Trump Talks Health with Dr. Oz, College Speaker Disinvited, Watch Robby Soave on Stossel Tonight: P.M. Links


  • Trump
    Todd Krainin / Reason

    Donald Trump will appear on Dr. Oz's show to discuss his health.

  • Assistant principal says girls' tight skirts are responsible for boys' low grades.
  • Newman University disinvites speaker after pro-lifers take offense.
  • Republican insiders: burn it all down.
  • Car falls off parking garage ledge.
  • A 9/11 conspiracy theory was trending on Facebook.
  • Watch me on the Stossel show on Fox Business Channel tonight during the 9:00 p.m. hour. I'll be discussing threats to free speech on campus. FIRE's Greg Lukianoff, The Washington Post's Eugene Volokh, and Kmele Foster appear as well.