Gary Johnson

Ask Matt Welch Anything Tomorrow on Reddit at 11 a.m. ET!

Meanwhile, here are some highlights from last night's AMA from Gary Johnson and Bill Weld


Question #1: How come the airs strikes didn't work? ||| Some drunk friend of Matt's
Some drunk friend of Matt's

Yesterday, Libertarian Party candidates Gary Johnson and William Weld participated in an Ask Me Anything session on the famed social media site Reddit. Among the interesting tidbits:

* Johnson, when asked "what inspired you to switch party allegiance from Republican to Libertarian?" replied "Shedding the social conservative dogma of the Republican Party. (On behalf of Gov. Weld, he feels the same way.)"

* Weld reiterated his recent warning that the Commission on Presidential Debates, "as a tax-exempt nonprofit, has to be nonpartisan rather than bipartisan. That's a legal test which could affect their tax-exempt status."

* Johnson said he's "in favor of legalizing online poker. I think sports gambling should be legal, too."

* Johnson also came out firmly against "Net Neutrality": "I abhor legislation that would regulate the Internet. It doesn't appear to me to be broken; I don't want to fix it."

* In response to an audit-the-Pentagon question, Weld stated that "We would advise the Department of Defense that receipt of required financial statements would be a precondition to determining their appropriations for the following fiscal year."

* And asked how climbing Mt. Everest changed his view of humanity, Johnson went all hippie: "I saw happy people with nothing material. We have everything material and we don't seem as happy as we should be."

Tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. ET I will be following in the Libertarians' footsteps by subjecting myself to the slings and arrows of Planet Reddit. You can watch and hopefully participate in the action by going to, which is the Politics subgenre of AMA's; go to for the general page.

Unlike when Nick Gillespie and I did an AMA in December 2014, I imagine and even hope the conversation will be less about stumping the libertarian and more about drilling into this horridly interesting presidential election that I've been focusing on since stepping aside as the magazine's EIC in June. But who knows! It's not up to me, after all….