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Gary Johnson: No To Carbon Taxes and Mandatory Vaccines, Yes To Black Lives Matter and Transformative Politics

Libertarian Party nominee says Donald Trump is racist and Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy.


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Earlier today, I talked with Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson for about half an hour. Here's an edited version of my conversation with the former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico. The topics we covered include whether he supports carbon taxes and mandatory vaccines (no to both), agrees with Hillary Clinton's characterization of Donald Trump as racist (yes), and if he thinks there is any chance he will crack 15 percent in the national polls that will earn him a ticket to the presidential debates ("We're very optimistic").

Johnson, who ran for president on the LP ticket in 2012 and pulled more than 1 million votes, says that the response his campaign is getting this time around is a "transformation." He attributes this to an "appetite" voters have for a different approach to politics, one that combines liberal social views and conservative fiscal views. He is certainly the only presidential candidate who believes "taxes to me are like a death plague," blacks are systematically denied equal opportunities in America, minimum-wage laws punish low-skilled workers, and marijuana should be legalized.

"We are two former Republican governors who served in heavily Democratic states," Johnson told me while discussing the reaction to the way he and his running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, mash-up positions normally associated with either the right or the left. "What that meant is that we pissed everybody off, and because we pissed everybody off, we both got re-elected by bigger margins. We pissed off the left, we pissed off the right, but really where we came down was right in the middle. Where we came down on was right where everybody is, right where the majority of people are at."—Nick Gillespie

NICK GILLESPIE: Earlier this week, you suggested you were in favor of a carbon tax or fee. Yesterday, at a rally in New Hampshire (video here), you said you were against it. What is your position on carbon taxes?

GARY JOHNSON: [A carbon tax] sounds good in theory, but it wouldn't work in practice. I never called it a tax. I called it a fee. As it was presented to me, this was the way to reduce carbon and actually reduce costs to reduce carbon. Under that premise—lower costs, better outcomes—you can always count on me to support that [sort of] notion. In theory it sounds good, but the reality is that it's really complex and it won't really accomplish that. So, no support for a carbon fee. I never raised one penny of tax as governor of New Mexico, not one cent in any area. Taxes to me are like a death plague.

GILLESPIE: You do believe that climate change is happening and that human activity adds to it. Does that mean it is an issue that should be addressed by government policy?

JOHNSON: Well, I'll agree with the first two, but I'm a skeptic that government policy can address this. The United States contributes 16 percent of the contribution of carbon in the world…

GILLESPIE: So you would be against the United States unilaterally making any kind of move that puts a huge economic disadvantage that also wouldn't really mitigate carbon?

JOHNSON: If there is any way we can address this issue without the loss of U.S. jobs, my ears are open.

GILLESPIE: Let's talk about vaccines. There are no federal laws mandating vaccines, and that's how it should be, as far as you're concerned.


GILLESPIE: Various states treat vaccines differently, and you're not wild about the range of individual choice and opt-out provisions, but you do believe it's a state-level decision—or certainly that it's not a federal-level decision.


GILLESPIE: There are people who say vaccines cause autism [and other problems] or that vaccines don't work. Are you in that camp?

JOHNSON: No, I chose to have my children vaccinated. I understand all the concerns that some people have, but for me personally, I made a decision to have my children vaccinated. I want people to make decisions and I believe in [opt-outs]. With the exception of a few states, everyone has an opt-out. But I also want to say that, as president of the United States, if I am confronted with a zombie apocalypse that will happen unless the total herd is totally immunized, I will support [mandatory vaccinations].

GILLESPIE: Yesterday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech in which she explicitly said that Donald Trump was racist and that he has brought a racist presence into the Republican Party. A year ago, you told Reason something very similar. You said Trump's comments about Mexicans and his views on immigration were racist. Do you agree with Hillary Clinton that Donald Trump is a racist?

JOHNSON: Well, if it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck, it's a duck.

GILLESPIE: As a former Republican governor, how does that make you feel about the current state of the GOP?

JOHNSON: It makes me feel like I think more than half of Republicans feel: This is not representative of Republicans.

GILLESPIE: Do you think the Republican Party is going to be permanently damaged by Donald Trump's candidacy?


GILLESPIE: What do you think of his recent appeals to black voters? He's been saying to African Americans that the Democratic Party hasn't really helped them much. That everything in their lives has gotten worse under Barack Obama and that Hillary Clinton is not their champion. Do you agree with Trump that Democratic Party policies haven't really benefited the black community?

JOHNSON: I do. Both parties are engaged in pandering. The libertarian approach—equal opportunity—isn't that what you really want? But I'd argue that equal opportunity currently does not exist.

GILLESPIE: How does it not exist, and what policies would you enact to make it a reality? Is it a question of ending a drug war that disproportionately impacts blacks, promoting school choice so they can escape chronically bad schools, and ending minimum-wage laws that price low-skilled workers out of getting their first jobs?

JOHNSON: All of what you just mentioned. Let me offer up a story. I was on Fox News' The Five a couple of days ago with Eric Bolling. I made the statement that "black lives matter" and Eric chimed in to say, "All lives matter." It's not a criticism of him, it's just indicative of the conversation [about race and politics]. I said, "Yes, all lives do matter, but blacks are getting shot at the rate of six times that whites are. If you're of color and you're arrested, there's a four times greater likelihood that you'll go to jail than if you're white. Eric said, "Blacks commit eight times the crime." My answer was little muddied, but I think I got to my point. Yes, blacks are being arrested, they are being charged, and they are being convicted at eight times the rate of whites. If that same scrutiny were applied to you and I as whites, we would have those same results. That's the awareness [of unequal treatment] that doesn't currently exist.

GILLESPIE: The set of ideas, mind-sets, and positions that your campaign is putting out there doesn't have a home in contemporary Republican and Democratic politics. The way things are is that if you're against the minimum wage because you think it hurts unskilled workers, you've got to be a conservative. But then you're saying, "I care about blacks and they are having a tougher time in America than whites." So then you must be on the left. Do you feel the framework you and Bill Weld are presenting is getting through? Is it changing the way people think about politics?

JOHNSON: I think we're getting through in a huge way. Between Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, we've got a reach of 300 million. We had a rally the other night in Vermont, and there was a crowd of 300 or 400 people, very enthusiastic people. Our Facebook Live stream of the rally got 300,000 views on Facebook Live in two hours. 300,000! Clearly there's an appetite for what we're talking about. Bill Weld says this all the time: We are two former Republican governors who served in heavily Democratic states. What that meant is that we pissed everybody off, and because we pissed everybody off, we both got re-elected by bigger margins. We pissed off the left, we pissed off the right, but really where we came down was right in the middle. Where we came down on was right where everybody is, right where the majority of people are at.

GILLESPIE: A writer at the conservative website The Federalist recently said that your embrace of a carbon tax clearly meant you are "a left-wing candidate." Do you consider yourself a left-winger?

JOHNSON: Well, no. But you know, tomorrow you will see an article that says this guy is a right-wing radical. Bravo.

GILLESPIE: Let's talk about your stance on religious-liberty issues, which has angered a lot people on the right and many libertarians. Your position is that you essentially want to extend anti-discrimination protections for race and gender to cover sexual orientation when it comes to businesses that are open to the public. Yet you support an opt-out for vaccinations. Why not support an opt-out for the religious owner of a business who doesn't want to bake a gay Nazi wedding cake?

JOHNSON: Because it would create a new exemption for discrimination. At the end of the day we're just going to agree to disagree. But you bring me specific legislation dealing with a cake baker not having to decorate a cake for a Nazi and I'll sign it.

GILLESPIE: Let's talk about Hillary Clinton. In response to being called a bigot and a racist by her, Donald Trump said that she was fundamentally not trustworthy. Do you agree with him on that?

JOHNSON: Yes, I agree with him.

GILLESPIE: So you're in a weird position, aren't you? You actually agree with both Hillary and Donald, but you don't think either should be president.

JOHNSON: I agree. I had always surmised that Bill Clinton's speaking fees—which hadn't been highly publicized over the years—were tied to payoffs for what he had done as president. I've always felt that, OK, this is the way of paying him back. What I've come to discover is that it was also access to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State that was being sold. It's pay-to-play, textbook pay-to-play. That's not right. Having never held political office before [becoming governor], I had no idea of what was possible [in terms of selling access and favors]. For me, it had everything to do with doing the right thing. For me, it had everything to do with analyzing legislation—would this actually improve lives or would it not? If it didn't, I was going to veto it. If it was going to make things better, even incrementally, I signed on to it.

GILLESPIE: Do you have a particular instance that you can point to with Hillary Clinton where she accepted a donation to the Clinton Foundation in regard to this action or this access?

JOHNSON: View the documentary that's online right now: Clinton Cash. The preponderance of what they break down [in the film] clearly shows to me that this was an ongoing activity.

GILLESPIE: You still have a lot of ground to cover to reach 15 percent in the national polls that will get you into the presidential debates. What do you think your odds are at this point?

JOHNSON: We're very optimistic. Our reach on social media is doubling every three weeks right now. That simply means that for the first time people are hearing the name Gary Johnson. In the five polls [being used by the Commission on Presidential Debates], we're smack dab at 10 percent. Not 10.1 percent, not 9 percent, but smack dab at 10 percent. And if you look at those polls six weeks ago, the average would have probably been between 6 percent and 7 percent. Currently, we're on the ballot in 45 states and we have 100 percent belief that we'll be on the ballot in all the states and [the District in Columbia]. This campaign is really a transformation. We showed up in New Hampshire the other day to a big crowd. I ran in the 2012 cycle, and I think I got more media at that event than I got in the entire 2012 cycle. Everything is changed right now from an attention standpoint. Whether or not that means we end up in the debates and getting to make a difference on the stage is still a question. But right now? I'm as optimistic as ever.

GILLESPIE: Thank your for time.

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195 responses to “Gary Johnson: No To Carbon Taxes and Mandatory Vaccines, Yes To Black Lives Matter and Transformative Politics

  1. …taxes to me are like a death plague…

    I can agree with that.

    1. And he agrees with it…sometimes.

      1. If taxes are a plague, would you support mandatory vaccinations to prevent it?

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      2. I never raised one penny of tax as governor of New Mexico, not one cent in any area.

        Is he lying? I’m asking because I don’t know.

        1. I don’t know either, I’m just saying that for a brief period he was OK with a carbon tax – not a “fee,” a tax.

          As Johnson put it in another context, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

          1. Are fees taxes? Fees of various kinds went up when Gary Johnson was governor.

            Since the murder rate is 8 times higher among blacks than whites (as John Lott and the FBI Uniform Crime Reports have noted), Gary Johnson is just nuts to suggest that the crime rate is the “same” among all ethnic groups, and only appears to be different because of greater “scrutiny” of blacks by police. He says:

            “Blacks . . . are being convicted at eight times the rate of whites. If that same scrutiny were applied to you and I as whites, we would have those same results.”

            But blacks are not subject to greater scrutiny than whites when it comes to arrests for most crimes. Arrests are largely the result of victim identification by other black people, not police scrutiny focused on blacks. As Heather Mac Donald and Jerome Woehrle have noted, when blacks are arrested, it is commonly because another black person has reported them, or someone matching their identification, as the perpetrator:


            Johnson repeats false Black Lives Matter propaganda in claiming that “If you’re of color and you’re arrested, there’s a four times greater likelihood that you’ll go to jail than if you’re white.” There is actually not much different a likelihood, and it is largely explainable based on things like income to make bail and hire a decent attorney.

          2. Fees sound so much nicer. That’s the difference. And the LP chairman reads Reason, including our comments & saw how pissed off we were. That’s another difference.

            But how did Clinton go from a “good public servant” in May to “untrustworthy” in August?

      3. I’m not gay, but in this instance I’m going with the asshole over the cunt. The only Johnson I like is my own.

    2. That means you thing civilization is a plague.

      1. That means you thing civilization power mad authoritarians is a plague.

      2. How does taxation guarantee civilization? Why is theft civilized when “top men” advocate, and enforce it through threats or acts of violence backed up by the arm of the state? The market has shown itself to deliver products and services more effective and efficiently than the gov’t can provide them.

        Would you rather, as in USSR the state repair person come to fix your plumbing? Because the service and wait times were horrible. People relied on black market plumbers to come in and fix their plumbing for those reasons. The bad part is they still had to pay the state plumbers for their shitty performance.

        Suppose the gov’t produced shoes. Based upon the performace of GOC’s and anything else they are involved in, it is indicative that they would produce horrible shoes. So folks would be forced to pay for them, while looking to other companies to get the best shoes for their money. Still, a portion of their money they could have spent elsewhere, is diverted to the wasteful and inefficient gov’t shoe company. If they refused to fund the gov’t shoe company, they will recieve letters, then threats or acts of violence and inprisonment. How is that civil?

    3. Gary I was with you until you adopted the Clinton campaign talking points and special interest groups. All that is left is to support single payer health care and you are a shoe in for the press sec job in Hillary’s whitehouse.

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  2. From the pic of Johnson, it’s evident they both get their mom jeans from the same store.

    1. By both, I mean Obama and Johnson

      1. Where d’ya think? Costco?

    2. Would you rather he was wearing hipster low-rise spray-paint jeans with his crack showing?

      1. Slacks from Ross would be sufficient.

    3. They look like regular Levi’s to me. Imagine Trump or Clinton in a T-shirt and jeans.*shudder*

      1. “I sold out my nation for personal gain and all I got was this lousy T-shirt. And the money.”

      2. Unless my eyes deceive me, those are straight-leg bootcut 501s. The ur-jean.

    4. I recall when the gals at Texas Abortion Rights Action League put up posters with photos of their Dem candidates shirtless (the GOP candidate looked like a dead hemp kingpin). Gary is the youngest candidate in the race, is definitely fitter than both soft machine candidates. We really oughtta try SOMETHING to snag some female voters. That wimpy “good faith” straddle plank on choice ain’t doin’ it.

  3. Trump is not a racist, but he does pre-judge: discuss

    1. It’s his father’s fault.

    2. Agree. I have not heard him ever make so-called “racist” comments. If making any comments about any racial group is “racist”, then everybody is one.

    3. Actually, the “pre-judge” thing is even a little dubious. What I think he can be fairly charged with is pandering to racists. When your supporters are regularly adopting the language of retarded white nationalists (e.g. “cuck”), it’s fair to say that not rejecting racists is sending a bit of an invitation.

      1. Kind of like not rejecting “good faith” warriors for the babies shooting up Planned Parenthood clinics?

  4. OK, he flipped on the carbon tax and his explanation for why is reasonable.

    I will hand it to you Nick, you softened me up considerably on The Johnson. I am still a little iffy on the gun issue, his choice of Weld for VP and his stance on freedom of association isnt 100% objectionable.

    I will quit cussing and spitting about Johnson but I won’t quit cussing and spitting about his chances of winning. I hang the fault for that on the electorate.

    1. Amen to that!

    2. Don’t stop cussing about Weld either, because that guy is a loathsome piece of garbage

    3. And yet he supports an organization (BLM) funded by George Soros, founded on lies (don’t shoot) and co-opted by (Communists) I had high hopes for Gary Johnson but he is proving himself to be an idiot. His pick of Weld (Liberal Republican who supported Obama) was another nail in the coffin. Are Libertarians really for smaller government, free minds, Free markets, or have they become another pathetic pandering Green party.

      1. Well they DID nominate BaBarr! Haha. The LP is a mess on a national level. GayJay is a cherry picking libertarian,and a dud. The LP blew it when they passed on McAfee. Now THAT would have made for great television! If GayJay was really concerned about “carbon pollution” he’d be promoting nuclear power instead of a”fee(a cute way to say ‘tax’).”

    4. And you trust Johnson because Nick Gillespie fed Gary softball questions? Are you really that gullible? Gillespie is hardly unbiased & his “interview” was more a bromance than real journalism.

      Jesus Christ – Nick will do anything to support the LP, even hold mock interviews, feeding his candidate pretend questions.

    5. Gary will definitely win this election, if by winning you mean forcing the looters to repeal some bad laws, cut taxes and ease back on regulations. Our spoiler votes threaten to slam the drawer shut on “both” looter parties’ hand in the till. How many here remember President Smith? How about Pres. Dow? Black (last name)? St John? Fisk? Bidwell? Levering, Wooley or Chafin? They all ran for President on the Prohibition Party ticket, which in eleven campaigns managed to make beer and wine a federal felony by amending the Constitution. Their plank became the law of the land–at least until it completely destroyed the economy. So is that losing the election? Were those votes “wasted”?

  5. Libertarians are cutting their own throats by going along with the PC bullshit that Trump is a racist. Mexicans aren’t a race, illegal aliens aren’t a race, and Muslims aren’t a race. And yes, many illegal immigrants are criminals. And yes, for cultural reasons, people from different cultures may be statistically over-represented regarding certain crimes. Mexicans are more likely to do drunk driving and sexual abuse of children. (American girls don’t get married at 15, but Mexico has the quincea?era.) Muslims are more likely to do honor killings. Pointing out those things is reality, not “racism.”

    1. Fuck Trump. Why should libertarians let up on that asswipe?

      1. He called your mommy out for being a bigot, didn’t he? Big meanie.

        1. I was referring to libertarians – not you paleo-Cons.

          1. Hey you’re back. Haven’t seen you around here in a while.

            Please go away again…..

            1. My guess is we were incidental beneficiaries of a restraining order of some kind, which just expired.

    2. All illegal aliens are criminals. 100% of them. That is a simple legal fact.

      The moral situation is a little more complicated.

      1. All illegal aliens are criminals. 100% of them. That is a simple legal fact.

        The moral situation is a little more complicated.

        That’s an understatement. I regard simply being in the country illegally as an essentially victimless crime so to point out they’re all technically criminals doesn’t really add much to the discussion.

        Not to mention the fact that most of us are criminals anyway, what with three felonies a day and all.

        1. essentially victimless crime

          Not as long as workplace laws and the welfare state exist.

        2. Crimes that add to statist power are not victimless crimes.

    3. You’re a racist.

      /totally shutting down the conversation

    4. . . . but Mexico has the quincea?era.

      You . . . really hate Mexicans, don’t you. I mean, not just the ones who come here illegally. You just really hate Mexicans. Their whole culture seems to disgust you.

      Neither Mexican nor Mexican-American girls get married at 15.

      The quinceanera is *exactly the same* as that oh-so-rich-and-white tradition known as the ‘debutante’.

      A debutante is a girl or young lady from an aristocratic or upper class family who has reached the age of maturity and is introduced to society at a formal “debut” presentation. Originally, it meant the young woman was eligible to marry, and part of the purpose was to display her to eligible bachelors and their families with a view to marriage within a select upper class circle.

      The difference is that the debutante moved the age as our age of adulthood changed while the Latin American tradition dropped the ‘display to eligible bachelors’ part.

      1. Neither Mexican nor Mexican-American girls get married at 15


      2. I’d say a better equivalent would be the sweet sixteen. There really isn’t any difference between a quincea?era and a sweet sixteen, except that one is held a year earlier.

      3. I’m not big on Mexican culture. It has some upsides and downsides. On the whole, though, Latin American culture is pretty sucky compared to everything north of our southern border. Lots of poverty, corruption, and statism. And the age of consent in Mexico is 12.

        The point of foreign countries is to hold foreigners. If they do come, here, they should adopt our culture. When too many come at once, they are much more likely to bring their culture with them. And we obviously aren’t being picky about who we allow in to the country, so too many are undesirables.

        1. For me, it’s not that Mexicabs are coming here, it’s that too many of a single culture are coming here. I would equally object to a large influx of Poles, Kiwis, or Japanese.

          Too many from any one place is a bad thing, regardless of the place.

          1. Our culture crashed with the potato famine. Once we started letting in the Irish, we fucked ourselves over.

            Everyone knows we were better before the hoards of drunken Papists flooded our shores.

            1. With their 12 smelly, lice-infected progeny and their backward, left-footer superstitions.

        2. Wiki sez the average age of first marriage in the US is 29 for men in both countries, and 26 for women in Mexico and 27 for women in the US.

          I’m kinda surprised, actually, that the average ages are that high in any of the four categories.

        3. I’m not sure if that is one of the most brilliant insights or insane ravings I’ve heard all week. Let me mull it over.

    5. Great point! It is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge ones own heritage but the Libertarian thing to do would be then to accept it’s shortcomings as well. To deny that Blacks are killing each other at rate far beyond their % of the population is to deny they may well have some culpability in their own destruction. Over 50% of the victims of homicides are Blacks and 90%+ are killed by other Blacks (Likewise Whites kill other whites -87%) The problem is when you focus in on less than 1% of the total (% of unarmed Blacks killed by Police) you are expending energy and accomplishing nothing. BLM is a front for Anarchists and communists ( They are not for freedom and they are not for liberty. You can make an argument that Blacks and other Minorities are overrepresented in the penal system but when your ultimate aim is to point fingers at Whites it is a fools errand.

    6. “And yes, many illegal immigrants are criminals.”

      Presuming you mean *violent* criminals here, can you point to any statistics that demonstrate the validity of your claim?

      1. I think you presume too much.

        I think his point is that, in coming to the U.S. illegally they broke the law. That makes them, by definition, criminals.

    7. Point taken, but fact of the matter is that God’s Own Prohibitionists are insane national socialists. Their fifty page platform drips fear, hatred and superstitious bigotry. Just because Trump is less revolting than Mitt, the CIA Bush klan or the Napalm Cinder is no reason to waste a potentially law-changing vote on the very party whose prohibitionist asset forfeiture has wrecked the economy on three occasions (1929, 1987, 2007).

  6. I really dislike some of Johnson’s policies, and I think he’s closing the Overton Window on some freedom issues.

    OTOH I like the idea of a third party candidate getting some attention.

    For his sake and for the sake of future third-party candidates, I would like to see the CPD bypassed and made irrelevant.

    Depending on the CPD is just like relying on Lucy with the football – why on earth put so much effort into appeasing dishonest duopolists?

    Get publicity some other way.

  7. Okay,I will say it. “Some Lives Matter.” Anyone who thinks “all lives matter” or anything beyond “some lives matter” is an idiot. Not everyone matters and you have ZERO ability to decide who does and does not. Least of all politicians. Time will tell, but I bet, everything I have, that only some lives matter. Take it to the bank.

    1. All lives matter…not every death is the fault of The System, however, some are the results of natural disasters or self-destructive behavior.

      But “every man’s death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind; therefore send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”

      1. Nope. Not even close. The VAST majority of lives do not matter. We’d be done already if that was even close to half true. Dream on.

        1. “Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.”

          1. Doesn’t change a thing. Some lives matter, many, sadly, most do not. The vast majority do not, and even then, those who “do” probably do not. Hate to be so “cynical” but the reality is that life goes on (or does not) regardless. Does not mean you should give up, hell, I am too fucking stubborn to give up, but don’t kid yourself. If we ALL die tomorrow, life goes on. The very best we can hope for is to have some positive effect, but to think “we” matter is pure hubris.

            1. I’ll just put it out there LV – your life doesn’t matter, m’ok?

          2. “Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.”

            It must be a quote by someone that I should know, but I don’t.

            1. #gollumlivesmatter

            2. Gandalf to Frodo, when Frodo expressed the wish that Bilbo had killed Gollum when he had the chance.

        2. You need to define what you mean by ‘matters’.

          Because, frankly, if you’re going by ‘fighting existential threats’ then *no one who has ever lived has ever mattered*.

          If you’re going by ‘who’s going to take out the trash tonight’ – I matter a fuck-ton.

          1. There has been, literally, no single person in existence who we would have missed if he had died at birth.

            1. There has been, literally, no single person in existence who we would have missed if he had died at birth.

              But lots of people make us glad they were born.

              In other words, people have unexpected applications, so it’s worth it to have them around.

            2. The Misanthropic Theory.

    2. Not everyone matters and you have ZERO ability to decide who does and does not.

      Physician here, and I have the ability, power, and authority to decide that very question (and I have – I guaran-mother fucking-tee it’s not as easy as you think, assuming you aren’t a raging sociopath). EVERY life of EVERY single patient matters. Do they matter at exactly the same level of urgency at any given time? No. Do they all matter? Yes, they do. To invoke a variant of an Iron Law:

      If Everyone is a Priority, Then No One is a Priority

      What *you* meant to type is: “Not every life is as politically expedient and paramount as others.”

      1. To whom was this addressed?

      2. Ah! I see, my “Not everyone matters and you have ZERO ability to decide who does and does not” was the key, missed that. Yeah, no. I, and the rest of the planet also have the ability to decide who lives and who dies, and not necessary by simple circumstance such as “this guy was admitted to the ER with “fill in the blank here”. We can choose to kill or not kill those around us. Been true since the dawn of man, and demonstrated repeatedly over thousands of years. Doctors only recently came into being and began their part of this “drama”.

        We can either kill others we meet, not kill them, kill ourselves, not do same, or not kill those unfortunate enough to be admitted to our ER or not. Same / same. Life is both amazingly resilient and amazingly fragile. With 7+B people on the planet now, I’m thinking we mostly allow people to live, right? I can guarantee you that if someone reasonably competent enough or fortunate enough wants someone dead, they will be dead. “gubment” excepted, since they seem to have a habit of not killing the people we actually want dead until thousands of lives later, just not good enough for my money.

        Make no mistake, you are alive mostly because someone has not yet decided, one way or another, to kill your ass, and I do accept that this applies to me too.

      3. Any time the gubment says “you must do this” the first (second, third, ad infinitum?) response should be “No, fuck you. I will decide for me and mine if this is what I should / must do.” How is this any different that abortion? If you are fine with terminating a life for “x” reasons because “women’s rights” then how is it different if we tell the gubment, fuck you, I will decide whether or not me and / or my living children will do what you want us to do? How is that ANY different at all?

        1. We operate a political party to repeal bad laws within the framework of a constitution candidates are expected to uphold and defend… even against illiterate yokels who react with bovine incomprehension to the first three words in the 14th Amendment. In fact, making parties infested with such creatures LOSE elections is the best way to get rid of islamochristian Sharia laws.

      4. I though you guys just used those patients as chess pieces in the break room.

        ‘Knight take Rook – sorry Jim, looks like Mr Anderson isn’t going to make it through the night.’

        1. 4D chess.

      5. “Physician here, and I have the ability, power, and authority ”

        Um, the fuck you do. You TREAT people, and while your control over that is significant, it is finite.

        So, unless you are actually killing people, no, you don’t have any of the things you seem to think you do.

        1. He has a god complex like every other doctor. That’s why they think they can ask you (during a routine physical) about guns in the house and whether you use condoms, and if you don’t answer they feel free to kick you out of their office and refuse treatment. I’m all for freedom of association, but not when you’re a member of a coercively-limited cartel.

          MDs’ god complex is the #1 driver of traffic to WebMD, which is a good thing in general since half the GP’s I’ve had to go to had less medical knowledge than I do from surfing the web.

          1. I don’t think you’ve any reason to worry about running into Groovus in your neck of the woods. But do tell how entire professions can be summarized as sociopaths, and that’s totally not collectivizing individuals.

            1. I’m dishing 1% of what this magazine and its readers shit on cops and politicians.

            2. They collectivize themselves by joining the AMA and arrogating gatekeeper privileges.

              If “Groovus” will cross the thin MD line and condemn doctors who behave like this, maybe I’ll believe he’s an individual. But won’t hold my breath (or cough).

          2. If you’re well-informed before you go in, doctors will usually discuss things with you. If you go in and say, “My grandmother said that it’s because I ate ice cream in the winter”, not so much.

            1. That hasn’t been my experience at all. I don’t see the doctor very often, so it’s a small sample size, but every time I’ve brought up possible causes of my symptoms that I’ve researched online, they treat me like a hypochondriac.

              They relish the role of expert, even when they don’t deserve it. If they start allowing patients to tell them what to do, then they’re little more than hairdressers.

          3. Physician here, and I have the ability, power, and authority to decide that very question

            I think he’s correct within the scope of his professional activities. You note he didn’t say he had the (moral) right to decide who lives and who dies, which is a much more fraught question. But there shouldn’t be any doubt that physicians have the ability and the power to make that decision, and also have the authority to make it stick in some circumstances, due to their profession and our medical system.

            Now, keep in mind, that the patient in our system has the last word, legally. If a doctor is saying “I want to put a DNR on this patient and withdraw care”, the patient has to agree to that before a (legal) order is written, with the only exception being if the patient can’t make/communicate their choice, and they don’t have any surrogate decisionmakers (spouse, children, etc.) to make/communicate the choice on their behalf.

            1. A physician is not supposed to be withholding treatment based on his appraisal of whether someone’s life matters. A gangbanging drug dealing creep who’s in and out of jail, and a pillar of the community churchgoing father of five small children, should get the same treatment. Otherwise he is committing malpractice.

              Yes, I know about triage, but that’s not supposed to be based on the patients’ identities, only their medical status.

        2. Are you familiar with the concept of triage?

          1. Triage is *supposed* to be done on the basis of which lives can be saved by treatment, not some idea of one life mattering more than another. I would hope that “Groovus” isn’t making life or death decisions about his patients based on their identities. That would be malpractice in the extreme.

      6. All lives matter to the people who live them. Some lives matter to the people around them. The notion that a person’s life matters in the abstract is highly debatable.

        My father’s life mattered very much to me. I’d like to think that my life matters to my wife, my daughter, and the rest of my family.

        When people say, “black lives matter”, what they’re saying is that, from the perspective of the state’s capacity to end those lives, they matter as much as anyone else’s. Which is to say that neither the state nor its agents have the right to end those lives capriciously. I think we can all agree on that.

        1. First you must understand that this organization is simply a tool of the hard left/Communist party/ Anarchist folks. It is a sham and has little to do with saving lives but rather it is a radical org like OW designed to scare the regular folks into believing that we live in unjust society and that we (whites specifically) must atone by giving them power, credibility and most importantly money or else they will rise up and kill us in our sleep. I wouldn’t give these slack jawed morons any attention. GJ has proven himself to be an idiot. I am very disappointed.

      7. “”Physician here, and I have the ability, power, and authority ”

        Not authority. If you think you do you are a sociopath. You may be able to get away with intentional killing or by neglect, but no one has granted that authority. Doctors just cover for each better than do the cops, since it’s more difficult to see through the fog of the operating room.

        All operations and treatments should be recorded – bodycams for docs. That would expose the bad apples.

        1. Not authority.

          In some circumstances, yes, physicians have the authority. DNR/withdrawal of care from a patient who has no other decisionmaker, triage in EDs in some circumstances, etc.

          1. Those don’t have to do with the patient’s identity, only medical status.

            If Groovus is DNRing a patient because he doesn’t think their life has meaning, he’s committing malpractice at the least, possibly manslaughter.

    3. Very few, possibly no, lives matter, except insofar as they are vehicles of ownership.

    4. “Matter” how? No, most people will not leave any noticeable mark on history. But all people have rights that should be respected. That’s all the slogan really means. Treat all people with a little dignity. Especially since you have no ability to know who will “mater” in the end. Or actually, not especially for that reason. Just because it is the right thing to do.

    5. BLM is a front for and funded by Oligarchs like Soros. It is a worthless group and if GJ supports it he is not worth a vote.

  8. Incidentally, Nick Gillespie’s one Tough Question was about how Johnson could support conscience exemptions from vaccination laws but not for compulsory cake laws (and compulsory T-shirts, compulsory tour companies, compulsory florists, compulsory photographers…to take some real-world examples).

    This seems exactly backwards to me.

    Why should you get to opt out of a law protecting the health of your children and other people’s children?

    And then to turn around and say you can’t make exceptions for other, much less important laws…I think if you push Johnson on this he might finally back off, like he did with the burkas and the carbon tax.

    1. Never forget; even the politicians you like are still politicians. This despicable species are only here to serve us. They do the tedious bullshit that smart, productive people don’t have time for. Some are better than others at their job, but in the end they really are just the fucking hired help.

      1. With Johnson, I really find him to be a nice guy. Maybe I haven’t emphasized this enough.

        A nice guy who regrettably happens to be wrong on key issues.

        Bear in mind, to me, George W. Bush is a nice guy, too, doesn’t mean I’d vote for him.

        1. 1,000,000 dead Iraqi babies would take issue with W being a nice guy, if they could.

          1. Before anyone uses this comment as an invitation for debate, 1M is a sarcastic attempt at internet discourse precision. (That’s the joke.)

            1. *Walks back from the internet-argument ledge

          2. Progressive talking points. Yes Bush was bad but attributing dead babies specifically to Bush is silly nonsense.

        2. I always thought that W was asshole. Especially when he picked Ashcroft as his AG.

          1. *an asshole- maybe I should add another *

          2. How do you feel about Obama and Holder? I imagine if you support GJ and Weld you likewise think Obama is a good guy. Ashcroft was bad but Holder is an abomination.

    2. ANYTHING insisted upon by gubment (if you ever see me proper case that, it was a typo) is arbitrary at best. Refuse it all, chances are good you are better off. “Top Men” don’t know jack shit about anything.

    3. Why should you get to opt out of a law protecting the health of your children and other people’s children?

      Just because its the law doesn’t mean its right, and parents should be the last word on whether the government’s favored vaccination program is best for their child.

  9. Hey, Governor Johnson, I found a great song for your campaign.

    No, no, don’t thank me, I’m just being helpful.

    1. A softer, female version of Jet.

  10. Trump has been criticized for being all over the place and on both sides of an issue. His inconsistency doesn’t hold a candle to “flip-flop Johnson”

    1. Sure sucked for those Danish fishermen.

        1. It didn’t sound right that they could have walked across and below deck then all 16 drop dead from shock just because their capillaries opened up.

    2. Outside magazine (and most other outdoor mags) has an article every single year (even multiple times a year) saying, “reminder, dumbasses – hypothermia is the #1 killer”

      Usually they’re about ‘teaching people basics’ of how to avoid said situations, or what to do when you didn’t avoid them and now are dealing w/ them.

      That one seemed to be more about trying to vividly depict what one type of scenario is ‘actually like to experience in the 1st person pov’ (overly-dramatized, to be sure)

      It probably should have just been a link to “To Build a Fire

      The one thing there that is useful info is that when someone IS hypothermic, its very dangerous to try and ‘speed them’ to recovery by re-warming. Usually heart failure. i was on a trip in canada where the group returning ahead of us had a 60~ yr old guy die because they tried actively heating him after a fall in a frozen lake.

      I got hyp’d once when i was 16, when we pitched a tent poorly and basically had a stream run through the middle. the next day i was slurring speech, then i couldnt talk and then i went fetal and was basically immobile for the next 5 hours or so, wrapped in a space blanket. it sucks. also, the headache you get as you come out is mammoth.

      1. Brutal. I can’t imagine. Well, except for an anecdote about a woman with a fatal degenerative condition who built herself a bunker in the backwoods of her Maine estate and died there from exposure, thus avoiding having wildlife gnawing at her corpse before her letters reached someone who could find it. But dying accidentally sounds horrible.

  11. His jeans are a little long.

    1. Here’s my Portuguese story for the night. While in Paris my cousin had to retrieve his younger alcoholic brother (may he rest in peace) at a Portuguese fishermen bar. By the time we got there, everyone was wasted and fights were breaking out. Amidst the flying glasses and odd chair and (what I think was) Portuguese swearing arias, we spotted him just sitting at the table meekly trying to randomly stop guys from fighting.

      My cousin walked up to him and said in Calabrese, ‘let’s go you sot’.

      I swear, it was right out of a movie.

      Next up. Our escapades with the owner of a Chinese restaurant shopping at a Parisian fish market at 4am.

      1. go on…

        (refills Rufus’ glass)

        1. After putzing around town on a motorcycle, you see my cousin never gave me a heads up about where we were going, we ended up at a Chinese restaurant at 2am. Nothing more surreal than a Chinese who somehow understood some Calabrese. Anyway, after a delicious meal and clearly inebriated, my cousin started on about how he needed to get fish for his restaurant. Just as we were about to leave, the Chinaman decides to join us. There we were, drunk and roaming a gigantic market with one guy in his slippers looking at every type of fish imaginable with the Chinese guy saying, ‘No, NO!’ to mongers selling their produce. Finally, for the fuck of it, they decided to buy Atlantic salmon because I was Canadian. To them, this was hilarious.

          I tell ya.

          No Arc de Triomphe for me that night.

          1. Next up. Our adventures in a haute-gamme Parisian restaurant.

            1. please, continue…

              (refills Rufus’s glass…)

              1. You people are demanding.

                One year, upon landing with a buddy (our plan was to go see the Milan derby – another story in of itself), I asked my cousin to take us to a fine Parisian restaurant. Being typically irreverent and dead-pan he asks, ‘where?’ We settled and he had to take care of stuff and told us he’d pick us up at some point. So we went walking around with his daughter and her friend around Paris. After a long day, we wondered if this dinner was going to happen and then in a flash we were told to go to such and such a place. Waiting outside a restaurant my cousin shows up looking like fucken hobo. My buddy was stunned ‘dude looks like he’s going to crash under the board walk in Wildwood.’

                I myself was speechless. Are we really going in to this place? It was quite swanky. Just when I thought I was going to be embarrassed my cousin is swarmed by the Host and waiters like he was the Pope of Greenwich Village. ‘Your cousin is a legend’ my buddy tells me.

                We sit. We order. We eat (the pancetta was sub-par). We drank. My cousin asked if we liked the wine. We loved it. “Good. It’s a $300 bottle.” I told him he was nuts to pay for that. ‘I’m not paying’ he replied. It was still in Francs back then but it was something on the order of $300. Anyway, he did not indeed pay for it as the Host came by left the bill and said, ‘the wine is, as usual, on us, Alessandro.’

                And then we left. Nodding our heads in disbelief.

                1. Go on.

                  (Refills Rufus’ glass, puts it on Rufus’ cousin’s tab)

                  1. Well, there was the time he, drunk, decided to start a fight with a waiter in a 11th century monk monastery turned restaurant (I still don’t know what I ate it was so dark but it was delicious) because he didn’t give him the bill. But let’s go to Milan where we meet his brother. Another character.

                    1. Another character.

                      Excited to go watch the Milan Derby that night, my cousin took us to his transportation depot. After answering all questions with either a riddle or non-sequitur (a Calabrese special). Like when we asked, ‘what do you transport?’ His answer was, ‘stuff’. How about where? ‘Here, there, Germany.’

                      The three of us stood in a gigantic depot with him just…looking at his watch. Finally, someone shows up. Then another. Then another. Then a Romanian shows up and says nothing. Then an African.

                      I ask my cousin what’s up? ‘Ce la festa.’

                      Then a guy shows up – with his orchestra. Then a small Fiat truck filled with beautiful meat. Then more people show up. Even native Milanese (with their whimsical dialects and snazzy attire). Then still more. There had to be 40 people in a matter of minutes.

                      Next thing we know there’s music. The Romanian is heating up slabs of marble – of course with the requisite arguing about how best to do it. Everyone, including the illegal Romanian, is teasing the African. A table is instantly set – ffrrroottt like in The Flintstones – and a guy starts making ‘trippa’.

                      Then a fight broke out where one guy accused another of stealing his wallet. While my cousin didn’t flinch telling us to eat.

                      The food was incredible.

                      ‘But isn’t the game starting in less than an hour?’

                      Toying with me he said, ‘hm. You’re right’. And proceeds to sit down and drink.

                      Next up. Toto.

                    2. I will end this with Toto – The Shadow. Short and sweet.

                      My cousin managed to get us to San Siro on time and helped us scalp the tickets. But before then he had to go meet ‘Toto’. Parked, we waited in his Alfa-Romeo for…Toto. Finally, out of nowhere someone stuffs cash in his front pocket and starts to talk to him and tells him he’ll return in a minute.

                      ‘Qui e?’

                      ‘Lui? Toto.’

                      ‘Ma, per che ha dato Lira?’

                      ‘Ho vendutto la verdura.’

                      My buddy to me, ‘Yeah-k’.

                      We watched the game – an adventure to say the least – and we hopped back in the Alfam headed for an espresso with the mysterious Toto and then he was gone.

                      The Shadow.

                    3. Good night. Hope you enjoyed these true tales.

                    4. Damnit, Rufus, you’re wasting our time with other peoples’ kids. Write a book!

                    5. he, drunk, decided to start a fight with a waiter in a 11th century monk monastery turned restaurant

                      Sounds like a set piece in a kung fu movie.

          2. “No Arc de Triomphe for me that night.”

            Is that the opposite of the walk of shame?

    1. I bet a lot of islands look like Abe Lincoln’s head after the play… well, archipelagos probably do.

    1. Should anyone care, honestly? Is there any currency in this particular debate? At best you alienate a bunch of people and get your way, at worst (and much more probably) you alienate a bunch of people and don’t get your way. And at stake is… foreskins. There are better causes to take on than this.

      1. Whatever. I think I’d pass on reconstructive surgery.

    1. So… eating the meat of something which is already dead and butchered isn’t kosher, but suing living people for the ghastly crime of accidentally serving him meat is totally karmically okay.

      Some philosophy you got there, bub.

  12. Nice guys

    “photos of police enforcing the [burkini] ban in Nice which were widely published in European media have become the center of additional controversy as the deputy mayor of Nice yesterday issued a statement threatening to sue anyone who shares the photos online. He contends that the photos “provoke defamatory remarks and threats” against the police.”

      1. The French national anthem is named after Marseilles.

        Why can’t Nice come up with a song to inspire the whole French nation?

        Here is my humble suggestion.

  13. Upon waking up this morning, I noticed Wolfowitz and some KKK members have come out saying they’ll vote for Hillary. Damn. Trump is so bad even warmongers and racists can’t support him.

    1. I wonder who Sheldon will vote for?

      1. Whoever is the least like Adam Lanza

    2. Trump is so bad even warmongers and racists can’t support him.

      Somebody’s bucking to be reason‘s Japan correspondent.

      1. Japan’s immigration policy isn’t exactly Sikha’s wet dream.

    3. Even? Was Trump ever positioning himself as the pro-war candidate?

      And I seem to recall some white supremacists supporting Obama. Was that memory holed?

    4. Does that mean he’s not a racist and not a warmonger then? And, does that mean Hillary is? 🙂 (good luck….)

  14. Sitting the now ten months old nephew. High chair? Negative. Bouncer? Oh, you wish. Hungry? Get that bottle out of my face.

    Standing at the cooking cupboard playing with pans for a quarter hour? NOW you’re talking.

    1. Commodious, you are welcome to watch my 6 and 3 year old sons anytime. Sounds like you know your stuff.

      1. Woah, now. Let’s not get crazy. This kid crawls and pulls himself up to stand. A walking child is a terrifying proposition.

    2. “Can I go down now?” “Can I go down now?” “Can I go down now?”

      Slightest hint of assent from Mother, I vaulted the crib rails, went downstairs, made straight for the pots & pans. I was the alarm clock, I guess.

    3. I feel your pain…. /just got done sitting my 16 month old nephew…

  15. if it talks like a duck

    …. Gary, ducks don’t talk.

    bring me specific legislation dealing with a cake baker not having to decorate a cake for a Nazi and I’ll sign it.

    There doesn’t need to be any “new legislation”, gary. If anything you need to get rid of some of the old drek that thinking like that produced.

    Is your new revision of your previous stupid comment really, “Just tell me what to ban!! I’ll ban that!!”?

    its not about @*(#$& “bakers”, Gary. Its about drawing a line and saying that the government shouldn’t be in the business of compelling people to associate. It sometimes seems like you’ve never actually spent 10 seconds even *thinking* about the issue.

    and that whole BLM-related Q? I don’t know WTF he actually said there. It was a bunch of statisically-funged mush trying to suggest blacks are extra-special victims. What to do about that, then? He doesn’t say, other than to signal that its all super-problematical and shit

    is he such a dullard that he can’t simply say, “We need criminal justice reform, we need to stop militarized policing, and we need to end the drug war”? Is it possible to simply talk about *policies* instead of this rhetorical-race-pandering nonsense?

    Sorry, “New and Improved” GayJay still strikes me as a twinkie without the cream

    1. its not about @*(#$& “bakers”, Gary. Its about drawing a line and saying that the government shouldn’t be in the business of compelling people to associate. It sometimes seems like you’ve never actually spent 10 seconds even *thinking* about the issue.

      That train left the station 50 years ago. The bitching about freedom of association from Hit and Runpublicans is so excruciatingly insincere it makes me sick.

      Please explain why you crucify Johnson on this issue while giving a pass to every Republican that just wants to carve out a single exception for the poor persecuted Christians and not actually push for true freedom of association by repealing that one section of CRA.

      Either freedom of association exists or it doesn’t. Currently not a single person in mainstream politics wants it to exist.

      1. Here’s the gist of it. The Civil Rights Act protects discrimination based upon race, sex, etc. The most recent incidence of bakers is extending ‘protected class’ status to an association (gay marriage) in addition to individuals (gays). In all the incidences prosecuted the bakers said they did not object to serving gays (in a few incidences the gay couples that have brought suit had been longtime costumers), but they did not want to service a gay wedding. Essentially, this is a massive extension of ‘protected class’ status as it is now being applied to a ‘contract’, but only one type of contract as a Catholic baker could still chose to not provide a cake for a divorced person that is getting remarried, for example.

        Even the Cato Institute has voiced opposition to this new paradigm. Johnson is alone on this one, save for his statist apologists.

        1. Well put.

      2. That train left the station 50 years ago. The bitching about freedom of association from Hit and Runpublicans is so excruciatingly insincere it makes me sick.

        Please explain why you crucify Johnson on this issue while giving a pass to every Republican that just wants to carve out a single exception for the poor persecuted Christians and not actually push for true freedom of association by repealing that one section of CRA.

        Well this would be one theory (because to take on the CRA and be labelled as a giant racist would totally not fit the republican stereotype meanwhile??) But perhaps you missed the previous CRA-related fights. Rand Paul waded into that controversy a couple elections ago and the result was a giant media shitstorm. That shitstorm is very likely the reason why the topic scares people like Johnson and many of his supporters today.

      3. Can’t speak for Gilmore, but I don’t give Republicans a pass for not supporting freedom of association. My votes for GOP are votes against the greater evil of the Democrats.

        Johnson cannot possibly stop Hillary from becoming president, so he’s not eligible for “lesser evil” status, only “candidate I agree with” status. But I don’t agree with him, so tell me why I should vote for him again?

  16. So, in a Johnson admin, do we get to sue the school district into oblivion when they fail to prevent some idiot from sending their little petri dish to school before my kid can be vaccinated?

  17. Are blacks treated differently by police than whites? I don’t know, and neither does Johnson, because we’re not black. But, if the African American community says so, then I’m willing to accept that as fact and the problem should be addressed.

    The problem, though, is that Johnson is peddling statistics and suggesting that correlation means causation (a statistical fallacy). Is he next going to tell us that 1 in 5 women are raped in college (a statistic peddled by the Left that has been proven to be false by the FBI and Reason) or that women earn $0.8 for every dollar a man makes (another statistic that’s refuted by the Congressional Budget Office)?

    He keeps playing the game of bad social science (a sport that the Left excels at). Without noting crime rates by race, shootings by race is only half the story. Like I said, though, I’m willing to accept the concept that blacks are treated disproportionately different by police if that community says so (as they have), but I wish Johnson would offer the black community something more than just parroting ‘black lives matter’.

    Talk about vouchers, talk more about the racial difference in the prosecution of the war on drugs, talk about how big cities use tax dollars to benefit the rich (through planned gentrification) at the expense of the poor in these cities- talk about any substance beyond catchphrases.

    1. So… “all men are mortal” is another lie? a statistical fallacy?

  18. Somewhere, Ron Bailey is crying into his beer.

    1. The sweet taste of Ron Bailey’s tears. That beer better be carbon neutral

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  20. my best friend’s mom makes $74 an hour on the computer . She has been without work for five months but last month her payment was $19746 just working on the computer for a few hours. find more information …

  21. I suspect Johnson’s real problems with the carbon tax are the word “tax” and that the average voter doesn’t understand the term “revenue neutral.”

    Economically he knows or should know this is better than any income tax it would offset. Politically he knows that the conservatives he’s trying to sway don’t know the difference (perhaps along with many libertarians).

    1. The average voter understands perfectly well that “revenue neutral” is a mirage, a misdirection, something that, even if intended honestly (ha!), ain’t gonna happen.

      1. If the income tax cut is in the same bill as the carbon tax then this argument has no support. If anything I’d expect a net tax reduction from him.

    2. The communists convinced the Democrats that the income tax would “replace” the protective tariff, while the prohibitionists suckered the puritans into believing that the same German Karl Marx tax would “replace” excise revenue from liquor and tobacco sales.

  22. But I also want to say that, as president of the United States, if I am confronted with a zombie apocalypse that will happen unless the total herd is totally immunized, I will support [mandatory vaccinations].

    And then of course we’d be stuck with that “temporary” zombie-apocalypse program for the next several hundred years, long after the zombies are gone, federally dictating every aspect of immunization for all diseases according to what is most profitable for the lobbyists.

  23. What the……

    Cops shoot more whites than blacks. Black cops shoot other blacks at a similar rate as white cops shoot blacks. And cops don’t shoot other minorities as much as blacks.

    “Black Lives Matter”, as the activists insist on using it, is as almost as nonsensical as “all rape victims have to be believed”. It’s a racialist statement that’s steeped in victimhood. There may be dozens of of whites who get tazed or shot under questionable circumstances that gets ZERO national attention.

    Radical Islam targets “infidels” for a living. If Ayaan hirsi Ali held up signs that “Women’s Lives Matter” the left wouldn’t scold her for being myopic or Islamophobic? The Jewish people were persecuted for centuries. Where are the “Jewish Lives Matter” signs? Where are the “Gay Lives Matter signs”? Why didn’t Ghandi march under “Indian Lives Matter” sign, considering the plight of his people? It SURE was stupid of him to elevate his cause to something broader and lash out against violence.

    Johnson’s soft “little something for everyone” language belies his opportunist. This is a third party candidate desperate to become president. Oh no, carbon taxes and “fees” are different. If the guy said bad things about Mexicans, he’d be that much closer to Donald Trump.

    1. Johnson is an attention whore, plain and simple. It’s not about winning the election (which is impossible anyway). He just enjoys being taken seriously by the media and other elites.

      If he wanted to get votes he’d be making a play for conservatives, a large segment of the electorate that feels completely abandoned, instead of spitting in their face.

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  25. Micah . I can see what your saying… Eddie `s blog is astonishing, on monday I bought a top of the range Lotus Elise after having made $9735 this-past/four weeks and also ten-k last-month . this is definitely the easiest job Ive had . I began this 9-months ago and pretty much straight away started making a nice more than $74 per-hour

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  27. BLM is a freaking scam. Damn Gary is a dumb ass!

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