Trump Calls Clinton the Real Racist, Backpage Battles Congress, The Bad News About Robot Babies: A.M. Links


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  1. “You’re the racist!” “No, you are!” “I know you are, but what am I?”


    1. Hello.

    2. A recent H ad says “all kinds of ists”.

      1. *slap!*, you istist

        1. I never meta istist I didn’t like.

          1. “+1”

    3. Whadda ya mean “OR”!


    4. Both. But that doesn’t limit my choice in sexual partners, as long as they pass the boner test. Excluding homos, they never pass the boner test. But if I ever met a man so sexy that I want to have sex with him, I would. Hasn’t happened yet. Bisexuals are so lucky.

  2. 221) I’ve written numerous JATNASes on my frustration at not being able to grant my children the independence of movement I had, and that children their age should have. And even if I did, even if they could go out and roam the neighborhood freely?nobody else’s kids are out there anyway. I have wondered many times what has caused parents in the United States to be so fearful of granting their children normal freedoms.

    I happened yesterday to come across this interesting article on the milk carton missing kids campaign, which started in 1982 and ran through the 1980s (I can’t seem to find a firm date on when it ended). I remember these notices on milk cartons well from when I was a kid. Is this what caused today’s parents to be so fearful?the psychological impact of all those missing kids that we saw everyday as we ate our lunches at school? If so, this must be one of the most damaging ad campaigns ever. But at least it found a bunch of missing kids?right? No, apparently the milk ads only resulted in one missing kid ever being found?and she had been kidnapped by her mother and stepfather in a custody dispute.

    1. I think 24 hour cable news (and subsequently the internet) had more to do with it than anything. Most people got their news from local sources or the 3 major networks for national news, and the networks back then had to be judicious with their agenda since they only had an hour a night to hook people in.

    2. That, Unsolved Mysteries, 20/20, America’s Most Wanted etc.

      1. Americas Most Wanted, or really the Adam Walsh case in general. This one poor father who turned his grief over his kid being a statistical anomaly into a gripping TV show about bad people. But if you think about it, if they did 14 3 minute segments in an hour and it ran for 25 episodes a year for 8 years, you’re still only talking about 2800 people, not many of whom were sexual predators.

      2. And the Lifetime Network

        1. Because men are bad and will rape you because this is Lifetime


      3. Trump and Clinton. America’s most unwanted.

    3. “Numerous.” I would have expected an exact count. šŸ˜›

      It doesn’t matter how many kids were found, JATNAS, it was their intentions that mattered. Plus, if I were of a more suspicious nature [hides tinfoil] I would think that that ad campaign was designed to ratchet up the panic level of the soccer moms to keep them voting for various law-and-order causes.

      1. “”Numerous.” I would have expected an exact count. :P”

        Since you asked–I’ve written almost exactly on this topic five times, most recently in JATNAS #205. I’ve also written on tangentially related topics an additional two times.

    4. Also, the Law & Order series, Nancy Grace, Facebook, and horrible people with too much time on their hands. I know a woman who while at public restrooms with her son will stand right outside the restroom and randomly yell in to her son to make sure he is not being viciously raped or kidnapped. That kid is going to end up on a tower with a rifle.

      1. I see you are also excited for the SEVENTEENTH season of Law and Order SVU.

      2. So, that kid is 32, right?

        1. That “kid” is actually Crusty.

      3. randomly yell in to her son to make sure he is not being viciously raped or kidnapped.

        Uh, you realize she probably saw you go in there with him…?

        1. and I know you’d never do such a thing, I’m just saying there are benefits to wearing pants in public

          1. Pants? Everyone knows that Crusty dresses like Donald Duck.

            1. Baller.

              1. Free baller.

                1. Also, a shot-caller and brawler.

        2. I was already in there when she did it. It was at a Target in a mall. As I exited the bathroom, with her standing at the door, holding it open, I said “the fuck is wrong with you?” I later met her at a party where I learned she is related to someone a friend married.

      4. He shouldn’t enlist,

    5. The lkesson they should have taken form this is to avoid milk.

    6. I can tell you that it’s not quite that bad everywhere. I have several friends who all live somewhat near each other and their kids are out and about all the time with little oversight. No on calls the cops and nothing bad happens.

      The milk carton thing was especially dumb because it was almost always something to do with a custody dispute, but you had to really read the fine print to get that. To the casual glancer, it looked more like all these kids were just randomly being abducted or something.

      1. I can tell you that it’s not quite that bad everywhere.

        Yeah, we actually have the opposite problem. The boys from the surrounding block all hang out together at the end of the block. Our real problem is that some of the kids, especially some of the younger girls, are already snotty prima donnas (one of them I know to be a parent-related issue) and, more irritatingly, have sticky fingers. Most of the time, when we forbid the kids going out and/or hanging out, it’s because we don’t want them bringing snooty moochers home with them.

    7. No that’s not what caused it.

      Instead, our society has become obsessed with absolute safety in ever area (if it says just one life). Helicopter parenting is just one facet of that larger social phenomenon.

      1. I think there are a couple factors:

        1) People are safer than ever, so they can only imagine these scenarios. And their imagination is way worse than reality.

        2) People have fewer kids. So the number of kids interacting with each other in public is way down. I had brothers 8 – 10 years older than me. My parents had no problem leaving me at home with them, or sending me outside abroad with them, and they had no problem promptly ignoring me like any good teenager who just wanted to hang out with friends.

        3) Kicking kids out of the house was often a necessity for parents who needed to get shit done in peace. Today, it is too easy to have the kids quietly hang out in the house- watching tv, playing video games, etc. There are some days where I have to fight to get my kids to go outside where 30 years ago, they’d be bored stupid inside. Add up #2 where there aren’t 5 or 6 kids battling it out for supremacy in the house at the expense of parents’ sanity, and there is just less incentive to get over the fear of the unknown.

        4) Also in line with #2, the population is older and less tolerant of kids outside being kids. Their incentive is to reinforce the notion that kids shouldn’t be outside making a nuisance of themselves.

      2. I think it is worse than becoming obsessed with absolute safety: there is an expectation of absolute perfection in all things, and anything that isn’t perfect, automatically is bad.

  3. Smiling Young White People Make App for Avoiding Black Neighborhoods
    Is there any way to keep white people from using computers, before this whole planet is ruined? I ask because the two enterprising white entrepreneurs above just made yet another app for avoiding non-white areas of your town?and it’s really taking off!…

    This Shirtless Mountain Dew Motherfucker Is the Living Embodiment of Trump-Inspired White Supremacy
    …It was not that long ago that walking down the street with your shirt off screaming “GO FUCKIN’ COOK MY BURRITO BITCH” at suspected Mexican-Americans was frowned upon, but today it’s just part of the electoral discourse, thanks in large part to the ascendance of Donald Trump and his popularity among the “X-Games Klan Sympathizer” cohort. The above video was recorded last week and sent to us by photographer Eric Rosenwald, who attended a Trump rally in Phoenix, AZ…

    1. I thought Gawker shut down.

      1. Longtorso is such a crappy human being that he’s resurrected Gawker.

        1. That act alone deserves consignment to flames of woe.

          1. Ninth circle of hell.

        2. No, he just posted a story from two years ago.

      2. It was one head on the hydra of derp.

        1. “Hydra of Derp” for the win.

          Gawker is probably using this as an excuse to run the worst articles they have on file.

    2. Trump inspired. I love that. I bet that guy was a regular pajama boy social justice warrior before the evil Darth Trump got into his mind.

      God these people are morons.

      1. *sigh*

        John, anything racist that ever happens, ever, is inspired by Trump and/or Republicans, regardless of whether the perpetrator of said acts is a self-professed lifelong Democrat who has advocated progressive causes on the Facebooks or contributed to the Democratic party.

        1. And every whack-job weirdo who supports a candidate totally represents what that candidate really believes.

      2. Most people are morons, even if their IQs exceed 100.

    3. It does bring up an interesting question. What happens when poor white people start acting like pot blacks and victimizing blacks at the same rate poor blacks currently victimize whites? Considering that there probably twice as many poor whites as their are poor blacks and blacks are only 12% of the population, I do t think anyone black or white is going to like it very much.

      1. They’ll call the kettle white?

        1. I’ve been thinking of instituting a demerit point system for comments.

          1. John’s typo made me do.

            1. It’s been a little while since we’ve had a good johno.

              It seems we’re still waiting.

              1. It’s been a little while since we’ve had a good johno.

                Colon Powell was a good one from the other day.

                1. I’ve always admired Colon Pile.

        2. I am serious In some ways the Progs are right to be terrified of poor white people. They can be violent crazy mother fuckers. And there are a lot of them, no matter how much the media wants you to think only brown are poor. If poor whites ever achieve the levels of social disfunction and interfacial violence that poor blacks have, it will be a nightmare. Of course Progs are doing everything they can to create that nightmare because create real life nightmares is what they do.

          1. I see about 10 white people a week. You fuckers freak me out with all the asking strangers “How you doin’?”. Last time I was in Wisconsin the white dude behind me in line at McDonalds asked, “So, what you gonna have?”. Making idle talk with strangers seems to be the most violence I’ve seen out of them.

            1. ‘Your wife’ strikes me as an appropriate response.

              1. Northern Wisconsinites aren’t like Canadians. He’d have asked, “Oh really? How was it?”

              2. “Your wife’ strikes me as an appropriate response.”

                Not: ” Your daughter” ?

                OMWC has a sad.

            2. While I was in Houston, I worked with a guy from New Jersey. We were talking one day about how right after he moved to town, he was standing in line for donuts and the guy behind him started making polite conversation, and my coworker did what he had learned to do in his part of the world, acknowledge the crazy guy with a polite but final, “Yeah, that’s nice.” His wife had to intervene to explain that this person didn’t want any money from him and wasn’t crazy, and that furthermore, he was going to have to learn to deal with this, because it was going to happen all the time.

              1. Don’t know why, but if it’s a brother saying, “What’s up, man?” with a small flick of the head, I don’t mind. Maybe it’s because I know he’s not expecting much of a response. Talking to people at a donut shop is not something I’d have much patience for either.

              2. As a Jersey guy I had a similar experience the first time visiting my wife’s family in Indiana. She had to explain to me that it wasn’t appropriate to get pissed at them for being friendly because they didn’t actually want anything.

                1. Except for you spray-tan mofos to stay out of our state.

                  1. Except for you spray-tan mofos to stay out of our state.

                    Come on, that’s a baseless stereotype. Those people are from Staten Island.

                    1. I only knows what I see on this here tee-vee.

              3. Let’s try posting this a third time because I insist everyone sees my comment:

                That sounds annoying.

                By the second time I’d be screaming “CHOCOLATE FUCKING DOUGHNUT! HAPPY?!”

                /winks at hot women at back of line walking out biting into doughnut.

                Also. Squirrels.

              4. Compare that to the two obese females that I met In a Dunkin Donuts who swore that the two dozen donuts that they ordered “weren’t for themselves”. I ordered a black coffee.

            3. Wisconsinites are a lovely people. You can roll dice at all their bars and win free alcohol!

          2. interfacial violence

            Love it.

            1. And there we are.

          3. “Interfacial violence” FTW.

          4. you know who else resorted to “interfacial violence”?

      2. Sowell already wrote a book about this.

        1. Yes Sowell is usually a good guy to steel ideas from he is right.

      3. I suspect that poor whites with criminal inclinations will also stick to mostly victimizing whites, simply because more white people have more shit to steal.

        1. True. But they could target blacks if they were so inclined.

    4. Smiling Young White People Make App for Avoiding Black Neighborhoods

      I would get this for my wife, because it avoids areas based on crime rate, and since the normal GPS has no knowledge of bad neighborhoods and has routed her through bad areas of Newark, Jersey City and Paterson just because those were the shortest routes. I fail to see what is problematic about wanting to avoid high-crime areas.

      1. Tripticks from AAA used* to do this, dont see why a GPS app shouldnt too.

        *Do those even still exist?

      2. I fail to see what is problematic about wanting to avoid high-crime areas

        Because it’s your sacred duty to be culturally enriched, even if means getting carjacked, you racist.

        1. “culturally enriched” should be the go to euphemism on the “news” for:

          playing the penata in the knockout game;
          getting carjacked;
          mistakenly entering a “demonstration” thrown in response to a black policeman shooting a black criminal;

      3. Smiling Young White People Make App for Avoiding Black Neighborhoods

        Racist writer assumes high-crime areas = black neighborhoods. You know where the highest crime area is in my town according to the police reports? Walmart. (Home Depot is #2). I don’t even know where you live, but I’d be willing to bet that’s the highest crime report area in your town, too. Not that a driver is in much danger of being the victim of a shop-lifting attempt, but still.

    5. But if there were an app which helped people of color avoid racist neighborhoods I guarantee there would be no problem whatsoever with that; shut up you racist, you know it’s different.

      1. A former coworker of mine is African American, grew up in Ohio, and went to play football at Auburn (the years they had the schollie ban, 93-94). He was driving to Auburn after a vacation back to Ohio, and got lost in the backwoods of Alabama. A cop pulled him over, and he was thinking, “Oh crap, racist Alabama cop.” But the cop turned out to be a huge Auburn fan, and got him back to the freeway, 30 miles out of his way, to make sure the bumpkins didn’t do anything mean to him. It was pretty much the same concept.

        1. Now if the cop had been a Crimson Tide fan……..

          1. *Banjos play furiously*

          2. …he wouldn’t have been able to read the license plate.

        2. I once accidentally wandered, on foot, into a black neighborhood in Chicago.

          A kindly black woman on the sidewalk advised me, “you shouldn’t be around here, white boy”. She gave me that advice in a protective way. She was right. She was right, that is life in the big city.

      2. Don’t care. All people suck.

  4. Parents are rebelling against schools trying to educate their children.

    Wee ones don’t need no education?

    1. The wages of public schools. People turned over responsibility of educated their kids to the government and expect to magically happen by dropping their kids off at the building every day. Get rid of government schools and make parents take responsibility for educating their kids. It will workout better for everyone.

    2. I can homeschool my kids, and keep them sufficiently above grade level, in about 3.5 hours a day of instruction. And the public schools can’t properly educate children in 7 hours, but have to pile on crushing amounts of schoolwork, especially in lower grades? What is wrong with this picture?

      1. Do your kids learn the important skills of standing in lines and shutting up while stupid kids monopolize the teacher’s attention?

        1. Actually, teaching them to stand in lines took longer than I expected. It’s not an innate skill. But they have learned to teach themselves, at their own pace, which would sort of bypass the whole teacher attention thing.

          I’m afraid the subnmission-to-authority tendencies that they are not learning will hurt them later in life.

        2. With the advent of e-mail, smart kids’ parents now occupy an equal share of the teacher’s time.

          Typical comment from my wife after the first marking period: “Jesus Christ, your son got a B in honors algebra. A “B” in 8th grade is not the end of the world. And why are you harassing me when he’s got a D in English? Newsflash: Princeton is not accepting your kid if he’s getting D’s in anything.”

  5. We cannot fix failed states by inviting millions of their people to move in with us. All that ensures is more failed states, more failure, and eventually, one by one, the nations of the west will join them. And then you’ll really be yearning to breathe free and there will be nowhere to do it.
    — Mark Steyn

    1. We cannot fix failed states by inviting millions of their people to move in with us. All that ensures is more failed states

      That’s the entire idea. In much the way that Obamacare is intended to destroy our existing health care system and not fix it, the mass invasion isn’t intended to fix their failed third world toilet society, it’s intended to destroy ours.

  6. Robot babies not effective birth control, Australian study finds.

    Or effective creepy control.

    1. I always thought all those bag or sugar, egg, whatever things taught the wrong lessons.

      1. bag OF sugar

      2. You should try to avoid your child as much as you can, but society will impose external penalties on you for doing so?

    2. Especially when they’re wearing burkinis like the one in the picture.

  7. Women are ‘genetically programmed to have affairs’
    …Scientists at the University of Texas say they are challenging the assumption that humans have evolved to have monogamous relationships.

    The team’s research has put forward the “mate-switching-hypothesis” which says humans have evolved to keep testing their relationships and looking for better long-term options….

    Women Initiate Divorce Much More Than Men, Here’s Why
    Some new data about divorce and non-marital breakups contains an unexpected finding, and I think it underscores the fact that we’re in the midst of an ongoing evolution in what people want and seek in their romantic relationships. The study, based on a survey of over 2000 heterosexual couples, found that women initiated nearly 70% of all divorces. Yet there was no significant difference between the percentage of breakups initiated by women and men in non-marriage relationships….

    1. Johnny, we thoroughly discussed the first article earlier this week. (We even mentioned your name.) You are way, way behind the curve in your PUA news.

      1. Sorry, was too busy banging hot chicks to check that day.

        1. Again, nobody who uses the phrase “banging hot chicks” to describe sex has ever actually had it.

          1. “Last evening I escorted a young lady into her home, and then crushed her box mad good.”

            1. A little bit of the old in-out, in-out, me droog?

              1. Let’s get real, it’s more like just the “in-out, oh shit-out-out out-out. Sorry. “

            2. Can I smell your finger? (Terrible wingman, I know)

          2. Well, at least not with hot chicks, amirite?

          3. Oh yea, if I’m not always banging hot chicks then why does it hurt when I pee?

            1. Take the clamps off your dick.

            2. Cock rings are not supposed to be permanent.

          4. Okay. “Plowing”.

    2. Re: Divorce

      From my own professional experience I’ve had one male Plaintiff as a client in a divorce (and I haven’t even filed the complaint yet. All the other Plaintiffs have been women.

      1. Man, I don’t know what I would do with all those horny, hot women hightailing it from their beaus coming through.

        RBS: And that about does it. You’re divorced! Congratulations!
        Woman: Wooo!
        RBS: What are you doing tonight?
        Woman: Wooo!

        1. hot women

          I invite you to join me on the second floor of the County courthouse one day…

          1. Yay or nay to hotness?

        2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but lawyers are limited in their ability to screw their clients except metaphorically.

          1. Bob Loblaw has a way of getting around ethics violations.

  8. “Robot babies not effective birth control, Australian study finds.”

    And they live in uncanny valley.

    1. OMG, look at its hands! Nightmare fuel!

      1. That kid’s gonna be robot president some day.

  9. Scientists have discovered a gene variant that could explain your coffee habit.

    That’s a weird thing to print on a coffee mug, but I’ll try it.

  10. “Robot babies not effective birth control, Australian study finds.”

    If I ever saw a baby come out that looked like the one in that picture I would never have sex again.

  11. “Robot babies not effective birth control, Australian study finds.”

    Robot babies: terrifying
    Baby robots: so cute!

    1. Aren’t baby robots identical to adult robots? They don’t exactly grow once ‘gestation’ is complete and they’ve been assembled.

      1. This is why no one likes you.

        1. Well, one of the reasons.

  12. The Department of Education has banned ITT Technical Institutes from accepting new students who are using federal financial aid.

    Laureate University still good to go!

    1. Just trying to eliminate the competition.

  13. “Robot babies not effective birth control, Australian study finds.”

    ‘Cause they make those robot babies just too damn sexy.

    1. “She” had enough RAM to satisfy any man’s lust.

      1. Dude. Don’t even. Just no.

      2. *narrows camera*

    2. Can’t the pedos be given these? Might help some.

      1. I think there’s a moral argument to be made, that until we figure out how to actually turn off the parts of the brain that push pedos to be that way, we should make robots accessible to them so that they don’t harm any real children. As creepy as it is, at least they can practice their creepiness on an inanimate object, not a living person.

        1. I think you’re missing the point.

        2. Wow you’re a kid fucker, who knew.

          No guy there is no moral argument.

  14. I’m off on an epic road trip as part of my extended birthday celebration. Play nice but remember it is always permissible to kick shreek in his nuts – provided you can find the tiny target.

    1. Have fun terrorizing a few towns.

      1. +1 guzzoline

        1. If you run across a guy named Max, just let it go.

    2. You should drive through Gatlin, Nebraska. I hear that place is pretty nice.

    3. What day is your birthday? Mines Sunday. Took yesterday and today off but no road trip.

      1. Monday for me. Celebrating by trying to get the brewery that I bought a Director’s club membership to give me a free drink and mug before they shutter on Monday…

        1. Would think they wouldn’t mind at this point. Good luck with your quest.

        2. My birthday is on Tuesday. I know a remarkable number of people with birthdays on the 29th or 30th of August.

          1. A lot of peoples’ parents spent that four-day Thanksgiving weekend fucking, i guess.

    4. Leave Cassidy at home this time. Happy Trails.

    5. W00t! Have fun, buddy.

    6. Happy birthday Lord H, and happy trails

    7. Wishing you safe and fun travels, LH. Drop me or DEG a line if you come through New England.

      1. Yes, please do.

    8. Try escorting a Civil War veteran to his final resting place.

  15. The Department of Education has banned ITT Technical Institutes from accepting new students who are using federal financial aid.

    On the + side, no more Title IX for ITT.

    1. There are no women at ITT.

      1. ITT caters to libertarians?

        *strokes neckbeard*

    1. “He was not successful in retrieving the phone.”

      That’s a fantastic closing line.

      1. All that and he didn’t get his phone back. He chose poorly.

    1. Well they did Neutralize all of Syria’s weapons. Now they’re using Saddam and Assad’s chemical weapons.

    1. 165km/h? How many furlongs is that?

      1. That’s approximately 15 furlongs to the hogshead.

      2. Depends on the daily exchange rate.

      3. 820 furlongs/hr. Conversion rate is 4.97 furlongs to the kilometer, making a 5 k race just short of a 25 furlong event. Its also 100 in real speed.

      4. 275590.55 furlongs/fortnight

    2. Had to convert from Dr Who units to Freedom units, and he was doing 100+ in a 70.

      That… is my typical commute home. I love living in a red state.

    3. That actually does sound racist.

      1. It says hoon law, not coon law

        1. Only a racist would know that’s where I made a mistake in my reading.

        2. I was thinking hood law, which is a little less racist

  16. Parents are rebelling against schools trying to educate their children.

    Yeah, I’m sure I’ll click that link and find it’s “education” that parents are rebelling against.

    1. It is somewhat interesting to me that kids (from what I hear) get more homework now, but don’t do any better on testing for the most part. Other countries give more hours total and per day of homework and have better performing students, so I don’t entirely buy the “there’s only X amount of hours a kid can focus per day” argument. Could just be shitty curriculum, or less efficient classroom time now compared to the past.

      1. The curriculum being pushed by federal standards is proven through decades of evidence to be the worst and least effective at actually helping a child to learn the underlying skills, but the people selling it have slapped a new label on it and marketted the crap out of the old, faulty ideas.

        1. My son started bitching about having to learn to solve math problems the convoluted “common core” way recently, which is of course mandated nationwide. He looks math but obviously wants to do the problems the simplest way possible.

          1. Some academic decided there were four different ways to solve subtraction problems, that appealed to four different learning styles.* Then some moron decided that school children needed to learn all four methods, and be tested an their ability to do all four methods. I really cannot say enough bad things about the common core curriculum as implemented in Florida.

            *True story, bro. My #2 son innately does the whole what’s 9 + 6? well, use one to make the 9 a 10, so 10 + 5 is 15. But to make the kid who can memorize tables learn these other methods, rather than move on to the next math subject? This is why we have no flying cars.

            1. My daughter, who could become a mathmetician since she has both the aptitude and an interest in math – is being taught to hate math by the retards that came up with common core.

              At a parent teacher conference last year, her math teacher commented that she didn’t understand why we thought our daughter was good at math. I was really tempted to say “why don’t you try teaching her some? you’d be pleasantly surprised!” (they keep covering the same shit over and over again).

              Fortunately my daughter’s therapist (yes it was one of the bad parent teacher conferences) stepped in before I could start burning bridges and said one of those magic incantations that basically said the same thing in an acceptable way.

              1. My oldest, who is starting 7th grade, my wife wants to sign him up for Florida Virtual School (FLVS). I want to look at it first, so I dig through the web site, find the place where they actually let you see a Algebra 1 lesson from the sample courses (bottom of page).

                The courses are crap. Starts with 6 inclusive pictures, then a survey of your favorite graph/table/equation, then a problem statement. Then a video of a completely different math problem, then vague questions about setting up the first problem, then it starts defining terms using “interpretations” and “interactive features” and non-standard terminology (“linear function” versus “line equation”). My favorite was a chart where they make you click to see every entry in the chart (“Select to Reveal”) but to require mouse clicks.

                Gah. Saxon Math can be your friend. Black and white books, no diversity pictures of people having fun with math, just a straight math book with each problem set including 70% review questions from the last 20 sections. My son was half way through 8th grade book by the end of 6th grade, and his understanding is better then most 8th graders’.

                1. BTW, I looked up the financials. FLVS is spending $5600/student/year on this crap curriculum*, versus the $8600/stu/yr for the Santa Rosa County brick and mortar schools. They are saving money, marginally, but considering they are using largely the same curriculum, and probably the same courseware software system, in all of the states that ConnectionsAcademy are providing virtual schooling, it should be much, much less. But why bother? FLVS has actually, I kid you not, written into the FL statutes, that all FL high school students must take 1 virtual school class in order to graduate. How’s that for guaranteed income?

                  Khan Academy seems to have much more reasonable curriculum for everything but english, and it is free to everyone. Even adults.

                  Redbird Math from Stanford U seems to be a good middle ground between black-and-white book and interactive color graphics, for $60/quarter. Unfortunately, there is only tutor-included version from grade 8+, for $495/quarter.

                  1. *On a certain day of the month, you can go downtown and get free books from the county school system. Used, old versions of textbooks. And, without exception, they are crap. Typical page from a 4th grade science book: 4 full colored photos of diverse children smiling while doing electrical experiments. 3-sentence paragraph about Benjamin Franklin experiments with electricity, followed by 5 trivia-type factoids. Next page is airbrush cartoon of Franklin and kite, and comprehension check asking to regurgitate 5 facts from previous page. A whole book of this. Ugh.

      2. For the most part, it seems to be just busywork. The sole purpose that I can see is for the teacher to be able to check a ticky box that is probably connected to funding. The homework isn’t even graded, but then my kids haven’t attended every school in the nation so that may not be representative.

        1. “but then my kids haven’t attended every school in the nation so that may not be representative.”

          Someone is a bad parent.

        2. The homework isn’t even graded

          Generally speaking, that’s not the teachers’ doing. There’s a sharp divide between the educrats and the teachers in regards to day-to-day operations.

      3. #banhomework

      4. Funny, just last night I was helping the Little One with her homework and mentioned how much better she behaves doing her homework this year than last. She cheerfully said it was because this year the teacher only gives a little bit of homework instead of the piles of homework like last year. After thinking about it a bit, she was clever enough to surmise that the reason she had less homework this year is because she’s in a bigger class and the teacher doesn’t want to have to grade that much homework.

        I had to explain to her that the real reason she has less homework and more kids in her class this year than last is because last year she was in the third grade and this year she’s in the fourth. The state mandates competency tests to measure how well the schools are doing in the third grade. You think when the health inspector calls the restaurant and tells them he’s coming out to do a health inspection next Wednesday afternoon he’s going to see a typical restaurant when he shows up?

        If the state were serious about checking to see how well the schools are doing, they’d show up unannounced and pick random classes to evaluate. When you tell them way ahead of time you’re going to be evaluating them strictly on how well the third-graders are doing, well, surprise, surprise, the third-graders get a disproportionate amount of educational resources spent on them.

        1. The problem with picking single classes is the randomness; it punishes teachers that end up with a room full of dummies.

          My personal preference is entry/exit tests for all class levels covering the same material but laid out differently on each test. After a couple of years it’ll be obvious which teachers are adding the most value.

    1. Because they’re tired.

      1. What a strange question. Why do dogs eat food? Why do bears take a shit? Why do marmosets sneeze?

      2. That explains why they have such a long face.

    2. Because they *can*.


        1. *Giddyup, Slap*

      1. Where is Swiss when we need him?

      2. Paging Swiss!

    3. They haven’t slept in over a year, linguists report.

      1. I told the doctor I hadn’t slept for a week and he told me that’s good – a week is much too long a time to sleep.

    4. I clicked the link to find out, but they were just playing old Sarah Jessica Parker clips.

  17. With Wyoming Judge May Be Dismissed for Religious Views

    Ruth Neely has been a municipal judge for more than two decades. She hears cases about the types of things you normally see in small towns: traffic citations, parking tickets, animal control cases, alcohol infractions, and petty crimes. Marriage is not listed in the duties and responsibilities of this position. Neely also serves part-time as an unpaid court magistrate, and this position allow for solemnizing marriages. The Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics (CJCE) has recommended that Neely be removed from both of her positions, including the one that doesn’t even perform marriages, simply because she has chosen to not solemnize gay marriages, a voluntary part of her unpaid job.[…]

    Neely’s legal support is fighting to not only keep her in her positions, but also to protect her ability to fill jobs that avoid the marriage issue completely: The Wyoming commission “claims that because Judge Neely’s religious beliefs prevent her from solemnizing same-sex marriage, she cannot be a judge in Wyoming, even in a position that does not have authority to perform marriages.” Since legal decisions at this level are not about one person or situation, this touches the lives (and careers) of all people who have religious beliefs about certain actions.

    1. Heretics must be purged.

      1. Um, no. She’s a government official, whether paid or not. As such it is her job to obey the law.

        Ministers and private (non-government) officiants not so much.

        Butt-hurt duly noted, though.

        1. If you read the article, she is obeying the law.

          including the one that doesn’t even perform marriages, simply because she has chosen to not solemnize gay marriages, a voluntary part of her unpaid job.[…]

          1. You see, the “voluntary” part means it is not a legally-required part of her job.

          2. Right you are.

        2. Except that officiating marriages is not a function of the paid job from which she’s being fired and is a non-mandatory function of the volunteer job from which she’s being fired. She’s not disobeying the law.

          1. To elaborate, she is not even being accused of having broken the law, she’s being fired on the recommendation of the state ethics commission. If that’s upheld, then Christianity (and Judaism and Islam and any other religious belief that precludes participation in voluntary gay wedding coronations) and judicial ethics become mutually exclusive, which amounts to a religious test for office (which is unconstitutional).

            1. “gay wedding coronations”

              And you were doing so well at faking a reasonable position until that point.

        3. I take it you are in favor of a religious test to determine suitability for office then.

          Maybe loyalty oaths as well.

  18. Parents are rebelling against schools trying to educate their children.

    Homework cuts into extracurriculars that universities love to see on applications.

    1. Dean: Sez here you’re part of a Expose the Love group? What is that?
      Rufus: Oh that. See, homework was piling up so one day we were, like all, fuck this shit and we, like, met up in the Church parking lot like, like, we always did. Then one of us, I won’t say who, was all, like stoned, went up to a girl and pulled her shorts down, and shit. And then…
      Dean (interject): Thank you. We’ll let you know.
      Rufus: You bet.

    2. Plus, it sucks.

    1. So, too sensitive even for members of congress to see, but they went to Huma Abedin? And this is just fine, nothing to see here, no basis for any indictment? Good thing the media is all over Trump being endorsed by a racist, or something.

  19. Eye bleach may be necessary.

    1. John approves! /I keed

      1. They have a weird definition of sultry…

    2. Those two have sex? With each other?

      *Holds crossbow between legs, aims at own forehead*

    3. Dunham, […]posted this steamy selfie

      That is not ‘steamy’, that is ‘sweaty’.

  20. Florida Man update:

    Man Jailed For Oral Activity On Boardwalk-

    AUGUST 25–A man spotted yesterday afternoon performing oral sex on a woman lying down on a Florida beach boardwalk told cops that he was an “emergency responder and had to assist the female as it was his duty,” according to a criminal complaint.

    1. Wow, CPR techniques sure have changed since the last time i got certified.

      1. I’m looking up classes now.

        1. My office is offering CPR training next month…

          1. Anyone worth partnering with?

              1. Bummer

      2. I sincerely doubt five chest compressions and two queefs are gonna bring her back, buddy. But you keep trying.

    2. “emergency responder and had to assist the female as it was his duty,”

      I’m in the wrong business.

    3. Where was that? Most of our beaches don’t actually have boardwalks. They do often have sexy times occurring late at night though.

    1. Gonna have to wait for Obama to cool the planet and slow the rise of the oceans.

  21. Ever notice how asshole nannies and panels of asshole experts never propose a tax on coffee or bans?

    1. If there is one thing I would be willing to take to the sword and start slitting throats for it would be in defense of coffee.

      1. No legitimate coffee drinkers need these dark roast beans, or bold flavor. Common sense coffee control would allow people their Folgers while keeping Death Wish and other assault coffee out of the hands of criminals and terrorists.

        1. From my cold hot dead hands!

          1. That will continue to twitch for 15 minutes after I’m gone!

    2. I think the bureaucrats are genuinely afraid an actual revolt would occur on that basis. Given that the original American Revolution was inspired by taxes on Tea and other goods…..

      1. That, and seizing firearms and ammunition.

  22. Robot babies….

    So we have developed robot babies that mimic taking care of real babies. Cry, changing, feeding, I think if they are shaken, there is a device which records that etc. It seems to me that the more realistic the robot, if it did start to dissuade fertile, teenage girls, the human race would have died out long ago. Yes it can be hard. But like many difficult, but important things, humans learn to adapt.

    If the purpose of a teenage mothering clad is to teach and prepare, fine. But it seems to me the more exposure to things that young humans get, the LESS frightened they are of them. And since procreation is fundamental, of course it wouldn’t lower pregnancy rates.

    1. IOW:
      They thought the girls would think:”Holy shit this is hard. I am going on the pill, or not having sex!”
      Instead, the girls think:”Holy shit this is hard. But I CAN do this.”

      1. I told the school I would be suing them if I crashed while driving while tired from it. And the stupid robot kept going off during orchestra too, the irony being that we were rehearsing Brahm’s Lullaby at the time.

        1. I also hope and pray that my kids are as amazingly well behaved as my cousin’s first, who was a very quiet baby, and quite expressive with his eyes early on. You could tell he was hungry or needed changed by the way he looked at you.

  23. I cannot say this enough: ban 96% humidity!

    1. Steamy here as well. I’m staying in A/C.

    2. Oh shit, are you in Virginia? Fuck, i gotta move.

      1. And it’s actually been really nice this week.

        1. Yeah. During the heatwave i’d just take the dog for short walks around the block, but this past week i’ve been going 2+ miles around the neighborhood and he’s like WHAT THE FUCK, I’M SO TIRED.

    1. Oh, well then, that makes it so much better!

      1. The reporter was acting like a retard. (Which is sop for reporters).

    2. I saw the subtitle of her Trump book is “E Pluribus Awesome!”. She does make trolling look effortless.

      1. The rhetorical bomb-throwing to create a stir is her entire money-making shtick.

      2. The Federalist agrees…..bamboozle/

    3. Ann Coulter has been on a exclusive diet of Trump semen lately.

    4. He didn’t sound anything like shriek.

  24. Three dead in Scarborough crossbow incident

    Doesn’t Canada already have common-sense crossbow control?

    1. Did the crossbow hit all three with the same bolt?

    2. I saw Scarborough crossbow incident live back in the 70s. Good times.

    3. Go to the Sun and of course, there’s a column demanding it. I haven’t looked at the Star or the Globe yet but if they don’t have one yet just give them a day or two.

  25. FUCK! I already wrote my comment and I ain’t changing it.

    Here’s an interesting article.

    Did this teen pregnancy prevention program have the opposite effect?

    Teen girls who took part in a popular type of pregnancy prevention program were actually more ? not less ? likely to become pregnant compared to girls who didn’t participate, a new study by Australian researchers shows.

    Yeah, there’s an ironic chuckle factor there, but the headline asks a question so we know the answer and the article is a “new study shows” article so we know it’s bullshit – but the interesting part of it is that once you get past the part about the conclusions of the study, the rest of the article is a cautionary explanation of why the first part of the story is bullshit.

    Just out of curiousity, I googled the name of the author of the piece – Mary Brophy Marcus – to see if this was just a one-off but , nope, I found several sscience/medicine articles she has written that follow that same pattern – a brief story about the new study followed by a lengthy explanation of why the study is probably bullshit.

    So kudos to Mary Brophy Marcus and to CBS for employing her and you might want to make a mental note of that name and keep an eye out for her writing as a good journalistic piece.

    1. I saw this article elsewhere a little before 9 and thought it would be something the commentariat would be interested in, so I spent 20 damn minutes pecking out the post – only to find somebody must bookmark Maggie’s Farm, too.

      1. Thanks for posting that Jerryskids, good article

      2. “”

        Rolls off the tongue, that.

  26. Happy Friday.

    Random: Weed in AZ

    We have plenty of ass and Mexicans.


    Too bad there’s no Libertarian candidate this year.

  28. Columbia students claim Greek mythology needs a trigger warning
    …”Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’ is a fixture of Lit Hum, but like so many texts in the Western canon, it contains triggering and offensive material that marginalizes student identities in the classroom,” wrote the four students, who are members of Columbia’s Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board. “These texts, wrought with histories and narratives of exclusion and oppression, can be difficult to read and discuss as a survivor, a person of color, or a student from a low-income background.”…

    1. ZEUS: I’m ,gonna stick my dick in it
      EVERYONE: hoe don’t do it
      ZEUS: *sticks his dick in it*
      EVERYONE: oh my god

    2. To be fair, it is full of rape, incest, murder, and imprisonment of family members.

      1. And there are some bad parts , too!

      2. Gotta read that.

    3. I swear SJW nonsense has moved into Poe’s Law territory.

      1. A (marginally) younger, much more naive me took SJWs at their word when they said they just want to be sheltered from offensive ideas.

        Now I know better. They just want to throw public tantrums.

    4. they were hoping to get Ovid replaced by a contemporary piece of literature from sub-Saharan Africa. Unfortunately, for them, none exists.

      1. Chinua Achebe has a sad.

        1. He’s 2000 years old?

          My point is that if they’re going to teach historical literature, their ability to be “inclusive” to African literature (as opposed to oral storytelling) is going to be rather limited from that time period.

          1. If it was a class on traditional indigenous peoples’ myths or comparative mythology, it would be easy to include Anansi as well as many Native American myths that have a long oral tradition, but a shorter written one. The one cool thing about growing up UU is that I got exposure to a lot of that mythology at a young age, especially because our Sunday School teacher was a Professor of Anthropology who specialized in mythology (European comparative, she’s in her late 70s now, I doubt you could focus on that today in Academia).

          2. Look, if i felt like paying attention today, i’d be doing work instead of messing around online with you people.

    5. material that marginalizes student identities in the classroom

      The fuck is this even supposed to mean?

      1. Shut up, shitlord.

        -student with marginalized identity

      2. The fuck is this even supposed to mean?

        If you were a $5-latte chugging, Volvo-driving, 6-figure salaried Grievance Studies professor in a leftist arts college, you would understand.

        1. Actually, I would be able to make up some meaningless word salad to make it seem as though there actually was anything there to understand, as if it actually had meaning.

    1. The leftwing media is basically the boy who cried Hitler. Every four years, the Republican nominee is the most dangerous and extremist person ever to receive the nomination and it’s a scary time to be a woman and dangerous for homosexuals and he’s going to put y’all back in chains. Then, four years later, we remember that he was actually a good and honorable man, and this nominee is actually the most dangerous and extremist person ever to receive the nomination and it’s a scary time to be a woman and dangerous for homosexuals and he’s going to put y’all back in chains.

      Fuck those people.

      1. I look forward to the Trump nostalgia concern trolling in 2020.

        “Why can’t the GOP nominate someone who is patriotic and cares about the American worker, like Trump!”

      2. the boy who cried Hitler

        Good band name

  29. To many robot baby comments. I’m sufficiently creeped out, going to mow grass instead.

    1. That’s not a very abstract euphemism.

    2. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

  30. The sun still rises in the east, sortof

    Andrew Monaco, a former New Hampshire state trooper arrested for an on-duty assault earlier this year in Nashua, received a suspended one-year jail term and agreed to never seek a job in law enforcement under a negotiated plea deal accepted Thursday.

    Monaco pleaded guilty on Thursday to three charges of misdemeanor simple assault in connection with the beating of a man during a Nashua traffic stop earlier this year.

    Aside from the suspended jail term, Monaco ? who could have faced up to five years in prison ? has been ordered to pay restitution to the victim, undergo an anger management evaluation, complete anger management counseling, finish 120 hours of community service and not accept employment where a firearm is necessary.

    Bolding mine. He’ll never be a cop again. Judges don’t like to hear their orders being ignored.

    1. Meh. Either the union gets this modified, he wins an appeal or he just lays low for a few years and moves to Wyoming and gets hired there.

      1. Way to bring me down. I thought the day was looking up.

  31. Paranoid Hypothesizing Time:

    Still can’t shake this lingering feeling that the Trump campaign is a Clinton plant. I voiced this concern during the primaries, when Trump was derailing the serious candidates by pandering to the worst stereotypes about Republicans, making brash insults, etc. Two things caused me to change my mind then. First, his attacks on Bill Clinton, which were harsh, effective, and turned Hill’s greatest asset into a liability. Second was the Christie endorsement. While Rubio and Cruz were in the process of sinking to Trump’s level (small hands, etc.), Trump brilliantly blindsided them with a big-deal serious (in some eyes at least) endorsement.

    But yet…but yet…

    Here we are again. In the past few weeks, every time a story breaks that should be devastating to Hillary, Trump seems to go out of his way to distract from it. The latest release of emails are damning, so Trump uses this opportunity to what? Reverse his position on immigration. One of the biggest selling points of his platform. This isn’t an isolated incident, either. He grabbed the spotlight in a similar way after the Clinton Foundation scandals were gaining steam a few weeks ago.

    I mean, fuck, things are getting so bad for Clinton that even WaPo is struggling to deflect for her.

    Now, after seeing the DNC emails that were leaked, there’s no way that Debbie Wassername Schultz is crafty enough to pull something like this off. But Bill? I don’t know…

    1. Regardless of what the actual truth is, we are in a world of shit.

    2. I don’t think you’re paranoid.

      Notice his lack of adverts or ground game in the general. It’s like he’s not really trying.

      On a side note: He’s only polling +5 in AZ.

      He’s on Team Red and facing… her. A sane candidate would be up 15% here.

      1. Could you imagine that twat in power and then her perv husband getting a high-ranking job at the UN?

        They would literally come as close to ruling the world as anyone.

        It’s CREEPY how it can all fall into place for them.

        Evil fucks.

        1. The evil fucks are the idiots who are going to ignore all of the corruption and vote them into power. Because TEAM!

          1. It’s not team! That’s what my well-educated prog friends have declared. Although many of them were Bernie backers, primarily because of his stand against corporations, after “reading a lot about Hillary” and doing “research into her,” they have come to the very intelligent conclusion that they can vote for her in good conscience, even though they “don’t agree with her on everything.”

            1. I love the “man-in-the-street” interviews where they find a supporter of candidate ‘Y’ and tell them about candidate ‘X’s’ positions, and the idiots agree with them because they also falsely told them they were candidate ‘Y’s’ positions. But yeah, TEAM has nothing to do with it.

            2. I don’t like Sanders, but I understand his appeal to my left leaning friends.

              Clinton stands for all the stuff he claims to be against. I have no clue how a Bernie bro can rationalize her being a good candidate and be intellectually honest.

              Cognitive dissonance is a helluva drug.

        2. UN? Try Sec of State.

    …While the parent Clinton Foundation will stop accepting money from foreign governments and corporations, the foundation’s largest project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, might continue to accept foreign government and corporate funding, Clinton health initiative officials said Wednesday.

    And what’s one big thing Madam President Hillary will have to do if she wins? Clean up the mess that is Obamacare….


  33. …’Baby Think it Over’ dolls…

    You know somebody (or a lot of somebodies) with a Ph.D. in social work or sociology or some other non-science got paid big bucks out of the public till to invent this lamebrained scheme.

    1. Shut up, you snot-nosed punk.

      1. “Not only did the governor blatantly say he would take violent action against a sitting lawmaker, he also twice invoked a homophobic slur to drive home his point.”

        Not for nothing, but ‘cocksucker’ is a lot more universal in use than ‘homophobic slur’ would seem to imply. Some might consider it as a compliment.

        “You’re a helluva cocksucker, Sug!”

  34. On the “parents are rebelling against schools trying to educate their children” thing, naturally, it’s not “educating” at all that they’re rebelling against, but I had to quote this particularly precious line in the story

    “Parents who are opting out are generally in a place of privilege,”

    “in a place of privilege” — is there a more pretentiously social-justicey phrase in existence?

    1. “In a place of privilege,” e.g. the United States.

      Anyone opposed to school choice besides the explicit beneficiaries of monopoly (teachers and their union reps) are in a place of denial.

    2. Their ‘place-of-privilege’ is having children that are intelligent enough that the loads of homework piled upon them at a young age is busywork that is actually detrimental to their learning. Apparently privilege is not simply being better or more intelligent than others. To those who wish to hurl such accusations of privilege I say: Sorry, not sorry

  35. “Robot babies not effective birth control, Australian study finds.”

    I beg to differ. Allow me to explain.

    The Boy decided to do one of these creepy-as-fucking-hell SimBabies for a class. No idea why. He has it over a weekend and moved down to the basement, so he wouldn’t disturb the rest of the family with the noise. You see, these fucking things cry and cry and cry, until you “feed” it, change it’s “diaper,” or hold it until it stops squalling.

    Oh, if it “dies” you fail and have to do it again.

    A more level-headed buddy who had done this already was going to come over Saturday night to help out. Alas, that was too late. Friday night, at about 1 or 2 AM, The Boy is freaking out, as the thing won’t stop crying. The wife-unit hears his pleas for help and goes racing down the stairs, in a sleepy, mommy-adrenaline-fueled fugue to rescue her boy from his self-induced plight.

    She misses the last 2 steps and shatters her left foot on impact, screaming and writhing in pain. She’s in the emergency room until 6 AM. In the giant immobilizing boot for 3 months.

    So, he’s traumatized by the entire affair. We’re all in the living room, wife-unit with the giant plastic boot on her foot and shin, wincing in pain, and I say to him, “This is all your fault, you know.” He hangs his head in absolute shame.

    So, you just have to do this incorrectly, to have the desired effect.

    He swears he’ll use 3 rubbers. I hope so, since the hawt Filipina gf will sorely tempt him.

  36. North Korea Netflix is Greatest Netflix!

    Warning: Auto-play video

    Netflix doesn’t appear to be taking its newest competitor very seriously.

    The streaming video pioneer has responded to the launch of a North Korean copycat service called “Manbang” by changing its Twitter bio to read: “Manbang knockoff.”

    The riposte comes just days after famously reclusive North Korea announced its clone service, which delivers streaming video through a set-top box, according to a report on state-run Korean Central Television.

    1. North Korean copycat service called “Manbang”

      North Korean copycat service called “Manbang”

  37. This made me laugh out loud. Alex Jones is such a dork.

    Alex Jones Responds To Hillary Clinton’s Attack

    1. I like this Alex-Cenk showdown:


      1. CRIPPLE FIGHT!!

      2. “Left-wing media host abuses innocent water-filter salesman.”

    2. I’ve actually been liking Alex for a couple of weeks.

      I’ll burn out on him again pretty soon I imagine, but with all the Hillary/Trump shit going on, he hasn’t had much time to talk about chemtrails or the more retarded shit that he gets stuck on.

  38. For those interested, the documentary formerly known as Puppycide has now been released. The new title is Of Dogs and Men.

    1. Sorry, I am not watching it. I would be depressed for an entire month if I saw that.

      1. I supported it the first time they went through Kickstarter, but.. yeah. No way I could actually watch it.

        1. I’m going to make the attempt to watch it tonight.

          1. Better make a run to Costco and stock up on Kleenex. Pet dog killing is the sort of stuff that will make the toughest guys cry.

  39. Question for those who are familiar with New Hampshire.

    Hypothetically speaking, if you were to move there, where would you live?

    I found a nice tax map, and a list of good places there but insider information is appreciated.

    1. He’s asking where the hot chicks are, Zeb.

      1. There are hot women, but they are few and far between. Go down South, to the Mountain West, or the Southwest if you want hot women.

        1. LOL. I’m actually not in the market for a woman. And no, I’m not gay.

          1. I has a sad.

            1. Tonio, you and I can have a platonic non-gay H&R soulmate relationship. šŸ™‚

          2. Are you Morrissey?

      2. They’re all getting naked in my sauna.

        I think there are plenty of attractive women, but I tend to prefer women who don’t look like they spend a lot of time worrying about their appearance.

        1. So the Lena Dunham pics were right up your alley?

          1. No, she’s the other extreme. She seems to spend a lot of time and effort to make herself as unappealing as possible.

            I like a fit healthy woman in sensible clothes with little or no makeup.

          2. A euphemism we can all do without.

    2. Since I want to leave, I’m not a good one to ask.

      I moved to Nashua when I moved to New England because it was close to the Boston job market and I could afford apartments there.

      Nashua is a bedroom community for Boston and a shopping destination. Not a whole lot of jobs. People sleep there and send their kids to school there. Over the time I’ve lived in Nashua, I have seen more jobs for more fields, but it still is primarily a bedroom community.

      Manchester is a little bigger and more diverse. I’m not too familiar with Portsmouth, but I’ve liked visiting it and I’ve heard there is a bit more of a tech industry there.

      You’ll find out quickly that “Live Free or Die” is a good joke.

      1. One thing to keep in mind about the tax rate: Yes, the rates are high, but valuations tend to be lower than in Massachusetts. A former co-worker has a house in MA right across the line from Nashua. His house is roughly equivalent to mine. He pays about the same in taxes as I do despite his lower rate because of his higher valuation.

        Also note that in NH, municipalities always get the money they want to spend. The state sets municipal and school tax rates. The municipality sends its budget (including school) to the state along its property valuations. The state is supposed to review all of this data, approve or disapprove of the budget, and set a rate. All the state actually does is divide two numbers, then send the rate to the town. The way to attack a high property tax in NH is to attack town spending.

        1. Thanks DEG. You don’t have a separate school tax on top of a property tax right?

          Some states do – it’s a twofer property tax which won’t show up on Zillow.

          Where are the toughest fiscal hawks concentrated? I would love to be in a diverse community but low spending is very important to me.

          1. The school tax is going to be included in the property tax numbers you see.

          2. There is a state wide property tax which is supposed to be earmarked for schools. NH’s wealth redistribution. If I remember correctly the property tax bill is itemized. Municipal, school, state wide, county.

            I think I know what you’re talking about with a separate school tax. In Pennsylvania, where I grew up, school districts can levy property taxes and income taxes. They can’t levy income taxes in NH and don’t directly levy property taxes. The property tax bill comes from the municipality, and the municipality handles divying the money up.

            Toughest fiscal hawks? I haven’t been paying much attention to local politics lately. Nashua and Manchester used to have taxpayer groups which lobbied for spending caps and spending restrictions. Nashua’s has basically died after losing a few fights. I don’t know the state of Manchester’s group.

            1. I’d find a small town where the town government doesn’t do much and people like it that way. Or a town with lots of rich people with expensive houses. Those will tend to have the lowest rates.

              But that only works if you don’t need to be closer to places with lots of jobs or are willing to take a longer commute.

              1. An exception to Zeb’s suggestion about towns with lots of rich people and expensive houses in Bedford. The town decided to build its own high school instead of sharing one with Manchester. Taxes in the town went up significantly afterwards.

                1. I was thinking more like the proper rich people in towns like Dublin, where I live. They just want to hide in the woods and be left alone and have little interest in public schools or building roads or such pedestrian nonsense.

                  1. Thanks guys. I’m going to look at voting patterns also.

                    It’s pure fantasy right now, but I want to move there in a few years. Hope I can make that happen.

                    1. If you stop by, let us know. There is a group of NH and eastern MA reasonoids. We have occasional meet-ups.

          3. I should also add I no longer live in Nashua, in part because of the taxpayer association losing fights over spending. Also, I could get a better deal on housing outside of Nashua. I still live in the Nashua area.

    3. It depends what you want, really. I live in a fairly rural area in SW New Hampshire which is near where I grew up and is nice and quiet, which is what I like.
      Most of the other NH H&&R people seem to be from Manchester/Nashua sort of area or further east, which is a lot more densely populated and isn’t really my cup of tea. But if you are coming from a bigger urban area, it’s probably still nice and quiet in comparison. Houses cost (relatively) a lot in that part of the state.
      Property taxes can be steep, but if you don’t want to be close to everything, you can find some nice, affordable properties in towns that keep their budgets pretty reasonable.

      That’s my take. People who aren’t natives or who live in cities might have more useful advice for someone wanting to move here.

    4. From your second link:

      Though not a name that springs to mind when you think of New Hampshire, Nashua is the second largest city on our overall list with 86,494 residents, and the largest on our top 10. Because it’s so big, it’s no surprise that the city comes in second for amenities and 11th for quality of life.

      By New Hampshire standards, only by those standards, 86,494 is big. It’s actually small.

      1. Having always lived here, I always think it’s funny when people talk about a “small town of 20,000 people” or something.

        Sounds like a medium sized city to me.

        1. Small town from my perspective growing up in India is any place with fewer than 700,000 people.

          1. An urbanization of 7 lakh (7,00,000) is a small city, but it’s still a city.

  40. The researchers, from both the University of Western Australia and the Telethon Kids Institute, said it wasn’t clear why robot infants may encourage higher pregnancy rates, although Ms. Brinkman said anecdotally many of the girls reported that caring for them over a two-day weekend was a positive experience.

    Who would have thought that inspiring maternal instincts in teenage girls would have the effect of encouraging pregnancy?

    1. “Awwwww, BAYBEEZ!!”

  41. CNN, aka the Clinton News Network, has dropped the hammer on Dr. Drew Pinky’s show because he questioned Hillary’s personal medical care and had the nerve to openly notice that she looks like the feeble, doddering old woman that she is.

    1. He did all the caveats an MD is supposed to do when he made his comments. That’s fucked up.

      1. That’s how the scum on the left roll these days.

  42. So after getting kind of frustrated with Johnson’s religious liberty stance and his recent comments on a Carbon “fee”, I looked at the independent alternative candidate Evan McMullin. I like the guy, but am not impressed. If I drag myself to the voting booth, which may or may not happen, I am still going to vote for GJ. He’s the best of the lot.

    Weld is a smooth talker and has better presence, but I disagree with him on a lot more than I do with Gary Johnson.

    1. May I interest you in the idea of writing in “None of the Above”? šŸ™‚

      1. No write in space for President on KY ballot.

          1. KY: Making the results of this election a little less painful!

        1. NOTA just might win if it was an option on U.S. ballots.

    2. Neither is going to win. If you vote Johnson you will help preserve ballot access for the LP and keep momentum up.

    3. 2012 I wrote in “Abolish political parties”. I’m on a list somewhere. *adjusts tinfoil hat

  43. BABYMETAL and RHCP to tour.

  44. Observation of progressives….they want to be seen as caring/noble people to get pat on their back by their friends. But the actual leg work is to be done by someone else.

    That infuriates me….the whole i want credit, but you do the work.

    Was reading the CFB SI the other day about UCLA QB Josh Rosen…..sounds like a look-at-me punk. Some highlights:

    1. Looks up to Elon Musk cause “he doesnt care about money” (barf)
    2. Looks up to Leo for his environmental views (barf)
    3. Says he wants to make a lot of money outside the NFL so he can take the min salary…for his teammates (barf)

    1. Note his parents house in Manhattan beach is worth 8 million.

    2. One of the odder lines from that piece:

      “In retrospect, being Jewish is a big reason why I should have considered UCLA,” he says. “Just because of how Jewish Hollywood is, and they really want someone to look up to because they just don’t have professional athletes.”

      And yeah, he does come across as a massive virtue-signaling attention-whore.

    3. Looks up to Elon Musk cause “he doesnt care about money”

      LOL. wtf. Wow.

      1. A guy worth 12 billion doesn’t care about money? haha ok Joshy

  45. Jewett Williams Update

    “Distant relatives of Pvt. Jewett Williams, a Civil War soldier whose ashes were carried cross-county by a motorcycle relay from Oregon to Maine this month, will bury their ancestor in a family plot rather than have him buried in a national military cemetery as previously announced….

    “Although the three-week journey of the Patriot Guard Riders to bring Williams’s ashes home had received a lot of news coverage, his [distant] relatives knew nothing about it because they did not have a computer and relied on a local paper for news, [Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services chief Adria O.] Horn said. It was a neighbor who first made the connection between the local family and Williams and that led to the call Horn received.”

  46. The battle between classified-ad site and the U.S. Senate is escalating.

    In nearly 400 comments nobody has noticed that ENB has SF’ed the link?

    1. What links?

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