Friday Funnies: Government Granted EpiPen Monopoly


Chip Bok—Creators Syndicate

NEXT: The DEA's Crazy Kratom Ban Dresses Pharmacological Phobia in Scientific Garb

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  1. Why is Thunk committing suicide?

  2. Shit, I don’t know, um, Peter Boyle’s tie clip looks unwieldy. Even, uh, Dick Cavett thinks so?

    1. One can always figure out how old some of the commenters are if you pay enough ‘tention.

  3. And in the next frame the FDA guy turns into Uma Thurman

  4. This is where libertarians should be willing. There is no greater example of the burden of “regulations” than the pharmaceutical industry. Instead everyone decries “free market” “ahhh capitalism greed”….nothing could be further from the truth

    1. Not willing–winning!

      1. I have read the local news-rag VERY closely… 8 or 10 articles about Epipen, I have lost track… NOT ONE SINGLE LOUSY MENTION OF THE FDA MONOPOLY BEING THE ROOT CAUSE HERE!!!! No mention either, of it being $3 worth of decades-long-known-effective medicine in a simple syringe…


    2. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life heard any of the right-thinking people even utter the term “regulatory capture.” It’s as though even considering the possibility were too crimethinkful to bear. Someone in my FB feed actually blamed not enough government.

      1. If the term “regulatory capture” baffles these morons, they have no hope at all, of understanding “diffuse costs, concentrated benefits” of special interests… When the special interests are Government Almighty “servants”… Only when the special interests are “capitalists”, only then, can they see anything wrong at all…

      2. “Someone in my FB feed actually blamed not enough government.”

        PLEASE pass this suggestion on to your proggy friend(s):

        “Not enough Government Almightyness” being to blame everywhere, and seeing the suffering in Venezuela… We should export the entire FDA to the Venezuelans, to help them out! THE Supreme Sacrifice of REAL foreign aid, the proggies could feel SOOOO good about themselves! And I for one would be very glad also, but I PROMISE to keep MY reasons for smiling, to myself!

  5. The Never Ending Story.

    Friday Funnies.

    Tied for most misleading title.

    *slurps coffee*

    1. And “The Greatest Story Ever Told”


  6. Bureaucracy factories make supernatural amounts of money from locked and heavily-guarded amphitheaters of regulation. The policy environment teems with containment theory and its potentiality for magic booty.

    1. mmmm….magic booty.

      [lights HM signal and thanks AC for distracting me from a dull work morning]

      1. magic booty.

        Is that like a fairy with a proportionally excellent derriere?

  7. My proggy lawyer friend told me that “IP is part of the market I love so much.”

  8. Oh Thunk.
    You make me laugh.

  9. Reading this, http://www.latimes.com/world/m…..story.html

    I was surprised to this; The demonstration, aimed at speeding up a recall campaign against the 53-year-old president, was also a forceful repudiation of the leftist politics that are falling out of favor across Latin America.

    I should have known this would follow;

    At its peak in 2008, the left held the presidencies of eight of the 10 most populous countries in South and Central America. But those regimes have lost popularity as steep drops in commodity prices badly damaged their economies and left less money to spend on the poor.


    Socialism? What are you talking about?!

    1. Those damn commodity speculators! Fuckin’ kulaks, all of them.

    2. It’s true. Resource-based economies around the world are in the same shape as Venezuela. Checkmate, loonytarians.

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