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A Clemson University official told a man praying on a campus lawn he would have to leave because he was not in a free speech area. The official also said that by putting up a sign that said "prayer" the man was soliciting and would need to get a permit for that.

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  1. WeRoar Clemson, a free speech group on campus, is planning to protest the policy on Friday…

    After filling out and submitting the proper forms in triplicate.

  2. “They will attempt to make it seem like they are listening to our concerns, but all they will really do is treat us like children that have to be manipulated and pacified while they continue to create and enforce arbitrary policies,” the group said in an email.

    As long as everyone knows their roles.

  3. Morning, Really,this ‘official’ had to drop what he was doing to stop someone from praying. He must not have any real work to do. I wonder what he’d have said if they would have had a prayer rug and a Koran?

  4. “The entire campus is not a free speech area?”

    “That is correct.”

    Fuck these people.

    1. ‘We must protect students from full auto assault speech’ #speechfreezone

    2. The free speech zone is outlined by the borders of the United States. Is the campus inside those borders? Is it some kind of autonomous zone?

      1. More questions…

        Is it a public or private university? Ah…public, I see. Administered by the state or the fedgov? State…

        So the fedgov has asserted enough authority over all other state U’s that if some drunk dude pinches a girl’s ass while dancing at an off campus party the fedgov twists the arm of the school enough that the school will bring the full weight of its authority under Title IX down on that kid. Even if the girl asked for her ass to be pinched she can later bring serious complaints against that kid for the most trivial reasons.

        Yet somehow, given egregious violations of people’s fundamental, constitutionally protected rights by officials of that very same school go unnoticed.

        1. Fund it with taxpayer money and you lose your right to tell people what they can say or, in this case, think. If they want to prohibit free speech, no problem. Just buy the land yourself.

        2. The girl only has to say her ass was pinched, and then even if she admits she was lying, the university can still brand the accused a racist and expel him.

    3. you can’t say that….this isn’t a free speech zone!

  5. There’s a Motte/Bailey strategy going on when these issues crop up: when a conservative or religious person or group attempts to advocate in a public forum, they’re ousted for noncompliance with certain reasonable rules. Fair enough, generally applicable rules should be respected; of course, they’re almost never applied generally, hence the motte. Lefty grievance groups are permitted, even encouraged to invest administrative offices and to stage highly disruptive gatherings in protest of God knows what.

    1. The fedgov is sticking its nose where it doesnt belong to engage in social engineering of the cultural marxist flavor yet willfully neglecting its constitutionally mandated job. By its constitutionally mandated job I mean protecting people’s fundamental rights generally. This particular case should be the job of the state not the fedgov, but the fedgov has asserted authority over more trivial matters further removed from its jurisdiction yet remains silent here.

      I am tired of hearing complaints about people who want to shake things up, disrupt the order of things. If the order of things isnt serving its purpose then it needs to go. If Trump wants to take a wrecking bar to the establishment I will be happy to hand him that wrecking bar myself. He wants to wage war on PC? Give the man some fuckin’ bullets.

  6. OT:

    Refineries forced to pay record indulgences

    “(Reuters) US oil refiners, beset by the weakest profit margins in six years, have been laying off workers, revamping operations and ratcheting up pressure on regulators and lawmakers to tweak the renewable fuel program, whose costs have ballooned.

    The top 10 US independent refiners look set to take a record hit on renewable fuel credits this year. They spent $1.1 B on the credits in the first half of the year, just short of a record $1.3 B in all of 2013.

    Refiners without operations dedicated to selling blended fuels to consumers, must purchase credits to prove compliance with US clean-fuel mandates.”

    1. Hey Jackin-ass! How do you like these oil company subsidies? I’m sure you’d agree they should be repealed.

    2. They are as dedicated to destroying the oil industry as they are the coal industry they just won’t come out and say so.

  7. What if the Prayer guy had been speaking in tongues? Would that count as “free speech”?

    1. only if the tongues were free…

      1. You know where else tongues were not free?

        1. Gene Simmons’s bedroom?

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