GOP-Loving Texas Paper Endorses Hillary, U.S. Faces Record Number of Immigration Cases, Meet Evan McMullin's Imaginary Running Mate: A.M. Links


screenshot from Dallas Morning News/Twitter
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  1. …the first time the paper has endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate since before World War II.

    She’s the best Republican running.

    1. Hello.

      I beat up the first person who mentions that stupid fucking gorilla.

      1. And I’ll do the same to the first person that says something is “baked in” to a law or policy.

        1. Even if it’s a pun regarding forced cakes?

          1. Icing what you did there

      2. #porcharambe #takinitback

    2. Texas has a lot of military installations. They’re pretty well aware that she’s a bumbling war hawk that will likely keep the state economy booming. This was likely a financial endorsement.

      1. I think the military is +19 for Trump, though.

        1. The Paul campaigns were favorites of the uniformed military as well.

          On the other hand, she’s the #1 recipient of donations from defense contractors.

        2. thats from the guys who do the fighting but the generals who get to retire to cushy jobs for weapons manufactures love Hillary

      2. She’s done a bang up job with Libya and Syria.

    3. She’s the best Republican running

      C’mon, Gary Johnson’s a pretty good Republican, too.

      1. Not bombhappy enough.

    4. Hardly. That’s Johnson / Weld. πŸ˜€

  2. 225) Slate resents mainstream media outlet doing perfectly normal reporting on Hillary

    You know, I remember news stories worrying about Bob Dole’s age (73) when he was running for president. I was too young for Reagan, but I know his age when he was running in 1980 (69) was an issue. Hillary is almost 69 (will be, by Election Day), and is visibly frailer than even a year ago. Her age and health are legitimate issues. Slate believes these concerns are “a far-right conspiracy theory.” Hey, here’s an idea: maybe there wouldn’t be NBC coverage of her coughing fits, or right-wing conspiracy theories, if her campaign was forthcoming on this issue.

    1. Her campaign is not forthcoming on any issues. The presidency is hers by right, and it’s a vast right-wing conspiracy to suggest otherwise.

    2. Slate believes these concerns are “a far-right conspiracy theory.”

      I’m not sure they actually believe that; it’s just the party line.

      1. No I’m pretty sure aging is a right wing conspiracy.

    3. I have an idea!

      Constitutional amendment:

      No president may serve past the full social security retirement age.

      If Hillary wants to be President, she would have to get the retirement age raised!

      Its a win-win. Either she cant be president or social security gets a little bit fixed.

      1. Another awesome idea. Add that to Bee Tagger’s idea on stopping bills.

        Pure genius.

        1. Bad idea, a reference to a purely legislative item in the constitution makes it even more impossible to get rid of said legislation, because it’s suddenly required to exist to satisfy a constituional requirement.

        2. Good idea, but I think for it to work it needs to apply to congressmen so that they can change the law.

          1. Apply to Supreme Court justices too.

            1. You Bastard! You just want to limit my tenure after the McMullin/SugarFree administration!

    4. Why do you hate women so much?

    5. You don’t even need to go that far back. McCain’s age was repeatedly seen as a “big issue” by the same people as the ones brushing this aside.

      To be fair, there are also people who insisted McCain’s age wasn’t an issue who are now concerned by Hillary, so there’s hypocrisy all around.

      1. You sound reasonable. New here?

    6. It’s not an issue for me – worse case scenario if she’s elected, she’s too sick to govern and spends her time in bed watching soap operats while Bill and Kaine fight it out over who gets to be Acting President.

      1. Woodrow Wilson’t wife was able to carry on the office after his stroke. I doubt that could be done today in the age of a president expected to notice when each sparrow falls.

        1. 1) Same goes for FDR and his first lady.
          2) It absolutely could be done by Obama or Hillary, but not by a Republican. They have a D by their name, and that means you don’t need to hold press conferences. All you need is a semi-respectable body double to be seen moving from the White House to Marine 1 now and then and the press will do the rest for you.

    7. Being an old, I remember the Reagan presidency. Reagan being a doddering old fool hovering on the edge of dementia or dead was a constant refrain of the left.

      I love to point out to Hillary fans that she is only a few months younger than Reagan at this same stage in the race.

      1. Her health is a lot worse too. Reagan was in remarkable physical condition for his age. And the doddering didn’t show up for several years.

        Compared to Hillary, Reagan was a vigorous young whippersnapper.

  3. Students across the country submit to Microaggressions 101.

    Meet aggression with aggression.

    1. Fight fire with fire
      Ending is near
      Fight fire with fire
      Bursting with fear
      We all shall die


        *throws a shoulder into JATNAS*

    2. I believe in meritocracy. America is the land of opportunity. All lives matter. Government employee unions suck. F*** government schools. Universal pre-k is a scam, like most government programs. Social Security is unconstitutional, as are medicare and medicaid.

      There you go. I just microaggressed big time.

      Also, if you have forgotten, “meritocracy” and “America is the land of opportunity” are microaggressions according to NC State and the University of California, along with saying things like there is only one human race, etc.

      1. Also, f*** college. It’s a 4-year leftist brainwashing course.

        And no, f*** Bernie Sanders. It shouldn’t be “free”.

      2. You’ve practically milliaggressed.

      3. I don’t think the people that get upset about someone saying there is only one human race would like the outcome if everyone decided to think like they do. Dehumanizing certain types of people is kinda step 1 towards slavery or death camps.

      4. I think that’s just “aggressing”.

  4. Fist, how do you do it man?

    1. Here come the conspiracy theories…

      1. He doesn’t take the time to number his responses, like those of us with orderly minds.

        1. But you then post them out of order, so you don’t have an orderly mind, just memory problems.

          1. That’s not how I remember it.

        2. You trolling me, bro?

      2. Fist is actually a member of the Reason staff (I suspect he’s really Welch, though I’d believe it if you told me Shackford), and has the inside scoop on when the Linx will drop.

        1. I’m convinced this is it. Has to be on staff. Nothing else makes sense.

          1. He’s on a staff alright.

        2. Fist is Charles Koch. It is so obvious.

          1. Fist is Lou Reed

            1. I’ve got tickets to his upcoming show at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. Can’t wait!

              1. Opening for Prince?

        3. Fist is the reason staff’s gimp…they let him out of the box at 8:55 AM for a comment

      3. Direct fiber optic line to Reason HQ

      4. Did you see this link?

        ?Take a gander at psychology tests from over the years?some of which are still being used today.

        ENB had you in mind.

        1. Some of those look like abstract reasoning or spacial relations tests. That’s not going to tell me what makes me tick. That won’t give me any insight into all the weird boners.

          In other news, take a look at the top left and bottom right Rorschachs. If those aren’t dedications to Harambe then I don’t know what would be.

    2. He really doesn’t have anything else to do with his time.

    3. It’s the secret donation tier in the Reason webathon every December.

      1. Being libertarian, he tricked out the system by entering a negative number. The foundation was so impressed they paid out his negadonation and gifted him the privilege of first blood on any links thread.

        1. Blood for the Blood God!

        2. He believes in the “never lose” scenario.

    4. Fist, how do you do it man?

      He watches Rick Astley. A lot of Rick Astley.

      1. He is Rick Astley. That’s why he has time on his hands. And he’ll never give us up, or let us down.

        1. You know the rules and so do I.

    5. Are you guys sure he hasn’t hacked reason? I’m envisioning him with a smartphone, a dialogue that asks “hack reason?” And after hitting yes, waiting for a hacking progress bar to fill all the way to the right.

      1. CSI: Cyber would catch me for sure if they hadn’t been canceled.

    6. He molests time itself.

      1. That implies possession of a DoomCock.

        1. Or one of the Infinity Dongs.

          1. If you have them all you can form The Infinity Fist.

            1. Is that how we finally kill Hitler?

  5. Senators failed to pass a bill directing funds to fight the Zika virus after Democrats and Republicans disagreed over whether any of the money should go to Planned Parenthod.

    Seems like deliberate sabotage by someone.

      1. /narrows gaze. Smashes Toews bobble head.

        1. Smashes Toews bobble head

          You realize, this means war!

          /Bugs Bunny voice

          1. Do not, and I can’t emphasize this enough, do NOT take a wrong turn in Albuquerque.

            1. The police there take a dim and often fatal view of such action.

          2. I join your cause Swiss. I’m a pacifist, but this is bigger than me.

    1. Microcephalic babies are the future of the GOP.

      1. They may also be the present and the recent past.

    2. Money can’t be spent to combat a horrible disease unless some of that money is diverted to kill people.

      Can’t you understand, you culture-warring weirdos?

      1. I bet you’d vote against essential government spending if there was even one tiny proviso stating that some of the money had to be spent to hire Mafia hit me.


        1. Mafia hit me.

          Some form of Italian Blackjack?

          1. Hit *men.*

            I’m sorry, hit *persons.*

  6. This is well worth the read: How Snowden escaped

    1. The fugitive was disguised in a dark hat and glasses

      Look, that sort of weeaboo shit might barely pass for normal in Japan, but I’m surprised he wasn’t brutalized by Chinese street gangs for being the Most Conspicuous Man in Hong Kong.

  7. Not enough links.

    1. Hey, if you don’t have quality, at least go for quantity!

      1. Is that some kinda crack at Fruit Sushi?

        It should be.



    1. Hey, *they* voted for it!

      (They also inserted it to scotch the bill and embarrass Republicans, but who do you think is gonna report that?)



      1. I thought goal was to stop *moose* and squirrel.

      2. We should be out making big trouble for donkey and squirrel.

    1. Look, if we don’t force taxpayers to subsidize abortions, too many pinheaded Zika babies will be born!

      1. More democrats for the Democrat God!

  10. Indy presidential candidate Evan McMullin has accidentally picked a running mate.

    Link has diabeetus and points to the same url as the link below it.

    1. SugarFree is the VP choice?!

      1. It would be an honor to serve.

        1. Get me a supreme court posting and you’ll have my vote.

          1. Done. And I vow that my corruption will always be of the naked variety.

            1. Your corruption will be naked, and your nakedness will be corrupt!

              Now i gotta rethink whether i even LIKE nakedness anymore.

              1. I’m fortunate as my appreciation has always been contingent on who it was that was naked. So I don’t have to re-evaluate the appreciation, just judge the person.

              2. His Lovecraftian trypophobia-inducing vaginal armpits didn’t do that for you already?

            2. What about your ambition?

              1. My ambitions are always of the flesh.

        2. That vetting process is gonna be hell. “Mr. Free, we’ve found your website, and several members of the committee gouged out their own eyes after reading it…”

      1. No problem. You can thank me by telling us more embarrassing stories about a particular well-coiffed, fruit-and-rice-loving coworker of yours.

  11. Indy presidential candidate Evan McMullin has accidentally picked a running mate.


  12. Topless women carry speed limit signs to help at accident blackspot

    A group of topless women have been employed by a Russian village to help out at an accident blackspot.

    Carrying 60km and 40km speed limit signs, it is hoped they will raise enough awareness to cut the country’s high death toll on the roads ? 30,000 a year.

    The idea first surfaced three years ago, but was revived.

    It has been found that ‘most speeding drivers, the majority of whom happened to be men, slowed down to admire the female road safety assistants.’


    1. “Would you like your, um, ‘car washed’?”

    2. Semi-NSFW is the same as being “sort of pregnant”

      1. So… safe if you abort fast enough?

        1. It’s plausibly deniable if you close the tab after only a few seconds.

    3. Paging Jackie Chiles…

    4. Oh, that’s much safer

    5. They will cause more accidents than prevent them.

      C’mon. How many guys wouldn’t rubberneck to watch them?

      1. Now that’s how you do a euphemism.

    6. Potemkin melons

    7. “Do you know how fast you were driving?”


    8. 30000 a year in one village? How many Russians are there?

  13. For whatever Phyllis Schafly did, she bore Andrew Schafly, and that’s just unforgivable.

      1. Yeah. All of modern physics is liberal claptrap. I almost forgot about Conservapedia.

        1. Interestingly, they seem to be OK with quantum physics. I would have guessed they’d be more “God doesn’t play dice”.

          1. There’s the fallback of “God works in mysterious ways”.

              1. It was a reference to the acceptance of quantum mechanics, not dice. The original “God does not play dice” comment was a reaction to a theory which inserted a great deal of uncertainty to a worldview that insisted everything was orderly and predictable.

                1. Look, it’s craps or D&D. You decide which God you want at the helm.

                  1. Khorne. Wait, wrong IP.

                2. Except God has ALL the dice.

      2. Simply put, E=mc? is liberal claptrap.

        Oh thank Jesus. I was totally concerned.

      3. This is hilarious

        Evolution syndrome is the tendency of some people to insist compulsively that human evolution from animals must somehow be true, and to spend nearly all of their time pushing that belief on others.[2] It is reflected on the internet by people who devote over 90% of their edits and postings to pushing their belief in evolution and insisting on censoring or demonizing alternative views of the issue. They are particularly against teaching any alternative theories to children in school, sometimes claiming that this will harm children’s critical thinking. A childish insistence on last wordism is a common characteristic of evolution syndrome.

        Sufferers of evolution syndrome tend to be college students or graduates who wanted to excel in math or physics, but lacked the ability or work ethic to do so. They are frustrated “wannabes” with respect to academic recognition. But they find that liberals will praise their intelligence if they promote evolution. This is analogous to a struggling ball player deceitfully turning to steroids to enhance his performance, and thereby make it to the “Big Leagues.”

        1. I love the steroids comparison particularly. I suppose they think that successful physicists are mostly young-earth creationists.

        2. Not for nothing, but the left’s obsessive promotion of evolution as a personal moral compulsion is just as annoying as their moral hysterics over smoking and gay wedding cakes and global warming.

          1. But it’s so fun and easy to mock creationists.

            I have a lot less of a problem with mocking superstitious scientific ignorance than with actively trying to force economic, personal and health decisions on people.

            1. Well, for many activist atheists, the existence of creationism by itself justifies our overweening federal education bureaucracy and goes a long way to putting a patina of legitimacy on every expansion thereof, because “intelligent design” stickers on the inside flap of 8th-grade biology textbooks is just the start of a second Dark Ages. I don’t mind rebutting and even mocking creationists per se.

              1. I have an advanced degree in biology and I do not give a flying fck whether or not someone else believes in evolution.

                It has essentially no bearing on modern society. Much like the observation that even engineers seldom use more than 8th grade math.

              2. Well, for many activist atheists, the existence of creationism by itself justifies our overweening federal education bureaucracy

                It’s the existence of state-run schooling that makes creationism a problem. Creationists want in on that mandatory enrollment. Luckily it’s religion, so forcing people to learn it or to pay for its teaching is unconstitutional. But government schooling was the main source of the problem.

        3. Semi-topical: i read Tom Wolfe’s Kingdom of Language on an out and back business trip. Its a short little polemic on language being a human construct rather than evolved. That is — like our fingers, we use what evolution gave us, but there is no “language organ” unique to humanity. And he spends about 3/4 of the book kicking either Charles Darwin or Noam Chomsky in the nuts. I highly recommend if you like Tom Wolfe at his snarky, brilliant best.

          1. Actually called Kingdom of Speech. Just a minor quibble, since “Kingdom of Language” just brings up Christianity and Bible links.

            1. Shit. Yes. Sorry. I’ve been on redeyes for two days.

        4. Hi there, Dr. Phlox!

      4. Thank you Doctor, you have just entertained me for at least a week.

        ?Biblical scientific foreknowledge is how the Bible shows a comprehension of science far ahead of its time. The Bible is a superb roadmap to future scientific discoveries. Unfortunately Bible deniers, including many atheists and evolutionists, refuse to read the Bible, and their irrational closed-mindedness against the Bible obstructs the advancement of science.

        According to the Bible, a Great Flood occurred around 3300 B.C., or about 5300 years ago. It involved a cataclysmic rainstorm of a magnitude never seen before or since. For centuries atheists and liberals have mocked it, claiming that it was impossible. However, in 1991, an “ice mummy” was discovered in the Alps. Scientists located a remarkably preserved ancient body, including even the contents of his last meal, which was due to an extraordinary ice storm. By radiometric carbon dating,[4] the scientists discovered that this massive ice storm occurred 5300 years ago, which perfectly matches the Biblical Great Flood.[5] This is obvious proof of the Great Flood, as no natural occurrence could possibly explain how somebody came to be preserved by ice in the Alps.

        1. natural occurrence could possibly explain how somebody came to be preserved by ice in the Alps.

          Nope. Can’t think of any other explanation for that.

          1. ignore those stories about the bodies of long-lost climbers being spit out by glaciers

        2. Embalming

          Mark 14:3-8 describes an embalming process to preserve a body after death, which was not discovered in the West until 1867.

          It’s like Egypt never existed.

          1. The dipshit making the argument doesn’t understand science, what makes you think his understanding of archeology is any different?

            *(Originally I said history… but I prefer this wording)

      5. As long as we’re posting the Best of Conservapedia, here’s my favorite. Fall foliage disproves evolution.

        Evolution cannot explain artistic beauty, such as brilliant autumn foliage and the staggering array of beautiful marine fish, which originated before any human to view them. “Natural selection has no reason to produce beauty,” Ann Gauger says in Metamorphosis about a principle that applies to flowers as well as butterflies. “Beauty is a sign of the transcendent. It’s purely gratuitous. We all recognize it. We just have to acknowledge what it points to.”

        1. I’m convinced.

        2. Methinks he should read a certain Shakespearean quote on beauty.

          1. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get beholder eyes for cosmetics?

        3. They really like putting the cart before the horse on there.

  14. Take a gander at psychology tests from over the years?some of which are still being used today.

    Will it tell me which Saved By The Bell character I am?

    1. That’s easy. You’re Jesse. Because nobody likes you.

      1. Bee Tagger’s caffeine pill problem taught me so much.

  15. Cops: Martha’s Vineyard burglar paints dog purple

    The Cape Cod Times reports that Felix Reagan is charged with breaking and entering in the daytime with the intent to commit a felony, cruelty to animals, larceny of a motor vehicle and related crimes.

    Police responded to an Oak Bluffs neighborhood around 2:30 p.m. Saturday for a report that a man had stolen a vehicle, crashed it and then fled on foot.

    Soon after, officers were called to a nearby home where the resident reported someone had forced in a first-floor window, stolen items and painted their dog purple.

    Police say officers located Reagan, who had purple paint on his pants.

      1. I thought it was Coach Zimmerman looking for a more realistic option at starting QB for the Vikes.

        They are planning on starting a dog now, so why not go for the real thing?

    1. These euphemisms…

    2. paints dog purple

      Euphemism, man

    3. That dog has…

      *dons sunglasses, licks own balls*


      1. That would explain why he wines when they get stomped on….

      2. Guy was raisin hell

  16. Students across the country submit to Microaggressions 101.

    Mandatory training is a macroaggression.

  17. “When I, as a white female, listen to music that uses the N word, and I’m in the car, or, especially when I’m with all white friends, is it O.K. to sing along?”

    The answer, from Sheree Marlowe, the new chief diversity officer at Clark University, is an unequivocal “no.”

    Oh, FFS! That’s when I stopped reading.

    My college buddies would have metaphorically torn these morons to shreds.

    1. What’s not ok is asking someone else whether you may or may not sing by yourself in a car. If you’re asking permission for this you deserve what you get.

    2. You know how to take the offensive impact out of a word? It’s easy: you raise it to semi-mystical verboten status and brutally condemn all who dare speak it. That way nobody will ever use it again.

      It’s like these ‘tards never read Harry Potter growing up.

    3. Oh, FFS! That’s when I stopped reading.

      I wish I had.

      It’s a laundry list of shit that probably never happened (“the racist note slipped under the door”) followed by hair-pulling and struggle sessions.

  18. OT: Gun violence surges in Chicago, where residents want to show ‘everything is not all bad’

    By the end of a violent Labor Day weekend, Chicago had reached a grim milestone, recording more homicides through Monday night than the city experienced during all of last year. This tally came with a late surge of gunfire, as the Chicago police said there were 13 homicides over the Labor Day weekend, most of them on Monday, along with 43 shooting incidents, both numbers that topped those seen in the city a year earlier.

    If only they had common-sense gun control and a Democratic city government to give people hope.

    1. It’s the one Republican on the Chicago City Council. All his fault.

      1. So he’s the Larry Hogan of Chicago?

      2. And those unscrupulous and racist Indiana gun dealers that, in defiance of federal law, are happy to sell to felons carrying an IL license without performing a background check.


        1. Actually, gun control advocates don’t recognize that there’s a federal law against all of those things.

          Like the “teenagers buying machine guns on the internet” and the “gun show loophole” these things are all very real and legal in their fevered minds.

          1. Easier to buy a gun than to buy a computer, or even a book. — Obama

      3. Illinois has a Republican governor now. It’s clearly his fault.

        1. It’s all those budget cuts he hasn’t managed to pass!

    2. Chicago, where residents want to show ‘everything is not all bad’

      by serving free deep dish pizza

      *** ducks ***

    3. Chicago has j’ouvert too?

    4. What is amazing is that Chicago’s murder rate is 1/2 what it was 20 years ago.

  19. ENB, the punctuality of your Links is much appreciated.

    1. At least one millennial shows us the respect we do not deserve.

      1. It’s cuz I’m one of the older millennials, before they started letting just anybody in…

        1. Us older millennials (anyone born after 1980) are bae.

          1. While I fall into that category (having been born after 1980) I have no fucking clue what that sentence even means.

            1. You also don’t know what the sentence “I enjoyed that” means, so your interpretation is irrelevant.

          2. I prefer to discriminate based on Sun signs. If you’re a libra, we gonna have trouble.

            1. *cracks knuckles*

        2. ENB was a millennial before it was cool.

        3. Shot across the Hair.

          1. That sounds like a fetish.

            Rule 34 says there are videos for you.


    Rampant sex is the secret to living past the age of 100

    Here it is? the secret on how to live a long, happy, healthy life.

    Have rampant sex. Woohoo!

    Well, that is according to the residents of Acciaroli in Italy, where one in 10 locals lives past 100-years-old.

    Scientists spent six months looking into why people living in the tiny community seemed to live so long, and how they ended up basically immune to medical conditions like dementia and heart disease.

    1. If they’re in Italy, I bet the don’t skimp on the wine, either.

      1. But that’s the case all over Southern Europe.

      2. To have sex after 70? Someone is hitting the wine pretty hard.

    2. 9 out 10 die of lasagna ass.

    3. “Can’t die yet, too busy impregnating women a quarter my age!” – 100-year-old men.

  21. fight the Zika virus after Democrats and Republicans disagreed over whether any of the money should go to Planned Parenthod.

    I think the best way to create government gridlock might be to just slip planned parenthood funding into every bill.

    1. ^This. You, Sir, are a genius.

    2. This is an awesome idea.

      Planned Parenthood is the ultimate wrench to throw into the machinery of the State.

      1. Or coat hanger.

    3. Trolling govt. Do it!

    4. I dedicate my current drink to you.…..drinks.jpg

  22. MSNBC unskews CNN poll that showed Trump ahead

    MSNBC ‘unskewed’ a CNN national poll on Tuesday that showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by two points, re-weighting the results to match the 2012 electorate and showing a four-point lead for the former secretary of state.

    The poll of likely voters, released Tuesday by CNN/ORC, showed Trump ahead of Clinton nationwide in a four-way contest, 45 percent to 43 percent. But MSNBC host Chuck Todd explained that the poll, in his network’s estimation, may have oversampled white voters without a college degree, one of Trump’s strongest groups.

    “Whites without a college degree appear to make up nearly half of their sample. In 2012, by the way, whites without a college degree was slightly more than a third of all voters,” Todd said. “The point is, your numbers may not be wrong but your weighting may be, your assumptions. So the CNN folks assumed an electorate that is not an impossible scenario for Trump, but it would be an historic shift if it occurred.”

    1. It’s possible Todd is right, but there are some important facts to keep in mind.

      First, whites without a college degree are the most fired up about Trump, and if turn-out is going to be driven up by a candidate, this is likely where it will happen.

      Add to this the fact that that same group largely sat out the 2012 election and, though to a lesser extent, the 2008 election as well. They did not bother going out to vote for Romney and, really, why should they have? I believe I read a while back that raw turn-out (in numbers, not in percentages or whatever) was lower among blue-collar whites in 2012 than it was in 2004, despite increases in population, etc.

      Another important question looming is the black vote. That was at historic highs in 2008 and 2012. I think it’s reasonable to expect that many black first-time voters from those years will come out again in 2016, but in the same numbers? Doubtful. Democrats have not done well on a ballot that doesn’t have Obama’s name on it since 2006. Why should Hillary be any different?

      1. I think it’s reasonable to expect that many black first-time voters from those years will come out again in 2016, but in the same numbers?

        That’s a good question. I keep hearing about how black voters are not enthused about Hillary, but they are apparently terrified of Trump. Also, remember that there is a whole new cohort of black voters who have not yet voted in a presidential election. It will be interesting to see whether those people turn out.

        1. What do you mean, “those people”?

          1. The cohort of black people who were not old enough to vote in 2012, but who are now of voting age.

            1. Nice recovery

          2. First time black voters, don’t be dense.

        2. That’s why Trump is doing the Black Church circuit. All he has to do to win is convince black people that he’s worth coming to the polls to defeat.

    2. Romney lost by 3% of popular vote but got crushed in the EC

      1. The most I can hope for is that, one, Gary Johnson receives more than enough votes to cover the margin of victory, and two, if Hillary wins the EC, Trump wins the popular vote — that will REALLY fire up her oppostion.

    3. IF trump does somehow pull a victory out of his ass, it might be the first time I tune into MSNBC. If only for the lols.

      1. The LOLZ will be epic. I think Chris Matthews might actually have a heart attack on air.

      2. On-air mass suicide?

        1. I assume they will try a coup d’etat only to find out they don’t have any idea how to actually effect anything like useful movement in that direction.

          1. Plus they won’t have any guns.

          2. They don’t have an audience either.

            1. “Okay, so we don’t have guns, or an audience of supporters, but we’re going to go out into the streets and take back our democracy with Rachel Maddow’s Ivy League degree!”

          3. They might finally get the 2nd Amendment.

            They still won’t support though. At least, not for the proles.

            1. Crap. Refresh before posting.

    4. Fuck these polls. They want to make Hillary look invincible? Put her up by ten. Whoa, enthusiasm gap widening? Make it appear close. Maybe I’m too skeptical, but I can see that happening.

      1. ^ Yup

    5. re-weighting the results to match the 2012 electorate

      It’s funny, I was just thinking that this election is a virtual blow-for-blow rehash of 2012.

      Said no one ever.

  23. Phyllis Schafly: feminist icon?

    That and opposing the ERA are mutually exclusive.

    1. I read the article twice and still don’t know a thing about her goals other than on selected quote of her saying recruiting for her cause was hard because “Who wants to be against Equal Rights? It’s a hard issue to sell.”

      1. She was evil, probably against puppies and kittens too. But you have to respect her effective anti-puppy/kitten tactics. That was the gist.

    2. Women don’t have equal rights?

      I’m old enough to remember, just a bit, the arguments when the era was being discussed. One argument was that we would no longer be allowed to have separate bathrooms. It seemed silly at the time, but after 40 years of ever-increasing “progressivism”, it now seems that executive fiat is going to ensure that we don’t have separate bathrooms.

      1. The ERA isn’t about equal rights. The ERA is about equality of outcomes and that is the problem.

  24. Senators failed to pass a bill directing funds to fight the Zika virus after Democrats and Republicans disagreed over whether any of the money should go to Planned Parenthod.

    That entire article…but this tidbit stands out:

    And the CDC says it’s out of money to spend on Zika. Congress has until the end of September to pass a budget for next year. Without a bill, federal agencies will be able to do nothing.

    1. Well, if they would stop spending money fighting non-communicable, non-diseases they’d have more money to spend on real, communicable diseases.

    2. Or, you know, maybe the CDC could take the money it wastes on non-communicable diseases like smoking and “gun violence” and instead spend that on Zika.

      1. But that would be *gasp* doing their job instead of expanding their span of control.

        1. … doing their job instead of expanding their span of control

          You work for a government agency; you know very well that “expanding their span of control” is job 1.

    3. Since when is “being out of money” ever stopped a government agency from doing something?

      1. When they want even more money, of course. Never let a crisis go to waste.

      2. That was basically the case before central banking came into it’s own.

  25. NYT: Resettled Syrians Find Solace With U.S. Christians

    Mr. Stocks, 23, had recently moved to Georgia from Alabama, states where the governors are, like him, Southern Baptists. They are also among the more than 30 Republican governors who have publicly resisted the federal government’s plan to resettle refugees from war-ravaged Syria, fearing that the refugees might bring terrorism to their states.

    To Mr. Stocks, such questions belonged in the realm of politics ? and he had not come that evening for political reasons. Rather, he said, he had come as a follower of Christ. “My job is to serve these people,” he said, “because they need to be served.”

    But politics and faith have always had the potential to conflict in the questions about resettling Syrian refugees in the United States.

    And at a time when conservative politicians, many with ties to Christian religious groups, have aggressively sought to keep the Syrian newcomers out of their states, it is conservative people of faith who, in many cases, are serving as their indispensable support system.

    1. it is conservative people of faith who, in many cases, are serving as their indispensable support system.

      Wait…not proggie communities?

      1. Progs show they care by getting the government, which is ALL of us, to help! Why don’t you understand that?!?

        1. This comment would be funnier if it weren’t what many proggies actually believe.

          1. I know. [sob]

        2. Well-done, Citizen. I always make it a point to call out progs in my writings in local fora and ask them what they are personally doing to solve their cause du jour. Typical response is either crickets or outraged goalpost-shifting.

          1. “Raising awareness”

      2. Wait…not proggie communities?

        They’ve already done all the hard work in getting taxpayers to pay for it.

    2. I’m sure that Syrian muslims would do the same if tens of thousands of Christian refugees showed up on their doorstep.

      1. Some of them might, just like there’s different Christian groups in the States doing different things and having different reactions.

  26. Study finds ‘pervasive and systematic’ issues of inequality in Hollywood

    A report to be released Wednesday by the Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

    “We’re seeing entrenched inequality,” Stacy L. Smith, a USC professor and the study’s lead author, said in an interview. “Whether we’re studying gender, race, ethnicity, LGBT or characters with disabilities, we’re really seeing exclusionary forces leaving out anybody that’s not a straight, white, able-bodied man. Despite all the chatter and all the activism and all the press attention, it’s another year where the status quo has been maintained.”

    “We’ve seen a lot of talk and little action,” says Smith. “What we need now is for companies to take the same leadership position, be transparent in their inclusion goals and be accountable to representing the actual world we live in when it comes to the demography of the U.S.”

    Film still has a way to go when it comes to representing all types of families in America,” said Katherine Pieper, who coauthored the study with Smith and Marc Choueiti.

    The researchers added two new metrics to the study this year. They are now tracking characters with disabilities.

    1. Let me guess, if these people are pointed to the fact that efforts to shoehorn in identity politics result in sacrificing the story quality, especially if the sensitive fee fees of the social justice crowd are catered, which to leads to the movies bombing at the box office, which makes them toxic to the industry, they will then turn around and accuse the general public of being bigots for simply wanting good movies rather than movies with the ‘right mix’ of identitarian buzzwords.

      1. the sensitive fee fees ???

        If you mean the affectionate name associated with french poodles, it is spelled “Fifi” and is a diminutive for Josephine.

        1. No, it’s a condescending, mocking term equivalent to ‘feelz’

          1. Oh, I like that.

        2. “Fifi” is a diminutive for Josephine.

          I never knew that. This sort of thing is one of the reasons I love H&R.

      2. Also, why are liberal institutions like Hollywood such bastions of bigotry and racism?

        1. “If *even* left-wingers in California are racists, you can only imagine how racist the conservatives and Southerners are!”

      3. And the Chinese don’t generally give a flying F*ck about SJW sensitivities, and that’s a market Hollywood doesn’t want to offend, and wants to cater to.

    2. It probably doesn’t help that movie about a black pre-civil war hero directed and written by a couple young black men and starring a young black actor received a shitton of bad publicity right before its release because the young black actor and director had sex with a white woman 17 years ago and had the temerity to be found not guilty in court when she accused him of rape.

      1. Then again, the only reason most people even heard of the movie is due to reprising that incident.

        1. Before then it was getting some positive press, mostly in the entertainment business, but it wasn’t going out for wide release at the time. Once it started down that path though, and the revelation that the woman he slept with killed herself a couple years back, it suddenly became some deep SJW debate of whether you could enjoy a probably good movie about an under-represented time from a historically disadvantaged perspective or if you had to avoid it because his shitlord privilege as a male athlete let him get away with raping a woman.

          1. Who said social justice isn’t entertaining? I likely won’t ever see the movie but the infighting never gets tiresome.

    3. “the Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative”

      Almost stopped right there.

  27. “The Sex Bureaucracy,” Jacob Gersen and Jeannie Suk’s excellent paper on government meddling in college sex affairs, has now been published.

    Posting the embarrassing results of a body meddling in what should be a private affair? Sound like a violation of revenge porn to me.

    1. I thought progressives wanted the government out of our bedrooms.

  28. Feel safer? S.C. cops spend two years, tens of thousands of dollars investigating strip club

    So let’s summarize. Some untold number of Greenville County deputies spent a year and $26,000 in seizure money to purchase lap dances at a high-end strip club. (I’m sure they hated every minute of it.) The county then gave a private law firm an additional $80,000 to litigate the case under a nuisance law, which forced the club to temporarily shut down. At the end of all of that, they found no evidence of, say, sex trafficking, money laundering or mob activity. They found only lewd dancing, “simulated sex,” some off-limits groping and, at worst, money-for-sex transactions between consenting adults. This apparently was “almost a win” for the county because at the end of it all, county officials were able to force the club to buy body cameras for the sheriff’s department.

      1. “I just want to wet my beak a little. And by ‘beak’ of course i mean ‘penis.'”

      2. county officials were able to force the club to buy body cameras for the sheriff’s department.

        They wanted to record the dances for ‘evidence’

      3. Greenville County, SC. Baptists.

  29. The hilt is wet with arcs.

    1. No kidding, man.

    2. I guzzled poorly

      *shrivels to dust*

    3. I wanna sing that to the tune of “The Sound of Music”

      You need to flesh it out some.

    4. Don’t ground to a puddle.

  30. ‘I’ve Become a Racist’: Migrant Wave Unleashes Danish Tensions Over Identity

    Johnny Christensen, a stout and silver-whiskered retired bank employee, always thought of himself as sympathetic to people fleeing war and welcoming to immigrants. But after more than 36,000 mostly Muslim asylum seekers poured into Denmark over the past two years, Mr. Christensen, 65, said, “I’ve become a racist.”

    He believes these new migrants are draining Denmark’s cherished social-welfare system but failing to adapt to its customs. “Just kick them out,” he said, unleashing a mighty kick at an imaginary target on a suburban sidewalk. “These Muslims want to keep their own culture, but we have our own rules here and everyone must follow them.”

    Denmark, a small and orderly nation with a progressive self-image, is built on a social covenant: In return for some of the world’s highest wages and benefits, people are expected to work hard and pay into the system. Newcomers must quickly learn Danish ? and adapt to norms like keeping tidy gardens and riding bicycles.

    1. “In my country, we have no tidy gardens or bicycles…”

      “Kom ud herfra!”

    2. “These Muslims want to keep their own culture, but we have our own rules here and everyone must follow them.”

      That’s adorable, he thinks he still has a country.

      1. Yeah, its like he didn’t get the memo that Denmark isn’t there to adopt and enforce its own rules, its there to enforce the rules handed to it by the EU.

        1. Denxit!

  31. I rarely need more than Excel and Algebra, but when I do need it, its nice to have the skill available.

    And not that I need this, but if I was in a field that needed FFTs, you let the computer do it for you, but knowing the theory before a Fourier Transform is still nice.

    1. And the last hits the point, IMO. There are a lot of good IT professionals from other fields or who have a HS education or who only did a few years of college.

      And I would prefer someone with the same skill but also has the theoretical background to fall back on.

    2. I work as a design engineer, only have a “technology” degree, and almost never use any sort of math. The software does it all for me.

      1. The guy designing the software has to understand the math.

        Also, I use statistical software on a regular basis. Software makes it really easy to do statistical analysis.

        But if you don’t understand the theory/processes, the software makes it really easy to do completely fucked up and improper analysis and misunderstand and misrepresent the results.

        1. ^ It happens all the time.

          1. “Gentlemen, by my analysis, this $10000 should be producing an infinite amount of money in 15 years. We’re rich!”

          2. MDs spend years in school and still suffer from this.

            Why fight it?

    3. more emphasis on compound interest would be a good thing

    4. The majority of the code I write has fairly simple math. I’m not in the engineering department, so it usually boils down to sales, inventory, quality, and shipping reports.

    5. I agree. Its one thing not to do the math. Its another thing for it to be an entirely opaque black box. If nothing else, if your results look weird, you’d know where to look.

      1. Exactly.

        “How was I supposed to know that was wrong, its what the computer calculated?”

    6. The same observation is especially relevant to statistics.

      A grounding in the mathematics of statistics, or absent that a recognition of one’s ignorance of the underlying mathematics, is essential to the proper application of statistics in many cases. No branch of mathematics is so often abused, and the consequences can be significant.

      1. No kidding? you don’t know how often I hear people say “How can 400 people represent everyone in the United States?” If you use a sample size calculator, plug in the current US population estimate (324,227,000) and 95% confidence level and a 5% confidence interval, you’ll find only 384 people are required.

        With 400 people interviewed, we can be 95% certain that our answer is +/-4.9% of the true value.

  32. Goldman Bans Partners From Donating To Trump Campaign To ‘Minimize Potential Reputational Damage’

    Goldman explains that “the policy change is also meant to minimize potential reputational damage caused by any false perception that the firm is attempting to circumvent pay-to-play rules, particularly given partners’ seniority and visibility,” adding that “all failures to pre-clear political activities as outlined below are taken seriously and violations may result in disciplinary action.”

    Yet while the new policy would be perfectly reasonable if it was treated both political candidates equitably, it appears that there is a loophole: namely Clinton-Kaine.

    Because as Forbes diligently reports, “the rules do not restrict donations to Clinton-Kaine. Kaine is a U.S. Senator for Virginia, and not considered a local official under Goldman’s rules. Although the memo does say that Goldman partners are no longer able to donate to the Virginia Democratic party, which could be a reference to Kaine. Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman’s CEO, has declined to say who he is supporting for president, but is known as a long-time Clinton supporter. Blankfein donated to Clinton when she ran against Obama is 2008.”

    1. Makes sense to me. Trump might shoot off his mouth about them but Hillary and Bill’s “enemies” have a tendency to be found surprise dead.

      1. That is the Scott Adams rule of endorsement.

    2. This means that as of this moment, Goldman’s partners are “prohibited from engaging in political activities and/or making campaign contributions to candidates running for state and local offices, as well as sitting state and local officials running for federal office”, and specifically donating to the Donald Trump campaign, in order to “minimize potential reputational damage.”

      So, its perfectly OK to donate to a federal official running for federal office? This is one bizarre rule, apparently crafted to bar donations to Trump but not Hillary. What on earth is more unethical about donating to a sitting governor running for VP as opposed to a sitting Senator running for VP?

      1. It’s like the campaign finance version of the district lines of NC-12.

  33. Most adults, even those in engineering, use little more than eight-grade level math plus Excel.

    Cleverly, he knows I don’t have the skills to calculate how much he’s exaggerating here.

  34. Work to begin on ‘big wall’ at Calais to block migrants

    Construction is soon to begin on a “big new wall” in Calais following a surge in the number migrants trying to get across the Channel, the Government has announced.

    The 13ft (4m) high concrete barrier will be funded by Britain at a cost of ?2m, and will stretch over a half a mile (1km) along the main dual carriageway approaching the ferry port. Work is expected to begin as soon as this month.

    The measure was confirmed on Tuesday by the immigration minister Robert Goodwill, who said: “The security that we are putting in at the port is being stepped up with better equipment.

    “We are going to start building this big new wall very soon. We’ve done the fence, now we are doing a wall.”

    1. “We’re gonna build a wall, and we’re gonna make Great Britain pay for it”?

    2. Good. Too many Canadians in Maine already.

  35. You know, if people would read Reason, they wouldn’t need researches to point out the bloody obvious.

    Working paper on the theory of ‘Sex bureaucracy’.
    Conclusion: Duh.

    /sticks hand out.

  36. Five years ago, one of Balko’s strongest nutpunches came when police in Framingham, Mass. killed Eurie Stamps, who was lying face down on the ground with his hands behind his head. The DA excused it on the grounds that the officer was a bumbling moron.

    The taxpayers have finally paid up for what the SWAT team member did. The officer is still working as an officer, by the way.

    1. Trigger warning in the first link for copious dunphy idiocy (redundant!) in the comments.


    2. How’d you like to be H’s load-dropper?

  37. Stevie Nicks teases all-star gig for Clinton win

    “Of course I’m for Hillary Clinton,” Nicks said in an interview with The New York Times published Tuesday.

    “When she wins by a landslide, I could gather together The Dixie Chicks, Billy Corgan and everybody who’s ever sung a version of ‘Landslide.’ It’s not up-tempo, but it certainly would get the message across.”

    Former President Bill Clinton famously used Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 hit “Don’t Stop” (which was song by Christine McVie) during his first presidential campaign in 1992. The band ultimately performed the song during his Inaugural Ball the following year.

    “It’s hard to think of anything as amazing as that song was for Bill,” Nicks told The Times. “He picked it out when he was driving around in a cab somewhere years before.”

    1. Rectally-ingested cocaine is a hell of a drug.

    2. “When she wins by a landslide, I could gather together The Dixie Chicks, Billy Corgan and everybody who’s ever sung a version of ‘Landslide.’ ”

      This sounds like a threat to me.

      1. Domestic Terrorism.

    3. Yuk.

      And not cool.

    4. As if I didn’t already have a enough reasons to not vote for Hillary.

    5. Wait, Corgan isn’t for Trump?

      1. Despite all his rage he’s still voting for a woman of a certain age.

      2. He’s been on Alex Jones multiple times saying something unintelligible.

  38. Some See Anti-Women Backlash in Ouster of Brazil’s President

    “Calm down, girls,” the senator, C?ssio Cunha Lima, part of a political dynasty from northeastern Brazil, told Senators Vanessa Grazziotin and Gleisi Hoffmann, both supporters of Ms. Rousseff, Brazil’s first female president. His remark drew sharp rebukes from the two women.

    “Men believe they are the owners of this space, as if we’re just here by chance,” said Ms. Grazziotin, 55, a prominent leftist senator from Amazonas State.

    For senators like Ms. Grazziotin, the episode reflected the emboldening of conservative voices after the impeachment of Ms. Rousseff, who argued that she had been the target of misogynistic attacks by opponents. Female politicians across Brazil are debating what her downfall means in a political realm dominated by men.

    1. As I understand it, she was removed from office in punishment for leaving the kitchen in order to help the poor. The rich impeached her because she wanted to build charity hospitals, while they want to spend the money on gigantic concrete phalluses on their haciendas.

      Have I correctly summarized the unbiased media coverage?

  39. Repetition friction grooves time neurons.

    1. Word.

      I believe you’ll appreciate this: “It’s later when you think.”

  40. Peter Thiel: Trump has taught us this year’s most important political lesson

    I believe that effective government will require less bureaucracy and less rulemaking; we may need to have fewer public servants, and we might need to pay some of them more. At a minimum, we should recognize that success cannot be reduced to the overall size of the budget: Spending money and solving problems are not the same thing.

    When Americans lived in an engineering age rather than a financial one, they mastered far bigger tasks for far less money. We can’t go back in time, but we can recover the common sense that guided our grandparents who accomplished so much. One elementary principle is accountability: We can’t expect the government to get the job done until voters can say both to incompetent transit workers and to the incompetent elites who feel entitled to govern: “You’re fired.”

    Ugh. He did not mention food trucks at all.

    1. You want to fire food trucks?! YOU MONSTER!

  41. Video killed the radio star
    How games, phones, and other tech innovations are changing the labor force

    Certain technologies?such as video games and social media and the internet?have increased the value of leisure time. Not only do people report them as being more fun than watching TV or going to the movies, they also say they’re more interactive. When my son plays video games, he often does so with his friends who are sitting in their living rooms, in their homes, avoiding their showers to the extent possible.

    Are my son and his friends outliers? Many parents here probably recognize this behavior. But let me give you a little bit more data. As much as we have talked about the decline in employment rates for lower-skilled individuals aged 21?55, it’s even larger for younger, low-skilled men. For low-skilled men in their 20s, employment rates have fallen by about 10 percentage points over the last 15 years?from 82 percent in 2000 to only 72 percent in 2015. This decline is staggering. You might think it’s matched by a rise in school attendance for this age group. That is not the case.

    The following may be the most shocking number I give you today: in 2015, 22 percent of lower-skilled men aged 21?30 had not worked at all during the prior 12 months.

    1. Well, when you don’t have to get a job to pay for health insurance, this is what happens.

      1. I have a great idea for fixing this.

        Let’s take money from the people who do work and pay for these young men to play video games at FREE COLLEGE instead of at home! Then when they graduate with a 2.1 GPA in philosophy they can play video games as a high skilled male instead of a low skilled one. Problem solved!

        *sidenote: video game lover here, I’m going home to game right after I hit submit. But I know when to get off my ass and make some money

  42. TW: Brietbart

    Underage Migrant Gang Sexually Assault German Women On City Street

    Police say that the victims of the attack, all between 18 and 21-years-old were walking down the streets of the city at around 2:40 am when they were approached by the trio of migrants. The migrants spoke to the women in English and attempted to corner them and kiss them. The victims say that the gang made various physical gestures that made it clear they were after sex.

    When the women resisted the migrants by telling them to go away and using body language to ensure the migrants understood they weren’t interested, the migrants became irate. The men followed the women and then set upon them, striking the women in the face and grabbing their buttocks. One migrant kicked one of the women in the stomach.

    After the beating the migrants once again tried to engage the women and this time threatened to smash several glass bottles of beer and champagne over the heads of the women if they didn’t comply with the demands of the migrants.

    Three men on the street noticed the altercation and alerted police before confronting the migrants. The unnamed men was also attacked by the trio before police arrived on the scene.

    1. Too bad none of those ladies could have a pistol (or even some pepper spray or something) in her bag.

      1. Yes it is. But, its even worse that there were had no men around to stop it. These were obviously not really men – “Three men on the street noticed the altercation and alerted police before confronting the migrants. The unnamed men was also attacked by the trio before police arrived on the scene.”.

        1. No, I think being forbidden to effectively defend yourself is worse. And probably has something to do with the men’s reaction as well.

          1. Touche

    2. Workplace violence. Nothing to see here….

    3. I wonder how often this shit actually happens. It’s hard to know when there is what amounts to a conspiracy of leftists in the media and government to censor such stories from publication. The word ‘conspiracy’ sounds overwrought, but the shoe fits.

    4. This is why America needs more “refugees”, their numbers here aren’t yet sufficient for them to feel comfortable following their cultural traditions like this.

  43. The NYT is totally gunning for Clinton

    We can see it in recent coverage, particularly of questions around Clinton’s ethics. There’s a repeated pattern to many of these stories: Some perfectly legitimate question emerges, like “Did Clinton Foundation donors get undeserved access to Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state?” or “Do a batch of newly released emails from Clinton’s aides show her doing something wrong?” Then when the answer turns out to be, “Actually, no,” the story is still presented in the Times as a revelation of possible malfeasance. If there’s no credible evidence ? for instance, an official at the foundation asked for special treatment and didn’t get it ? the paper will fall back on saying that even though we may not have found a smoking gun this time, the affair still “raises questions” of wrongdoing. It might be a story about a Clinton Foundation executive trying and failing to get a Hillary Clinton aide’s help to obtain a diplomatic passport when he wasn’t authorized to get it, or one about Clinton having a meeting with the crown prince of Bahrain, an important U.S. ally who also happens to have donated to the Clinton Foundation, but the theme is the same: There’s probably something fishy going on here, even if the evidence doesn’t seem to show that there is, and anyhow it just looks bad.

    1. Ah figured it would be someone like Waldman or Ryan Cooper. They are pure hacks.

  44. Teen’s plan to die has disability groups seeking intervention

    Disability rights groups are attempting to intervene in an Appleton teenager’s decision to cease medical treatment and die of the incurable disease that has racked her body and left her in constant pain.

    Carrie Ann Lucas, executive director of the Colorado-based Disabled Parents Rights, said her organization is one of several that have asked for child-protection authorities to investigate the case of 14-year-old Jerika Bolen, whose decision to enter hospice care at the end of summer gained national attention.

    “A child doesn’t have the capacity to make those types of decisions, and under the eyes of the law, this is a child,” Lucas said Tuesday.

    But Jerika is in need of mental health care, not additional support for ending her life, Lucas said.

    Lucas said four organizations sent a joint letter to the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families asking for intervention, and she followed up with a phone call to Outagamie County’s Children, Youth and Families Division. The other organizations are Not Dead Yet, NMD United and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, Lucas said.

    1. So, “disability rights” groups are telling this disabled person that she has no rights. Makes sense.

      1. She totally has the celebrated right to go die for her country though.

        1. At 14? I’m not sure in what capacity we (“we”) send 14 year olds to die for America.

      2. Because they are scared shitless that if any disabled person is allowed to end his life that society will immediately start forcibly euthanizing the worst of them.

        1. Hmm. Sounds familiar.

          1. No, that’s silly, it won’t happen *immediately!*

            Gradually, maybe.

      3. Zeb, the disability rights folks have been very leery of the “right to die”, because they fear that it will be used to get rid of disabled people. A paranoia that is not entirely unjustified.

        In this case, the teenager does not have the legal authority to consent to withdrawal of care. That means somebody else consented on her behalf. That is the scenario the disability folks are afraid of. So this isn’t, technically, a teenager’s decision to have her own care withdrawn. This is a third party’s decision to withdraw care from her.

        1. It’s one stop closer to child euthanasia.

          That said, we routinely make hard decisions about withdrawing care. And it’s never the person on the ventilator who makes that decision.

    2. Everyone who thinks people should have to suffer should suffer tenfold forevermore.

      1. Especially those twats who want to restrict access to opioids for pain management because somebody somewhere might be getting high. Assholes.

          1. BP !?!?!

            HOLY SHIT !!!

            Where u been?

            1. Taking care of some personal stuff, CB. Or trying to, anyway.

              1. I hope everything is OK…if it involves a DA from NY let us know.

    3. The right of *adults* to commit suicide has turned rapidly into the right of children to do so.

      1. So, it’s OK to force a child to live with terrible pain just so you can feel good about yourself?

        1. That’s such a completely accurate summary, I have nothing to add.


          1. You didn’t add anything, so I think you should remove the sarc tag.

            1. Read my replies to other comments in this subthread.

        2. Perhaps such decisions should rest with the parents/legal guardians.

      2. I’m not sure allowing yourself to die a little faster should be called “suicide”. Is every person who doesn’t do everything possible to prolong their lives a suicide when they die?

        1. Sorry, “cease medical treatment.”

          That’s an *adult* decision. She’s not an adult.

          1. In that case, its her parents decision, not some outside group.

            1. So your principle would allow them to withhold medical treatment even if she asked for it. Since they’re making the decision instead of the child, after all.

              No, it’s for adults to decide *for themselves.*

              Parental rights are very broad, not not IMHO to the extent of denying medical treatment.

              1. Yes, in most cases.

                I support the whack-job Christian Scientists withholding medical treatment too.

                1. Ah, well, that’s a bit broader than I think is warranted.

                  Being (a) a sick child with (b) Christian Scientist parents shouldn’t be a death sentence.

                  Apply the RFRA analysis – overriding the parents’ decision is the least restrictive means of achieving the compelling interest of saving a child’s life (at least until the child isn’t a child anymore).

                  1. But what if prayer is more effective than medical treatment?

                    Are you denying that possibility?

                    1. Oooh, zing, you got me!

                      Because it’s either/or – if you’re getting medical treatment, that means you’ve ruled out prayer. Every Sky Daddy bleever thinks that! /sarc

                      Who do you think invented hospitals in the first place?

                    2. Who do you think invented hospitals in the first place?

                      The Jews?

                    3. The answer might actually be Islam!

                      How many European rulers had Moorish court doctors?

                    4. One monotheist religion is pretty much like another, anyway. πŸ™‚

                      Anyway, here.

                    5. Because it’s either/or – if you’re getting medical treatment, that means you’ve ruled out prayer.

                      I didnt say that. But I support the whack jobs who do.

                    6. So do I when they’re making decisions about *their own* medical treatment (or lack thereof).

                    7. (if they’re competent adults)

                  2. Just because you dont support religious freedom doesnt mean I dont.

                    1. RFRA *does* support religious freedom.

                      Be grateful the religionist doesn’t win in every case, or those guys who kill people in the name of Allah would all get acquitted.

                    2. Umm…no. Murder is still murder. But there is a big difference between murder and not choosing all medical treatment.

                      Think about it this way: in libertopia (which you oppose), all medical treatments will be provided by the free market. This may mean charities exist, it may not.

                      Some parents wont be able to afford certain expensive treatments for their child. Some may be able to afford it, at the cost of draining all of their finances and maybe not being able to provide as well for their other children.

                      And that point where it makes sense for the parents to say NO for purely financial reasons will exist. Not even considering pain, suffereing and the like. But we will have to allow parents to make that decision, and it will be a different point for different parents.

                      This is one of those cases (non-financial). It may not be the decision I would make for my daughter, and it might be. I hope I dont have to face it. But I support her parents right to make it.

                    3. “in libertopia (which you oppose)”

                      I’d have to take a look at the Libertopian Constitution before making up my mind.

                    4. Well-done, robc. Well-done.

                    5. The thing is, I am serious.

                      He thinks I am some left libertarian. I think you and everyone else knows better.

                    6. I know left-libertarians *exist,* I don’t remember calling you one, but if I did, I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions.

                    7. Multiple times in the last few weeks.

                      Something, something, sexual revolution.

                      To me, which is hilarious.

                    8. Hmmm…I think it’s a question on not agreeing on what a left-libertarian is, so I will look for a different term.

                    9. I think it’s a question on not agreeing on what a left-libertarian is, so I will look for a different term.

                      I come from my libertarianism from the right.

                      CS Lewis was probably the greatest influence on me being a libertarian instead of a conservative.

                    10. Then I suppose I got it wrong when I called you a left-libertarian, so sorry.

                      (I’m not sure C.S. Lewis would agree with you about the Christian Scientists, though)

                    11. I dont agree with Lewis about Vivisection either. We arent in lockstep.

                    12. I am pretty sure he would agree with me that they are whack-jobs.

                      He might use a nicer term.

                    13. Nothing to apologize for. If you think I am a left libertarian, and SugarFree does a spit take over that, then I probably have it dialed in exactly right.

                      If the right thinks I am a leftist and the left thinks Im a rightist, I am well positioned.

                    14. He thinks I am some left libertarian.

                      [spit take]

                    15. [spit take]

                      Implies he posts way more than he reads.

                      I think I have enough of a history on here for no one to remotely think that.

                    16. And this thread makes clear why I have zero respect for Eddie and his beliefs and deep respect for you and yours.

                    17. Well done, to support the right of Christian Scientists to deny medical treatment to their children?

                      Goodness, Tonio, you must be some kind of religious nut. πŸ™‚

                    18. No, Eddie, my 10:16 “well-done” to robc was in response to his 9:58 which very adeptly put you in your place about being a busybody religious nut. I understand how you could have been confused because the H&R webpage had already reached the max indents for threaded comments, but when have I ever stuck up for religious whackjobs?

                    19. Oh, so you’re saying you *oppose* robc and his position on Christian Scientists?

              2. Parental rights are very broad, not not IMHO to the extent of denying medical treatment.

                I think they should be that broad. The alternative is doctors and/or the state making these decisions.

                This is not an easy area to get to a comfortable resting place, though.

      3. Everybody’s got agency until they want to do something you don’t like?

        1. I think you’re stating the issue at a really high degree of generality.

          “A child refusing medical treatment” becomes “something you don’t like,” and therefore I want to treat Grandma contrary to the instructions in her advance medical directive, or for that matter prevent adults from toking up in their living room.

          Impeccable logic.


          1. You’re the one using an arbitrary age definition to define “adult” and use that against her wishes. She’s lived with the condition for her entire life. She and her parents understand what her future is and what pain that entails. I suggest that you and everybody else stay the fuck out of it.

      4. Entering hospice isnt suicide.

        1. Sorry, “refusing medical treatment.”

          An *adult* decision.

          1. Her mother is an adult.

            1. But her mother isn’t *her.*

              1. Neither is some outside disability group.

              2. If she can’t make the decision, and her parents cant, who can?

                If your answer is the government, you are wrong.

                1. God, and people who claim to talk for him.

                    1. Your answer is “government.”

        2. While not technically suicide, it is well-known though never admitted that hospice does euthanasia when the pain gets to a certain point. Technically, they claim to be providing pain relief at a level that hastens the person’s death.

    4. “I’ve been contemplating suicide, but it really doesn’t suit my style”

    5. Fuck keeping people in agony.

  45. I encourage everyone here to sign up


    Do you know how to make a difference in the fight for racial justice?

    Everyday, videos of police violence, snippets from Trump’s speeches, and other blatant evidence of systemic racism spreads across the media and internet.

    More and more white people are feeling the urge to do something about it ? and that’s great!

    But many white folks don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed by the emotions that begin to arise – whether that’s feeling frozen with guilt, powerless to make a difference, or defensive about the idea that racism is a factor.

    This interactive online workshop was created to help you work through those emotions.

    Learn the underlying reasons why many white folks feel emotional resistance to addressing systemic racism and get the tools to free yourself from toxic whiteness and develop an anti-racist white identity.

    1. Toxic whiteness–is that what afflicted Michael Jackson?

    2. Learn the underlying reasons why many white folks feel emotional resistance to addressing systemic racism

      *** meekly raises hand ***

      Will I also learn the underlying reasons why many black folks feel emotional resistance to emotional resistance to addressing systemic racism?

      1. “IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE TO QUESTION BLACK FOLKS ABOUT ANYTHING. We are having a conversation about race, which means you white students need to shut the fuck up and listen.”

      2. I have pondered a great number of ways to address systemic racism.

        Somehow the conversation always comes back to how guilty I should feel.

        If I am going to feel guilty, I might as well earn it.

    3. Learn the underlying reasons why many white folks feel emotional resistance to addressing systemic racism and get the tools to free yourself from toxic whiteness and develop an anti-racist a self-loathing white identity.

      1. Maybe normal people don’t like being called racists. And for no comprehensible reason. Just a thought.

        Or, perhaps not everyone agrees on what constitutes systemic racism and what can practically be done about it.

        1. Or, perhaps not everyone agrees on what constitutes systemic racism and what can practically be done about it.


        2. Needless to say, some people’s definition of “systemic racism” is profoundly overly broad, not necessarily because they don’t understand the term ‘systemic’, though I’m sure many don’t, but because if they can successfully argue that something is ‘systemic’, they can gets laws and rules passed, they can get people to march and give them attention, sympathy and eventually resources too.

          1. To many of these idiots, “systemic racism” is the reason that any black person doesn’t get what they want, when they want it, every time.

      2. It’s not about *self* loathing, it’s about loathing *other* white people by saying “I’ve admitted my own racism but *they* refuse to do so!”

        1. Also, “look how wonderful I am for overcoming my white toxicity! I am a very special and important kind of white person.”

          You know who else thought he was a special and important kind of white person?

          1. Edgar Winters?

            1. Edgar Winter (no “S”).

      3. What if someone doesn’t want an “anti-racist white identity” or any “white identity” or an identity based on race in the first place??

        1. As long as your identity is non-white or non-European in any way.

        2. but it’s all identity politics now, so the group with the biggest tent of identities wins. At least that’s the democrats’ logic since socialists only see groups, not individuals. And if they do see individuals, it’s only from the lens of who to vilify next

          1. At least that’s the democrats’ logic since socialists only see groups, not individuals.

            Groups win elections, not individuals. Democracy sucks dick like that.

            1. Right, so it’s all about guilting individuals into not betraying their group, even though their group is getting screwed by the people they are being told they must vote for.

  46. Hey Warty, you little pussy bitch, I heard you have a problem with my workouts. Everyday’s a workout when you gotta carry around a 20 pound python in your jeans, so if you want video you just let me know.

    1. Tot of circumstances, dude, *powerlifts Morgan Fairchild while surfing*

      1. I’m still confused. I thought dunphy was banging Morgan Freeman.

        1. Right, while powerlifting her. He powerlifts her off of his cock. Better?

          1. It’s really easy though, since he only has to shift her an inch.


      1. I can get you a grainy screenshot from 1997. Bitch.

  47. “The Sex Bureaucracy,” Jacob Gersen and Jeannie Suk’s excellent paper on government meddling in college sex affairs, has now been published.

    The Department of Cockblocking

    The Denial Ministry

    National Cooter Security Agency

    1. Department of the Vaginal Interior

  48. Wikileaks May Start Releasing Hillary Clinton Email Teasers

    “The first batch is reasonably soon. We’re quite confident on it now. We might put out some teasers. I don’t want to promise anything because we want to see how the formatting goes. We might put out some teasers as early as next week.”

    Here’s hoping for a totally-derailing “October surprise”.

    1. Out of the blue question: does Assange have something against Hillary, or is he just releasing these emails since he has them?

      1. I believe he reserves a place in his heart for hatred of Hilary. If I’m not mistaken, he’s a lefty who happens to view Hilary as the most evil cunt in the world, for some reason. She may have advocated hanging him or something, I don’t remember.

      2. Both.

        Hillary was very much behind the efforts to put Assange behind bars. She’s also the very sort of corrupt, murderous, caudillo he has made it his life’s mission to fight.

      3. thank-ya

      4. It doesn’t matter. The FBI meeting notes show evidence of intent, corruption and incompetence and they were treated as vindication of Her Highness.

        1. The FBI also redacted the shit out of her emails and their published notes are incomplete, and fail to address some troubling issues, like exactly how did Sid Blumenthal get his mitts on airgapped SCIF info within 24 hours of it being created.

          Assange might have some things that haven’t been sterilized by Hillary cronies and might be enough to break through the DemOp Media barricade. You never know. I, of one, hope so.

          1. Assange might have some things that haven’t been sterilized by Hillary cronies and might be enough to break through the DemOp Media barricade. You never know. I, of one, hope so.

            I love seeing these little bits of optimism here still.

    2. Extremely unlikely.

      If they actually had any blockbusters, they would have put it out there already.

      It will be a great big bag of nothing.

      And that doesn’t include the willful ignorance of her supporters in the media and elsewhere. Nobody is going to care, unless there is a way to use this to smear Trump.

      1. Extremely unlikely.

        If they actually had any blockbusters, they would have put it out there already.

        “Extremely unlikely” seems like an extremely self-sure answer under the circumstances. It’s somewhat traditional for game changing scandals to hit in late September and into October so that the candidate won’t have time to recover before election day. I agree that many will seize the opportunity to use Hilary’s scandal against Trump, somehow, but the timing of this release points to something big, not something small.

      2. If they actually had any blockbusters, they would have put it out there already.

        I wouldn’t have. In fact, I’d be planning to release my blockbusters in the mid-September to mid-October timeframe, for maximum electoral impact.

        1. Last week of October and two days before election.

    3. pre-debate, please. early voting begins before October in some states

    4. Here’s hoping for a totally-derailing “October surprise”.

      No such thing exists. Her supporters will continue to ignore it and excuse it, no matter what she has done.

      1. But among her supporters are some timid voters who are voting for her while they hold their nose. All that needs to happen is for the next scandal to cause her wishiest washiest voters to stay home.

        1. Won’t matter. Because TRUMP is literally Hitler.

    5. In Hillary’s defense, she probably thought that (C) was short for (Cunt).

      1. Nope, because they never used “A” for “Asshole” or”B” for “Bitch”.

  49. “Oversensitive,” writes feminist scholar Sara Ahmed, “Can be translated as: Sensitive to that which is not over.”

    Now. I think there are good, constructive critiques to make of the culture and practice of trigger warnings and safe-spaces, and of the notions of speech, space, and violence underlying them. But to echo what everyone else is saying: Why oh why on earth is there a national panic against safe spaces? Can we not nationally panic about things that have actually been systematically killing people for hundreds of years? Like, I don’t know, the entrenched racism and misogyny that cause students to call for safe spaces?

    1. Finally, we can return to the UChicago case. In this context, the university’s missive against safe spaces is implicitly a claim to moral superiority ? to being by default, as an institution of higher learning, a free space ? hence the constant recourse to the chimera of “free speech.” Of course, without social justice there is only freedom for the powerful, and by coding issues like structural and systemic racism and unaddressed, pervasive sexual violence in the language of “controversial thought” and “difference of opinion,” the anti-safe space discourse portrays structural oppression as “diversity of views.” They claim that the university is already safe, or at least safe enough ? that the university is not fundamentally structured and organized according to racist, sexist, and anti-poor logics and material realities (which of course it is). So rather than dealing with the structural issues that cause students to advocate for safe spaces ? the omnipresence of racial, class, and gender injustice ? the university blames the “oversensitive” student for conjuring a problem which it implies to be already solved?if they even believe it to have existed in the first place.

      1. Hey, Sara Ahmed: If the world truly is such a racist, violent place, maybe the solution isn’t to cower in a safe space, depending on untrustworthy others to protect you? Maybe you should toughen up so you can confront the racist violence yourself?

        1. No. All of those slaves, and later the people suffering under Jim Crow, really just needed a safe space.

          1. According to the logic of “safe spaces”, Jim Crow shouldn’t have been repealed, because it’s basically a ‘safe spaces’ species of law.

            1. I’m really tempted to create a fake SJW persona and to start publishing editorials that were originally authored by segregationists from the Jim Crow era that have been updated to make them more contemporary.

              I suspect before I revealed the fraud, I could get them shared pretty widely among the safe spaces crowd.

              1. ^This. Would be excellent.

              2. Go for it. Find some old articles that are defending the morality of Jim Crow laws and how they advantage blacks too. Then change some of the nouns so it’s not explicitly about Jim Crow and you’ll have a submission tailor made for The Nation. Might have better luck getting it published by a college paper somewhere where they don’t run the text through web searches or whatever.

              3. I’d follow that for some funny!

              4. I support this plan.

            2. In its own way, South African apartheid was just a safe space law.

              Soweto was just the Boers way of helping South African blacks form a community apart from whites. That all-black community, and the various autonomous homelands in South Africa, were safe from toxic whiteness.

              Same thing with the US government’s treatment of indigenous peoples.

            3. I had the same idea FS-

              Why oh why on earth is there a national panic against safe spaces?

              I don’t know… But some people actually denigrate “white flight”. And “red-lining”. And “sundown towns”. Aren’t those concepts and actions just some people seeking their “safe spaces”?

              I was going to post that over there, but I’d get banned immediately… I prefer my trolling to be more subtle!

      2. that the university is not fundamentally structured and organized according to racist, sexist, and anti-poor logics and material realities (which of course it is).

        Man, if you hate it so much, why are you there?

    2. “Oversensitive,” writes feminist scholar Sara Ahmed, “Can be translated as: Sensitive to that which is not over.”

      And “insensitive” can be translated as: “Throat-warbler tickle-bum.” Because words only mean whatever we make up for them to mean. Because reasons.

      1. Why is she translating English words to, err, English?

    3. the entrenched racism and misogyny

      Assertion without evidence.

      1. Assertion is evidence.

    4. Like, I don’t know, the entrenched racism and misogyny that cause students to call for safe spaces?

      I doubt she deigns to identify how and where this racism is “entrenched”, except in the minds of white people whom are not sufficiently self-loathing.

      1. I guess she must be claiming that these liberal bastions of academia are oozing with entrenched systemic racism and misogyny. Which are run virtually exclusively by liberals. So these liberals must all be racists and misogynists.

        1. Progressives also claim to have a rape culture.

      2. I’d be curious as to how racism and misogyny got entrenched at institutions that have been run by the hard left for at least a generation, myself.

    5. Can we not nationally panic about things that have actually been systematically killing people for hundreds of years?

      Look, you get up to the sixties to blame on entrenched racism. After that it’s progressive policies. Get your own house in order and we can start discussing why white ranchers in Nebraska are responsible for black-on-black crime in Chicago.

      1. The ranchers lobby for less restrictive gun laws, which then allow the gangs access to weapons from out of state.

        /dumbass SJW

  50. On the 101 microaggressions story:

    “Sheree Marlowe, the chief diversity officer at Clark University. She works with students on how to avoid making assumptions based on stereotypes.”

    Jesus. Christ.

    1. If that’s true, why is she a living emobdiment of the stereotype of the worthlessness of a ‘diversity officer’?

      1. Now, *that* is critical thinking.

    2. What we need is for experts to study the pending unintended consequences of this 1984 bull shit.

      1. unintended

        Maybe, maybe not.

  51. …eight-grade level math plus Excel.

    Equals what? EQUALS WHAT???

    1. A LIVING WAGE!!!

    2. A big part of my career in business so far has just been being better at excel than everyone else.

      +SQL +Tableau

      1. I sit on planes and update powerpoint slides.

  52. There are eight Epipens alternatives in Europe. Our FDA will not approve them here

    Hmmmm, wonder why?

    Oh, it’s Bush’s fault.

    How many bush/cheney holdovers are still there

    who runs the place?

    Lots of questions concerning our government operation

    1. It’s because we don’t have enough regulation of the drug market. So sayeth Vox.

    2. President “not-my-fault” and his cronies have been running things for nearly 8 years, but it’s still Bush’s fault. These people are a parody of themselves.

      1. Comrade stalin has no idea what crimes are being committed in his name! If only you let me speak to him, I’m sure we can straighten everything out!!!!

  53. Students across the country submit to Microaggressions 101.

    “When I, as a white female, listen to music that uses the N word, and I’m in the car, or, especially when I’m with all white friends, is it O.K. to sing along?”

    The answer, from Sheree Marlowe, the new chief diversity officer at Clark University, is an unequivocal “no.”

    Interesting that there are words which are considered worse than foul when spoken by non-blacks, but is not even foul when spoken by blacks. Like there are sections of the English vocabulary, for that matter grammar too, which are considered the collective intellectual property of a certain ethnic group.

    1. The solution to wrong speech is more speech that sets things right.

      The solution to racism isn’t more racism.

    2. It’s interesting when you put it that way. Kind of like in Japanese, there used to be parts of the language, entire tenses, used only by the nobility, or to address the nobility.

      1. IIRC, there are some tribes that have a separate language which is only supposed to be spoken by men. Where is Derpetologist when we really need him?

        1. There was also a written form of Chinese that was only used by women.

    3. Interesting that there are words which are considered worse than foul when spoken by non-blacks

      Let me aks you something about that.

      1. Free Society’s just mad he’s not allowed to yell “nigger” in the McDonald’s anymore.

        1. That’s just because McDonalds banned him for life due to everything else he did…

          1. Grimace was asking for it. You obviously didn’t see what he was wearing. (nothing)

    4. but is not even foul when spoken by blacks

      I think that depends on the company you are with. Plenty of black people don’t like the way some people use “nigga” and consider it foul language.
      Of course, it’s still obviously considered more of a bad thing if a non-black person says it.

      1. I interact with blacks almost daily in my line of work. I hear them casually drop some variant of “nigger” in my office very frequently. Older blacks are not so keen on the term. For younger ones, the word is an ubiquitous part of speech.

        1. Older blacks know what it actually means.

  54. Take a gander at psychology tests from over the years?some of which are still being used today.

    So many uteruses.

  55. I’d imagine after his sweet, paid vacation he will get a little more training.

    I wonder what would prevent the chief of police from describing exactly what the department policy on chasing speeders is and when they might want to cut it off at going 120 mph through residential areas. Of course that might make a cop look bad, and that’s more important than disclosing to the public one of his “officers” might have directly contributed to a death.

    1. He’s unpaid; he does it for the power over the little people, I guess.

      He is one of five reserve officers with the department; they are volunteers. “They have a very large role as if they were a paid police officer while on duty,” Seastrom said.

    2. Our local police department is forbidden to do high speed pursuits – of course this is a pretty closely packed suburb with mostly 25mph zones. And lots of little kids, bicyclists, and joggers.

  56. “The Obama administration followed up a planeload of $400 million in cash sent to Iran in January with two more such shipments in the next 19 days, totaling another $1.3 billion, according to congressional officials briefed by the U.S. State, Treasury and Justice departments.”

    —Wall Street Journal…..1473208256

    I don’t know if the Iranians demanded the proverbial “unmarked bills”, but there don’t deem to have been any exploding dye packets.

    1. There was a Dem flack on TV over the weekend touting “the Iran deal” as one of Hillary’s foreign policy accomplishments.

      1. Hillary supporters are still touting her leadership on pushing Obama to intervene in Libya as a plus in her record.

        1. “Smart power at its best” is the way Hillary characterizes Libya. So, yes, her supporters view it as a plus.

    2. $1.3 fucking billion? Titty fucking Christ. Obama is something less than a master negotiator.

      1. Another $1.3 fucking billion. So $1.7B all together.

        1. I’m kind surprised anyone can pull together than much cash in less than three weeks. The actual US currency in circulation at any given time is just over a billion dollars, last I heard. I would expect the amount of Euros in circulation to be about the same, and much less in Swiss francs and English pounds.

          It sounds like they bundled up a good percentage of all those currencies in the world and gave it to Iran. Its insanity. There was a time when a deal/payoff like this would have been a massive, administration-ending scandal.

          1. The actual US currency in circulation at any given time is just over a billion dollars, last I heard.

            Not to worry. The Fed can print and shrinkwrap $1B in $100s in a day. No, seriously, the sheets are like $50k, so they only have to print 20000 sheets and cut, wrap and stack. Imagine how easy it is to print 20000 newspapers.

            1. And they all have pictures of Yosemite Sam on them.

  57. Of course children should be taught ‘advanced’ math and science. You may not realize that you’re using it but you are.

    1. Every child not taught advanced math makes my commercially available flying car happen 0.027 seconds later. And I’m already elderly.

  58. “The Dallas Morning News has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, the first time the paper has endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate since before World War II.”

    And all the Hillary loving, Trump haters rejoice!


    1. I saw Tulpa and Shreek dancing in the streets!

      Jill Stein reluctantly approves this message.

  59. The school system in India gears students to study advanced mathematics, engineering, etc. At least the kids who get schooling.

    And the first thing Indians with advanced degrees in mathematics and engineering do when they graduate is immigrate to the U.S. That’s why people of the Hindu faith are the wealthiest religion in America.…

    Also, it sucks to be poor in India. They only have a literacy rate of 74%. Training math PhDs (for the benefit of the U.S.) at the expense of poor children is actually a legacy of socialism. Gotta train an engineering elite to staff the big bureaucracy, don’t you know–gonna need top men.

    Meanwhile, they have 240 million people who are unemployable–even in factories–because they can’t read.

    1. India’s education system is a mess. The elites get a good education and the best of the best get shipped to the USA for college. If you are not an elite, there’s a good chance you are clocking time in a classroom and not being taught shit. Judging all of American education vs. the elites of India is silly.

  60. Zika – planned parenthood link is a little poorly written. It implies that Dems are inserting language to fund PP, when the article says that Rs are inserting language to defund PP and the VA. Seems the elephants are the ones monkeying around with the mosquito bill.

    1. Look, that money was going to kill something, might as well have it kill mosquitoes instead of children.

      1. Maybe we can compromise: DDT for mosquitos, DDT for fetuses.

        1. No no, DDT for mosquitos, tiny American flags for fetuses.

    2. Pfff…that’s silly. Lord knows we don’t need to stop funding anything in order to increase funds for something else.

  61. The South Carolina police officer who murdered Zachary Hammond, after spending a year on paid vacation, has been fired.

    I give it another year until the firing is overturned and he’s rehired with full back pay (including overtime).

    1. And then immediately retires using the enormous pay bump as the baseline for his pension.

  62. The U.S. should just let other countries outpace us at traditional math and science education, argues math professor David Edwards at FEE. Most adults, even those in engineering, use little more than eighth-grade level math plus Excel.

    This guy’s thesis is not as absurd as it might seem, but it’s not right either.

    Engineers use way more than 8th grade math. I use Algebra II, probability, and statistics all the time.

    He also argues against the notion that the discipline of mathematics teaches one to think clearly. Here he is just wrong. It was for very good reason that Plato posted the renowned motto over the door of his Academy:
    “Let no one unversed in geometry enter here”. Because of its logical element and the pure attitude of mind
    that he felt its study created, mathematics seemed of utmost importance to Plato; for this reason, it occupied a valued place in the curriculum of the Academy.

    1. Occasionally, I bump up with a problem that can be modeled as a differential equation. Not often. But if I wasn’t vaguely aware of the concepts of differential equations, I could not solve the problem.

      But 99% of the time, the problem is solved with simple algebra. And it’s simply amazing how few people — even educated people — can even apply simple algebra to a problem.

    2. Remember half of all engineers are either civil or industrial.

      I had a job modelling industrial processes where 2 PhDs had spent about 20 combined years implementing everything they knew about process in Excel. We are talking hard-core numerical implementations of all sorts of differential equations and stuff. Yes, most days I didn’t do anything more complicated than a simple mass balance or mass fraction and use Excel. It was very beneficial to me to understand what the boundary conditions where their formulas would and would not function and why. And to have done enough advanced calculus to not just be creating an experiential list of things.

      In that his argument is that not everyone needs a minor in math to work in the STEM field at a well-paying job, I agree. In that his argument is that everyone who doesn’t use that vocationally every day or even often doesn’t need to know the math, I disagree. Unless something changes radically in my career path, I will never need to know a fucking thing about the Schroedinger equation or other mathematical elements of quantum theory. Except for the part where I know it is a good model because I proved it to myself by doing the math.

    3. “Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human. At best, he is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear his shoes, bathe, and not make messes in the house.” – Robert A. Heinlein

  63. Evan’s placeholder name for his V.P. is some guy named Johnson.

    That’s cunning, especially since he’s more an anti-Johnson candidate than an anti-Trump one.

  64. *looks at comment count and notices paucity of H&R articles*

    What, is it Friday already?

    Islamic State bans burka in northern Iraq after veiled woman kills 2 jihadists

    In a seeming U-turn, the Islamic State (Isis) has reportedly banned women wearing the burka in northern Iraq after claiming that its fighters have been targeted by a veiled female. The hard-line faction has previously beaten and killed women for not wearing a veil covering their face and hair in public.

    Warning: Loud autoplay video

    1. Look, so long as they get to beat and kill people, the specific reasons for doing so are negotiable.

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