Norwegian Black Metal Artist Elected to Local Office Against His Will

Black metal finds its Cincinnatus.


Fenriz (right)
Dan A. Nachtnebel / Flickr

Elections by their nature bring out shameless self-promotion from politicians. From Hillary Clinton's constant touting of her own "historic" significance as a candidate to Donald Trump's egomaniacal ravings, many Americans could be forgiven for desiring more self-effacing office seekers.

So Norway may offer a ray of hope for humanity. In the small town of Kolbotn, just outside of Oslo, political neophyte and international black metal sensation Fenriz (founding member of the band Darkthrone)­ has been elected to the town council as an alternate representative—despite having run a campaign urging people not to vote for him.

In an interview with the music website CLRVYNT, Fenriz (birth name Gylve Nagell) explained that he reluctantly accepted an offer from Norway's Liberal Party to stand in the local election, despite having absolutely no interest in winning office. "Basically, they called and asked if I wanted to be on the list" of backup representatives, he told CLRVYNT. "I said yeah, thinking I would be like 18th on the list and I wouldn't really have to do anything."

Perhaps concerned that apathy and total lack of experience wouldn't be sufficient to thwart his chances, Fenriz then ran an outreach campaign consisting entirely of posters with him and his cat accompanied by a plea that people not support him.

Unfortunately for this founding father of Norwegian black metal, the plan backfired spectacularly. The residents of Kolbotn were apparently so taken with his self-denying attitude that they promptly voted him into office, much to Fenriz's chagrin. "I'm not too pleased about it. It's boring," he said. "There's not a lot of money in that, either, I can tell you!"

One potential fear is that his party affiliation could alienate his core musical constituency of rabid Darkthrone fans. Norway's underground metal scene has had a sordid history of virulent anti-Christianity, with some fans going so far as to actually burn down churches. Fenriz's Liberal Party, in contrast, advocates the more moderate position of peacefully abolishing the Church of Norway as the country's official religion.

Still, Fenriz's apathetic attitude toward government arguably makes him a natural fit for the Liberals, who want a smaller, less burdensome state. The party's website calls for a number of libertarianish policies from reducing regulation to abolishing Norway's inheritance tax.

Whatever comes of Fenriz's time in office, the level of popular support for someone who's this unenthusiastic about the prospects of wielding is cause enough for celebration.

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  1. Does reason plan to write anything about Hillary's health? Maybe they have and I missed it. It seems like rather a big story to just ignore. They don't seem to have much to say about the deplorables comment either, though they have covered it a bit.

    1. I think all the coverage we're likely to get is going to come in the AM and PM links. Besides, how could reason cover it better than the myriad other more well-established outlets swarming over each other to get the juicy tidbits?

      Hey, at least it's more than Rotherham.

    2. On the one hand, they really shouldn't. It is of practically zero real value. Leave the speculation and the MSM water-carrying to the links threads.

      On the other hand, they posted so much stupid shit about Trump that it seems only fair. Although I will admit they've gotten a little better lately.

      1. I think the nominee of a major party and nominal leader in the polls getting seriously ill enough to generate speculation she might have to drop out of the race is a pretty big deal. Reason has covered the hell out of the election and the two major candidates and rightfully so. Now when things suddenly get very interesting and interesting in a way it never has reason decides to stop talking much about the election beyond the usual Gary Johnson cheerleading. It is a bit odd to say the least.

        1. Hillary is obsessed with power, even if they have to wheel her broken body onto the debate stage after suffering a major stroke, and she is forced to communicate like Steven Hawkins. She will still continue to run. She knows it's the last chance she has.

          1. More like Bill knows it's his last chance to get around that pesky term limit thing. I think he's setting himself up like Woodrow Wilson's wife did.

          2. She will never go voluntarily. But what if she becomes incapacitated?

            1. Would there even be time to pick someone else and still have a reasonable chance of winning? If she becomes incapacitated I wouldn't be surprised if the DNC tries to remake "Weekend at Bernie's".
              Hell she already has the sunglasses.

              1. Once again, it is no constitutional crisis if she is incapacitated.

                The election in November selects electors that will convene in the Electoral College in January to elect the president.

                So Hillary's annointed reps will vote for someone else.

                1. December 19th.

                  The EC votes in December, the House/Senate open and tally the votes in January.

              2. Would there even be time to pick someone else and still have a reasonable chance of winning?

                Why would they pick someone else? They just tell their votes to vote for the dead person, and then her VP becomes president.

            2. Life will go on. We really don't need a president. Obama spent how many days golfing and the world didn't end?

            3. Apparently the writers of Dave were prescient. Have Bill be the secret president as I mentioned the way Woodrow Wilson's wife was after Wilson's stroke. And then find a body double as in Dave. Now I'm going to post this in the conspiracy thread. /adjusting tin foil hat.

            4. That's what Kaine is for. Considering he's the lesser evil, I think Hillary's health problems are actually good for her campaign.

              If tomorrow they reveal she has terminal cancer, I think that would increase, not decrease, most non-Hillary fans' desire to vote for her.

        2. The illness isn't even the real story.

          It's the lying and coverup.

          1. And the media's cooperation with it. The media refused to take the issue seriously and property vet her health. And now we may have a nominee who is chronically and seriously ill. The media was as usual completely appalling here.

            1. Today, I took an Uber in to work.

              The driver was Jamaican.

              The guy was scathing in his judgement of the news media, "They all lie. You can't trust any of them."

          2. One article today speculates she didn't bother to inform her running mate that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

            1. I am told MSNBC was spectaculating that Trump and Putin had poisoned her. I didn't see it but if that is true that is just amazing.

              1. John, I don't know if you saw this last night.

                It's pretty good for a laugh.

                1. Festivus!

                  The "Airing of Grievances" (debates) are coming soon, but where's the damn pole?


                NFL concussion doc: Hey, maybe Hillary's being poisoned ? by Trump or Putin

          3. In the old days, before people understood germ theory, illness was sometimes seen as divine punishment. Sometimes I wonder.

        3. I think the more salient question at this point is, who is actually going to be running the White House and the executive branch of the Federal Government if Hillary Clinton is the name at the top of the ticket that gets at least 270 electoral votes.

          1. Yes. My fear is that if she win she will pretty much immediately become incapacitated and the country will essentially not have a President or at least one who is known to the public. She should have never won the nomination given her health. Indeed, she likely would not have won the nomination had the media been honest or treated her like they should have.

            1. You say that like its a bad thing. You do realize this is a libertarian site, right? 'Not having a president' has more appeal around here than any of the alternatives.

              If we have to settle for Kaine, he's close enough to a nonentity that it's still probably better than the alternatives.

          2. All they have to do is send Bill off to Sex Worker Island and then Kaine will be able to take over during Hillary's convalescence - they can put *her* on Large Envelopes Filled With Nonsequentially Numbered Bills Island.

    3. You must have missed the post, about five back, in which they confirmed that she acquired HIV from Huma, and is in the final stages of AIDS.

      Do try to keep up John!

      1. Yeah I missed that one.

        1. Don't forget her hydrophobia, which indicates she is soon to die of rabies.

          1. Not all water, just sanctified water.

            1. +1 The Power of Christ Compels You!

          2. She needs to protect your purity of essence.

    4. Does reason plan to write anything about Hillary's health?

      If I were to be in charge of the editorial decisions, I wouldn't write anything about it now. There is nothing definitive to report. Anything they write would be full of speculation and not be substantive.

      However, I would have someone collecting all the lies Hillary told about her health and the leaks and put it in a nice timeline. I think in about three weeks it will be possible there will be a substantive article.

    5. I guess the question is whether there is really much to write about besides the rumors and limited information that everyone already knows about.

      Unless Reason can somehow get some actual information that no one else has been able to get, all you've got is a rehash of the same rumors and suspicions that everyone already knows about. I'm not really sure how they are supposed to do that.

      1. Doesn't it reflect upon her fitness for office? I think a candidate's health is a pretty big factor in their fitness for office. A bigger factor than the usual gaffe of the week which reason covers to death.

        I know you never have any criticisms of reason but they are not without sin.

        1. I have criticisms of Reason, I just don't feel the need to blab about them constantly. They don't owe me being the magazine I wish they were.

          If there is something substantive to write about her health, then they should do it. As far as I can see, there really isn't at this point. If she really is seriously ill, it will come out. I agree with tarran that that would be a good time to come out with a big article detailing how much she lied about it.

          Right now, what would they write about besides the rumors and speculation that everyone already knows about?

          1. She collapsed during a campaign event and now admits to having pneumonia. You do t that is substantive? And reason doesn't report. They do analysis. And you don't think the Democratic nominee having the issues Hillary is having is unworthy of analysis? Is that your final answer?

            1. No. If you look at my comment, you will see I was actually asking a question about what they could write about. And you answered it. I'm willing to have my mind changed here. I may exhibit dogmatic certainty about certain things I consider moral issues, but I don't imagine that I know everything about what's newsworthy and relevant in campaign reporting.

            2. It's not really that important actually. For one, it's not uncommon among presidents and nominees, especially the older ones. Secondly, this is why there's a line of succession, and most of the people down the line are better for the job than her. Lastly, it's just not interesting. It's a distraction from things that actually matter.

              It frankly doesn't deserve significant coverage. When she starts foaming at the mouth or having a seizure? Sure. Pneumonia though? No, not really news. I come here and I want to see her policy positions dissected. I really don't give a shit if she has the sniffles.

          2. She should be asked a simple question: What medecines have you taken in the past year? That avoids the complexities of asking for her medical history or the shallowness of asking her to have a checkup.

  2. Awesome. And it's somehow even funnier to me that Fenriz is a mailman in real life.

    1. This story is pretty badass. Maybe we can get Mark Hunter to run for mayor of Cleveland?

  3. I nominate Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth, and of course is far more political band Sons of Liberty. Which is basically Ron Paul + Metal.

    1. Whoops forgot to add a link

      Seriously who better to nominate then Jon Schaffer for the Libertarian party?

  4. Damn, Fenriz from Darkthrone won? I was supporting Abbath from Immortal.

    1. I was kinda pulling for Varg Vikernes from Mayhem. He's out of the joint after that little, ahem, murder thing, and ready to rule!

    2. Don't blame me, I voted for Hellhammer from Mayhem.

      1. Jesus! At almost the exact same time!

    3. I'd support a Fenriz/Abbath ticket.

      Or the reverse order, doesn't much matter.

      Christian Vikernes can go hang, though.

  5. Metal as FUCK!

  6. "There's not a lot of money in that, either, I can tell you!"

    He's doing it wrong.

  7. If you were going to have any black metal artist as your ruler, you'd probably want Fenriz. He's a rational, smart guy.

    "One potential fear is that his party affiliation could alienate his core musical constituency of rabid Darkthrone fans. Norway's underground metal scene has had a sordid history of virulent anti-Christianity"

    Black metal generally and Norwegian black metal specifically are explicitly and vehemently anti-democracy.

    That's probably the one thing they all agree on--hell, they disagree on Satanism, but not on being anti-democracy.

    It should also be noted that Fenriz, especially, doesn't give a shit about record sales--not compared to perceptions about his personal authenticity as a black metal artist.

    In fact, Fenriz has practically killed some of his own projects for getting too popular.

    See Isengard.

  8. A libertarian magazine, and nobody else mentions Sons of Liberty? This is just sad.

  9. How many times have I advocated just this?

    Press them into service. Anyone who seeks power is especially unfit to hold it. We need the 'no, no,no...really guys I don't want it!' People.

  10. "There's not a lot of money in that, either, I can tell you!"

    "Then you're not doing it right." - Hillary

  11. So, he'll be free in four years according to the article...I think there may be an opening if we can just finagle a birth certificate...

  12. So this whole thing has become a kind of Game of Darkthrones?

  13. I bet he has some nice ideas about a new national anthem.

  14. Norwegian Black Metal Artist Elected to Local Office Against His Will

    Electoral Rape?

  15. Heh! Heh! YES!!! Love Fenriz and Darkthrone!!! He should wear the corpse paint at the council meetings. I should seriously move to that town, they got good tastes!!!

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