Hillary Clinton: The Alt-Right Has 'Effectively Taken Over the Republican Party'

Speaking in Nevada, the Democrat denounces Donald Trump as a racist and a conspiracy theorist.


Patrick Lentz

"From the start," Hillary Clinton declared today in Reno, "Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. He has taken hate groups mainstream, and [is] helping a radical fringe take over the Republican Party." The speech that followed those words was an extended argument that her opponent is a racist, a conspiracy theorist, and a man temperamentally unfit to be president.

Clinton's campaign had promoted this in advance as an address about "Donald Trump and his advisors' embrace of the disturbing 'alt-right' political philosophy"—the alt-right being an umbrella term for an assortment of racist micro-movements and online subcultures. Yesterday I suggested that making the alt-right the stars of such a speech could only give a signal boost to what is, after all, a rather obscure political faction. But Clinton's comments about that faction took up only about a minute of her remarks. And while that minute was pretty juicy, the alt-right wasn't really the rally's star villain after all.

The star villain was Donald Trump. Everyone else that Clinton brought into the address—the alt-right, Breitbart, Alex Jones, David Duke, Nigel Farage, Vladimir Putin—was there in a supporting role.

Some of Clinton's arguments didn't make a lot of sense. She led her litany, oddly, by quoting Trump's recent remarks about how bad blacks have it in America. ("Poverty. Rejection. Horrible education. No housing. No homes. No ownership. Crime at levels nobody has seen.") Most people would call his comments a clumsy attempt to reassure voters that he cares about the black community's problems, but Clinton declared them "a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters." She also wildly overstated the alt-right's influence, declaring that "the de facto merger between Breitbart and the Trump campaign" means the alt-rightists have "effectively taken over the Republican Party." She was on sturdier ground at other moments, as when she mentioned Trump's habit of retweeting white nationalists or his false claim that he watched thousands of New Jersey Muslims cheer the 9/11 attacks.

Running through all her claims, both the weak ones and the strong ones, was one basic theme: Donald Trump is a bigot and a nut. And while that's an idea you've been hearing ever since the mogul turned reality TV star entered the race, this was as forceful and concentrated an expression of it as I've ever heard emerge from Hillary Clinton's mouth. It's bound to fire up her supporters, and I expect it will help her get out the vote. Whether it also leads a bunch of curious conservatives to Google "alt-right" depends, I suppose, on how much coverage that minute of the speech gets in the next few days.

But the guy who must be really delighted right now is Alex Jones. Hillary Clinton just attacked him by name! His listeners will be hearing clips from this speech til Ragnarok.


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    1. They did. Don’t you remember the whole Liberaltarian thing?

      1. +1 Willie Wonka Wilkinson and his Guaranteed Minimal Income Oompa Loompas

        1. Lord, that tool has surfaced from his bunker and has been debating Brian Caplan on twitter.

      2. If Libertarians are ALT LEFT, the Green party must be CTRL+ALT LEFT

        1. Green Party is Backspace times 10,000 years

          1. Dems are “control-alt-PinkScreen” whenever they see an image of Government Almighty… Well, sad to say, the same is true for the Rethuglicans, just on different issues…

    2. Or as you refer to them, The Seattle City Council?

    3. The Democratic party behaved responsibly and vanquished them.

      1. Were you born an intellectually bankrupt, mendacious sack of shit, or did you have to work hard at becoming one?

        1. I think the nature-vs-nurture question often misses the point.

      2. The Democratic National Convention ended less than a month ago.

        1. The DNC cheated the alt left out of the nomination of alt reality Sanders, and adopted their policies.

      3. So much for the will of the people I guess?

        1. So far majorities are speaking. I’ll let you know if that changes.

          1. Really? You mean all that money she raised above Sanders didn’t ‘buy her the election?’ Or the DNC working actively to ensure her victory, you hadn’t heard about that?

            Mind you, I am aware of the usefulness of institutions in keeping the idiot majority from imposing their utopian fantasies on the rest of us. But you’re the one who loves to go on about society and ‘the people.’ And yet the same anti-democratic forces you complain about incessantly were what secured Clinton’s victory. Fundamentally, the problem was, the GOP primary system was too democratic. They made the mistake of putting too much faith in the voter.

            1. Sanders raised more money than Clinton in the primary. He lost because he couldn’t win over minorities. There was no nefarious conspiracy.

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    6. Who is the alt left? Spiderman?

  2. The debates should be interesting.

    The left has cried “hitler” and “racism” so often, now you get Trump and it’s the boy who cried wolf. These are the same people that said Romney was going to kill your grandma, and McCain was some far right radical.

    Not convinced for one second these attacks would be any different if it was Bush or Rubio or anyone else up there. Even a left leaning Kasich was not moderate enough for them because as my prog friends said, “he hates women”. Jesus Christ

    1. There will be no debates. Trump will whinge about the rules or setting or moderators and walk or will Hillary will claim something Trump said was so beyond the pale that she won’t be on the same stage with him. Neither has anything to gain by a debate so each will be more than obliging to let the other cancel.

      1. I hope so. Maybe they will let Gary Johnson have a shot instead.

        1. Johnson breaking the 15% threshold guarantees that Clintrump won’t debate. One on one they each pander to their respected bases, no win, no loss, just the chance of a unforeseeable oops moment. Which is why they are both better off not debating. Put Johnson up there and they both have a chance of losing voters- thus no debates.

          1. Johnson has zero chance of breaking 15%. And even if he did, he would have zero chance of team purple not finding a way to negate it. IOW, he’s not getting on the debate stage.

            1. He has a 15% chance of getting 0%

            2. It’s not a very high chance but it’s non-zero. He’s actually getting some press and not just Stossel, CNN’s Smerconish is championing him (or at least letting him debate) I’m not gonna hold my breath til he reaches 15% but I won’t be getting out my shocked face if he does.

              1. CNN are making fun of him and libertarians in general. If not for that, he would be getting zero air time from them. CNN which now ranks lower in the ratings than MSNBC.

              2. He was on FOX this morning. They gave him a shot and he stepped on his own dick.

                He isnt going to get 15%.

                1. Well if it’s long enough for him to step on it that’s gotta count for something, right?

        2. Hell, maybe they should let him have a few shots. A little dutch courage might liven up his act a bit.

      2. The debates will be canceled because Hillary’s health crisis and the Donald is a big meanie. The left will mourn poor Hillary missing her chance to show how great she is. The next day CNN will report that Hillary is in perfect health and the Donald is still a big meanie. No one will notice.

          1. Awwwwwwwllllllllll righty then.

      3. Trump has oodles to gain from a debate. I’m not sure Clinton can think fast enough at this time to effectively be in a debate against someone who’s actually trying just a little bit (Bernie basically laid down on the mat in the Democrat debates).

      4. If there are any debates, it won’t be between Clinton and Trump. It will be between the moderator and Trump. Clinton will just sit back and try to make it to the election.

        1. + 1 Candy Crowley

    2. Romney’s “binders full of women” comment was met with the same level of outrage as some of Trump’s worst comments. Not that the right doesn’t do the same thing, but if left-leaning media folks are really as incredulous as they claim to be about why their Trump warnings are falling on deaf ears, looking at everything they’ve written the past several election cycles would be a good place to start.

    3. Has Trump accepted his invitation to the debates, yet? Or is he still negotiating “conditions” for his appearance?

    4. “Not convinced for one second these attacks would be any different if it was Bush or Rubio or anyone else up there. ”

      Sure they would. Half the Republican establishment wouldn’t be trying to torpedo Bush or Rubio.

  3. That well has run dry…

    1. A Quinnipiac national poll out today shows that 72 percent of them believe that “the way Donald Trump talks appeals to bigotry” versus 23 percent who don’t.

      Would this be any different if this was Bush or Rubio? I suspect not. In fact, Rubio would probably be excoriated for being a fake Hispanic because he doesn’t want to put white people on the Shame Train.

      1. Trump makes it all even worse than it would have been.

      2. Any GOP candidate would have gotten some of these same attacks, but I don’t think you’d see the widespread backlash that Trump has caused. Romney, McCain, etc. weren’t popular with non-whites by any means, and they both got hit with some accusations of bigotry, but I think you’re kidding yourself if you think that perception was equally widespread among society as a whole and not just left-wing Democratic partisans. Looking at that same poll, even a majority of whites without a college education agreed with that statement.

        1. Trump gets an added layer of backlash for not being one of the elected officials club. Any other Pub nominees would have most of his own side on his side.

    2. Also from that link:

      I mentioned this a few days ago in looking at the new NBC/SurveyMonkey poll: The racial demographic that’s doing the most damage to Trump isn’t blacks or Latino, it’s whites.

      I’ve been saying for months that while it would have been nice for Trump to increase Republican vote share with minorities, he’d get a lot more traction pushing the envelope on increasing voter participation/support with whites because there’s so much less ground to cover to start flipping states–something like a 3 or 4% increase would lead to an electoral wipeout for him. He’s getting beat by Hillary among college-educated whites and that’s what’s really killing his candidacy, not his low numbers with minorities which would have been low anyway.

      1. you mean college brainwashed voters? those that haven’t been in the real world and cast an absentee vote from their safe space?

        I graduated college 8 years ago, and some of the dumbest people I know have college degrees.

        1. Um, college-educated whites are a demographic that has voted for the Republican presidential candidate since polling began, other than maybe Johnson’s wipeout of Goldwater. Trump appears to be losing them.

          1. Even Goldwater won that group. It’s been more than 60 years since the GOP lost that demographic.

      2. Trump’s doing terrible with college-educated whites for a lot of the same reasons he’s doing terrible with non-whites.

        1. Basically, the college-educated whites are adopting the same attitude about the Republican candidate in this election that non-whites do in every election.

  4. Where is Andrew Dice Clay when you need him?

      1. Holds up mirror so swiss can narrow gaze.

      2. +1 Rover took over.


      That’s the sound of Alex Jones coming in his pants when Hillary mentioned his name.

  5. Next you know the GOP will be using terms like superpredator.

  6. I like the way so many disparate things are velcroed together to make a really, really scary bogeyman. There’s gotta be a Koch in there somewhere.

    1. Which reminds me. I haven’t been hearing much about the Kochs lately. I guess Trump pushed them to the back burner in the fevered minds of progs.

  7. The bright side is that just as when the term neo-conservative was diliuted to mean nothing, the movement was neutered, so too will the “alt-“right. If everything is the alt-right, then nothing is, and the anime nazis will return to the comfort of their mother’s basements to masturbate to another season of Himouto! Umaru-chan.

    1. “Anime Nazis” – didn’t they play the opening act at Lollapalooza one year??

      1. No, Anime Nazis drop space stations on Australia.

        1. There’s no need to be anti-Zeonist.

          1. I haz a sad that I got that joke, and knew exactly what Pan Zagloba was talking about without clicking the link.

            Heil Zeon!

            1. Look, man, 80s anime is bound to be cool again, what with all them cycles, right?

              I mean, come on, Gundam UC flavor, Macross, Bubblegum Crisis, Patlabor, Lodoss War

              1. I have all of those on dvd except for Patlabor, which I’ve never even heard of.

                1. Patlabor, which I’ve never even heard of.


                2. Patlabor is my favorite anime..thing of all time. Series (both OVA and TV) is a delightful office comedy with Mecha, and movies are basically dry run (I’d argue better written) for Ghost in the Shell, with same writer, composer and director (All Praise Mamoru Oshii!).

                  Everyone should watch Patlabor 2, which is a wonderful meditation on law, peace and terrorism, made years before 9/11 and still relevant today.

              2. You haven’t heard of Future Funk? (AKA: overly-processed funk/disco with 80’s anime samples and visuals.)

                1. Interesting, I’ll check that out.

                  My wife’s favorite is Evangelion, but I prefer to be able to at least pretend to understand what’s going on in order to truly enjoy a show.

                  The new Netflix Voltron ain’t half bad. We watched it all and it hit the nostalgia buttons for me, and she actually enjoyed it.

                  1. My wife’s favorite is Evangelion

                    She is good people.

                    You tell her I said that.

                    1. I guess I am good people too.

    2. Wait, I thought they glorified Western culture.

      1. This is part and parcel of western culture. They didn’t make these kinds of cartoons before we took a giant nuclear shit on them and split their dainty women with our giant western cocks.

        1. You are basically describing my average day.

    3. Has this now replaced “Tea Party” as the meaningless catch-all word for prog signalling?

      1. .

    4. “ is a proud member of the alt right, and not only does it allow comments from avowed racists like the one who calls himself a *dramatic pause* mulatto *dramatic pause*, and frequent misogynistic comments about Sasquatch rape, it encourages such abhorrent behavior.”

      1. “’s alt-right readership also includes a sexual deviant who writes erotic fiction about politicians, a Trump supporter who loves fat chicks, several off-the-plantation racial and sexual traitors, numerous woodchipper enthusiasts, Warty Hugeman, one of the most annoying Catholics on the internet, a time traveler and multiple drug fiends.”

        1. “And an impactful number of Canadians.”

        2. Yep, I think you covered everyone, with the possible exception of an octogenarian anti-aggressor crusader angrily banging away on his steam-powered difference engine and the obnoxious 14 year old Canadian nephew of Nathaniel Branden that he sometime babysits.

          1. Oh, and our Future Reptilian Overlord.

            1. What about Tulpa? Oh wait, that’s the reasonable one in this situation.

        3. Some of us fall into multiple categories! (Saunters off proudly)

        4. Nothing about my pecs???

        5. Don’t forget OMWC. Or is his predeliction now alt-acceptable?

        6. This is amazing. Now where’s my cocaine?

  8. The term “alt-right” got a funk to it a couple of years ago. John Derbyshire has labeled himself as a member of the “dissident right”, so HRC is swinging a bit late on the ball..

    1. John Derbyshire has also labeled himself a white supremacist, so I don’t think he’s a good source on branding advice.

  9. Left to her own devices, Hillary could easily self-destruct.

    Anybody else hear the latest on the Clinton Foundation?

    1) They’ve decided to keep taking donations from foreign governments after all.

    2) Chelsea isn’t resigning after all–now or ever. What’s the point of having a bribe laundering service if there’s no viable pathway to influence and hence bribes once Hillary’s out of office?

    “While the parent Clinton Foundation will stop accepting money from foreign governments and corporations, the foundation’s largest project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, might continue to accept foreign government and corporate funding, Clinton health initiative officials said Wednesday.”

    You see, when Hillary said the Clinton Foundation would stop taking money from foreign governments, she was talking about the parent company–not its individual projects. Get it?

    If you do, you realize that the Clintons will keep taking money as long as money is being offered–and Hillary Clinton would do anything for a big enough donation.

    No, I didn’t call her that. I said she’d doing ANYTHING if you offered her enough money.


    1. Left to her own devices, Hillary could easily self-destruct.

      For that to happen Trump would have to shut up and stop saying attention grabbing retarded things, and we all know that’s unlikely.
      Trump is psychologically incapable of following Napoleons advice to not interrupt your enemy when he is destroying himself.

      1. “For that to happen Trump would have to shut up and stop saying attention grabbing retarded things, and we all know that’s unlikely.”

        I was speculating earlier in AM links today–I think he may be doing that. I speculated that the only reason we’re finally hearing about the Clinton Foundation is that Donald hasn’t been saying outrageous things lately.

        He hasn’t tweeted or said anything retarded for almost two whole days now.

        Two whole days!!!

        All kidding aside, I think his new team may finally have him on a leash. He’s reversing course on immigration, supposedly, among other things. It’s still close enough in swing states. We haven’t even had a debate yet.

        The election may be decided in October.

    2. “Left to her own devices, Hillary could easily self-destruct.”

      And we are all just prisoners here, of our own device.

    3. 1) They’ve decided to keep taking donations from foreign governments after all.

      This is truly shocking I tell you. Want to know what will be even more shocking? When they decide to keep doing so even after Hillary is potus.

      1. President Of Official National Territories And Neo-conservative Government.

    4. Ken you are the master of wishful thinking masquerading as the obvious truth. You keep on getting my hopes up. Keep on keeping on.

  10. Most of the people who get classified as alt-righters aren’t even fucking conservatives. These are angry white dudes from their teens to their early 30’s who would have been liberals 8 years ago, but got sick of being demonized as straight white men everywhere they went. They are ‘liberals.’ They agree with the left on just about everything besides multiculturalism and immigration.

    These are the same angry young white dudes who hated Bush and loved the Young Turks before, but who can’t stand identity politics that exclude them.

    Then you have your small core of genuine racists. The boogiemen of the movement.

    1. Example – Sargon of Akkad would be classified as “alt-right” by most of the batshit crazy progressives who rant about it, but the guy is a complete liberal on nearly everything. He grew up liberal and extremely anti-Bush/Blair. The left lost these guys, and now they get lumped in with libertarians along with genuine Nazis to smear everyone who disagrees with progs.

      1. I’ll speak up for Sargon. He may be a luvvie Laborite, but man’s commitment to free speech and liberal values is genuine. Shit, his reading of Hayek’s Exhortation to the English is a lovely tribute to a genuine old-school liberal. I don’t always agree with him, but fuck if he’s not miles above, say, Trudeau son and father or Neil Kinnock/Arthur Scargill Labour.

      2. OK, I guess this is a real person? At first I thought we were talking about Sauron as being alt-right, which confused me, because I definitely would have taken Sauron to be a neocon.

    2. Which is not to say that they aren’t taking over the Republican Party. Trump is a liberal on just about every issue except multiculturalism and immigration.

  11. She might not be wrong, but she probably won’t assign any responsibility to whatever genius decided the Democrats should return to its racist and bigoted roots, but attack the majority instead of minorities. Because why choose to be stupid or evil when you can be both?

    At any rate, I don’t think a political movement bankrolled by a Nazi gets to throw too many stones about hate group connections.

    And if she’s going to attack Trump not by who he associates with, but who supports him, then I think it’s fair game to point out that she had the man who taught the Miami nightclub shooter to hate sitting right behind her at her fucking rally. If Donald Trump is the KKK’s candidate, Hillary is ISIS’s candidate.

    1. If Donald Trump is the KKK’s candidate, Hillary is ISIS’s candidate.

      There’s no small number of people who would think this comparison favors Clinton.

    2. “She might not be wrong, but she probably won’t assign any responsibility to whatever genius decided the Democrats should return to its racist and bigoted roots, but attack the majority instead of minorities. ”

      Why would she blame them? The Left in America has always used race to divide an conquer the peasants.

      The Left sold white identity politics with Slavery, KKK, Jim Crow, Segregation, then when it got to be a harder sell with whites, they sold non-white identity politics in the 60s. By some strange coincidence, also the time that they changed the immigration system to tilt immigration to non-white, less free countries.

  12. Democrat calls Republican racist. How many originality points does that earn?

    1. negative infinity!!

  13. Prog Roomie: Well Trump is a racist and has re-awoken the southern democrats. He’s empowering all the white people to hate brown people again.

    Seriously though, name me one republican you wouldn’t just dismiss as racist / sexist / whatever ism makes you feel better. Are you telling me without trump, you wouldn’t launch these attacks anyway?

    1. Christ – Hillary made a lot of the same attacks on Obama that Trump has 8 years ago (hat tip to Suthernboy for pointing it out). Her followers started the birther shit, and her campaign leaked Obama in funny foreign looking garb to promote the “he’s a foreigner/Muslim!” stuff. Not to mention her previous positions on immigration, criminal justice (superpredators!) and war.

  14. Running through all her claims, both the weak ones and the strong ones, was one basic theme: Donald Trump is a bigot and a nut.

    And if he’s such a bigot and a nut, why did you go to his wedding? Why was your husband his regular golfing buddy? Why did you accept his support when he was defending your husband?

    At this point I’m thinking of starting up a pool to see how long it will take for the Democrats to start decrying how far the Republican party has strayed from the good old days when it had sensible moderates like Donald Trump.

    1. It pretty much tells you Democrats are pathological liars. They simply can’t help themselves. It’s mostly why they get so much support from people under the age of 35. The people who eventually outgrow pathologically lying also eventually see Democrats for what they are.

      Republicans lie like crazy too, but they have to think about it. For a Democrat, it is pure instinct.

      1. Also consider that GOP candidates have a very real chance of being booted from their cushy job by angry constituents. Democrats have no such fear. All they need to do is promise more free shit and babble on about other crazy things and the vote is automatic.

      2. True. But the lies are so fucking transparent. At this point, it’s not the lying that I object to. It’s the insult to my intelligence that the lie represents. If they think I’ll believe half the shit they’re dishing out, they must think I’m an abject moron.

        1. You must not take it personal.

          When I first listened to Obama lying through his teeth at first though the same thing. Then I realized he wasn’t talking to me.

          He was talking to his cult followers and didn’t give a shit about what I thought.

      3. Hell, I figured out they were always lying when I was 12.

  15. So how exactly did she work the “conspiracy theorist” accusation into her vast conspiracy theory?

  16. Everyone else that Clinton brought into the address?the alt-right, Breitbart, Alex Jones, David Duke, Nigel Farage, Vladimir Putin?was there in a supporting role.

    The alt-right would be likes of Moldbug, Nick Land, and Steve Sailer. Even David Brooks reads Steve Sailer. So does Robbie.

  17. RE: Paul Joseph Watson’s tweet: “Hillary’s direct personal attack on Alex Jones proves we have shook her campaign to the core” WRAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNG! It proves we have SHAKEN her campaign to the core. English, please.

  18. Come on, Jesse. If she overstated alt right influence, it’s by design. Hers isn’t the first campaign to attempt to fix an extreme label on an opponent. It was shrewd politics on her part.

    And to be fair, Trump deserves it.

    Alt right has been fueled by right wing media for years. And you’re sadly mistaken if you think right wing media hasn’t been influential.

    Brietbart? Major player in taking down Eric Cantor. ‘Nuff said.

    1. Matt Drudge and the blue dress.

      1. The Ministey of Truth does not approve.

    2. Hey, jackass shows up for a non-climate related thread.

      hey there jackass!!

    3. I have a feeling I’ll regret agreement, but I agree right wing media has influenced the right, but the left wing media has definitely influenced the left, and the mainstream media affects many on both sides and resembles a more polished and more tone downed version of left wing media.

      But it’s still an interesting point, giving some evidence as to why neither the Ds nor Rs could nominate better candidates, where one could argue more polarized media on both sides and the tone deaf echo chambers which have been erected around media sources, this ends in two presidential nominees, neither of whom are fit for the presidency.

      Though that may also show why Hillary is likely to win, giving evidence that Ds are more brainwashed into identity/team politics than are Rs.

      You see, you have two very bad candidates, but the Ds will still come out in force to prove group identity, so even those Ds who dislike Hillary, will vote for her. The Rs however will lose due to many more staying home and simply not voting for Trump, as they don’t like Trump anyone than many Ds don’t like Hillary, but since they do not care about this team politics crap, they’ll not vote.

      But it’s just a theory…

  19. You have to admit Hilary is a much more practiced liar than Trump.

    1. I’m not sure she practices, it may actually be her superpower which she is unable to turn off.

  20. The star villain was Donald Trump.

    No shit?

  21. Democrats could just as easily tell the truth about everything and it would make zero difference to their campaign. Hillary could stand on stage and say that she’s going to raise taxes on the middle class and poor, that she’s going to sell US influence to the Saudis and even ISIS, that she actually detests her own voters and could care less about them, that she’s going to instruct the justice department to make sure blacks suffer even more under a corrupt judicial system than they do now, etc, etc. It would make zero difference to her voters. They would pull the lever for her just the same and if anyone asks them a day later about all the things she said, they would deny she ever said it. Democrat voters are sheep, that is all. Hillary only lies because it’s her nature. It has no effect on her campaign.

    1. Sad thing is that if she’s elected she’s going to do all of those things…

    2. Over the course of a month I had a prog deny that Obumbles ever said “Under my plan energy prices will necessarily skyrocket” three times even though I showed him the video of Obumbles saying it after each of his denials. I even characterized the quote thusly:

      “He just told you he is going to fuck you to death. There it is on video.”

      After each viewing I could see the confusion on his face. Apparently they can selectively wipe things from memory.

      1. Good thing you didn’t show him the one where he claimed to be a Muslim, or where he said that he could make what happened in Detroit happen everywhere in the nation.

      2. The prog denied Obama three times? His name is Peter, isn’t it.

        1. And then the crow cucked. Or something like that.

    3. :Hillary could stand on stage and say that she’s going to raise taxes on the middle class …:

      She actually did this and the crowd cheered. It was inadvertent ( I think) because she was earlier talking about the riches fair share and all that. But she said it in a loud screech and the crowd roared. It was a Freudian slip kinda thing.

      I can’t believe the Trump team doesn’t have this playing on a loop. If this doesn’t impress Independent voters I can’t imagine what will.

    4. Hillary could stand on stage and say that she’s going to raise taxes on the middle class and poor,

      I’d consider voting for her then: that’s the only way to finance the current welfare state. It’s what Europeans are doing.

  22. All this nasty talk about “alt-right” just makes me want to google them and find out what they’re all about and then make me want to vote for Trump even more.

  23. Did someone yell out “pepe” during the speech?

    1. A plague of racist frogs is about to descend.

      1. NORMIES!!!!


  24. One thing that is cool about the alt-right, and right in general, is that it is an Army of Davids, as Glen Reynolds would say. You don’t have to philosophically agree with them to see their value. Who is going to actually read HRC’s emails. Not the skirts at Fox News or the drones at NPR.

    1. Yes, and their day of revenge cometh. Even if it means the Donald will be king for a day.

      1. They will hack your icloud nudes.

  25. Does this devil Donald image come on a coffee mug? All the progs will love me until I tell them to piss off and go back to their retard space.

    1. “Go back to your retard space” would be a good mug.

    2. When you fill it with hot coffee it turns into a picture a wall.

  26. Her demonization of the alt-right as ‘taking over the party’ allows Republicans to save face and backpedal off support for Trump. It was a pretty brilliant move on her part.

    Jill Stein does not approve of this message.

    1. That the Republican Party has been taken over by right-wing extremists is an evergreen meme among Democrats.

      1. Pro-lgbt, anti-trade, pro-choice, big government right wing extremists. The worst kind of right wing extremist.

  27. I’m a right-wing extremist.

    1. Well, like you had to tell us that, you’re on, duh!

      1. I thought we were way to the right of right-wing extremist. Or is it way to the left of left-wing extremist? I guess it depends on who’s doing the trolling.

    2. Someone asked me not long ago if I was right wing or left wing. I said I would have to move way over to the left to be considered right wing. He was puzzled but didn’t press it.

  28. “Hey, there’s this collection of weirdos who believe in conspiracy theories about Jewish world cabals and white genocide, what should we do about them?”


  29. ‘The Alt-Right Has ‘Effectively Taken Over the Republican Party’

    If only.

  30. Federalist not feeling the love. I have to give at least a couple points for “amalgamated ghosts of old cigarettes”…..bamboozle/

    1. There has to be some percentage of dried up cunt in there somewhere.

  31. Jesse, you missed a rather large one. She accused Trump of promoting the conspiracy that she herself invented and pushed; that Obumbles is not a citizen. The unawareness she assumes about her base are stunning. It couldn’t be worse if she had stood on the stage and looked them in the eye and said “I know you stupid motherfuckers are going to vote for me no matter what I say or do. Now, stand up and applaud.”

    She is right too. Just a few days ago a feminist group declared that they knew Bill Clinton is a rapist but thats ok because at least he is not a Republican or Donald Trump. I don’t know how it could be worse than that.

    1. Jesse, you missed a rather large one. She accused Trump of promoting the conspiracy that she herself invented and pushed; that Obumbles is not a citizen.

      The trouble with levying a charge of hypocrisy here is that she herself never endorsed that theory. It had its first real burst of popularity with her hardcore supporters during the 2008 primary campaign (*), and I’ve seen it plausibly claimed (but not proven) that people working for her played a role in fanning it. But unlike Trump, she didn’t associate herself with it.

      So I didn’t get into it in the post. Too much to unpack.

      (* It may have been circulating on fringe anti-Muslim sites first, but it was the PUMAs who made it popular.)

      1. The trouble with levying a charge of hypocrisy here is that she herself never endorsed that theory.

        Of course not. The Clintons always strive for plausible deniable and having others do their dirty work.

        1. And are always accused of being guilty precisely because they didn’t do anything.

          1. That depends precisely on what the meaning of guilty, do anything, and precisely is, Cockroach.

          2. Hahaha. I bet you even still think Bill is a faithful husband. You’ll fellate any D, won’t you.

  32. Yes, Trump is a scumbag, and that’s why the Clintons have given him back every penny he ever poured into their slush fund, right?

    Oh, wait.


  33. Hillary calling Trump a bigot, a racist, and a sexist is like a dirty cast iron pot calling a slightly stained china teacup “black”.

  34. Um, if the “alt-right” has “taken over” the party, they’re not really very alternative, are they?

    1. She was referring to the movement random outsiders formerly known as demonized as “alt-right”.

  35. Alt-right, isn’t that the keyboard shortcut hillary used to delete her emails?

  36. Hmmm, Alt-Right or Ctrl-Left….?

    VOTE Alt-F4 2016!!!

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  38. The war mongers and sworn enemies of freedom have taken over the democrat party.

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