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Melissa Click, Having Learned Nothing, Somehow Teaching Again

Gonzaga University hires the controversial former Mizzou communications professor.


Screenshot via Mark Schierbecker / Youtube

Gonzaga University must be a forgiving place. Melissa Click, the former University of Missouri communications professor who was fired after assaulting a student-journalist during a campus protest, has been hired by the Catholic college.

It's a one-year, non-tenure track appointment. Click will once again teach communications.

In a statement, Gonzaga acknowledged the controversy surrounding Click but expressed confidence that she has "learned much from her experiences" at Mizzou.

"Dr. Click was hired through an extensive national search process that revealed her to be the most qualified and experienced candidate for the position," said the university, according to The Kansas City Star. "Dr. Click has excellent recommendations for both her teaching and scholarship, which includes an extensive record of publication. We are confident she has learned much from her experiences at the University of Missouri and believe she will uphold the rigorous standards of academic excellence demanded of Gonzaga faculty and students."

To recap: Click was caught on camera trying to persuade participants at a public protest to forcefully eject a student-journalist who was covering the event. She was charged with a misdemeanor and eventually fired.

It's difficult to tell whether she is genuinely sorry for her actions. In subsequent interviews, Click has come off as completely clueless. She also suffers from an inflated sense of self-worth. "I'm not a superhero," she told The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Yeah, you think? Jeez.

I don't really think Click's life should be ruined over one ill-considered moment, and Gonzaga is free to employ her if it wants to. But I'd prefer to see some actual contrition from Click first. How can it possibly be the case that she is currently the most qualified person to teach communications (of all things), when she doesn't even seem capable of learning from her own mistakes?

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  1. “It’s a one-year, non-tenure track appointment.”

    So does that mean she’ll be out of a job in a year, or that they’ll rehire her from year to year?

    1. It’s probably a Visiting Assistant Professor position. If so, it’s possible they’ll re-hire he. It could be the position is to cover someone’s sabbatical leave OR someone retired close to the start of the new AY and they’ll run a search for the full-time position this year.

      However, since it’s a one-year position, this: an extensive national search process means less than what it sounds like it does. Candidate pools for one-year positions are always smaller than for full-time positions and often the most qualified people don’t apply. And, for Gonzaga, being in Spokane, a lot of people won’t want to go there. If you’re looking for full-time, most people would keep adjuncting and building their c.v.

      1. Sounds reasonable that she was picked, then. Bad location, bad job, means she probably was the most qualified person to apply, and its not like they have to worry about her leaving.

        1. I don’t know that Spokane is that bad a location. It’s actually beautiful country up there, and a very short drive to spectacular Coeur d’Alene, Idaho if you are a skier or resort fan. Also, no state income tax!

          It’s just a little off the beaten path, but I could see living there quite easily.

          1. Have made two trips to the northwest and really liked it. Hope to get back soon.

          2. Having grown up in Spokane and lived there for most of my life, I can tell you with confidence that it’s a real shit hole. But if you’re planning on retiring with a large nest egg, don’t need to work, and can afford to live on the outskirts of the northside, westside or valley, then you might never notice.

            1. To further elaborate, the area surrounding Gonzaga in particular is a crime infested cesspool despite recent gentrification attempts by urban planners with millions of taxpayer and private dollars (step 1: call it “The U District”, step 2: ???? step 3: PROFIT!). Wages tend to suck (although considering Gonzaga’s tuition, she should probably be okay). Most of the housing stock until you get out into the aforementioned outskirts was built between 1890 and 1950, and it’s not quaint, it’s just old and run down. You still get to pay out the nose for it, because despite an unemployment rate higher than the state or national average and shitty wages, the housing bubble found Spokane and didn’t crash as hard as it did in other parts of the country. Summers are hot and muggy, winters are colder than a witch’s tit with plenty of snow that never gets plowed off the roads due to perpetual budget shortfalls. Until a big splashy public campaign arose in the late aughts, the high school graduation rate was around 60% (it’s since improved to around 80%, from what I understand). Spokane has been one of the top producers and consumers of methamphetamine since the late ’90s – the local news media was using the term “meth epidemic” before it was popular.

              1. A word about Gonzaga: it’s considered fairly prestigious for Spokane, by nature of being one of only two private schools in the city and the only university in all of eastern Washington with a law school (ranked at 132 with a rousing 21% employment rate at graduation and median starting salary of 50k for graduates), but it’s a pretty middling school by any objective measure. Definitely not a good step for any professional academic. Illocust is right on the money here.

                And if you want to know what I think about southern Nevada… well, I’m considering moving back to Spokane.

                1. There’s always Denver…

                  1. She’d fit right in with the populace of Boulder, but the U. of Colorado probably has its quota of radical lefty professors and doesn’t really need one that’s allowed the entire SJW movement to be held up to public ridicule.

          3. I have no opinion on Spokane BUT, if you’re an academic who got a PhD from some top line graduate school, you do NOT want to get a job in Spokane. That would shorten the application list.

            1. ^This. Your career as an academic is not in a very good place when your best (probably only) employment offer came in the form of a 1 year contract with Gonzaga.

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      1. This is Click’s dream job!

        Just what every Jesuit school needs: another prog professor. Smarten up, Jebbies!

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  2. It’s difficult to tell whether she is genuinely sorry for her actions.

    I doubt she’s sorry at all. Well, she’s sorry she got caught.

    1. She is sorry that she does not live in a world where she could call on “some muscle” to throw people out of a public event.

  3. It’s difficult to tell whether she is genuinely sorry for her actions. … But I’d prefer to see some actual contrition from Click first.

    Given that you’re not an employee or student @ Gonzaga, WTF should you (or anyone) care?

    Whether she apologizes or not, it makes no difference. Apologies aren’t some magical way to erase one’s past-stupidity.

    And while I might think what she did was horrible, and that she was justly fired for it, its still perfectly possible for others to consider her actions justifiable *(wrongly in my view, but that’s their prerogative). Who gives a shit what Gonzaga does with their money? if they think she’s right for the job, then good for them. If students or other faculty disagree, they can vote with their feet. I don’t think anyone else’s opinion on where she works or how she pays the bills matters one bit.

    1. Robby is bitter that Click is allowed to go on teaching, but he can’t get hired by Huffington Post so he’s stuck here dealing with us.

    2. Why should I care?

      Why should I care!?!?

      Because I’m a commenter on the internet, bub! I have opinions and people need to hear them!

      Sheesh…. why should I care?…..

      Why do you care what I care about? Hey, that’s it. Tu quoque sucker! Tu quoque!

      1. “Tu quoque sucker!”

        This looks like some kind of pidgin spanish-french-english insult.

        1. You see what I did there?

            1. Latin. If you had gone to a Jesuit school, you might know that. 🙂

            2. said the blind carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw…

    3. Because Cultural Revolution style apologies for everything (more common on the social justice side, but it’s not like the cop lovers on the right aren’t demanding a public apology from some spare shithead quarterback) are trending now apparently. It’s a cheap sense of power, being able to knock someone’s ego down a bit by making them grovel in the court of pubic opinion.

    4. “Given that you’re not an employee or student @ Gonzaga, WTF should you (or anyone) care?”

      Because it’s so unfair! This woman gets to live but Harambe died.

    5. “Who gives a shit what Gonzaga does with their money?”

      This is the problem with the feds involving themselves in every aspect of life; it’s not really Gonzaga’s money, is it? Click doesn’t get hired, and Gonzaga probably doesn’t exist (except as a shell of its current self) without $100K federal student loans being handed out to 18 year olds with no questions asked. Loans you and I are no doubt going to be on the hook for, at least partially.

      The fact that it’s Melissa Click, specifically, is actually relevant. Because, given that her CV reads like a parody of leftist SJW drivel, anyone taking a class of hers is significantly more likely to end up defaulting on that federal loan. If they hired some physics professor who once got a bit rowdy it wouldn’t be as insulting.

      1. Rowdy Physics Professor, great newsletter-subcription-I-want-to-be-signed-up-for.

        1. Good username, too, if anyone wants to poach it.

  4. She managed to get the prestigious Brittany Cooper Chair for Bringing Shame to Your University?

    1. the prodigious Brittany Cooper Chair

      Has Rutgers dumped her?

      1. No, no… Salon has been endowing them in universities all around the country.

  5. Dr. Click was hired through an extensive national search process that revealed her to be the most qualified and experienced candidate for the position…

    …who was willing to take what we were offering.

    1. She was the only candidate available at the last minute.

      1. She was the only candidate willing to go down on the Father who interviewed her; none of the others were that desperate.

  6. How can it possibly be the case that she is currently the most qualified person to teach communications (of all things), when she doesn’t even seem capable of learning from her own mistakes?

    Well, those two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, being an excellent communicator probably facilitates surviving while not learning from your mistakes.

    In fact, look at Trump. He seems singularly impervious to learning anything. Yet people like to hear what he has to say. And if you listen to Scott Adams, he’s an excellent communicator. So there ya go…..

  7. Robby is so quick to judge, but where is his contrition when he misses the PM links? Where was his contrition on May 18th, 2016?

    1. Robby will be punished for that in due time, our mentions are more…extreme.

      “Here Robby, bite down on this.”

      1. *Methods, gah.

        1. Better than putting your hand on that wall….

  8. A very interesting story. I wonder where the author got the idea for it.

    And since HE DIDN’T EVEN OFFER A HAT TIP, I guess we will never know.

    1. More lame, groveling for hat tips or caring about first posts, and constructing elaborate rules for what qualifies?

      1. This sock’s sentence structure sucks, Tulpa.

        1. And it was just a joke anyway. Lighten up, Francis.

          1. No, the correct answer is first posts.

            1. Underachievers always pretend to be too cool for school.

  9. Oh, she’s good at communicating. Often not what she intended to communicate.

  10. “This is all about racial politics,” she told The Chronicle of Higher Education in an interview published Sunday. “I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target.” Ms. Click said Missouri’s Board of Curators fired her to send a message that the university and the state wouldn’t tolerate “black people standing up to white people,” the Chronicle reported. Ms. Click didn’t elaborate on how that would explain the termination of a white woman.

    1. Also doesnt explain why a white woman was fired for assaulting a student journalist who was also a minority.

      Jesus, she is the epitome of the brainwashed useful idiot. Her head is full of scrambled shit.

  11. Spot the Not: scholarly works of Professor Melissa Click

    1. The Red Queen Hypothesis: the coded sexism of playing cards and poker

    2. “Let’s Hug It Out, Bitch”: Audience response to hegemonic masculinity in Entourage.

    3. Who dunnit?: The utility of theorizing (in)visible identities in feminist action.

    4. Fifty Shades of postfeminism: Contextualizing readers’ reflections on the erotic romance series.

    5. Bitten by Twilight: Youth culture, media, and the vampire franchise.

    6. Making monsters: Lady Gaga, fan identification, and social media.

    1. I’m going with #1.

      I can’t see her venturing outside the hard hitting investigative importance of Katy Perry or the Twilight Team Douchebag compitition.

    2. Oh come on. None of those are real.

        1. Seems she watches a lot of television. I’d go for a degree in that if I wasn’t afraid it would eventually melt my brain

      1. I’m horrified that someone can make a decent living putting out this kind of crap and actually be serious about it.

        1. It’s almost as though the flood of money going to colleges allows them to spend it on stupid things.

          1. The solution ofcourse is free limitlessly funded college.

            1. You get what you pay for

    3. 1 is the Not. The winner gets a coloring book and an hour in the safe space room to watch a frolicking puppies video.

      1. I’d like to thank Melissa Click’s throbbing muscle for making this all possible. Coloring books are raycisss and puppies are slaves!

      2. she already has a little bio up on a Gonzaga faculty page, which I defy you to read without laughing:

        Dr. Melissa A. Click’s research interests center on popular culture texts and audiences, particularly texts and audiences disdained in mainstream culture. Her work in this area is guided by audience studies, theories of gender and sexuality, and media literacy. Recent research projects involve romance readers, the impact of social media in fans’ relationship with celebrities, masculinity and male fans, and the inevitable changes fans experience in their fandom over time. Her scholarship has been published in Television & New Media, the International Journal of Cultural Studies, Men & Masculinities, Popular Communication, Popular Music & Society, and Transformative Works & Cultures. She is the co-editor of Bitten by Twilight and the Routledge Companion to Media Fandom (forthcoming). NYU Press will publish her forthcoming edited collection, Dislike, Hate, and Anti-fandom in the Digital Age.

        1. Well. Now I understand why, despite “teaching communications,” she had no clue about how to handle a representative of the media, particularly one that probably supported her cause.

          Somehow I can’t translate any of her “experience” into a want ad for any real work.

        2. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…all the while wetting my depends with fits of laughter

    4. 1 through 6 are the nots. You made up all of that silly shit. None of it makes any sense.

  12. “Dr. Click was hired through an extensive national search process that revealed her to be the most qualified and experienced candidate for the position,”

    You can count on this being a big, fat lie. “Most qualified and experienced” are not the standards by which university search committees operate.

    1. I taught college for 5 years and I concur with your assessment.

    2. “was hired through an extensive national search process that revealed her to be the most qualified and experienced candidate for the position”

      So she kissed their asses and told them it tastes like ice cream.

      I believe that.

      1. She probably knows someone on the hiring committee. 90% of getting hired at the university is knowing the right people or knowing someone who knows the right person.

        1. It’s pretty much like that everywhere. That and if you can check off enough of right boxes.

          1. I’m talking about how it works for the masses, me included. I know there is a minority of super talented people who can write their own tickets.

          2. not to mention being able to suck a golf ball through 50′ of garden hose or the chrome of a trailer hitch

    3. I’m calling the university on Tuesday to let them know that I will no longer be donating, and then detail to them my plan to deny them at least $1 million in donations from third parties (I am friends with a LOT of Alumni and other local folks that give money to GU). I’m curious to see how much funding this vile bitch is worth to them.

  13. “Dr. Click was hired through an extensive national search process that revealed her to be the most qualified and experienced candidate for the position,” said the university,

    And that’s how you get ants Hillary Clinton.

  14. I don’t really think Click’s life should be ruined over one ill-considered moment

    That’s quite noble of you, but in that “moment” she revealed herself to be monumentally incompetent and unqualified. Only an idiot would hire her.

    1. “Only an idiot would hire her.”

      Which is why she’s a perfect fit for University hiring committees.

    2. +1 ready for hillary.

      Has there ever been anyone less qualified to be in charge of national security than our probable next president?

      1. Hitler? amirite?

        1. I’ve been told that Trump is Hitler, so…

        2. Hitler was a genocidal sociopath, but he was both skilled and qualified.

          Hillary is merely a murderous sociopath (viz drone killings), keeping the death toll in the triple digits, and unfortunately, she is neither skilled nor qualified.

    3. Only an idiot would hire her.

      So … Secretary of Education under Clinton?

  15. Melissa clicks with Gonzaga!

    1. In the absence of Swiss, I’m narrowing my gaze.

      1. Richard Simmons narrows gays.

    2. Click your privilege.

    3. She doesn’t click with Spokane. I relish the idea of running into her. Hopefully while driving my truck.

  16. I guess we can call her the Zag Nut.

    1. She better not lay a finger on my Butterfinger.

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  18. Melissa Click, Having Learned Nothing, Somehow Teaching Again

    So NOW she’s unqualified for a teaching job? Didn’t you once write an article for the purpose of telling us all that firing her in the first place would be excessive?

  19. If i were in the Trump campaign, I’d ask her on the record for an endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

    Then I’d take whatever good things she said about Hillary, and I’d use them in a TV ad running her comment over the still photo at the top of this post.

    I might vote against hot chicks and free beer if the lady in that photo were endorsing them.

  20. No surprise that the hiring faculty of one of the nation’s bottom tier institutions of “higher learning” would be thrilled to hire a Marxist garbage collector like Melissa Click. No doubt, she’ll be an improvement to what already passes for scholarship at such a stellar university.

    1. Gonzaga is a decent school (excepting for the hiring of this vile cunt. So go fuck yourself.

    1. Is that the school mascot? The Bouncing Gazongas! I bet their cheerleading team is the best!

  21. I was a faculty member at Gonzaga from 2008-2010. I taught ROTC cadets in the Military Science department and I must say that GU is a special place for the students and faculty. The overwhelming majority of the faculty are liberal but far leftist lunatics like many university faculties. GU was very supportive of the ROTC department and I had excellent relationships with many of the professors in other departments. Having attended 4 different colleges as a student, I would have to say that the faculty and staff at GU are the most reasonable and decent of those schools. The university is far from perfect though. I cannot comprehend how they made such an asinine decision to hire this person though. Beyond the fact that her actions were reprehensible at Missouri, I cannot see the alumni, parents donors and fellow faculty members tolerating her as a professor on campus. I hope for the sake of all the students and faculty at GU, she is fired promptly. Additionally, Spokane is a great city to live in.

  22. Gonzaga University? Is that a real name? It sounds like “gonzo”. Ghange the “a”s to “o”s and you have “Gonzo, go!” University. Oh well. Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered to click on this story, but I did.

    1. It is named for the young Jesuit saint Aloysius Gonzaga

  23. Wife has family in Spokane, visited a few years back and it seemed nice enough for a small city, though not terribly exciting. Sure that Ms. Click will find some shit to start there over their famous basketball team. She lives for making a name for herself, since her academic duties do not require much actual thinking or work and she has nothing to lose and everything to gain by not becoming another obscure humanities prof. Look for her to run for office in the near future, as the democrats’ answer to Trump, who will banish all non-oppressed, heterosexual, cis-genders, from the US, and tax anyone who makes more than $50K at 300%.

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