Trump Campaign Manager Says Undercover Trump Voters Are Out There, U.S. Launches Anti-ISIS Offensive in Syria, China Looks to Mars: P.M. Links


  • NASA explains Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's press conference problem (she doesn't hold any). Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign manager says there may be a lot of undercover Trump voters not reflected in traditional polls. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson qualifies for the Ohio ballot.

  • The U.S. and Turkey launched a joint anti-ISIS offensive in northern Syria.
  • An earthquake in Italy has left at least 120 people dead.
  • At least one person was killed and more than a dozen injured after a "complex" attack on the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul.
  • A British backpacker was stabbed to death in Australia by a French man reportedly yelling "Allahu akhbar."
  • An Earth-like planet has been detected oribiting Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun.
  • China sets its sights on Mars.

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    1. Hello.

      “A British backpacker was stabbed to death in Australia by a French man reportedly yelling “Allahu akhbar.”

      This is getting strange.

      1. +3 Globalization.

        1. Why +3? Is there some sort of scale I am not aware of?

          1. British, Australia, and French.

            1. *France

      2. She was either wearing too much clothing, or not enough.

        1. If you look at the pictures, too much clothing. She was hot.

      3. Balance in the universe. Every time one French person gets ludicrously, aggressively secular, another French person goes mad with zealotry.

  1. Vox? I can’t hear you!

  2. An earthquake in Italy has left at least 120 people dead.

    Refugee problems?

    1. Let the record show Slammer is First. Congrats.

      1. Eddie referenced a link.

        1. My joke sucked

          1. I think that upgrades your chances, actually.

        2. Eddie referenced a link.

          He used the word “Mars,” which indeed the subject of one of the links. Totally not the same as quoting part of a link and making pithy commentary on it.

    2. Congrats, Slammer.

      1. I’ll take a first without Fist. Hat tip, fellas.

        1. I am starting to get worried about Fist. I think we need some sort of Fistervention.


  3. A British backpacker was stabbed to death in Australia by a French man reportedly yelling “Allahu akhbar.”

    Now, *that’s* Globalism!

    1. China sets its sights on Mars.

      Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan were unavailable to comment.

      1. In 2040, China claims the entirety of the Martian hemisphere that their probe landed in due to their ‘historical control’ of the region.

        1. It won’t take that long.

        2. They’ll land their cavalry shortly thereafter.

    2. *did not refresh
      I don’t hate you Rich. I do however think like you sir.

      1. I can’t think a better reason to hate’m though.

        1. I hate myself?

      2. Oh, I do (don’t) do it, too. 😎

  4. Doctors Without Borders Refused to Help American ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller

    In a phone conversation recorded by the Muellers 10 months after their daughter’s kidnapping and provided to ABC News, they asked the group if it would help negotiate for their daughter. “No,” the senior official replied. “So, the crisis management team that we have installed for our five people and that managed the case for our people will be closed down in the next week … because our case is closed.”

    “They’re a fabulous organization, and they do wonderful work,” Carl Mueller told ABC News’ “20/20” in an interview to be broadcast this Friday, “but somewhere in a boardroom, they decided to leave our daughter there to be tortured and raped and ultimately murdered.”

    1. Was this before or after the Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s airstrike on Doctors without Borders in Afghanistan?

      Who started the tit-for-tat?

      1. Obama did the right thing??

        Will wonders never cease?

    2. I used to live around Prescott so I remember this coming up quite a bit. The situation that Kayla Mueller voluntarily put herself in was a textbook example of somebody lying down with dogs and getting fleas, so my heart isn’t going to bleed too much here.

      1. Prescott, Somalia?

        1. It just hasn’t been the same in Somalia since they reimposed taxes.

    3. Marsha and Carl Mueller of Prescott, Arizona, said the group refused to speak with them for months and then withheld critical information provided by freed Doctors Without Borders hostages ? information that directly concerned their daughter and was needed in order to begin negotiations for her release.

      This, for me, is the truly shitty part. She was one of theirs, they didn’t have good enough security to prevent kidnapping and, most egregiously, they stonewalled her parents.

      Sorry, DWB, no donation for you.

      1. She was one of theirs,

        Well that seems to be their specific contention.

        The organization’s top U.S. official said the group had no obligation to help the young American woman.

        “I don’t think there was a moral responsibility,” Jason Cone, MSF’s U.S. executive director, said in an interview with ABC News. “We can’t be in the position of negotiating for people who don’t work for us.” Cone said the group did not ask Mueller to go to Syria and, because of her American citizenship, would have not have permitted her to travel there with MSF.

        I think they’re saying that “simply because she was “near us”” at some point doesn’t require them to expand their mandate.

        That said, the “withholding information” thing sounds pretty douchey.

      2. Seems like the US has been making plenty of donations via Saudi Arabia. Hell, maybe they know something we don’t.

    4. In fairness = what makes MSF unique is that they refuse to get involved in anything except providing medical help to people and remain pretty much entirely neutral

      in the process, yes, they’ll provide band-aids to terrorists, and refuse to intervene in kidnappings.

      i have not read the above article, but i’m just saying, ‘that’s not their mandate’. they’d probably defer to whatever govt/authority is in control of the area.

    5. Carl Mueller told ABC News’ “20/20” in an interview to be broadcast this Friday, “but somewhere in a boardroom, they decided to leave our daughter there to be tortured and raped and ultimately murdered.”

      Maybe instead of bitching, Carl should start a nonprofit called Negotiators without Borders, because Doctors =/= Negotiators.

  5. A British backpacker was stabbed to death in Australia by a French man reportedly yelling “Allahu akhbar.”

    Allahu Akhdropbear!

    1. [golf clap]

  6. China sets its sights on Mars.

    Looks like an anal probe.

    1. Anar plobe

      1. Nice band name.

      2. Rooks rike an anar plobe.

        Is that better lacist?

    2. They all do, BM.

  7. Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Ankara hours after the operation began. Speaking from the Turkish capital, he said Kurdish forces “must move back across the Euphrates River. They cannot, will not, under any circumstance get American support if they do not keep that commitment.”

    There are “no U.S. boots on the ground in Jarablus,” according to an official who added that the U.S. military had given intelligence information to Turkish counterparts. The official said U.S. warplanes destroyed ISIS fighters, fighting positions and mortar positions.

    1. This ‘No boots on the ground’ obsession is starting to sound really deranged and derelict.

  8. A British backpacker was stabbed to death in Australia by a French man reportedly yelling “Allahu akhbar.”

    Unfortunately, we may never know the murderer’s motivation.

    1. Workplace violence, JB. Why must every instance of workplace violence make headlines?

      1. It is not workplace violence.

        It is the lack of work, lack of opportunities, that lead to incidents like this. Australia is letting their French Muslim population down; they must confront their subconscious racism and do much better to avoid these incidents in the future. Things such as free housing, monthly checks, and no questions asked would go a long way to helping French Muslims feel less marginalized in Australian society.

  9. The U.S. and Turkey launched a joint anti-ISIS offensive in northern Syria.

    Kurds hardest hit.

    1. Don’t forget Miss Muffet.

      1. And whey.

      2. Where’s Swiss. I need a ruling here.

  10. Neil deGrasse TysonVerified account
    My sense is that we don’t think enough about how much we collectively, yet unwittingly, force politicians to lie to us.


    1. we… force politicians to lie to us.


      Does deGrasse mean he smokes grass?

      1. We react incorrectly to Hillary’s true goals.

    2. He is in the inner circle of thought. Little brains like you wouldn’t understand.

      1. He is in the derp event horizon.

        1. The only constant for all moral observes is the universal value of c (collectivism).

    3. “If only you wanted us to pursue the policies we like, we wouldn’t have to lie and pretend we opposed those policies, so that we could get elected, go back on our word, and do what we had wanted to do all along.”

    4. Hillary doesn’t want to lie to us. She has to. We forced her to by . . . umm. . . making it illegal to sell access government? Fuck it, I don’t know, but if Neil deGrasse Tyson says it, then it must be true. He’s a scientist, after all

      1. And he made it…POPULAR!

    5. Stop making me hit you!

      1. ^This. Tyson is very much outside his area of competence on this.

        1. You are right. This has nothing to do with imitating Carl Sagan or managing a planetarium.

        2. Tyson has areas of competence?

          Who knew?

    6. Tyson’s exposure in the public sphere has driven in his ego to new heights, and somehow he now believes that he’s a genius in all fields, despite knowing almost nothing outside of his field. I remember him trying to discuss the Columbus exchange in the context of one of his arguments and coming off as completely ignorant of the subject, and people called him on it. On Twitter he’ll spew absolutely meaningless, ‘pithy’ nonsense out and people will gobble it up.

      1. He’s had the “I Fucking LOVE Science”-tards crawling up his ass for so long that his narcissism has gone off the charts in the process.

        Keep in mind that his main goal in life was never to be a research scientist, but a pop scientist pushing Bill Nye the Science Guy-type fluff to kids.

      2. I think there is just something about astrophysicists that makes their ego expand into the emptiness of space.

        1. #DarkMatterLives

    7. Deep thoughts after taking a puff with Neil de Grasse Tyson.

      Wo man.

      1. Hmm, a casual Google fails me, anyone have that Genesee Cream Ale de Grasse Tyson “seeing stars” image?

    8. He means that if politicians were actually honest about being such corrupt technocratic shitweasels and their intent to enslave and plunder us for our own good, we wouldn’t vote for them. Therefore, they have no choice but to lie.

      It’s like how someone doesn’t have any choice but to put a roofie in a girl’s drink because if he actually tried to win her over with his personality, she’d tell him to fuck off.

      Actually, maybe it’s about how because we won’t voluntarily reject capitalism and adopt a scientifically managed economy and society, they have to try to terrify us into accepting it with false stories of global environmental apocalypse. Nah, couldn’t be.

    9. “My sense is that we don’t think enough about how much we collectively, yet unwittingly, force politicians to lie to us.”
      /music plays

  11. A British backpacker was stabbed to death in Australia by a French man reportedly yelling “Allahu akhbar.”

    That’s like a PC headline.

    French is not fully descriptive adjective.

  12. More info about the Turkish incursion*: The Latest: Erdogan says Syrian rebels take back border town

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Syrian opposition forces aided by Ankara have taken back the border town of Jarablus from the Islamic State group.

    During a press statement with visiting U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday, Erdogan also reiterated his opposition to a future role for Syrian President Bashar Assad, saying the country could never “reach democracy” under his leadership.

    Erdogan said the Syrian rebels, “together with those who are from Jarablus, have now taken it back.” He says the rebels have taken over “government and official residences,” and IS “has been forced to leave Jarablus.”

    Biden meanwhile said Washington supported the Turkish-led operation in Jarablus and that the United States provided air cover.

    Biden said: “We strongly support what the Turkish military has done, we have been flying air cover for them,” adding that “we believe very strongly that the Turkish border should be controlled by Turkey.”

    1. Mmm, yes, I’m sure those rebels are mighty interested in democracy.

    2. Erdogan also reiterated his opposition to a future role for Syrian President Bashar Assad, saying the country could never “reach democracy” under his leadership.

      Something something pot something kettle?

    3. Democracy schmocracy.

      “The right to vote is a consequence, not a primary cause, of a free social system?and its value depends on the constitutional structure implementing and strictly delimiting the voters’ power; unlimited majority rule is an instance of the principle of tyranny.” –Ayn Rand

  13. ?The U.S. and Turkey launched a joint anti-ISIS offensive in northern Syria.

    And Code Pink, Michael Moore, and various rock musicians and celebrities immediately began protesting their opposition to this illegal and unnecessary war.

    Hahaha, just kidding! War is only bad when a Republican is in office.

  14. Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri:Slide Depicting Hillary Clinton as Insider Threat Removed at Base, Official Says

    The PowerPoint slide, which also included retired Gen. David Petraeus as an example of a careless or disgruntled employee, was removed from a training presentation, an Army official said Tuesday.

    1. From the comments” To be fair this slide only parroted what the FBI Directer said.

    2. SAMUEL JOHNSON: “Well, Boswell, if you *really* wish to see the cipher we use in our communications with our spies in France, then here, but don’t let anyone know it came from me. Now, how about a little slap and tickle, eh?”

  15. China sets its sights on Mars.

    Really, a communist country sets its sights on an icy planet named after the god of war?

      1. Thank you, PUPB.

  16. The Young Turks decide to interview Gary Johnson supporters

    Interviewer is typical TYT asshole looking for something to mock, seems to fail. Even the commenters are widely favorable to them.

    1. I hope the GJ supporters brought up the genocide of the Armenians.

    2. Credit where credit’s due, he doesn’t turn off the mike and constantly act like a condescending prick, which makes him a better interviewer than Cenk Uygur.

      1. That guy is such a moron.

      2. Yeah, right at the beginning I thought he seemed like an ass hat.

    3. Even the commenters are widely favorable to them

      Well, except for the fucking commies spouting off about bourgeois horse shit, claiming it’s “violence”.

      1. If you’ve ever seen typical youtube comments, those are overwhelmingly favorable and generous.

        Normally its like a bottomless black hole of derp.

        MasterOctagon3 weeks ago
        Gotta hand it to Gary; his people are very informed.?
        haylajacquelyn3 weeks ago
        I don’t agree with libertarians but they seem like much more reasonable people then the average conservative.

        LaviArray3 weeks ago
        You know what? I might disagree with them on a couple of things, but it at least seems like they have thought about their positions for more than half a second.

        ringodooby3 weeks ago
        These guys are more interesting and well spoken than their candidate?

        Goofy89073 weeks ago
        Yeah, these people actually have arguments that are fair and allow for discussion
        These people should not in any way be associated with or mistaken for Republicans?

        andrew minard3 weeks ago
        i like that if they don’t know the answer, they say so.?

        khknight3 weeks ago
        Libs= what the republicans should be?

        CourageousBeard3 weeks ago
        What’s this? A reasonable, articulate right wing party that ISN’T filled with Christianists?! Fantastic!?

        Frank B3 weeks ago
        I might disagree with these guys but at least I can respect them

        then you get into a few naysayers, but that’s the general reaction.

        1. CourageousBeard3 weeks ago
          What’s this? A reasonable, articulate right wing party that ISN’T filled with Christianists?! Fantastic!?

          Why the surprise? The LP has been around for over forty years.

        2. Why is libertarianism always reflexively associated with “right wing” by so many people? I will never understand that as long as I live.

          1. We hate Welfare and unions, and don’t all tow the party lion on abortion…

            1. The Lp has had a pro-choice plank in its party platform since 1972.

              “Pro-life” libertarians showed up in the party with the Ron Paul mailing lists in 1988.

              Before that the pro-choice plank was not controversial at all.


    BIAS ALERT: Professor says Trump is so bad, class doesn’t have to be balanced

    Critics have accused academia of subtly indoctrinating students with a liberal agenda for years, but the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency has brought one Pennsylvania political science professor out into the open.

    Gettysburg College Prof. Kathleen Iannello announced in an Op-Ed penned for that she will not even try to treat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and GOP choice Trump equally because, in her mind, Trump is a “lightning rod for promoting further hate.”

    “My approach for the fall semester will be boldly honest: It is a disservice to students to attempt to provide balance when I know that balance is an offense to the truth,” Iannello wrote.

    1. Does she write for WIRED?

    2. The interesting thing is that she teaches in the engineering department.

      /just kidding
      /I think

      1. Yes, a political science professor teaching engineering would be unusual

        1. Political ‘science’. Heh. You said science. Heh.

    3. Critics have accused academia of subtly indoctrinating students with a liberal agenda for years

      No, they’ve been pretty open about their political biases for quite a few decades now.

  18. China sets its sights on Mars.

    The Little Red Planet?

    1. You went there. Nice.

  19. Californians overwhelmingly support ENDING taxes!!!….
    (on tampons)

    1. I though CA needs money.

      Can’t they make the tax 76.4% of the rate for men’s products?

      1. Got em

    2. Is toilet paper taxed?

      1. Shit yeah.

      2. Fair question because as a man, I don’t use toilet paper after I pee, so it’s really a greater burdon on the ladies.

        1. What kind of neanderthal doesn’t dab?

          1. Who wipes?
            /King Julian

  20. Clinton to be questioned under oath on origins of email server

    Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, … said the questionnaire, which Clinton will be forced to complete within 30 days of receipt, will drill down on the Democratic nominee’s shifting stories about why she relied on an unauthorized email network.

    I trust the JW people are making these questions, um, Clinton-proof.

    Hey, contest! What question would *you* ask Hillary?

    I’ll kick it off with: “If God can do anything, can He make a rock so big He can’t pick it up?”

    1. Pretty sure questions have to be relevant to the material produced under discovery.

      1. “Goes to mindset, Your Honor.”

    2. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  21. Has anyone blamed global warming for the earthquake in Italy yet? I’m sure someone has.

    1. Europe’s boot was on too tight.

    2. That particularly earthquake? No, but…

    3. I’m sure there will be arrests for failing to predict it shortly.

    4. How many scientists will be charged with murder for not predicting this one?

    5. Bill Nye The Retard Guy is on it.


    Second Amendment backers arm up with ink and paper to battle California’s ‘Gunmageddon’

    Barry Bahrami went from incredulous to angry last month when California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a batch of firearms control laws known collectively as “Gunmageddon.”

    Then, the San Diego-based CEO became determined to fight back against the laws, which take aim at so-called assault weapons, enforce ammunition background checks, mostly take effect Jan. 1 and outlaw the possession of high-capacity magazines and ban the “bullet buttons” that enable their swift replacement.

    “These laws are completely insane to almost anyone with a real knowledge of firearms, and I did not think Gov. Brown would sign them,” Bahrami told “Many California gun owners are still unaware they will be criminals soon.”

    1. And to top it all off, Gavin Newsom is up to more shenanigans.

      I can’t stand that f***er.

    2. “Gunmageddon.”

      I suppose Godzilla already destroyed Tokyo?

  23. Leslie Jones:Comedian’s Website Gets Hacked, Revealing Documents and Nude Photos, Report Says was shut down on Wednesday after hackers included photos of her passport and driver’s license, as well as nude photos possibly taken from her iCloud account, Variety reported.

    1. Nude Photos, Report Says


    2. The media is phrasing this as horrifying. Like in terms we are supposed to feel bad for her.

      Who feels bad for me for the people who had to see Leslie Jones naked? WHO is looking out for them, damn it?!

      1. Twitter progressives: this is racist and a hate crime! Also, sexist.…..d=41627046

        I say – watch out with who you fuck with online. Those young white dudes they like to so viciously attack and get banned tend to be the ones with the actual ability to fuck your shit up.

        1. Stealing Hulk Hogan’s sex tape, on the other hand, was perfectly OK.

          1. I was going to say, presumably Reason doesn’t think this thief should be ruined if he or she publishes the data.

        2. All I know is that Milo is gonna be banned from somewhere over this.

    3. I am going to go out on a limb and suggest many claims of being “hacked” are bullshit attempts to gain attention

      1. This particular one doesn’t seem likely to be that way, given what was apparently put out there and all the hate I’ve seen her get in the past few months

  24. Stockpile food in case of attack, Germany tells citizens

    The plan marks the first broad update since 1995, when a dismantling of federal civil defence structures was advocated as security policies were eased in the wake of German reunification.

    But the 69-page document warned that “the security policy environment has changed again”.

    Critics however accused Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “grand” right-left coalition of scaremongering ahead of key state elections in September.

    And the population took to social media to deride the strategy, with the hashtag #hamsterkaeufe (squirrelling away) and photos of the furry rodent widely circulating on Twitter.

    69? It’s always sexual with those people.

    1. Hey, no shit. I heard a Hillary ad that says Trump has talked about using nukes against our Western allies. Those Germans, French, Dutch, Brits, etc. better beware.


    Deaf driver’s shooting death by North Carolina trooper under investigation

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. ? The North Carolina Highway Patrol is urging people to not jump to conclusions as state agents investigate how a deaf driver with a history of minor offenses ended up dead after leading a trooper on a 10-mile chase.

    The family of Daniel Kevin Harris said he was unarmed and suggested the sequence of events last week was a tragic misunderstanding ? the type the state’s training manual warns troopers to avoid when dealing with the hearing impaired.

    The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, Secretary Frank Perry of the state Department of Public Safety said in a news release.

    “Let us all refrain from making assumptions or drawing conclusions prior to the internal and independent reviews” by the patrol, the State Bureau of Investigation and the district attorney, said Perry, whose agency oversees the Highway Patrol.

    1. I was waiting when someone was gonna link to this. It made news up here.

      1. Cops behave like cops. This doesn’t surprise me anymore.

        1. It is to David French though.

          ‘He should have learned to act not deaf!’

    2. “Leading police on a ten mile chase” = “Didn’t pull over immediately because didn’t hear sirens because deaf”

      1. Further west in NC a lot of the cop cars have shrunk their lights so far from the old ‘bubblegum machine’ days that it’s hard to notice they are even on.
        In the old days you could see the flashing blue lights from a damn long way off, now in some cases even though the cars are marked the only lights are LED’s embedded in the headlights.
        I’ve spoken with officers who hate them because they often have to hit the siren to draw attention that they are even back there.
        The guy could have done a runner, but could just as easily not have noticed the lights and if you can’t hear the siren……

  26. New York Times says suspected Russian hackers targeted Moscow bureau

    Surprisingly, no comparison is made to Obama Admin wiretaps of the Associated Press/Fox reporters, or of the NSA’s open-ended surveillance of, well, everyone

    1. HAHAHAHA.

      If it was GWB wiretapping the AP, the NYT would have gone apeshit.

      If a Democrat violates the constitution and BoR, it’s all in the country’s best interests.

    2. Surprisingly, no comparison is made to Obama Admin wiretaps of the Associated Press/Fox reporters, or of the NSA’s open-ended surveillance of, well, everyone

      Not all that surprising, actually. The media knows Obama is just doing it because he loves them.

  27. I wonder if The Constitution would allow us to tally his age in dog years…

    Dog elected for third term as mayor of Minnesota town

    Duke the Great Pyrenees is the only dog that’s ever been elected mayor in America, and he proudly serves the people of Cormorant, a tiny Western Minnesota town with about 1,000 residents. He was just reelected for his third year-long term.

    Locals say Duke has a high approval rating.

    “I don’t know who would run against him,” Karen Nelson told WDAY 6. “He’s done such great things for the community.”

    According to Duke’s owner David Rick, the pup was originally elected by accident via write-in votes. Only 12 votes were reportedly cast in that 2014 election.

    Duke 2016!

    1. It’s high time to term-limit Duke. He’s been in office for like 20 dog years. There are adult dogs today in Cormorant who have never known a time when Duke wasn’t running the show.

    2. Does he still shit on the carpet?

      1. I bet he’s better behaved than LBJ.

  28. Warren, Ohio:Police Arrest Man They Say Was Masturbating on Sidewalk While Acting Like a Gorilla

    Timothy Cook, 32, was charged with disorderly conduct by police, who said he was “squatting on all fours, punching the blacktop and jumping up and down” in documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

    1. Dicks Out for Harambe, pigs!

    2. Tim Cook! How could you!

      Eh, not that Tim Cook, bud.



  29. Encyclopedia Britannica starts an editorial section, probably shouldn’t do that. These are the five “worst U.S. Supreme Court decisions” since 2000. I think you can guess the five.

    My favorite might be this bit in the Citizens United entry:

    Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission is notorious for having invalidated a century of campaign-finance reform, helping to bring about the current hugely corrupt American system, in which major candidates and elections are effectively purchased in secret by billionaires. The decision is odious and well worthy of inclusion in this list solely for that reason, but it also merits mention for having enshrined, if not invented, a debased view of the First Amendment whereby campaign contributions count as “speech,”

    On that bold part, from the same guy’s Official entry on the case:

    the U.S. Supreme Court on January 21, 2010, ruled (5?4) that laws preventing corporations and unions from using general treasury funds for independent electioneering communications violate the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech.

    1. If actual historians wrote that shit, they should be ashamed. But won’t be.

      1. Brian Duignan is senior editor in philosophy at Britannica.

        Based on what he wrote, it’s safe to say his life is a waste.

    2. Crucially, no anticorruption interest is sufficient,

      Ask the same people who wrote this about Hillary, and watch them shriek about a lack of evidence.

    3. Any list of “worst cases in the last ~20 years” that doesn’t include Kelo v. New London or Heien v. North Carolina is just ego-fluffing bullshit.

      1. I forgot Gonzales v. Raich, another gem.

      2. But Heller overruled 200 years of jurisprudence! All for the sake of some “individual right” nonsense!

        The word “militia” is right there at the start of the amendment, damn it!

        1. The inclusion of Bush v. Gore is particularly telling, and it’s the first one listed to boot. Because nothing is more important than whether or not some horse race was endlessly retallied.

          1. It’s in chronological order

      3. The second Obamacare ruling, the one that ignored the law’s own definition for the purpose of the law of the word “state”, is another one.

        1. Agreed, but I was trying to avoid the political hot potatoes in my critique. Honestly, I would take most of that list and call them “some of the best SCOTUS decisions of the last 20 years”.

          Except Bush v. Gore. The legal importance of that case is roughly on par with the lunch menu for the Supreme Court building.

    4. The Heller entry is hilarious.

    5. Authoritarian fuckbag laments expansions of liberty. It rains in England. Someone takes a shit and flushes it down their toilet. What else is new?

      Fuck that guy.

  30. Progressives gaze at the sublime spectacle of nature, and think = PROBLEMATIC

    The Grand Canyon = Racist. Because minorities are under-represented as tourists.

    Because everyone should want to marvel at holes in the ground in identical proportions. And how dare anyone think that there are any areas of life where petty identity-politics aren’t *relevant*?

    The history of minorities in national parks isn’t always well-known. An annual pilgrimage to Yosemite’s Sing Peak honors Chinese Americans. Frazer Point in Maine’s Acadia National Park is named for a freed black slave who built a homestead on land that became part of the park. Those types of stories are important in selling national parks to minorities, Grand Canyon intern Iesha Baldwin said.

    I’d hate it if people ventured into the wilderness and came to the realization that the minor differences between human beings are trivial compared to the scope of variety in nature, and led them to any feeling of common humanity. That would be terrible. What the parks need to do force tourists to ensure constant reminders of progressive race-narratives, paid for on the taxpayer’s dime. That will surely ‘solve’ some problem that never existed before now.

    1. “The history of minorities in national parks isn’t always well-known.”

      Probably because it isn’t an actual field of inquiry because no one had ever saw fit to study such a stupid subject.

    2. Just remember, all of those idiot grievance studies majors migrate to positions in government with the intention of starting projects like this. All for the greater good.

      Makin’ Ayn Rand correct, one diversity initiative at a time.

      1. See also, the transition of the Hugos into the Balph Eubank Awards.

    3. Grand Canyon intern?

      What in holy fuck is that supposed to mean?

      “I’m studying to be a big hole in the ground.”

  31. More proof of my theory that The Wire explains almost everything

    Reuters Front Page Photo for story on Italian Earthquake

    The Wire explanation

  32. China sets its sights on Mars.

    Oh, God. Not another race to space.

    Weren’t Americans impoverished enough after the last race to the moon?

    1. Um….we already have orbiters and rovers so they’d have to do something super special to “beat” us in any meaningful way. Sample return mission is about the only thing they could do with that, and it’s expensive and difficult. Finding life would also be good, but that’s more luck over skill.

    2. But, but… ball bearings and color TV!

  33. Regarding the Mars plans of the PRC: This is all unmanned stuff – an orbiter and a rover. It’s high risk in the sense that if it fails (for whatever reason) it will be embarrassing to them. But they really need a substantial “first” which means manned Mars mission (very expensive) or a manned lunar colony (also expensive, but more practical).

  34. Obamacare Website No Longer Addresses ‘You Can Keep Your Doctor’ has disappeared references to Obama’s failed promise.

    See? The administration *eventually* gets around to transparency.

    1. Apparently “understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within” is code for fuck whitey. It’s not even concealed anymore, how the fuck did we get here?

    2. Are they stopping them from doing something, going someplace, continuing to exist?

      Stop White People [from getting more than 12 minutes of high-UV sun exposure without sunscreen] in 2016 could be a great community service.

      1. Stop and lecture them on their privilege, or something.

        I am sure that heckling people about their skin color is going to lead to good places.

        1. I wonder if an enterprising young satirist could re-purpose The White Man’s Burden for this.

          1. Some relevance to today…

            “Take up the White Man’s burden?

            And reap his old reward:

            The blame of those ye better

            The hate of those ye guard-“

    3. Shouldn’t there be 3 K’s in that hashtag?

    4. “Urenna Nwogwugwu”

  35. David Axelrod:Former Barack Obama Strategist Says Hillary Clinton ‘Should Not Joke’ About Email Server

    “She’s done this a few times. She’s seemed flippant about it. Obviously there are concerns about how she handled these emails. And all these jokes fall flat,” Axelrod said on CNN’s “New Day.”


    Dozens Shot, Four Killed over Weekend in Gun-controlled Chicago

    Dozens were shot?four fatally?over the weekend in heavily gun controlled Chicago.
    This death and violence follows the 52 who were shot?nine fatally?during the previous weekend in Chicago.

    According to ABC News, a 7-year-old girl was among the wounded. She was shot while attending “a vigil for another shooting victim.” A 36-year-old woman was also shot while attending that vigil.

    At one point during the weekend ? “an intense 14-hour stretch of violence that ran from Saturday into Sunday” ? someone was shot in Chicago “every 33 minutes.” The Chicago Tribune reported the same portion of the weekend ? “from Saturday afternoon to early Sunday” ? was especially violent last weekend too. During that time alone, “five people were killed and at least 19 others were wounded.”

    Forty-nine people were shot, nine fatally, two weekends ago, and “52 people were shot, seven of them fatally” the weekend before.

    1. Indiana gets blamed for this by the gun grabbers.

      But if you ask them why Indiana doesn’t cause violence just 2 miles further north in the same city, it’s crickets.

      1. European hoplophobes I’ve debated in the past on this topic tend to enjoy using this exact argument — that were freer, better localities to relinquish their liberties and forbid the ownership of firearms, shitholes like Chicago would become Paradise.

      2. I live in North Minneapolis, where there a poor people from every race and yet the only folks shooting each other are black males. Why aren’t the poor Hmong, Karen and Hispanic males shooting each other? After all, they are poor and unemployed as well.

    2. I don’t know Chicago’s geopraphy at all. Can anyone tell me if this is widespread throughout the city, or is in concentrated in really bad small areas?

      1. concentrated in “under-served” and “oppressed” areas but not exactly small maybe medium sized.

      2. It’s pretty concentrated in a few not so small areas, but it’s a big city. A lot of the south side is bad, and parts of the west side are bad, and some of the north side is not so good (Rogers Park seems like it should have gentrified a lot more by now)

    3. Just imagine how bad things would be without gun control.

  37. After talking online to some HRC supporters, I’ve decided that they are incorrigible dipshits who will tolerate all sorts of shenanigans because TEAM. Her incessant lying, hypocrisy, and out-in-the-open corruption: none of it matters.

    If you try educating them and showing them what they don’t see on Slate and Salon and Vox, it’s “LALALA – I can’t hear you.”

    1. Were you expecting something else? TEAM is all they’ve got. They certainly can’t support her based on her accomplishments.


    Federal judge denies last-minute attempt to block guns in Texas classrooms

    A federal judge has denied a last-minute attempt by professors to block a new Texas law that allows concealed handguns in college classrooms, buildings and dorms.

    The decision Monday comes two days before the fall semester begins at the University of Texas at Austin. The 50,000-student campus has led opposition to the law since it was signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott last year.

    Three professors claimed in a lawsuit that guns in classrooms could be dangerous when discussions wade into politically charged topics.

    The professors claimed the law is unconstitutional and their First and 14th Amendments were being violated, CBS affiliate KEYE reported.

    1. Give it 2 years.

      There will be no violence and these fools will eventually shut their mouths. That is if they don’t sh1t their pants and move out of state because of the campus carry law.

      1. Please. Nobody is quitting one of the best-funded universities in the world and moving out of state unless they already have an offer from Stanford of the Ivy League. There are literally thousands of adjuncts who would apply that very day.

        1. One guy quit Texas A&M he said because of the gun rule.

          He had taught there for 30 years though so he was probably retiring and throwing out a little social signal on the way out the door.

      2. They’ll migrate to New Hampshire to help the Massholes fuck it up.


    South Dakota joins Second Amendment battle

    PIERRE, SD (KELO-AM) South Dakota has joined a gun control legal battle in Washington D.C.

    The District of Columbia banns the carrying of firearms unless a citizen can provide “good reason” for doing so. State Attorney General Marty Jackley says that violates the Second Amendment.

    South Dakota is among 16 states that have joined an amicus brief, supporting a district court decision that found the gun restrictions unconstitutional. The case is ‘Matthew Grace v. District of Columbia’.

    ” As Attorney General, I have a strong interest in the protection of our law-abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms,” says Jackley. The brief argues that the Amici States have a compelling interest in promoting public safety, preventing crime, and reducing the harmful effects of firearm violence without infringing the constitutional rights of their citizens.

    1. Does the radio station fight against eminent domain abuse?

  40. Young Republicans and Young Democrats Work Together for Louisiana Flood

    With floods still raging across many parts of the Louisiana, taking lives, leaving homes and businesses destroyed, and spreading uncertainty for the future of countless individuals, the Texas Young Republicans and the Texas Young Democrats are setting aside political differences to help storm victims find relief in these most troubling of times.

    As Dallas News reports, the initiative was kickstarted by the chairperson of the Young Republicans, who wanted to find a way to provide Louisiana residents with much-needed supplies like household items, diapers, first aid products and school supplies.

    Soon, members of the Young Democrats joined in, and their combined relief efforts are already making considerable headway in helping flood victims get back on their feet, even as the waters have yet to recede.

  41. A British backpacker was stabbed to death in Australia by a French man reportedly yelling “Allahu akhbar.”

    Thank you, NRA bastards!

      1. Thank you India
        Thank you terror
        Thank you disillusionment
        Thank you frailty
        Thank you consequence
        Thank you thank you silence

        1. I hate you so much right now.

          1. How bout unabashedly bawling your eyes out

            1. My wife once had me take her to an Alanis Morisette/Matchbox Twenty concert. Alanis actually was kind of nice to see live, but still!

              1. Matchbox Twenty concert

                How ’bout no longer being masochistic

              2. She claims that she wrote every song on Jagged Little Pill in under an hour. And they sound it.

                Even in a world with The Eagles, this was dreadful.

    1. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced in a high-pitched Helium scream!

    2. Lame, use hydrogen like a grown up. Helium is for running MRI machines.

  42. Top 100 Films of the (only 16 year-old) 21st Century, According to BBC

    I’m a David Lynch fan, but this is fucking stupid

    At best the past 20 years deserves a “top 10 so far” or something. And their Top 10 is horrible by that measure. “There Will Be Blood” certainly ranks, but hardly anything else does. I’d maybe argue City of God deserves to be higher up there. Maybe that Miyazaki (why not). but most of the rest of their top 20, 50, is a bunch of Netflix-queue horseshit.

    as a complete side note, i’d probably nominate “Moon” one of the top 20 best films of the last 20 years simply for the fact that it succeeded marvelously with a very unique film-concept.

    1. Sharknado I
      Sharknado II
      The Room
      Green Lantern

      I can’t think of anything worthy of comparison with these.

      1. They up to Sharknado 4, and I think they’re making a 5

      2. Kung Fury #1 movie of all time

    2. A subject on which I disagreed with everyone else who watched it was ‘Interstellar’. I fucking loved that movie.

      1. I liked it also.

        You don’t have to feel so all alone.

    3. At least Zodiac is pretty high up on the list.

      1. No John Wick and no In The Loop, and more importantly no Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

    4. ‘Children of Men’ was particularly overrated dreck, and bursting with overt progressive propaganda.

      1. Yep. It had a few interesting long-takes, but aside from that, could have been a shitty made-for-tv movie.

      2. Yep. It’s darkly amusing how a lot of media made within a few years of 2006 has aged–the anti-war themes really stick out to me in particular, given the almost instantaneous disappearance of the so-called anti-war movement… who were probably abducted by aliens or something. Man, those folks just vanished.

      3. I love Clive Owen, but yeah it was overrated

        1. Croupier

          that is all.

          1. I took that out from the library a few years ago just because he was in it, I wasn’t disappointed

      4. Progressive? The notion that humanity would go to shit without the hope that children represent? Sounds more like Eddie propaganda. I doubt progressives even saw that world as a dystopia.

    5. That No Country for Old Men is as low as #10 is a travesty of a sham of a mockery.

    6. Would’ve taken me at least 500 guesses to say “Mulholland Drive” as the #1 film of the current century, and I liked it quite a bit

      On the plus side, “Memento” (#25) ranked higher than the other Nolan films, “The Dark Knight” (#33) and “Inception” (#51).

      Big negative though for “EuroTrip” not making the list.

      1. Big negative though for “EuroTrip” not making the list.

        Didn’t make it, huh? Fuck ’em–that was so surprisingly hilarious. Hell, they went on to give us The League, so it should be on that list somewhere.

        “Well, there’s your R rating, right there.”

        1. “Is there a train coming soon?”
          “Yes, very soon. They are building it now.”

          That’s one of my favorite lines in any comedy, ever.

      2. Would’ve taken me at least 500 guesses to say “Mulholland Drive” as the #1 film of the current century,

        agreed. i don’t think its any dig on the film at all, but just don’t think its really that relevant. its not even a movie that most would even moderately enjoy, compared to other Lynch films. its pick as “the best of the best” says way more about the critics than it does anything about movies.

    7. Not a single Fast n Furious movie? I am shocked.

      1. Right?! Not even 2fast.

    8. AI? Really?

      1. I had a friend who thought it was amazing, hectored me to watch it forever and I didn’t get what was so great about it.

      2. Critics act like AI was actually a Kubrick film simply re-assembled by Spielberg

    9. Requiem for Dream gets a courtesy add and AI makes the real list? Fucking Brits.

      1. Yeah, i would have put that in contention for top 10

    10. Did ‘Hobo with a shot gun’ and ‘Snakes on a plane’ make the cut?

    11. Such lists will always be stupid and contentious. This one’s not godawful.

    12. Michael Bay is no where to be found on that list!

    13. Looks very close to this composite list:

      Shouldn’t you try to differentiate yourself and proselytize for some underrated movies (since we’re oversaturated with these silly hivemind lists anyway) if you’re writing up one of these lists anew?

      They’re fine choices of movies, mostly.

      Just the lists are boring, pointless clickbait. Give us some polemical controversy!


    State Department Warns Travelers That Iran Is Looking to Capture Americans

    Thirty-seven years of soft-pedaling the gangster nature of the Iranian state may be changing as the State Department has finally warned Americans not to travel to Iran due to the eagerness of the mullahs to capture Americans.

    You don’t think the $400 million ransom payment has anything to do with Iran’s desire to take more Americans hostage, do you?

    The latest travel advisory, which emphasizes Iran’s desire to capture U.S. citizens, comes on the heels of a growing scandal over the Obama administration’s decision to pay Iran $400 million in cash on the same day that it freed several U.S. hostages.
    The payment has been cast by lawmakers and others as a ransom payment and prompted concern among U.S. officials that Iran is making arresting Americans a priority.

    1. You get more of what you reward. That should be an iron law or something.

      1. The consequences for detaining American citizens should be so severe as to terrify foreign governments away from the practice.

    2. *sigh*

      For the last time, that wasn’t a ransom payment. The American government was just freely, freely, mind you, handing over cash that should have been Iran’s anyway but was frozen when the Shah was overthrown and replaced by theocratic maniacs calling for the destruction of America, and Obama only handed it over in that secret way because doing it through banks would have been a violation of U.S. laws prohibiting financial institutions from doing business with known supporters of terrorism which…um…yeah…and another thing that timing and the Iranians refusal to release the hostages let their friends go home until the money arrived…well, that was just toats a coincidence.


        *Masturbates furiously, yelps “BARACK!” repeatedly.*


      2. Obama only handed it over in that secret way because doing it through banks would have been a violation of U.S. laws prohibiting financial institutions from doing business with known supporters of terrorism which…um…yeah

        Wasn’t this, like, a major scandal when the Reagan administration did it?

        1. Dammit, how did I not notice that makes it all okay? REAGAN DID IT FIRST!

          Democrats: Taking corruption from a serious violation of the public trust to standard operating procedure

    3. Thomas Jefferson made the first ransom.tribute payment to the Pasha during the Barbary Pirate Wars.

      He paid $50K on the very eve of a military victory.

      We have always paid ransom.

      We have just always done it secretly and denied doing so.

      I don’t see why the first 1.5 billion shouldn’t have been enough though. Obama doesn’t seem to be much of a negotiator. If he even really cared.

      400 million was as bad as trading 5 Guantanamo detainees for 1 army deserter.

      1. The man is an amazing negotiator. You should have seen how many beans he got for our cow.

  44. Monsanto pulls new GM cotton seed from India in protest

    A letter sent by Monsanto’s local partner in India, the conglomerate’s biggest market outside the Americas, strongly objects to a government proposal that would force Monsanto to share its technology with local seed companies.

    The company is also at loggerheads with India over how much it can charge for its genetically modified cotton seeds, costing it tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue every year.

    1. “We’re Monsanto, not Mon-Santa!”

      1. ALTERNATE JOKE: “We only share our seed with very special people.”

  45. Obama Waves Hand, Declares Vast Swath of Land “Federal Park”
    Locals tell him to fuck off

    …residents in towns near the proposed parkland voted against its creation. The governor and legislature opposed it, and Maine’s congressional delegation refused to introduce the measure necessary to create a national park, which requires an act of Congress…. Maine Gov. Paul R. LePage (R) said it “demonstrates that rich, out-of-state liberals can force their unpopular agenda on the Maine people against their will.”

    Silly citizens.

    What’s sort of ridiculous is the idea that land, sans ‘federal protection’, is by default, “unprotected”. anyone who’s spent any time up in that area of the country knows that 99% of it is pretty wild-as-fuck, regardless of who happens to have title on the dirt.

    1. “We’re Monsanto, non Mon-Santa!”

    2. The ideal response from Maine’s authorities would be to declare that federal entities attempting to enforce the edict would be treated as hostile, and that deadly force would be used in repulsing federal agents.

    3. According to the administration, everyone supported it, hunnert percent:

      “Following years of support from many local and state elected officials, tribal leaders, businesses and members of the public across the state, this designation will build on the robust tradition of growing the park system through private philanthropy, and will reinforce the need to continue protecting our great outdoors as we enter the second century of the National Park Service,” the statement said.

      1. Its sort of standard progressive rhetoric to insist without a hint of doubt that “Everyone” demands [whatever you’re proposing]

        Obama’s use of body-stand-ins behind all his speeches is like the visual version of this.

        They are constantly insisting that progressive ideas are far more ‘popular’ than they actually are. Its like a stuart smalley kind of mental-tic. “Everyone Loves Me!! Everyone Thinks We’re Very Smart”!

        It provides justification for asserting authority over everyone – pretending that “The People” demand it.

    4. East Coast where rare bird species like gray jays

      Even more rare than Gay Jays in public office.

    5. St. Clair altered the family’s strategy and began trying to convince the Obama administration to designate the land a national monument.

      Jesus… one guy petitioned another guy and *poof* land is off-limits.

      1. The article doesn’t actually say who owns the land. It seems to me tat if St Clair owns the land it’s nobody’s business if if donates it to the federal government for any purpose at all.

        If, OTOH, he’s not donating anything at all, and advocating that someone else’s property become a national park, that’s a different story.

        It seemed to me that this might be a story about people who won’t let a landowner do what he wants with his property. Unfortunately the article doesn’t make clear who is doing what here.

  46. Ben Carson: What You Don’t Know About The Liberty Bell

    Perhaps the least known part of its history, and the most intriguing, is that it was the abolitionists who gave the Liberty Bell its famous name. The bell is inscribed with Leviticus 25:10, “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” The verse refers to the Year of Jubilee when slaves were to be set free in accordance with Hebrew tradition. William Lloyd Garrison, abolitionist and publisher of The Liberator, seizing upon the verse’s true context, re-printed a poem, “The Liberty Bell,” in 1844. The poem’s potent line “Ring it, til the slave be free” was a rebuke; that despite its inscription, the bell did not proclaim liberty to all the inhabitants of the land so long as slavery was allowed to persist.

    1. I heard it was used to store wheat too.

      1. You wanna fuck with the doctor?
        Need help with your brain?
        I’ll leave your ass in a sarcophagus
        Covered in grain

    2. The whole thing cracks me up.

    3. It was also cracked outside of Patrick’s Pub (the liberty bar) after Dee flew away on a broomstick

  47. Undercover Trump

    That’s just begging for a SF interpretation.

    1. That’s when you pay a Mexican immigrant to steal Trump’s hairpiece mid-coital thrust.

  48. Hillary Clinton has a new book coming out next month? “It Takes A Village To Satisfy My Husband’

    1. 8/10 memetic fusion

    2. “Dreams Of Your Daughter”

  49. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager says there may be a lot of undercover Trump voters not reflected in traditional polls.

    They’re Vote Elves who live under the floorboards and only come at night.

  50. George H.W. Bush actually ratcheted up the number of press conferences, but the pattern went into reverse under Bill Clinton’s administration.

    If I put on my angry, media-bias tinfoil hat, I’d argue that the pattern: Republicans giving press conferences, Democrats (Clintons) not, I’d suggest it’s because they don’t need to. Democrats seem to hold in thrall a pretty good number of journalists and mainstream media outlets, who sort of do the talking for them.

    Up on Cripple creek… so to speak.

  51. More Europeans turning to firearms following terrorist attacks ? report

    Applications for gun permits are climbing in at least three European countries, according to figures cited by Reuters.

    In the Czech Republic, the number of gun permit holders grew by almost 6,000 to nearly 300,000 in the first five months of 2016.

    The report comes after Czech President Milos Zeman announced he was in favor of residents owning firearms in the wake of the Munich mall shooting in July.

    “Citizens should be able to arm themselves…in order to be able to act against these terrorists,” he told TV Nova at the time.

    If only our Prime Minister were as enlightened.

    1. Step 1: Take away everyone’s guns and promise to protect them
      Step 2: Fail miserably at protecting them and deflect blame
      Step 3: ???
      Step 4: Profit!

      1. Well, you have guns and they don’t, so what are they going to do but keep paying and pretending like they enjoy their service? Profit indeed.

    1. It’s ’cause y’all so rich.

      1. It’s Canadian money, so…

    2. Stop complaining you right-wing Harpie.

      We’re so lucky to live in a country that has the courage to vote for Trudeau, has FREE health care and smarter education than America! And we have Tim Hortons!

      I say that’s the price for being a better country. Embrace it!

      1. Wait, I can get Timmy’s if I pay more in taxes? Now that gives me something to think about.

        (I miss living near the border and having access to the good parts of Canada)

      2. Electing Trudeau was literally the bestest thing Canada ever did, or will ever do. Even reelecting him won’t compare.

        Because it was final proof that, no matter how retarded US gets, we can outdo them.

    3. Those taxes were needed to change the letterheads and doorplaques of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to that of the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship.

      I’m sure the ordering change there was purely coincidental.

    4. “Barry Cooper ? University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
      Knowing that the Fraser Institute receives significant funding each year from the greedy, self-serving, exploitive, rabidly right-wing Koch brothers, I cannot believe a single statement that the Fraser Institute issues. That “institute” in the business of spewing propaganda, not reporting objectively determined facts.”

      And judging from Barry’s avatar, he ain’t no spring chicken and should know better than to spew retarded progspeak on the internet.

      Some of us are, you know, reading!

  52. Alright, which one of you sickos hacked and leaked nude pictures of Leslie Jones?…

    Really people? What kind of monsters are you to want to unleash that on an unsuspecting public?

    1. “I was a fool to think anyone would want nude pictures of Whoopi Goldberg”

  53. OT: My good, Southern Baptist, dyed-in-the-wool conservative mother shared a GJ promoting graphic on Facebook yesterday.

    *cries a single tear of pride*

      1. I’m thinking last is more important than first.

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