Gary Johnson

New Johnson/Weld Ad: "no insults, no threats, no bluffs…this is a HUGE opportunity, don't you see?"

Touts support for social freedoms, immigration, pot legalization, and military while highlighting calls for lower, simpler taxes and "smaller government."


The Gary Johnson/Bill Weld Libertarian Party ticket has a new ad out that I first came across on Facebook.

It's a graphic-heavy, upbeat pitch that hits many of the candidates' stances on hot-button issues. It calls for keeping government "out of my bedroom and out of my pocketbook" and for being for immigration, marijuana legalization, and marriage equality. The ad also says that the United States will have an "invincible" military that will only be used for defensive purposes and that taxes need to be simpler and lower.

"This is a huge opportunity, don't you see?" Johnson, a former two-term governor of New Mexico, asks near the end.

Take a look below, on Facebook, or Twitter.