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Female Student Admits to Incredible Lie That Got Auburn Football Player Kicked Off Team

Says Title IX coordinator 'really wanted to make it a big deal, after I told her basically that I lied.'


Bobby McDuffie/Icon Sportswire CGR/Bobby McDuffie/Icon Sportswire/Newscom

Auburn University dismissed running back Jovon Robinson—formerly the No. 1 junior college player in the country—after a female student accused him of assaulting her.

"He did not meet my expectations of what it takes to be an Auburn Tiger football player," said head coach Gus Malzahn, according to

But Robinson never assaulted anyone. His purported victim made it up entirely. The woman now readily admits to fabricating the allegation out of spite—she was angry at Robinson for making her leave his room.

It's an astonishing, malicious lie that might have factored into Auburn's decision to release Robinson, though the university maintains that it had other issues with him. It's also a powerful repudiation of the leftist-feminist idea that victims of assault and sexual assault deserve to be automatically believed.

According to—which obtained an exclusive interview with the woman—the pair had an argument very early in the morning on July 15. Robinson wanted her to leave, and eventually escorted her out of his room. He didn't hurt her at all.

At roughly 6:00 a.m., the woman sent an email to Coach Malzahn to make him aware that Robinson had abused her. She said that Robinson caused her to smash her head into the door and bloody her knees. She wrote in the email:

Although I have every reason to, I chose to not get the law involved; as I know how nasty things could get; especially for someone in his position. Therefore, I am trying to keep the situation as private as possible. With this being the second or third time an incident of this sort has happened with him, I believe that it is time he be held responsible for the way he has been acting toward not just me, but women in general. Although were [sic] are very close, as I said before, I will make sure to stay away from and not contact him."

Malzahn took the accusation very seriously. He forwarded the email to Auburn's Title IX coordinator, Kelley Taylor, noting that it was the first time he had heard "of any incident regarding Jovon and any female."

Taylor contacted the woman later that same morning, letting her know that Malzahn wanted to "take some precautionary steps" but that the university couldn't do anything until Taylor had spoken with her. Taylor asked for pictures of her injuries as well.

"Me knowing that it wasn't true, I never did [send Taylor pictures]," said the woman in an interview with

Indeed, the woman soon confessed to Taylor that she had made up the story. Interestingly enough, according to the woman, Taylor seemed interested in proceeding anyway:

(Taylor) really wanted to make it a big deal, after I told her basically that I lied," the accuser told "I can see her calling me one time after I said it, but two times and then a week later? That kind of made me wonder, why was she trying to do that?"

Keep in mind that the woman is an admitted liar—it's certainly possible she's lying about Taylor's statements here, too.

After Robinson was dismissed from the team, the woman seems to have felt some remorse for him. She emailed Malzahn to make sure he knew she had lied:

"I'm not sure if your decision today had anything to do with my situation a few weeks ago, but I just wanted you to know that I made up the entire thing simply because I was upset with Jovon at the time," the accuser wrote to Malzahn. "I haven't had any contact with him in the past few weeks but I do not think my lie should have costed him his spot on the team. Please consider changing your mind because I would really hate to see a person with so much potential lose his opportunity because of my silly fib. Jovon didn't do anything to me that night but ask me to leave his room and I was upset about that."

As I noted earlier, the university maintains that Robinson was dismissed "for a number of incidents" and wouldn't comment on whether the woman's accusation had anything to do with it. preserved the woman's identity, for reasons I don't understand. She is a student, but by her own admission, she is not the victim of any crime. On the contrary: Robinson is the victim.

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  1. make him aware that Robinson had absued her

    Is this a typo or is Reason really using Urban Dictionary terms in its straight news stories?…..term=Absue

    1. Robby, you corrected. Than ye gods it was a typo.

      1. Than ye

        Both you and Robby need to be absued.

        1. No, Robby would only get absued had it not been a typo. Typos, I can forgive. So he’s still good with his probation.

          Plus, it’s not my fault, my keyboard gargles balls and with my blazing typing speed, the keys don’t always push down because they keys rock from left to right… anyhoo. I don’t need to explain my failures to you.

          And B: Robby has an edit button.

          1. Maybe he wants a massage?

        2. When you absue, you make an ab out of Sue and…

          …Dammit, I had something for this. Get back to me.

    2. Good point.

      1. Very good point.

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  2. If I were a college athlete, I wouldn’t touch a college girl with a ten meter cattle prod. Hookers only for my own protection.

    1. I thought even hookers didn’t work out for Duke Lacrosse.

      1. Those were strippers, not hookers.

        1. Well, to be fair, they were at least trying to go off campus and contracturally secure professionals.

    2. I’m sure someone somewhere believes that this is all a conspiratorial incentive to make male college students gay.

      I *do* think that’s a hilarious by-product. its like one of the few ‘shields’ a student could have = join some LGBT org and ‘identify’ as quasi-demi-hyper-tri-sexual, fuck a handful of various genders/races, and if anyone ever accuses you of anything untoward, you can just break down into tears and declare that you’re being oppressed.

      1. Come see the violence inherent in the system.

      2. Several months ago Robby posted about a case where a gay college student accused his ex-boyfriend of sexual aggression and the college expelled the accused guy. The accusation was utterly ridiculous. So, no, being gay doesn’t guarantee protection on campus today.

        1. So being “the one who penetrates” is the real danger.

          1. Being male is the real danger. Apparently not even doing anything can get you expelled if a woman wants to make up a lie about you. Like if you rebuffed her advances and she got pissed at the rejection.

            1. It certainly offers women some perverse incentives to be more cunty than would naturally be possible.

          2. IIRC, penetration is unnecessary, it seemed that there was one story where gay BDSM was found to be triggering, offensive, and offensively triggering by a third party. Pics of former partners in compromising positions and/or (un)usual garb being sufficient to occupy the kangaroo courts.

          3. I think going to college is the real danger. I’m so glad I went to college in the early 80s, when men were men and women were chicks.

        2. being gay doesn’t guarantee protection on campus today.

          Never thought it would “guarantee” anything.

          But – and its just an argument about the prevailing m.o. of universities – i am assuming it draws a shitload less attention from the Title IX enforcement army, in particular.

          1. No, that case was treated the same way as Title IX “violations” are. I found the post .

            The accused, “John Doe,” was found responsible for stolen kisses, suggestive touches, and a wandering eye?all within the context of an established sexual relationship. His former partner and accuser, J.C., did not file a complaint with the university until well after the incidents took place. In fact, J.C.’s participation in Brandeis’ “sexual assault training” program caused him to re-evaluate the relationship.

            The two began dating in the fall of 2011. They broke up in the summer of 2013. In January 2014, J.C. made a two-sentence accusation against Doe, who was not informed of the nature of the charges against him. He was also denied a lawyer, the opportunity to evaluate evidence against him, and the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses, including his accuser. Brandeis uses the “special investigator” model to handle sexual assault disputes: a single administrator reviews the charges, investigates them, and makes a decision. There was no panel hearing. There was just one person’s decision.

            1. that case was treated the same way as Title IX “violations” are

              I don’t think that’s an accurate read of what that actually says.

              yes, the school uses the same “lack of due-process” procedures to investigate sexual assault accusations of all types, whether Title IX-based or not…

              …but that’s not the same as Title IX-complaints, which the school is obligated to pursue lest they be threatened with loss of funding.

              Meaning – the most trivial of accusations between men/women are *required* to be treated as potential Title IX violations. And most schools now have a full-time staff devoted to ensuring that any potential ‘gender discrimination’ is given enforcement attention far beyond its actual significance.

              There is no similar mandate/obligation to treat “spats between boys” the same way. They certainly *can*, and I’m sure some schools *do*. But that isn’t any compelling argument that ‘there’s no difference’. there’s quite obviously a difference under the law.

    3. In this case, he seems to have gotten into trouble in spite of refusing to touch her with his cattle prod*.

      *Is that what you kids are calling it these days?:)

  3. For obvious reasons, I will admit to being monumentally pissed off as Robinson was a good player who was to be the featured back. The woman should be named and charged.

    1. Well if she didn’t file a criminal complaint there’s nothing criminal about her actions. But she is opened up for a lawsuit. That and she’s a real cunt. The university should be sued too, especially considering how they doubled down after they learned it was a lie, in order to cover up the shittiness of their own actions.

      1. He could probably sue her though, and there’s definitely no reason her identity should be protected.

      2. Meh, she made a stupid mistake and then tried to correct it within a few days. She’s not the problem here. The idiotic Title 9 Gestapo is the problem.

        1. I think she’s part of the problem. Making false accusations like that would have been serious even without Title IX. At the very least, her identity should be revealed so that others can stay clear of her.

          (Of course, SJWs will protest that that would discourage other women from making accusations because they might be falsely judged to be false.)

    2. It’s all fun and games until Alabama wins.

  4. Well, I hope he sues her, and she writes him checks for the rest of her life. preserved the woman’s identity, for reasons I don’t understand.

    Perhaps for the same reason you use the nom de victim “Jackie” for the UVA liar, rather than her full name (Jackie Coakley).

  5. for reasons I don’t understand.

    You could always ask.

    In fact – doesn’t this also merit a phone call to the Title IX coordinator? if there were ‘other incidents’, maybe they could be required to cite them? *(at least give dates, or something indicating they’re not just making them up)

    1. WTF is a “reportage”?

      1. Its something people did in ye olden tymes, before the intertubes, and the advent of “Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V” journalism

      2. It’s when you carry your canoe back over the rapids you just carried it over.

        1. Not bad, solid B. You can get that up to an A with extra credit.

          1. Tough grading. I think time should be factored in. He did that in under 20 minutes. Assuming he’s not on auto-refresh each minute, I think this is A work. A minus.

  6. “…Although I have every reason to, I chose to not get the law involved; as I know how nasty things could get; especially for someone in his position.”

    Right there I stop and let the red flag and eyebrow raise.

    1. Yup

    2. Throw the yellow flag. Get it right.

      1. Red card! Two minutes in the box. 30-Luv.

    3. See, at least the Jameis Winston chick was smart enough to make a police report and then shut up until he got the Heisman and was guaranteed money. This chick was all about her feelings and it cost her.

  7. BTW Robby, it’s Gus Malzahn, not Melzahn.

    1. Got it, thanks.

        1. Sounds like “bad tooth”, but probably originally was “mahl-zahn”, meaning “tooth grinder” or “grinding tooth”.

  8. What a horrible womyn-child.

  9. my silly fib

    Well, if it was just a silly fib I guess it’s just no big deal.

    1. Right? It’s just like something out of a P. G. Wodehouse story that results in some wacky misadventure for our protagonist the football player.

      1. She should be sentenced to being his butler.

        1. Valet, not butler. Jeeves is a gentleman’s personal gentleman while a butter serves an entire household. /pedant off

          1. Related: around the world in 80 days is unwatchable.

          2. Maintaining accurate public information about the works of P.G. Wodehouse is not pedantry, it is a sacred trust.

            Thank you, GMSM.

            1. Actually, if you want accurate information regarding the social standing of the serving classes (both within the general society and within their own ranks) Wodehouse is indispensable. His first “Blandings Saga” novel (Something New) gives an exhaustive description of the hierarchies and orders of precedences among those who live “below stairs”.

              Also, when reading Wodehouse (or anything else on the British class structure, it is important to know that “valet” rhymes with “ballot” not “ballet.” If you use the latter you run the risk of exposing yourself as someone who will never have one. 🙂

              Also extra Super Snob bonus points if you pronounce his name as “Woodhouse.”

              1. And get sand. I don’t know if the grade it . . . but coarse.

          3. D- for missing the Seinfeld reference.

  10. “my silly little fib”.

    If anyone deserved to be cunt-punted into North Korea…

  11. All Rape Victims Deserve To Be Believed.

    1. Except Juanita Broaddrick. Never forget this caveat.

    2. At least as much as the accused do, yes…unless/until they break down and admit having lied.

      Though honestly believing one has been raped and/or sodomized, and having nerve and muscle pain that are consistent with that belief, but not having any physical proof of rape/sodomy, is quite common in “Prozac Dementia.” The “side effect” serotonin-boosting drugs have on some people involves nerve damage and muscle cramps centered in the pelvic region, which can help shape a “pseudomemory” of a physical attack that never happened. Both men and women have this syndrome; some have referred to it during murder/suicide sprees.

  12. I like how the woman characterizes “Sexual assault allegations SENT DIRECTLY TO THE FOOTBALL COACH” as ‘not intending to negatively affect his football career’.

    Why, it was just a ‘silly fib’! And everyone knows women tell ‘silly fibs’ sometimes? They shouldn’t be expected to take *everything* a person says super-seriously all the….

    We should always believe, as a matter of default, what an accuser says. Ultimately, the costs of wrongly disbelieving a survivor far outweigh the costs of calling someone a rapist.

    Speaking of Cavenaugh…. is he still writing here?

    1. Speaking of Cavenaugh…. is he still writing here?

      No, and I can’t find him writing anywhere. He wrote for the Daily Caller for a while, then became an editor at Washington Examiner but heck if I can find anything written by him.

      1. His twitter seems alive

        but, sort of like at baby-boomer tweet-frequency (e.g. once a weekmonth)

        1. Is it even that often? I’ll have to take a look-see.

      2. Too bad – he and Moynihan were the best Reason had to offer, along with KMW.

        1. What’s Welch, chopped liver? Welch is one of the best inside-the-media analysts I’ve ever read.

    2. I will continue to maintain that no criminal allegation is worse than one involving sexual assault. For the most part, false allegations about robbery, even murder, can be debunked by evidence. Allegations of sex crimes frequently come down to he said/she said, and raise Raymond Donovan’s question more than any other offenses.

      1. In this case, she would have broken down pretty quickly under questioning. But generally, you’re probably right.

        1. I believe ‘questioning’ is a euphemism for ‘victim-blaming’.

    3. No, he left right after he permanently banned Old Man with Candy.

      1. Did that actually happen? Is that why OMWC don’t come around here no more?

        1. I thought OMWC changed his handle to (((Renegade))).

          1. So you think all perverts are Jews, eh?

            1. No, but all Jews are perverts.

          2. That was my understanding, too. But Vamos a la Playa’s remark caused me suddenly to think otherwise.

        2. OMWC used to have another handle that was permanently banned by Cavanaugh a few years ago.

          1. Damn, that’s pretty funny.

          2. What the Hell does it take to get banned around here anyway?

    4. The cost of disbelieving a ‘survivor’ is basically nothing. Nothing happens to them.

      The cost of wrongly accusing someone of rape commonly leads to their inarceration, their ostracization from their community, and physical assault, and occasionally death by vigilantism or suicide.

      It would be hard to find a more completely ass backwards statement than maxwell’s. So glad people like her will be helping to shape the next administrations policies.

    5. Better be nice to Zerlina… or else

  13. She’s definitely a liar, but considering Briles and Baylor, Malzahn did what he had to because she might be lying now about lying before.

    1. But she deserves to be believed!

      I’m so confused now.

    2. Also, there’s so much goddam talent out there, you just cut him, let him walk on at another SEC school if there’s no fire there, and move on. As pioneered by Cam Newton.

  14. She’s basically open game for any rapist now since who is going to believe her.

    1. Is that why you want her name?

      1. There’s a Steve Smith joke in there somewhere, I can just feel it.

        I still don’t even know what that Steve Smith stuff is all about. I guess my participation here is too spotty.


          2. Ah, the old days – before threaded commenting.

        1. See this post.

          Ithink there is another thread out there where Warty, SF, and Epi open up on how they started on the STEVE SMITH meme.

          1. I once got some bizarre hostility from someone who thought I stole his credit for creating STEVE SMITH. That was the strangest part of the white thing.

            1. If it’s white, you might be having a blood flow blockage somewhere.

            2. As a matter of fact I invented the meme, and you are just my sock puppet, you just don’t know it yet.

        2. I’m glad you asked, because I spent the nine months since I started commenting here legitimately thinking they were talking about the NFL wide receiver. This thread clears up a lot for me.

    2. Hmmmmm……… she hot? Pics?

  15. “silly fib”

    Right, falsely accusing someone of sexual assault is just really silly! Super silly! I’m sure that’s how Mr. Robinson feels about it too.

  16. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this kind of shit happens all the time. Very close to half of all rape accusations are completely fake.

    It’s not that uncommon a reaction many women have to get back at a guy after he says “Get out bitch”, “Don’t call me”, etc etc.

    1. Especially since there are no consequences for lying and you will continue to be protected and held anonymous even if the lie is found out.

      1. No consequences? Chances are they will be rewarded with the privileges that come with victim status.

    2. No, not all the time, or anywhere close to half. Unfortunately.

      However, too many states confuse consensual sex in taboo relationships (especially those of teenagers) with rape under the category of “statutory rape,” where the charges are actually pressed by a parent who’s failed to teach the teenager either morality or common sense.

  17. #IfMenHadPeriods, there would be more research funding for Jackie Coakley syndrome.

  18. I do not think my lie should have costed him his spot on the team. Please consider changing your mind because I would really hate to see a person with so much potential lose his opportunity because of my silly fib.

    That sounds an awful lot like the sort of thing someone would be coached to say if she were paid a visit by the football boosters club with a fat envelope full of cash.

    I’m not suggesting she was maybe telling the truth the first time and is now lying about it, I’m just suggesting she was maybe telling the truth about it the first time and is now lying about it because she was bribed by somebody connected to the football team. Be interesting to see if the “true” story changes any now that the guy’s been kicked off the team and nobody’s got a rat’s ass bit of interest in this student afflete’s potential and opportunity.

    1. It would sound a lot like that, although choosing “to not get the law involved” and “trying to keep the situation as private as possible” from the beginning is also very consistent with something someone who was never raped would do.

      1. Dammit! These bitches need to learn there’s no whore’s gold to be had here! Not in my town!

  19. As long as his name wasn’t made public, should hers be?

    Apparently she rescinded her lie without much external pressure — who would have held her responsible, without her admission? Nor did she clearly intend to initiate Title IX proceedings.

    What she did is pretty bad. The consequences, however, are mostly caused by the system. It’s why a sole accuser is believed, and all these procudures initiated. There are worse people than her, and those who admit to lying within a timely fashion (and for intrinsic reasons) should receive certain benefits, meaning that they face fewer negative consequences.

    1. What she did is pretty bad. The consequences, however, are mostly caused by the system.

      She knew the consequences; that’s why she made the accusations in the first place.

  20. Well, in the great Cosmic Balancing Act, I think this guy gets a free rape…

    1. No means yes! Yes means anal!

  21. Title IX coordinators should all be fed into the woodchippers

  22. It’s rollin’ baby!

  23. RE: Female Student Admits to Incredible Lie That Got Auburn Football Player Kicked Off Team
    Says Title IX coordinator ‘really wanted to make it a big deal, after I told her basically that I lied.’

    What is the big deal here?
    A person is guilty until proven innocent here in the Union of Soviet Socialist Slave States of Amerika.
    This football player raped this girl even though he did not touch her because he was thinking about it. That alone is sufficient evidence to put him prison without due process.
    Hopefully, this episode will teach others the wisdom of Title IX.
    Time will tell.

    1. He’s looked on many women with lust and committed adultery in his heart.

    2. This football playerblack man raped this girl even though he did not touch her because he was thinking about it. That alone is sufficient evidence to put him prison without due process.

      FTFY. See, the Democrats never change.

  24. I’ve seen women make crap up about their ex out of spite many times – normally rape or assault. I expect it is the norm.

    1. Your *friends*?

  25. So Auburn is suspending this young woman for ethics violations,… right?

    1. She got a man kicked out of school, I think they give you a commendation for that.

      1. I mean kicked off the team. It’s not my fault, I’ve been drinking.

  26. At least she admitted to lying about it. Not that that’s much solace.

  27. They take some rule (Title IX) and go crazy. They blow it up into all sorts of shit it doesn’t mean and then they teach everyone to be afraid of it, and then they work out on people with it. Up is down, etc. Ergo the Constitution doesn’t mean shit. Or more to the point it means whatever they say it means, so get your ass on the treadmill and shut the fuck up.

  28. There are two evil cunts in this story, and I hope the victim ruins them both in court.


  29. When it comes to the narrative (you may now genuflect), the truth, per se, does not matter one bit. “Truthiness”, however, is everything.

  30. My take? Expel the “victim” and have Robinson sue the shit out of the university.

  31. I can’t get past her terrible grammar. Seriously, how did she even make it into college?

  32. “but I do not think my lie should have costed him his spot on the team”

    *This* is from a college student.

  33. I was a 20 year old girl once and I, and 99% of my friends, would have done the same thing in a pique of anger. We were totally irrational over boys. Now girls have the opportunity to do serious damage to any boy that rejects them. It’s mind boggling. But we live in an age that has thrown away truths that have been known for since time immemorial.

    “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned/Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”

    William Congreve, 1697

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  39. In Obamaland, a man is always guilty, even when he has shown to be innocent.

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