The Crimes of Lena Dunham, Incarceration Rates Rising in Rural America: P.M. Links


  • Lena Dunham
    Screenshot via Screen Slam / Youtube

    Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer engaged in this terrible conversation where they treated two black male celebrities as sex objects. (The conversation was later edited.)

  • Incarceration rates are rising in rural, white, conservative areas of the country.
  • Judge says fraternity's lawsuit against Rolling Stone shouldn't be tossed.
  • New York magazine: "How Fox News Women Took Down Roger Ailes."
  • Gabrielle Union, one of the actresses in Nate Parker's film, has written an op-ed about his rape controversy.

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  1. Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer-

    Stop right there.

    1. You’ll be in your bunk?

      1. He didn’t want to finish too early. Make it last, like taking small bites of ice cream.

    2. Hello.

      The Oopsy Boopsy twins.

      1. Oopsy Boopsy

        Is that, like, Afrikaners for “vomit inducing”, or, some such?

    3. Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer…

      Amazing footage shot from helicopters. Narrated by David Attenborough. Tonight on PBS.

      1. “And here we see two young manatees cavorting in their natural habitat….”

        1. ” two young manatees”


          Their antic is double offensive. They’re objectifying men, plus the men are black!

          Racist, sexist, whatever -ist you want to call it.

    4. And it’s a jezebel link. Is this peak Robbie?

      1. It’s more “This is so fucking stupid even Jezebel couldn’t figure out a way to excuse it”

        1. God help me I read the article, and at the bottom they spell out why they are pissy at Dunham

          In Re-Code, Konner and Dunham specifically targeted Jezebel, which Konner called “almost entirely full of snark and cynicism”; Dunham responded that Lenny hoped to be “a space that’s snark-free, but where you’re still laughing.” Because we’ve somehow survived Lenny’s ascendency, and because women don’t need to be protected from language and snark after all, let us humbly and dutifully acknowledge here: This interview between two fucking queens was pretty fucking embarrassing all around.

          Nothing for confirming sexist stereotype about women like putative feminists!

          1. “Son, don’t try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other.”

      2. Robby is being magnanimous linking to Jizzebel.

        He was nice to Anna Merlan even after she called him “idiot”. I remember his response to her shrieking article starting with “Hi Anna”.

        1. This time, the lack of alt-text is actually commendable.

      3. He’s just picking up the slack left by the commenters. This place used to be just lousy with jezebel links.

        1. Derptelogist hung up his derpes and the levels of derp have fallen tremendously.

    5. to quote an old Fleetwood Mac song (pre-Stevie Nicks). “You may say it’s sophistication. I say time is running out.”

  2. Incarceration rates are rising in rural, white, conservative areas of the country.

    The GOP’s going to regret those tough on crime and felon voter stances pretty soon.

    1. WDATPDIM?

  3. Judge says fraternity’s lawsuit against Rolling Stone shouldn’t be tossed.

    Bros before defaming prose.

    1. “On Thursday, Charlottesville Circuit Judge Richard E. Moore ruled that the accusations against the fraternity made by Rolling Stone could be seen as defamatory,”

      Ya think?

  4. How Fox News Women Took Down Roger Ailes.


    1. I hear baby oil was involved. With lots of playful giggling from the girls.

  5. Gabrielle Union, one of the actresses in Nate Parker’s film, has written an op-ed about his rape controversy.

    Who gives a shit?

    ps- Prove your innocence. PROVE IT!

    1. And yet the Clinton clan is A-OK.

  6. I don’t care what Dunham said. I do care that she sexually abused her sister and bragged about it.

      1. Someone needs to tell Lena that swallowing the chicken whole doesn’t make her a vegetarian.

    1. Right on Playa.

    2. Don’t forget the fake rape allegation about a mustachioed campus Republican named Barry.

      1. Yeah but he was a Republican, which is the definition of a rapist who hasn’t yet been caught.

    3. I don’t care about any of it. At all.

    1. Glad he has a job, yeti I wager he works for the government because of the great benefits. Good to have him as a crossing guard because . . . who would mess with Sasquatch?

      1. Those guys (and it’s always guys) in the Jack Links beef jerkey commercials?

    2. Steve Smith sighting in an urban area?


    4. Put a bird on it.

    5. Well, it is the town to be in if you want to get Shang-Hai’d.

    6. Now, THAT is a kick-ass In Search Of!

  7. Gabrielle Union, one of the actresses in Nate Parker’s film, has written an op-ed about his rape controversy.

    Union sympathizer?

    1. Article wasn’t terrible. Not awesome, but could have tons worse.

      I’m still looking forward to the movie.

    1. By relatives you mean feral dogs, right?

    2. She’s wrong about the way to eat grapes.

      1. Give the grapes to the feral dogs. Problem solved.

  8. “Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer engaged in this terrible conversation where they treated two black male celebrities as sex objects. (The conversation was later edited.)”

    Michael Kinsley once had some sort of contest for the most boring headline ever.*

    Well, I think we have a new champion.

    *and the winner at the time was “Worthwhile Canadian Initiative.”

  9. Remember the cops in Oakland that were raping a teenage girl and forcing her into prostitution? Well, for some reason the woman involved was sent across the country into a rehab in Florida, because there are clearly no rehabs in California. And there just happened to have been an incident and now she happens to be in jail in Florida facing a felony charge.

    And now, she can’t get back to California, and the DA’s criminal investigations of the police involved might just be delayed. Or cancelled altogether.

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence though.

    1. “She is being held on $300,000 bail, according to public records.”

      That’s a bit steep for someone withdrawing from heroin.

      1. It’s almost like there’s something else to it! But nah. Just a coincidence I’m sure.

        1. I would think that her being in custody is far more dangerous to the cops. She’ll spill everything to get a deal.

          1. Which, ironically, is what got the cops in trouble in the first place.

            1. Bitch should have swallowed!

    2. Wow. Thin Blue Line all the way across the country, eh.

  10. “How Fox News women took down the most powerful, and predatory, man in media.”

    Most predatory man in media, eh? Riiiight

    1. (a) I doubt he’s by any means the worst offender, just the most prominent one to be caught.

      (b) I wonder how the MSM feels being on the same side of a dispute as a bunch of Fox News women?

      1. (b) I wonder how the MSM feels being on the same side of a dispute as a bunch of Fox News women?

        It is sole PC-angle for progs to try throwing wrench into the place, they understand subterfuge opportunities in no other context.

        1. I see, they’re trying to put a wench in the gears.

      2. The women are really taking over Fox News. Glass ceiling my ass.

        1. And they did it on merit. Greta isn’t there for her looks.

          1. Greta isn’t there for her looks.

            Who knows? Until depositions leak, what Ailes fetishizes is, fortunately, still a mystery.

            On side note, would be awesome if two pervs met on Twitter one day and agreed to meet in a park, leading to Roger Ailes and Anthony Weiner awkwardly pretending other one not there as each waits for a non-existent tween to appear.

            1. I have a theory that somewhere, some sick fuck has a chick dress like Glenn close as Cruella DeVill from ‘101 Dalmatians’ while he’s banging her (narrows gaze at Crusty).

          2. I’ve always had a thing for stroke patients with partial face paralysis.

            1. You’re with Her?

    2. Most predatory man in media, eh? Riiiight

      “Senator Menendez to the White Courtesy Phone, Senator Menendez to the White Courtesy Phone, please. “

  11. “How Fox News Women Took Down Roger Ailes.”

    I read that as “Hot Fox News Women Took Down Roger Ailes.”

    1. That’d be redundant and repetitive.

      1. Didn’t have room for the IN.

    1. That is terrible. I’d think that common sense would tell you that the starting point from a slogan should at least be “There’s a better choice for president…Gov. Garry Johnson” and then work to polish that up, not down. “Credible” sounds like a used car salesman is trying to sell you something without being too dishonest.

    1. RIP Brother Seamus.

    2. So long brother shamus!

    3. “Do I bow, or do I curtsy?”

      What a suck. Such great roles.

      RIP. Let’s have some White Russians on his behalf.

  12. So Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview transcript was released today.

    Just in time for the long weekend when sh1t will get buried.

    1. That’s not PM links worthy. Child rapist Dunham and hypocritical “I’ve turned SJW so all my old jokes are uncool and I hates the guns too” Schumer however are top of the list. ENB better throw us some Fruit Sushi gossip/ridicule soon.

      1. I just caught my mistake, I thought ENB did the links. In my defense these links reeked of female. *sniffs again, yep it still does…Fruit Sushi might be transitioning

      2. Yes, please.

  13. Well. In case anyone is wondering, abdominal surgery hurts. Hurry up and work, you fucking Percocet fucks.

      1. Who cares what they are supposed to do. For all the good they are doing, Warty might as well be shoving them up his ass!

    1. What was wrong with your abdominal?

      1. I had a little hernia that I decided to fix before it gets any bigger. I mean…I guess it was the right choice. But fuck. And being home with a toddler that wants to bounce on me like normal is not that fun right now.

        1. I had a little hernia that I decided to fix before it gets any bigger.

          Umbilical? Direct? Indirect?

            1. Ah, yes… the classics. He forgot indirect inguinal, FTR.

              1. That is why I could never have been a doctor. Memory things? Nah, I just derive them during the exam.

                1. ^This post is why I wasnt an English major.

            2. What’s the tune?

              Row, row, row your boat?

        2. You found a woman who wanted to have your kind of sex? :-p

        3. Jesse will be right over with some hot chicken noodle soup.

        4. this is why i never lift heavy things.

          1. Abz are abz whether your guts squeeze out of them or not, brah.

    2. Sorry, Wartster. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    3. Ouch. Get well soon.

    4. I’m sorry to hear about these problems, but I pray the surgery goes well!

        1. To everybody.

    5. What was the procedure?

      1. Umbilical hernia, mesh repair. It was small enough that the mesh wasn’t necessary, but I never want to do this again, and as we all know, overkill is the best kill.

        1. Lies.

          Your handlers had you spayed.

          1. And by spayed you mean added another testicle?

              1. No, two on the neck like Wolverine.

        2. Umbilical hernia, mesh repair.

          Gore-Tex is your friend; given how much stress you put on your abdomen, mesh repair is not overkill. Too bad you’re here or I’m not there. I would have done at cost for you.

          1. Oh well. I’ll keep the offer in mind next time, thanks for the heads up.

            And yeah, when I told the doctor that I had deadlifted 650, she was like, yup, I’ll do the mesh if you want.

            So I noticed the bulge in my belly button about 6 weeks ago. It hurt a little bit then, but it stopped after a few weeks, so I think that I did in fact tear it soon before i noticed it. But I hadn’t done anything particularly burly recently before I noticed it. The only thing that might have done it was dragging a big cherry limb that came down in my backyard. But it didn’t hurt, so I have no idea. My suspicion is that I’ve always had the hernia and dragging the limb tore it just enough that some shit could squeeze through, but I have no way to know.

            I’m any case, I hate being invalid. This is dumb

            It’s a little hard to be coherent right now. Hopefully you can parse that.

            1. It’s a little hard to be coherent right now. Hopefully you can parse that.

              Crystal clear. Most umbilical hernias are latent and congenital, and yeah, undue stress causes them to pop. Fat people get them because the mountains of blubber are constantly pulling at the base of the umbilicus; you being exceptionally strong just exacerbated what is already present, and the perfect storm of pulling a large branch in a sharp twisting motion did the deed.

              Do you use a buckled weight belt or velcro?

              1. Buckled, from Best Belts. I’ve never liked the feel of the Velcro ones. It never felt like it gave my abs much of anything to push against.

                1. Those look good, actually. But, I recommend this, if able and willing. (The buckle is more sleek, and the belt is beefier for max days).

                  1. I’m assuming that I should wear the belt a lot more than I’m used to when I get back to the gym? My habit has been only to wear out for my work sets. I figure I’ll put it on for my warmups too for a while.

                    1. I’m assuming that I should wear the belt a lot more than I’m used to when I get back to the gym?

                      Yes, absolutely. Wean yourself back into your former regimen; if you can borrow a velcro belt, or pick up an inexpensive one, wear that for the first week, no more than two as you get back into your routine. As you said, you don’t want to do this ever again, so don’t ruin your surgeon’s work.

                      I figure I’ll put it on for my warmups too for a while.

                      Velcro will be especially helpful here.

                2. Velcro isn’t as effective. I know some hardcore competitive powerlifters, like Brent Mikesell (retired from it now), and I have never seen any of them use velcro.

    6. Why’d you have a penis installed in your abdomen?

  14. Top news from Canada’s Beloved State Broadcaster

    Canada’s restricted gun ownership increased 9.5 per cent in 2015

    Since 2004, the number of restricted firearms such as semi-automatic rifles and handguns in Canada has doubled.

    Much of the period that has seen the sharpest increase in restricted firearms corresponds to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government ? an administration that tended to favour fewer restrictions on gun ownership.

    However, that period also corresponds to an increase in popularity of handguns and semi-automatic assault style rifles across North America, say experts like A.J Somerset, author of Arms: The Culture and the Credo of the Gun.

    Ah, guns and Harper – what a combo for retards at CBC. Top few comments are actually not horrible though!

    1. Fucken right.

    2. Good for Canadia. My level of respect for their country rises in proportion the number of firearms in circulation, but is partially offset by the number of Quebecois currently drawing breath.

  15. Fun fact: hunter gatherers and office workers burn about the same number of calories per day

    So obesity is mainly caused by eating too much. Makes sense.

    A typical adult burns about 1,500 calories just by being alive and consumes about 2,000 calories. That leaves 500 calories for work, which works out to about 2 hours of walking or 1 hour of running. I believe the human body is adapted to do only about 2 hours of actual work each day. Most mammals spend most of the day sleeping or lying down.

    1. And you eat too much because fat fuck food makes you hungry. The paleo people are silly, but their heuristic could be a lot worse.

      1. I always laugh when I hear people talk about how healthy farmers ate around 100 years ago, “and look how skinny they were for most of their life!” Well, yeah, they ate a lot of veggies, and seasonal fruit if they happened to have an apple tree or blackberry orchard nearby. But their diet was also loaded with salt and fat, from bacon to full cream butter to jars of pickled everything, to get them through the winter. Oftentimes, they starved because they didn’t get enough calories but the work still had to be done.

        Like you said, don’t eat fat fuck food, limit your carb/starch intake (nothing wrong with a sandwich or potatoes once in a while), and get exercise to maintain your strength.

        1. Exactly. The biochemistry is really complicated, but the rules are really simple.

          There’s a Bruce Lee quote about how when he didn’t know anything, he thought a punch was just a punch. Then he learned how to fight and he thought a punch was extremely difficult to throw properly. Then he mastered fighting and he knew that a punch is just a punch.

    2. I believe the human body is adapted to do only about 2 hours of actual work each day. Most mammals spend most of the day sleeping or lying down.

      What of the theory that savanna-era humans succeeded because they evolved to be pretty much the only animal that hunts through long-distance running?

      1. The most interesting thing I learned in my college anthropology class is that a biped uses about half as much energy while walking as a quadraped. The first hunting technique was just following animals until they collapsed from exhaustion.

        1. It has more to do with cooling. Quadrupeds can’t pant unless they’re walking, so they overheat.

          1. Both are true.

          2. Ok, I’ve seen dogs pant while stationary. And some quadrupeds, notably horses, sweat which is a much more efficient cooling mechanism than panting.

            1. OK, to rephrase, they can’t pant while running.

        2. So….2 legs good, 4 legs bad?

      2. Wolves hunt their prey by running it down until it tires.

        1. Wolves hunt their prey by running it down until it tires.

          That might explain the Canine/Human BFF relationship.

          1. Isn’t that the working theory? Dogs killing fast critters for us seems like a pretty straightforward symbiotic relationship.

        2. It would be interesting to see if chase pack predators are more efficient than ambush predators.

      3. PBS just had a great special on persistence hunting.

        1. But enough about PUA’s.

      4. The problem with that is that running all day consumes an enormous number of calories. Why run an antelope to death when you can ambush it?

        1. That came later. Endurance hunting probably came first, before any sort of weapon.

          1. If I remember right, our ancestors were using weapons before they had evolved anthropometry suitable for jogging all day. Now, I have nothing to base that on more than a vague memory of hearing that somewhere, so take it for what it’s worth.

            1. I thought bipedalism came first, but I am not sure. It has been a while since I studied hominid evolution, so I could be wrong.

              1. It’s also one of those annoying fields that changes all the time, too.

                For some good batshittery, check out the aquatic ape theory.

                1. The aquatic ape theory is silly. However, it is a mystery as to why we have the mammalian diving reflex. And the blood shift is even stranger.

                  1. Dolphin sex. Duh.

                    1. Hey now! Even Aquaman needs to get laid now and then.

                  2. However, it is a mystery as to why we have the mammalian diving reflex.

                    Human babies can naturally swim before they can walk, actually. After we learn to walk, we have to re-learn how to swim.

              2. Read HM’s article. It suggests that “bipedal” and “good at running” are not necessarily synonymous.

        2. I was driving along in Wyoming once, middle of nowhere on a straight highway. I was going about 60 or so when I looked out the passenger window and an antelope was staring back at me and keeping pace.

          I think ambush hunting is the only way to get a critter like that.

          1. American antelopes are fast because there used to be a cheetah-like cat on the plains. Thanks a lot, ice sheets.

      5. “Most mammals spend most of the day sleeping or lying down.”

        That’s one way of describing lazy fucks and welfare kings and queens.

        1. I’ve been reading Ambrose’s book on Crazy Horse and Custer. The Sioux seem to have been some lazy fuckers when they weren’t on buffalo hunts or on war parties. It sounds like a pretty decent way to do things.

  16. Robby’s PM Links, predictably, suck.

    I should do the PM Links.

    1. What is that genre called? Sunday School Stripping?

      1. I think it’s called Drunken Aunt Agatha.

      2. It’s called ASMR (i.e. shitty, softcore porn).

  17. All your house are belong to us.

    Bozeman’s five elected commissioners ? who have the ultimate say over the city’s regulation ? haven’t detailed what sort of policy they’re interested in pursuing on vacation rentals, waiting instead for city staff to research and draft a proposal.

    In discussions so far, though, a majority of commissioners have said they’re convinced it’s an issue worth tackling.

    “I do think we’re approaching a potential epidemic level,” Taylor said last month. “I think there are all sorts of properties that are flying under the radar.”

    Jeff Krauss, sometimes a libertarian voice on the commission, also advocated for the interim action on conditional use permits, saying he was worried about homes being bought up for investment purposes.

    “There is, I think, the nature of an emergency,” he said in May. “I want an emergency zoning ordinance that says, ‘Stop.’ Because they’re coming, the LLCs and the investors.”

    Morons panic. All the houses in town will be vacation rentals, and everybody will be homeless.

    Regulation is needed, pronto!

    1. “They’re coming, the LLCs and investors”.

      Okay, he’s completely ignorant about both economics and business law.

      1. I’m an LLC. Where do I get my Montana house?

        1. I’m an investor. When do I get to come?

      2. And he is the “sometimes libertarian”

      3. And he is the “sometimes libertarian”

    2. worried about homes being bought up for investment purposes.

      Oh noes!

    3. I had an AirBNB in San Diego canceled at the last moment because the condo association apparently threatened to kick out anyone doing short term rentals. Big backlash there, “Neighborhoods Are for Neighbors” signs, etc.

  18. Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer engaged in this terrible conversation where they treated two black male celebrities as sex objects. (The conversation was later edited.)

    This is somehow linkworthy, while “A million people take to the street in Venezuela and Govt claims foiled coup-attempt” is not.

    can’t. even.

    1. Is that even news in Venezuela any longer? Maduro may be overtaking Kim Jong Un for most batshit insane world leader.

      1. I could be mistaken, but it seems like Kim Jong Un actually operates off of more sound economic theory than Maduro. He must be working very hard to be that stupid.

        1. Maduro’s problem is how fast things went from OK to bad. The Kims of North Korea had the advantage that they were taking over from the Soviets, who took over from the Imperial Japanese, so its not like their people had much to fondly look back upon and contrast with their present situation. Both the Kims and Maduro had terrible policies that impoverished their people, it’s just that the Venezuelans actually know they have been impoverished while the North Koreans don’t.

    2. Does Maduro even allow Fruit Sushi in Benningswella?

  19. Re the actress’s article – it sounds like she was the victim of a horrible crime, but I wish she’d had an editor to change this part of the article, which really doesn’t have the gravitas the situation calls for:

    “Rape is a wound that throbs long after it heals. And for some of us the throbbing gets too loud.”

  20. Wishing everyone a great holiday weekend.

    1. You too.

      If only I had planned ahead to go somewhere. Oh well.

      1. Why go anywhere when you’re in beautiful Southern California near the beach?

        1. Change of scenery. And it’ll get pretty crowded here this weekend.

          1. Come to Florida!

            Enjoy the Hurricane weather.

    2. Anyone else watching football at 6:30 AM tomorrow?

      Hoping to be breaking out the victory Bourbon by 9.

      1. Cal has a bye week due to the game in Australia.

        Speaking of which, does anyone have the score for the Cal-Hawaii game? My internet isn’t working.

        1. Cal 51-31. Spread opened at 20 and was 19 1/2 at game time, for the degenerates who care about such things.

        2. Bah.

          We dont get a bye after a game in Dublin.

          1. Although we do get Mercer next week, so same thing.

      2. I guess west coasters can just stay up Friday nght and watch GT-BC at 4:30.

        Prediction: Aflac trivia question will be to name the five FBS schools without University in their name.

        That is always the Aflac trivia question during GT-BC games.

        1. It always is: BC, Army, Navy, Air Force

          1. oh, and GT. What’s the good word?

      3. I won’t be up that early, but I will be in the stands for the OU-UH game at 11. Taking my dad (a lifelong Cougar fan) to see his boys abused by the Sooners.

      4. I may be watching football at 7:30 AM tomorrow, but only if I don’t find anything better to do.

        My alma mater plays Saturday night at 8PM Eastern (TCU). Since they’re playing an FCS team, I expect to be cracking open the victory bourbon by about 8:45.

    3. Same to you and to everyone at the commentariat, even the Whack Pack members.

    4. Have a happy socialism day on Monday.

  21. I remember something about either Harvard or Yale recently, and this adds on to that.

    Meanwhile, I will wait for college Dumbocrats to foresake their corrupt lying crook nominee.

    Cornell Republicans Break Party Lines, Endorse Johnson for President

    The Republicans’ statement compared Johnson with both Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, pointing to Johnson’s decent rhetoric as a contrast to the Republican nominee’s “visceral ? and angry demeanor.” They also denigrated Trump for “insult[ing] our war heroes,” and Clinton for a refusal to “meet the press.”
    Leaderboard 2

    In contrast, Cornell Republicans lauded Johnson for his success in governing a blue state and demonstrated fidelity to limited government, low taxes, a balanced budget and public accountability.

    “No one wants to vote for the lesser of two evils,” the statement says.

    1. In my experience, Cornell grads love them some Johnson.

      1. They also like jumping off waterfalls.

        1. More falling than jumping.

          During my tenure, one frat boy was pretty drunk and tried to do a handstand on the bridge 150 feet above Fall Creek. His body was recovered about a week later near Cayuga Lake.

  22. Damn, read the comments at the Jezebel article. Them bitches hate Lena Dunham as much as many of us do.

    1. I don’t hate her, I just see very few scenarios in which I would either watch or read her.

      I’m sure she does fine without me.

    1. SFing of link still under review.

    2. Yeh. Not so sure how pure she was.

      She came to my high school in 89. Everyone was hushed as she came on to the stage. Except for Steve (a wild and robust football player of Hungarian heritage) who nudged me and said, ‘I’d fuck her’.

  23. Also- many vacation rentals fly under the radar. I wonder why…

    In much of Bozeman ? barring R-S, R-1, R-2 and HMU-zoned neighborhoods ? short-term rentals are considered a permitted use from a zoning perspective, meaning they’re allowed with a city business license and a health department public accommodations inspection.

    Inside those zoning districts, though, the city has also required conditional use permits for operating short-term rentals. Obtaining one of those permits requires a $1,470 application fee as well as a public commission hearing ? an onerous enough process that the city has issued only five conditional use permits for short-term rentals since 2013, with a sixth application pending.

  24. In care you stopped thinking about the guy who is totally not trying to draw attention to himself….

    1. He better make a few free throws (or whatever they call it), or they’ll start thinking he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

    2. I’m withholding judgement until I hear what Blaine Gabbert has to say about all this.

    3. In an effort to prove that he isn’t doing this for nefarious reasons ( looking for an excuse in case he gets cut ) he promised to donate $1,000,000.00 to some worthwhile cause.

      He didn’t stress that he promised to donate the first $1,000,000.00 made THIS year only.

      So if he winds up getting cut he won’t be as dedicated to the cause as he would be if he keeps getting paid himself.

  25. Jewett Williams Update

    “Civil War Veteran is coming home to Hodgdon [Maine]…

    “A welcome home and military burial will be held on September 24th. It will begin at the off ramp of I-95 in Houlton. The motorcade of Patriot Guards and United Vets Motorcycle Club of Houlton will proceed through Houlton in to Hodgdon to the United Methodist Church. When he arrives at the church he will then be transported to the Hodgdon Cemetery by an antique carriage drawn by a team of horses. A full military burial will be held at the cemetery at 2pm. A reception will follow at the Hodgdon fire house. Town Manager, James Griffin, says it is always nice to have somebody brought back to their family. Jewett will be buried next to his Mother and Father.”

    1. At least they’re honest about putting it under “opinion”. This time.

    2. Wow, I thought you were exaggerating with the link text. Nope. It’s pretty much exactly that.

    3. Don’t you dare criticize my queen bee! Get back on the plantation. /prog

    4. “To lump Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the same category is wrong, offensive and uninformed. ”

      They are not both major party Presidential candidates?

  26. Young voters think Trump is better on border, split on immigration

    Among young people overall, 47 percent say they think Trump would better handle securing the border, 26 percent say Clinton would, and 18 percent say neither would.

    That’s according to a new GenForward survey of adults age 18 to 30 by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. There’s division on which candidate would better handle immigrants in the country now without permission, with 39 percent choosing Clinton, 38 percent Trump and 14 percent neither.

    Sixty-one percent of all young adults, including 66 percent of whites, 65 percent of Asian-Americans, and 57 percent of African-Americans, say they support increasing government spending on security and enforcement at U.S. borders.

    I guess its a good thing they don’t vote?

  27. Dear Libertarians: Stop Saying Abraham Lincoln Was a Third Party Candidate

    “So, the latest ridiculous thing to infect my Facebook newsfeed these days is this video by a guy calling himself Dead Abe Lincoln . It’s created by a group called the Balanced Rebellion, which very much wants Gary Johnson to be elected president. Their idea isn’t that bad, honestly….

    “On the other hand, the video is pretty much a collection of “equally bad” fallacious nonsense. Hillary Clinton is labeled corrupt by begging the question and without any citation of evidence, and she is accused of rigging the primary election despite being comfortably ahead nearly the entire race. So it’s not surprising that the other favorite (incorrect) Libertarian talking point came up, that Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate who had become president….

    1. “…Lincoln was not a third party candidate. He was part of a new, and very successful political party that had just taken over a chamber of Congress when it made him its presidential nominee in 1860. On top of that, he’d been a workhorse and Representative for the Whigs his entire adult life. He only abandoned the party when it became clear being a Whig from Illinois was not ever going to put him back in a seat of power. He did the exact opposite of what Gary Johnson is doing….

      “…Abraham Lincoln was not a third party candidate, certainly not as we would recognize Gary Johnson here in 2016. The guy you’re thinking of is John Bell of the Constitution Union Party. You haven’t heard of him, and if you keep up with this inaccurate and wrong line of thinking, no one 150 years from now will have heard of Gary Johnson either.”

      1. You haven’t heard of him

        You are wrong.

        1. 1860: Four candidates, one CUP.

      2. He was part of a new, and very successful political party

        Every new party in our system starts out as a third party. At some point, it may grow into one of the duopoly. I’m not sure at what point that happened with the Republican Party. Its possible that it was still a “third” party when Lincoln joined? Dunno enough detail on the history.

        1. By the time Lincoln ran for the Presidency in 1860, the Republicans were clearly one of the two major parties. They had a very strong showing in the 1856 Presidential election, and they took the House in 1858. It might have been a third party when Lincoln initially joined it, but not when he ran for President under its banner.

          1. By 1856 (maybe earlier) Lincoln was a Republican.

            The situation was in flux, for a time it looked like the main non-Democratic party would be the Know-Nothings (anti-Catholic), who nominated ex-President Millard Fillmore in 1856. But around this time, the Know-Nothings split over slavery, and many of the party’s Northern members switched to the Republicans (not that I mind).

            The whole slavery thing made the Republicans into the opposition party to the governing Democrats in the North. The South’s Republicans either kept quiet or got driven out of the region, so in the South it was Democrats versus the leftovers of the Know-Nothing and Whig parties.

            So in the 1860 Presidential election there were the Republicans, two Democratic Parties (Northern proslavery and Southern *really* proslavery), and the Constitutional Unionists – the latter were the scrapings of the Whigs and Know Nothings who ran on a platform of finessing the slavery issue.

            In this volatile situation, I don’t think we can say the Republicans were an official Second Party. That had to wait for the Civil War and Northern victory.

            1. But some of the Republicans were veterans of a true third-party movement, the Liberty Party.

              This was a really small Northern party which ran on an antislavery platform in the 1840s. A key leader was Salmon Chase of Ohio, who went with the Liberty people into the Freesoil Party and then the Republicans. Chase helped formulate antislavery theories which became influential in the Republican Party (and annoyed the slavers). Though Chase didn’t fulfill his dream of being President, he *did* become Chief Justice.

              Is there a modern-day counterpart to the Liberty Party?

            2. In this volatile situation, I don’t think we can say the Republicans were an official Second Party. That had to wait for the Civil War and Northern victory.

              Even if the Republicans had just vanished after 1860, they still would have held the White House and both Houses of Congress at some point in their history. I won’t call that a necessary condition for party to be considered “major”, but it’s pretty damn well a sufficient condition. Even before 1860 and thus before any states started seceding, they controlled one House and won 40% of the electoral votes in one election. Certainly, the history of the party after the war cemented them as one of the two major parties. But they were already a major party before then.

              I think our perspective tainted by the post-Civil War history of the same two parties (albeit in many different guises) being the only parties of note for ca. 150 years. The party system was much more volatile before then.

    2. Setting aside the Hillary apologetics, the underlying argument against the association between Johnson’s run and Lincoln’s is fairly sound. The Republicans in 1860 were already a powerful political force, and while their ascendancy was rapid, it was also historically preceded by the collapse of the Whigs. Neither of the major parties is on the verge of destruction, popular dislike of their Presidential candidates notwithstanding.

      The LP doesn’t hold any seats in Congress nor has it sat any of its candidates in a governor’s mansion. Not even the state legislatures, which are (theoretically) more competitive, have any real LP presence. It’s fair to say that Johnson is as serious as any major party candidate (no doubt, his and his VP’s past association with a major party having played some part there), but there’s really no similarity.

      Not to mention that the country isn’t facing a secession crisis like it was in 1860.

    3. Fun fact. Lincoln was not the republican party’s presidential nominee in 1864. He won re election on the ‘National Union’ party’s ticket, which thereafter completely disappeared. So yes, he was a president from a third party.

    1. Ah, yes…

      “Disruption of a local prosecutor’s speech…may have been the last straw for administrators…”

  28. Canada’s restricted gun ownership increased 9.5 per cent in 2015

    The number of restricted guns in Canada shot up 9.5 per cent last year, bringing the number of restricted firearms registered across the country to its highest point in more than a decade.

    Since 2004, the number of restricted firearms such as semi-automatic rifles and handguns in Canada has doubled.

    And yet blood isn’t flowing in the streets at every turn… hmm..

    1. Soory aboot arming ourselves, eh?

  29. “Judge says fraternity’s lawsuit against Rolling Stone shouldn’t be tossed.”

    It’s not all bad news.

  30. ATF Reclassifies Critical Gunpowder Component as “High Explosive”
    The implications of this reclassification could be far reaching. Because it is effective immediately, ammunition manufacturers have had no time to prepare for the change. Merely possessing high explosives requires specific licensing and adherence to strict storage rules. These include storing the explosives away from other materials and constructing reinforced magazines to house them. Manufacturers currently in possession of wetted nitrocellulose are possibly operating afoul of the law. Transporting explosive materials is also an onerous task which requires proper permits and licensing. Needless to say, this could freeze ammunition manufacturing in the United States.

    1. Fuck the ATF.

      1. That’s what David Koresh said.

    2. Smells like when they created an artificial shortage of 5.56 brass.

    3. Hasn’t Hillary vowed to overturn Heller? This is the kind of shit she has in mind and unless I am mistaken Heller stands in her way.

      Any lawyers care to weigh in? Would creating this kind of hardship and depriving people of 2A rights by making it too burdensome to exercise that right be tossed out by the court?

      1. If we applied the Constitution as written, it would get thrown out.

        But, with the combination of deference to regulatory agencies (a judicial invention) and lower standards of review for Constitutional questions (also a judicial invention), I’m sure the judges have all they need to uphold this. And they will.

      2. I’m not too familiar with the Supreme Court but even if liberal they don’t typically just over turn do they? I didn’t see roe v wade get that with a conservative court

        1. They don’t have to overturn anything, that’s the key. Going after ammunition under the guise of regulatory authority is a perfect backdoor to undermining the practical effects of Heller and McDonald without touching the legal reasoning on its face. Moreover, I doubt much was written about ammo and the RKBA until fairly recently. It would have been afterthought, at best, which makes it fertile ground for gun-grabbers to sow their field of jackboots.

  31. Does anyone know if hill dog has been pressed on her statement of always believing the woman in rape cases with respect to the accusations against billy?

    1. I am sure they will get right on it.

    2. Or respect to the case where she defended a 41 year old who raped a 12 year old by casting aspersions on the validity of the girl’s testimony.

  32. What was the name of the fat knight?

    Sir Cumference.

    1. Wow, you generated your own derp!

      1. Let he who is without terrible jokes cast the first stone.

  33. A Jezebel link and no mention of the Hillary news. I love you, Rico.

    1. OK, I’ll bite. Which Hillary news?

      1. The news about her FBI interview. It makes her look even stupider and more careless than I thought she was. I would say it makes her look even less truthful than I thought she was, but that’s not possible.

    2. The lefty shills are all falling over each other to be the first to assert that there is nothing to see here.

  34. Here mostly to promote Schumer’s new book, it exemplifies the self-involvement and frequent hypocrisy which has generally left me cold on Dunham’s projects.

    Wait, I thought everyone hated on Jezebel. This is a very succinct, and correct view of Lena Dunham.

  35. Going over the Dunham/Schumer transcript. Is Dunham considered a somewhat prolific and intellectual voice of modern pop feminism? If so, she needs to cut the “and I was all like” down by about 90%.

    1. Although reading the entire Jezebel article (and I click on Jezebel less often than I do BuzzFeed– read: never) it seems like a zig-zagging Indignation Industry sensibility sort of folding in on itself. The author seems hell bent on staying super-consistent on her righteous indignation, and ultimately is forced to lash out at everyone who doesn’t tow the lion. Schumer and Dunham seem to be having a kind of bitchy ‘girl confab’ that happened to be publicly heard, and it turns out the Schumer and Dunham exchange bitchy girl-isms that probably pretty much every female I know have or do engage in.

      As fun as it is to get annoyed at shit involving Dunham– and I know vanishingly little about Schumer beyond what I’ve gleaned by seeing bits and pieces of her standup (meh) and a fair amount of media hype about Schumer– it all seems pretty innocent.

      1. “tow the lion”

        That’s the second time I’ve seen that phrase on HnR recently. Is there a story on that which I missed?

        1. HyR colloquialism

  36. If I was Ailes’ replacement, none of the women who filed these complaints would be working there within a year (depending on their contracts, of course).

    Good-looking women who can read a teleprompter are a dime a dozen. Newsreaders forget how replaceable they are.

    1. Yes, they really are just performers…actors. Or, as a director I worked on a set with called them; Props.

      1. You worked with Alfred Hitchcock?

        1. Well, I am old.

          Actually I didn’t know that about Hitchcock. Figures it wasn’t original, just like his films (the director I worked with I mean)

    2. You’d never get away with it. Even if you just said “We’re going to try out some new talent” about each one, they’d still get together and sue, and you’d have to face the court costs.

      1. Eh, just replace them with CGI.

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