults ask Tom Sawyer who the first two disciples were, he says that they were David and Goliath.

  6. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is trying to get into the second presidential debate.

    This would make a good reality tv show.

    1. Maybe he could live in a beachhouse with some wacky 20-somethings.

      1. Weld as Mr. Furley?

        1. +1 ascot.

  7. A transformer also exploded in Virginia.

    Squirrel terrorism is the worst terrorism.

  8. So I guess that our so-called “president”, Block Insane Yomomma, is going to just pretend that this latest wave of Islamonazi attacks (that appear to very possibly be coordinated) never even happend?

    You are a lowlife piece of garbage, mofo. The next four months and one day can’t go by quickly enough.

    1. I hate to break it to you, Mikey, but he actually IS the president of the United States. Scare quotes not necessary.

      1. You don’t have to remind me that you venerate and worship the man; that has been obvious for some time. You probably dream of sucking his cock.

        1. Woah, there, big guy. Take a deep breath.

          1. Lots o’ venom even here with the big dance coming up.

        2. Well that went to 11 right away.

          1. Never go full retard

        3. It’s true. I have it on good authority Citizen owns a pair of Obama boxers and briefs.

          1. He told me in another thread that he spends the entire day, everyday, fantasizing about a three-way with Barack and Michelle. You weren’t there but it totally happened.

            1. a three-way with Barack and Michelle

              And that he wanted to be the cross-bar in the ‘Wobbly H’.

        4. Well, yeah. Only people who want to suck his cock would actually acknowledge that he is, in fact, the president.

          You’re a credit to your species.

          1. Did we ever figure out what his species is? Not one of the higher primates, surely, but maybe some type of lemur?

            1. I’m too classy to make a “loris because he’s slow” joke

              1. Some lemurs try to buff their social status by pissing on their own tails and whipping ’em around. That just reminded me of Mikey for some reason.

        5. IF YU THIKN BLOCK YOMOMMA IS TEH PRSEDIENT, THAN U LIEK HIM! Yep, you figured me out, you original genius you.

      2. So-called. If you believe it. Sheep.

    2. Tweeeeeet! “Block Insane Yomomma.” Five yard penalty.

      1. He only does it ‘coz y’all encourage him. He’s the Longtorso of semiliterate political screeds.

        1. Shut up, commode up-shit-your-butt-anus!

        2. Bingo. Almost Andy Kaufmanesque.

    3. our so-called “president”, Block Insane Yomomma,

      Oh, SICK burn!

      1. Those people were a bunch of freaks. A bunch of dirty, God-less, Satan-worshipping stinky freaks. Every single one of them. A freak.

        1. Wipe the Drool of Admiration off your chin, there, Count of Monte Crusto. It’s unseemly of man of your….station.

        2. We know this because the media all said so, and journalists are never wrong.

          1. I wonder how many of those people are still shitting in a bucket in the park?

            1. Ah. Another of the many things that happened constantly – CONSTANTLY – and yet never witnessed even once by someone who actually was, y’know, there. I’m sure it happened though, because you mention it, and you wouldn’t have mentioned it if you weren’t certain of your accuracy.

              Let’s all take a moment and wonder along with you, Bobarian.

              1. really weird that you’d be so upset at someone mentioning that camp toilets were used in various OWS locations.

    1. I’m impressed that at least some of these people now appear to be gainfully employed.

      1. Not where I get coffee.

      2. I didn’t scan them all, but I note that the guy in the lab coat and stethoscope actually isn’t gainfully employed any more, on account of he decided to get all activist on his employer’s oil rigs.

    2. Zuzu filled out nicely.

    3. Shannon Park’s favorite movie – The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.

    4. Holy shit, that was 5 years ago?

    5. Zuzu is in high school and looks back fondly at her experience. She told me that those big owllike glasses were purely decorative. They had no lenses.

      She’s got a head-start on her hipster cat-lady accessorizing.

    6. Occupy Wall Street: Where Are They Now?

      Still idiots.

      1. Check your local college faculty.

    7. She finds it ironic that her job is designed to gloss over the inequalities that she has been fighting for,…

      Fighting for? I thought they were against inequality. This activism stuff is hard…

  9. A transformer also exploded in Virginia.

    A sleeper cell grows in Brooklyn.

  10. You know who else suffered a major loss in Berlin…

    Merkel’s Party Suffers Worst Berlin Loss of Postwar Era

    Electoral successes by the AfD in a string of state votes are roiling politics in Europe’s biggest economy after last year’s record influx of asylum seekers, which has dragged down poll ratings for Merkel and her party. After finishing third behind the AfD in a state vote two weeks ago, the CDU is now poised to drop out of the city government in Berlin. The chancellor will address the result at a news conference on Monday afternoon.

    ”They’re giving simple answers to very complex questions,” David McAllister, a CDU board member, said of the AfD in a Bloomberg TV interview on Monday. “They’re a single-issue party” focused on the refugee crisis, said McAllister, the former Lower Saxony prime minister.

    With state elections done for the year, Merkel’s next task is to halt coalition strife over her rejection of a cap on migration, a demand pushed by the AfD but also by Merkel’s Bavarian party allies. Pressure to settle the dispute is likely to grow ahead of a CDU convention in December that’s meant to set the party’s course for national elections in a year’s time.

    1. You would think Merkel would have played Die Macher.

    2. Terri Nunn?

    3. “AfD, took about 14 percent, putting it just behind the resurgent anti-capitalist Left party and the Greens.”

      So, AfD was actually the fifth-place party, with the Greens and the unreformed Communists essentially tied for third.

      1. So the communists took 3rd and 4th?

      2. True, but it’s the first time they had candidates in Berlin.

    4. “They’re giving simple answers to very complex questions,”

      Progressives LOVE that line.

      Bunch of simpletons.

      1. The left is causing complex problems. They don’t have answers and they never have.

    5. Lou Reed?

      No wait, that album’s awesome, not a “loss”.

    6. Not even neunundneunzig luftballons could float her policy platform.

      1. +1 armpit bush

        1. Man, did I think that chick was hot when I was 18!

          She still looks good, too!

  11. The media and partisans reacted to reactions

    Articles comprised entirely of tweets or GTFO.

  12. NYT: We can do business with a short-fingered vulgarian.

  13. Vladimir Putin’s party won big in parliamentary elections in Russia.


    1. Meh. Picking stocks with the information available to the market is pretty much random, so this is as good a strategy as most.

      1. Arbitrage opportunities DO exist.

        But, yeah, mostly true.

      2. I prefer a true random number generator, rather than some guy because people don’t know how to generate random numbers.

        1. On the contrary, it sounds like she was the king of randumb.

        2. Awhile back there was a news show that used a dart-throwing monkey to pick stocks. It’s picks beat those of the professional broker in a competition.

      3. Insider trading should be legal because of shit like this.

  14. The media and partisans reacted to reactions by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

    The media and partisans? The media and?

    1. Good point, the way the media have been savagely attacking Hillary and ignoring Trump is beyond the pale.
      (This is what the left actually believes.)

      1. Hillary looked high as kite.

        1. Likely zoned out on anti-seizure drugs would be my guess.

      2. What I got out of Face the Nation yesterday while I was changing my brakes:

        “Senator Kaine, why is Donald Trump the worst possible option for military families?”

        “Ms. Conway, why is your candidate such a racist liar?”

        “Panel, how much did Trump overreact to yesterday’s incident in New York? And why was Hillary Clinton’s reaction so much better?”

        1. Yeah- I think it was Thanksgiving 2012 when I heard my mom say, “I really like that Elizabeth Warren”. I just bit my tongue.

          I got even though… Last Christmas, Mom asked my opinion on Trump. I said Trump is a retarded asshole and I would vote for Rand but he wouldn’t be in the game by the primaries(he wasn’t), and would likely be voting for GJ in the general. (I love Mom, but when I said the last Repub I voted for President was Reagan in 84, she said, “you voted for him?!?” I asked who she voted for… Mondale was not mentioned)

          I told them how pathetic Bernie and Hillary are… they wouldn’t listen.

          “Pick one Repub you’d vote for”, they said.

          “Probably Ted Cruz…” I don’t think anyone talked to me the rest of the night! (Happy Fun-Ball drunk night!)

      3. What are you talking about the left?

        This is what my fucking wife believes even though she’s not exactly a leftist

  15. Japan has a worrying number of virgins, government finds

    According to the Japan Times, a new survey of Japanese people ages 18 to 34 found that 70 percent of unmarried men and 60 percent of unmarried women are not in a relationship. It gets worse: Around 42 percent of men and 44.2 percent of women admitted that they were virgins.

    The study is carried out by Japan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security Research every five years. The organization has noted a marked trend since its first foray on questions of relationships and sex in 1987, when it found that 48.6 percent of men and 39.5 percent of women surveyed were unmarried. In 2010, 36.2 percent of men and 38.7 percent of women in the 18-34 age bracket said they were virgins. The number of children among couples who have been married for between 15 and 19 years averaged a record low this year.

    all that tentacle pron is having an effect…

    1. In Midnight Cowboy, Jon Voight’s character moves to NYC because with all the homosexuals and effeminate men he pictures living there, he assumes he’ll have his pick of women. I sort of have the same vision for Japan. Could a motivated foreigner move there and clean up with the ladies?

      1. I suggest we start a fact finding mission.

            1. All the kids have to go through mandatory English classes. The only thing they can say after 6 years of study is, “I have a pen.” It’s a running gag here.

              1. “Tengo un lapiz!”

                -4 semesters of college spanish later

                1. Damnit Brett– that means pencil! Lapizero, boligrafo or pluma depending on which spanish speaking country you’re in

                  1. Right, right.

          1. and then go here

      2. You could try JATNAS. The foreigner boom is pretty much over, though.

      3. Yes, if you have a hairy chest. But then, everything I know about Japanese culture I learned from watching James Bond films.

    2. You laugh, but it’s all part of my plan to turn Japan into a nature preserve for unicorns.

    3. “70 percent of unmarried men and 60 percent of unmarried women”

      What’s your guess for the 10-point gap?? Does Japan have more polygamy or lesbianism??

    4. What Japan needs is a massive wave of Muslim migration. That, as opposed to reducing taxation, central banking and welfare statism, is the cure to their demographic woes.

    5. I volunteer to help solve this national crisis.

    6. Japan needs rape culture.

      Send in the frat boys or the military.

    7. I was made for this mission.

  16. The HBO show Game of Thrones was among those that won Emmys last night.

    Most importantly, Tatiana Maslany finally won for Orphan Black.

    1. Total gyp. The actress who plays Allison is the one who deserved it.

      1. Bullshit! Just cause you got a soccer mom fetish!

        Helena is the one!

        [I might have a creepy psychopath fetish, though]

  17. What is this, I was led to believe that New York City was merely dehydrated.

    1. No, no, it had pneumonia!

  18. “He touched me,” the hair growled. “The little SNL faggot touched be with his gayAIDS hands.”

    “So what? One of my brothers was defiled in Canada!” the hat screamed. “He had his ‘America’ and ‘Great’ scraped off! ‘Make Again?’ What does that even mean?!?”

    “Canada? What was he doing in Canada in the first place? Just because you’re red doesn’t make you a maple fondler.”

    “Canadians can want to see America be great again too,” the hat said defensively.

    “Stop talking about CANADA!” the hair screamed. “I’m mussed! I’ve been mussed! I feel so out of place. It’s worse that when he smashes you down on top of me.”

    “You’re lucky he puts me on!”

    “Fuck you!”

    Donald stood in the corner of the hotel room, shoving fistfuls of French fries into his face with his left hand and languidly masturbating with his right.

    1. Hillary swayed queasily as she squatted over the huge chamberpot.

      “Hold me,” she instructed her court eunuch, a tall, bald and tongue-less black that Barry had purchased for her in some West African shithole. She groped blindly for his enormous hand and gripped it tightly as a gush of bile and dead organs shot out of her.

      “I am!” she screamed. “I AM!”

      With a prolonged series of grunts, fibrous clots began to spill forth from the squamous cloaca that had form from her fused vagina and anus early in the transformation.

      “Huma!” she screamed.

      1. squamous cloaca

        I just learned something today. Any day is a good day when I learn something new.

    2. “Where is he?!?” Donald suddenly screeched.

      The hat stopped dragging himself slowly toward a final confrontation with the hair and asked, “Who, Donald?”

      “Him! Bring him to me!” Donald wailed.

      “Donald!” the hair said sharply, “Use your words.”

      “Michael. Bring me Michael.”

      “Pence,” the hat sneered. “What do you want that withered old mummy for? You want to grate some hard cheese on his craggy taint?”

      “Michael,” Donald sobbed.

    3. Huma scurried in, a giant box of CostCo tampons awkwardly jammed under one arm while she furiously texted on her phone.

      “Yes, my love?”

      “Just leave them and go,” Hillary said. “You shouldn’t have to see me like this.” She made to cover her bulk and gnashing mouths.

      “Nonsense. You are challenging patriarchy standards of feminine beauty. You are so brave.”

      Hillary smiled up at her, a thin stream of ichor running from her mouth.

      Huma’s phone shook itself violently as it buzzed from an incoming storm of texts but Huma sat it down and tore open the 500 count box of tampons. She scooped out a dozen and handed the box to Silent Abdul. Huma began jamming tampons into blood-puking vaginas spreading like sores on Hillary’s body.

    4. “Michael!” Donald yelled as Pence was shoved into the hotel room and the door was pulled shut behind him.

      “Donald? Could you put some clothes on?” Mike asked quietly.

      “Don’t be silly. It’s just us men here,” he said and threw his arms around Mike.

      “Donald,” he said quietly. There’s been a development.”

      “What is it?”

      Mike untangled himself from Donald’s sweaty embrace and turned on the television.

      “Is that your phone?” Hillary asked.

      “It doesn’t matter, my love,” Huma said, tenderly cleaning another of Hillary’s vaginas.

      “It might. Go check it.”

      Huma crossed to the phone and her eyes lit up as she read the texts to Hillary.

    5. “Oh, thank God, a bombing,” Donald said.

      “Oh, thank Sweet Hastur, a bombing,” Hillary said.

      1. Glorious. Nauseatingly glorious.

      2. The second best Friday Funnies ever.

      3. *gouges eyes out a la Event Horizon*

      4. Beautiful in its vile horror.

      5. SugarFree, I say this as a friend… you’ve gone too far. I think it’s time to have you committed so you can get the help you need.

        1. You shut your mouth. SF is the only one making sanity of the hash that is this election.

      6. But…but…WHAT ABOUT HAT VS HAIR??!?!?!

      7. “Nonsense. You are challenging patriarchy standards of feminine beauty. You are so brave.”

        The real beauty is here in your words.

      8. And the whole thing comes together in (what I hope) is the final scene.

      9. And yet someone, somewhere, is masturbating over this

        1. *can’t meet ifh’s withering stare*

      10. I blame my mother for teaching me to read.

        1. I blame the person who invented the written word.

          1. Clearly this is all Noah Webster’s fault somehow… Or John Dewey.

  19. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is trying to get into the second presidential debate.

    You have a better chance of getting past the doorman if you have a hot chicks in your party.

    1. As opposed to no chicks, right?

      That’s a libertarian joke, folks.

    2. Libertarian Girl didn’t help Rand out one little bit

      1. Was that Nicole? I heard she was the worst…

  20. Dana Milbank goes undercover

    The exchange, which I undertook wearing a made-in-China “Trump Hotels” bathrobe and Trump slippers, says everything you need to know about Donald Trump. Trump the candidate has talked of banning Muslims from the country and forcing those here to register and submit to surveillance. But Trump the hotelier welcomes Muslims with Korans and prayer rugs.

    1. Yes, I made the mistake of reading this one over the weekend. Dana Milbank, staying at the new DC Trump hotel on somebody’s else’s dime, is shocked at the hypocrisy of the hotel making Korans available to its guests. Also, that the luxury hotel offers luxury accommodations, when Trump claims to represent working people, or something. Whatever his point was went over my head, but then I’m not smart enough to get my employer to pay for me to stay at fancy hotels, so what do I know?

    2. I’m not endorsing Trump’s ideas, just saying that this is hardly the time for Trump’s opponents to triumphantly announce “this is the candidate who wants special precautionary measures against Muslims without being an Islamophobe like the media keeps claiming.”

      The reader will be like, “oh, so I guess these antiterror measures Trump advocates aren’t motivated by bigotry. Maybe his motive is trying to reduce terror attacks on the US?”

  21. For the second night in a row, police in Philadelphia were shot at, this time after chasing a suspected marijuana user.

    Why do you think they call it dope?

  22. For the second night in a row, police in Philadelphia were shot at, this time after chasing a suspected marijuana user.

    They could always stop doing that.

  23. Arizona woman accused of flashing underage boys at bar mitzvah is acquitted

    A grand jury refused to indict her on felony charges because of a lack of evidence.

    Police said the yoga instructor invited seven boys ages 11 to 15 into a bedroom at a bar mitzvah and flashed her newly augmented breasts.

    She reportedly allowed the boys to fondle her breasts and then allegedly performed a sex act on a 15-year-old boy.

    Radomski said she was drinking that night and doesn’t remember what happened. Her attorney said she was drugged while at the event, and she actually was the victim and the boys sexually assaulted her.

    Prosecutors said Radomski may have been drunk at the bar mitzvah, but she still should be held responsible for her actions.

    why the long face?

    1. So if a 33 year old man got drunk and invited a number of newly pubescent girls into a bedroom and performed a sex act on one of them, he’d totally get acquitted on the defense that he was drunk and/or drugged, right?

      1. It takes skill, cunning, and a sealed envelope of satisfactory heft.

      2. He doesn’t have a vagina, so no, he doesn’t get the Pussy Pass.

        1. I imagine the jury was all male, or at least all into women?

          1. The article says her defense was that she was drugged against her will.

            I wasn’t at the trial, so I’ll entertain the presumption that the jurors found the evidence plausible enough to create a reasonable doubt.

            1. It’s either she is a drunk attention seeker or teenage boys had access to rape drugs. Hmm. Why aren’t the boys charged for rape? I beleeve hers. *sobs hysterically*

      3. It is a double standard, but it seems like it’s kind of a natural one. People are more protective of girls, and that seems to be something of an inherent characteristic of people.

        Maybe we should stop pretending that sexually mature teenagers can’t consent to sex.

        1. I think it makes sense to be more outraged about a 33 year old man banging a 15 year old girl than for a 33 year old women to bang a 33 year old women. It’s still irresponsible and all that, but speaking as a former 15 year old boy, I can safely say that banging a hot 33 year old would not have made me feel victimized. In fact it might have done wonders for my teenage self-esteem.

          1. There are certainly evolutionary psychology sort of reasons why that would be.

            I can’t really justify the law treating it differently, though. Even though the 33 year old man might be a creep in that scenario, there are sexually precocious girls who know what they want (as well as most adults do, anyway) at 15.

            1. Well for one thing, 15 year old boys don’t get pregnant very often.

              1. They are responsible for 18 years of child support if their partner gets pregnant.

                1. I tend to think that the risk of being a single mother without financial support from the the father is the risk you run when you fuck teenage boys.

                  1. Sorry, just to clarify, the underage male is responsible for 18 years of child support. Happened to a friend of mine. He was statutorily raped by a 19 year old when he was 15. She did 90 days in jail while pregnant. He paid child support until he won custody of his son at 11 or 12.

                    1. Oh I don’t doubt that’s the law. Hell in California, they’ll make a man pay child support even if he isn’t the father.

                    2. PA too, if I recall correctly.

              2. Well for one thing, 15 year old boys don’t get pregnant very often.

                Obviously that’s the big difference and ultimately the reason why people think of the situations so differently.

                But teenage girls are generally capable of effectively using birth control if they so choose.

    2. So not only did a jury acquit her of misdemeanor charges, a grand jury refused to indict on the felony charges.

      But tell us again how grand juries are useless, how they will indict a ham sandwich but not a pig, etc.

      1. I think that the saying is that a prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, not that they always will.

        But I do agree that they are probably a good thing that should be used more and can provide some checks on prosecutors.

        1. If for example, the prosecutor couldn’t just keep them on a leash. I served as an alternate on a grand jury briefly, the local prosecutor said he would remove jurors that refused to indict people for drug charges and even threatened punitive legal action if he thought any juror was operating off of principle instead of the letter of the law. I was actually pretty scared to be on the grand jury after that because I know that I could almost never indict for drug charges (unless it were a cop or government official).

          1. Well, the hell with that constitution-violating prosecutor, then.

    3. Prosecutors said Radomski may have been drunk at the bar mitzvah, but she still should be held responsible for her actions.

      I thought if you were drunk you weren’t responsible for your sexy actions?

      So problematic.

  24. Apparently ‘Bears, beets or Battlestar Galactica?’ is a killer opener on online dating for over 35s

    1. I read the article and I still dont know what that question means.

      1. “Are you into sports, are you vegan or are you a couch potato nerd?”

        1. Bears is a sports reference?

          Do I live in Chicago?

        2. Bears is a sports reference?

          Do I live in Chicago?

        3. Bears is a sports reference?

          Do I live in Chicago?

          1. And, yes, I do stutter.

            1. This is what happens when you spill paint in the garage.

              1. “….and you forgot lazy, ugly, and disrespectful….”

      2. It’s a silly reference to the US TV comedy series “The Office”. It may have some secondary meaning as well, but if it does I’m unaware of it.

    2. Well, good to know I’m not alone in finding all that coy shit that so many women think is the thing to do silly and annoying.

  25. Elephant tramples tourist to death trying to take photo

    Elephants are notoriously clumsy with those little shutter buttons.

    1. Must have been a japanese elephant.

        1. Ah, Zo.

    2. Fool didn’t show proper respect. You are supposed to kneel down and not look directly at them. I learned that in the Jungle Book.

      1. Worked in Quest for Fire (along with some plant offering)

        1. +1 Rae Dawn Chong’s body paint

  26. Men perform better in bed when put under the spotlight, study finds

    Exposure to bright light – similar to daylight – boosts levels of the male hormone testosterone and can triple sexual satisfaction, the research found.

    Low sexual desire affects significant numbers of men after the age of 40.

    According to some studies, up to a quarter of men report problems depending on age and other factors.

    Because sexual interest varies with the seasons, scientists have suspected that it might be influenced by ambient light levels.

    1. Oh I misunderstood the headline. I was imaging stage lighting, gaffer, best boy, etc.

      1. gaffer, best boy

        So euphemism. Much abstract.

    2. That is why I only have sex outdoors under the brightly shining sun. Go big or go home, that’s what I always say.

      1. Wait, are you saying you are also a Florida Man?

        1. I do not look good in cutoffs, and I was not gifted with the innate ability of knowing how to operate an airboat, so no, I am not a Florida Man.

          1. While operating an airboat is a Florida Man thing, I don’t think knowing how to operate an airboat is a requirement.

      2. I thought it was because you need to photosynthesise

        1. Crusty Juggler is the Swamp Thing

      3. Although they frown on using the swing at an elementary school as a sex swing… lesson learned.

      4. Well, not big, but I get what you’re saying.


  27. CNN edits out Clinton reference to NY explosion as ‘bombing’

    CNN edited out the opening sentence of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s statement during breaking news coverage of an explosion in New York City that injured 29 people.

    Clinton was on board her campaign plane Saturday night when she addressed the press following the explosion in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.

    According to an ABC News transcript below, Clinton called the attacks in New York and New Jersey “bombings” before criticizing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump ? who also referred to the explosion as a “bomb” ? in an attempt to show contrast between the temperament of the two candidates, who are deadlocked in the polls.

    1. CNN just doing the job that Hillary won’t do.

    2. Way to shoot their own candidate in the foot. Now Trump is looking like he’s brave enough to talk about it, and Clinton isn’t. The national press as a class are so far removed from anything remotely like normal people that they think that making her look nuanced is doing her a favor.

      1. Yep. “The hits just keep on coming!”

        1. You’d think that some of them would call their families once in a while and try to tamp down their smug disdain for the soft, gently patriotic middle class upbringing they left behind* to get a man-on-the-street take before doing something like this.

          *Obviously, Anderson Cooper is at a disadvantage here.

    3. CNN is trying to outdo NBC at being the worst news source on the planet.

  28. “Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s may be blowing up in China too”

    Blowing up like a Chelsea dumpster or blowing up like my mix tape?

    1. The FBI has now been notified of your “mix tape”.

  29. Is not ending Medicare a prerequisite of ending the “Two-Party System”?

  30. I’m nominating this passage for the most self-unaware writing of the month.

    I’m going to tell you something that you don’t want to hear (and I know you don’t because when I was learning this, I sure as hell didn’t either): Your opinion doesn’t always matter.

    I know that we ? and especially those of us in positions of privilege ? are taught from a young age that an opinion can’t be right or wrong and that our thoughts about the world are important and worth sharing. But I hate to break it to you: That’s bullshit.

    There are times when your perspective on the world will be invaluable ? because only you have it in the exact way that you do, and it most certainly has the power to change the world, for better or for worse, in some regard. But that’s not always.

    And when your opinion ? or what you think is a fascinating new lens through which to see the world ? reinforces the status quo, disrespects the person with whom you’re engaging, and takes up unnecessary space, you’re actually not adding to the conversation. You’re shutting it down.

    And whether you realize it or not ? whether you mean to or not ? that’s oppressive as all hell..

    1. So, ya know, just to play devil’s advocate here, I want to give you an idea to chew on: Maybe sometimes, instead of inserting your opinion, it’s better to pay attention to the conversation than to add to it redundantly and reductively.

      Now that would make Satan proud.

      1. There’s a lotta presumptions and projections I presume in that story.

      2. So, your opinion is redundant, but also has the power to shut down the conversation.

        They don’t even try to hide the idea that you cannot say they are wrong or that the status quo is right/may be better than their alternatives. Just SHUT UP.

    2. How could I tell, without mousing over the link, that that was from Everyderp Feminism?

    3. No fair linking to satire pages.

      Everyday Feminism *is* a sub-site of The Onion, right?

      1. If only. That lunacy actually exists and is being taught.

    4. That’s rich coming from a feminist site – they who think it’s perfectly ok to shut down a conversation when they do it.

    5. “reinforces the status quo”

      Interesting standard to judge things on.

      Let’s check out some more things the author has written:

      “My Makeup Isn’t Inherently Anti-Feminist ? But Your Body Policing Is”: That certainly reinforces the status quo of women wearing makeup.
      “Yes, Very Skinny Women Still Have Thin Privilege ? Here’s Why”: Reinforces the status quo of not taking anorexia and bulimia seriously.

      There you go. Two examples of her “taking up unnecessary space” in just her first page of most recent articles alone.

    6. Opinions take up space?

      Apparently feminists are the greatest oppressors. At least they are honest about it.

  31. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is trying to get into the second presidential debate.

    I don’t know why. The man is such a complete dolt he makes even George W. Bush look like a Nobel Laureate.

    1. And you would know about being a dolt.

  32. London Counterterrorism Officer Quits Over Double Standard For Muslims

    According to Saeed, herself a practicing Muslim, a Muslim constable told her that female genital mutilation?a sickening practice that has been outlawed in Britain since 1985?ought to be legal. Another said women should report domestic violence to sharia courts instead of police (except in cases of extreme violence). Yet another Muslim officer said that what Pakistan needs is a “strict religious solution? like the Taliban” to resolve its security problems.

    Naturally concerned about these radical comments from law enforcement officials, Saeed reported them to her superiors. They told her she shouldn’t pursue any complaints about the beliefs or comments of these Muslim officers because it would hurt her “career progression and tarnish [her] reputation.”

    1. Rotherham.

    2. And people claim PC is just good manners. Fuck these cowards, did they learn nothing from Rotherham?

      1. Ironically she quit her job as PC over concerns about PC.

      2. Rotherwhat?

  33. Adblock Plus, Created to Protect Users From Ads, Instead Opens the Door

    The new platform will essentially allow publishers to choose from ads that Adblock Plus deems acceptable. They can then display these ads on their sites. In explaining the service on its website, Adblock Plus said it would help publishers make money when an Adblock Plus user saw that “preapproved” ad instead of a blocked space, adding that it had “been waiting years for the ad industry to do something consumer-friendly, but also industry-friendly.”

    The new ad platform is alarming because it “allows them to do this at scale,” said John Montgomery, executive vice president for brand safety at the advertising giant WPP’s GroupM.

    “It scares me,” he said. “It makes me uncomfortable that Adblock Plus would be the arbiters of what is good and what is not good

    1. Its not like you cant just switch to a different ad blocker.

      Which seems likely for me.

    2. If you have Firefox, switch to uBlock Origin. Works better for me anyways.

      1. remember….you must *think* in Russian….


        This is a translation/translit of the screen, in case anyone ever wondered:

        -ruzh’e == gun
        -orudie == supplies or “backup”
        -snarjady == missiles
        -vspyshka == flares or a “flashgun”
        -komki== literally, “edge”, so it’s probably plane sensors similar to radar

    3. Adblock is only one line in my defense – NoScript is still king for making sites – especially Reason – usable.

      1. It’s worth mentioning that Adblock and Adblock Plus are different things.

    4. Adblock Yomam…. I just can’t do it again.

    5. *whitelisted NRO for ad revenue*

      *immediately assaulted with massive scrolling banner*

      *blacklists NRO again*

  34. Sally Kohn: It’s ‘Good’ If Conservatives Feel Unable To Speak On Campus

    She said Koch’s argument defended recent protests that seek to silence conservative speakers and events, arguing that those claiming to champion “free speech” are really just trying to give cover for regressive, anti-diversity views.

    Kohn repeatedly attacked the “Koch-funded” Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a non-profit that has made a name for itself aggressively defending free speech rights for both professors and students. FIRE, she said, is simply part of a “broad conservative agenda” to protect conservative views, using free speech as a smokescreen.

    Kohn also argued that disruptive protests, such as those aiming to prevent a controversial guest from speaking, are a form of free speech themselves.

    1. Bright side: In a generation, or thereabouts, when the backlash from illiberal power abuses reaches saturation, Sally Kohn will probably be alive to see the article on why it’s good that progressives aren’t allowed to speak on campus.

      1. Yes. If you think the older generations hate the millennials, imagine how much their younger sibling must loath them.

      2. Sally Kohn is the one that said she was disappointed her 5 year old daughter was showing interest in boys IIRC. That in of itself is not terrible, but the fact that she made it a national media release is.

        1. Feminists are just horrible people. Every single one of them is a deeply broken and sad person.

      3. Why this person even has a job in this field is perplexing. Illiberalism has been around for a while now and has left quite a bit of damage in its path. I hope you’re right and we see a reversal. Rome didn’t get one.

    2. CNN contributor and progressive activist Sally Kohn criticized free speech advocacy during a Friday debate at the University of Missouri (MU), saying such advocacy was really just an excuse for attacking multiculturalism and other progressive attitudes.

      Sally Kohn can fuck right off. CNN can fuck right off. This is the kind of Sally I like.

      1. Attacking conservatives is cool. Attacking progressives isn’t. Duh!

      2. How’s this for progressive attitudes?

        “If I had my way, I would build a lethal chamber as big as the Crystal Palace, with a military band playing softly, and a Cinematograph working brightly; then I’d go out in the back streets and main streets and bring them in, all the sick, the halt, and the maimed; I would lead them gently, and they would smile me a weary thanks; and the band would softly bubble out the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’. ”

        D.H. Lawrence (1908).

    3. I have to think Kohn is just a real troll

    4. If somebody claims to feel certain speech is unsafe, Kohn said, they should be believed.

      So if I tell that dyke that I feel her speech is “unsafe”, she’ll shut the fuck up and go away?

      1. They must know that they leave themselves open to that every time they make that argument. If you take it literally, it’s just a heckler’s veto.

        You must have too much privilege to really feel unsafe. Or something. I shouldn’t try too hard to think like these people.

  35. Guy Sets Fast, Furious Appalachian Trail Record

    Running through 14 states in 45 days, 22 hours, and 38 minutes may be a long and arduous journey, but as of this week it’s also the fastest any person has ever completed a supported thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Karl Meltzer, a 48-year-old ultrarunner who also holds a world record for winning 38 100-mile runs, beat the record his friend Scott Jurek, six years his junior, set last year by 10 hours, reports Runner’s World. To do this he had to endure a grueling regimen of nearly 50 miles in 15 hours every day, so it’s not surprising that he ran through 20 pairs of shoes and, unlike the vegan diet kept by Jurek, indulged in bacon, steak, fried chicken, burgers, ice cream, PB, candy, and at the end of each day, beer, reports Running. “It’s been a long journey,” he said, quite literally.

    1. I mean, I respect 50 miles a day, but its still fucking crazy.

    2. Having STEVE SMITH behind him all the way helped.


    3. “It’s been a long journey,” he said, quite literally.

      So he literally said that?

    4. Is it just me or does it seem like speedrunning these hikes is completely missing the point. I suppose there’s record for any sort of achievement but that doesn’t mean anyone should care.

    5. unlike the vegan diet kept by Jurek, indulged in bacon, steak, fried chicken, burgers, ice cream, PB, candy, and at the end of each day, beer

      That’s quite a diet. Almost makes me want to take up running just to justify eating like that all the time. I also enjoy that the bacon/beer/ice cream guy outperformed the vegan guy.

  36. Navy Requires All Sailors to Undergo Transgender Education by July 2017

    From the comments: I live near a base and they seriously cannot take it anymore. People are leaving in droves.

    1. They are destroying our military but making up for it by signing up for alliances and foreign interventions that are likely to drag us into a world war.

    2. Retention rates were already trashed. This should be fun.

    3. Shore leave in Bangkok is all they need.

      1. One night in Bangkok can make a hard man humble.

        1. That was the intended place of his missions trip for which he was being groomed…

    4. It’s kind of strange that in any day and age, the military would bend so far backwards to accommodate service members who have a mental disorder that would have entirely precluded their fitness to join the military in the first place just a few years ago.

  37. Obama is hard at work scouring youtube for videos to pin the attacks on.


    “We don’t investigate fraudulent charges unless they are over $100,” the fraud specialist explained. “The Clinton campaign knows this, that’s why we don’t see any charges over the $100 amount, they’ll stop the charges just below $100. We’ll see her campaign overcharge donors by $20, $40 or $60 but never more than $100.” The source, who has worked for Wells Fargo for over 10 years, said that the total amount they refund customers on a daily basis who have been overcharged by Clinton’s campaign “varies” but the bank usually issues refunds that total between $700 and $1,200 per day.

    The fraud specialist said that Clinton donors who call in will attempt to resolve the issue with the campaign first but they never get anywhere. “They will call the Clinton campaign to get their refund and the issue never gets resolved. So they call us and we just issue the refund. The Clinton campaign knows these charges are small potatoes and that we’ll just refund the money back.”

    The source said that pornography companies often deploy a similar arrangement.

    One can only imagine the pants shitting that would go on at reason and in the rest of the Washington media if Trump were doing this.

    1. Everyone does it! BOOOOSH!!!11!!!!!

    2. The source said that pornography companies often deploy a similar arrangement.

      Clinton Does Donors: a Pornhub exclusive.

      1. Good luck getting that horror out of your brain.

        1. John, if we’re still here reading after ‘squamous cloaca’, nothings gonna faze us.

  39. Domino’s Pizza delivery driver’s wheelie stunt investigated

    A spokeswoman described the driver’s actions as “wholly unacceptable”.

    Footage of the incident, which lasts just over 10 seconds, shows the driver riding up the road on his back wheel with the sound of cheering in the background, which then turns to laughter when he loses his balance and falls over.

    The video shows two cars driving past in the opposite direction, and ends with the driver picking his motorcycle back up and appearing to take off on two wheels.

    The Domino’s spokeswoman said: “The safety of the public and of our colleagues is of paramount importance and this is clearly wholly unacceptable behaviour.

    1. The stunt was wheelie unacceptable.

    2. Not to mention the safety of the pizza.

  40. Obama Admin ‘Laundered’ U.S. Cash to Iran Via N.Y. Fed, Euro Banks

    New disclosures made by the Treasury Department to Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.), a House Intelligence Committee member, show that an initial $400 million cash payment to Iran was wired to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) and then converted from U.S. dollars into Swiss francs and moved to an account at the Swiss National Bank, according to a copy of communication obtained exclusively by the Free Beacon.

    Once the money was transferred to the Swiss Bank, the “FRBNY withdrew the funds from its account as Swiss franc banknotes and the U.S. Government physically transported them to Geneva” before personally overseeing the handover to an agent of Iran’s central bank, according to the documents.

    These disclosures shine new light on how the Obama administration moved millions of dollars from U.S. accounts to European banks in order to facilitate three separate cash payments to Iran totaling $1.7 billion.

    anyone remember Iran-Contra?… fuck that shit, Heineken!

    1. anyone remember Iran-Contra?

      Reagan certainly didn’t.


    Ladies and Gentleman your 2016 mother of the year.

    1. Covered last week.

      1. Sorry. Not all of us score at home.

        1. Sucks to be you.

    2. I never imagined I would raise boys who would become men like these.

      “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

      1. I guess it happened when they got older and observed that reality did not match her rhetoric.

    3. Eh. Its not any creepier than the moms who do little girls’ beauty pageants. She just didn’t have that outlet because her husband gave her sons.

      1. Husband? I don’t think she got one to stick around.

    4. This will be a good ways to get your kids to stick around (as in be in contact with you)!

    5. And this comment nails it:

      “Rape culture definitely exists in this country. Except it’s pretty much exclusively in prisons. Where else in this country can you say rape is rampant and just accepted, even to the point of it just being a joke to the average person? “Haha, don’t drop the soap!”

      No, out here in civilization we don’t live in a rape culture. We know rape is bad, we see rapists as deplorable human beings, we offer our support and sympathy to those who have suffered rape. In prison? Well surely they deserve what they got, they’re in prison after all! Right?! Who needs basic human rights?”

      1. Wow. That kind of comment actually makes me pretty optimistic.

    6. These proggies are exactly like the stereotypical Christian fundie that is always obsessing about Satan and his secret influence.

    7. But then one of my sons texted his sexually active friend to ask him whether he got consent from his girlfriend before they had sex. His friend quickly replied that he had to “encourage” her to do it a lot before she finally agreed.

      My son didn’t call out his friend. He didn’t remind him that lack of enthusiastic consent means there is no consent.


      It’s not enough to teach our sons about consent; we have to encourage them to have the courage to speak out against rape culture, too.

      Ah ha! She wants to rhetorically rape her sons into acknowledging their support for rape.

    8. Smart boys.

      The “enthusiastic consent” thing is really dumb. Of course, it’s a lot more fun to have sex with someone who is enthusiastically participating, but there are lots of reasons, for both men and women, why one might choose to have sex without being hugely enthusiastic about it. It’s some kind of insulting, false-consciousness bullshit.

      1. The “enthusiastic consent” thing is really dumb.

        Actually, it’s quite brilliant if your goal in life is to see men constantly under fear of being throw in jail for rape. For loving, trustful relationships less so, but we all know the most meaningful relationship these type of women will ever have is with a vibrator.

        1. Yes, I assume (for the sake of argument, I’m not so naif as to really believe it all the time) that they are being honest about their motivations.

  42. New York Times has college student explain blacking out Drinking to Blackout

    The way we as students treat the blacking out of our peers is also partly responsible for its ubiquity. We actually think it’s funny. We joke the next day about how ridiculous our friends looked passed out on the bathroom floor or Snapchatting while dancing and making out with some random guy, thus validating their actions and encouraging them to do it again. Blacking out has become so normal that even if you don’t personally do it, you understand why others do. It’s a mutually recognized method of stress relief. To treat it as anything else would be judgmental.

    There is also a tacit understanding that blacking out works as a kind of “get out of jail free card.” A person can say or do any number of hurtful or embarrassing things and be granted immunity with the simple excuse that they were “blackout” that night. People accept this with no question. Blacking out therefore becomes a way to avoid responsibility. Of course, this mentality backfires with issues such as sexual assault when people are held accountable for their actions.

    Some of us remember everything, which is why we drink. That is a problem.

    1. Blacking out therefore becomes a way to avoid responsibility. Of course, this mentality backfires with issues such as sexual assault when people are held accountable for their actions.

      “Of course”? WTF?

    2. “thus validating their actions and encouraging them to do it again”

      Mocking = Encouraging in this crazy dimension?? Interesting.

  43. World Famous Exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth Dies at 91. The outspoken Pauline priest had performed over 70,000 exorcisms over the past 30 years.

    Often sought out by media around the world for his views on exorcism and understanding the struggle against evil, Father Amorth once confirmed to the Register that he thought Hitler and Stalin were “certainly” possessed by the devil, but denied that that fact removed their own personal responsibility for their actions.

    Anyone know his assessment of Hillary and Donald?

    1. He once thought about examining Hillary but decided that he really didn’t want to end up being thrown down those stairs in Georgetown.

    2. “Anyone know his assessment of Hillary and Donald?”

      Why do you think he’s now dead??

      1. He was far too old to stand against Hillary’s squamous cloaca.

  44. The Donald is so yuuuugely anti-government.

    Mrs. Clinton has said that if she is elected president, her administration will seek to spend $250 billion over five years on repairing and improving the nation’s infrastructure ? not just ports but roads, bridges, energy systems and high-speed broadband ? and would put an additional $25 billion toward a national infrastructure bank to spur related business investments. Mr. Trump said he wanted to go even bigger, saying his administration would spend at least twice as much as Mrs. Clinton.

    1. Yea this is what is funny to me:

      – Trump’s views on immigration and trade are that of Bernie Sanders
      – Trump hasn’t said anything about SSM as far as i can tell (i think he supports it)
      – Trump wants to spend more on infrastructure then Hillary
      – Trump supports subsidies for daycare and maternity leave

      Yet he is a far right extremist

      1. He really is more of a blank slate than Obama was. The Never Trump conservatives are convinced he is a Progressive mole and the entire media and Democratic establishment is convinced he is a right wing extremist.

        1. And the truth is they’re both right.

      2. I recently have come to the conclusion that Trump is some flavor of Tip O’Neil-esque democrat. His protectionist promises to get the best deal for the working man are straight out of the 1980’s Democratic playbook.

        1. That has always been my opinion of him. The last three GOP nominees now have been candidates who in saner times would have been Democrats but were running as Republicans because the Democrats have gone completely insane. If the country’s politics were not completely skewed by the Democrats and the media going insane, the election would be between some Trump like populist from the Democratic side and someone like Rand Paul or some other Libertarianish Republican on the Republican side.

      3. I had him pegged as a Fortress America style Buchanan descendant.

        1. There’s a lot of overlap there.

  45. Obama: ‘Very Hard To Find An Area Where We’re Not Better Off Than We Were Before’

    President Obama went on to talk about “the good race” he ran in 2008 and how “we are much better now” than at that point, citing jobs numbers and the recent report from the Census relating to the increase in household incomes.

    Obama also boasted about the administration’s engagement with normalizing relations with Cuba as well as the nuclear deal with Iran and putting Osama Bin Laden “out of the battlefield”.

    November 8, the president said, “should not be a close election, but it will be,” calling the U.S. a “polarized society” as one of the reasons why the election will be close.

    “Despite of that, I have confidence in the American people,” he added. “I’m confident Hillary will be a great president.”

    1. As Tarran has pointed out for years, Obama has narcissistic personality disorder. And from his perspective things are better than ever. That is really all that matters to him.

      1. Speaking of narcissism.

        President Barack Obama never submitted his Iranian nuclear deal for ratification by the Congress because he knew it would have no chance of passing. That does not make the United States unique: The Iranian parliament has never approved it either (that body passed a heavily amended version) and the Iranian president has never signed it. The Iranian cabinet has never even discussed it. And the other members of the P5+1 ? Britain, China, Germany, France and Russia ? have likewise given it short legal shrift. Indeed, President Obama “may end up being the only person in the world to sign his much-wanted deal, in effect making a treaty with himself,” as the Gatestone Institute’s Amir Taheri has said.

        1. The treaty may be fake, but the money he gave them is certainly real.

    2. Wonder if he cited the rising income inequality?

      So what is the deal with Obama schmoozing all over hillary. I thought they hated each other.

      1. Like almost everyone in America. he destests her (how the hell could you not), but he hates the possibility of the country repudiating him and his legacy a hell of a lot more.

        1. Makes sense. Also i get a kick out of how they act like they aren’t part of the problem “with polarized america”

          1. It’s the forces of nature… like the tide moving in

            *paints a happy little tree*

            1. Oh, Your Lordship, I ran across you wanting my opinion WRT Shrill-Bot and her questionable health? I’m not sure her ticker itself is bad, though I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. If it got out that she has a faulty chest pump, that *is* something that will get the attention of even her most stalwart supporters.

              I wrote this earlier today in the Weld the Geld thread. It covers pretty much everything you and Gray Ghost wanted to know.

              1. I see no mention of rabies, Doc. Are you discounting the hydrophobia? 😉

                1. Are you discounting the hydrophobia? 😉

                  Not at all; the only way she can hydrate is through copious amounts of Huma’s Love Juice and feasting on the blood of Japanese virgins.

              2. thanks, doc!

      2. Maybe Obama promised not to put her in prison if she promised to appoint him to the Supreme Court.

    3. “I have confidence in the American people,” he added. “I’m confident Hillary will be a great president.”

      “Of curse, I’m confident I’ll go down in history as the greatest President.”

    4. President Obama went on to talk about “the good race” he ran in 2008 and how “we are much better now” than at that point, citing jobs numbers and the recent report from the Census relating to the increase in household incomes.

      That’s a bit like putting your baseline for terrorism-related deaths on a certain Tuesday in September, 2001. It’s not a difficult bar to clear, even a Democrat could stage an anemic recovery eight years later.

    5. November 8, the president said, “should not be a close election, but it will be,” calling the U.S. a “polarized society” as one of the reasons why the election will be close.

      “Fuckin’ bitter clingers.”

  46. Dennis Mersereau Verified account
    Polio is a civil liberty.

    Dennis Mersereau added,
    Gov. Gary Johnson @GovGaryJohnson
    No to mandatory vaccines

    1. Who the hell is Dennis Merereau?

      1. I think he’s Jacques Cousteau’s cousin.

  47. Today in “The Media cries that people dare not to vote for the duopoly” – Paul Krugman

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton has staked out the most progressive policy positions ever advocated by a presidential candidate. There’s no reason to believe that these positions are insincere, that she would revert to 1990s policies in office: What some are now calling the “new liberal economics” has sunk deep roots in the Democratic Party, and dominates the ranks of Mrs. Clinton’s advisers.

    Now, maybe you don’t care. Maybe you consider center-left policies just as bad as hard-right policies. And maybe you have somehow managed to reconcile that disdain with tolerance for libertarian free-market mania. If so, by all means vote for Mr. Johnson.

    But don’t vote for a minor-party candidate to make a statement. Nobody cares.

    Remember, George W. Bush lost the popular vote in 2000, but somehow ended up in the White House anyway in part thanks to the Nader vote ? and nonetheless proceeded to govern as if he had won a landslide. Can you really imagine a triumphant Mr. Trump showing restraint out of respect for all those libertarian votes?

    Your vote matters, and you should act accordingly ? which means thinking seriously about what you want to see happen to America.

    1. Well we are predominantly a free market Krugman especially at the small/local business level.

    2. Well we are predominantly a free market Krugman especially at the small/local business level.

    3. There’s no reason to believe that these positions are insincere

      Other than Clinton’s history of lying about and concealing everything.

      Krugabe has turned into a parody of Baghdad Bob.

      1. More like a parody of Nathan Thurm


      They are really starting to panic. One of the best parts of this is Gary Johnson taking more votes from Hillary than from Trump. I don’t think many Progressives are going to be in the mood for the Liberaltarian moment any time soon.

      1. Agreed about the panic. The Phila. Inquirer’s editorial page editor, Harold Jackson – a rock solid Obama/Clinton supporter – lambasted Gary Johnson as “someone who means well but can’t do the job.” Headline on his column was “A vote for the unqualified Johnson is a selfish mistake.” Let’s ignore that Johnson and Weld have much more executive experience than Sen. Obama ever had when this editor wholeheartedly endorsed him over the “unqualified” Mitt Romney.” He ends his column: “Our responsibility as citizens should be to objectively consider who can actually do the job and vote accordingly.” My vote belongs to me, not Hillary or Trump.
        The Constitution spells out the executive duties of the president. I’ve objectively decided that Gary Johnson,
        not the others, can actually do the job that the Constitution requires.

        1. Whatever you think of Johnson, calling a former governor “unqualified” in comparison to a one term senator and failed Secretary of State is pretty fucking rich.

          1. She was practically co-President from 1993 to 2001!

      2. Anybody who has a genuine interest in peace — and the Left has always prided themselves on this — cannot vote for the cackling destroyer of Libya, the bomber of Serbia, the brains behind “Operation Shield Me from Impeachment” missile attacks against the Sudan, the strategist who funded and supplied al-Qaida al-Nusra, and antagonist of Russia.

        Any leftist with a shred of interest in peace, a modicum of intellectual honesty, and a vestige of a conscience has to vote for either Stein or Johnson. I’m not so sure how many of those there are in the real world, though. We’ll see in November.

    5. All the surrogates have gotten the memo on Johnson. He threatens the queen. SWARM! SWARM!

      1. ^This. When GayJay starts pulling more from Trump than from Hilldog, expect to see article after article about how it is your moral duty to vote your conscience and you do not owe any allegiance to a party that has betrayed its principles.

        1. I don’t think that will happen. I think anyone who was going to leave Trump and support Johnson already has. If anything more people will walk away from Hillary if she gets behind in the polls because they will figure their vote can’t stop Trump anyway so they might as well not give it to Hillary.

          1. Fair enough, you are probably correct. Should have said “If he starts pulling more from Trump,” I guess. My point was more that voting third party is terrible when it hurts the Blue Team but morally imperative when it hurts the Red Team.

            1. Absolutely. This summer when they thought Johnson was going to split the Republican vote, he was the toast of the media. Now he is the DEVIL. They are so pathetic.

    6. What I want to see happen to America is it makes EVERYTHING FREE.

    7. Your vote matters, and you should act accordingly ? which means thinking seriously about what you want to see happen to America.

      Ergo, vote Clinton? Um…I think that statement isn’t as compelling as the author believes it to be. Thinking seriously about what I want to see happen in America, I really really do no want a corrupt, incompetent, lying, war-mongering cunt to win the presidency.

    8. “Your vote matters, and you should act accordingly ? which means thinking seriously about what you want to see happen to America.”

      A friend of mine said something similar on Facebook.

      I pointed out that the both of us don’t live in a battleground state: thus literally NOTHING we do votewise will affect who becomes president, as our state’s electoral college votes are all going for Clinton, and that’s final.

      However, there is some value in voting third party, because a third party has some minor milestones that it can hit in terms of the popular vote. Thus, in our state, the only vote that actually matters is a third-party vote. A major party vote affects the election results by 0%, but a vote for a third party moves the results VERY SLIGHTLY towards a popular vote threshold which you can capitalize on in a following election.


    I think the most shocking thing to me, at this point, is how they all seem to intentionally use near-incomprehensible sentence fragments and seemingly intentional misspellings.

    1. Blackberrysprach. Those thumbs get tired pr-flakking all day.

  49. Anyone else agree with me but progressives are a gift from the heavens me thinks….it is so interesting to observe them in nature (with popcorn). They truly think everyone would want what they want…and if they don’t it must be wreckers and kulaks.

  50. How can Johnson reach 15% with a bias media conducting the polls. I haven’t watched ABC, NBC, CBS News in years because of media bias. I stopped watching CNN because I was tired of every problem in the world being the fault of whites and whites being to stupid to understand world affairs or religions. I had to turn off Fox because I was afraid that my children might see Eric Boling or Lou Dobbs give Trump a blow job on live TV. Reason magazine seems to be fairly unbias but 1/2 of you don’t vote. I use to look around and wonder how people could not care about what is happening in this country. Now I just at the idiot in the mirror who actually thought at one time this country and it’s people were worth dying for.

  51. I didn’t see anyone post this yet…Obama being Obama-ish over the weekend…

    “I will consider it a personal insult — an insult to my legacy — if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. You want to give me a good sendoff? Go vote.”

    Don’t you just love him?

    1. You have to hand it to him. It is not easy to make a case for voting for Trump but he manages to make about as compelling an argument for voting for Trump as I have ever seen. If Trump wins, wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall when Trump and Ivanka show up on Inauguration morning and meet Barrack and Michelle to take possession of the White House?

    2. Stay classy, Mr. President.

      1. He is such an epic asshole that he has almost singlehandedly made it so justice demands Trump win the election to ensure that he finally gets some payback for all of the damage he has done.

    3. You want to give me a good sendoff?”


      /raises middle finger.

      1. /stands next to Rufus also extending middle finger.

        1. / races to side of road and extends both middle fingers at motorcade,

      2. /waves goodbye with penis

    4. I don’t even know where to begin. He’s an egomaniacal narcissist who is himself apparently a real, genuine racist with a complete inability to perceive irony.

  52. 54 views in four years

    Help me out here, people. I must get on Star Search!

  53. Didn’t i see Trump may have 19% with african american voters?

    1. Yes you did.


      But the biggest news is Trump is earning MAJOR support from segments of the population which almost exclusively vote for Democrats. SurveyUSA announced that Donald Trump would receive 25% among black registered voters. That is news that has Hillary Clinton terrified, and is shaking the political establishment to the core!

      If that is true, and I have no idea if it is, Hillary and a huge chunk of down ballot Democrats are doomed.

      1. I’ve often thought that the Republican attitude toward blacks was awful. Why give up on their vote – and other minorities?

        Outreach programs: helping to start small businesses in poor neighborhoods, classes on self reliance, job training, sports, community centers, etc – even capturing a small share would help in local and national elections.

        1. I have always thought the same.

        2. Do you also wonder why the WA generals always lose?

        3. From what I understand, the general consensus is that there aren’t enough African Americans, and they live in the wrong places. So even if the Republicans managed to get 90% of black Chicagoans to vote Republican, the next mayor of Chicago would still probably be a Democrat.

          So under those kind of circumstances it is generally seen as easier to convince undecided white voters to vote Republican than to go through the more difficult outreach proces for minorities.

        4. “I’ve often thought that the Republican attitude toward blacks was awful. Why give up on their vote – and other minorities?”

          Trump is pandering as hard as he can! Mex Prez, black churches, women’s issues. What more do you want? Free prayer rugs?

  54. Groovus!

    During the Clinton “medical episode” I would have liked to have heard your medical opinion based on the video. Of course one cannot make a decent diagnose without tests/actually seeing the patient but still…

    1. Your wish is my command, Ayatollah of Rockanrolla…

      1. I was talking to a doctor this weekend and his opinion was that she likely has Parkinsons. He thought that fit her public symptoms better than a bad heart or any of the other possibilities.

        1. I respectfully disagree; my second year out of completing residency, I moonlighted at a very large retirement centre as the alternate house physician, and had to take over for the primary one temporarily (which I didn’t expect to do – except when the primary doc needed to take off for six months, well, that has been the longest six months of my professional life to date), which housed a wing for those with Parkinson’s/Parkinsonism, as well as a discrete Dementia Unit, so I have a pretty solid skill set for identifying S/SX this and differentiating as well, since most of those patients were RX’d stuff that could (and did) mimic Parkinson-like S/SX.

          When I see the words, “carbodopa/levodopa,” reported pubilically by her doctor, then I will accept Parkinson’s. Until then, not convinced.

          1. I am not qualified to do his opinion justice. But he thought that the September 11 incident was a case of the meds wearing off and her trying to get out of there before she had a seizure.

            1. That is certainly possible and I am not going to shit on your friend’s opinon, but then, I am not convinced her problem is neurological, and it’s vascular. Don’t forget, she takes rat poison for deep vein thrombosis, and if her blood is too thin (which can happen with coumadin – that why you get bi-weekly or monthly tests on that) then that can certainly bring on a fainting spell.

              I think she she simply fainted, AKA a syncopal episode, and they stuffed her limp, semi-conscious carcass in the Scooby Van ASAP.

              The only remarkable thing is her head extended back when she had her episode: I am convinced everything both vascular and possibly neurological stems from when she had her CVA from when she fell. The first thing I want, besides her med list, is her results from radiology, including her CAT scans.

              1. they stuffed her limp, semi-conscious carcass in the Scooby Van ASAP.

                Super Sluthes and the Case of the Missing Birth Certificate.

              2. Without examining her, it is all of course guess work. It is interesting in that his view was the opposite of yours. He thought her vascular symptoms were the result of an underlying neurological issues and you seem to think her neurological issues are the result of an underlying vascular problem. Only her and her doctors know for sure I guess.

                1. Without examining her, it is all of course guess work.

                  Absolutely true, John. But there is enough out there that Dr. Drew apparently expressed concern and got a CNN flavoured pink slip for his trouble. And I don’t think he was too far off in his assessment.

                  He thought her vascular symptoms were the result of an underlying neurological issues and you seem to think her neurological issues are the result of an underlying vascular problem.

                  This is why knowing what exactly happened before, during, and after that fall is the most important thing we can know, John, i.e. did she have a seizure and fell, or a syncopal episode from say, orthostatic hypotension and fell, or did she throw a thomboembolitic clot and lost conscious that way, all resulting in her taking a tumble and knocking her noggin, if accounts are to be believed.

                  Only her and her doctors know for sure I guess.

                  And stay that way, it shall. Who do you think she is, John McCain?

                  1. You focus on this one incident. What about all the head bobbing, mini-blackouts, falls, etc? Many years of symptoms to explain.

                    In any case, the current pneumonia is not believable. Allergies became dehydration became pneumonia. The doctor’s credibility is nil.


    I know we can never reach peak retard but the concept of “cultural approbation” is a lot closer to peak retard than I ever thought possible.

    1. I don’t know. When a culture falls apart and experiences double digit population declines and the survivors are forced to scavenge and fight to survive, there was a peak retard moment in the past. The problem is that you can only diagnose it retroactively.

    2. Literally demonizing the way cultures survive, grow, and unify…

    3. Though while I DO think that what is demonized as “cultural appropriation” is, in fact, one of the most beautiful things on this planet, I do think that one criticism in particular of cultural appropriation is a bit… odd…

      “But no one on the left refuses to use electricity or the telephone because scary old white men were involved in their invention.”

      It seems to often come back to something like this. People countering concerns of white people “appropriating” a CULTURAL element of a “non-white” culture by pointing out that no one objects to “non-white” people “appropriating a TECHNOLOGICAL invention by a white person.

      It just seems odd to me because there’s a pretty BIG difference between cultural artifacts and technological advancements. Even the most ZEALOUS anti-appropriation nut won’t complain about white people using Indian numeral systems, for example, which makes the technology-based counterarguments WEAK.

      There are PLENTY of good, and common, CULTURAL artifacts and practices originating in “white” cultures. In my opinion, counterarguments should focus on white CULTURE not technology invented by a white person. It would be a much, MUCH better argument since, again, even the most assholish anti-appropriation fools don’t object to whites using non-white technology, like numbers, firearms, and the like.

      1. No, you’re missing the point. Now that white upper-middle class people have ALL become tolerant, they need a new guilt stick. Being tolerant and trying to incorporate good things from other cultures in your life should now make you feel guilty! Send us more fucking money!

      2. Technology is a bad example to show it but there is an enormous double standard going on. The people who are screaming about a white guy making Bon Mi would turn around and celebrate an Asian who become a famous French chef or a Haitian Chef who goes to Austin and opens a barbecue joint.

      3. All right then. Blacks can’t wear blue jeans, or eat anything other than (non-native) insects and authentic African bushmeat. Happy?

      4. Well, from an anthropological perspective technology is culture. Of course, when people refer to culture they’re usually thinking of ethnic customs, but a car, for instance, is just as much culture as a way of preparing food or a type of clothing.

      5. Test example: It would be dumb and racist to criticize non whites for listening to death metal.

  56. “We are also concerned about the potential backlash,” said Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations chapter in Minnesota. “We understand in St. Cloud there is more anti-Muslim organizing, and we hope they do not use this incident to divide (our community).”

    Christ, could you wait til they’ve mopped the blood up at least before you start in with this shit?

    1. No they couldn’t. If CAIR were a false flag operation created by people who wanted America to hate Muslims, they wouldn’t act any differently than they do.

      1. They really are so consistently tone-deaf that you’ve got to wonder if there isn’t some other motivation.

    2. Always so much hand-wringing about blacklash that has never happened. The U.S. is among the most tolerant nations in the world and people to tend to be able to make distinctions between radical Islamic jihadists and average Muslim guy in their neighborhood.

      1. people to tend to be able to make distinctions between radical Islamic jihadists and average Muslim guy in their neighborhood.

        CAIR is doing everything they can to change that. I honestly can’t figure out if they are a false flag operation trying to get the country to hate Muslims, a Jihadist front or really that fucking stupid. It could be any of the three.

        1. Like Sharpton et al. they stand to benefit from anti-ethnic rancor. Race baiting pays the bills.

        2. I would be completely unsurprised to find that CAIR was a front for a jihadi psyops group.

    3. “Muslims fear backlash from tomorrow’s attacks.”

      1. Everyone else just fears tomorrow’s Muslim attacks. Common ground.

    4. At least when it’s a shooting, gun people try show some measure of sympathy for the victims before going on defense.

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