Election 2016

Obama 'Swan Song' in Philly Technically a Campaign Stop for Hillary Clinton

Term limited president gets more enthusiasm than the nominee long packaged as his inevitable successor.


Ed Krayewski

President Obama made his first appearance on the campaign trail in two months in Philadelphia this afternoon, speaking to several thousand supporters who appeared more interested in seeing him than hearing about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The lovefest started early. An introduction by Democratic Rep. Bob Brady included the member of Congress calling the president his "boss" a number of times, and urging the crowd to give him a real "Philly welcome." The president started with football, mentioning that Joe Biden had been in the city over the weekend to watch the Philadelphias Eagles' home opener. A mention of Carson Wentz, the Eagles' first round draft pick rookie quarterback, merited light applause but when the president said he reminded Biden he was a Chicago Bears fan, the boos came out.

Prior to the event, a local Hillary Clinton volunteer described Obama's visit as his "swan song" in Philadelphia and promised Clinton would return before election day. Philadelphia was also the site of the Democratic National Convention this summer.

The president's speech alternated between his accomplishments and Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's flaws. "I keep on reading this analysis that Trump's got support from working folks," Obama said incredulously. "Really? This is the guy you want to be championing working people? The guy who spent 70 years on this Earth showing no concern for working people?"

Obama attempted to contrast Donald Trump with Ronald Reagan, putting the latter's description of America as a "shining city on a hill" with Trump's characterization of it at the Republican National Convention as a "divided crime scene." He also asked the crowd to imagine Reagan praising someone like Vladimir Putin in the way that Trump did.

Obama dismissed Trump's pessimistic vision, insisting that he was "more optimistic about the future" than he ever has been before, citing, among other things, news that household incomes have spiked this year. As I waited in the security line to enter the area were the president was speaking today, an older gentleman in front of me struck up a conversation about politics, lamenting that the middle class was being eviscerated and commenting that corporations had "stripped down" benefits for workers before finally stripping the jobs themselves and sending them overseas. It's a kind of zero-sum thinking that's become worryingly popular in this election cycle and a sentiment that would fit in just as well, if not better, at a Trump rally.

Obama also complained about the treatment Clinton was receiving. "She has been caricaturized by the right," he said, "and some on the left." (Related: Watch then Senator Obama run through then Senator Clinton's track record in a stump speech in Pennsylvania during the 2008 primaries)

Obama also insisted Clinton was "the most scrutinized candidate in history." A woman next to me disagreed, telling Obama (although he couldn't hear her) that he was the most scrutinized candidate in history. She later told me she had voted for Obama twice but was voting for Jill Stein. I told her I voted for Obama in 2008 but would be voting for Gary Johnson this time.

Although presidential elections since at least 2000 have been billed by various people as the "most important" or consequential elections ever, President Obama said this election was different. "This is not the usual choice between parties and policies, it's more fundamental," Obama told the crowd, "it's about the meaning of America." By the end, Obama was insisting that only voting straight-ticket Democrat would keep voters safe, secure, and prosperous.

"Democracy is not a spectator sport," Obama said, "you can't tweet your vote in." Yet the gentleman in the security line with me insisted Obama had lost North Carolina in 2012 after winning it in 2008 because of additional voter restrictions, and said he was worried that dozens of other states were making it harder to vote. If voting is such a hardship, why wouldn't tweeting your vote in be considered progress? Because Donald Trump. Obama said Trump's vision for the country was "not the America I know."

After letting out a seemingly half-hearted "Hillary!" cheer to get the crowd started, the president said he was committed to helping Clinton. "I am really into electing Hillary Clinton, this is not me going through the motions," he insisted. "I really really really want to elect Hillary Clinton." Obama insisted there was not a crisis that would come up in a Clinton administration that she had not seen before, noting that presidents were not "graded on a curve" and that it was "serious business."

Obama moved on to what he considered "false equivalency" on issues like disclosures made by the candidates and their respective charitable foundations. The Clinton Foundation, Obama insisted, had saved millions of lives while Trump used his charity to purchase a portrait of himself. "You want to debate transparency?" Obama asked the crowd. He was not referring to the recent Vox.com article that argued against transparency, particularly for Clinton. It was not in itself a new idea.

This was President Obama's first solo appearance on the campaign trail in 2016, and he said he enjoyed being back. The crowd sounded more enthusiastic for him than for Hillary, and certainly than for any other speaker, candidate or otherwise. A 22-year-old Philly resident who told me he came specifically to see President Obama in person said he was not decided about Clinton, but rather leaning toward Gary Johnson. A number of supporters in the crowd yelled "I love you" to Obama, and the crowd broke into a "thank you" chant at least twice. The president himself also threw in a "thanks, Obama" after rattling off what he perceived to be a number of his accomplishments in the last seven years. Outside the security perimeter, protesters held up signs about the Dakota Access Pipeline, calling for it to be stopped. Inside the security perimeter, where signs were among prohibited item, some supporters had a hand-made banner that said "Thanks Obama." The national anthem was played at the beginning of the event. No one appeared to take a knee, remain seated, or otherwise protest or decline to participate in any way.

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  1. The president himself also threw in a “thanks, Obama”

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    1. The Obama presidency set a new low for accountability. Literally nothing that happens in government or outside of it is his fault according to his supporters (who make up 90% of the media).

      1. But anything good that happens is due to him. He avoided another Depression!!

        1. World War III did NOT occur on his watch. We should put him on Mt Rushmore.

      2. He didn’t know about any of it, until he read about it in the papers.

      3. Literally nothing that happens in government or outside of it is his fault according to his supporters (who make up 90% of the media).

        Including Gillespie, Krayewski, and the whole slew of fake libertarians here at Reason.

    2. I saw a homemade sign in someone front yard around here “President Obama, Thank you sir for keeping American great”. I almost had to pull over and puke.

      1. You get carsick when reading, too???

  2. included the member of Congress calling the president his “boss” a number of times


    I told her I voted for Obama in 2008 but would be voting for Gary Johnson this time.

    Who’d you vote for in ’12? Gay Jay? Tell me you voted for Gay Jay.

  3. . I told her I voted for Obama in 2008

    That’s like a requirement to write for this blog now.

    1. SIV, please repeat this sentiment at every opportunity. “Reason writers are all Democrat shills” should be your new rallying call and you must become the standard-bearer for that belief. Everything depends on it.

      1. Are there any Hill-Shills?

        1. Not that I can tell. Some of them might be so #nevertrump as to lean Hillary. But that’s not important.

          The important thing is that the idea that any of the Reason writers, much less the publication as a whole, are somehow in the bag for Democrats generally, is a retarded idea. My hope is that the people who currently repeat this lazy and idiotic meme will see it being championed by SIV, a known retard. Then they will be so appalled by being associated with him and his lack of coherent thought that they will either quit promulgating the idea, or kill themselves. I’m fine either way.

          1. I’m jealous of his ability to maintain dedication to the joke. I appreciate ludicrous meta-humor. It’s the ones who (I believe) actually mean it that I find disconcerting.

            1. You would be an angry troll repeatedly pecking at the same tiresome joke too, if you subsisted on a diet of defeated gamecocks. That meat is so tough that SIV’s jaw muscles are overdeveloped and give him constant neck pain, leading to constant irritability.

          2. I am struggling to see SIV’s little remark as more retarded than your over-reaction to it. Lighten up, Francis.

            1. In isolation, perhaps. As one of a tiresome litany of such remarks, calling him out is wholly appropriate. If you’re going to shill for the Donald, have the good grace to act as reluctant as the rest of us are. There’s really no grand moral stature to be found in actively campaigning for him, especially here.

              1. STFU and VOTE TRUMP, CUCK

          3. The problem is your straw man has a tendency to hide legitimate criticism. Sure, there are some people here who are all but calling Reason’s writers Democratic shills. And its fair to note that they’re, well, silly.

            However, that doesn’t mean that any claim of bias pointed to the writers here is the same as calling them Democratic shills. And, yes, they do tend to lean somewhat more left libertarian than right. I don’t think its intentional and I think it’s fair to say that the writers here generally are very committed to individual liberty. But, like everyone, they have blind spots. Slight traditionalist leanings from Rand Paul get branded “selling out to the religious right” while any criticism of Gary Johnson for deviating from libertarian orthodoxy on, say, public accommodation gets hand waved away. Again, like everyone, the writers tend to be less observant of deviations that fit their own sensibilities.

            And the audience criticizing or taking issue with these blind spots isn’t some sort of atrocity. It’s how people evolve their thinking.

            1. I don’t think its intentional

              It’s editorial policy on H&R
              Maybe for clicks? The magazine doesn’t read that way.

              1. But you see, Bill has actually made an argument. And you are just a petulant child that can rarely summon up anything more substantial than a retarded bumpersticker.

        2. I voted for Hillary in the PA primary. I wrote about it. And my 2008 and 2012 votes.

          1. Friendship ended with ED

            Now SCOTT SHACKFORD is my best friend

            1. This isn’t facebook you cretin.

          2. I voted for Hillary in the PA primary.

            That’s not something to be proud of. I remember very well that you wrote about it.

          3. And see, this is why we need a code like bushido. Because frankly, doing this as a libertarian and not committing seppuku brings shame.

            1. And see, this is why we need a code like bushido.

              Not a safe word to make them stop?

              1. ‘the safe word just makes em do it harder.

          4. I voted for Hillary in the PA primary

            Is there any amount of cleansing products that can now wash off that feeling of utter sliminess?

      2. The truth hurts!

  4. “Really? This is the guy you want to be championing working people? The guy who spent 70 years on this Earth showing no concern for working people?”

    Change the years and you can apply the same to Obama. Heck, name any lousy progressive and it applies.

    1. Obama showed plenty of concern about which things working people were bitterly clinging to.

    2. Not only that, but Obama has spent his entire Presidency lecturing at some caricature of the working class that he believes infests America. His entire worldview is summed up by the idea that he and other elites know better and need to dictate reality and truth to their inferiors. Trump at least knows how to suck up to the plebs.

    3. “No concern for working people” other than employing many thousands of them. That heartless bastard!

      1. Yes, but those were slave-wage kkkorporate jobs. Not the selfless healing jobs that Obama created with your taxes. You monster.

    4. Really, O? This is who your endorsing? A woman for whom championing working people means putting an end to the whole “working” thing and getting as many of them as possible on the dole? A woman who actively campaigns against employment on the whole?

      Oh, wait, this is Big Zilch we’re talking about here. Of course that’s who he’s endorsing. Hopefully perhaps the working stiffs will realize that for all his innumerable flaws, at least Trump doesn’t have a legislative record helping to cool employment and kill economic growth.

      1. Obama doesn’t give a shit about any of that. He just wants some of the nice perks to continue after Hillary takes over. I am sure he is getting something in return.

        1. Plus he gets to keep cameras pointed at him. That’s his absolute favorite part of the job…the attention.

        2. A pardon?

  5. “Obama also insisted Clinton was “the most scrutinized candidate in history.”

    To go along with his most transparent administration in history.

    These people.

    1. Remember the Clinton Presidency? (the one in 1992, not the one in 2016). The most “ethical Administration in history”?

      1. Yes I do.

        When you makes such claims don’t be surprised if someone holds you to it.

    2. “the most scrutinized candidate in history.”

      Children writhing on a pike.

    3. Clinton was “the most scrutinized candidate in history.”

      Well, that’s valid. Not many candidates have been investigated for as many things as she has obviously done, without being indicted for something.

      1. Most scrutinized, least accountable. Not quite the legacy I think she’s shooting for.

  6. At least Hillary “powers” through things unlike that unpowered Trump:


    1. She’s famous for it.

      I love how the media just regurgitates the Democratic talking points. Verbatim.

      1. All the echoing of Trump being “dark” was pretty funny.

      2. This same phenomenon has been observed.

        It’s literally (?) like someone sends out a message on what the spin word of the day is and these so callednjournalist all repeat the approved talking points verbatim all day long.

        Is there any chance they realize how stupid they sound ? Do they realize that many people see them for what they are ? Do they really think of themselves as journalists and not just private sector propagandists ?

        For the first time in my memory I have been seeing Hillary (Democrat) ads before the Presidential election.

        It bothers me, I don’t know if it’s because I have just moved to San Antonio or because the Dems believe Texas may be in play.

  7. urging the crowd to give him a real “Philly welcome.”

    I assume that involves a racial slur and a hurled half-empty liquor bottle.

  8. He’s entered the lame fuck part of his presidential term.

    1. His approval numbers were steadily approving as he stayed out of the limelight and on the golf course. Shilling for Hillary should reverse those nicely.

      1. Yeah, the end of a presidency has voters asking, What have you done for me lately What haven’t you done to me lately?

      2. Yep. The comedy gold is that his numbers improve when he’s out of the spotlight and his sycophants are all “His numbers are improving, send him out to stump for hill”.

  9. “You want to debate transparency?”

    “But enough about my shitty administration and its lies.”

  10. urging the crowd to give him a real “Philly welcome.”

    If only they had.

    1. My brother-in-law is from Philly and is an Eagles fan. Now he lives in Dallas.

  11. I’m very afraid we are going to miss Obama quite dearly given our current path.

    1. “Well having cancer was slightly better than having terminal cancer.”

    2. I miss Giuliani and Bloomberg after a few years of Deblasio. It can *always* get worse.

  12. Can’t wait until this despicable human being is gone from the White House.
    In short, he’s a war monger and sworn enemy of individual liberty.
    Good riddance.

    1. To be replaced with?

  13. random thoughts

    On the subject of military fitness: they measure body fat with a measuring tape- there is no excuse for that as cheap and more accurate electronic measurement devices have been around for years. Secondly, if you can pass the physical fitness test, why bother even measuring weight or body fat? I can see how appearance would be important for the silent drill team and guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier, but for everyone else, it’s a waste of time.

    I had to give up weight lifting in order to avoid exceeding the Army’s weight standard because since I’m short, it’s very easy for me to fail a tape test. I know I’ve scored higher on the fitness test than some other thinner soldiers who smoke. It’s odd that not only does the military allow smoking, but they prefer thinner soldiers who smoke and get lower fitness scores than fatter ones who don’t smoke and get higher scores. Well, not that odd considering that the military can’t ban smoking without losing tons of people.

    This song sums up my attitudes on diet and exercise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ6-nCLeDsI

    If I eat however I want, I have to exercise like crazy to lose or maintain weight. It’s taken a lot of effort to eat less.

    1. This song sums up my attitudes on diet and exercise

      I thought your attitude was “Eggs, bacon, grits, SAUSAGE!”


      1. Sarcasm? Can’t tell.

        I think even the minimum fitness standard is enough to make the above scenario extremely unlikely. How many people are there who are big enough to fill up 2 seats and run 2 miles in less than 17 minutes?

        I’ve seen some chunky guys who can hustle, and they definitely would not need an extra seat.

        Or, to flip your question around, would you rather be carried to safety by strong, chunky guy or a weak, thin guy?

        1. Strong chunky guy, please! *swoons*



        3. Or, to flip your question around, would you rather be carried to safety by strong, chunky guy or a weak, thin guy?

          I’D RATHER BE CARRIED TO ECSTACY BY a strong, chunky woman.

        4. I’d rather walk next to a beautiful woman, with a fat bastard walking behind, breathing hard but quietly, carrying a cooler full of beer for us in case we get thirsty, mmkay?

    3. Did you really expect the military to have common sense?

    1. THAT’S JUST BAD LUCK!!!!11!!!


      1. Bad luck for the ones who want to leave.

    1. Fun fact, this is why Lebanon was created. Demographics (and 1970 influx of Palestinians) disagreed.

      1. When Israel is your most successful social engineering experiment in the Middle East, you know you dun fucked up.

        (This is not to imply that Israel is terrible nowadays, but I mean, come on, a civil war followed by three major wars in forty years).

  14. Just can’t pass this up:

    “Federal disability funding going to anxious students”
    ” Not for a high school student who, say, was teased on Facebook, refuses to go to school, and is labeled “school-avoidant.” Surprisingly, some students with school anxiety will never go back to a regular public school this fall. Instead, they might switch to attend private therapeutic schools at public expense, using federal disability protections.”

    Poor dears….

    1. Shit, my social anxiety has rendered me work-avoidant. I need the feds to subsidize my therapeutic form of employment which involves assessing the quality of my couch cushions and the volume of Netflix’s offerings.

  15. Gary Johnson: Clinton Health Questions Are Not Legitimate

    Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, the third-party candidate polling closest to the Democratic and Republican nominees, told a radio host yesterday that Hillary Clinton’s health was not a “legitimate” subject for politics.

    “I think what this highlights is just how much of a grind it is, and I know everybody listening thinks the same thing,” Johnson told KIRO Radio in advance of a weekend rally his campaign has planned in Seattle. “Look, I hope she gets well, and I hope this doesn’t linger. Pneumonia is a really serious thing, but you know what, running for president, that’ll do it to you.”

    Johnson’s remarks mirror those of Donald Trump, as well as other minor party candidates, in refusing to go after Clinton’s health since her campaign admitted Sunday that she’d contracted pneumonia. Trump, who previously mocked Clinton’s “stamina” and derided her for taking breaks from the trail, has not mentioned Clinton’s health in any speeches since the diagnosis.

    1. Going over Hillary’s health is the job of paranoid commentariat (of which I’m one– I’m not here to act all above-it-all), not really something that Gay Jay should take cheap shots at. Very diplomatic answer.

    2. This time GJ should get a pass. He doesn’t want to sound like a vulture.

      He just wants to sit back while voters draw their own conclusions.

      If Trump (and GJ) sound like they’re enjoying the prospect of Hillary’s illness, then she gets sympathy votes.

      Silence and concern-trolling are the way to go. At worst a passive-aggressive “I wish her a speedy recovery.”

      1. At worst a passive-aggressive “I wish her a speedy recovery.”

        Bless her heart!

      2. “Nothing trivial I hope.”

    3. I think the idea here is don’t get involved in another candidate’s shitstorm of lies….

    4. I can appreciate Johnson wanting to fight a clean fight and deem it honorable but Jesus…fight for the Presidency Gary! Go in for the kill! I doubt Hillary would return the favor.

  16. “I am really into electing Hillary Clinton, this is not me going through the motions,” he insisted. “I really really really want to elect Hillary Clinton.”

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  17. the nominee long packaged as his inevitable successor.

    Any this rate, her next packaging might be a body bag.

    (Note to the Secret Service: Just a joke!)

  18. On Hillary’s health – has anyone noticed that the campaign is simultaneously claiming:
    1. Hillary’s pneumonia is not contagious.
    2. There’s a number of staffers sick, implying it is making its way through her campaign…and contagious.

    1. I hope that little girl she used as a prop doesn’t die.

      1. Nits grow up to be lice.

    2. Noticing such things is CONSPIRACY THEORY!1!!

    3. Meh. Her staffers could be sick with something else. Interesting for conspiracy theories, but not interesting from an actual evidence standpoint. I’m sure all her staffers are working long hours, it’s not surprising given that they’re all suffering from compromised immune systems which is what happens when you’re chronically sleep-deprived.

      Problem is, I don’t believe Hillary has pneumonia. I think she’s got something more neurological going on. I could be wrong, but I think pneumonia is a fuck-off answer.

      1. She may well have pneumonia but it’s more symptom and/or side effect.

      2. I was amazed by all the comments by women at HuffPo articles who said that they

        1) had also had the same pneumonia as Hillary
        2) they were also just given antibiotics, without any x-rays or evaluation beyond a quick doc visit
        3) they know that this kind of pneumonia is not contagious
        4) the pneumonia really knocked them for a loop, and they had to miss a week of work, so they are amazed by Hillary’s ability to ‘fight through it’

        There is such a culthood to some lefty icons such as Hillary that people will even delude themselves into believing they had events in their pasts that were comparable to the icon, but they were such inferiors in handling the challenge compared to said icon.


      3. Her staffers could be sick with something else.

        Yeah, they might all have gotten syphilis when her husband raped them.


    4. They also claimed allergies, then heat stroke/overheating/ then pneumonia.

      They also claimed she is feeling great, but cancelling upcoming campaign appearances in CA.

      They also claimed she didn’t pass out, but the video shows otherwise.

      They also claimed a bunch of stuff about intense heat and locked knees but then said she tripped.

      They also claimed she had pneumonia, but it’s totes OK to go hang out with an infant and go hugging random children on the street, even though the bug has been making its way through the campaign staff.

      WTF. These folks need to learn to fucking lie, and stick with your lie for more than 18 seconds.

      1. They also claimed she didn’t pass out, but the video shows otherwise.

        She may not have passed out. She may have collapsed but remained conscious. Technically correct is the best kind of correct.

      2. WTF. These folks need to learn to fucking lie,

        “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” Now that’s a fucking lie.

      3. She also supposedly went to the LGBT fundraiser on Friday with pneumonia, risking infection of some people with compromised immune systems.

        Unless she has aspirational pneumonia, which is something that people with Parkinson’s and other such diseases get, and which isn’t contagious. Which still leaves the contradiction of “a bunch of the staff got sick, too.”

      4. She went on Anderson Cooper last night to reassure everyone that she’s healthy and feeling fine now. By phone. Where she can’t be seen. What a fucking facepalm moment for anyone other than her cankle lickers.

        1. But dude, it’s Anderson Cooper. Did you see how serious he looks all of the time? He’s totally serial man, so you have to believe him! ManBearPig is real!

          1. I feel as guilty as Ed up thread. I enjoyed watching World News Now when Anderson was on it. And David Muir afterwards.

          2. Anderson Vanderbilt.

            He is the mole.

    5. A real reporter conducting a real interview would shred her in a matter of minutes.

      Instead we get Kabuki Media.

    1. This raised some important questions:

      Why is there a frog standing directly behind Trump?

      That’s Pepe. He’s a symbol associated with white supremacy.

      Wait. Really? White supremacy?

      That’s right.

      Please explain.

      Here’s the short version: Pepe is a cartoon frog who began his internet life as an innocent meme enjoyed by teenagers and pop stars alike.

      But in recent months, Pepe’s been almost entirely co-opted by the white supremacists who call themselves the “alt-right.” They’ve decided to take back Pepe by adding swastikas and other symbols of anti-semitism and white supremacy.

      “We basically mixed Pepe in with Nazi propaganda, etc. We built that association,” one prominent white supremacist told the Daily Beast.

      I love how they say, “This raises important questions“…. Questions like, “EXPLAIN THIS TO ME?”

      1. They built that association on rock and roll?

      2. I am even at this late date unconvinced that there exists an alt-right outside the feverdreams of #NeverTrumpers desperate to dissociate the party from Trump and progressives desperate to declare that they finally found the latent seam of racism they’ve accused the GOP of having for generations.

        The whole thing about 4chan is, they’re trolls and they’re un-PC. They are not political activists. They’re the morons who spam Leslie Jones’ twitter handle for hours with racist horseshit to get a rise out of her and her followers. And there’s something to be admired there inasmuch as they’re piercing the progressive bubble such people inhabit. But that doesn’t mean they represent anything substantive with huge groundswell potential. The people Trump has accrued to himself are not bigots or white supremacists. They are people with deserved and undeserved chips on their shoulders, and Trump is channeling their indignation.

        It’s like singling out the black supremacists who no doubt turned out in support for Obama as representing the entirety of a political coalition tying together frustrated blacks and yuppie whites. Yes, supremacists exist and they say outrageous things, but their influence is nowhere near proportional to the media attention they garner. There is no legitimate alt-right. It’s a fiction ginned up by unhappy conservatives and giddy progressives.

        1. No, there really “is” an alt-right, in the sense of it being a loose label for a series of positions that don’t quite fit other sub-labels for the right wing (such as traditional establishment conservatives, Christian conservatives, neocons).

            1. Yes, I would say the alt-right was VDARE, Takimag, HBD folks, Milo, various anti-feminists, neo-reactionary types, some others. Not sure whether paleocons fit.

              1. VDare and Takimag have a lot of alt-right stuff. The only HBD person who’s definitely alt-right is Derb. Jayman hates the alt-right. I’m not that familiar with anti-feminists. Heartiste is the only one I know of who probably fits. There’s overlap with NRx’ers who are more focused on the R than the N. (Social Matter recently had a two part podcast on the Jews that I highly recommend.) Scott McConnell is definitely not alt-right, but he’s kinda intrigued by the movement. The rest of the TAC crew is basically Christian Soaves these days. The Chronicles people are at least fellow travelers. And Milo … no.

                1. Milo says he’s part of the alt-right, doesn’t he?

        2. I am even at this late date unconvinced that there exists an alt-right o

          There are the kooks who frequent Radix and Takimag comments, but they’re a fringe of the thing actually being tarred as ‘racist’; whom are mostly just trolls.

          what Hillary is trying to do is no different than the people who insist that ALL the people who participate in BlackLivesMatter type stuff are communist-cop-killers…. rather than a fringe 5% or so.

        3. There is no ‘alt-right’.

          It’s pretty easy to see that this is true–many of the pundits, blogs and personalities who are purportedly ‘big names’ in the alt-right are completely unaware that they’re considered to be part of it.

          The term was created by people who agree a bit too much with the left to describe those who don’t.

          It’s like the term ‘regressive left’. This term is used by commentators who’ve moved rightwards to describe leftists who’ve remained the same–it’s a vain hope that they ( the commentators who’ve moved rightwards ) weren’t deluded, but are, instead, part of a ‘good’ left.

          This presidential campaign has been real good for this kind of divisive infighting.

    2. anything, the alt-right is a decentralized, spontaneous reaction against political correctness, social justice warriors, uncontrolled immigration, limitless government and third-wave feminism.

      But it’s also the resulting backlash against traditional “cuckservatives” like the Bush family who’ve dominated GOP politics for the past several decades ? until now.

    3. Here’s the reality: the alt-right isn’t a clearly defined movement, and it’s certainly not controlled by white nationalists.

      If anything, the alt-right is a decentralized, spontaneous reaction against political correctness, social justice warriors, uncontrolled immigration, limitless government and third-wave feminism.

      Well, I’m more like the alt-right already existed as a collection of white nationalist idiots on stuff like VDare and Radix, and now some other idiots are calling themselves the alt-right and wondering why people think they’re white nationalists.

      1. The alt-right is more like the early Tea Party and Robert Spencer plays the role of Jenny Beth Martin.

        1. Get a better name, you sound like Millennial Log Cabin Republicans. I’d go with “People’s Front For Trump” or “Trumpian People’s Front.”

        2. Richard?

  19. In my libertarian universe, I own a handful of these, and I occasionally do “trick shots” to impress kids
    (Like cut mountains in half)

    1. Is yours radar guided, or derp guided?

        1. Do you really need to seek the derp or is it just drawn to you?

          1. It is like The Force: ever present all around us, emerging only when called upon by Derp-Jedi

            I recommend reading this to help better understand

  20. Obama isn’t my boyfriend so I don’t really have to love everything he did (his escalations in Afghanistan, while telegraphed, were almost grounds for breakup). That said, with the notable exception of Jimmy Carter, he was considerably better than his predecessors in the last 50 years and is likely to be better than the two likely to succeed him.

    Bush, Bush Sr., Reagan, Nixon, and Johnson all get Fs from me and the rest barely pass. Why are libertarians so excited to see him go. I guess it’s the Rush Limbaugh effect. It’s sad to see a political philosophy go from the likes of Murray Rothbard to the likes of Angry AM radio.

    1. Well socialists do love themselves an ever expanding security state and secret assassination lists, so I can see why you love Dear Leader so much.

      1. I grade on a curve. This isn’t a peaceful or politically healthy country so any person capable of decreasing military spending by 21% as a percentage of gdp in 8 years like Obama did is doing something right and bucking a trend.

        1. You’ve never graded anything in your life, 4th grade dropouts don’t get to do that.

          decreasing military spending by 21% as a percentage of gdp in 8 years like Obama did is doing something right and bucking a trend

          See, if you would have went on to the 5th grade, you’d have learned some math.

          Cutting something by 20% and then wasting that x10 on other worthless government money laundering schemes is not a net plus.

          So, tell us about how that socialism is working out in Venezuela? I need to be entertained. Just watching Hillary have epileptic seizures and the left shitting their pants about it isn’t enough.

          I’ll be right back, got to grab another beer.

        2. “This isn’t a peaceful or politically healthy country so any person capable of decreasing military spending by 21% as a percentage of gdp in 8 years like Obama did is doing something right and bucking a trend.”

          Man, that cherry tree is just about picked out, isn’t it?
          What a pathetic piece of crap.

    2. Reagan: Tear down this wall!
      Obama: Open up your bathrooms!

      1. You make it sound like Reagan wanted to take away our stall privacy.

    3. “Moron who praises authoritarian regimes has equally stupid views in regards to Presidents, political philosophy, news at 11.”

    4. Obama isn’t my boyfriend

      I appreciate how you stick to the formula of, “make the first thing out of my mouth the most-egregious and obvious lie”

      1. I guess from your latest posts your primary function here is to tell us how great Donald Trump is. I’m not convinced, but the way you’re going I’ll have tens of thousands of posts to consider.

        1. You’d better get on the good ol boy Kaine wagon before Hillary keels over dead… what’s his first name now? Was it Gomer? He definitely seems like a Gomer. Or maybe it’s Goober. Typical sort of white trash hillbilly that would hang with the Clintons.

          1. Does he have any attractive daughters? Maybe his wife? Asking for commie-kid’s BF.

    5. It’s sad to see a political philosophy go from the likes of Murray Rothbard to the likes of Angry AM radio.

      Just like it’s sad to see a term (liberal) get co-opted by people who believe in ever-increasing government encroachment into our lives, while demanding more and more money by threat of force.

      But, them’s the breaks, huh?

    6. Are you fucking high?

      Only the venerable Woodrow Wilson stands in the way of Obama being the worst president ever. Perhaps he’s also behind that asshole LBJ too, bit not the best company there…

    7. Its great to see a political philosophy such as socialism go from mass murdering tyrants such as Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot go from mass murdering tyrants to impotent internet commentators.

    8. He’s signed bills extending the blatantly unconstitutional PATRIOT act several times. He has done precisely fuck-all to roll back GWB’s power grabs. He’s attacked more countries in the Middle East. Anyone who still supports him is a blithering idiot, a flaming hypocrite, or both.


  21. “An introduction by Democratic Rep. Bob Brady included the member of Congress calling the president his “boss” a number of times. . . ”

    When elected congressmen don’t understand how our Republic works I marvel at the fact that we’re doing as well as we are.

    1. Over at Salon, it’s an epic round of pants shitting. Most posters there are pointing out that Hillary has a serious degenerative condition and not pneumonia and the sycophants are all caps ‘SHE DIDN’T HAVE A SEIZURE!!!! OMG!!!”

    2. “She only stops fighting for you during her frequent episodes of unconsciousness!”

    3. “she never stops fighting for us ? even if we haven’t always appreciated it”

      She’s a regular Coriol-anus.

    4. That’s the scary part……

      Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber barons cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some points be satiated; but those who torment us for their own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. — CS Lewis

  22. “Californians still struggling despite income gains shown in census”

    Great photo; two proggies thumbs-upping a vote for higher M/W; the lack of self-awareness would be amusing, except that they’ll use their current fuck-up as an excuse to fuck it up even more.

    1. I’m just curious, at this point, exactly why Guccifer, and Assange, and other hackers like them are always picking on the poor Democrats and never hitting Republicans with equal force? I mean, could it be that the Democrats are just such over the top corrupt shitbags that there isn’t really much fireworks in comparison going after the GOP?

      Or is it that all of these hackers are far right wing nut Drudgebots?

      I don’t really need anyone to answer that, as we all already know the answer to this.

      1. Obviously, Assange is one of the deplorable, bitter clinger, gun-nut, Teabagging, Christ-fags. No other explanation.

    2. I thought he was in jail and was being extradited to Romania (where presumably he’ll be shanked)

      1. Pretty sure that’s 1.0.

    1. How do you drive a car on one knee?

      1. this guy does pretty darn well. I cant find the link with decent english subs.

  23. ” An introduction by Democratic Rep. Bob Brady included the member of Congress calling the president his “boss” a number of times”

    Good thing members of Congress understand the whole separation of powers thing. Good thing.

    1. They don’t understand protecting and defending part of their oath, so why would that be any different?

  24. Florida woman


  25. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about this


    1. If it has been Trump supporters ‘being’ punched however, it wouldn’t be news, unless to proclaim the victims deplorables and their attackers heroes.

      The media is a fucking joke.

      1. Wait a minute… they punched Tater? Who would punch the Tater? Hate crime!

  26. Remember, boys and girls, nobody should get religious exemptions from the government’s laws and regulations, but the government gets to force private companies to extend religious exemptions.-From the Book of FYTW, Chapter 6, Verse 66:

    “The EEOC announced last week that North Carolina-based Greenville Ready Mixed Concrete, Inc., has agreed to a $42,500 settlement in the EEOC’s suit…against it for firing a Seventh Day Adventist employee who refused a Saturday work assignment. The company has also agreed to a 5-year consent decree requiring it to create an anti-discrimination policy, engage in employee training, post notice about the lawsuit and submit periodic reports to the EEOC.”

    1. The only true god is the great state! Bow down and obey, peasant!

    2. Next up. Muslim (or Jew for that matter) fired from pork slaughterhouse for refusing to touch the meat, ordered to be rehired and accommodated by the EEOC. Even if it means sitting at home collecting a paycheck.

    3. Whom is the harmed party? And Who gets the reparations.

  27. Clay Travis on today’s podcast: “I’m inclined to go with the radical moderate Gary Johnson.”

  28. “Renovated Opera House a boon for the Bayview, but work remains”
    “When the Bayview Opera House reopens this weekend after a $5.7 million renovation that took nearly three years, the celebration will be well deserved.
    “I feel ecstatic ? it has been such a long haul,” said Barbara Ockel, executive director of Bayview Opera House Inc., the nonprofit that manages the facility for the San Francisco Arts Commission.”

    In SF, “non-profit” pretty much means taxpayer money with even less accountability than the the layabouts on the city payroll. In this case, it was promoted by Newsom, so you can presume there was no actual goal, just some chance to smile for the cameras; blow taxpayer money at it and run for the next office!
    Never tried this, let’s see if it works:
    The guys sitting around that plaza are not discussing the weather. That plaza is well known to the paramedics; shootings, knifings, etc. One block down the street, what do you find?
    Another of Newsom’s boondoggles; the Opera House.

    1. Nuts! Bing won’t link to street views. Gonna have to take my word for it or search street views for 3rd and Palou.

      1. Only in SF could they think the worst neighborhood in town, plagued by gang activity, shootings, etc could be improved by opera — one of the most inaccessible forms of entertainment, one typically only enjoyed by a very select few, most often very wealthy, patrons. Yet I just don’t see the same Pacific Heights crowd that has season tickets to the War Memorial Opera House downtown deciding to head regularly to Bayview instead.

        How are they even going to get an audience in there? Free tickets with a guaranteed bottle in a paper bag you can bring to your seat? Open seating to homeless on cold nights?

        1. C. when I was a long-haired YAF ‘hippy’ I went to events in the bay view, mostly held in churches and (for example) it was the first time I heard Doug Kershaw (and wondered why you had to trash a bow every set).
          But you had to have a clapped-out car to park there…
          At the time our company also was based in the bay view; cheap space, but you often had to ransom stolen goods.

          1. Speaking of SF, it was interesting to see the Chronicle (issue that you linked to) having a much different take on the good individual economic news that was out today, described in an earlier HnR post.

            Reason stressed how many various people were doing better, the ‘shrinking middle class’ is a fallacy, and the ‘income inequality’ meme has very little to do with the actual events in the lives of normal people.

            The Chronicle, though, dismissed the improvement as unlikely to affect the election, and insisted that the improvements were bypassing women, blacks, etc.

            It would be more amusing if there weren’t so many people in the Bay Area who think exactly the same way. There can’t ever be any good news, because somewhere, someone might be having a tough time.

            1. “It would be more amusing if there weren’t so many people in the Bay Area who think exactly the same way. There can’t ever be any good news, because somewhere, someone might be having a tough time.”

              I did a link on that earlier; same sort of comment.
              The Chron is now run by a (recent hire) woman who makes no apologizes about being a SJW. I know some who work there, and the editorial ‘direction’ can be pretty heavy-handed. She is a proggy nitwit, and while the dead-tree version continues to fail, the e-version seems to be failing at a slower rate.
              But there may be a problem here; the Chron lives in a building that is long past its ‘highest and best’ use as a 3-story office for twits such as her.
              We’ll see what happens when that becomes an issue.

              1. SFGate just gutted their comments section again. Everybody had to reset their passwords today, but for some reason that also wiped out everyone’s past comments and comment ranking. I’ll bet that SJW who was Rank 1 is mighty ticked off right now.

        2. “How are they even going to get an audience in there? Free tickets with a guaranteed bottle in a paper bag you can bring to your seat? Open seating to homeless on cold nights?”

          Shame on me for ignoring this question; I’m sure the answer is no surprise.
          There will be no operas; there never were. There will be sporadic ‘performances’ by ‘approved’ ‘artists’ who will be paid by the organization and the attendance will be minimal, but photographed such that it will appear a ‘diverse’ audience is overwhelmed by XX presenting the (‘edgy’) performance denouncing greedy capitalism, along with Bush jokes.
          In between the staff will be paid to hire people to remove the graffiti.
          But you knew that..

        3. I wondered about that, but reading the history, it’s an old Masonic community center turned performance space, and the “opera house” moniker is clearly tongue in cheek. AFAIK there was never any opera performed there, nor are there plans for that.

      2. 3rd and Palou has been extremely resistant to gentrification.

        This city would be another Stockton if not for the geography.

        1. Suell|9.14.16 @ 12:56AM|#
          “3rd and Palou has been extremely resistant to gentrification.”

          A MASTER of understatement!

          1. A very much up and coming neighborhood. Get in now before it becomes the next Noe Valley!

            1. To be honest, I passed on property on Innes with bay views when I shouldn’t have.

              1. 3rd Street has actually improved as well as large parts of the Bayview. There are still some pretty rough pockets though, and the corner you mentioned is certainly one. There are some really cool spots out there, and if the city got out of the way (ha!) and got rid of the festering projects out there it would be a very desirable area. The Dogpatch has totally transformed in a bit more than a decade.

                1. If SF ended all welfare, homeless services, and housing subsidies, the whole city would gentrify in about two years.

                2. Suell, I bought in ‘transitional’ neighborhoods when I had some amount of money and groaned making the payments for a while.
                  I don’t groan anymore.

                  1. The best way to go. If you can make the payments, buying property in SF in the past was a great investment. There doesn’t seem to be any good deals at the moment. Glad we own our place here.

                    I was talking to an old Irishman about rent control recently. He just had a long time tenant die and the rent was about to go up 1000%. “Rent control has been great for me. I have the money to buy undervalued apartment buildings and wait out the tenants. Eventually it will go to my kids, who can do the same. It screws the young people of course.”

                    Basic economics cannot penetrate the progressive fog here.

                    1. Indeed. I’ve seen quite a few of those. I always joke to landlords here that at least their children eventually move out. Their tenants have to retire or die first.

    2. I’m waving to you from about a mile southeast of Hollywood by the Sea as shown near the center on your linked map. You’re in Ventura County and about a 4 hour drive from SF. Don’t blame the ‘street view’ problem just yet.

      1. Had to look; had no idea where Hollywood by the Sea is. Not where the streetview as set.

        1. Oxnard. It’s Widget’s “secondary” home.

          1. Sez the guy with a barbecue pit in tony MB. Do you have a jacuzzi too?

            1. BBQ pit? I just have a smoker. Amazon Prime.

              If you’re talking about the time I tried to build a BBQ Island and the concrete pour went horribly wrong, I’d prefer to not discuss it any further.

              I’m no longer allowed to do “home improvement” projects.

                1. Almost. That’s a running joke with my friends.

                  I’ve failed with masonry in other capacities.

      2. Most neighborly conversations involve Sexwax around here. It’s not like SF.

      3. His link didn’t work, so it shows where YOU are.

        Unless Sevo is in my front yard.

        1. Look out front! That’s me waving!
          Whadaya got for booze?

          1. Pineapple Sculpin. Old Man with Candy came by to visit last month, and he only drank one. That’s when I knew he wasn’t right.

            1. That ain’t me out front.

              1. You don’t like real beer?

                To clarify, I had some Reason guys over, including Old Man with Candy. His alcohol intake was shameful.

                C. Anacreon has been here too, but he’s a man.

        2. That’s a hoot. Too bad it’s so late. We could know the general area where more H&R posters lives after a click fest on that.

  29. Gotta ask: Anyone here with a GA ticket and hours around the bay area? There’s a nav lamp which changes in downtown SF and (from long ago), I didn’t think that was allowed.

    1. I think there is one occasional commercial guy here, and then our resident military jerk. The only GA guy I know of is DB, and he flies out of Pittsburg, IIRC.

  30. Dem donor list leaks tho…or is reason going to resist reporting on the real story for another 14 hours?

    1. “A pox on both their houses!”

      tsk..tsk… the right does it too

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