Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia, French Authorities Charge Woman With ISIS Plot, Secession Protests in Spain: A.M. Links


  • Zdenek Gazda/Twitter

    After Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 event in New York City early, her doctors said she has pneumonia. Donald Trump mostly stayed out of the news cycle while attending the same event. Jill Stein says she wouldn't have had Osama bin Laden killed. Gary Johnson needs to average 25 percent in the next two polls to qualify for the presidential debates.

  • The children of Martin Luther King, Jr. have prevented any artifacts that belonged to the civil rights leader from being displayed in the Smithsonian's new National Museum of African-American History and Culture.
  • Authorities in France charged a woman with allegedly plotting an ISIS attack on the Notre Dame cathedral.
  • A blogger in Russia was arrested for inciting hatred and offending religious sensibilities after playing Pokemon in a church.
  • Hundreds of thousands of protesters demonstrated in Spain in favor of Catalan independence.
  • At least 11 people are dead after a magnitude 5.9 earthquake in Tanzania.
  • Several NFL players from teams all over the league joined Colin Kaepernick in taking a knee during the national anthem yesterday.

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  1. After Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 event in New York City early, her doctors said she has pneumonia.

    All this means is that Hillary is uniquely qualified to assess the country’s health care needs!

    1. 83 Degrees melts Hillary’s beams

      1. Well now that’s too soon on many levels.

        1. Can sub-human vermin get pneumonia and allergies?

      2. Everyone knows pantsuits can’t generate enough heat to melt cankles!

      3. Chuck Schumer was sweaty, therefore it was hot!

        -seen as an excuse on the interwebz

        1. A congressman said it was stifling hot, that he sweated through his shirt, and that he had to drink a half-gallon of water after the ceremony.

          1. A congressman said it was stifling hot, that he sweated through his shirt, and that he had to drink a half-gallon of water after the ceremony lied.


          2. We have a phrase for 80 degree weather in Texas: cool autumn temperatures.

            1. Exactly. Boston Strong, Tough New Yorkers? They seem like a bunch of bitches to me. Go outside and run an open station backhoe in 100 degrees and 50% humidity all day you fucking pansies and stop whining because the subway station is sweltering at 85.

              Gutless, whiny pussies.

              1. It gets legitimately, stiflingly, Houston-type hot around here for a random 20-25 days or so each summer. Yesterday was not one of those days.

                1. Saturday was legitimately awful, one of the most uncomfortable days of this year despite being below 90. (or I was just feeling really bloated and sweaty, that could be it) But Sunday was beautiful, and I imagine was quite nice close to the water down at WTC.

              2. Hillary is not actually a New Yorker. Nobody else in NY thought it was too hot yesterday.

              3. 50% humidity? Sounds like a dream.

                We had some days of 99% humidity last month where going outside felt like getting waterboarded.

                1. We had some days of 99% humidity last month where going outside felt like getting waterboarded.

                  Our long stretch of very humid weather seems to have finally ended. Today I was finally able to peel my scrotum off of my inner thigh for the first time in weeks. Truly a glorious day.

                  1. You gotta throw some cornstarch in there, homie.

                    1. Grease the axel

                2. Some days of 99% humidity?

                  Atlanta is at at 99% humidity nearly year round.

              4. Gutless, whiny pussies.

                Kind of how we feel about Texans when the state grinds to a halt because they happened to get an inch of snow on the roads that lasted for all of a half a day.

                1. A lifelong Texan, I have to say “Guilty as charged”. We do get more ice than snow, tho.

                2. Yeah, southerners are in no position to call northerners pussies about weather. And vice versa to a large extent.

                3. First snow of the season here always brings out the transplants and puts them off the road and into the ditch. “but I drive an SUV!”

                4. New Mexicans are worse than that. We freak out when it just rains.


                5. “Kind of how we feel about Texans when the state grinds to a halt because they happened to get an inch of snow on the roads that lasted for all of a half a day.”

                  To be fair, an inch of snow, with accompanying ice, would be enough to turn a whole state full of drivers like Texans into one huge dodge-em arena.

            2. In the NY area we call that “slightly above average for early September.”

            3. It was quite the pleasant day here in Balmer, I seriously doubt it was hotter in NYC. Of course, I wasn’t wearing a burlap pantsuit.

              1. No, yesterday was the first nice day in a couple weeks. By nice I mean under 85 degrees and under 75% humidity.

          3. It was about 75 degrees F with low humidity. She didn’t overheat.

          4. It wasn’t water, and he would have drunk even it even if the weather were cold.

        2. That’s nothing. I had some dumbass on Salon explain that the number of people there acted as a furnace with every person adding a BTU to the localized temperature and creating a heat island likely to raise the local temperature by 20 degrees.

          I guess that’s why everybody shows up to football games in Green Bay in December wearing shorts and tank tops. Otherwise they’d be feinting from the heat.

          1. Otherwise they’d be feinting from the heat.

            What, they’d pretend to attack because of the heat?


            1. Fuck you.

          2. feinting from the heat.

            So you’re saying this is some kind of deception plan?

            Feint :make a deceptive or distracting movement, typically during a fight.

            Remember …aluminum foil is almost worthless as a brain protector, I always use grounded copper wire to line my hats.

            1. Fuck you.

            2. Just like in Return of the Jedi: “It was I who let that video footage be released! Your friends are walking into a trap! An entire legion of my best illegal immigrant voters awaits them!”

          3. That sounds like something my four year old would make up.

              1. That was a combo with the two “fuck you”s above. No offense was meant by them. I just wanted to post that.

          4. Funny that Trump was there wearing a suit and probably the same type of body armor as Hillary and didn’t have to be dragged into his transportation like a sack of potatoes.

            The best part about this is that all the spinning by Hillary’s bobbleheads just acknowledges that her health is shot, regardless of how they explain it. If I’m Trump, I’d release a tweet saying “Glad to see Hillary’s out and about. Health records release at 11 am today, showing why I was able to stand the nauseatingly hot/humid temps at the ceremony.”

            1. “I wouldn’t worry about Hillary’s health. It’s not like DC is known for heat and humidity.”

              1. I’d stay above the fray until the debate. Let her surrogates be on every single news program for two weeks saying how she is only temporarily sick. And let your supporters not affiliated with the campaign do the dirty work of dredging back up every cough, fAint and episode from the last four years, all the way back to her concussion and missed months of work (including tying the emails back into the narrative by bringing up her FBI testimony about not even being able to work full time as SOS for months).

                Then drop the hammer on her at the debate.

                1. Indeed. He gains nothing by opening his mouth to do anything but wish Hillary a quick recovery.

                  This is his opening to seize the campaign and he needs to let his organization do the dirty work for once.

              2. …can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. I’ve got to get this detector checked out, I think the filter might be clogged.

                1. That was @ KDN’s first reply. Stupid threading.

          5. One of the memes I’ve seen is that this is all Trump’s fault. If Hillary tells the truth then that meanie Trump will say “see I told you so.” If she doesn’t tell the truth, it’ll reinforce his argument that she’s a liar.

            Thank goodness that, once she becomes president, HRC won’t have to face any tough men anywhere in the world.

            1. That terrible Trump man, makin’ her tell lies!

            2. She’ll be honest with us once she’s actually won the presidency. You can be SURE of that!

              1. We have to elect her to see what’s in…


                1. Spiders. Millions of spiders.

          6. I had some dumbass on Salon explain that the number of people there acted as a furnace with every person adding a BTU to the localized temperature and creating a heat island likely to raise the local temperature by 20 degrees.

            You found a climate change denialist!

    2. I wonder what she really has, because it isn’t pneumonia.

      1. Maybe her deal with the devil is coming due soon and he’s reminding her of her mortality.

      2. Parkinson’s

      3. My 70 year old mom has coughing fits and falls down alot. She’s a serious alcoholic. Maybe Hillary is too?

        1. That sucks. I hope she gets the help she needs.

        2. There’s a story of Hillary drinking McCain under the table, so that wouldn’t surprise me.

      4. Healthers. All of you are healthers.

        1. Misogynists too. Noticing that Hillary is ill–even after her doctors admit as much–plainly proves that you hate wimmenz and think they should all be in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant!

      5. How do I know she doesn’t have pneumonia? Because she said she has pneumonia.

        Look, she said she merely “wasn’t feeling well” and when that was exposed as a lie she went with the “overheated” and when that was exposed as a lie she went with “pneumonia” – and you believe that’s not a lie because….why? Hillary always lies, about everything, and when you catch her in a lie she’ll make up a new one and she’ll keep making up new lies until she finds one halfway plausible enough that you’ll stop bugging her about it.

        I’ve heard people mentioning the fact that her doctor prescribed antibiotics as evidence that her pneumonia is bacterial pneumonia – an infectious form – and the fact that she was out there in public coughing in people’s faces is a sign of just how little Hillary cares about anybody other than herself, when the fact that she’s out there in public coughing in people’s faces could also be interpreted as evidence that she doesn’t have an infectious illness. She’s lying.

        But it doesn’t really matter – the DNC is meeting and discussing the issue and Hillary’s going to withdraw from the race “for the good of the country” and Joe Biden’s going to take her place. And when Trump sees the new poll numbers and withdraws from the race “even though I clearly would have won and all you losers know it but I just remembered I had something really important to do, uh, somewhere else ” and the RNC replaces Trump with John Boehner – well hello President Biden.

        1. First three paragraphs are spot-on. What naive fool takes a Clinton at their word in 2016?

          As for what will happen, I don’t see her dropping out of the race, too much inertia this point.

          1. She’ll never drop out of the race. She’s a sociopath and a narcissist. She’s never at any point showed a willingness to give up any shred of power she possesses for the good of anyone but herself.

            She was putting it out that if the FBI had indicted, she still wasn’t going to drop out of the race (since she wasn’t legally required to do so).

            1. ” She’s never at any point showed a willingness to give up any shred of power she possesses for the good of anyone but herself.”

              As much as I hate Hillary, this could be said about almost any politician.

      6. She’s rotten to the core, that’s what she has. Large bags of puss don’t stay rigid at temperatures over about 50 degrees F.

      7. Something neurological. And she was given another dose prednisone or solu-medrol at her daughter’s apartment, which improves nerve conduction and increases energy. But it also suppresses the immune system, which would make her more vulnerable to pneumonia.

        Also, having a neurological illness would make her more sensitive to heat (because nerve conduction is poor when temperatures rise). It also explains why she would take yoga – that helps balance.

        Makes sense – right? She does have pneumonia – but only as a side effect from taking prednisone. Which she takes for her original illness – some neurological malady.

    3. At this point, potential Democratic voters should really be asking whether they think Tim Kaine would be a good president, because it’s highly doubtful Clinton will make it through her first year in office.

      1. Year? How about the first month.

      2. Is that because John Hinckley Jr was just released?


      3. That’s certainly a legitimate concern, and it’s looking more likely why a bland but reliable DNC crony like Kaine was picked rather than the pandering choice such as Warren (who’d, heh, go off the reservation immediately against Hillary’s Wall Street funding network) or Julian Castro (who was simply a figurehead as mayor of San Antonio, given their city manager style of government, and probably couldn’t run a lemonade stand much less the whole country).

      4. She’d boot poor Zach Taylor in his honored position.

    4. I think she may have blown a gear or something.

      Seriously, what the fuck is that? Did somebody forget to replace the cover when they changed her batteries?

      1. Honestly it looked as if her brain short circuited, I think this is more evidence in favor of the Android Hillary Theorem.

        1. Come on now, we all know Hillary is an Apple product

          1. That actually explains the all the constant updated versions and a shitty OS which is masked by a kick ass marketing campaign.

            1. If it were Apple, the design would be a bit sexier, though.

              1. If it were Apple, the design would be a bit sexier, though.

                Although it does explain the color.

            2. My apple devices all work fine and I’ve never had one of them try to steal from me under penalty of imprisonment.

              1. iHillary may have been the master plan behind the Justice Dept going after Apple for a cracking app.

              2. Your emails would be better protected on your Apple devices as well.

          2. I’m going with Samsung. Apple products are at least usually attractive.

          3. Oh, c’mon. Apple products have ALWAYS looked better than that. That’s an IBM product. Or maybe HP.

        2. The first cyborgs were prone to errors and overheating.

        1. We have another healther here.

          1. “Healther”

            I like that.

            Now, off for the rest of the day at mundane tasks for me.

            1. mundane tasks for me

              Ironing lederhosen, polishing alpenhorns, melting cheese for fondue, being on time to places, hoarding Nazi gold, other euphemisms.

              1. You forgot polishing his halberd. Interpret that as you wish.

                1. I think I am actually going to buy a halberd this month.
                  They are relatively cheap on Amazon.

        2. Has anyone (not just the Reason commentariat, but the professional talking heads who get PAID to speculate) mentioned the demeanor of her entourage yesterday?

          I know that the SS doesn’t exactly exude emotion or become hysterical unless bullets are flying, but not all of those people in the video are SS, are they? What struck me was the nonchalance of everyone. No one looking at her and asking, “are you okay?” It was more like, “okay, here we go again.”

          Which leads to the question that if a dozen people know what’s going on, how long before something is leaked to the press?

          1. Which leads to the question that if a dozen people know what’s going on, how long before something is leaked to the press an unusual breakout of suicides happens?


          2. As if the press would not bury it.

            These who were clutching their pearls that she someone dared to ask her about the e-mail scandal in a non-deferential manner.

          3. I think the people that get paid to speculate would like to continue to get paid and have learned to avoid certain topics.

          4. This is the part that puts the lie to any explanations. If you had someone who is just under the weather, and started to pass out, you would support them until they were feeling better, aThis is the part that puts the lie to any explanations. If you had someone who is just under the weather, and started to pass out, you would support them until they were feeling better, and make sure they were all right. You wouldn’t immediately form a phalanx and maneuver their limp body into a waiting vehicle, unless you were trying to hide something.

            1. Your comment seems to be suffering from some sort of advanced squirrel infection, possibly squirrel-pneumonia.

          5. Aside from the fact that they had a high-value target out in the open for several minutes waiting for the van? That kind of shouts that they are more worried about her medical condition than following protocol.

          6. ? What struck me was the nonchalance of everyone. No one looking at her and asking, “are you okay?” It was more like, “okay, here we go again.”


            The guy in the gray suit. He didn’t examine her for a moment. If someone was swaying or unexpectedly incapacitated, and I was trying to figure out what was going on, I would look them over in an attempt to gauge what was happening.

            Instead he just smoothly moved in and grabbed her arm while everyone else moved in the shield her from view.

            And they did not take her to the hospital. Heatstroke or pneumonia are serious conditions. Heat stroke kills people if not treated properly. Jim Henson died from pneumonia because he and his family held off going to the hospital too long.

            1) They knew what was wrong.
            2) They were confident that what they had on hand would remedy it.

            Ergo she’s in really bad shape.

            I’m actually sad. I want her to go humiliatingly like David Carradine did, not drop dead from her health – since I want her supporters to be embarrassed by her not seeing her as some martyr to the stress caused by her unfair political opponents.

          7. the media does now have an excuse for what was believed to be an medical injections device. the SS is claiming it was a flashlight. I don’t know too many people who carry flash lights around in the middle of the day though and if they do for work they keep it on their belt.

        3. She had pneumonia in February (when that happened) too, OBVIOUSLY.

          1. That may well have been it. Being prone to getting pneumonia isn’t really a very good sign.

            1. to many pneumonia incidence and lots of caughing leads to COPD and or a failing heart my mother had similar issues turned out her heart was working at 20%. I think Hillary is putting of heart surgery until after the election. lying to herself in order to be elected is a big risk but when you owe the devil your soul does it really matter when you die as long as your in the history books forever

              1. Well, at least she didn’t pick Elizabeth Warren Or Bernie Sanders as her running mate.

        4. Interesting comment:


          Aug. 8, 2016 at 1:13pm

          Hey, there is one thing about this woman that needs to be stated more often that it has been ? she has epilepsy or something similar!
          I HAVE EPILEPSY! Even though I’ve not had a seizure in over 15 years? I would never put myself in a position of power like the presidency either ? also for good friggin’ reason.
          The main reason aside from meds I haven’t had a seizure? I make sure I AVOID specific situations? lots of flashing lights, specific types of stress, other things to lengthy to go into detail.
          She can’t avoid those situations. Camera flashes everywhere. Too many people talking to her at once. Super stressful situations with multiple parties making hard decisions. Chess-type thinking (lots of different possibilities, trying to solve forward), etc.
          I used to be her ? I know the signs ? she isn’t even half as good as I used to be at trying to pas off my small ‘jitters’ and such. She is having petit mal seizures on a regular basis, on live broadcasts. I guarantee you that is why she doesn’t want big press conferences. Too much light in the face, flashes, and too many people from too many directions at once.
          It isn’t just a matter of being a liar and a crook, she MUST not be the president. She is not stable enough to be the president.
          It isn’t cruel or being unfair, it is a disorder that is inherently outside that position.

        5. She has MS or Parkinson’s. She takes cortisteroids for the neurological condition. Cortisteriods also suppress the immune system and she catches pneumonia.

      2. I imagine it has been quite a while since Bill changed Hillary’s oil. No wonder she’s blown a gasket.

        1. *throws up*

          REPORT AS SPAM!

    5. Pneumonia is a contagious disease, especially for the first 24 – 48 hours. Please point out the media outlet that highlighted all the people she put at risk with her reckless behavior. Little girl photo op anyone?

      1. I did laugh pretty hard when I saw people take this position on the diagnosis.

      2. So when the little kid dies later this week, will you all finally admit that she’s telling the truth???

        1. That kid was touched by Herself. The child may still be walking around, but she is already dead.

          1. She’s got maybe 60, 70 years left, tops.

    6. Hello.

      These links are making me thirsty.

      1. IOW, “These pixels are making me thirsty!” *slams countertop*

    7. From AoS:

      If someone was unsteady on their feet and needed to be propped up, then buckled and fell, wouldn’t you take that person to the hospital?

      You would — unless this was a fairly frequent occurrence you had just gotten used to dealing with in-house.

      1. That’s me every time I see deep dish.


        1. Just don’t call it pizza.

    8. I patiently await apologies from all the members of the MSM who labeled this a conspiracy theory from rightwing misogynists…

      1. Josh Barro ? @jbarro
        I’m not sure it’s right, but there’s an argument to be made that this episode will improve Clinton’s image.
        Josh Barro ? @jbarro
        It shows her doing her best to grit her teeth and work hard even with pneumonia. And it’s humanizing, relatable.
        6:11 PM – 11 Sep 2016 ? New York, USA, United States

        1. Once again, the word you are looking for is “lying.” The Clinton camp is lying about her health, just as they were about the email server. How hard is it to just say that?

          1. This is a 9/11 conspiracy.

        2. Barro’s a simple hack who’s echoing Patton Oswalt’s stupid tweet about how “badass” this supposedly makes her. It’s pretty obvious from the coverage on this, though, that Hillary’s Praetorian Guard in the media are irritated as hell with her. She could have neutered all the #HillarysHealth stuff fairly quickly by acknowledging weeks ago that, yes, she has been feeling under the weather at times and letting them spin it for her. Instead, her campaign brushed it off as a conspiracy theory despite the plethora of visual evidence out there, forcing her media flacks to take the line that there was nothing there. Now she strokes out on a normal late-summer day in NYC and now they have to waste energy trying to explain this away instead of getting their pre-debate narrative on lockdown. And all because she’s such a paranoid control freak that she can’t even keep her most important allies in the loop for fear of going off-message.

          1. Comedians are *supposed* to be sharp. Guess not.

        3. Except gritting one’s teeth and powering through is not a winning tactic with pneumonia. I know from personal experience.

      2. Not MSM, but here you go

        1. a bystander took a video that will almost certainly fuel the rabid conspiracy theorists for months to come.

          Oh FFS.

          1. I mean, when the official word is that she was overheated in the tropical sauna that is a northern Mid-Atlantic city in 82 degree weather, and then her own doctor says she has pneumonia, and then nobody acts as if her people didn’t tell yet another lie to cover something up, isn’t that the definition of conspiracy?

          2. Well, it is kinda true. I mean, how many different diagnoses have yu seen in the last 20 hours or so? And yes, some of them will turn out to be conspiracy theories.

            That doesn’t change the fact that her health is now a serious issue that will possibly derail her campaign.

            1. My favorite was when AP (?) claimed they couldn’t verify if the blonde in the video was Hillary.

              1. Go on HuffPo or Salon. You’ve still got people saying she merely stumbled and that she must have dozed off and was actually sliding off the bollard instead of going under. Nevermind they are dragging her like they’re doing a Weekend At Bernies remake and they toss her in the van like a piece of luggage. They refuse to admit it was anything most people haven’t experienced in their life.

              2. and the first article on NBC of Hillary overheating included cell phone footage of Hillary standing around talking to other people and generally looking fine while assumedly waiting for the motorcade to show up.

                Except the caption said that the cell phone footage was of her arriving at the memorial service. Ya gotta read the fine print.

            2. Nothing will derail her campaign, the Democrats and their media mouthpieces will drag her bloated corpse across the finish line and into the White House.

          3. Imagine if that guy hadn’t happened to be there to take the video. There would be NO story.

            1. Which kinda makes me wish I was the guy that had taken the video. I’d have sat on it long enough for her to concoct her bullshit story (read: lie) and then started dialing for dollars. I figure that little gem would have been worth seven figures easily on today’s market. Especially if it refuted a lie they had made up to cover up her “episode”.

              1. Just be sure to let them know “by the way if I have any sudden “accidents” there are several folks with copies who will instantly release them”.

              2. Why do people just give away videos like that? Seems he could have gotten at least 5 figures for it.

                1. Patriotism, biiiiiiitch.

                  Kidding. I have no idea.

              3. Well, bit of a prisoner’s dilemma situation. There is at least one other angle of the incident, isn’t there? Whoever shot that held off for a while, perhaps hoping to get paid. In today’s world and at an event like that, it’s likely you will have competition for what you shot.

            2. They will now start restricting people from taking videos within a certain perimeter of Herself to make the coverups easier next time.

              1. She’ll restrict her public appearances to two party consent states from here on out and have the local cops toss anybody in the slammer that dares record her. Sure the laws are unconstitutional but the penalty is the process. And nobody wants to get taken on a nickel ride on the off chance they see her have a meltdown.

              2. for safety purposes, that is. The flashlight app is like a ray gun

        2. “SaveTheIntegras. My desk doesn’t have a VTEC option
          Ashley Feinberg
          9/11/16 3:15pm

          Oh boy the tin foil hat crowd is gonna have a feast with this one”

          Save Harambe.

          1. Is that quote Acura-te?

            1. Booo!

            2. You should be Vigor-ously beaten for that.

              1. Definitely outside his Element.

                1. On a fishing Expedition!

      3. “Chuck Shumer’s shirt changed color!!! It was a hot 82!!! There was NO BREEZE!!!”

        “Mrs. Clinton has pneumonia.”


        1. “She slipped on horse manure. When will de Blasio get rid of those fecken horses?!”

        2. Chuck Shumer’s shirt changed color!!

          Moob sweat.

      4. The MSM must know that she is lying, otherwise wouldn’t all these people be a bit upset that the candidate exposed them to an infectious disease is the closed environment of an aircraft cabin?

  2. The Correct the Record trolls are going to be busy today. Coffee up, Tony.

    1. And their preferred tactic of *correction* is applying the tu quoque.

  3. Donald Trump mostly stayed out of the news cycle while attending the same event.

    Is he learning?

    1. Trump On Hillary: ‘I Hope She Gets Well Soon. I Don’t Know What’s Going On’

      Concern Trumping

    2. His response on Fox news was actually kind of “presidential”.

      1. Isn’t it amazing how low the presidential bar has fallen in the last few decades?

  4. 228) Good God, the left-wing is still going with the narrative–Does “Overheating” Episode Suddenly Turn Clinton’s Health Into a Legitimate Concern?

    This shit is unbelievable: “Apocalyptic warnings about Hillary Clinton’s health have long been the purview of conspiracy theorists.” Look morons, by pretending her health was no big deal until the evidence is irrefutable, you’ve just proved all those conspiracy theorists and far right-wingers correct. I realize your behavior is modeled straight from the Queen of Lies herself, but do you not understand the more you try to downplay it, the more you shred your credibility? “Overheating?” “Pneumonia?” By this point, my guess is she has the Black Death.

    “This additional scrutiny could also affect Trump, who has also been very reticent about releasing details about his own health.” Jesus. Let me help you out, campaign geniuses: Your candidate can’t appear in public without suffering a coughing fit or a fall?the last thing you want to do right now is suggest voters contrast her frailness with Trump’s vigor.

    1. The cover ups continue. And the questionable judgment of going out with “pneumonia”.

      That is what Trump should be hammering, not directly on her health issues.

      Parkinson’s is a bitch.

      1. She isn’t “going out” with pneumonia. Nobody goes into those type of convulsions from pneumonia. And nobody goes back out two hours later looking (from the safe distance they kept her from reporters) fresh as a daisy for ten seconds without some serious pharmaceutical assistance.

        There is something seriously wrong with her. I’m leaning in the direction of a hardcore drug addiction mixed with some lingering brain trauma issues.

        1. You can black out from coughing from pneumonia.

      2. Even if she has Parkinson’s, how much sympathy am I supposed to have for her? She’s made the world a much worse place, so I don’t have any. Maybe I’m an asshole.

        1. She is the architect of the shitshow that is the Libya “not war,” and would almost certainly start another war or two in the Middle East that would result in thousands (or more) of civilian casualties, for one thing. I can’t say I have much sympathy.

          1. Right? Since when is decency given to warmongers?

          2. I don’t know. I comfort myself with the thought that we’re rapidly running out of Middle Eastern countires we can start wars with. So, you know, we’ve got that going for us.

            1. Still plenty left?

              If we go with the MENA definition, we have Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco.

          3. Trump needs to burnish his image by looking empathetic, kind, caring. That’s why he should not talk health issues.

            I am as minimally sympathetic as the rest of you hard assess. The question is what is politic to do. Fake sympathy for the win. Duh!!

    2. Well, it wasn’t overheating, because it was 75 degrees and low humidity, and nobody was trying to cool her down or remove her jacket or anything else you would do for someone who was overheating. And it isn’t pneumonia because you don’t just recover for 90 minutes and then stage a hug with a kid, at that age you go to the hospital if you have pneumonia bad enough it makes you collapse. So I have to wonder what the fuck is really going on at this point.

      1. Well for one thing, it’s a safe bet that “Chelsea’s apartment” is a make shift medical facility.

        1. And Victor Wong hides in closet with magic medicine made of ground-up orangs and orphans. Its only thing that works anymore.

      2. what the fuck

        Name checks out. 😉

      3. All she had to do was recover long enough that she could fake it for the minute it took to hug the kid and walk to the car. 90 minutes is enough time to do that.

    3. My theory is that her insides are eating her up because of the guilt she carries.

      It’s the Tell-Tale Heart Clinton style.

      1. Nevermore shall I listen to your theories, Rufus.

      2. See SugarFree’s “story” below – it’s as close as we are going to get to the truth.

        1. Ooooh, thanks for the warning!

      3. Sociopaths don’t feel guilt, Rufus.

    4. Look morons, by pretending her health was no big deal until the evidence is irrefutable, you’ve just proved all those conspiracy theorists and far right-wingers correct.

      They really don’t understand how labeling any and all questioning/dissent to be beyond the pale only serves to marginalize ordinary, middle-of-the-road sort of people by lumping them in with extremists and actual conspiracy theorists.

    5. Reminds me of 2004(?) when that Democrat running for president knocked up one of his campaign workers while his wife has cancer or whatever. The connection? Two egomaniacs who know they have a secret that will disqualify them from the presidency in the eyes of the voters, but barrel forward anyway.

    6. To be perfectly fair, Trump is not the picture of health my grandfather was at 70 (he competed in marathons until 76, when he broke his hip on a hike), but he’s never looked any frailer than my grandfather did at 82.

    7. She has TB

  5. Refineries forced to pay record indulgences

    “(Reuters) US oil refiners, beset by the weakest profit margins in six years, have been laying off workers, revamping operations and ratcheting up pressure on regulators and lawmakers to tweak the renewable fuel program, whose costs have ballooned.

    The top 10 US independent refiners look set to take a record hit on renewable fuel credits this year. They spent $1.1 B on the credits in the first half of the year, just short of a record $1.3 B in all of 2013.

    Refiners without operations dedicated to selling blended fuels to consumers, must purchase credits to prove compliance with US clean-fuel mandates.”


    1. By lowering the ethanol mandate from 10% to 8%, thus reducing the diversion of corn from food to fuel, the US government could dramatically lower food prices around the world and save thousands of lives. Why does Obama hate starving poor people so much?

      1. Because, what will life be like for those poor souls if the earth warms by 70 degrees celsius and the oceans boil? No, it’s better that they die of starvation before we face those horrors.

      2. Apparently he doesn’t hate starving my poor people at all. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that he loves starving the bastards.

      3. If millions of brown people need to die for the proggies to feel good about themselves, then so be it.

    2. Topical repost – solid read: http://www.bloomberg.com/featu…..l-factory/

      1. Thanks, slumbrew. I am in the industry, but I hadn’t heard that one in such detail before. There are lots of charlatans, but also some respectable companies. Most of the good ones are focused on making chemicals because fuels are just too damned cheap – without RINs.

    3. Yeah, that’s the great thing about government mandates. When conditions change to the point that shit like the RFS turns into huge, crippling penalties instead of nudges in the right direction, the reaction times in getting the rules tuned to the current economy are so slow that they might as well not bother.

  6. Jill Stein says she wouldn’t have had Osama bin Laden killed.

    SHE WOULD HAVE DONE IT HERSELF. With her economic plan.

  7. After Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 event in New York City early, her doctors said she has pneumonia.

    That’s a funny way of spelling “congestive heart failure.”

    1. pneuaorta, please.

    2. Meh, it’s a very serious illness that could explain what we’ve seen, and is perfectly capable of being fatal in a senior citizen. Not gonna go truther on that at this point.

      1. Having had walking pneumonia, I doubt it. You go from feeling healthy to the walking dead in about 24 hours. Any normal person would cancel all events upon the first show of symptoms. This seems to be something she deals with on a recurrent basis and therefore does not modify her schedule much.

      2. Given that she and her campaign have lied on every issue that she has been scrutinized on, i don’t think its ‘truther’ to disbelieve and believe its something worse. I remember a story that illustrated this well. Something like a boy and a wolf, but this time in reverse.

        1. Hillary is the wolf?

          1. I was thinking the boy who didn’t cry wolf and alot of villagers got eaten so no one trusts him anymore…. but yeah

  8. Authorities in France charged a woman with allegedly plotting an ISIS attack on the Notre Dame cathedral.


    1. Run, Logan 6!

      1. I wish the Capitol Building looked liked it did in that movie

  9. “Jill Stein says she wouldn’t have had Osama bin Laden killed.”

    Just tickled lightly.

    1. Bring out the fluffy pillow!!!

  10. Police: Man stole 300,000 pennies

    Robert E. Napolitan, 34, 99 Novitski Road, wheeled the steel drum, which weighed more than 1,600 pounds, on a hand truck across a dusty floor at Pyne Freight Lines Inc. on Union Street on Monday, Sgt. William Roche and Patrolman Eugene Mentz said in an affidavit. Tracks through the dust and a trail of pennies marked his path.

    Mr. Napolitan had a key to the building’s back door and informed a company dispatcher he would be there late at night during the Labor Day holiday weekend to remove parts from a disabled Dodge Durango. Security camera footage captured his white Jeep Cherokee pulling in at 2:30 a.m. Monday but did not show he worked on the Dodge.

    Police searched his Jeep and found 89 pennies underneath the seats and floor mats. Mr. Napolitan admitted he stole the pennies, police said. In addition to burglary, he also is charged with criminal trespass, theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property ? all felonies.

    1. That seems a lot of work to steal a measly $3,000

      1. They’re worth more melted, right? I remember arguing with two co-workers once about a guy who stole a whole truck full of nickels. My position was that it was a dumb theft because it’d be more work to turn them into usable cash that it was worth.

    2. Ok, in the “dumb criminal” department: I am defending someone for trespass (still a misdemeanor here, not a felony). But here’s the thing: He stood outside the alleged victim’s house and pooped (I think he was really drunk), opened the window screen with his thumb nail, stumbled into the poop while getting in the window, and then tracked poop-footprints to his hiding spot in the basement of the house. The police report has photos of the poop-footprints. It’s disgustingly hilarious.

      Side note: he also could have been charged with: home invasion, possession of MJ, possession of MJ paraphernalia, and breaking and entering.

      1. That is quite the story. If I had to clean up the poopy footprints I would be incensed that he was only charged with trespassing.

    3. I read this as penises. I may have problems.

      1. You’ve just been over-exposed to H and R, is the reason.

  11. Several NFL players from teams all over the league joined Colin Kaepernick in taking a knee during the national anthem yesterday.

    They were simply tebowing for their former colleague’s successfulish transition.

    1. What is it that these guys want to happen, exactly? Do they even know?

      1. Awareness, dumbass. Awareness.

        They want awareness to people can be aware of what’s going on. Because once they’re aware they can make a difference. By awareness.

        1. It is about time we have a conversation about race in America.

          1. Not for nothing, but the Chiefs CB, Marcus Peters, (who raised a fist, rather than took a knee) said this issue is about police conduct as much as race:

            “I feel that what was going on in law enforcement, it does need to change. It does need to change for all, equal opportunities for everybody, not just us as black Americans. I feel that over the past year it’s been displayed what’s been going on across America and over across the world. Just on my piece, I don’t think nothing’s being done about it.”

        2. ‘What are they doing, daddy?’
          ‘I’m not sure. Shut up and get me more of those simulated bacon bits’.

        3. Ah, yes, awareness. I see.

      2. Meh. Stupid reasons to refrain from observing the stupidity of flag-idolatry are ultimately still doing a good thing.

        1. And still stupid.

        2. I’m not reading the article but I hope they got their asses booed off the field.

      3. GET WOKE YO!

      4. What is it that these guys want to happen, exactly?

        They want the leftards who control the media to give them a job when their football careers are over.

      5. What is it that these guys want to happen, exactly?

        We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages”…

        1. Comically, there is no reason why people can’t support extended families.

          Well, except for the money sucked out of the lower and middle middle class’ pockets through taxation that effectively prevents them from the sorts of surplus needed to provide meaningful support to those they would choose to help.

          1. I don’t think they’re talking about extended families like you or I would understand them. I think they’re talking about some commie horseshit.

            1. I think they’re talking about some commie horseshit.

              Of course they are. Because if they actually cared about helping their community, they’d just do it instaed of demanding others do it for them.

  12. Football is back, some very good games this weekend. Redskins are going to kick some yinzer ass tonight. Cowboys pissing all over themselves was fun.

    1. Like the Cowboys-Giants game, the only just outcome of Steelers-WFT would be a meteor hitting the stadium.

      Also, Carson Wentz is obviously going to end up as the greatest QB ever to grace an NFL field*.

      * Okay, maybe hyperbole. He looked good though.

      1. I’ll give it to you guys you looked impressive, but it was the Browns so it was basically like a 5th preseason game.

        1. Oh, I know that. But he was making the right reads and he didn’t screw up. Given that he only played in one preseason game and didn’t practice with the first team until the last week before the season started, it was pretty much everything you could’ve asked for from him.

          1. No doubt. Your defense is probably the most complete in the east, and given how terrible Dallas and New York looked yesterday I think you guys probably won’t be nearly as bad as some people thought.

      2. Matthews is the most frustrating catcher and dropper of balls ever.


      1. With a single-word comment, Slammer reveals that he has at least one facial tattoo.

        1. LOL it’s a tattooed eyepatch

      2. Yes! This is gonna be a good season. And finally, a coach with the cojones to go for the win. Great game.

        1. I think statistics support going for two over playing for overtime, so it was nice to see a coach finally do it. Plus, do you really want Brees with the football in OT?

          1. It made sense judging by the way the game was going the game would probably have been one on the coin toss, since both teams were scoring at will.

          2. I didn’t want to see Brees get the football with 0:47 still on the clock. On the road, you have to go for the win. Many nfl coaches play to not lose (their jobs) instead of playing to win. Del Rio manned up and took the risk, and it paid off.

            1. Crabtree tried to fuck it up after his great catch.

          3. I’ve got to imagine that’s definitely the case now that they moved the extra point back. Even if you get to overtime, you’ve still only got a 50% chance to win.

            Now I actually went and checked. Now that the XP is about 94%, as long as you can convert a 2 point conversion 47% of the time it’s worth it (plus there is a bit of unaccounted for benefit in limiting risk from injuries during a potentially longer game). 2 point conversions are successful 47.8% of the time. So there is a slight edge to going for 2 to win, but it’s small enough that individual teams’ correct choice should vary based on the quality of their kicker and goalline offense.

            1. Lions fan confirms PAT issues.

          4. ESPN’s statistical evaluation said kickng the point was the better bet. Del Rio mocked it.

        2. I was going to make a crack about Del Rio when he was the Jaguars coach never going for the win, but that might not have been his fault. Jacksonville during his tenure was at least 5th in the state of Florida in terms of player payroll. Maybe 6th. Not sure if UM had gotten back to uh, scholarships or not.

      3. That was a bogus fucking interference penalty on fourth down of that winning drive.

        1. Maybe to make up for the bogus PI call in the 3rd quarter? The one where the receiver was already out of bounds, and thus ineligible.

          1. 95% of all pass interference calls are bogus at this point. And ESPN demands stiffer enforcement of these rules because of concussions and racism.

          2. Maybe that’s the one I’m thinking of then? if so the refereeing was terrible which is par for the course these days. I blame HD.

          3. All the replay reviews are about more ads

      4. Argh, that was an awful end to that game (Saints fan here)

      5. eww…

        get a room, preferably far away.

      6. That was a hell of a game.

    3. As someone who hates Pittsburgh and Washington, I do not see a win in your future this evening.

      1. Although, I forgot about Norman. If he can cover Brown…

        1. I actually think our other CB Breeland is going to be covering Brown most of the time tonight. Many people seem to think he’s the better in man-on-man coverage situations with Norman excelling in a zone scheme.

    4. Tony Romo better get his clipboard elbow in shape. He’s done as a starter even if his back let him.

    5. The best thing about this weekend was Thursday when Cam Newton tried to draw flags by holding onto the ball too long and nobody but ESPN bought it. You want to not get hit? Get rid of the ball faster. Then those fucking B-team former player commenters who were happy to hold their helmet all game start talking player safety? If he wants to be safe, he needs to throw the ball away a step and a half sooner.

      1. No way Newton has a long career.

        I think Al Michaels was talking early in the game about what he’s on pace to do, and having another 10 year in him…

        The way he plays, he’s one solid hit away from done. A sturdier version of Kapernick/RGIII.

      2. Also, stop using your quarterback as a running back if you don’t want the defense pounding on him all game. If you keep using your quarterback like a running back, the refs aren’t going to keep protecting him like he’s a quarterback.

    6. As a lifelong Skins fan since the 80s, I continuously alternate between numb despair and cautious optimism. That said, they actually look good this season. I don’t know that they’ll beat the Steelers tonight, but I think they’ll go at least 10 and 6. Plus, look at the rest of the NFC East! Eagles notwithstanding, the Boys and the Giants look awful.


  13. Murder Rates Rose in a Quarter of the Nation’s 100 Largest Cities

    The findings confirm a trend that was tracked recently in a study published by the National Institute of Justice. “The homicide increase in the nation’s large cities was real and nearly unprecedented,” wrote the study’s author, Richard Rosenfeld, a criminology professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis who explored homicide data in 56 large American cities.

    In the Times analysis, half of the increase came from just seven cities ? Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington.

    Chicago had the most homicides ? 488 in 2015 ? far more than the 352 in New York City, which has three times as many people. Baltimore had the largest increase ? 133 more than 2014 ? and the second-highest rate in 2015, after St. Louis, which had 59 homicides per 100,000 residents.

    The number of cities where rates rose significantly was the largest since the height of violent crime in the early 1990s.

    1. I blame global warming

      1. Climate change, cheddar and the 2A are an evil combo.

    2. Pants-wetting. If you read the article, the rate in the 100 largest cities overall is up just barely. Baltimore and Chicago obviously have their own special problems. Some cities must be down, although the article doesn’t mention which ones.

      1. Baltimore and Chicago obviously have their own special problems.


        1. Obviously. Just like Detroit and DC.

          1. They’d all be utopias if only they’d take a note from California’s book and get rid of all the Republican office-holders.

    3. Alternate headline: Murder Rates Decline in 75 of the Nation’s 100 Largest Cities.

  14. A blogger in Russia was arrested for inciting hatred and offending religious sensibilities after playing Pokemon in a church.

    I can’t keep up with these euphemisms any longer.

    1. Pokemon in a church

      Catholic, huh?

      1. No, that’s pokeboy.

    2. How about Pussy Riot? Is that euphemism okay?

  15. Clinton’s bout of pneumonia raises worries for Democrats

    The Clinton campaign was forced to admit on Sunday that the 68-year-old Democratic presidential nominee had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday after she complained of allergies and was seen coughing repeatedly in recent days.

    The pneumonia disclosure was made public hours after her campaign said she had become “overheated” to explain why, knees buckling and unsteady, she was rushed from a ceremony marking the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in New York.

    Democratic donor and fundraiser Bill Bartmann later fielded calls from about half a dozen Democrats worried about how the episode would look. The callers, he said, decided to wait and see how everything plays out.

    For Democrats, the incident also brought up some familiar concerns about Clinton’s penchant for secrecy during an ongoing debate about her use of a private email server while serving as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

    1. Just don’t die, bitch! That would allow the donkeys to put up a candidate without the corruption, trust, and health issues, and getting sympathy.

      1. They’d still prop up her dead body.

        Week-end at Hillary’s.

      2. I hear it would not be that easy to put up a replacement candidate in the event of her death. The Democrats would basically have to hold another convention.

        1. It’s so fucking insane! The answer is right there in plain sight.

          The whole purpose of the election is to appoint electors to vote in January to select the next President.

          Send the same electrors, they vote for someone else!

      3. I’ve heard several people say that she would be replaced by her running mate. Who would be a vast improvement just because nobody knows anything about him, so all the normal Dems could pull the lever with no guilt.

    2. For Democrats, the incident also brought up some familiar concerns about Clinton’s penchant for secrecy

      Oh, NOW it comes up?

    3. If she really collapsed from pneumonia, why would they rush her to Chelsea’s apartment instead of a hospital?

      1. There’s a fridge filled with virgins blood to transfuse at her apartment.

      2. Because they hadn’t realized their was a video of her collapsing at that point. Without the video they could have just played it off as nothing. Going to the hospital would have wasted that opportunity.

    4. So.

      I’m gonna bet she made a literal deal with the Devil here. To win the presidency, of course.

      However, like all proper Faustian Pacts, the Devil’s stacked the odds in her favor. He’ll make her win the presidency, but she’s going to drop dead the second she is sworn in. The Devil’s side of the bargain is thus technically upheld-she WAS president-but the true desires of the Faustian Pactmaker are ruthlessly torn away by some unforeseen loophole.

      1. Though if my deal IS correct, the Devil is a fool, giving away free stuff for a soul he would have obviously gotten anyways.

        1. Though if my deal IS correct, the Devil is a fool, giving away free stuff for a soul he would have obviously gotten anyways.


          No pun intended. Maybe the Devil is giving her payment for services rendered, instead of claiming her soul? Just a thought.

      2. CNN: What does Dead Hillary think?

        /nation’s lonely eyes turn to her.

    5. “For Democrats, the incident also brought up some familiar concerns about Clinton’s penchant for secrecy during an ongoing debate about her use of a private email server while serving as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.”

      But of course. The fact that classified emails are god-knows-where now isn’t the problem. The fact that Hillary is ill isn’t the problem. The problem is her penchant for secrecy. Got it.

    6. The first thing I do when being diagnosed with pneumonia is to go to a heavily-attended public gathering.

  16. German Police Scrambling to Deal with Refugees

    Muslim migrants in Germany are causing a spike in crime so significant that one German town has created an entire new crime unit solely to address it.

    The specialist “Multiple Offender Immigrants” task force has been introduced in the town of Bietigheim-Bissingen, south of Stuttgart. The four-man squad exists solely to investigate migrant crime and will reportedly use the help of sources in asylum-seeker homes to track down and arrest criminal Muslim migrants.

    The report identified at least 402,741 crimes committed by migrants in Germany in the past two years.

    “We are concerned with intervening as early as possible in serious cases, anticipating emerging criminal structures, and working with judicial and immigration authorities to develop a comprehensive basis for decisions,” local Police Chief Frank Rebholz told German newspaper Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitzung.

    1. They’re going to need a bigger squad.

    2. What Merkel did is insane. Just plain, plump nuts. Irresponsible to her country and the EU.

      1. plump nuts

        Are you trying to get Old Man With Candy to come back?

        1. Maybe it’s a breakfast cereal.

        2. Yeh, where is he anyway?

          1. It’s best not to know. Wouldn’t want to get subpoenaed.

          2. He had a (((handle))) change, to throw the kids off.

            1. SHHHHHHH!

              1. Hey, why did Cavenaugh ban you, anyway?

                1. He banned a different handle (I’ve gone through a few over the years). He was unhappy about my observations on the Israel-Lebanon war, all of which turned out to be correct. Apparently, his wife’s family was in the middle of that shitshow. Thus was born edna, a woman who could only type in lower case because of the congenital absence of thumbs.

                  1. Thus was born edna, a woman who could only type in lower case because of the congenital absence of thumbs.

                    Oh, that is priceless. Bra-vo, sir.

          3. Haven’t you heard about all the creepy clown sightings?

    3. Oh come on, everyone knows immigrants commit no more crime than a country’s native population!

  17. A blogger in Russia was arrested for inciting hatred and offending religious sensibilities after playing Pokemon in a church.

    In Russia, state peek at you.

    1. *narrows gaze*

      And now I must really go. Tomorrow y’all!

      1. On reason, Switzy peak at you.

  18. The children of Martin Luther King, Jr. have prevented any artifacts that belonged to the civil rights leader from being displayed in the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African-American History and Culture.

    Is there anyone left in the country not trying to engage in a shakedown?

    1. Hey, it’s his shit. He can keep it where he wants.

      It’s strange because King’s family seems to not like the thought of his legacy being co-opted by progressive yahoos.

      1. I agree that they can do what they want, but the harsh truth is that his family is a bunch of greedheads who have trying to monetize his legacy in perpetuity.

        They don’t even like TV networks broadcasting his speeches unless they get something out of the deal. And just because they can do it doesn’t make it right. It’s not like he did what he did solely for their personal enrichment.

        1. I took a class in college from a pacifist-anarcho-communist Washington Post columnist named Coleman McCarthy titled “Alternatives to Violence”.

          It was a very eye-opening class and gave me my first exposure to the SJW movement.

          We had a unit on Martin Luther King’s effect on the civil rights movement. And the good prof, having been involved with the civil rights movement during its height refered to Mrs. King as “Mrs. my husband Doctor King”. He basically dismissed her as a Yoko Ono type, a no talent ass-clown who was using her spouse’s stardom to open doors that would otherwise be closed to her.

          BTW, everyone should really study that era. Had it not been for Martin Luther King’s diligent efforts to make the civil rights struggle a non-violent one, there would have been a real blood bath.

  19. Did anyone see how krugman thought he was being brave for standing up for Hillary? Lol. That her scrutiny is undeserved and he is fighting the good fight by calling put journalists for wanting to investigate.

    He has to be a troll. Also does he badly want to get in Hilary’s pants??

    1. More likely he wants to get in her Cabinet. His ego must be fed.

      1. Thing is i think all his schmoozing will actually back fire. He is like that creepy guy that follows people around

      2. Thing is i think all his schmoozing will actually back fire. He is like that creepy guy that follows people around

    2. He’s an economist. Shouldn’t he be writing about stuff he’s been trained in, worked on, and studied, instead of politics? Call me crazy, but I don’t think there is a shortage of political pundits in this country.

      1. Why do we need so many political pundits and choices when there are children starving in this country?

      2. Objectively, yes.

        Realistically, who gets power by writing about economics?

  20. How ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Built Modern Conservatism

    The Little House books, still in print with HarperCollins, began with Little House in the Big Woods and ended with These Happy Golden Years. Wilder’s silent collaborator in all of them was her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane?a famous writer in her time and a key early organizer of the libertarian political movement starting in the 1930s. Rose helped shape the books as she helped her mother get the stories down on paper, turning them?with her mother’s cooperation– from straight memoir into a kind of sustained allegory of American freedom.

    Amidst the images of stoic optimism displayed by the Ingalls and Wilder families as they ride through storms and survive locust plagues, the authors deliver little lessons in vignettes and dialogue, extolling free-market economics (“You work hard, but you work as you please. … You’ll be free and independent, son, on a farm”) and raising skepticism about government overreach (“Why do they make a law that he’s got to stay on a claim, when he can’t?”). For a country in the throes of the Depression, the Little House books delivered a clear and consistent message about the virtues of rugged individualism and not taking handouts from Washington.

    1. I like the Little House books. I liked them as a kid, and I’ve read them all to my daughter, who loves them. It’s true, they are conservative–the type of conservatism shaped by real life. These are people trying to carve civilization out of the wilderness–they have only their own and their neighbors’ resourcefulness to rely on.

      With credit cards, national debts, bank bail-outs, we have the option today of putting off the inevitable–but it’s still inevitable. What’s clean and admirable about the Little House Books is the inevitable was staring you in the face. No putting it on the credit card. If you didn’t get out and bring in the crops from the hail, you were going to starve that winter.

    2. I always think of those books whenever I hear a prog say that libertarianism has never been tried before.

    3. Sadly, my daughter, who was such a fan of Little House that she and her friends dressed as Laura et al, is not a dyed in the wool SJW. Apparently the message didn’t get through.

      She does own her own business though. So maybe there is hope…

  21. “I am getting worried, my love,” Huma whispered. “The coughing. The video. People are starting to notice.”

    “I am The Gateway,” Hillary croaked. This brought on a coughing fit and a gob of luciferious phlegm landed on her ponderous, black-veined breasts. Huma licked at the smoking, bubbling blob and swallowed it greedily.

    “All that matters is that The Vessel is made ready and that I win,” she rasped and coughed again. Mouths all over her drew back their wound-lips and bared the teeth of a dozen species.

    “The pneumonia story seems to be working. And the media is pushing the idea that Trump is just as ill since he hasn’t released his medical records either.”

    “Don’t say his name,” Hillary said weakly. “This will pass. Tsathoggua takes. I will be stronger soon.”

    “Yes, my love.”

    “The doctor we had put out the pneumonia story, does she still live?”

    “For now, my love.”

    “Use someone good. It has to look like an accident.”

    “It’s being taken care of.”

    “A fire, maybe. The whole family.”

    1. Huma nodded as she swabbed around the barbed maw that was once Hillary’s belly-button. Rings of sharp fangs went down and down. Much farther than they could have if the new mouth was just in Hillary herself. Huma had the impulse to put her arm in, to let the chitinous plates and bony hooks grind her hand and wrist into a bloody pulp. She wondered if she could fit her entire arm in up to the shoulder.

      “Don’t gaze too long into it, Huma. It goes back to where the gods came from. It’s forever and always.”

      “Yes, my love.”

      “Feed it. It hungers.”

      Huma fished around in the gore-filled bucket beside the resting frame and pulled out a joint of raw meat. The maw gurgled in anticipation.

      1. Luciferous phlegm. Nice. Beelzebublian bubbly.

      2. This is far more plausible than the story were getting from Hillary’s campaign.

      3. I thought it was a cloud passing in front of the sun, but nope, just the world getting a little bit darker.

      4. I’m going to ask a question I don’t want to know the answer to. How excited do you get when one of these dark tales begins to take root in your mind? I picture a type fugue state as it forms followed by maniacal bellowing at family members to “be gone” as you pull up Notepad (or likely the Apple equivalent) and hammer it out, readying it for our unfortunate consumption.

        1. It depends. Sometimes they come on me in the night, like terrors bubbling up from my subconscious, like a download from some other place. Other times they are more like a key phrase pops into my head, mostly while I’m in the shower, meticulously cleaning my genitals and anus, and I work them out in my head while I walk to work. Most often, though, they happen while I’m reading the morning news, waiting for the AM Links. So they are written in less than 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how interrupted I am by my morning work stuff. Those are more like seizures, and the poor editing it due to the fact that I typing it out as fast as I can.

          The only stuff that ever gets written at home are the longer Warty Hugeman pieces, which are usually so dense that I require a large block of alone time to assemble them.

          1. …meticulously cleaning my genitals and anus…

            I was drinking sparkly water when I read that and it shot into my nose. I hope you’re happy now.

            1. Would you rather they stay filthy? You like that, sicko?

          2. I’m wondering how much tumescence is involved?

            Turgid diamond cutter or floppy tentacle?

        2. There’s a Sandman story where a frustrated author finds the ancient Greek muse Calliope and kidnaps her, locking her in a room in his house. Every time he rapes her he gets a new idea for a story and soon finds himself a celebrated author–until Morpheus realizes what’s happened and comes to Calliope’s rescue. I figure something similar for Sugarfree.

          1. Except Warty and Epi are involved.

      5. OK


        Good Day to you sir, GOOD DAY.

      6. That’s actually a lot more believable than the pneumonia shtick.

      7. Ahhh, a nice homey story.

    2. Even after all that has passed, I have never been discomfited and frightened by something posted in H&R, until now.

  22. Selloff gathers pace as stimulus pullback fears deepen

    Trade was driven by revived prospects of the U.S. Federal Reserve hiking rates next week, and concerns that the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan may be slowing their monetary policy easing efforts.

    “It’s a pretty broad-based sell-off on an increasing view that perhaps central banks are going to draw back from providing ever more easing,” said RBC European economist Cathal Kennedy.

    “The BoJ and the ECB …are questioning the effectiveness of their own policy. Add to this an increasing probability that the Fed will raise rates sooner rather than later.”

    1. Please let this mean the US Fed actually does raise rates. Look, Yellen, the markets are already factoring in a raise, so you won’t do any damage, and will contribute to restoring a normal economic environment.

  23. Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Is Losing Out to Rivals

    Other top technologists have also departed and progress has been slow. Once considered a leader in the field, Google has lost its first-mover advantage to other companies pursuing more practical, less-ambitious self-driving car services, said former members of the project and other people familiar with the situation. They asked not to be identified because details of the effort are private.

    “They need a partner, a sales force, a strategy,” said Roger Lanctot, associate director of Strategy Analytics’ Global Automotive Practice.

    Google’s project started in 2009, long before carmakers and most other companies seriously considered the technology. But when Singapore unveiled the first autonomous taxi service in August, Google wasn’t involved. Instead, a small startup called nuTonomy provided the technology. Uber Technologies Inc., founded in 2009, will soon let users of its popular ride-sharing app hail autonomous Volvo SUVs in Pittsburgh.

    1. Maybe the Google people just want the cars to exist? As it’s own reward?

  24. Teen fights off drugged intruder with case of beer, power tool

    A Salem teenager fought off a home invasion suspect, who deputies believe was high on bath salts, with a case of beer and a power tool Wednesday night at his family’s home.

    Ceja says his father tackled the suspect and yelled for help.

    “After that, like I just looked to my right, I see the beers and I see this,” Ceja said raising the power grinder in his hand. “I just grabbed the beer packs and start smashing them on his head … I grabbed this, and went bang, bang, bang.”

    Ceja said he struck Vega-Navarro several times with the power tool. He said the suspect continued to make threats and gouged his father’s eyes.

    “He was like, ‘I’m going to kill you guys!’ I’m like, I’m not going to let this guy do anything,” the 14-year-old said. “He had crazy eyes!”

    According to deputies, the suspect tried to chew off the homeowner and his son’s fingers. Ceja showed us the bite marks during our interview Thursday afternoon.

    “Just once on the hand,” Ceja said. “He was trying to bite off my fingers!”

    1. I think this scene is included in the Dawn of the Dead director’s cut.

      1. More of an Evil Dead II kind of thing.

    2. Headline: Intruder surprised by man with beer in one hand and Grindr in the other.

    3. Holy shit my brother lives a block from that address

    4. Holy shit my brother lives a block from that address

      1. Is he into bath salts?

    5. More pneumonia perhaps?

  25. Jill Stein says she wouldn’t have had Osama bin Laden killed.

    Everyone knows that bin Laden died in December 2001. The left was insistent on this fact until Barry declared that he himself killed bin Laden with his bare hands.

  26. Matt Yglesias is a national treasure.

    Matthew Yglesias Verified account

    You don’t see people overheating in Canada and Sweden where they have single-payer health care and less inequality.

    1. He could have picked some hotter countries with those lovely socialized health care systems as his examples. Like Venezuela.

    2. My favorite was this:

      Matthew Yglesias ?@mattyglesias 14h14 hours ago Washington, DC
      I will refrain from offering a more specific opinion about pneumonia until I’ve at least read a Wikipedia article about it or something.

      Followed by two minutes later:

      Matthew Yglesias ?@mattyglesias 14h14 hours ago Washington, DC
      Pneumonia’s not just a cold, it’s an inflammatory condition of the lung affecting primarily the microscopic air sacs known as alveoli.

      1. Yglesias is the retarded fellow, right?

        1. /recalls Yglesias’ confession of his inability to figure out how to return Netflix DVD’s.

          I don’t know if he is *the* retarded one over there, but he is definitely retarded.

          1. I mean, like, medically retarded. Didn’t he get some pretty bad brain damage at one point?

            But yeah, the Netflix thing was classic. “Too many options is bad and therefore capitalism is bad, because i can’t figure out how to put two dvds in one envelope!”

            1. He was beaten up at some point, but I think he was an idiot before that.

              And besides, given his face, his low IQ and his propensity to shoot his mouth off, I imagine he gets beat up quite often.

              1. “I imagine he gets beat up quite often.”

                Usually while standing in line at Subways.

            2. So basically he wants a centrally planned command economy run by top men…what could go wrong?

            1. I always get Klein and Yglesias confused. It probably doesn’t matter.

              1. They are always walking around with a hand up each other’s asses, so the confusion is understandable.

              2. Say what one will but Klein has a pretty wife at least.

                Although I am sure Yglesias an attractive KFC bucket to come home to.

            2. That was Ezra Klein, tarran.

              Damn it! Way to puncture m balloon of smug!

              1. Yglesias triggered Klein’s pathetic revelation, so it’s not that big of a misremember.

                1. Yglesias prefers Quantas.

      2. I think the most depressing thing about Matty is that there is a large segment of the population that truly believes he is brilliant.

        1. Just because he is retarded doesn’t mean he lacks the white man’s mastery of tricknology.

          1. I’m still amazed at how W Fard Muhammad apparently looked at Joseph Smith and said to himself, “I can be totally crazier than that special-eyeglasses-wearing cracker and people will eat it up.”

      3. He’s such a douche it’s not amusing anymore.

    3. I was up in Ontario during a heat wave about 10 years ago. People were definitely overheating.

      1. I wonder how many people pointed out the thousands killed in Europe in 2003 during a heatwave. A heatwave that brought the sorts of temperatures you see every summer in NJ.

        1. That’s because the enlightened Euros don’t believe in air conditioning.

    4. What an idiot.

      Do they think when they write stupid shit like that they believe they’re being intelligent and/or cute?

      1. Autistic joke if I’ve ever seen one.

    5. You don’t see people overheating in Canada and Sweden where they have single-payer health care and less inequality.

      Jesus Christ. He’s wrong on every level from every angle. It would take a paragraph or more to explain all the derp in this little statement.

      1. There’s no point. The statement is so clearly stupid on so many levels that the only proper reaction is to point and laugh.

        1. How retarded is Sadbeard?

          How retarded?

          He’s so retarded, retarded people snub him at the cafeteria.

      2. From “Attributing mortality from extreme temperatures to climate change in Stockholm, Sweden”:

        On the basis of this increase, the number of deaths attributable to climate change over the past 30 years due to excess heat extremes in Stockholm is estimated to be 288(95% CI: 161, 417).

        That’s just Stockholm?

    6. This has to be a sarcastic post of his (i would hope)

      1. It’s not like Hillary can’t afford healthcare as if she is uninsured not paying a penalty
      2. How would single payer (who pays for care) stop people from over heating? They have nothing to do with each other. There isn’t some magical health fairy that flies around because of who pays for the insurance.
      3. Because the government pays for healthcare doesn’t mean you actually have access or it is good (see Cuba, Venezuela)

      1. 1 should say paying a penalty (omit not)

    7. Weak, Sad Beard. At least get the talking points out that she is strong and brave to keep campaigning while ill.

      1. lulz

        Sadbeard said “Apple should update its Macs with contemporary chips!”

        Someone replied: “Like Pringles?”

    8. This has to be a joke. I refuse to believe he is that retarded.

      1. Yea that is my thinking as well.

      2. You ignore his history at your own peril.

    9. You don’t see people overheating in Canada and Sweden where they have single-payer health care and less inequality.

      There are no words. Well, none besides “fucking imbecile”.

    10. That’s why Hillary was overheating, she’s a victim of inequality!

        1. We’ve already got our own Hellspawn, thanks. And he’s actually *in* the highest office in the land.

          Is it too early to start drinking heavily?

    11. From “Heat Waves” from Canadian Environmental Health Atlas:

      The dramatic effect of heat on human health was revealed during major heat waves in Chicago in 1995, in the American Midwest in 1999, and across Europe in 2003.Together, these heat waves resulted in thousands of excess deaths. Each year, about 120 heat-related deaths occur in Toronto, 121 in Montreal, and 41 in Ottawa. Scores of people experience illnesses and suffer from reduced quality of life when temperatures remain atypically high for several days.

  27. Osama bin Laden’s assassination was a purely symbolic act. I don’t believe it was strategically necessary for anything but morale. The ethics behind it were pretty iffy, since they basically had no intent on bringing him in alive. I’m glad he’s dead and I probably would have made the same call, but I chuckle every time a lefty brags that Obama “got” bin Laden. Waterboarding is still so much worse than outright assassinating people, though, am I right?

    1. Osama bin Laden died in December 2001. This is well known.

    2. You can’t waterboard them because that would be cruel. But you can shoot them in the face.

      1. Or blow up them, their family, and the neighboring homes with a predator drone.

        1. If you want to make an omelet, you need to drone some weddings.

          1. So THAT’S why my omelets always turn out fucked up.

    3. Also being raped is far worse than being shot full of bullets or shrapnel.

    4. Waterboarding is still so much worse than outright assassinating people, though, am I right?

      Things Bush did are so much worse than things Obama did… duh.

    5. Government sponsored assassination is just another name for the things we do together.

  28. Hillary embraces child ? despite contagious ‘pneumonia’

    After Hillary Clinton’s “medical episode” today, it was suddenly announced she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

    But that didn’t stop her from recklessly embracing a child on a New York City street on Sunday, despite the fact that the illness is contagious.

    1. No worries, it’s all lies on top of lies. She lies so much, so often, that it’s fair to say that it’s doubtful that she gave the kid pneumonia, since if she does have pneumonia, it’s symptomatic of something else and is not contagious.

      1. Yeah, the fact that her campaign has acknowledged the pneumonia convinces me that she is suffering from something far, far more serious.

        1. +1 Comrade Clinton has a head cold, nothing more

          1. “I’m not dead yet!”

    2. More bad judgment for Trump to trumpet.

    3. It never ceases to astound me how dumb they think voters are to believe staged shit like that was spontaneous. …Of course, they’re probably right.

      1. “Quick, find us an ethnically ambiguous child for a photo op!”

        I wonder if they have to order them up special or if the advance team just has them ready in every place she’s planning on visiting?

        1. Nice try Sugarfree! Everyone knows you already spilled the beans. Like Trump, she calls Yuri.

          1. Trump has mowed Sean Young’s box in the backseat of a limo? I believe it.

            1. Who hasn’t?

        2. Kid probably belongs to one of the Hillary staff. Easier to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and no one will spill the beans.

    4. But that didn’t stop her from recklessly embracing a child on a New York City street on Sunday, despite the fact that the illness is contagious.

      Ron Bailey will write something absolutely scathing about this.

      1. that the child should be forced to be vaccinated?

        1. And her parents held strictly liable in a court of law for damage done by the child’s noxious germs. Exactly.

    5. You know who else is guilty of recklessly embracing people…

      1. Jerry Sandusky?

      2. Bruce Springsteen?

      3. Xenia Onatopp?

      4. Bill Clinton?

      5. Free Hugs Guy?

    6. No need to worry. The kid was probably a hologram.

    7. “It’s not ‘pneumonia’ pneumonia.”

  29. How Sick Is Hillary?

    The most likely diagnosis ? in my mind ? an acute cardiac arrhythmia ? either ventricular tachycardia ? or more likely atrial fibrillation with a rapid ventricular response. A FIB with RVR is very very commonly associated with people feeling flushed or overheated ? for quite extended periods of time ? dizziness and nausea are also possible. When they exert themselves ? it is not unusual at all for them to have complete syncope like she appeared to do today. If not afib with RVR ? it is possible there could have been some other supraventricular tachycardia ? there are several different types.

    In my experience as a physician ? this can happen at any time ? however ? it typically and often happens at times of great stress. Cardiac arrhthymias can be very easy to control ? or very difficult to control. However ? this has often meant “retirement” for my business executive patients down the years ? the syncopal events can simply happen at very inopportune times and cause all kinds of havoc for the person and his/her company. This is NOT the type of thing that I would want my President to have during a very stressful time.

    1. I wonder if she always wears jackets even in 90+ degree weather to hide some kind of monitoring or treatment device.

      1. This was my guess. She doesn’t strike me as the type for a shoulder holster, and there’s really no fashionable reason to wear such swaddling in this weather.

    2. I wish Groovus was online – would be interested in his opinion

    3. my mother in law gets afibs. if the dem candidate had them, then she’d be in/out of the hospital often enough to know.

      1. Hillary can afford to have her own doctors waiting in her room. Makes a bit of difference on what is hospitalization worthy and what isn’t. That said, she is probably just sick.

  30. After Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 event in New York City early, her doctors said she has pneumonia.

    And yet she’s on film as having had hugged a small child after emerging from her daughter’s apartment/ make-shift hospital facility.

    So she is either transmitting deadly infectious diseases to children to get elected, which no rational person would put past her. Or she has some kind of pneumonia which is not contagious but that is a symptom of a more chronic illness. According to some, her symptoms are apparently indicative of Parkinson’s Disease.

  31. Bigfoot from another dimension

    The caller intoned that Bigfoot have been discovered. But that was already old news to the host, as apparently this factoid has been acknowledged by all except those pesky holdouts from the scientific community or pretty much any other rational humans.

    Bigfoot’s existence wasn’t the revelation ? this was. The caller proceeded to inform us that Bigfoot were actually (a) angels (b) from another dimension and are distinguishable by their (c) flatulence.

    “Coast to Coast AM” is one of those wonderful shows devoted to cranks of all stripes. I still can’t for the life of me decide if the host (he was filling in for the program’s more famous originator, Art Bell) was taking this seriously or not.

    I don’t think I need to follow up on the flatulence-laden, angelic, extra-dimensional Bigfoot. It reminds me of a Sidney Harris cartoon, where one scientist reviews another’s work on a blackboard: “Very creative. Very imaginative. Logic ? that’s what’s missing.”



  32. Do you know who else had pneumonia?

    1. Dyslexic Mr. Clean?

    2. William Henry Harrison

    3. Konstantin Chernenko

  33. Say, are the lowlife scumbags at CNN going to apologize to Dr. Drew Pinsky?

    They really should, considering that they fired him for having the unmitigated gall to suggest that Hildog might not exactly be in the greatest condition.

  34. How to smash the gun lobby

    Are we heartless? Surely not ? our constant grief tells me we’re more often heartbroken. Are we ignorant? Maybe we were once (and I suspect most Americans still don’t realize how many gun deaths are self-inflicted), but in these post-Sandy Hook, post-Orlando, post-Chiraq days, most of us possess at least a passing awareness of the issue (witness the majority of Americans who want more gun control legislation, not less.) And don’t tell me it’s the Second Amendment. The Constitution is and was always intended to be a living document ? you can’t yell “fire!” in a crowded theater, the three-fifths clause is null and void, and the 21st Amendment is as real as the one it repealed.

    Poverty, racism, unchecked crime, and a pervasive culture of toxic masculinity all play key roles in the deadly churn; improved mental health services would surely save many potential suicide victims. But the foundation upon which our annual slaughter rests is one simple fact: The gun industry is exactly that ? an industry.

    Gun manufacturers don’t make up some kind of Second Amendment honor guard. They are businesses that profit handsomely from the fear and bloody mayhem that they promote and facilitate. People make bank off dead Americans.

    1. So do car manufacturers then per this wonderful beacon of logic.

    2. I read that twice and I’m still not sure what she was saying. Guns bad because corporations?

      1. It seems to be an empathetic disgust at profiting off the death of others. I look forward with great interest to future articles railing against the death tax and pointing out that doctors and hospitals send the bill, kill or cure.

        1. And morticians, those pieces of shit.

          1. LOL. There’s a corporation for that. Recommended by Peter Lynch as a reliable investment because people will keep dying no matter what.


    3. I like how the left acts like there is no gun control and regulations already in place.

    4. We need to do something! Because something makes me feel better!

      1. Don’t just do something, stand there!

    5. Poverty, racism, unchecked crime, and a pervasive culture of toxic masculinity

      So close, but still the point goes sailing over her head. Yes, Emily, gun violence is primarily a product of poverty, racial underclasses, unchecked crime, and fatherless young men. And all you and your progressive buddies have managed to do, besides entrenching and exacerbating those conditions, is to disarm law-abiding civilians. So thanks for that.

    6. The Constitution is and was always intended to be a living document

      If you weren’t already certain that the author is a disingenuous moron, well question no more after this line.

      1. Yep. And there are gun control measures in place.

      2. It was intended to be a living document through the amendment process, not by simply ignoring what it says.

        1. What the left means when they use the term “living document”, is that the interpretation of the document should change to fit the times, or to fit the convenience of leftist policy proposals at the moment. So they think it’s appropriate that the Constitution should be interpreted to say things that it doesn’t say and that they know it doesn’t say, but that would be convenient for governing from the left. In other words, they want the Constitution to not actually be a constitution, but instead they want it to be fickle thing that empowers their every policy proposal, not a limit on what they can do.

      3. She’s kind of right – that’s the whole point of the amendment process. But until an amendment is put through, piss off.

        1. She’s not right because that’s not what she means by “living document”, you give the leftist too much credit. “Living document” as we understand it is a rational thing, but what the left means is that the Constitution should be bent and contorted to fit their preferences.

      4. If it’s a living document, can we get the writer of this derpy article to STFU please?

        She’s shrieking and it’s hurting everyone’s ears. No right is absolute, including speech.

        1. Did she even say how she would smash the gun the lobby?

          1. I read the whole article. It was hard to decipher what exactly she said in her hysterical writing. But it sounded like a redux the Boycott and Divestment parts of BDS.

            Which basically will do nothing, because the shares will will get scooped up at low prices if dumped by idiots.

            You see the same thing at universities. High-emotion low-maturity undergrads and their grievance studies professors pressure universities to divest from oil and coal. If the universities follow through, someone else will come in and pick up the shares. In the end, the universities’ endowments funds suffer from less ROI, making their long-term fiscal picture less rosy.

            1. Ah makes sense thanks. Baffling logic on her part.

    7. Corporations, universities, and influential figures can start actively divesting from the industry, citing concerns that employees’/clients’/students’/fellow citizens’ lives not be endangered by their investments

      Let’s say a lot of big institutional stockholders start dumping gun manufacturer shares. The price/book, PE, and just about every ratio will drop. Savvy investors will swoop in. The companies will do big buybacks.

      Sales will continue. Nothing will change. The dumb investors will lose, and the savvy investors will get richer. Emily Hauser will continue shrieking. The End.

      1. I’m glad retards sell their shares. Gives the rest of us a chance to make some money at their expense.

    8. …. you can’t yell “fire!” in a crowded theater, the three-fifths clause is null and void, and the 21st Amendment is as real as the one it repealed.

      *rumbles with inchoate rage*

    9. We can start questioning the millions of dollars that the NRA’s Clinton Foundation’s top executives share in salaries and other compensation in exchange for leading one of the nation’s most powerful “nonprofits.”

      I know the Clinton foundation has little to do with the gun control debate, but I had to giggle at the idea that high-salaried nonprofit execs are evil coming from a leftist.

  35. In addition to having pneumonia, she’s also an irredeemably corrupt shithead.

    1. Into the Basket of Deplorables you go!

      1. She had a bad weekend!

      2. Recent events almost make it seem like God himself might be in that basket!

  36. Progressives probably think that Constantinople paying Muslims not to attack them was ‘smart policy’.

    1453 notwithstanding.

  37. If I was handling the Clinton campaign I have her wearing nothing but track suits, holding shakes in her hands and giving interviews on treadmills and stair masters.

    1. Hillary wants to be President because the alternative is siting home alone every night and watching television.

      She may not want to be President if it means she has to get on a treadmill.

      And do you have any idea how big her ass looks in sweatpants?

      1. See, Mr. Trump?

        You don’t need to break into the news cycle to say shitty things about Hillary’s pneumonia drinking problem.

        There are people like me all over the internet who are willing to say all the obnoxious shit for you!



        1. You can’t make them baggy enough.


          1. And that picture was from a long time ago . . .

            Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt!


          2. Her thighs are bigger than Bill’s torso in that photo.


          4. *clicks Ken’s link*

            Sigh. Let’s just go ahead and erase that image now….

            *smashes head into desk repeatedly*

    2. I’d get Huma to suck the poison the evil out.

    3. holding shakes in her hands

      I read this as snakes and thought that would actually be kind-of awesome.

  38. “Donald Trump mostly stayed out of the news cycle while attending the same event.”

    That may be one of the smartest, most difficult things he’s done since he decided to run for President.

    Ever since he changed up his campaign team, he keeps doing the smart thing–over and over again.

  39. Over heating huh. Gatorade is looking to sponsor Hillary.

  40. The way the Secret Service and her aides were so nonchalant about her passing out shows how truly professional they really are.

    1. Or maybe how used to it they are.

  41. Jennifer Granholm weighs in

    To press lamenting @HillaryClinton’s health/transparency: “powering through” illness is what women do: Stoically, every. single. day.

    1. Yes, let’s hear what the woman who led Michigan to destruction has to say about anything.

      1. Now, now. Everybody knows Michigan’s destruction starts in Columbus every fall.

        1. I’m going to find myself cheering for The OSU against OU this weekend. Do NOT fuck it up. God, I just… Urban Meyer. Meh. Fuck OU.

    2. I’m confused. Is Ms. Granholm suggesting that all women have pneumonia, or that womanhood itself is an illness?

    3. Yeah I see it everyday. My wife faints while cooking. And faints while going up the stairs. And faints while making sweet, sweet love.

      I gotta reduce her Roofies dose.

    4. Women are naturally weak and sickly?

    5. Powering through = surrounding yourself in bodyguards and human lap dogs

      1. And insisting on taking an office you are physically incapable of fulfilling just to get your name in the history books.

        1. Well…hasn’t her and her team claimed the greatest President ever was Roosevelt?

          Given that, they may see it as their honor to lie about substantial health problems, especially if said health issues would have large negative impact on her ability to perform the duties her office requires.

          Afterall, it’s principals all day every day. In fact, they don’t need your sinking principles!

          And besides, at this point what difference does any of this make? /sarc

    6. “to the press lamenting Her transparency: women lie every day”

    7. Well, to be fair, my mother was always “sick and tired.”

      1. of your backtalk?

    1. So i read that quote….wouldn’t liberals actually be the 4 year olds? I thought the conservatives were anti government? i confused.

    2. Smart commentariat there.

      Star Member whathehell (17,365 posts)
      6. Interesting choice..

      I would have used a son with his daddy instead of a girl with “mommy”, if for no other reason than conservatives are highly patriarchal.

      1. It really is one-track with these people. Intersectionality my ass, you’re all just a bunch of flaming Marxists.

    3. Liberals understand that sometimes America needs to shut her whore mouth, and if it takes a black eye or two to make that happen, then it’s her own fault for pushing them to that extreme.

  42. So Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, between her three campaign events, with. I one noticing. Was affected seriously enough by it two days later to collapse in the street. Was then taken to hew daughter’s house (not a hospital or home), where her months old grand daughter lives. And made a near miraculous recover in a few hours.

    Seems totally legit to me.

    BTW Hillary never covers her mouth when she has a coughing fit. She’s a modern Typhoid Mary.

    1. This could be bad news for The Donald. If Hillary’ s real illness is exposed, and it is serious, then Uncle Joe will be thrust forward to be prez for 4 years. That might negate a huge amount of “I hate Hillary” independent votes that
      will swing back to the D column.

      1. The thing is i think so too…..though i worry more about elizabeth warren. She is a nut and appears to be on the warpath (no pun intended)

        1. But the pun is fun.

  43. I keep finding myself wishing I could vote for Trump, just so I can be part of the reason why this disgusting, corrupt shithead of an elitist loses.

    It would be so much easier to resist the temptation to vote for Trump if only he’d just get in front of a camera and say something pathetic and stupid.

    C’mon, Mr. Trump. Say something stupid, please? Otherwise, people might have to vote for you, and you know what that means?!

    . . . it means Melania redecorating the White House on your dime. Let’s face it, compared to where Melania is used to living, the White House is a dump. She’s not moving into the White House until it looks like this:


    1. Damn it’s good to be Trump… minus the tasteless furniture. How about some good mid century designs, like an Eames chair?

      1. It would be gaudy if it weren’t Trump.

        Somebody needs to be able to pull off opulent, and if not Trump, then who?

        Mid-century modern id so . . . egalitarian. That’s one of the reasons it’s so ridiculous to see it in elitist, multi-million dollar homes.

        That used to be ironic.

        Elitist mid-century modern without irony isn’t even absurd; it’s just . . . ignorant.

        1. I would take MCM in an expensive home over giant baroque made-in-china veneered garbage in a McMansion.

          MCM and minimalist designed furniture fits very well with modern/minimalist architecture. Although it really doesn’t belong in the white house where you would expect to see mostly federalist style pieces.

          1. McMansions are egalitarian. They’re a middle class conception of luxury.

            What Trump did in that apartment isn’t veneered, made in China, or garbage.

            I appreciate the puritan aesthetic for its frugality and simplicity.

            People paying a fortune for something because it’s symbolic of puritan frugality is ignorant.

            People projecting elitism with egalitarian MSM is ignorant.

  44. Pneumonia my fucking arse. Watch that video. Did you eve see anyone with pneumonia act like that? Parkinsons maybe or some type of seizure.

    1. I’ve been drunk as hell, also broke two ribs, and an arm, and I’ve been sick as a dog. I never needed help walking, or getting manhandled (eww) into a car.

      1. Haha, prove it patriarch!

      2. Did you see the part of the video where they showed her feet close up? She was completely out, and they dragged her along and lifted her into the car like a sack of potatoes.

        1. And the the Secret Service didn’t something relatively outside of their protocol, they shielded her episode from view, acting to protect her image instead of just her person.

          1. And the the Secret Service did something

          2. or they were doing their jobs as human shields to take a bullet for her.
            no way am I trolling the Secret Service. They have a tough job.

            1. Except there was absolutely no indication of any threat other than people seeing what was happening.

      3. I’ve been drunk and had my manhood handled in a car.

    2. It looked to me like she was dead-ass drunk.

      1. Never seen anyone drunk act like that either. She either has parkinsons or something else more rare but very serious.

  45. Regarding Hillary’s episode, I like to listen to my co-workers to get the feeling of which way the wind is blowing.

    Conservative workers: Did you see Hillary over the weekend? She’s sick and hiding something.

    Moderate guy: I heard Hillary has pneumonia. It must be from all the campaigning.

    Liberal guy: Yeah, all that hard work is going to take a toll on you.

    So, for some, the talking points / story / narrative is working.

    1. You’d be surprise how much hard work it takes to lie.

      1. I imagine it might be emotionally exhausting.

    2. I’ll trade my days moonlighting in construction work for hers being driven around between rallies and staged interviews.

    3. This spin about her being some sort of superwoman will be the thing. And you’ll be sexist for saying otherwise.

  46. anyone else’s FB feed plagued by Ezra Klein’s 15-minute video of pure sycophancy?

    1. it’s the one where he says the dem candidate’s biggest weakness is she listens too well and too much instead of speaking and telling us our problems and solutions.. because America is inherently a patriarch and desires a strongman leader-type.

      i larfed.

  47. Pre faceplant Hillary, but Pence condemned Hillary for her “basket of deplorables” in “the strongest possible terms”. I hate that. I guarantee you the commentariat could come up with a few stronger terms.

    1. That fucking cuntbag Hilary…

    2. “Basket of deplorables”? Is that a crude euphemism?

      1. That’s Huma’s nickname for her snooch.

        1. Basket of Deplorables, a SugarFree Adventure

          1. starring the irredeemable cast of Hit ‘n’ Run

            1. My thoughts and prayers are with us all.

    3. Let the hoi polloi be in the debates. The candidates can release their financials and go back to $10,000 per plate hobnobbing on the taxpayer’s tab. Get you 3-5 common schmoes of various stripes up on the stage as their Team mascots, and let the games begin.

      The ratings would improve, mark my words.

  48. Jill Stein says she wouldn’t have had Osama bin Laden killed.

    It’s like she’s not even serious about getting elected.

    1. She’s Green party. She has never been serious about anything real or realistic.

  49. “Crazy” Eddie Antar dies at 68 (“His prices are insaaaaaane!!!”)

  50. James Comey’s extensive ties with CGI

    When our source called the Chinatown offices of D.C. law firm DLA Piper and asked for “Peter Comey,” a receptionist immediately put him through to Comey’s direct line. But Peter Comey is not featured on the DLA Piper website.

    Peter Comey serves as “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas” for DLA Piper. James Comey was not questioned about his relationship with Peter Comey in his confirmation hearing.

    DLA Piper is the firm that performed the independent audit of the Clinton Foundation in November during Clinton-World’s first big push to put the email scandal behind them. DLA Piper’s employees taken as a whole represent a major Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign donation bloc and Clinton Foundation donation base.

    1. PHAKE. SKANDUL!!1!!!!!

      1. I know, Breitbart does real investigation and the other outlets do fluffy, biased nonsense. What a sad world we live in.

  51. Hillary didn’t overheat:

    A. She’s too old to be going through menopause

    B. Old people are always cold

    1. Especially old women! Every old woman I know isn’t comfortable unless it’s around 80 degrees at a minimum.

      1. +1 office thermostat battle of the sexes

      2. Yeah, it’s epically irritating sharing an office with one.

  52. How Sick Is Hillary?

    What happened to her at the 9/11 memorial?

    Bosnian Sniper Fire.

  53. David Burge ?@iowahawkblog 23h23 hours ago

    David Burge Retweeted Liz Kreutz
    Grateful child showers spontaneous affection on Great Leader as she departs to train for Ironman competition

    1. Even better tweet:

      David Burge ?@iowahawkblog 2h2 hours ago
      I swear, you have to be a 1983 Kremlinologist to read Hillary news today.

  54. Cooke reviews John Lott’s new gun-myth-smashing book. Holy shit, I knew the grabbers are lying scumbags but I had no idea just how reprehensible they are.

    Games such as these are routinely played within the “public-health literature,” the traditional purpose of which is not to establish the truth but to provide anti-gun politicians with snappy sound bites that they can pass off to the public as “science.” Lott points to a lovely example of this from the journal Pediatrics, which in 2014 published a paper claiming that incidents involving firearms sent 7,391 “children” per year to the hospital and 453 to the morgue. Because these numbers were alarming, the press was quick to jump all over the story ? and in the sort of saccharine tones that are reserved for tales of helpless infants and innocent kids. What nobody watching at home knew, however, was that Pediatrics had used an extremely broad definition of both “children” and “incidents” ? a definition, it turns out, that included anybody under the age of 20 and covered all sorts of behaviors, up to and including assault. In fact, as Lott points out, the vast majority (76 percent) of those included in the “children” category were 17, 18, or 19 years old, and two-thirds of their injuries were sustained as a result of criminal assaults ? mostly in urban areas.

    1. You know who else twisted facts for a political agenda…

      1. Dee Snider?

        1. Boo! We’re not gonna take it.

  55. After Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 event in New York City early, her doctors said she has pneumonia

    DING! DONG! The Witch is almost dead!

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