Record Number of Americans Don't Like Hillary Clinton, U.S. Opens Flight Routes to Havana, UFO in Yellowstone: P.M. Links


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    A record number of Americans dislike Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump arrives in Mexico. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson appears to be pulling more voters inclined to support Clinton than Trump.

  • The U.S. granted direct routes to Havana for eight airlines.
  • The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal by North Carolina of a ruling against its new voting law.
  • Protesters in Gabon who allege the presidential election was stolen burned the parliament building.
  • Dilma Rousseff was removed as president of Brazil.
  • Tim Tebow tries out for major league baseball.
  • An unidentified flying object was spotted over the Yellowstone supervolcano.

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  1. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump arrives in Mexico.

    Ironically some kind of wall or fence could have kept him out.

    1. Hello.

      “A record number of Americans dislike Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.”

      And yet she’s still gonna be your President.

      That’s some Bullwinkle magic trick.

      1. Think I better get another hat!

      2. Hiya Rufus. I’m in your country today (out in Pan Zaglobaland, I believe). I’ve drank of the maple syrup, eaten of the Timbits, shopped at Hudsons Bay (almost got a tuque), and made late left turns on yellows. Anything else before I return to the US?

        1. In Vancouver? Have some wild salmon, walk in Stanley Park and have a locally brewed beer.

          1. Yep. Might go see Perry Mason’s grave later. The others sound good too.

        2. late left turns on yellows

          Is there something specifically Canadian about that?

          1. Probably not, but back home it’s a good way to get clipped by cross traffic starting across.

        3. West coast Yanks are closer to B.C. than I am. I’m sure a Washington residence has more in common with the B.C. lads than us Easterners.

          BUT. Don’t forget to bash Americans for not having universal health care.

          1. I would have thought so too (first time on this side of Canda for me) but the differences from Washington and the west coast is enormous. Very different products and brands in the grocery store. Passed on the poutine Ruffles and the chance to win something CFL related.

            1. Ketchup chips. Always get ketchup chips. Or however Canadians spell ketchup (catsup or something? who knows Canadians and their orthography are inscrutable). Maybe all dressed chips if you can find them.

              1. Ketchup chips are good. Had those for years (or even put them on plain ones at home). Didn’t realize those were Canadian. The Miss Vickies taste better here than at home, even when I could find the Made in Canada bags before they switched to US production.

                Weak loonie is nice. Bought some electronics here today for a few dollars off.

              2. YASSSS ketchup chips are awesome. There was a brand around here in Virginia that had them for a while (Herr’s?) but haven’t seen ’em in a few years.

            2. ^

              How could I forget the glory that is Ketchup Chips?! Thanks for the save, jesse!

            3. We just started getting the all-dressed Ruffles in NYC – yay! Hadn’t had them since a visit to Canada decades ago.

        4. You can always go and check grizzly bears on Grouse Mountain.

      1. We need a dome. It’s the only way to be sure.

        1. Can it be made of iron?

          1. Russians sell sky-fences in Ikea-ish packed kits, they’re called ‘S-300’s.’

          2. No, chrome. We need a chrome dome.

      2. No, dummy. If there was a border wall already then it would have robbed Trump as his signature issue and he wouldn’t even be a presidential candidate right now and would have no reason to go to Mexico. Think it through before you comment.

        1. If there were already a border wall the Hillary would be no threat to win becuz she wouldn’t have them job stealing illegal Meskins voting for her.

          2 or 3, and sometime up to 7, times.

    2. My Google News page has NOTHING about Hillary’s newly discovered Benghazi emails.

      What’s on top are: 1) Trump goes to Mexico 2) Hillary gives a speech on American Exceptionalism.

      Get ready for a lasting 7-2 leftist SCOTUS, 8-1 counting PenalTax Roberts, once Clarence Thomas and Anthony Kennedy kick their respective buckets. And an even more radical leftist to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

      It’s going to be a 40-year New Deal redux of abuses.

      1. Oh, yeah? But I bet you got a Google news alert that PewDiePie has joined ISIS.

      2. I’ve googled: “Why is Google pushing the Progressive/Democrat agenda?” and a few other trollish questions. *adjusts tinfoil hat proudly

        1. I should clarify. I was talking about Trump disrupting the news cycle to push the new email discovery away from the public’s attention. It’s like he’s throwing the match.

          1. He’s been doing that the whole time.

          2. This trip has probably been scheduled long before the Benghazi emails came out.

        2. Well the DoJ was threatening to go after google for violating antitrust laws in 2012, then they had some meetings and the DoJ decided not to pursue it. Weird, huh?

      3. There’s some info on the continued google/hillary scrubbing here

        When searches related to this story were entered into the Google web browser last week, results for “Clinton AP story” were limited to stories from leftwing publications discrediting the story?including this report from Vox: “The AP’s big expose on Hillary meeting with Clinton Foundation donors is a mess.”

        The same terms in a Bing search yielded more balanced headlines, like “Clinton campaign, AP battle over story on foundation ties” from Market Watch.

        Once again, Google has gone out of its way to censor damaging reports about Clinton.

        1. When you type in “Hillary Clinton’s he”, the auto-complete suggestions pull results that have nothing to do with the trending issues of Clinton’s personal health, such as “Hillary Clinton’s headquarters” or “Hillary Clinton health plan.” When the same terms are put into Bing, several suggestions regarding the trending topic of the state of her health appear, such as “Hillary Clinton health issues” and “Hillary Clinton has seizure.” In Yahoo’s search engine, simply typing “Hillary” pulls up suggestions such as “Hillary Clinton illness,” “Hillary Clinton health issues” and “Hillary Clinton seizure.”

          1. Google’s controversial relationship with Clinton has raised enough eyebrows that the Oracle Corporation is using its resources to launch the Google Transparency Project. The mission is to shed sunlight on Google’s relationships with Clinton and President Barack Obama. The GTP has already produced a series of investigative reports on Google including one that reveals that there were 18 former State Department officials that joined Google as executives and five Google officials who acquired senior positions at the State Department.

            1. DuckDuckGo when typing “hillary clinton h”:

              hillary clinton health issues
              hillary clinton health
              hillary clinton health problems
              hillary clinton height
              hillary clinton head bobbing
              hillary clinton health issues video
              hillary clinton height and weight
              hillary clinton hair
              hillary clinton health condition
              hillary clinton hairstyle pictures

              Nothing about headquarters or health plan.

          2. Stuff like this makes me want to support any tech company not headquartered in SV. Sometimes it feels like going to and wondering why there’s nothing critical of Putin.

      4. Face it, almost no one cares about Hillary’s Benghazi Imbroglio. They should, but they don’t.

        Trump looking presidential and sounding moderate next to the president of Mexico is infinitely more effective at pushing him over the finish line than rehashing the Benghazi catastrophe for the 287th time.

  2. A record number of Americans dislike Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

    If only the GOP had nominated someone who could have capitalized on this fact.

    1. Many Trump primary voters apparently thought they could capitalize on Clinton’s bad reviews by nominating a guy who acts and talks like a 14 year old bully in middle school.

    2. The GOP nominated someone who capitalized on this fact, and is working really hard to make sure she wins.

    3. What about the LP? Huh! If only!

    4. If Trump hadn’t been the candidate then we wouldn’t be hearing about all the crap that makes people dislike her. The other candidates were to scared to hound her for the rape allegations against her husband despite her purported belief in ‘believing the victims’. They would have never consistently and practically daily called her out on her crookedness. She’d be sliding to victory right now if it weren’t for Trump, and the Republican nominee would still be getting compared to Hitler (fucking look at how they treated Romney).

      1. I distinctly remember 17 Hitler clones in the early debates.

  3. The U.S. granted direct routes to Havana for eight airlines.

    Goodbye, quaintness!

    1. There was an interesting story on NPR yesterday about the homebrew hospitality industry that has taken off in Cuba to make up for the scarcity of hotels. It’s like AirBNB, except that the homeowner and their entire family is hanging out with you. Apparently, people who rent rooms out to tourists can make more in a single night ($45) than the average Cuban government employee makes in a month, so chances are it won’t be allowed to last.

      1. Which nutbag commenter here claimed to have run the blockade?

        It was one of our crazies.

        1. I think it was american socialist, but maybe that’s too obvious.

          1. He may have ‘ran’ the blockade, as in, be in charge of it.

          2. I think it was him. I haven’t seen him since I roasted him.

        2. “Baby please, I am not from Havana!”

        3. It was amsoc. I guess I “ran the blockade” too. On a fucking Air Cubana flight from Nassau.

        4. I remember amsoc talking some nonsense about Cuba

          1. It’s hard to be sure. He’s talked a lot of nonsense about a lot of subjects.

        5. It was definitely amsoc. He couldn’t name the boat he did it in, though. He was impressed with how well all the Cuban slaves behaved and made sure to express his disdain for people living freely back in the U.S.

      2. Apparently, people who rent rooms out to tourists can make more in a single night ($45) than the average Cuban government employee makes in a month, so chances are it won’t be allowed to last.

        I can’t imagine Cuba would turn away infusions of American dollars into its economy. Any government doing things like that surely wouldn’t stay in power long.

        1. Yeah, but the ideological impurity inherent in permitting entrepreneurial people to do they thang might be a tough pill for the Castros to swallow.

          1. Missing out on all them sweet american dollars going directly into some Cuban’s pocket would be an even harder pill to swallow.

          2. A cut of the money may make it go down easier.

        2. Well, there is this crazy fucker who’s been running the place for like a hundred years and refuses to die.

          1. OMG. I expect this kind of thing from Tonio, but you people too?

      3. When I went back in 2001 I stayed with a family like that. It was pretty cool. They also had a daughter close to my age, which was nice… But yeah, we pretty much did every thing as a “family.”

        1. C’mon, you can do better than that, “a daughter close to my age”, make something up!

          1. We actually used to correspond via mail. I’ll have to see if I can dig the letters up.

      4. That’s been going on for a while. I have a friend who went in the 90s (funny story: He flew to Mexico and then flew to Cuba and used a Conch Republic passport for entrance. It worked) and stayed with a family there.

    2. Yep, it’s all over. There will be a Starbucks on every block in Havana.

  4. YouTubeYouTubeA record number of Americans dislike Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump arrives in Mexico. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson appears to be pulling more voters inclined to support Clinton than Trump.

    Nothing will happen if Gary doesn’t make it to the debates. They’re fast approaching.

    1. 7.9%, he’s not going to make it.

      1. **sadly does the Indian head bob**

        1. Lol. I love the Indian head bob. Though I can never figure out what could trigger it. There is like a 50% chance of getting the head bob from my friend no matter what I say.

            1. She’s a cutie.

            2. LOL – this has actually come up at work. (I work in IT.) Then I caught myself doing it a couple times.

  5. In today’s killer clown news.…..d-student/

    1. It’s time to A) crackdown on clowns (including progressives), B) clown costumes and C) clown pictures in people’s homes and doctor offices.

      1. Crusty Juggler has a sad now.

        1. Is Crusty a clown? I didn’t know whether that was ever settled to everyone’s satisfaction.

          1. Crusty the Clown: clown name
            Juggler: things clowns/mimes do
            Crusty Juggler: logic says he is a clown. And…reading his posts on here are a big tip off.

            1. I am calling on Reason to please remove these offending comments from this site. Their free speech should not impede my right to feel safe.

              1. Marked as spam.

              2. There’s free speech, and there’s outright libel. #IstandwithCrustybut30feetawaybecausecomeon

                  1. I love Smokey Robinson

      2. Ban the clownkini!

    2. Now the psycho clowns are on the rise? Can this year get any worse?

      Ha, just kidding, it almost certainly will.

      1. Send the Killer Clowns back to Outer Space.

  6. The U.S. granted direct routes to Havana for eight airlines.

    Rum-drunk Jesse should go get handsy with some Cubans…

    1. I seem to recall that they don’t much like your kind down there.

      1. He’s trying to do his part and ‘westernize’ some Cubans.

      2. I think Fidel came around on it a few years back and apologized for putting homos in detention camps and generally stirring up anti-gay bias. And Mariela Castro (Raul’s daughter) has been aggressive proponent of gay rights. I think there’s been a pretty rapid turn-around on attitudes over the last 10 years.

        I’d be more willing to try my luck there than Jamaica.

        1. Mariela Castro


        2. No interest in dreadlocked rastamen with boa constrictor-sized packages wearing nothing but a knit Irie beret?

          1. Meh, could be fun, the beatings, robberies and arrests less so.

      3. I seem to recall that they don’t much like your kind down there.

        Sandal-loving libertarains? I don’t blame them.

        1. Beard-os?

  7. Tim Tebow tries out for major league baseball.

    I forget, is he the novelty because of homosexuality or virginity?

    1. Either way, he’s denying women his essence.

      1. Yeah, but one way makes sense, the other doesn’t.

        1. Way to other the aces there Playa

        2. I bet he has the most bizarre porn collection.

        3. Either way he is gonna Teblow, amirite?

    2. When Ted Haggard dies, if he’s pulled off the redemption miracle, he will find himself in heaven. And Ted Haggard’s heaven is Tim Tebow in a diaper, laying on like a huge pile of meth.

      Which means Ted Haggard can’t go to heaven, sure as fermions can’t occupy same quantum state.

    3. He’s pro-circumcision. Chew on that!

      1. More secure lube dispensers, please!

      2. Phrasing!

      3. You chew on that.

      4. There is nothing wrong with consensual adult circumcision.

    4. He’s with the Christian Taliban.

    5. The novelty is that he was once paid to throw passes in the NFL yet has an arm on a level with Johnny Damon.

      1. Still won a play-off game.

  8. Protesters in Gabon who allege the presidential election was stolen burned the parliament building.

    They’re just going to have to pay for a new one.

    1. do you pronounce it gah-bone or ha-bone?

  9. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson appears to be pulling more voters inclined to support Clinton than Trump.

    If this is true, this might be the best news I’ve heard all week.

    1. Right now, he appears to be taking about .9% from Clinton.

    2. Eh. These are voters who REALLY don’t want Trump to be president and will vote for Clinton over Trump even though they dislike Clinton. If they feel they can “safely” vote for Johnson without giving the presidency to Trump, they will; but if these people feel that the race is getting tighter, they may go back to Clinton.

  10. Protesters in Gabon who allege the presidential election was stolen burned the parliament building.

    Mr. Lizard wants to lead the gaboons.

    1. My friend kept one of those as a pet. Those fuckers are huge.

  11. A link to

    C’mon, ed. C’mon.

  12. Man fills lubricant dispenser with hydrochloric acid in Sydney gay club

    Because in Australia even the personal lubricant* is trying to kill you.

    A 62-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly switching lubricant with acid at a Sydney gay club.

    Police said the unnamed man went into the Aarrows club in the Rydalmere area of the city on Saturday and filled a lubricant dispenser with hydrochloric acid.

    No-one was hurt following the incident as the dispensers had been fitted with alarms after previous attempts to tamper with them.

    WTF are people REPEATEDLY messing with lube dispensers for!?

    *For those in need of something safer.

    1. No-one was hurt following the incident as the dispensers had been fitted with alarms after previous attempts to tamper with them.

      I’m old fashioned. When a club has a lube dispenser… yeah.

      1. When a club has a lube dispenser… yeah

        Right? It’s the best. No futzing with those silly little packets that are harder to open than the condoms.

        1. Isn’t that a safety hazard? Someone could slip and fall right onto Warty’s erect penis.

          1. I think I’m missing the downside here.

      2. When a club has a lube dispenser…

        Paul’s rectum becomes that much tenser.

        1. You’d think he’d appreciate the lube.

        2. Rectum, Hell it killed ’em!

    2. He only went to that club to figure out how to get away from there.

    3. If you’re getting your lubricant for a tryst in the bathroom stalls, wouldn’t it be impersonal lubricant?

      1. Depends on if there’s eye contact and a reach-around.

        1. that’s how you get pink-eye.

          1. I thought it was spread when you use Worcestershire sauce as an embalming fluid?

        2. Speaking of eye contact, is it still called a Devil’s threesome if it’s three guys?

          1. What? It’s called a Devil’s threesome because you have a woman involved.

            1. Touche, Jesse. I think the equation is:
              [Devil’s Threesome – woman] + dude = Lemon Party

              1. Why did I think a lemon party required old people?

                1. Archer implied as much, and I always defer to that show.

                2. You could be right. What is the cutoff age for a lemon party, then?

                  1. Whenever you get wrinkles all over your body? Hence the ‘lemon’ part…

                  2. I don’t think there’s an agreed upon cutoff age for elderly. 65+ maybe?

    4. So it’s called a gay club not bathhouse in Australian.

      1. It seems to describe itself more of an athletic club where they know people are going to bang instead of pretending that they aren’t going to bang.

        Aarrows describes itself as “Sydney’s premier health, recreation and social centre where safe sex is permitted regardless of gender”.

        1. Lube dispensers with acid doesn’t sound like safe sex to moi.

    5. Jeeze, who even thinks of stuff like this?

    6. So they had a lube dispenser and repeated attempts to tamper with the device led them to install a security alarm instead of asking themselves about the relative importance of dispensing lube in the first place. Apparently anal sex in a nightclub is the bedrock upon which their business rests.

        1. It’s funny that’s what. It’s like they’re living out a redneck stereotype about gays living their lives from anal sex romp to anal sex romp with the occasional rest stop for a dose of hep c treatment.

      1. Lube is not just for anal. Gosh.

        1. Into a little aural?

        2. Slip and slide. Please remove all piercings first. Otherwise it does not end well. Trust me.

    7. That’s why you ALWAYS bring your own lube.

      1. Mine is a custom blend with a 5% DMSO solution of Flunitrazepam.

        Problem is, I forget too.

    8. *For those in need of something safer.

      The funniest thing on that page is the fact that

      Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed: this

      1. The reviews don’t disappoint

        1. 4.0 out of 5 starsFun for the whole family!
          By J Meyers on February 11, 2013
          Forget OPERATION, this game represents the next evolution in surgical family fun! Though I wouldn’t recommend it for tykes under six, your kids will enjoy endless hours of genital slicing and dicing. Got a budding mohel on your Christmas list? This is a holiday gift no-brainer. I did deduct a star, however, because scalpel, box cutter, and yard clipper accessories are sold separately. (no information yet on racially diverse skin choices)

          5.0 out of 5 starsGreat
          By Jane on April 10, 2013
          I’ve always wanted to practice snipping a small boy’s wee. Now I can.
          Thanks for manufacturing this little rubber boy cock for me to take a scissors to.

          4.0 out of 5 starsMakes Circumcision Practice a Delight
          By K. Folta on March 2, 2013
          I’ve used the product to train for performing such operations. I’ve tried SmartKlamp and all the rest, but they just are not as good as traditional tools. The product here allows one to hone their art. Much better than self-practice or use of stray animals. Now I make some extra cash performing circumcisions on the weekend. It doesn’t pay well but you get a lot of tips.

          5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars
          ByLord Roose of House Boltonon April 23, 2016
          Works great with a pair of pliers and a karambit knife.

          1. Lord Roose of House Boltonon?

      2. “Not eligible for Amazon Prime”

      3. : White

        It comes in colors. Nice.

    9. Why do I keep clicking that link?

      Jesse times putting that up about the same time it falls out of my Amazon browsing history.

      The “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” piece is always weird/entertaining…

      For instance

      1. Only two stars? I wonder if there are better options out there.

      2. Refreshing is for amatuers

      3. Well, I found my next doorstop.

    10. I always click the link. It is worth it just to see what other products people are viewing, like this one.

  13. Alt-right propaganda continues to be so stupid I’m not sure it isn’t satire, and have great taste.

    First the Protomen, now Sabaton. Least Sabaton is more in line with their positions, given their habit of writing songs about major European conflicts.

    So remember that time Spain became a part of the Islamic world and the Reconquista never happened? How about that time in 1990 when Sweden and Italy joined the Caliphate? Apparently the alt-right are from an alternative history. And I’m not sure that the God Emperor of Mankind will appreciate being associated with Trump when he finally comes to sit on the Golden Throne. Seeing as he’s from pre-modern Anatolia.

    Also, you have to be very special to compare Trump to Gustavus Adolphus, The Lion of the North. Especially given that he wasn’t big in the ‘push back the Muslims’ department. If you want that you need to go to the Austrians, Russians and Poles. Now if you want to kill a lot of Catholics in Germany? He’s your man.

      1. She blinded me with alt-science?

    1. The bear daddy of the north?

    2. What about the Protomen? I like the Protomen. Did the Protomen do some alt-right thing or what?

      1. The Protomen got used in one of these stupid videos, apparently. They’re not intentionally alt-right, unless Objectivist rock operas are alt-right.

        1. Sabaton isn’t alt-right either, they’re just Swedish history buffs.

          1. Isn’t like every song they write about World War II?

            I like their technical ability, but find their lyrics to be unlistneably insipid.

            1. They have songs about WW1, Vietnam, a whole album about Gustavus Adolphus and suchlike.

              They generally work off of military history, so I listen to them when I’m doing my miniatures hobby stuff. And fuck it, 40:1 is a brilliant song about little-known event of WW2.

              1. “when I’m doing my miniatures hobby stuff”. I’m doing Normandy Bocage in 1:35 scale, something like that?

                1. “when I’m doing my miniatures hobby stuff”. I’m doing Normandy Bocage in 1:35 scale, something like that?

                  Yes, except in 1:100 scale so waaaay less detail to dick with. On the other hand, lots more troops guns and vehicles to paint.

            2. They’ve got a bunch of World War II content, and I think that’s their main breadwinner, but also stuff about Charlemagne and the Thirty Years War and such.

        2. The Protomen got used in one of these stupid videos, apparently. They’re not intentionally alt-right, unless Objectivist rock operas are alt-right.

          Good deal. I really dig their vibe. Er, the Protomen, not the alt-right ‘tards.

        1. What, and they didn’t change the title to “Hold Back the Night”?

          pffftt…Pikers, the lot of them

    3. That is retardedly hilarious on multiple levels! Sometimes you have to admire a mind able to operate on a plane of pure derp – and then GO BEYOND IT!

      Also, you have to be very special to compare Trump to Gustavus Adolphus, The Lion of the North.

      I know, right? And it’s not like you’re spoiled for choice – in addition to three nations mentioned, Hungarians, Walachians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Eastern Roman Empire, Greeks… You’re spoiled for choice and you pick a guy who killed a lot of Christians? Even if they were damnable schismatics (Pentarchy forever!)

      1. This may be a case of some alt-righters not counting Slavs as white people, I’m not sure though, they seem to like Putin.

        Even if they were damnable schismatics (Pentarchy forever!)

        You wot m8? You want me to go all mutual excommunication of 1054 on your ass?

        1. This may be a case of some alt-righters not counting Slavs as white people,

          Say what you will about Nazis, at least they bothered to classify us. It’s very confusing – we are now counted as white, but apparently after Brexit turns out English are racist agains Poles, so Poles aren’t white? Make up your mind already progressives! It’s hard being cis shitlord and possibly oppressed minority at once.

          You wot m8? You want me to go all mutual excommunication of 1054 on your ass

          Damnable schismatics, hardly better than Iconoclasts. At least they are not Monophysites because FUCK MONOPHYSITES.

          Luckily, Crusader Kings 2 is at a point with DLC where I can reverse outrages of history and restore the Roman Empire under True Faith. Just three counties to go. If only literally the entire Europe (Christian, Muslim and Pagan) wouldn’t declare war if I try fighting anywhere. Conquer Italy and Jerusalem and become a #1 threat – who knew?

          1. I approve of your taste in strategy games. That is all.

          2. I was wondering about the alt-right’s position on various groups. I mean, they still use Arabic numerals, which are Hindu in origin, so are they one of those groups that make Indians honorary whites because of Indo-European languages?

            Crusader Kings 2 is at a point with DLC where I can reverse outrages of history and restore the Roman Empire under True Faith.

            Your alternate history is boring. Try fighting my Norse-British Battlepope, super medieval Israel or Zoroastrian nomadic Persia that burns Europe to the ground.

            I’ve actually almost done the complete Roman Empire campaign, but I got bored. The first two or three Sunni jihads were really hard and fun, but after awhile it just becomes a gradual, very slow curbstomp that requires you to constantly raise and lower your levies for every war you declare. And since Orthodox can’t Crusade you can’t take kingdom titles by force.

            1. What are you talking about? The point of CK2 is to murder your inferior children to ensure the one with strong and genius traits inherits. Blood, blood, blood, generation after generation after generation.

              1. Hey, murdering your children to improve your eugenics program is important, but having the Seljuk Turks or Mongols or Aztecs murder half your family and take your land is not productive. So I needed at least half of Europe to bend the knee before the 1200s.

                In my world a hundred and fifty thousand Romans massacred Genghis Khan outside the Orthodox Christian town of Baghdad.

            2. First play through ever, and I’m in serious ERE mood. Once I decide to go in again, I’m probably going to roll out as Zoroastrian trying to restore the Persian Empire. Or go something completely different and do a merchant republic.

              1. The Zoroastrian starts in Persia can be annoyingly hard, the Muslims will always zero in on you. That’s why I went with a nomad that follows a Zoroastrian heresy, you can flip back to Zoroastrian proper, build up a big horde in the steppes and then invade Persia with the great nomad CBs.

                Nomads make a lot of the more minority religions easier, especially Judaism.

          3. Hey, that game runs on Linux! I could actually play it!

      2. Do you really expect progressives to understand Eastern European civilization? They can barely read and comprehend the Western part properly. Shoot, even I admit, despite my extensive readings, to fully grasp the Eastern part rich with its own peculiar brand of history.

      3. The Habsburg’s were the ones who saved Europe from the Muslims. These people are morons.

        1. Ian Sobietski would cough modestly at this point.

          1. That dude is one of my favorite historical figures.

        2. Although, on second thought, Prinz Eugen might be a good standard-bearer for some of them. And there’s a Nazi connection to warm their hearts.

    4. Man, I fucking love that album. Sabaton usually is a bit too much cringecheese for me, but not Carolus Rex.

  14. Protesters in Gabon who allege the presidential election was stolen burned the parliament building.

    Will we see a redux of this when Trump loses?

    “The election is rigged. That’s why I lost.”
    “Burn this b**** down!”

    1. The Gabonese President’s name is Omar Bongo Jr.; with a central-casting name that bad his svengali must be Adam Sandler.

      1. +1 General Butt Naked

        1. What ever happened to that dude? The commenter.

          1. No idea, but the real one is a preacher now.

          2. I still don’t know what happened to Irish. His blog used to be accessible by clicking his handle; you click it now, it’s invite-only.

      2. Imagine the pickup lines you could make with a last name like Bongo. Epic!

        1. +1 Butt Bongo Fiesta

  15. Gary Johnson appears to be pulling more voters inclined to support Clinton than Trump.

    Based on the research my feelings have done on the subject, this is absolutely not true nor will it ever be true.

  16. Slate’s got an interesting article on a few of the unaccompanied illegal immigrant children that came over in a wave last year. I find their centerpiece very interesting because it takes them half the article to mention that both the girl’s parents had snuck over to America years before (not together, Dad went then mom joined him a couple years later).

    Also interesting in how it demonstrates how impossible to gather evidence of real danger are. The only witnesses to the danger are siblings asking for asylum.…..ng_to.html

    1. The threats continued, even after they dropped out of school and threw out the chips in their phones to try to protect themselves. Julia’s parents had fled to the United States a few years earlier?their father in 2006, followed by their mother in 2007?and by February 2014, their parents had decided there was no choice but to pay a smuggler to bring Julia and Juan to join them in the United States. They were 13 and 14 years old.

  17. From The Beloved Canadian State Broadcaster, the top-notch analysis we expect:

    Order for Apple to pay billions in back taxes is good for almost everyone: Don Pittis

    Not once does Cook mention the key phrase “tax avoidance,” a process that allows companies ostensibly following all the laws of their countries of tax residence to avoid tax they would owe if they repatriated all their various global income.

    Under earlier Irish rules, while companies might tell their “home” country they were based elsewhere, Ireland declared them stateless for the purposes of declaring their global profits.
    Supporters of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton might ask why American companies are allowed to get away with it and why it’s Europe and not the U.S. government policing corporate tax avoidance

    Not mentioned: any illegal action on Apple’s part. But hey, if you can not be punished for clearly violating a law, someone else can be punished for NOT violating the law. This is the valuable service EU provides to the world.

    1. Oh look, an over budgeted public broadcast company filled with left-wingers defending a statist parasitical entity.

      Colour (Commonwealth spelling for civility) and tickle me surprised.

    2. This is tax shaming.

      How DARE Apple tries to keep more what it earned honestly?

      1. Not only that, it basically exposes the EU for the parasitical entity it really is. How dare Irish do right by its own country when they freely joined our glorious fraternity? This means you MUST SINK WITH US.

        1. Doesn’t the tax harmonization mean Alberta is sinking with Quebec?

          1. How do you say “sinking” in French?

            Better yet, how do you say ALBERTA in French?

          2. It’s complicated.

            Franco-Quebecers are running pieces in the Journal de Montreal about how Anglo education institutions are better.

            In their own FUCKING PROVINCE they’re insular. Rather than look at their fellow compatriots to see how they do it, they’d rather play politics and ‘maudits anglais’ through dumb language games. Meanwhile, they go nowhere fast.

            It’s not just education; even the hospitals are superior. It’s Anglos and ethnics who helped make Montreal the top metropolis in Canada and it was singularly the Quebec nationalists who sunk it. On no level is Montreal on par with Toronto.

            Yeah, I’m not impressed.

            Happy? You got me ranting.

    3. Um, they want supporters to ask Hillary Clinton why she gets away with things?

    4. See, every time I read CBC news, I remember back in the 90s when they ran Ken Finkleman’s The Newsroom, which was a fictional show all about how scummy, dishonest and politically motivated CBC newsrooms were. And I wonder what the hell they were on to let the mask slip like that.

      1. They thought he was commenting on how private network news are made?

    5. Apple is perceived as having a big pile of money, and dammit, that’s just not fair!

    6. the depth of derp being slung surrounding this thing is jaw-dropping.

      All the Keynesians seem to be insisting this is somehow a wonderful thing. The only thing i see here are forces which will dissolve the EU even faster than its already dissolving.

      i posted something in the PM links yesterday where a guy admitted (inadvertantly) that the UK might benefit from this because its the only nation in the region which *isn’t* subject to getting its own policies ‘corrected’ by the super-state regulatory regime.

      1. I’ve seen a couple people comment on how this basically justifies Brexit if it goes through. The people in Britain are probably sighing with relief at this moment.

        1. The thing i find so retarded are the chorus of people insisting that “retroactively taxing one of the largest corporations on earth” is a great idea, because it will re-introduce “Fair Competition”.

          They think different EU members offering incentives to companies to relocate there is ‘unfair’.

          They claim that they’re ok with different countries ‘merely competing on base-tax-rate’ – but not some ‘special aid’.

          But if they were only concerned about harmonizing rules, why try and retroactively penalize the company who did their deal legally w/ the Irish?

          Its a disincentive to any company anywhere in the EU from “changing where they’re located”. They claim its about ‘fixing competition’, but it reality the effect seems to be entirely anti-competitive.

          The letter from apple makes very clear that their principle objection is “re-writing the rules after the fact”. they’ll pay higher taxes in the EU and Ireland – but they don’t see how they’re liable for ‘back taxes’ which even the irish didn’t think existed.

          1. It is stupid. The only reasonable thing to do if they get away with this is to leave the country. You can be extorted at any time with no notification if they get away with these ‘back taxes’. People don’t think this shit through.

          2. Its a disincentive to any company anywhere in the EU from “changing where they’re located”. They claim its about ‘fixing competition’, but it reality the effect seems to be entirely anti-competitive.

            There’s trillions of dollars in new fiat money since 2008 yet not much inflation – most the hot money is sitting on balance sheets of banks and vast companies like Apple.

            All that cash around is too big a cookie jar for politicians to resist stealing from. Its what they do.

  18. Special nerve cells cause goose bumps and nipple erection

    The sympathetic nerve system has long been thought to respond the same regardless of the physical or emotional stimulus triggering it. However, in a new study, scientists show that the system comprises different neurons that regulate specific physiological functions, such as erectile muscle control.

    … and sometimes at the same time.

    1. So NOW can we start calling goosebumps “skin boners”?

  19. Have we covered at all how the Obama administration wants to limit trucks speeds with new governors to as low as 60 MPH?

    1. Fuck, what is it with Dems and trying to screw over everyone who just wants their drive to be at a semi-decent speed. God I hope they don’t get away with this shit. Freaking highways will be impossible if every eighteen wheeler is going 60.

      Also got a link?

      1. I-65 is already bad.

        Ky is close to having it 3 lanes all the way, but TN north of Nashville isnt even trying. The 2 lane sections are a death trap with the truck traffic.

        1. Fucking great, there using the tires as an excuse for the law. They fully admit that they will require trucks to go below the legal speed of traffic (much less the real speed of traffic), but they think they are justified because the truck might not have tires that can handle those speeds (in which case, I’m pretty sure the person paying for the tire would make sure not to go those speeds).

    2. Subsidizing trains?

      1. Teamsters would be my guess. My brother worked for a freight forwarder out of college, apparently the union shops all had rules preventing them from surpassing 62 MPH. The independent and non-union guys did not, and the freight forwarders naturally gravitated towards them since they were far more likely to deliver on time.

        1. Also, the bootleggers always need a few Baptists to play along:

          The rule has been ensnared in a regulatory maze in the decade since the nonprofit group Roadsafe America issued its first petition in 2006. The group was founded by Atlanta financial adviser Steve Owings and his wife Susan, whose son Cullum was killed by a speeding tractor-trailer during a trip back to school in Virginia after Thanksgiving in 2002. The nonprofit was later joined by the American Trucking Associations, the nation’s largest trucking industry group.

    3. It’s not just the speed limit.

      It’s economic growth, personal development, and anything related to true progress.

      And the irony is they call themselves progressives.

      How dare you invent something? How dare you earn more? How dare you act free?

    4. The Obama administration along with the country’s largest trucking lobby.

      1. You mean the NHSTA?

        1. American Trucking Associations?

          1. Ah, yeah, I see. They’ve been trying to push it through for 10 years. Meanwhile, the little guys who make up the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association are against it.

            So that’s totally unexpected. Government working hand in hand with the big corporate entity and squishing the little fuckers, I mean guys.

            1. It wouldn’t help any trucking company’s bottom line to mandate reduced speeds, nor would it fatten paychecks of truckers. It would save lives and reduce emissions though. Too decent a motive to even consider relevant?

              1. Truckers get paid by the mile. Artificially reducing the numbers of miles they can drive means they make less money, while their monthly truck payments stay the same. But you keep telling yourself it’s all about safety.

                1. This is Tony; you misspelled “lying”. It’s what he does.

              2. You’re giving the ATA credit for trying to reduce emissions? That’s interesting.

                I’m also not real sure it would reduce emissions. Slower moving trucks would be on the road for longer and would also slow down other motorists creating bigger logjams and more people idling on highways.

              3. If they had good motives, they would be ought convincing truckers to driver slower instead of using the Federal government to force them to.

    5. Only thing this ultimately subsidizes is move to complete automation.

      1. If they can regulate truck speeds because of “tire concerns,” they can do it to your car too.

  20. The Oldest Fossils Ever Found Were Discovered in Greenland

    The newly discovered fossils are 220 million years older than any previously unearthed fossil evidence, researchers wrote in the journal Nature. The fossils in the rocks are stromatolites, layered formations produced by microbial communities, the researchers wrote.

    The discovery indicates that life on other planets was possible at the time.

    “If we have got life at 3,700 million years on Earth, did it exist on other planets?because Mars, for example, 3,700 million years ago was wet,” Clark Friend, co-researcher in the study, told The Guardian.

    1. I bet there would be a lot more stromatolites, but earth is constantly recycling its crust.

  21. Canada’s economy shrank in the second quarter, its worst showing in seven years, hurt by a drop in exports and a disruption to oil production caused by wildfires in Alberta, though growth was seen as likely to rebound later this year.

    While the quarterly drop slightly exceeded market forecasts, economists were encouraged by other figures released on Wednesday that showed the economy resumed growing in June.

    They said the June pickup supports the Bank of Canada’s view that growth will recover in the third quarter. The central bank is not expected to move off the sidelines at its meeting next week. [CA/POLL]

    “I think the Bank of Canada is still confident that exports will turn up and lead the economic expansion in the second half of the year,” said Sal Guatieri, senior economist at BMO Capital Markets.

    Gross domestic product contracted at an annualized 1.6 percent rate in the second quarter, Statistics Canada said.

    Just bad luck I guess.

    1. Admittedly, the wildfires in Alberta were huge.

    2. And the Liberals passed a spending budget. Idiots.

      1. NDP in Alberta is doing its best to turn it into an Atlantic province with no good bits (scenery, funny accents, party people).

  22. An unidentified flying object was spotted over the Yellowstone supervolcano.

    What’s this about a supervulcano in Yellowstone? This is the first I’m hearing about it.

    1. You might want to be a prepper if you live more than 200 miles away from Yellowstone. If you live closer, carry on as usual you poor bastard.

      1. I thought the fatal zone for a Yellowstone supervolcano eruption was like 1000 miles. I was under the impression that the ash alone would kill everybody in a 800 mile radius.

        I think there would be near total casualties in the kill zone and primary ash zone according to the doomsdayers.

        1. You are probably right Trshmnstr, I was winging incorrect in my distance. I think if something like that were to happen, the human race would all be toast. No sense dwelling on things you can’t change.

          1. Amen! I’m all about prepping for disaster, but I don’t really care to be around when there are no other survivors for 1000 miles. …. Eh, who am I kidding, I’d fucking love it! #introvert #libertarian

            1. 10 Cloverfield Lane is a lesson in how not to live through tough times.

          1. In a cloud of smoke and ash?

          2. Talking waiters into a Devil’s threesome with the hubby?

            1. I can’t decide!

              And we weren’t talking to waiters–we were talking to waitresses. So the threesome would be the cool kind.

              1. the cool kind.

                Wait, so you ARE a man?

                1. Damn it, botched execution of joke, disregard.

                  1. The joke works, Jesse, if you are referring to the previous catfish allegations poor Riven has been subjected to. That is all I remember about her: loves video games, seducing waitresses, fending off catfish allegations, and the occasional balloon knot adventure.

                    1. the occasional balloon knot adventure

                      Paging SugarFree. We have the title of your next story.

                    2. Right, but even if she were a dude Riven+husband+waitress would be a Devil’s threesome, not a good (MMM) threesome.

          3. “I’m on break.”

        2. This is the fatal flaw in the whole Redoubt plan. At least NH doesn’t have supervolcanoes.

  23. “A record number of Americans dislike Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.”

    Not nearly enough.

  24. Oh look another story about aliens that has nothing to do with Benghazi emails.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Weiner sent another dick pic just to distract from Huma’s triple dip salary conflict of interest.

  25. Man Threatens Orlando Style Massacre in Wilton Manors

    “I’m gonna be LOLing you f***** faster than cops kill n******. It’s time to clean up Wilton Manors from all you AIDS-infested losers.”

    Hey Juvenile Bluster, now might be a good time to market Pink Pistols membership…

    1. “I’m gonna be LOLing you f***** faster than cops kill n******

      At least this one’s clever. Islamic supremacy is so passe.

      1. He’s totally woke. #BLM

    2. “LOLing”?

      is that supposed to mean “laughing at you”, or something? i don’t speak modern-retard.

      1. Laugh out Loud.
        You’re welcome old geezer, now get off my monitor.

        1. dude, i know what LOL means, ffs

          i meant in the context of the sentence

          I’m going to be “LOLing YOU“?

          It don’t make no fuckin sense. I’m going to be “laughing out loud”ing you?

          1. I knew that you knew even though I acted like you knew not, know what I mean?
            I meant to call you an old geezer though, did you know that?

      2. I just figured it was some obscure Florida idiom like the sound of chewing on someone’s face, having your child chewed on by an alligator or your flesh melted by MRSA.

      3. Followup tweet

        F*** auto-correct damn you Apple fags!

        1. Ok, that was funny! Pan wins the thread.

  26. Some feminist come around the idea that turning a movie into a political statement might be harmful to its box office numbers

    Political correctness is not in and of itself is bad for comedy, but the attendant liberal guilt sure can be. Both Neighbors 2 and Ghostbusters suffered at the box office because they intentionally or otherwise became part of political conversations, and that polarized audiences. Some of that cultural resonance can’t be avoided; some of it shouldn’t be avoided. But what the continued success of Bad Moms and Sausage Party reinforces is that sometimes?especially in our current, hypersensitive, politically charged culture?it isn’t what people hear about a comedy that draws them in. It’s what they don’t hear.…..ottom.html

    1. Who turned Ghostbusters 2 into a political statement again?

      1. Tumblr? My feed was overwhelmed for a bit there about how feminist it was that they replaced men with women and made a man a sex object. I know a couple of feminist leaning news sites also jumped on the bandwagon too.

        Though really Sony is at fault. They were the idiots that thought calling everyone who didn’t like the awful trailer sexist would magically make people go see the movie.

        1. I suppose the 4chan crowd just got involuntarily caught up in everything and totally didn’t have a panty-wetting freakout over it.

          1. ‘4chan crowd’? What are you sixty? Do you really think some random idiot on an anonymous chat board controls the narrative around a movie more than entertainment news publications or the movie creator? Get with the times old man, no one takes the ‘the comment on a site I don’t visit and had to go looking for is to blame for my ravings’ bullshit anymore. The Mary Sue is perfectly responsible for their own desires to justify female replacement of male actors reboots as feminism.

            1. All-female Ghostbusters was a minor feminist coup, arguably. Not arguable is the existence of an avalanche of ludicrous overreaction by an internet army of sad man-children. Are you saying Sony employed those dudes to assault Leslie Jones in order to generate buzz?

              1. I didn’t know leslie Jones was assaulted.

                I know she was getting all sorts of shit posted on her about twitter. Of course, being part of the vast majority of the population who neither tweets nor reads tweets, I am not sure what population was being shitty to her.

                My guess is that the 4chan crowd look numerous and dominant on twitter because they have the time and energy to waste on tweeting; they are medium sized fish in a little pond.

                Did any of the mommy’s basement brigade actually work up the gumption to physically do anything?

              2. You mean people saying mean things on twitter that had her leave twitter for all of 24 hours? You take that crap seriously? You must hate the progressive left then, some of those guys actually sent a syringe full of an unknown liquid to Milo’s home. Come on get with the times, reasonable people already figured out that day old twitter accounts saying “Die in a fire” aren’t actually death threats and literally happen to every person with more than a thousand followers.

                Overacting to that shit in the lead up to the release was a publicity stunt to paint anyone that didn’t want to see the movie as sexist. To the great surprise of the feminist sphere this didn’t turn out to be great marketing. Now, as the article I linked stated, we’re seeing self-reflection, about how starting a culture war over a comedy doesn’t actually make the comedy popular.

          2. I’m sorry-were you referring to trolls?

          3. The Koch brothers can overthrow the government of Brazil, but Sony Pictures can’t stoke a little controversy for their shitty movie.

  27. Minnesota Supreme Court rules $15 minimum wage won’t go on Minneapolis ballot.

    1. Most comments are sane….only a few derp

      – subsidizes Walmart talking point
      – living wage creates a healthy and happy place

      1. – living wage creates a healthy and happy place

        Of course it does. Once you have fewer co-workers, the fewer assholes to deal with, therefore, less stress.

        Only the others need suffer for your well-being.

        1. More derp:

          1. Would rather have people working then paying their welfare (ignores that this incentivizes people staying on welfare)

          2. Plot by the corporations even though this same person said the corporations are shipping jobs overseas.

  28. A Yellowstone eruption will really make the electoral map tricky for Republicans.

    1. Thanks for confirming what I suspected about progressives. You are truly evil and miserable people. I feel sorry for you. Also I don’t get the whole taking credit for being noble and caring while others are expected to actually do the leg work

      1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult your friends the Republicans.

        1. Tony, that says ‘way more about you than any republicans, sleaze bag.

          1. Apparently we’re not only expected to disagree with Jesusland but hope for them to die by the tens of millions? I mean, I kind of feel that way about progressives and socialists, but only because they’re the sort of genuinely evil people who not only feel that way about others but are willing to act on it when they gain power.

    2. Thanks for confirming what I suspected about progressives. You are truly evil and miserable people. I feel sorry for you. Also I don’t get the whole taking credit for being noble and caring while others are expected to actually do the leg work

    3. Yes, we know the death of millions of people is the secret fantasy of every progtard.

      1. Eugenics for everyone!

    4. “Ha, the deaths of millions of people would really help me with my shitty partisan worldview.”

      And the West Coast is also sitting on a time bomb genius.

      1. Let’s see if this works in reverse.

        A Cascadia megaquake will really make the electoral map tricky for Democrats.

        1. Also seismologists have argued that a Cascadia megathrust (teehee) on a large enough scale has the potential to cause a San Andreas reaction of 7.0 or higher. So two massive earthquakes that could kill millions of people. Not fun times.

          1. megathrust

            Were they gonna get Barry Bostwick to return for that?

          2. Don’t forget about a Hawaiian flank collapse.

  29. Libertopia or Biebertopia?

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