CNN Explains How Clinton Could Win, Gary Johnson Getting Little Network News Coverage, Jill Stein Faces Vandalism Charges: P.M. Links


  • Karen Smith Murphy/flickr

    CNN explains how Hillary Clinton could win. Donald Trump calls for a military build-up. Gary Johnson gets very little coverage from the major news networks. Jill Stein will face vandalism charges after allegedly spray painting construction equipment during a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • A jury in Texas awarded $5.4 million to a cleaning company it found had been maligned by the Service Employees International Union.
  • Turkey President Recep Erdogan says his country and the United States are ready to launch an offensive on Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State.
  • A Russian fighter jet buzzed a U.S. Navy plane over the Black Sea.
  • The ruling party in Zimbabwe is withholding government food aid from supporters of the opposition.
  • Navajo WW2 code talker Joe Hosteen Kellwood is dead at age 95.