Trump Talks Health with Dr. Oz, College Speaker Disinvited, Watch Robby Soave on Stossel Tonight: P.M. Links


  • Trump
    Todd Krainin / Reason

    Donald Trump will appear on Dr. Oz's show to discuss his health.

  • Assistant principal says girls' tight skirts are responsible for boys' low grades.
  • Newman University disinvites speaker after pro-lifers take offense.
  • Republican insiders: burn it all down.
  • Car falls off parking garage ledge.
  • A 9/11 conspiracy theory was trending on Facebook.
  • Watch me on the Stossel show on Fox Business Channel tonight during the 9:00 p.m. hour. I'll be discussing threats to free speech on campus. FIRE's Greg Lukianoff, The Washington Post's Eugene Volokh, and Kmele Foster appear as well.

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  1. Donald Trump will appear on Dr. Oz’s show to discuss his health.

    Wasn’t one of those discredited?

        1. Did you dip into Agile’s stash, bro?

            1. Also it is this beer, which isn’t bad.

      1. /narrows gaze.



        1. Hey Rufus! Krabapple is a klepto . . .

          1. If you really want to get Rufus mad, just chant “Chaka Khan” over and over.

            1. “Get Rufus Mad”

              great band name!

            2. I know sorrow can make you sad mad, and politics can get you bitter mad, but I didn’t know anything could make you Rufus mad.

              1. I get mad at all the wrong things.

        2. I see what we are doing here. I guess it’s time for limerick Friday:

          Krabappel sat on a wall and said hello,

          1. And now I will reply to myself like Eddie.

          2. “Who wants to wrestle in lime jello?”

            1. Rufus narrowed his gaze and ate mayonaise

              1. While playing “Hot Legs” on his cello.

        3. What’s with the narrowed gaze, eh?

          1. Your mom is with the narrowed gaze!

            1. Winston’s mom is the widened gap.

              1. I always thought the “mind the gap” tattoo across her belly was referring to her teeth.

          2. You muscling in on my hello territory?

            /snaps fingers like in West Side Story.

            1. My HELLO was more like Adele standing in front of a giant wind machine. Not a polite Canadian “Hello there try the ketchup chips, eh?”

              It’s completely different.

              1. Cool story bro!

              2. Ketchup chips are delicious.

                1. Good flavour, eh?

                2. They really are. Almost no one makes/sells them in the states. :[

                  1. Looks like I can get them on Amazon. BOOM.

                    1. Ooh, they have Herr’s ketchup chips on Amazon.

                    2. *finds them on amazon*


                      *wants French Fries with ketchup flavor*

                    3. Markets in everything, bitches.

          3. On the off chance that this is a legit request, see Swiss Servator, multiple times.

          4. *narrows gaze*


            1. “I AM WATCHING ALL OF YOU!”

              Competition for the NSA?

    1. Wasn’t one of those discredited?

      Pay no attention to the man behind the hairpiece.

  2. Assistant principal says girls’ tight skirts are responsible for boys’ low grades.

    And high trousers.

    1. That’s likely to go poorly for said Assistant Principal.

      1. The picture of Mr. Assistant Principal seems to tell me why he’s saying this.

    2. True story: when I went to take the ACT for the first time one of the girls sitting in front of me was very cute, and also happened to be wearing a lacy pink-and-black thong. It was glorious. It was torture. Think I lost three points off my composite score that day.

      1. “For the first time”

        See? It’s her fault.

      2. And she was quite possibly doing that on purpose.

        1. That’s why I wore a lacy pink thing to my GREs. Gotta keep the competition distracted.

        2. I doubt she was wearing a lacy pink and black thong by accident.

          1. My experience with the self-reported reasoning of cute young women for their revealing fashion choices is that they wear it for themselves. Because they like how it looks and/or feels. They most definitely do not wear revealing clothing for the male eyes it draws.

            During the initial thong underwear craze I had this conversation several times. The universal response was that they wore it because it was “more comfortable”. Really. More comfortable to have a permanent wedgie. I got some pretty impassioned defenses of that laughably indefensible position.

            1. Monica disagrees. She had a plan.

    3. Maybe 90-95% of the boys.

      1. Eh, they’ll grow out of it.

        I only get unwanted wood a few times a day now.

        1. The rest of the time you’re telling yourself you wanted it.

        2. Maybe the problem is with you not wanting it.

        3. I hate it when the probably illegals dump their brush pile in my backyard.

          1. These euphemisms.

        4. unwanted wood

          Does not compute.

            1. “Inconvenient wood,” is most apt.

              “Untimely,” suggests you wear big ass cowboy belt buckles, as they called in them in Okieland, “A tombstone for a dead dick.”

    4. And it’s suddenly an educational film from the 1950’s all over again . . .

    5. He should blame his poor thinking on girls’ tight skirts.

      1. Finally the rape culture allows boys to be victims too.

  3. Newman University disinvites speaker after pro-lifers take offense.

    Finally, we’ve reached parity.

    1. Why didn’t anyone try to warn us that the right not to be offended could work both ways?

  4. “Newman University disinvites speaker after pro-lifers take offense.”

    Also, there’s a Newman University.

    1. Even better would be a Newman’s Own University.

      1. Why, I have 8 pieces of chicken marinating in it right now!

        1. Why did I read that first as ‘chickens urinating in it’?

          These short weeks play tricks on the brain.

          1. Lunch beers, eh?

            Good idea.

            1. The boss ordered a Sam Adams with lunch, and I thought, ‘good idea!”

              /old commercial

              1. “You know, I’ll have a Samuel Jackson, too.”

          2. Hey, do you know what you call that white stuff on top of the chicken shit?


    2. Newman . . .


      1. “Newman University”

        The nations highest preparatory institution for a career in Postal Delivery.

    3. Hello, Newman.

  5. Donald Trump will appear on Dr. Oz’s show to discuss his health.

    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be Dr. Ounces

  6. Car falls off parking garage ledge.

    Women drivers. Am I right, fellow hit & runners?

  7. Has Reason really missed the ‘sharing economy is racist’ thing that’s trending on NPR?

    1. It’s Rico on a Friday. We established long ago that he posts these from his phone at happy hour somewhere in Adams Morgan. Personally, I’m just happy they’re on time.

      1. Do we have to wait until 9:37 to see him on Stossel?

        1. “Our guest tonight…” [furtive glance at watch] “…is running a bit, uh, behind.” [pause] “So this man goes to a talent agent and says, ‘I’ve got a great act, a family act…'” [frowns] “GODDAMMIT, WHERE IS THAT KID??”

          1. “The Aristocrats!”

    2. Do the H&R writers listen to NPR?

      1. With hair like that? You think Robby’s closet isn’t full of NPR totebags?

        1. Robby has lovely feet to go with the hair

  8. A 9/11 conspiracy theory was trending on Facebook.

    Hitlerbot did it.

    1. What’s an 9/11?


      (still voting for him)

      1. GayJasy’s favorite Metallica tune?

        Aleppo Messiah.

    2. 9/11 was perpetrated by the RAND Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires, in a fiendish plot to eliminate the meal of dinner.

      We’re through the looking glass here, people.

      1. I see you left out the Greys…

        *squints suspiciously*

    3. Do you know what else Hitlerbot did?

      1. Annexed Robo-Sudetenland?

  9. A 9/11 conspiracy theory was trending on Facebook.

    Who the fuck cares? If this is what people are talking about, let it trend.

    The entire thing still seems rigged to me, though, regardless. Either that or the progs have a far larger social media presence because dumb shit about Michelle Obama supposedly has like 600k shares.

    1. It is known that Facebook has used special tools to influence Trending stories. E.g. Zuckerberg is a BLM fan, so BLM stories were artificially boosted.

  10. Watch me on the Stossel show on Fox Business Channel tonight during the 9:00 p.m. hour.

    That’s pretty cool, Robby. We DVR the Stossel show every week so we’ll definitely watch it.

    Any butterflies? That show is seen by hundreds of people worldwide.

    1. I’ll be impressed if he gets to the show on time.

      1. Riven from the top ropes!

      2. And SNAP.

        1. I hear she is wholesome as well.

      3. They have people there to take care of his hair, and I’m sure the Green Room will be stocked with fruit sushi.

        1. Dammit, JB, I was goint to post that about the Green Room / Fruit Sushi.

          But it would be great if they really had that. Epic trolling.

      4. [Picks up Riven’s mic and offers it silently to the crowd.]


      5. damnit…i came here to say this and there it is. And i didnt refresh so I commented above anyway…I AM RICO!

        WE ARE ALL RICO!

    2. No!!! He’ll consume the entire season’s hair budget in one appearance!

      1. Epic battle for the last tin of Dapper Dan.

        That’s how you get the ratings.

      2. I assume the mustache budget is wholly separated from the hair budget.

        1. Oh yeah. They have a guy for that.

        2. Mustache vs. Hair
          Who will win? Tune into find out! /read in loud tractor pull announcer voice

        3. “I assume the mustache budget…”

          At this moment, small arms are being offloaded in a remote Nicaraguan mangrove to finance that budget.

    3. If he doesn’t flip his hair and have light randomly shoot out of nowhere while a heavenly choir plays we know it’s not the real Robby.

  11. From the home office in Ypslanti, MI, it’s today’s Top Ten List!


    10. Eagles fans to protest anti-terrorist security overreach by beating the crap out of Santa Claus
    9. Antonio Cromartie won’t impregnate any random women
    8. St. Louis Rams fans to shuffle around awkwardly outside Edward Jones Dome
    7. Counter-protest by Tom Brady to feature proud, stirring, patriotic methods of cheating at football
    6. Russell Wilson vows to be even less interesting
    5. San Diego Chargers: “Powder blue lives matter.”
    4. JJ Watt will enact a media blackout lasting 15 whole minutes
    3. The Browns will continue to exist
    2. Jerry Jones will receive multiple blowjobs from 20-year old crack whores on top of a giant pile of money while the Cowboys lose 35-3
    1. Someone’s getting a concussion

    1. I’m just going to use this space to rant about how awful the NFL has become. From the growth of game-changing judgement calls and general over-officiating to the commercials, it’s damn near unwatchable for me as someone who grew up obsessed with the sport. It’s not the same. We get a product watered down in the name of player safety, but all of the changes happen to make it easier for offenses and are about protecting skill position guys.

      The media leads the charge on the bullshit narrative of CTE and these poor NFL players who are supposedly all senile or suicidal by the time their 40. It’s all incredibly fact free and they love to latch onto any anecdote or scare story they can find. The actual facts all show that NFL players are by far healthier, live longer, and are less likely to commit suicide. And the elevated risk of Alzheimer’s is still minuscule.

      1. IF last night’s game is any indication, they at least gave defenders rushing the passer a full step after the ball was released. That’s a step in the right direction. Ol’ Cam was hot about getting hit, but he should be. He held the ball trying to bait a penalty.

        1. Li’l Cameron wants to be treated differently than all the others whilst demanding to be treated the same as all the others. What a little bitch with an ubermench fantasy.

      2. Never been a fan myself but even when I try to watch the amount of commercials ruins it for me.

      3. There’s a Youtube video of last season’s SuperBowl that contains nothing but the actual game plays. It’s about 23 minutes long, which isn’t surprising since a typical play will last maybe 3-5 seconds, but it shows you just how much bullshit and fluff is crammed into the games these days.

        1. When tivo came out there was a 30 second skip forward you could use. It was just about perfect for NFL games. Skipping forward when the runner hit the ground you’d arrive pretty much exactly at the next snap.

          You could watch an NFL game in about 20-25 minutes.

      4. Not compared to other high-level athletes. Selection bias really is a thing.


        1. If you aren’t willing to subject yourself to permanent brain damage for the entertainment of spectators you’re a pussy.

          1. The pining for 60’s football style and rules with modern player sizes, athleticism, and speed is nothing more than a Coliseum-esque desire to watch a man die on national TV.

            1. a Coliseum-esque desire to watch a man die on national TV

              IN THE YEAR 2017….

              1. +1 Long Walk

          2. My biggest problem with the NFL these days is the way they cut the uniforms. I don’t want to look at quite so many armpits, you know?

            Go find some early 90s games on YouTube. They somehow look correct in a way that the current games don’t. I dunno. Maybe I’m old.

            1. Dammit, if I’m watching the games on Sunday and unable to stop looking at the proliferation of armpits, I’m going to be cursing you to hell. Just FYI.

          3. If you aren’t willing to subject yourself to permanent brain damage for the entertainment of spectators millions of dollars a year and playing a game you love, you’re a pussy.

            1. Cool, so if I offered you millions of dollars to slam your head into a concrete wall repeatedly you’d do it?



              1. But does he love slamming his head into a concrete wall repeatedly?

                I’m assuming he’d love the millions of dollars.

      6. Stop bitching and watch rugby instead.

        1. Celtic football. Or Irish or whatever the fuck they call it. It makes no fucking sense. It’s great.

          1. +1

          2. Gaelic Football. They can get 85,000 fans in a stadium to watch amateur games of it.

            By God, I love the Irish.

        2. I watch a lot of Aussie rules. Footy done right.


          Thanks jesse!

      7. The fuck are “commercials”? Red Zone + DVR or GTFO

      8. “bullshit narrative of CTE ”

        Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

    2. 8. St. Louis Rams fans to shuffle around awkwardly outside Edward Jones Dome

      I hate you.

      1. Don’t spend too much time shuffling around out there, that is a rough neighborhood when games aren’t being played.

        1. Which is always now.

    3. I like #8.

    4. “3. The Browns will continue to exist”

      Relies on facts not in evidence.

  12. Watch me on the Stossel show on Fox Business Channel tonight during the 9:00 p.m. hour.

    Stoss sits there while Soave tries to grow a mustache.

    1. Damn, Fist. Don’t taunt him; he’ll just withold the links again.

  13. Hey whats with the Trump “I’m just about to sneeze” picture?

    1. Standard editorial action: Choose the least flattering pics of people you don’t like.

      1. NYT did this to Gary yesterday.

        1. Gary was hurting Hillary in the polls therefor the MSM decided he must be destroyed.

          1. I like Gary but that shit was totally self-inflicted. He should know damn well the media is pre-disposed to treat him like a joke, but he did have a small groundswell of support and just coming off as competent and composed would provide the contrast needed to the Trump/Clinton circus to build up a larger profile.

            He’s already behind the 8-ball as a Libertarian, let alone a 3rd-party candidate. He literally has no margin for error, which he should have learned watching Perot implode in ’92.

            1. Typical stoner candidate.

  14. Watch me on the Stossel show on Fox Business Channel tonight during the 9:00 p.m. hour.

    Stossel’s beard and Robby’s hair in the same room?

    I’m going to cum just thinking about it.

    1. *Stossel’s ‘stache.

      1. Did you just actually fuck up a wet dream?

        1. You know what? It’s not my fault Reason’s too cheap to give us an edit button.

          1. It’s your fantasy do what you want.

            1. Clearly his fantasy is that Stossel is gay.

        2. +1 fine example of fucking up a wet dream. Awesome.

      2. Understandable mistake. A mustache that glorious is the equivalent of any beard.

    2. Come to think of it, who’s the libertarian with the best beard? Stripper guy? McAfee? The bar is low.

      1. Richman? Block?

  15. “It’s just kind of gross because he teaches teenage girls,” student Piper Cotton told KTRK-TV. “Like they can blame us for them being distracted during school hours.”

    Piper Cotton.

    Piper. Cotton.

    1. I’d pipe ‘er cotton

    2. You pipe her cotton. You brought her!

    3. I look forward to her porn career.

    4. Eh, I’ve seen worse in real life. Worked with a woman named Lacy Cotton.

  16. OT: So I’m watching the new season of Narcos. I’ve gotta say, the lead character, that DEA agent with the stupid fucking NASCAR mustache is a real smug piece of shit. He just randomly beats up gringo he sees snorting coke in a bathroom after asserting that the drug user is the reason so many people get killed in the drug trade. That self-righteous fuck is too dense to see that he and his law enforcement buddies are the reason the cocaine trade begat so much carnage. It makes this otherwise decent show very hard to watch.

    1. They’re trying to make a historical drama here. You expect them to lie?

      1. (hit submit too early)

        I mean, a 1980s DEA agent working in Columbia isn’t going to be thinking that way. It’s more “We good. Drugs bad. We good for making drugs go away”

        1. Was he working the J-school beat?

    2. I had the same issue watching Breaking Bad re: Hank. So many times early on in the show where he’s just a complete pig-headed DEA asshat.

      No spoilers, please–I haven’t seen the last four or five episodes. My operating theory right now is that Walt goes into witness protection, and that’s how Malcolm in the Middle starts.

      1. Riven, you need to isolate yourself from the Internet, right now.

        1. I’ve managed somehow all these years since the show concluded…

      2. There’s an evil “it was all a dream” theory out there. I’ll let you guess where it starts.

        1. I blame Roseanne. Nothing good ever came of that show.

          1. Except for Sarah Chalke, aka Ottawa’s Pride.

      3. You’ll be shocked by the final episode. Still can’t believe they included a Walter/Jesse sex scene.

        1. I’ll be in my bunk.

        2. Is it technically a sex scene when he’s just skull-fucking the corpse?

      4. Breaking Bad, for all its strong points, is pretty retarded re: the whole ‘Drugs’ thing – not just the DEA aspect , which frankly, is pretty ‘realistic’ compared to the Drug Lords/Cartels etc.

        the impression you get from the show is that Drugs magically & instantly convert people into self-destructive zombies – there are at least a few scenes (like when Walt goes to ‘rescue’ Jesse from a meth-user squat house) where they give this impression that there’s only “1 consequence” of drug use = complete dissolution.

        even the way they handled the ‘casual pot use’ in season 1 was sort of weird. and they never really discuss the subject later; even though Walt claimed to ‘like it’. Basically – it seemed to mess up the narrative of the show about drugs – that its an “on or off” thing. Either you’re clean, or you’re a death-zombie. Smoking weed implied that there was some possibly-acceptable “in-between”, and it muddied the way they were handling the Meth issue.

        1. I somewhat disagree. Most of the more extreme drug taking is contextualized (at least with the majority of Jesse’s use, that girlfriend’s, etc.) as a result of the character’s pre-drug emotional state. They’re already self-destructive zombies without the drugs. And most of the rehab scenes seem to deliberately frame, at least meth use, in the context of emotional and chemical dependency. You’re right that they mostly avoid actually addressing drug culture as a whole, but it’s not like they’re full ‘Reefer Madness’.

          Glen hilariously presents a libertarian perspective on the whole industry, he’s just there to sell a product in a market that demands it.

          1. Most of the more extreme drug taking is contextualized (at least with the majority of Jesse’s use, that girlfriend’s, etc.) as a result of the character’s pre-drug emotional state.

            yeah, i get all that.

            But show me one example of someone who “uses drugs” who is an otherwise normal and functioning person who isn’t suffering from some horrible demons.

            1. Jesse’s friends, but they’re framed as losers and idiots.

              To be fair I don’t know any ‘winners’ who have done a lot of meth.

              1. Yeah, but they do gobble down coke, adderall, and dextroamphetamine. Which is nearly the same thing.

              2. Even they go to rehab. they never really cast them as “normal users”. Everyone’s ‘in recovery’ or on their way to inevitable crack-whoring.

        2. Agreed.

          Throughout the series, I find it interesting how Jesse’s constantly on and off the wagon. Maybe my drug use isn’t typical, but I have the few I enjoy (thc, alcohol, caffeine) and only rarely do I venture off the beaten path. It seems like he’s just all over the place; once he does just one substance (like weed), he goes ahead and goes whole hog (with meth/heroin).

          1. It seems like he’s just all over the place; once he does just one substance (like weed), he goes ahead and goes whole hog (with meth/heroin).

            Yeah, but I think that actually fits with his character in that he doesn’t possess the capacity for self-control and discipline unless it’s being imposed on him from above by someone he respects. The story of his wood shop teacher and his relationship with Walt is instructive in that both men serve as father figures to challenge him in “growing up,” primarily through the development of a creative skill. Obviously the latter relationship is a lot more destructive and dysfunctional, but ultimately they’re both acting in a capacity that his own dad wasn’t able to fulfill for whatever reason.

        3. Can you think of any shows or movies where that isn’t the case? It seems to me that the Demon Rum trope is every bit as strong as it ever was.

          1. Californication maybe? Pretty much all of Hank’s self-destructive sex addiction, alcohol and drug use is framed in the context of him being a fucked up person who doesn’t know how to handle basic reality, and REALLY doesn’t know how to handle stress.

          2. Can you think of any shows or movies where that isn’t the case?

            I don’t know. There are certainly shows which treat drugs more casually, and for granted. Not everything treats them as a black & white social-scourge.

            I think because Breaking Bad is fundamentally ABOUT drugs and their role in society, that their failure to treat them with any nuance is particularly weak.

          3. In fact, they even went so far as to treat Walt’s experience w/ alcohol as a “Drug Problem”.

            He’s a total lightweight, and every time he drinks booze “evil, self-absorbed Walt” emerges.

            basically, for a show that does so many things well, it treats anything involving ‘self-medication’ as a strictly “self-destructive” issue. There’s zero grey area, and little depiction of recreational use that isn’t instantly turning people into potential murderer/rapists/sociopaths.

            I think the weed thing in season 1 was probably introduced as a way for the show to explore the common hypocrisy that people have about ‘drugs’ – showing that there’s grey-area between the DEA puritanism (*which even hank starts to admit he used while trying to ‘scare straight’ Walt’s son).. and the Zombie-meth-head universe.

            instead they chose to drop that and just stick with the “Drugs r’ Bad, Mkay” narrative.

      5. You’ve got it wrong. Godzilla shows up and trashes Walt’s Mega-Meth Lab and then he spends the next ten years screaming about how FEMA and the Japanese are lying.

      6. Yeh, there a few times where I thought he could have just backed off or let things go.

    3. My barber just told me that I look like the DEA agent in Narcos. I’ve never seen him but he must be a handsome fella.

  17. Liberals re-discover censorship. Wish that they would not just rediscover it when a corporation does it.

    1. As much as I loathe Facebook, I have to say that they made the right call here, given the current witchhunt attitude that child p0rnze must be totally obliterated no matter what the cost. (A bipartisan attitude, BTW – both stupid AND evil.) As bad as a blind, algorithmic, zero-tolerance rule is, allowing ideologically-hostile humans to make a subjective call would be even worse. (Having reasonable, non-ideologically-hostile humans make the call isn’t an option: Everyone is ideologically-hostile toward someone.)

      And there is a certain irony here: The girl was collateral damage in the Vietnam war, and her photo is now collateral damage in the war on child p0rnze.

  18. Yeah, the GJ gaffe thing was totally disheartening.

    Also, overheard in my office:

    Socon: He doesn’t have a consistent position about anything except pot.

    Prog: He doesn’t even know where Aleppo is?

    Tonio: [fumes quietly]

    1. Whatever. No one gave a fuck about anything going on in Syria until that picture of the kid went viral, but that shit’s been going on for years now. If people are concerned about this, demand that the current president do something.

      All this really shows is that GayJay doesn’t really follow the Twitter, which I think would be a good thing, considering that seems to be all the current president does.

      Additionally, I appreciate that he just straight-up admitted that he didn’t know what it was and, you know, asked. No individual is capable of knowing everything. Most politicians would have blathered on for a good five minutes without a goddamned clue what the were saying.

    2. It’s probably also worth noting that GayJay isn’t getting the daily intelligence briefing that Hilldog and Trump are.

      1. I take small comfort in the fact that the people giving Trump the daily intel briefing probably have to diaper up before doing that.

    3. HE wasn’t going to affect the race before the gaffe. He wasn’t going to affect the race after the gaffe.

      All that happened was a professional politician who has a habit of making an ass of himself made a little bit of an ass of himself.

      I wouldn’t’ allow it to alter my emotional state one iota.

      1. He is, however, getting a lot more media attention following that gaffe.

        1. All press is good press, so they say.

        2. Kim Kardashian gets a lot of media attention too. It doesn’t mean she has any impact on our lives.

          Gary Johnson is completely irrelevant to your future. So you shouldn’t feel depressed at his “failures”.

          Moreover, he *is* a washed up politician who failed out of the majors and is now struggling on that zone where he is great for the minors but not good enough for the majors. This means he is less competent at his job than John Boehner. Your expectations of his performance should be calibrated accordingly.

          I am not disappointed by the man or upset by him. I diagnosed him as being Badnarik-like in his irrelevance months ago, and so far he has pretty much met my expectations. I will admit that his behavior with the replica firearm Austin Petersen gave him as Petersen pledged fealty to his campaign left me gobsmacked because I thought no man could be that much of an idiot when it came to earning the willingness of people to follow him and consider himself a professional leader.

          But nothing he has done subsequently has failed to live up to the low expectations I have had for him.

          1. That’s basically where I am. It’s nice that he’s nice, he’s better than Badnarik, at least he’s not Bob Barr, and at least he’s not giving speeches about how we need to legalize child porn.

            1. I don’t think Johnson is nice.

              Tossing that gun into the garbage wasn’t the act of a nice man.

              That’s why I will feel no regret whatsoever or show any hesitation about writing in “None of the Above” under his name on my ballot.

              1. Once again, the wisdom of tarran permeates the electoral fog.

    4. The idiots in my workplace think the Republicans don’t want to fund the Zika stuff.

      And there’s one who says the problem with healthcare is that it’s for-profit.

    5. A Socon and a Prog are actually even TALKING about Johnson??

      1. Their hate unites them.

      2. Dicks bring people together.

      3. I live in Virginia where the Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper (state capital newspaper) just endorsed Gay Jay. The media attention does have people talking – at least around here. Even if Johnson is a bad candidate it at least gets the word libertarianism out there.

    6. Prog: He doesn’t even know where Aleppo is?

        1. It’s italics all the way down

      1. It’s the squirrels, I had my shit tagged correctly and they went wild.

    7. Prog: He doesn’t even know where Aleppo is?

      1. Well fuck you squirrels, you ate half my post twice.

        1. You also broke the comments – everything is in italics now.

            1. You are entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location. The kind of place where there might be a monster, or some kind of weird mirror. These are just examples; it could also be something much better. Prepare to enter: The Scary Door.

    8. When have you been known to fume quietly?

    9. Prog: He doesn’t even know where Aleppo is?

      And they don’t have a point because? The man is running for president.

  19. Because it’s Friday, a delightful BBC story on popularity of Turkish soap operas in South America.

    The above scene is from What is Fatmagul’s Fault? – a Turkish drama.

    Dubbed into Spanish and Portuguese, it has been a big hit across South America over the past year. In Argentina alone, episodes are viewed by more than 12 million people.

    And the show is far from a one-off, with a growing number of Turkish TV dramas among the most watched programmes across the continent.

    In Chile for example, a Turkish series called 1,001 Nights was the most viewed programme in 2014.

    1. Muslims and Mexicans? I don’t see anything delightful about this.

      1. “South America”


        1. Seriously, call Peruvian or Argentinian a “Mexican” and that’s fightin’ words!

        2. The Mexican chicks in Brazil are pretty hot.

        3. Yes, I know.

          Didn’t see any mention of fans from Portugal, though.

    2. a growing number of Turkish TV dramas among the most watched programmes across the continent.

      Why are you bringing this up?
      It’s nobody’s business but the Turks.

      1. Even old New York . . .

        1. Wasn’t that once New Amsterdam?

          Why’d they change it?

  20. These links are so dumb. I can find my own clickbait. Give me Shackford or give me death.

    1. ::Sigh::

      I hoped it’d never come to this.

      ::Executes waffles::

  21. Does anybody think Nishikori or Wawrinka has a chance to bead Djokovi??

    And congrats to Angelique Kerber on becoming the new #1.

    1. When I try to write stuff like that the system won’t post it because the system thinks I’m using a foreign language. Is “beading Djokovi?” one of those euphemisms people go on about?

    2. I’m not so sure Djokovic has a chance to beat Monfils. It’s pretty obvious who the audience is rooting for, that is for sure.

      1. That was an embarrassing outing for Monfils. He’s always been a bit of an on/off player, but besides the 3rd set, he was consistently off. You can’t go down 30-0 in every game and expect to be competitive.

  22. A 9/11 conspiracy theory was trending on Facebook.

    Talking on FB with your idiot friends about how the Jewish lizards are behind 9/11 is just fine, but DON’T YOU DARE reference it in a mattress commercial or on a Wal-Mart mountain dew display.

  23. Returning to work after burning man is fucking brutal and makes me wish for death. Burning man is not a vacation. It is a fucking crucible. I just had an overly long meeting in which a bunch of bedeviling details need to be rechecked while my dopamine and serotonin receptors struggle to recover. The moral of the story?

    Don’t go to burning man if you work a fulltime job. Leave it to the hippies and trust funders who can afford the abuse. Go on a real vacation instead.

    I’m glad for the experience but I am done with that thing in the desert.

    1. LSD is a hell of a drug, man.

      1. microdosing is the only way to go, long term

    2. Waffles gets burned at burning man, news at 11:00. *mimes straightening fake stack of papers

      1. Somehow I ended up going three years in a row. That’s enough to get burned out on anything. Now I get to join the ranks of the jaded ex-burners who get to constantly whine about how it used to be better. YAY!

  24. What’s Kmele doing appearing on Stossel when he hasn’t even posted this week’s Fifth Column yet?

  25. With the continuing fallout after the Aleppo hit piece on Johnson, and Progressives’ almost complete domination over the media, I have to wonder if these people can even be stopped.

    Is there a single non-Democrat candidate that the MSM can’t destroy? Their ability to shape the news is getting scary.

    1. The media has lost all trustworthiness, it barely shows but it will be felt for a long time. Like a night at Che Warty’s.

    2. No. Their dominance is complete. And that is their undoing.

      Without the media selling drastic budget cuts, the politicians who will be winning elections will be all beholden to the free shit brigade. Until either the U.S. government finds itself going down the road of Greece (defaulting on loans and finding noone will lend them money) or Zimbabwe/Weimar Republic (having the fed “monetize” the debt – i.e. print the money they spend).

      My guess is that we will see the U.S. collapse and break apart into three or four countries. They will probably call themselves collectively the United States, but they will be effectively independent polities. And they will be all unbearable in different ways. I think New England will become like France. Not sure about other parts of the country.

      1. (defaulting on loans and finding noone will lend them money)

        Why can’t we join the EU and get perpetual bailouts from Germany?

        1. Joking aside, the Eu wouldn’t take the U.S. They want to be a superpower that can stand up to the U.S.

          They know that if the U.S. joined them, it would be like when England humbly asked the King of Scotland to rule them and instead of England becoming Scottish, Scotland became a fiefdom of England.

          1. Joking aside, the Eu wouldn’t take the U.S. They want to be a superpower that can stand up to the U.S.

            With what?

      2. My guess is that we will see the U.S. collapse and break apart into three or four countries. They will probably call themselves collectively the United States, but they will be effectively independent polities. And they will be all unbearable in different ways. I think New England will become like France. Not sure about other parts of the country.

        I’ve come to a similar conclusion. The cracks are forming in our “independent” nation, and with increased globalization and reliance on debt, another Great Depression (or worse) would test the connection between the disparate regions of the country.

  26. Hillary is on tv live now. She’s either been consulted to tone down her screech, or she’s about to drop dead.

    1. Or severely drugged up. She always looks awful but this is one foot from the grave awful.

  27. File under – “How reporting works these days”

    Headline Claim = Trump blames Hillary Clinton for North Korean nuke test

    what he said =

    Trump communications aide Jason Miller said in a statement. “Clinton promised to work to end North Korea’s nuclear program as secretary of state, yet the program has only grown in strength and sophistication.”

    strapline beneath headline = “Clinton, by contrast, issued a measured statement

    which was referring to this =

    Clinton called the test “outrageous and unacceptable” in a statement of her own, describing North Korea’s “determination to develop a deliverable nuclear weapon” as a “direct threat to the United States.

    And while she praised Obama’s “call to both strengthen the sanctions passed earlier this year with the United Nations and to impose additional sanctions,” she also hinted at some distance between them, urging the U.S. to “make sure” China will “meaningfully increase pressure on North Korea.”


    1. Somebody forgot to close an italics tag.

      1. Did that work?

      1. So he goes to all the trouble of traveling back in time…for this?

      2. I think I may have accidentally typed HTML codes into the cesium clocks regulating the dual singularity in my Grand AM.

    2. I had to see what would happen.

    3. because they are so horny!

  28. “Assistant principal says girls’ tight skirts are responsible for boys’ low grades.”

    I addition to miniskirts, I also found tight jeans distracting.

    Also, tight blouses, loose blouses, sweaters, gym shorts, anklets, girls with long hair, girls with short hair, . . .

    Being physically attracted to females isn’t a crime yet, and saying that hormonal high school guys are distracted by girls and what they wear should be about as controversial as saying that it gets darker at night.

  29. why is everyone writing in italics now?

    1. LSD in the water. Feature, not bug.

  30. All the comments after this one:

    Eternal Blue Sky|9.9.16 @ 4:56PM|#|?|filternamelinkcustom

    are all italics for me. Anyone else? Weird.

  31.…..-overreach “This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach”
    This is one of the 6 or 8 dumbest things I’ve read today.

  32.…..-overreach “This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach”
    This is one of the 6 or 8 dumbest things I’ve read today.

  33. When everything is italics, nothing is italics.

    I blame Robby.

    1. Just tilt your head slightly.

    2. Holy shit. I thought I was still tripping.

      1. Well that’s what’s causing the squiggly rainbow colors on your screen. The italics are just some poorly written HTML.

    3. Threadwinner. Emphasis nobody’s.

  34. Democrats sue to take Trump off ballot in Minnesota:…../392865541

    The lawsuit went straight to the MN supreme court. First voting in MN begins on 9/23.

    Rule #4 for Radicals: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.
    “You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

    Since the Republicans are all for voter ID and stuff, rub some ballot access rules in their face for a change.
    The LP has been smart to not jump on this technicality since it was first brought to light a couple weeks ago, but that doesn’t prevent it from being good theatre for the rest of us.

    1. So the Democrats have embraced racism I see.

      1. Hillary gives a speech today about the need to expand access to voting. Meanwhile, the party works to limit who is listed on the ballot in MN. Everyone should vote, as long as the choice is limited

    2. Such tolerance. Scratch a prog or Democrat – as it’s been said many times – find a racist or tyrant.

    3. I especially like the objective, unbiased tone of that article.

    4. It sounds like the GOP got their requirements in right at the last minute, but they still got them in. Not sure what can be challenged.

    5. But it’s not like Trump will even come within a mile of winning MN, so it really doesn’t matter.

  35. “Some research papers are more high risk to public health than others. Those papers deserve extra vigilance. They should be subjected to rigorous and extensive challenge during peer review. The risk of publication should be explicitly discussed and evaluated. If publication is agreed, it should be managed with exquisite care. Authors and editors should be aligned on the messages they wish to convey, and every effort must be made to avoid misinterpretations and misunderstandings in the media. Editors also have to separate their roles as gatekeepers and campaigners.”

    Global warming? No, the efficacy of statins in heart health. (By no less than TV doc Sanjay Gupta.) Look, some things are good for you and public debate over whether or not they’re good for you only leads to public confusion over whether or not they’re good for you – and that’s bad. Therefore, scientists have an obligation to the public health to stop debating science when the risks of public confusion over whether or not the science is settled outweigh the risks of whether or not the science is settled. And don’t even think of starting some shit over who gets to decide when the science is settled enough that scientists should all just shut the hell up and agree that the science is settled lest the public be confused over whether or not the science is settled. And that settles it!

    1. /closes i tag and hopes nobody notices

  36. I suppose I may as well add a couple things about that Newman University story.

    It’s a Catholic University, named after Bl. John Henry Newman, who

    The administration should hve banned the judge without waiting for outside pressure. The judge is not a suitable speaker, especially on Constitution Day, because of her violation of Catholic teaching. She’s a virulent supporter of abortion:

    “In 2010, Kansasans for Life described Beier this way: “The abortion industry has no better ally than Justice Beier ?” She sided with the abortion giant Planned Parenthood in three separate rulings, insuring that “abortion businesses remain above investigation and prosecution,” the state pro-life group wrote.”

    1. Newman book:

      1. “As a Catholic institution of higher learning, Newman finds guidance in Ex corde ecclesiae and other teachings of the Catholic Church…”

        Ex Corde Ecclesiae is a Papal decree governing Catholic universities.

        This decree provides that “Catholic teaching and discipline are to influence all university activities, while the freedom of conscience of each person is to be fully respected [citing Dignitatis Humanae, the Vatican II document on religious freedom]. Any official action or commitment of the University is to be in accord with its Catholic identity.”

        Also, “In ways appropriate to the different academic disciplines, all Catholic teachers are to be faithful to, and all other teachers are to respect, Catholic doctrine and morals in their research and teaching….Those university teachers and administrators who belong to other Churches, ecclesial communities, or religions, as well as those who profess no religious belief, *and also all students,* are to recognize and respect the distinctive Catholic identity of the University.” [emphasis added]

        So students enjoy their freedom to disagree with the Church, but not to violate the university’s Catholic character.

        1. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education doesn’t seem to mind this sort of thing:

          “It is important to note, however, that if a private college wishes to place a particular set of moral, philosophical, or religious teachings above a commitment to free expression, it has every right to do so. The freedom to associate voluntarily with others around common goals or beliefs is an integral part of a pluralistic and free society. If a private university states clearly and publicly that it values other commitments more highly than freedom of expression, that institution has considerably more leeway in imposing its views on students, who have given their informed consent by choosing to attend.”

        2. I have a hard time getting worked up about private schools deciding who they will allow to speak. Colleges run by religious organizations do have narrow views…that’s why they have colleges in the first place; to teach their view. Anyone who doesnt like that is free to find a different university.

          Considering that the judge intended to speak about subjects that have nothing to do with the controversial subject of abortion it does make them look like jerks. Still, it’s their right to look like jerks.

          1. I’m not as certain as you are that abortion would be categorically excluded from her talk:

            “Beier had been invited by the campus student history club on Aug. 22 to answer questions Friday as part of the school’s Constitution Day program. She was scheduled to discuss topics such as how to get into law school, what it is like to be a judge and what role judges play in the judicial system, said Clark Schafer, a Newman spokesman.”

            Let’s set aside, for argument’s sake, the fact that they would be honoring a pro-abortion judge on Constitution Day, and that this is itself would tend to compromise the Catholic witness in favor of the right to life, which is in fact protected by the Constitution.

            There’s also the fact that she’d be answering questions, so they could ask her to talk about how awesome abortion rights are, and how those rights are part of the Law of the Land.

            And there is an obvious link between the role of judges in the judicial system and the philosophy of a judge who considers part of her role to undermine and destroy the right to life.

  37. I think it had to be at this commenting level.

    1. Darn, even there the closing tag didn’t work.

  38. Assistant principal says girls’ tight skirts are responsible for boys’ low grades.

    Boys shouldn’t wear them then

    1. *narrows gaze*

      Et tu, ifh?

  39. And lo, the 9th day of September, 2016, shall always be remembered as The Day of Italics.

  40. De-italicize dammit!

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