Brickbat: No Room at the Inn


Santa Monica
Mike Gonzalez / CC/SA

Scott Shatford is the first Airbnb host to be punished under Santa Monica, California's law banning short-term rentals. Shatford received $3,500 in fines and was sentenced to two years probation after pleading guilty to eight misdemeanor counts of running a business without a license.

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  1. Morning

  2. Was he good with alt-text?

  3. Asked why he did not remove his rentals after the law passed last year, he said: “The money’s too good.”

    “Even with the $3,500 fine, that’s what one of my properties makes in a month,” he said.

    And Santa Monica increases fines in 3,2,……

  4. So,if he rented long term would that be ok? Hell,the Outer Banks is nothing but private homes rented for a week at a time.

    1. Most of New Jersey is private rooms rented for an hour at a time.

      /source: a warm, moist place

      1. In Florida ‘the wine and the women are free.’ Molly Hatchet.

        1. The former sometimes, but the latter always comes with a price

          1. That’s what your gator friends are for. To dispose of the bodies. It is Florida after all.

  5. George Washington and his buddies founded this nation on crime. Capital crimes, as a matter of fact. It seems hard to argue that “breaking the law” is in and of itself a moral wrong, but damn if there sure aren’t a lot of erstwhile “patriotic Americans” that figure if you do the crime you should do the time and if this guy broke the law he deserves whatever he gets. If you don’t like the law, you try to get it changed but if you can’t get it changed you have to accept that you lost the argument and just move on. You never have the right to break the law just because you don’t like it. And don’t try bringing up things like the Fugitive Slave Law, that’s totally different.

    1. All laws should be based in harm to another. There is no harm here. Well,except to the minds of hotels who don’t want competitors. Their outlawing the free market

      1. I’ve basically come to this conclusion about such laws. It’s usually to protect an industry that has the pull to lobby politicians.

        The small guy and business stands scarce a chance.

  6. It’s retaliation for all those anti-government things he wrote for Reason magazine. He should have swallowed his pride and played the homophobe card.

    1. He really shat the bed on this one. Shack the bed? Shat the Shack? Fuck shit stack?

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