Gary Johnson Gets Snoped, Obama to Veto 9/11 Bill, Clinton to Release More Medical Records: A.M. Links


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  1. The Libertarian presidential ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld willfully submitted to a debunking session by Snopes.

    It was an inside job.

    1. So? Is Gary Johnson just an urban legend or what?

      1. It turns out there is no such thing as a Nazi cake.

      2. Worse, he’s partially untrue.

    2. Hello.

      Obama picks Saudi Arabia over the people.

      1. That, right there, is an American Tradition.

        Like baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and meddling in foreign affairs.

  2. 229) Hillary Clinton Was Right?Half of Trump’s Supporters Do Belong in a “Basket of Deplorables”

    Are racism and sexism really so bad? Does every person in the United States have to be woke to the latest moral revelations to be a good person? Can’t you just work hard and provide for your family, be a good neighbor, pay your taxes, and that’s enough? If you happen not to like folks from a given ethnic group, or think women really should be at home if they have kids, or wish the restrooms at your kids’ school to be reserved for folks with the traditional genitalia associated with the stick figure on the bathroom door, well, so long as you’re not out burning crosses on front lawns, does that really hurt anybody else?

    1. Are numbered comments really so bad? Does every person here have to be woke to the latest serial totally-not-sermons to be a good person?

      1. They might be regretting that “get woke” phrase given faceplant heard around the world.

    2. Do people even listen to liberal name calling anymore? If you don’t vote like they do therefore you are this, this and that. The vast majority of things they accuse trump of i haven’t seen.

      1. And i suspect that is how they really are.

        1. Meant how the liberals really are…projection.

    3. or think women really should be at home if they have kids

      So the nosy neighbors who call the cops on any mom who isn’t superglued to her child at all times are all Trump supporters? I kind of doubt it.

      1. I had a female SJW neighbor tell me last week that women shouldn’t be at home with kids, that being a housewife is a bad thing. They’re the mirror image of those who say that women should be at home with kids. They just don’t get the idea of personal choice.

        1. Oh, they get it. It’s just the opposite of their agenda.

          1. I have a friend who is a medical doctor who quit practice after migrating to the US from India. She is a housewife by choice and says she loves it.

            My SJW neighbor doesn’t know about her yet. Maybe I’ll introduce them to each other one day and see the SJW’s reaction.

            1. Injun, you troublemaker!

            2. When India sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending homemakers with unfashionable views, and they’re bringing those views with us. They’re being quaint. They’re being kitsch. They’re looking after children. And some, I assume, are retired physicians.

              1. Don’t forget all the drug dealers ‘they’ send over (well, drug prescribers, but it’s the same thing)

              2. Shut your whore mouth – we got Injun who is well on his way to being a worthy successor to Dave Burge (PBUH).

            3. My wife wishes she could stay home.

              Keeping economic realities aside…

              Women want to raise their children. It’s their essence of being. It’s actually noble and crucial to the family and community at large.

              To women who don’t feel this, fine. That’s okay too. Just don’t say it’s the way to go or don’t have any.

    4. Moral revelations. We discovered these. They were revealed to us. They existed long before we did and they have just now been revealed to us.
      I really like how they slipped the destruction of decent societal norms in with obnoxious abnormal attitudes.

      What a crock of shit.

      1. The religious nature of their crappy belief system is becoming ever more evident.

        Just before her deplorable state speech, Hillary gave another one where she was lambasting the meanness of republicans on immigration, especially,wrt Syrians, capped with her screeching that “it is commanded that we take in the homeless and feed and clothe the week”.

        1. I gotta ask, where exactly is it that we’re commanded to do those things? Is it in the social contract we all signed at birth? Because nobody has bothered to type up a copy where we can actually read the damn thing.

          1. It is intentionally unwritten so that you can always be chastised for not following it.

    5. I have a similar outlook on creationists. Unless they are geologists or historians, believing the earth is 5000 years old has no real negative effect on society. It is just the easiest to mock and ridicule out of principle. A person who believes in catastrophic global warming and evolution who is opposed to nuclear energy, vaccines, and GMOs is far more damaging and detrimental to society than a creationist who supports those things.

      1. good point

      2. When I was in college one of my dorm neighbors was a Young Earth Creationist. Chem major. Whip smart, could do calculations in his head I’d need a week and a computer to figure out. I think he works for Exxon/Mobil now.

    6. It doesn’t hurt anyone else and I won’t stop you, but racism and sexism make you an infidel, so of course you aren’t a good person if you are one of those things.

  3. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wants U.S. troops out of his country.

    This is almost as disrespectful to the troops as kneeling during our national anthem.

    1. Out of The Philipines, Goldbricker.

      1. Hey if he doesn’t support our troops then i suggest he finds a new country.

        1. The people of Okinawa have been trying to get rid of Futenma for years. We need to bring back FDR to round them up.

          1. The biggest problem for the people of Okinawa is that they are a minority living in a democracy. The rest of Japan is fine with Futenma because the Americans being in Okinawa means less Americans in the other places of Japan. So the majority of Japanese are fine with the arrangement because it only hurts the minority of Okinawans.

            Democracy at its finest.

            1. Does the rest of Japan dislike the presence of Americans that much?

              1. You know who else wanted Americans out of their Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere?
                Uh…wait a sec

    2. Duterte is a puppet of the Black Star Order.

  4. President Obama plans to veto legislation which would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia…

    Suddenly the administration wants to deny trial attorneys work?

    1. He doesn’t want his friends to give money to those awful american scum.

      1. Who’s going to “donate” to his Foundation for a Better World and Obama World Peace Camps?

    2. This surprises me, really. He is right. This makes…uh…it makes….well, one.

      1. Obama’s been on the right side a few times. He cancelled the NASA Constellation boondoggle, for one.

        1. He cancelled the rockets and kept the capsule (and the $8+BB in spending). That’s not right in my book.

      2. Why is he right? The 911 commission came to the conclusion that agents of the Saudi dictatorship were actively involved in the conspiracy that ended on911.

        Is it now the libertarian position that an organization is not responsible for the actions of its agents?

        1. But Saudi Arabia is ALLY!!

          Saudi Arabia is a good ally that didn’t do nuffin’!!

        2. He’s right because one nation has no jurisdiction over another, and therefor any attempts by a court to render judgment are laughable. For one nation to claim jurisdiction over another is to impinge upon their sovereignty, and no respectable nation that did not fear war or embargo for refusing to recognize such jurisdiction would do so. If the US passes this law they are in essence claiming the right and authority to make vassals of all other nations in the world, which will probably not be well received. The proper course of action when disagreements arise among nations is not for one to pretend to have jurisdiction over the other, but for the two nations to come to a diplomatic settlement or, failing that, to go to war.

  5. “””Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wants U.S. troops out of his country.”””

    As an American I too want US troops out of Philippines

    1. Followed by US troops out of Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, etc etc.

      1. Get a load of the isolationist over here.

      2. And out of Texas, too. It’s just too hot.

        1. Do the barracks have air conditioning?

    2. Lets call the whole thing off!

  6. President Obama plans to veto legislation which would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for what they insist is the Kingdom’s involvement in aiding some of the 9/11 hijackers

    This is almost as disrespectful to the memory of 9/11 as kneeling during the national anthem.

  7. Hillary Clinton begrudgingly opts for greater transparency, will release additional medical records.

    Generalisima Hillary Clinton is still alive.

    1. “Hillary Clinton begrudgingly opts for greater transparency, will release additional medical records.”

      Say, rather, Hillary Clinton begrudingly ackowledges need for another set of covering falsehoods, will release additional fake documents.

      1. Yup. I suspect that any medical records she releases will be about as complete and honest as her accounting of her work emails on that illegal server.

  8. Hipsters and artists are the gentrifying foot soldiers of capitalism

    It is the establishment that now sees the hipster as the embodiment of autonomous, small-scale capitalist expansionism. But it is not just the hipster cast in this role. Artists are the neoliberal state’s troops. Artists make the first move into post-industrial, post-welfare state wastelands like brownfield sites and council housing estates and sow the seeds of cultural capital. They attract hipsters before, eventually, being displaced by them and their new middle-class neighbours. Both the artists and (some) of the hipsters ? the ones who haven’t “settled” yet ? will move on, exploring, breaking away (again), developing new potential sites for capital “investment”. And so the cycle of gentrification starts over again.

    Hancock knows this. Investors know this. The creative industries (in all their many increasingly homogeneous guises) know this. They believe in miracles because they create them. Hipsters are just the latest stylisation that fits perfectly with the rediscovery of the (economic) value of place. And, just like the gentrifying slogan, “Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles”, it would seem that for Hancock, hipsters are people who believe in miracles. For now, at least.

    1. I thought it was the gays who were the great force in gentrifying.

      1. Hipsters are just gay guys who sleep with women.

        1. Stop that. Damn hipsters stole our (gay bears’) lumberjack chic, and the little bastards flirt but don’t put out.

          1. I don’t know what a hipster is. Beards and button the top button on a flannel shirt? Ignorance is bliss.

            1. I am terrible at understanding trends, but some vast percentage of city-dwelling young persons intentionally make themselves look weird in some way. The bad moustaches being the worst offense.

              1. The tattoos are much worse and one can repent of a bad moustache and be rid of it in three minutes.

            2. People intentionally dressing like nerds in the 80s or dads in the 50s, topped off with irritating facial hair from the 1880s.

              1. People who non-ironically say words like “funemployment” and “freegan.”

                1. People who pay $20 for 8oz of artisanal currant mayo.

                  1. People who urgently want to tell you about their new phonograph. And they use the word “phonograph.”

                    1. Hitler was one of the original hipsters. Very vegetarian. So normcore. Wow.

                    2. This one right here pretty much hits the nail on the head.

            3. Tiny fedoras to top man-buns

              1. Scarves indoors in the summer.

              2. The man buns are the worst. I think it all started with those warriors in new Zealand, so it’s cultural appropriation, as well

            4. *scans (trendy Google-like open floor plan) office area*

              Hipster1: White male. Mid 20s. Thick-rimmed glasses. Dress shirt & slacks (both a size too small, it’d seem). Dress shoes that, to me, don’t match (I’m also 45, so the fuck do I know). Short, stylish haircut. Annoyingly handsome. Intense, exceedingly busy look on his face (I know what he does for the company – he’s not that busy). Frequent sips of what’s surely a latte in that Starbucks cup.

              *scans again*

              Ah yes, Hipster2: Asian female (kinda hot). Early 20s. Same fucking glasses. Skinny jeans with long shirt to about knees. Shirt unbuttoned low enough to reveal what appears to be a black camisole or bra *casually walks over for a closer look* Yep, it’s a camisole. *slightly adjusts groin & re-sits* High heels (better for post-work clubbing, I guess). Starbucks in hand. Like her hipster white male friend, intense & exceedingly busy look about her. Because, you know, appearances!

              Hope this helps.

          2. You should tell them they are being homophobes if they don’t sleep with you.

      2. 10-4 to that. But not exclusively so. Also, artist is a profession; gay is a sexual orientation.

      3. That has to be getting less true as homos get more accepted, right? Unless their motivation for gentrifying was to renovate dilapidated Victorian houses after all.

        1. The gay agenda:
          1) Find a poor neighborhood
          2) Buy property and make it fabulous
          3) Drive out poor people

          1. 4) Have parades

            1. I think they prefer the more assertive “marches”.

    2. Gentrification may be the dumbest issue conjured up by the left.

      Also, capitalism is nothing more than a buzzword for things they don’t like.

      1. Corporations aren’t like people, man! /left

        1. To which, increasingly, I tend to answer “Neither are you, man!”


    3. just like the gentrifying slogan, “Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles”


      1. Club sandwiches are BLTs that got knocked up? Deep diishes are pizzas that overdosed in a back alley?

        1. Deep dishes are casseroles with an identity crisis.

          1. Abortion is just babies getting to heaven quicker.

            *runs out of room*

          2. Deep dishes are casseroles with an identity crisis preference.


          3. Deep dishes are casseroles with an identity crisis.

            You have a fundamental misunderstanding of Deep Dish Pizza. It makes no pretenses about who or what it is. Deep Dish isn’t whimsically swayed into being an entirely different dish by artisanal or organic varied toppings. Deep Dish isn’t just a convenient and familiar safety net for delivering culturally diverse toppings to your filthy racist mouth. Deep Dish doesn’t own skinny jeans nor does it want to. More importantly, if you want to avoid Deep Dish and wear skinny jeans, Deep Dish is just fine with that.

      2. Muffins are horrible.

        1. Muffins can be filling.

          1. So can cement. Doesn’t make me want to eat either.

      3. Some people like cupcakes better. I myself care less for them.

  9. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wants U.S. troops out of his country.

    The solution to this should be “well, bye”.

    I doubt that’s the solution our government will use.

    1. “Well, bye, Duterte.”

      *CIA plans being drawn up*

  10. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wants U.S. troops out of his country.

    “We shall return.”

    1. “By the time you ask for us back, we’ll have wised up and we won’t come.”

  11. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wants U.S. troops out of his country.

    All those US dollars can stay.

  12. 400 workers at marshmallow Peeps plant go on strike

    Workers walked out of the Just Born plant in Bethlehem on Wednesday afternoon. The plant 60 miles north of Philadelphia also makes Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales candies.

    The workers are protesting the company’s proposals on wages, health benefits and switching from a pension plan to a 401(k). Employees have been working under an expired contract since June.

    Members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local 6 voted to strike on Sept. 2 after unanimously rejecting the company’s most recent contract offer.

    1. Soon to be another example of a union collectively bargaining itself out of a job, I’m sure.

      1. Have they learned nothing from the Twinkies?

        1. Will the euphemisms never stop?

    2. Food blogs no one reads hit hardest.

    3. Peeps are terrible, this can only be a positive result for the entire country.

      1. I would rather eat a box of Good & Plenty. Yeah, I said it.

    4. There was about a decade where pensions made any economic sense. It is simply impossible to support all employees for potentially 30+ years after they retire with a pension.

    5. Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Manual Laborers Awaiting their Impending Replacement by Robots International Union Local 6

  13. Portland homeless crisis sows dissent in tolerant city

    Almost overnight, it seemed, tents popped up in the park that runs like a green carpet past the offices of her national advertising business. She saw assaults, drug deals and prostitution. Every morning, she said, she cleaned human feces off the doorstep and picked up used needles.

    “It started in June and by July it was full-blown. The park was mobbed,” she said. “We’ve got a problem here and the question is how we’re going to deal with it.”

    The city is booming, and the homeless are more visible than ever before. Skyrocketing rents, cripplingly low vacancy rates and a severe shortage of affordable housing are forcing Portland to reexamine its live-and-let-live attitude in a place where residents have long been tolerant of everything but intolerance.

    And in a city where the mayor says “unhoused” instead of homeless and where tent camps have names like Dignity Village and Right 2 Dream Too instead of Skid Row and The Jungle, residents are wondering if Portland needs to rethink its strategy as a permanent solution seems ever-more elusive.

    1. “the mayor says “unhoused” instead of homeless”

      This has the same literal meaning, except one is a common term everyone immediately understands, and the other is a neologism that doesn’t appear to add any meaning. Maybe he should stick with the term that everyone already knows and uses.

      1. Apparently the social-work industry has a fairly complicated (and expansive) definition of “homeless” which includes anyone who doesn’t have a “permanent” residence, ie, if you’re able to live in a cheap motel you are still “homeless”.

        1. shrug Can’t disagree with that too much.

          1. And I’m not discounting that those people are also in a very precarious position, but if they are consistently able to have some type of roof over their heads, even if it’s sleeping in a car, they are far better off than the people who have no option other than camping/shelter.

    2. Ah, Portlandia.

  14. …for what they insist is the Kingdom’s involvement in aiding some of the 9/11 hijackers.

    Hey! The 9/11 Commission redacted those pages for a reason!

    1. President Obama plans to veto legislation which would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for what they insist is the Kingdom’s involvement in aiding some of the 9/11 hijackers.


  15. Warning Daily Caller link:

    EXCLUSIVE: John Kerry’s State Department Funneled MILLIONS To His Daughter’s Nonprofit

    Seed received its first award less than one year later. Peace Corps later provided another nearly $900,000, noting it underestimated the program’s expenses, especially travel and salary costs.

    It’s unclear when that modification was added, but Kerry drew a salary from Seed for the first time in 2014. She was the only officer listed on the nonprofit’s 990 tax form to receive compensation ? some $140,000 for a reported 30 hours per week.
    Discussion about the $6.4 million extension also provides questionable details. Peace Corps officials noted that contracts could not extend beyond five years and considered competing the next award, but decided they would “go forward with sole-source option if mandated by OGAC,” minutes from a July 17, 2014 meeting said.
    Ultimately, the extension was awarded without competition on Sept. 10, 2015. It’s unclear why the Peace Corps violated its five-year policy by giving Seed seven years of non-competitively awarded funding.
    Peace Corps justified the decision to forgo competition by arguing Seed was already burrowed into the program, and that replacing it out would cause problems.

    1. Jesus. I put in at least 30 hours a week on Hit’n’Run, and all i’m compensated with is really bizarre nightmares.

      1. You’re obviously undercompensated. Report to Warty’s dungeon, stat.

      2. You too? I think we just need to stop reading SugarFree’s stuff.

        1. Too late. If you stop now the nightmares get worse.

          1. ‘Beetus is right. Now when I close my eyes all I see is foggy whiteness and all I hear is a sound like loud rushing water, accompanied by a feeling of paralyzing dread.

            *thousand-yard stare*


            1. Juice fasts can help.

              1. The problem with continuing to read his stuff is that eventually, the nightmares become reality.

    2. Oh the classic american dream be related to a high level official, invent some rat hole for the gov. to needlessly piss money away at, claim nobody else does what you do, work 30 hrs a week and profit.

      1. “claim nobody else does what you do”

        Have the right name.

        1. meh that goes with this: be related to a high level official. If someone were to draw a web diagram of how our federally elected/apointed officials, their staff, members of the press and the board members of the litany of ngos and consultants were related and intermarried there would be riots.

          1. The new aristocracy.

            1. Nothing new about it.

    3. Well, giving it to the Heinz-Kerry Foundation directly would be too obvious. Oh, wait.

  16. From the snopes article

    ” We’d like to actually like to hold off [on major fiscal cuts] and push the country in a direction of fiscal solvency … [it’s] where you’ve got to start.”

    So they want to get to fiscal solvency but don’t want any major cuts. How do you close a 750 billion dollar deficit and 70-90 trillion in debt without cuts? The only conclusion is Gary wants lots of big tax increases or he is a typical lying politician telling voters they can have their cake and eat it to. I imagine its a bit of both.

    1. You are presenting a false choice. It is also quite foreseeable that a candidate could keep taxes at the current level and begin to slowly prune the government down. This would not be popular with impatient purists, but could gently wean the American public from the teat of big government.

      1. Sure if the goal is solvency 1000 years from now. You don’t get to solvency in 8 years let alone 80 keeping spending at the current level. They are at least 70 trillion dollars short. Unless solvency means something different to him than it does to me he is lying. Don’t get me wrong I’ll wear a gas mask and go vote for him if I vote at all but this guy is only slightly less odious than your typical R or D.

        1. When the Left is demanding more “free” sh1t like “universal pre-k” and “single payer”, quick cuts are politically infeasible.

          I think the country will eventually get drastic cuts, but only after financial Armageddon has already started.

          1. That may be true but they will always remain infeasible until someone points out the emperor has no clothes and maybe not until its been pointed out about 1000 times. The very least I expect from a libertarian presidential candidate is for him to point out that we can’t afford all this and maybe we should start rolling some of it back. Heck maybe he could even you know make libertarian arguments with specific examples showing why certain spending his harmful. Instead he focuses his energy on reassuring the free shit army.

            1. No fiscal cuts, but fiscal solvency ==> Block granting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid at current levels.

              Then start capping the block grants and you get cuts.

              1. Right you get cuts large ones in fact something he says he doesn’t want. You can argue that they aren’t really cuts but at least for SS and Medicare I would say they are as they are a direct reduction of accrued liabilities. I have seen him hint at this approach but if that is what he is doing he is lying to the progs. Granted that is better than lying to libertarians but it makes him a typical politician. Someone like Stossel would have been a better candidate. He actually has libertarian opinions rather than a mix of “I’m going to ban burqas but won’t make significant spending cuts”

        2. Gary repeatedly says that the first budget he submits to be congress will be balanced.
          That’s a 20% reduction across all departments.
          Find a different topic to troll him on than this one

          1. Then he is lying about one or the other. 20% is a major cut. He is either lying to you or lying to them or more likely just saying random things.

            1. Or also possible. That balance budget is coming from a big tax increase.

              1. Congress doesn’t pass budgets anymore, they run the country on CRs instead. So budgets are just talking points

            2. He’s “lying” to them in that major cuts refers to abolishing Social Security and Medicare on day one.

          2. ^What this guy said.

        3. Does the deficit reflect planned increases in spending that have already been written into previous budgets? If that’s the case I’d think you could put a good dent in it if you just held spending at current levels. I know that’s how politicians can get away with claiming to both increase and cut spending at the same time: they pass a bill cutting the rate of increase, meaning that spending has increased, but the rate at which it automatically increases annually is reduced.

    2. Here we go another purist bringing up cake again… 😉

      1. They all want cake.

    3. It has been shown that the budget can be balanced in like 5-7 years by only raising expenses by the rate of inflation.

      What you should be pissed about is that our fucking government can’t even do that.

    4. —–So they want to get to fiscal solvency but don’t want any major cuts. How do you close a 750 billion dollar deficit and 70-90 trillion in debt without cuts?—–

      You could substantially cut the deficit pretty quickly with a combination of a nominal spending freeze and a basket of pro-growth economic policies.

      However, you are going to be inundated with media-fueled sob stories of poor whiny billionaire green entrepreneurs demanding ‘MOAR CAKE’! (combined with the typical lefty scumbaggery)

  17. It struck me this morning that the failure to disclose medical records on the part of a certain candidate is reminiscent of how the FDR campaign, aided by a compliant press and others, defrauded the American people by concealing the serious chronic health issues of their candidate. Health issues which ultimately led to his dying in office, which could have happened at a far more critical time than it did.

    1. Tonio, the country NEEDED FDR! No one else was capable of leading us in such dire times!

      1. Well-played.

      2. He was the most qualified candidate to ever run, up to that point.

    2. Are you referring to the 1932 or 1944 election? Even with polio in 1932, FDR was arguably in far better shape constitutionally than Hillary is today. At least he wasn’t passing out in 78-degree weather. By 1944, his health was certainly a major issue and there’s no way he should have realistically run, but considering we were in the middle of a war it’s understandable that the party was reluctant to not run him again. What they probably should have done is have Truman take over the bulk of the decision-making and deal-brokering after the inauguration, though.

  18. I can easily imagine my dad doing this:

    Elderly drivers cited for 30-minute standoff on single-lane bridge

    Witnesses said both drivers, one male and one female, were elderly and refused to yield to the other because they felt they had been the first to drive onto the bridge.

    The two remained in the stand-off for at least 30 minutes, causing major traffic backups in both directions.

    Police cited both drivers for obstructing traffic, which carries a fine of about $190.

    “I assumed someone had an accident or jumped off the bridge or something like that, so I hopped out of the car,” Valenzi told

    “I had never seen anything like this in my life. I spoke to both motorists and they both refused to move because they both believed they had entered the bridge first and had right of way,” he said. “The traffic was banked up to both main roads with every third car turning around.”

    1. I prefer to envision them both just staring at each other hunched over, with both hands on the steering wheel. Nothing to do but wait to die.

      On that note, living in an area with a lot of old people…I really fucking hate them.

    2. Threaten to cut the bridge in half. The one who yields, goes first.

      1. “Cut the damn bridge, whippersnappers! What do I care?”

        1. You’re not the mother!

          Darn it. Did I just start an abortion fight?

    3. Whichever made it the greater distance across the bridge was the one who went first. Distance is the only factor in the equation. It’s simple science.

      1. What’s wrong with rock, paper, scissors?

    4. “Get off my lawnbridge!” – Geezers

  19. If You Don’t Vote Democrat This November, Then Fuck You

    I’m not a “supporter.” I actually think everything about this election cycle is disgusting. Sad. Uninspiring. I’ve been mostly apathetic. From white feminism to #bernieorbust to the HRC to Bernie Bros I’m actually so fed up that I don’t read or watch any news related to our candidates any more. I left Trump out above because that white devil man doesn’t need any more acknowledgment from me. But curiously y’all are about to hand him the election? And for what? Because you’re salty that your candidate isn’t going to compete for the presidency? Bernie put up a good fight, a really, really good fight. And god damn he has some amazing ideas that would totally revolutionize American culture, economics and our society in general, but he’s not going to be the president of the United States. Deal with it. Right now, the only two people that have any chance at that are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. DONALD FUCKING TRUMP. This isn’t a fucking joke. This is REAL. And y’all have the audacity to sit back and say “I won’t vote” or “I’ll vote for Trump” or “I’ll vote for ___________ so & so who isn’t going to become president but it’s cute you voted for them one time because of your principles.” It’s bullshit. And to be frank, how fucking dare you.

    1. And god damn he has some amazing ideas that would totally revolutionize American culture, economics and our society in general

      Move to Venezuela, you fuck.

      1. He revolutionized culture?

        1. CPA I think he said he would revolutionize culture. What? You don’t think people eating their pets becoming normal is a cultural revolution? Everyone learning how to start conversations with strangers while standing in food lines? There would be all kinds of cultural changes easily rising to the level of revolution.

      2. And god damn he has some amazing ideas that would totally revolutionize American culture, economics and our society in general

        The best revolution that these fools should try is to mind their own f***ing business, which they never tend to do.

        I personally know a busybody who often has a fridge full of rotting food, yet complains about global hunger. Flies around the world on vacations, yet complains about global warming. Whines about how bad bureaucracy is, yet demands more.

        Cognitive. Dissonance.

    2. Since when is giving out “free stuff” revolutionary?

      1. That’s kind of the definition of revolutionary, isn’t it? 1776 was a long time ago.

    3. If you are a person with a soul, who wants to see any further good develop from mankind in the next four years, you will do whatever you can to stop Donald Trump from becoming the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

      This clown got visited by the Secret Service, right? RIGHT?!

    4. The author is at least getting eaten alive in the comments.

    5. That headline is the lock screen on my phone. It motivates me down to my reptilian core.

    6. it’s cute you voted for them one time because of your principles

      There you have it, folks – moral bankruptcy writ large. Fuck you, Christian Gabriel.

      1. well said

    7. Ahh yes people are just salty that there candidate lost. Not pissed because HRC and the DNC stole the election.

      1. Please be a Bernie supporter. Please go on.

        1. Yeah, the Bernie people are having a brief flurry of unrealistic hope that Sanders will, somehow, replace Clinton on the ticket. Just like children who still believe in the xmas bunny.

        2. No im not a bernie supprter, but i think it’s funny that the mainstream DNC operatives ridiculed them (often rightly so) and then are trying to get them back to defeat das Trump.

    8. What do you think the Huffington Post paid for this? $50?

      1. HuffPo pays people for this drivel?

        1. Maybe they cold-call past contributors and nag them until they donate an article, and then give them a cookie when they’re done.

          1. Sort of like the Red Cross for liquid dipshittery.

    9. The comments are having none of it…thankfully.

      Quite the excitable boy.

    10. So Trump is bad for no reason in particular. He is just bad. Donald Fucking Trump.

      1. A thought it was Donald Jerk-off Trump. Isn’t that what the middle initial J stands for?

      2. He’s on the Republican ticket. What more reason do you think these people need?

    11. So the HuffPo blog copies and pastes poorly written Facebook rants now.

    12. WE ARE DYING. Please don’t hand our lives over to this white devil madman

      Don’t worry, we’ll set up some black-only communities for you to live in as a safe space.

    13. I was thinking of sending this to my prog friends, but that sort of trolling would really be too much even for me.

    14. Please don’t hand our lives over to this white devil madman.

    15. “If You Don’t Vote Democrat This November, Then Fuck You”

      Yes, please!

      It’d be nice if someone would. 🙁

  20. waddle your way to the frontline…

    The U.S. military has a huge problem with obesity and it’s only getting worse

    It’s not exactly clear why America’s military personnel are getting fatter. Could be that 15 years of war have weakened the focus on fitness. Could be that millennials, with their penchant for sedentary activities like playing video games and killing time on social media, aren’t always up to the rigors of military life. Could be all the burgers, fries, cakes and pies served in chow halls around the world.

    And maybe, too, the military is simply reflecting the nation’s broader population, whose poor eating habits are fueling an alarming rise obesity rates.

    This much is clear, though: Today’s military is fatter than ever.

    For the first time in years, the Pentagon has disclosed data indicating the number of troops its deems overweight, raising big questions about the health, fitness and readiness of today’s force.

    1. Or, it could be that the military has stupid and out-dated ways of measuring fitness. I saw a shit ton of dudes who had high BMI’s who had to get taped and measured even though, but were in good shape. It was all a fucking waste of time. I also saw dudes who were admittedly fat who could still PT their asses off.

      1. Yep like me…worked with a D1 football program.

        The starting linebacker was 6’2 240 lbs. I was 6’2 195 lbs. But i had some fatty flub whereas he didn’t

      2. This, exactly. I’ve been out for eight years now, but I doubt much has changed ? there were people who failed tapes that were awesome soldiers and in great shape, and there were people who passed tapes who couldn’t run to save their lives or work worth a shit.

    2. All the yummy Tocino in the Phillipines skews the average

      1. Well, *that* will come to an end soon and the average will look better.

    3. Seeing my friends in the military who are listed as “obese” I’d say a lot of it is down to the military not knowing how to measure such things.

    4. Does the military develop its own standards for things like obesity, or do they rely on the FDA (or other civilian agency) definition? If the latter, there’s your problem – politicized science.

      1. Yup…”BMI”.

        I always got taped, and while not Warty, I was always a fairly strong fellow. Lifting, Playing rugby, etc. always did very well on fitness tests. But I had to tape test because I was over BMI.

      2. My first thought was of course they use the FDA, why spend money on something already done. But then i remembered we were talking about the gov and DOD in particular.

    5. “the nation’s broader population”


  21. ‘Black Rifles Matter’ sign causes controversy

    “There have been some people that have asked me to take the sign down and I don’t respond to that very well. It’s my property, it’s my sign. There’s been some talk that I have hurt tourism. I don’t believe that for a minute,” says Linc Sample, [who] says he has posted sometimes controversial signs on his property for years.

    Black lists matter!

    1. Isn’t that a coffee?

    2. Other lives matter, too

      1. Only a matter of time. Sometimes I like people. Not usually, but sometimes.

    3. Driving away tourists? What, are burglars going on tours now?

  22. Pot Breathalyzer Hits the Street

    American police have for the first time used a marijuana breathalyzer to evaluate impaired drivers, the company behind the pioneering device declared Tuesday, saying it separately confirmed its breath test can detect recent consumption of marijuana-infused food.

    The two apparent firsts allow Hound Labs to move forward with plans to widely distribute its technology to law enforcement in the first half of next year, says CEO Mike Lynn.

    Lynn, an emergency room doctor in Oakland, California, also is a reserve officer with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and he helped pull over drivers in the initial field tests, none of whom were arrested after voluntarily breathing into the handheld contraption.

    Two people admitted smoking marijuana within the past 30 minutes, Lynn says, and in a satisfying validation for his technology — created with University of California chemistry assistance — their readouts were much higher than the rest.

    1. This has probably been the biggest barrier to legalization. No way for municipalities to wet their beaks otherwise.

    2. I sure hope Mike Lynn isn’t torn apart by a pack of wild dogs.

    3. Nope, no confict of interest there.

  23. xkcd made a dispassionate, evidence-based global warming infographic. We’re going into the red zone!!!

    1. until this…”best case scenario assuming immediate massive action to limit emissions”

      It’s like an interesting factual timeline of human history ending in “and then we wait for the aliens to land”

      1. Yes. Review Munroe’s usual take on extrapolating data, and then look at this.

    2. I, too, made a dispassionate, evidence-based global warming infographic. But instead of a timeline from the last Ice Age to today, mine covers from last night to high noon. They both show that it got hotter, so it’s totally accurate.

    3. That looks like a stick that could be used to play a game with.

    4. Part of it talked about more sunlight hitting the poles melting the ice caps. But IIRC the ice caps reflect a lot of light, generally cooling the world off…

    5. reddit will be totally impressed

    6. So, what I get from this, is as it gets warmer, things get better. So things are about to get really, really good.

  24. German motorist smashes 15 cars in parking lot mayhem

    A German pensioner crashed into 14 cars in a parking lot and caused an estimated 25,000 euros of damage to 15 vehicles including her own, police in the western town of Dueren said.

    The 75-year-old, who was taken to hospital with minor injuries, suddenly accelerated in the parking lot and smashed into the rows of parked cars, police said.

    “The parking lot was turned a giant scrapheap by the time the woman’s car came to a stop,” Dueren police said in a report. “Her car was so badly damaged that it had to be towed away, as was the case with a number of the other cars she ran into.”

    1. Hillary gets around.

  25. Mystery over ‘first UK BIGFOOT footage’ fueling shock claims ape-like beast exists

    The eerie clip appears to show a large shadowy ape-like figure “shaking a tree” deep in south Wales woodland.

    Bigfoot enthusiast Jason Parsons, 40, captured the creepy video in July while trekking through the woods on Caerphilly Mountain near Cardiff in south Wales.

    Astonishingly, Jason, from Cardiff, was unaware of his close encounter until he reviewed the footage at home ? and was stunned to spot a “gorilla-like-figure” looming in the background.

    Having previously stumbled across a number of wooden “X” structures believed to have been left by the elusive beast, Jason went exploring the woodland for more clues.

    1. The eerie clip appears to show a large shadowy ape-like figure “shaking a tree” deep in south Wales woodland.

      Dude, that’s just a Welshman.

      1. Nope. Welshmen have tails.

      2. Was he trying to get more consonants out of it?

    2. Or was the tree shaking… with pleasure?


    3. Wouldn’t be the fist time “Cardiff” was associated with a hoax.

    4. Deep in South Wales woodland? There is a swamp in my state bigger than their whole country. Deep, my ass.

      1. The difference between Europeans and Americans is that Americans think 100 years is a long time while Europeans think 100 miles is a long distance.

        1. When I heard it, it was England instead of Europe and the number was fifty.

  26. Republicans Privately Panic At “Terrifying” Prospect Of Trump Win

    For months, the prevailing wisdom within GOP political circles has been that Donald Trump stands little chance to win in November ? and a large number of the party’s consultants, fundraisers, and operatives privately preferred it that way. Though many of them are reluctant to say so in public, they argue that a Trump presidency would fracture their party, decimate the conservative movement, and wreak havoc on the global economy (not to mention their own industry).

    But now, with polls tightening and Hillary Clinton’s illness temporarily sidelining her from the campaign trail, those Republicans are expressing alarm at Trump’s sudden electoral viability.

    “It’s terrifying,” said one GOP consultant, who like others spoked to BuzzFeed News on condition of anonymity. “He’s not qualified ? and it’s a massive problem. I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but at least I feel like some of those jobs that are required for president, she could do them.”

    “It would be terrible for America, and for the world,” said another Republican strategist, referring to a prospective Trump victory. “I can’t think of one good thing that would come of it.”

    1. Republican strategists should look in the mirror long and hard. Then realize that they are a waste of oxygen and just shoot themselves.

    2. Every once in a while it’s probably cathartic to replace one set of cronies with a new set.

      1. Not exactly nourishing the tree of freedom with blood, but perhaps at this late date it’s the best we can hope for.

    3. It’s nice to see them shitting in their own pants instead of ours for a change.

    4. “I can’t think of one good thing that would come of it.”

      A crook who revealed top secret information wouldnt’ be in the oval office?

      With moronic imbecilles like this as their strategists, I am starting to understand why Trump chewed through the party’s anointed candidates.

      1. Also, we wouldn’t get a supreme court packed with Hillary appointees for a generation?

        1. Gary to the rescue! Save the republicans from themselves!

      2. If Rick Wilson was half as good a strategist as he was a shit-talker on Twitter, Rubio would be the nominee and be up by 20 points by now.

    5. Literally unable to tell if this is Onion style satire or straight reporting.

    6. “at least I feel like some of those jobs that are required for president, she could do them”

      Do those jobs include lies, cover-ups, unnecessary wars, corruption, and the like? Sure, she could do those jobs.

      1. She could also do the job of being enabled by the entrenched civil service bureaucracy, congress, and the media, while Trump would be opposed by all three.

    7. My greatest fear of a Trump presidency is that it wouldn’t fracture the GOP. It would unite them in the understanding that they no longer have to even pay lip service to the idea that principles matter. Principles are for losers and winning is all that matters. You should have picked up on that idea when they nominated people like Bush and Dole and McCain and Romney and simply look at what they’ve actually accomplished in the way of opposing the leftists and the growth of the Almighty State, realized that they don’t actually believe any of the stuff they’ve been spouting. With the GOP becoming the party of Trump, they can finally quit pretending they ever gave a crap about any of that nonsense.

      It’s like Hillary and her basket of intolerables remark – the Democrats can now openly trash the working class white male vote and their stupid idea that the way to get ahead is that old-fashioned notion of hard work and clean living and taking responsibility for yourself. There’s now enough oppressed minority victim classes mewling for free shit that they compose a majority of the electorate and if you ain’t an oppressed minority victim they don’t even have to pretend any more to give a shit about you.

  27. The Philippine President may want our troops out, but he’d probably like for the money to keep flowing. A significant percentage of their economy is based on official and unofficial US spending.
    Personally, I’d like to see it all go away.

  28. Clinton’s reluctance to drink water causing tension with her staff:

    Though Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, the real concern is chronic dehydration, sources close to the Democratic nominee told Politico.

    “She won’t drink water, and you try telling Hillary Clinton to drink water,” a source said.
    Clinton abruptly left a 9/11 memorial service in New York on Sunday because she felt “overheated.”

    Video of Clinton leaving the event showed the former secretary of State struggling to walk to her van. At one point she appeared to collapse.

    Sources told Politico that Clinton quickly recovered in the backseat of the air-conditioned van as she drank water and Gatorade.

    Clinton, whose health has been under scrutiny, quickly called campaign staff and family to tell them what happened and assess the political fallout.

    1. I have long suspected that Hillary gets through her life with a heavy amount of day drinking. She just looks like one of those bitter old female alcoholics who mixes vodka in with her lemonade.

      1. Ahem. Lemonade in her vodka…

        1. Clinton: Get me a vodka rocks.

          Staffer: Ma’am, it’s breakfast.

          Clinton: And a piece of toast.

      2. Has anyone done a Hillary/Mallory Archer mashup?

      3. “would it kill her to let some vodka go bad?”

    2. “She won’t drink water, and you try telling Hillary Clinton to drink water,” a source said.

      “Stronger Hydrated”

      1. HYDRATE OR DIE!


      2. “Water? Pshaw. Fish shit in it!”

      3. Water? Like, in a toilet?

    3. Maybe if they offered her “smart water”, she’d change her tune?

    4. appeared to collapse

      At one point the twin towers appeared to collapse.

    5. New conspiracy theory. Obviously she has a mutated strain of rabies and is developing hydrobphobia because of it.

      1. They guy who “discovered” CTE thinks Trump or Putin is poisoning her

        1. Will Smith is a wacko.

    6. “Have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?”

    7. I was reading somewhere that reluctance to drink water has something do with a major medical condition. I forget what it exactly was. Also recall something saying something about parkinsons

      1. I was reading somewhere that reluctance to drink water has something do with a major medical condition.

        Rabies. No really. It’s a symptom of rabies..

        Rabies causes hydrophobia in the encephalitic stage which means when it affects the brain and causes swelling and inflammation of multiple areas of the brain. Hence, it affects the complex swallowing areas in the brain. Initially into the course of the disease, the patient has involuntary contractions of neck muscles when he drinks water. At later stages of disease, the patient starts contracting his muscles even at the thought of water. Rabies virus is a neurotropic virus which means that it travels through nerves because of its preference to attach to acetylcholine receptors in the neurons. That is how the virus spreads from the bite site to the brain(via the nerves).

        1. Another thing about rabies is that once the symptoms show up it’s 100% fatal.

          1. once the symptoms show up it’s 100% fatal.

            Is it?

            1. Is this ethical?

          2. I admire inventive angles to stir up pre-existing controversies. You have found a good one.


            “The early symptoms of rabies include malaise, alternating periods of irritability and anxiety, headache, fever, and sometimes, itching or pain at the site of the bite. Rabies can lead to numbness or paralysis, spasms of the throat muscles, seizures, mental confusion, coma, and death.

            The symptoms usually start 2 to 8 weeks after exposure to a rabid animal

            What is the treatment for rabies?

            There is no treatment for rabies after symptoms start, and the disease is almost always fatal.”

            1. I hope it’s not rabies, and that she has a speedy recovery and is back on the campaign trail soon.

    8. Day-drinking doesn’t preclude good hydration. However, I’ll just throw this out: Chronic dehydration is common among older women who are urinary incontinent. They keep dehydrated so they don’t have anything to pee out. This is not good for their long-term health.

      1. So, the object that fell out of her pant leg was a snap for her Depends!

      2. Chronic dehydration is common among older women who are urinary incontinent. They keep dehydrated so they don’t have anything to pee out.

        So that funny conspiracy theory that Hillary wears all those pantsuits to hide the colostomy bag might actually be plausible? Oh, let it be so!

        1. My comment didn’t address that either way. That’s a completely different condition than UI.

    9. “She won’t drink water, and you try telling Hillary Clinton to drink water,” a source said.

      Are we on the verge of electing a Howard Hughes crackpot to the presidency?

      1. Hillary can fly on the Spruce Goose!

      2. Didn’t Hughes build and sell useful stuff?

      3. Either way, yes

    10. Water is alright in Tay
      For fish and things that swim in rivers

  29. France to bid adieu to plastic dishes with controversial ban

    The new measure, which took effect last month, gives producers until 2020 to ensure that all disposable dishes sold in France are made of biologically sourced materials and can be composted. It follows a ban on plastic bags, in place since July.

    While several other countries and some U.S. states have also banned plastic bags, France appears to be the first country to introduce a blanket ban on plastic dishware. It comes after Paris hosted a landmark conference last year on fighting global warming, and as the Socialist government tries to push France toward the forefront of environmental progress.

    While ecologists’ organizations lauded the French law and hope it sets an example for other countries, opponents argue that product bans hurt consumers, and that the French measures violate European Union rules on free movement of goods.

    1. Oh goodness.

      Now we’re going to see more France Fellation from proggies, as if all the praise they dish out weren’t enough already.

    2. “While ecologists’ organizations lauded the French law and hope it sets an example for other countries, ”

      First, fuck you France. Second, this is exactly why it worries me because it will give ideas to the prog-enviro-whackos. Montreal just ridiculously banned plastic bags like the good faux-wannabe green city it wants to be.

    3. Petrochemical plastics are biologically sourced – they are made out of coal age plants and animals.

      1. They are in fact organic.

  30. Supporters join Trump on stage: We are not deplorable

    At a rally in Asheville, N.C., Trump defended his supporters and knocked the Democratic nominee for painting them as bigots and racists.

    “While her campaign slanders you as deplorables and irredeemables, I call you hard-working Americans patriots that love your country and want a better future for all our people,” Trump said Monday night. “You are everybody. Above all else, you’re Americans and you’re entitled to leadership that honors you, cherishes, you and totally defends you.”

    The real estate mogul was then joined by a handful of supporters who took the stage to explain who they are and why they are supporting Trump.

    One African-American couple came up to the microphone and said that they’ve been serving in public education for a combined 85 years.

    “My wife and I represent non-deplorable people,” the man said. “We are not racists at all.”

    Another woman used her time on stage as an opportunity to bash Clinton.

    “I am probably a lot of things, deplorable is not one of them I assure you,” she said, adding that, “Hillary needs to take a nap.”

    1. One of the dumbest things Hillary could do was insult Trump supporters.

      I know several. They aren’t racists. One has a PhD in physics, and the rest have either master degrees or have their own business.

      They are pissed off at being used. They hate a government that is lawless. They hate a government that keeps fucking them over. And, supporting trump is their way of striking at a political establishment that feeds them shit and harvests the fruits of their labor.

      I think their solution is wrong, and is going to blow up in their faces, but I understand why they have come to this. And calling them “deplorables” is only going to energize them more.

      Hillary thinks she has planted a meme in the heads of people who don’t know who to vote for – a meme that will repel them from Trump. What she doesn’t realize is that she has made the Trump supporters more vocal, and fence sitters who know these vocal trump supporters, who know them to be stand-up, ok guys, will view it as a smear that repels them from Hillary.

      And the best part is that the phenomenon will be obscure to the mass media since it operates outside their channels of communication.

      1. One of the dumbest things Hillary could do was insult Trump supporters.

        I don’t think you get it.

        In 2012 the Democrats ran one of the worst candidates they could, a man who had spent the last 4 years proving that Jimmy Carter was not the most pathetic excuse for a President we’d ever elected – and he won re-election. Remember the stories about how the Democrats had a permanent ruling coalition and there’d never be another Republican president? Reading between the lines, they were saying it no longer mattered what a steaming pile of dog vomit the Democrats put up as a candidate, they would still get elected. And right on cue, here’s Hillary Clinton.

        Plenty of people are saying Hillary is the worst candidate the Dems could have picked – but why? The Dems know exactly what Hillary intends to do as President and they don’t give a shit what kind of candidate she is – the election is a foregone conclusion, a mere formality. Hillary’s horribleness only matters if you think that affects her chances of getting elected – and the Dems are pretty damn sure it doesn’t. Fuck it, they no longer even have to pretend that they’re attempting to appeal to anybody who’s not an automatic Dem vote, because they now have enough automatic Dem votes to win.

        1. Trump is a horrible GOP candidate – but he got more votes than any of the non-horrible GOP candidates so how the hell can you say one of the other candidates would be a better candidate? If they couldn’t beat Trump, how the hell they gonna beat Hillary? It simply doesn’t matter who the GOP picked to run against Hillary, they’re going to lose. And it didn’t matter who the Dems picked to run, they’re going to win. So why should the Dems have bothered picking anybody who appealed to anybody other than the Dems? They just don’t fucking care any more because they don’t have to. Anybody who might possibly be offended by anything Hillary says or does isn’t a vote the Dems need and therefore isn’t a vote they need to care about. And after Hillary, then it will be the Sanderistas turn – it’s going to be an out-and-out dyed-in-the-wool Stalinist next time and that’ll be the end of the American Experiment.

    2. In Asheville?? I’m surprised they could find two Trump supporters to rub together there.

    3. This is why you never directly attack the other side’s supporters. Its never worth it.

      1. *unless they are literally marching in KKK robes across the stage by invite from the candidate. Even then… punch the candidate.

        1. But enough about the Democratic Party convention of 1924…

  31. We’ll show those norks!

    U.S. responds to Nork nuke test with show of force…

    The B-1B doesn’t currently carry nuclear weapons under a disarmament treaty,

  32. Texas Prisoners Sue Over ‘Cruel’ Conditions, Citing Extreme Heat:

    A group of inmates in Texas is suing the state prison system, the nation’s largest, arguing that extreme heat is killing older and infirm convicts. The inmates allege it constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment” and they’re asking the courts for relief.

    The six plaintiffs are doing time in the Wallace Pack Unit, located in the humid pasturelands between Austin and Houston. Daily measurements taken by the National Weather Service show that since the beginning of this summer, the peak heat index has averaged 104 degrees. That’s outside where you might catch a breeze. Inside, inmates say the poorly ventilated, steel and concrete cellblocks are like ovens…….

    Texas prisons are by no means unique. Across the sweltering South, only Arkansas cools its penitentiaries.

    “I don’t think they deserve air conditioning,” says Jim Willett, who worked for 30 years in the Texas prison system, including eight years as a warden. “I don’t think it’s too hot. I’ve worked in those cellblocks for many years, for over a decade. When I was growing up I lived for 20 years without air conditioning. I went to public schools [without] air conditioning. I see absolutely no reason why we should air-condition the prisons in Texas.”

    1. “I don’t think they deserve air conditioning,” says Jim Willett, who worked for 30 years in the Texas prison system, including eight years as a warden. “I don’t think it’s too hot. I’ve worked in those cellblocks for many years, for over a decade. When I was growing up I lived for 20 years without air conditioning. I went to public schools [without] air conditioning. I see absolutely no reason why we should air-condition the prisons in Texas.”

      Two things first thing all right thinking people know it’s getting hotter due as mentioned later in the piece and two fat chance they win this in Texas.

      1. *due to global warming.

      2. *due to global warming.

      3. Assuming they filed in federal court, they’ll win, because the 5th circuit’s already decided on the same thing in Louisiana.

    2. It’s a Reason link already, *slap*

    3. The inmates allege it constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment” and they’re asking the courts for relief.

      “Oh, very well. We’ll drench every cell with fire hoses.”

  33. NCAA pulls 7 postseason events out of NC due to LGBT law

    “This decision is consistent with the NCAA’s long-standing core values of inclusion, student-athlete well-being and creating a culture of fairness,” said Georgia Tech President G.P. “Bud” Peterson, the chair of the board of governors.

    The campaign spokesman for Democrat Roy Cooper, the state’s attorney general and McCrory’s re-election opponent in November, said the law needs to be repealed.

    “It seems that almost every day, we learn of a new consequence of HB2,” spokesman Ford Porter said. “… We need to repeal this law and get our state back on track.”

    1. *sigh*

  34. President Obama plans to veto legislation which would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia

    Thank you Obama for resisting One World Government. No doubt Trump would sign such legislation – putting America at risk of counter suits from other countries.

    1. Ummmm…no.

      FTFA: The legislation gives victims’ families the right to sue in U.S. court[s] for any role that elements of the Saudi government may have played

      The point of suing those people in US courts is that if they get a judgement they can request that the defendant’s US assets get frozen until the judgement is satisfied. Foreigners can already sue Americans in foreign courts with the same result.

  35. This will surely end well.

    Orchard Park, N.Y. ? The Buffalo Bills want New Era Field to be safer than ever before and are taking the necessary measures to make it so.

    The Bills have their first home game of the 2016 season on Thursday night against the New York Jets, and those who head to New Era Field for the game will notice the increased security measures at the stadium. As part of the new plan, a couple dozen SWAT team members, 16 explosive-detecting dogs and seven Bomb Squad members will be employed, according to the Buffalo News.

    In all, more than 250 armed officers will be patrolling New Era Field as part of security measures that were implemented during the preseason. Officials say these measures aren’t meant to impede fans’ experience on game day, but rather for them to have a safer game day.

    Fans are encouraged to get to the gates early to leave time for a more thorough gate-screening process.

    1. I really don’t get why people physically attend major league games anymore. Judging by the astronomical ticket prices, the experience of being funneled in dense crowds, groped, subjected to all sorts of regulations, fleeced and staring at people doing stuff far in the distance are more popular than ever.

      I might attend a professional football game if *they* paid *me* $500. But under that price, no way.

      1. Many year ago I saw the Lions play the Vikings. Top row seats at the old Pontiac Silverdome. Half the time we had no idea what was going on and had to listen to some guy with a radio tell us what happened in the play.

        Also the bathroom was a lonnnng way away, which means a lot when you’ve been chugging beer while tailgating a few hours before the game.

        Speaking of the old Siverdome, you can see it in it’s post-apocalyptic glory before it was torn down:…..e-detroit/

      2. astronomical ticket prices

        In what universe is $25 for a good seat (upper deck, behind home plate – you can clearly see everything but pitch height) astronomical? Because with the exception of a few venues that’s what you’re paying. Beer and food could be cheaper, but that’s what happens when there’s a monopoly.

        Oh, you live near Boston. Yeah, I’d pass too. The outside of the stadium is better than the inside.

    2. My nephew wants to experience a football game and while we’re settling on Boston or Philly, Buffalo was in the mix because of proximity.

      Not anymore. You’re nuts if you think I’m gonna go to a sporting event with SWAT roaming around.


    3. So… No ‘D’ battery and penny beer night?

      1. It’s Nickle Beer Night, and Fiberglass Demo Bat Night too!

  36. FB interaction with guy who claimed health doesn’t matter, look at how great FDR was.

    Me: We need more FDRs to come along. Plowing food into dust to raise prices as people are desperate is a great idea.

    Dude: Shorter (My Name): I don’t economics or pricing AT ALL. Nor the meaning of the word “surplus”.

    1. Did ya hit him with the concentration camps yet?

      1. That one is the money shot. “Tell my wife and daughter how great FDR was again. They would’ve been in those camps.”

    2. And there were no starving people elsewhere in the world that could have benefited from those crops. There were no hungry people in the US.

      1. You mean it’s a bad thing to artificially inflate the price of food in the middle of a great depression where people are starving because they can’t afford enough food?

        1. There were three episodes of malnutrition in the U.S.

          1) During the initial colonization by Europeans. That was bad luck.

          2) The War Between the States. That was war, which is awful, but understandable

          3) The Great Depression. That was insane economic ideas of the progressives. Inexcusable.

          What makes FDR so galling was that he knew what he was doing. You see, that shit was all started by Hoover. It was Hoover trying to prop up agricultural prices by causing food to disappear off the market. And FDR excoriated Hoover during the election campaign for all the damage Hoover’s interventions were causing.

          And then once his fat ass was in the oval office, and his commie wife was scourging the poor white trash of Apalachia with her “help”, he proceeded to take Hoover’s policies to 11.

          1. This was the odd thing about FDR. And the fact that progs think Hoover was laissez-faire and hands off.

            1. How can you be so laissez-faire about this? All the atrocities of history have been very laissez-faire. I once bought a Twix bar that had no biscuit; what a laissez-faire day that was.

      2. Obviously he’s been programmed with this brainwashing and yet pointing out that the end result of his own logic is the destruction of goods produced didn’t cause him to think, “Hey, you know what? That I’m defending a ludicrous end result means I should reexamine my premises.”

        1. They never reexamine their premises. :[

          1. That’s because their premises are just emotions.

  37. President Obama plans to veto legislation which would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for what they insist is the Kingdom’s involvement in aiding some of the 9/11 hijackers.

    Saudi Arabia needs that money to fund Illary’s campaign.

    1. And Hillary needs to take that money from such a misogynistic country so she can continue to fight for women’s rights.

  38. I’m amazed one of the posts isn’t about how Trump has announced how terrible it is that Crooked Hillary has stooped to the level of calling people names and insulting them. No word on how Lying Ted, Low-energy Jeb, Little Marco, Horse-faced Carly, or all the many sad, pathetic, no-talent losers who have criticized the Donald have responded to this outrage. (And by outrage, I mean how outrageous it is that anybody can possibly believe that Trump believes a single word that falls out of his mouth. Trump isn’t the least little bit outraged by what Hillary said – he’s just mad that she’s stealing his main campaign strategy.)

    1. Napoleon famously opined “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

      Trump is definitely following that maxim right now.

      1. Yes. Whoever his new campaign manager is, she has managed to explain to Trump why it matters that he be disciplined, and let Hillary shrivel in the spotlight.

    2. Is this some sort of concern troll? I don’t recall Trump ever deliberately singled out Hillary’s voters for ridicule. That was grade-A stupid on her part, and it’s not like mocking political opponents (and whining about being mocked in turn) is something new.

  39. Following up on Lord Humungus’ post yesterday linking to the gun control whine, I looked at the last quarter’s numbers for Ruger. No long-term debt, lots of assets, good income. P/E is somewhere around 15 if I remember it right. If morons start dumping stocks like that, definitely scoop them up.

    1. Isn’t it Charles C. Johnson that shorts companies that become SJW infested?

    2. I can’t believe the Time editor allowed the phrase “People make bank” in that peice.

  40. Obama’s stated reason for vetoing the 9/11 bill is that he thinks people might sue US diplomats and members of the US military.

    …what? Does he expect people to believe that load of bullshit, or does he just not care anymore?

    1. And the bill would do nothing to prevent that happening in foreign courts. So, certain people would be ill-advised to travel outside the US. Not my problem.

  41. Hillary’s Undercover Nurse?

    I want to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon!

    ‘#Hillary squeezing her nurse’s fingers,’ the user wrote. ‘Clearly, she’s disoriented. Final stages of Parkinson’s disease?’

    1. Um…no. Even if she somehow managed to hide her shaking, the Parkinson’s shuffle is quite distinctive.

      1. I’m an internet commenter, not a doctor!

      2. I’m an internet commenter, not a doctor!

        1. And not a very good one. Damn squirrels.

        2. *Forms protective shield around Private, hog hauls him into van*

          1. Whew. Thanks. Got a little overheated there.

            1. Get ready to turn it back up. Be at Chelsea’s in a second. I think she’ll just be getting out of the shower.

    1. Cutting back and forth between the different cameras ruined most of the shots and the effect the raw footage would have had. If you must show multiple angles, let each play out fully, then move to the next camera. I want to see physics in action, not the editor having a seizure.

  42. Willfully, or willingly?

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