Hillary's Clinton Foundation Ties Scrutinized, Mike Pence Gets a Haircut: P.M. Links


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  1. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with tons of Clinton Foundation donors during her reign.

    Gotta make the scratch.

    1. Hello.

    2. Hillary’s sacrificed 35 years of her life, her whole career, helping those less fortunate. And she was dead broke when she left the White House – because of Rethug attack machine.

      1. She really is a great person.

        1. if it weren’t for the VRWC, she’d have been made queen years ago!

        2. She is large. She contains multitudes (of sets of principles and policy positions).

  2. What a joke of a publication.

    I know you’re not just now figuring that out.

    1. I can’t ever tell who’s kidding, but given that Robby was pretty much the first media person in the US to call bullshit on “Jackie”‘s story… yeah.

    2. It took him so long because he didn’t go to the Columbia School of Journalism.

    3. I skimmed it. You could write the exact same article saying why you should vote for GJ just by flipping two headings.

      1. Summary: If you’re a prog, he’s nothing like Bernie. If you’re a wingnut, this Gary guy is basically Bernie.

      2. You could write the exact same article saying why you should vote for GJ just by flipping two headings.

        Considering the fractionation and identity crisis that the dregs of the GOP (and political system at large) is undergoing, I’m pretty sure some of the points were entirely fictitious/meaningless.

        If you’re voting for Trump, don’t vote for Gary because Transgender Bathroom panic.

        The magazine has 100% reduced to flinging shit.

    4. Hilariosly, no place to comment on the article.

      It’s almost like they know their reputation is complete and utter shit and don’t want to be called out on it.

  3. Man, i hate looking at that picture and knowing that those kids spent the last 17 hours of their lives screaming.

    1. I’m not sure. It looks like the boy grabbing Hillary’s ass is enjoying himself.

      1. His eyes are closed because his mind is already gone.

        1. Sam Neil after he comes out of the Event Horizon engine room?

          1. Love that flick and love Sam Neil.

      2. This will be reflection-point photo (like Slick and JFK) when that little shit becomes (the last white male) president decades hence. This will be the moment, so close to suckling the poisoned tits of power, that the little bastard got hooked on politics.

    2. Those Saudi kids sure look pale.

  4. President Obama visits Louisiana.

    He came, he saw, he lectured. As usual.

    1. What did he say? I had no desire to watch.

      1. I’d bet Katrina came up.

          1. That or subtle BOOSH

      2. I don’t like to watch him defecate from his mouth, either. No idea what he said.

  5. Colin Powell contradicts Hillary’s claim about her emails.

    But he’s a Republican. So his opinion won’t count, unless he’s voting for Obama again in 2016.

    1. Colin Powell, the Tom Robinson of America politics.

    2. Also, this:

      Rice has ‘no recollection’ of Clinton-Powell email conversation

      But Condi’s testimony won’t count, because of a smoking gun that turned into a giant mushroom cloud, that caused Hillary to vote for something Democrats can’t talk about.

  6. President Obama visits Louisiana.

    Man, Hillary has fundraisers everywhere!

    1. Louisiana went for Romney 58/41. Fuck ’em, let Romney bail their cracker asses out.

      1. I am guessing Trump will take the state 90%+ this go around.

  7. Retiree fights ticket for unauthorized trailblazing in Kootenay National Park

    A retired road engineer from Radium Hot Springs is in trouble for using his saw and wheelbarrow to maintain local national park trails without permission.

    He was given a ticket for two counts of damaging flora, fauna or a natural object, which is a contravention of the Canada National Parks Act.

    A person can face a $300 fine for this if convicted of the summary offence, akin to speeding or littering.

    1. Kootenay National Park? More like coot ‘n, eh?

      1. I bet your mother is proud of you.

        1. Not even a little bit.

    2. So what about off road trails in park/ state land? There have been times a tree will be down over the road and you need to cut it.

      1. It’s Canada. Those trees all belong to the Queen.

        1. Ah. Stupid queens land.

          1. Reality is if you keep those “trails” maintained, it helps keep the assholes from wandering off to supplement the bears diet… As well as keeps em off the good trails. Coot’ n eh’s a nice lil’park…

    3. Radium Hot Dprings? Sounds like a cancer cluster waiting to happen.

    4. His real crime was not subtitling the trail signs in French.

  8. Rolling Stone: “Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Gary Johnson.”

    The article basically boils down to “If you’re an idiot with shitty ideas, you’ll hate ‘im.”

    1. If RS is against him, then it is settled. I shall vote for Johnson.

    2. Did Rolling Stone write that article using shards from a broken glass table?

      1. Grab its fucking voting booth?

    3. If you’re reading this magazine to get an idea of who to vote for, you should probably just kill yourself not vote? Ever?

      1. Grab its motherfucking suffrage!

    4. “Reason #7: He’s younger than all the bands we like.”

      1. I had a subscription a few years ago (don’t mock, it was free) and it turns out Rolling Stone still has a pretty big hardon for goddamn Bruce Springsteen.

        1. That takes lots of Viagra.

    5. I hear it took doctors 33 hours to remove every single kernel of corn lodged in the writers brain.

      Doctor: ‘It was a doozie no doubt aboot it, eh? But he’s good to go as as an old Chevette streaking down Dog Rive avenue!”

      1. writer’s

        1. Keep it up Agile, you’re doing great.

          1. I messed that up good. Dog River, two ‘as’…ugh.

            I need a good spanking.

            1. Go on…

      2. ‘Avenue’ is bit aspirational for a town like Dog River, eh.

    6. RS must be really scared of him. It is really cynical to tell Repubs not to vote for GJ because he holds positions that RS agrees with, such as abortion.

    7. Youthful Robby plus Rolling Stone: yet another chance, once again, to mention the UVA rape-hoax con arrtist, Jackie Coakley.

  9. Another school year begins — and so does the politically correct insanity.

    Hampshire College will offer some of its students what the school euphemistically calls “identity-based housing.” That’s segregated housing for students who ? because of their race, culture, gender or sexual orientation ? have “historically experienced oppression.” I’d bet the rent money that Hampshire College will not offer Jewish, Irish, Polish, Chinese or Catholic students segregated housing. Because there is no group of people who have not faced oppression, Hampshire College is guilty of religious and ethnic discrimination in its housing segregation policy.

    1. I identify as a super-hot chick and demand that I be housed exclusively with other super-hot chicks!

      1. Here’s your pillow and nightie.

    2. They may be separate, but at least they’ll be equal.

      1. There’s no way that could go wrong

        1. Hmmm, I think I remember seeing somewhere that that was against the law and that the supreme court upheld it being against the law.

          But of course for Progressives, laws don’t mean a damn thing.

          1. The purpose then was White Supremacy. The purpose now is the opposite.

            Totally different!

    3. What happened to “diversity”…?

    4. Someone needs to sue. That is a straight up violation of the CRA. Unless they are not taking federal funds, Hampshire college is a public accommodation.

    5. That these and other nonsense classes exist may reflect several things.

      I would add to his list the likelihood that we are oversaturated with colleges and college students.

      1. An honest-to-god job posting for the Lowe’s in Aransas Pass, Texas.

        Position Description
        Responsible for responding to customer inquiries, providing support throughout their shopping experience including promoting customer loyalty plans and/or extended protection/replacement plans, processing sales and returns using a cash register, and addressing customer complaints.

        Job Requirements
        Requires morning, afternoon, and evening availability any day of the week. Physical ability to move large, bulky and/or heavy merchandise. Physical ability to perform tasks that may require prolonged standing, sitting, and other activities necessary to perform job duties.

        Minimum Qualifications
        6 months experience using a computer, including inputting, accessing, modifying, or outputting information.

        6 months experience using a handheld device (e.g., mobile phone, LRT gun, palm pilot, tablet, iPod) to enter, access, and output information.

        Preferred Qualifications
        Associate’s Degree in Business, Retail Management, Specialty related to department (e.g., design, appliances), or related field.

        6 months experience identifying and selling products based on customer needs, including credit cards, installations, add-on sales, and explaining warranties, product features, and benefits.

        6 months retail experience.

        6 months experience as a cashier.

        1. AAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



        2. Idiots.

        3. No ‘6 months using a bathroom’?

          I’M SO IN!

        4. Port A is a cool place to live.

          Right on the Gulf Coast, decent beach, plenty of big boats and the parties that go with them. Plenty of seafood restaurants and not all of them tourist traps although Port A is a tourist town.

          Excellent fishing.

          Any of you bitching about some of the high tax states you live in that could come close to those ridiculously specific requirements might give it a though.

          Of course they will never find anyone meeting all that. That list is designed to give them complete flexibility to hire anyone they want and lowers the chance to get sued for their decision.

          1. OneOut, I love what you’re selling, and I want receive your newsletter.

            /Port A is my favorite spot in the state.

    6. They will also have identity-based water fountains.

      1. Wtf, will they also sleep on artisanal straw pallets and work on a community garden without pay?

        “Your people have been so oppressed so here is this great privilege that your white masters don’t have to help make up for it. Also, you don’t get to leave and your daily ration of slop will be served at mid-day.”

    7. That’s segregated housing for students who ? because of their race, culture, gender or sexual orientation ? have “historically experienced oppression.”

      I feel like this idea was sincerely inspired by Cloud Cuckoo Land.

  10. ?Andrea Tantaros is also accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

    If your gonna sexually harass your employees, Fox is a good place to work.

    1. I thought it was the other way around.

      1. Some people call it the leg chair, others call it the peg chair.

      2. If Fox is a good place to work, you’re gonna sexually harass your employees?

    2. I know the guy who made this sign “If Tea Baggers are as hot as their Fox News anchors, then I’m here for the gang bang” when they were going nuts about Scott Walker’s anti-union stuff

      “If Tea Baggers are as hot as their Fox News anchors, then I’m here for the gang bang”

      Guy took a real “that’s what I like about University of Wisconsin girls, I keep getting older, they stay the same age” attitude toward dating, which is actually the closest thing to an admirable trait I can think of about him

  11. CNN livestreamed Mike Pence getting a haircut, for some reason.

    Rule 36?

    1. What is that, Rule 34 plus 2 bits?

      1. I think 36 is everything goes on the Internet.

        1. Everything is somebody’s fetish.

  12. Pink Pistols Fort Lauderdale Wants to Arm the LGBTQ Community

    Man, I’d love to see what would happen here (in Canada) if a Pink Pistols chapter were to lobby PM Zoolander for the government to stop infringing the right to bear arms here.

    1. “There are a lot of gay people who own guns but are very closeted about their gun ownership because they tend to be liberal,” he explains. “They don’t think they’ll be accepted by their friends if they come out as gun owners.”

      That is quite possibly the most ironic sentence ever written.

      Seriously, this is home. Need to figure out how to help this guy.

      1. Awww. Always love when interest in the Pink Pistols perks up.

        1. Seriously, it’s less than a 10 minute drive from where I work to Wilton Manors. I go there for lunch sometimes because there’s an awesome grilled cheese restaurant, and my wife volunteers with a rescue organization that has a cat cafe there. I really do want to help this guy if I can figure out how.

          1. *Snerk* of course they’re in Wilton Manors.

            I guess I should read the article.

            I would say join and/or volunteer to help out. I think they generally meet monthly at ranges, and being a ‘mo isn’t a requirement for membership. In some areas they draw a pretty mixed crowd with particular interest whenever the NRA does something that rankles more centrist members.

      2. Most of my friends are not complete liberal retards but I have a few who I definitely don’t tell about my six shooter.

    2. There’d be hands on hips, a lot of blinking, a quoted stat about suicide in the gay community, and accusations of homophobia…. easy peasy

  13. I want one!


    1. Nice.

  14. You know, back in the 90s and early ’00s, when I was a nascent libertarian, I subscribed to Rolling Stone. At one point, it was a decent magazine, at least when it came to music. What in the fuck happened to it?

    1. RS might have been a decent magazine at one time, but it was a loooooong time before the 90’s.

      That is my grass you are standing on, get the fuck off it!

      1. the 90s and early 00’s would be my teen years into my early 20s. I was dumber then.

        1. I’ll back-track and say that PJ O’Rourke did some good writing for that rag in that period, but he was, to my recollection, the exception to the rule.

          1. RS would never let a political writer like PJ O’Rourke write for them today.

  15. Nate Diaz: MMA Fighter Under Investigation for Vaping at Post-Fight Press Conference

    The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency told MMA Fighting it is “gathering information” about Diaz’s consumption of cannabidiol oil during a press conference following his loss to Conor McGregor on Saturday.

    1. Wasn’t his brother already being suspended by the UFC (or the LV fight commission, or something) for smoking weed?

      its stupid that they treat it any different from alcohol.

    2. MMA is governed by USADA’s idiotic guilty until proven innocent drug rules?

      1. This is dumb as shit. This was after the competition event. And weed is not a performance enhancing drug.

        1. BTW, the fight was awesome.

        2. Clearly, you don’t play guitar.

  16. “Most civilization is based on cowardice. It’s so easy to civilize by teaching cowardice. You water down the standards which would lead to bravery. You restrain the will. You regulate the appetites. You fence in the horizons. You make a law for every movement. You deny the existence of chaos. You teach even the children to breathe slowly. You tame.”

    -God Emperor of Dune, by Frank Herbert, crypto-libertarian/free range children advocate?

    1. I have read the first three books but always heard the fourth wasn’t any good. This makes me think I should read it.

      1. I found the 4th to be intermittently great and awful.

      2. Hmmmm, I would not have guessed you like SciFi, John. May be there is hope for you yet.

      3. Dune: Great read. Deep at times, but fun
        Dune Messiah: Kind of a downer right after reading the first one. Short read, though
        Children of Dune: Meh. Interesting read and some cool stuff. But also some boring spots.
        God Emperor: Different. Really hard to get into since it is 3500 years after the first trilogy. Takes a while to get used to how the galaxy is different. Once you finish it, you can both be proud of the accomplishment, and wonder why you spent so much time on it.
        Heretics and Chapterhouse: Not bad reads actually. The best ones since the original.

        Don’t bother with the sequels. Frank’s son and Kevin Anderson are completely full of shit. There is no fucking way the great threat the Honored Matres was running from was intended to be something like Omnius and Erasmus (see the prequel trilogy Legends of Dune).

        1. I actually thought “God Emperor” was the second best of them all (after the original)…

          The same individual has been ruling the galaxy for 3500 yrs before it begins- “Prescient” enough to know how he’s going to go down, but also encourages it because he also knows it’s the best answer…

  17. Rolling Stone: “Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Gary Johnson.”

    I wonder if they did this or are going to do this for all the candidates.

    1. I’m certain that all the other male candidates will receive exactly the same treatment.

    2. They will definitely do it for Trump. Probably for Jill Stein and that bald conservative guy running as an independent.

      But they won’t do it to Hillary. Excessive boot licking will leave them too dehydrated to work.

  18. Foreseeable Consequences

    Shi’ite militias in Iraq detained, tortured and abused far more Sunni civilians during the American-backed capture of the town of Falluja in June than U.S. officials have publicly acknowledged, Reuters has found.

    militia fighters killed at least 66 Sunni males and abused at least 1,500 others fleeing the Falluja area, according to interviews with more than 20 survivors, tribal leaders, Iraqi politicians and Western diplomats.

    They said men were shot, beaten with rubber hoses and in several cases beheaded. Their accounts were supported by a Reuters review of an investigation by local Iraqi authorities and video testimony and photographs of survivors taken immediately after their release.

    Other media are claiming dead in the hundreds.

    Given that this actually happened exactly the same way multiple times in the past>…what do they call it when you expect different outcomes from the same actions?

    If you recall, when the US was offering air support, they made keeping the Shiite’s at bay a pre-condition of their aid. It was the subject of a number of stories i mentioned here. It didn’t work, obviously.

  19. That picture’s crying out for some alt text along the lines of “how many people can you find in this picture who have no soul?”

    1. Uh, it’s a photograph, so obviously none of them has a soul now. It’s a trick question.

  20. Cheryl Mills: State Department Official Had 148 Phone Messages from Clinton Foundation, Report Says

    Mills, who was Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff when she was Secretary of State, received the messages from the foundation’s Chief Operating Officer Laura Graham from 2010 to 2012, Fox News reported.

    1. That article left out the best part of the exchange between Rosen and Toner.

      “Secretary Clinton’s ethics agreement at the time did not preclude other State Department officials from engaging with or having contact with the Clinton Foundation,” Toner said. “So, you’re right, there are these, I guess, approximately 150 messages.”

      Rosen later brought up one specific message from Graham to Clinton about, “our boss.”

      “On one occasion, Ms. Graham left a message for Ms. Mills referencing, ‘our boss.’ Did Ms. Graham and Ms. Mills have the same boss?” Rosen asked.

      “I can’t speculate as to who they were referring to,” Toner said. “I just don’t know.”

      “I didn’t ask you to do that,” Rosen said. “I just asked, ‘Did they have the same boss?'”

      “They did not have the same boss,” Toner said. “I can answer that.”

    2. For the math-challenged, that’s every other (business) day.

      1. And that, Team Red morons, is how you frame it in the attack at that you are too chicken shit to make.

    1. That’s not good. Now they won’t pay us anymore. I can’t survive on the shill checks I get from the vaccine companies and from the Koch Brothers. I’m going to have to sell off a few orphan slaves.

    2. If you mean literally ‘beaten the hippies” then I will rejoice.

    3. Yay!

      Next, I hope Exxon beats all those prosecutor subpoenas.

      I will celebrate by flying to Greenland to take photos of melting glaciers, and make a Facebook post about how everyone should do more to fight climate change.

  21. President Obama visits Louisiana.

    But only because he was looking to drain the swamp and build a golf course there.

  22. Fox News Described as “Sex-Fueled” Cult

    Will Welch escape their clutches to write a tell-all-memoir about Neil Cavuto’s sex-dungeons, Bill O’Reilly’s preference for animal-sodomy, Lou Dobbs as the ringleader of the carnal-circus…?

    1. Wait, sex can be used for fuel now? Is that what fracking is?

      1. +1 Battlestar Fracking Galactica

        1. I don’t know about the Galactica, but that seems to be how they powered the Pegasus.

          1. I can’t even. Was it before or during the flight that they, ahem, powered up the Pegasus?

    2. Fox News Described as “Sex-Fueled” Cult

      They say this as though it were a bad thing.

    3. You saw Welch’s pose in the Kennedy screenshot last night, they’ve already got to him.

      1. I heard he already shaved his legs.

  23. Hampshire College will offer some of its students what the school euphemistically calls “identity-based housing.”

    Just don’t call them “fraternities”.

  24. Well, we’ve found one thing the government can do efficiently: distribute kiddy porn!

    In February 2015, the FBI took control of Playpen, the largest dark web child pornography site at the time. But instead of shutting the site down, the agency kept it going for just under two weeks, in order to deliver malware to its visitors in the hope of identifying suspects in its investigation.

    Newly filed court exhibits now suggest that the site performed substantially better while under the FBI’s control, with users commenting on the improvements. The defense for the man accused of being the original administrator of Playpen claims that these improvements led to the site becoming even more popular.

    OMWC hardest hit.

    1. Government is just another word for the things we choose to do together.

      1. … at gunpoint.

        For some values of “we” and “choose”.

        1. For extremely small values of “choose”.

    2. Juxtaposed against the obamacare exchange disaster, this is amazing.

    3. I said on here a while back that the FBI is the largest distributor of child porn in the world and I wasn’t kidding. That is appalling and it isn’t the first time they have done it. Remember, child porn must be illegal because it victimizes children when someone sees it. Does anyone plan to hold the FBI accountable for victimizing children?

      They were apparently too busy victimizing kids to get around to investigating Hillary. Fucking assholes.

      1. the FBI is the largest distributor of child porn in the world

        And DHS is the largest consumer?

        1. Good to know I have made you so butt hurt you are reduced to kiddy porn jokes. I am really sorry you didn’t get that NIH grant to study the effect of dried goat shit on diabetes in monkeys. I am sure it had real potential. It was all politics you didn’t make the study group’s first cut. It really was. You shouldn’t be so angry about it though. You will have another brilliant idea one of these days, I am sure.

          1. Ah, you must have finished. Make sure you dispose of the kleenex properly.

            1. You come by to post that has nothing to do with you and is utterly uncontroversial on this board to make a sad kiddy porn joke. Thanks for not charging me rent to live inside your head. If you were not such a sad person, it would be kind of flattering to know I have gotten under skin that badly. As it is, it just makes me happy I am well armed.

              1. Aww, John, you’re sooooo cute and lovable. No wonder civil service snapped you right up.

                1. Not everyone can be a failed PHD.

    4. “Government agents worked hard to upgrade the website’s capability to distribute large amounts of child pornography quickly and efficiently”

      At least we found something the FBI is good at.

    5. Shortly after, on February 23, someone in control of a Playpen administrator account wrote, “I upgraded the Token Ring to Ethernet about an hour ago and things seem to be working a bit better.” (A Token ring is a particular type network configuration).

      Token Ring hardware is much more expensive than Ethernet (the licensing fees are much higher). Why would they be using TR???

  25. Graduate Students, Unite! Fight the exploitation of the industrialist capitalist…. uh…. Academy?

    1. This is the same NLRB that changed the definition of employees of a franchisee to be the employees of the franchiser.

      They did a few more shenanigans that don’t come to mind.

      It will all get worse once HRC gets elected.

    2. Soon they will all be hourly workers regardless (Thanks, NLRB!!). They think that this does not mean that they will be forced to actually punch a time clock and do all their work in a set location instead of on their own schedule. They are, of course, completely wrong. But hey, at least they won’t be exploited any more.

      1. I’m beginning to think that Reasonettes should have a union.

        I hear by appoint myself Treasurer.

        Send me your monthly dues. I shall administer them efficiently .*

        *Dials dealer and orders a new boat at the same time very efficiently

  26. There are plenty of reasons to not want to vote for Gary Johnson, but that Rolling Stones article actually makes me want to vote for him even more.

  27. I was waiting in a physio office the other day and looked down at a bunch of magazines on a table. I spotted two from Time. One had on its cover, ‘In search of Hillary’ and the other ‘Meltdown’ with Trump’s blank face melting down.

    No liberal media sssuuuurrre.

  28. I’ve never donated to Reason, so I was wondering, for those of you who have traditionally and been here awhile:

    Given the more insane and obnoxious coverage of Trump, their willingness to go TEAM for Johnson, Gillespie’s naval gazing ‘take that’s’ at the GOP, an organization far more successful then anything he has been associated with…are you interested in continuing your donations in the future?

    1. Yes.

      The t-shirts are wonderful!

    2. Yes.

      We have to keep the movement going in ever search of its moment.

    3. Definitely. I’m a big fan of looking at ships.

      1. Gillespie’s more interested in the sailors.

        1. Is it fleet week again already?

          *puts on chaps and grabs binoculars*

    4. I’ve never donated to Reason

      Another selfish libertarian!!!!!!!

      Yes. I do not donate much, but they do allow me to comment on their articles. If I cared about the specific coverage I would make a point to say my donation is less because of their coverage.

      1. I can see donations as a payment for a free speech platform. And they’re willing to deal with rogue woodchipper fearmongers, which is a credit to them.

    5. Johnson is our only hope. He’s not lower-case ‘l’ libertarian, but he’s acceptable enough.

      I’m not sure Reason has gone full TEAM for him. His comments have been brought up and critiqued here.

      1. That’s the impression I get about the support.

        And it’s starting to piss me off in Canadian.

    6. “Naval gaze”? He’s out staring at ships?

      1. I wish Gillespie’s interests centered on maritime lifestyles, but alas my phone is responsible for this.

    7. I donate because I want a place to socialize.

      1. I donate because I want a place to socialize.

        That’s what I say about the sperm bank.

        1. *raises hand for high-five*
          Uh, never mind…

        2. You are the largest prick in the known universe. So, that would make sense.

          1. You misspelled “have.”

            1. I guess those ads in the back of porn magazines really do work. Who knew.

    8. I haven’t for a while, and don’t plan on it any time soon. Others have said they donate purely for the comment section, which is a valid reason.

      I want to give them some credit for finally getting into the Clinton Foundation stuff..but for fuck’s sake, they’re tailing the fucking Associated Press.

      1. Others have said they donate purely for the comment section, which is a valid reason.


    9. I’ve been a subscriber for about a decade now. I highly recommend the print edition!

    10. I see my donation as fee for shitposting on H&R. Since their ads are so horrible they brought down wide range of browsers on Win 7, Win 10 and OS X, I run adblock, so, gotta pay somehow.

    11. It isn’t nearly as appealing as it used to be, but you can always just think of it as keeping HyR running.

    12. I donated $100/yr for at least twelve years.

      The “woodchipper incident” led me to donate $7.01 (see the timestamp on that particular post from Nick Gillespie) last year.

      Probably won’t be donating in the future…

  29. Hillary Clinton has threatened to shut down alternative news websites in America if she is elected President of the United States.

    Hillary’s campaign sent a threatening email to fundraisers saying that independent conservative news outlet Breitbart News has “no right to exist,” and hinted that they were making plans to shut it down forever once Hillary is elected.

    Reason’s days are numbered?

    1. “The Libertarian Case for Trump”

    2. This is just a fundraising letter. It means nothing. Hillary will keep faith with the 1A as much as she will keep faith with everything else in the Constitution.

      Of course, I wouldn’t put it past her Justice Department to harass anybody who would make idle comments involving woodchippers. Because that is different. Crowded theater or something.

    3. Did anyone think this wasn’t the aim of putting the Internet under the purview of the FCC?

  30. Andrea Tantaros is also accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

    He made her wear all of those short skirts?

    1. Tantaros’s specific charges against Ailes echo those of other accusers who have come forward in recent weeks. In one instance, she says, Ailes invited her into his office and told her to turn around so he could “get a good look” at her.

      And yet you kept cashing the paycheck for six years?

    2. She didn’t realize she was being harassed until leaving. Still would as long as she signed a statement and made Dave Navarro leave the room.

    3. Would, except for all the John stink on her

      1. Why don’t you just break the sexual tension and be honest about your attraction towards me. It is okay. Reason is very gay affirming. There is nothing wrong with it.

        1. Fine, you can have her every third weekend, but I get Steak and Blowjob Day. See, I can compromise.

          1. That is a fair deal. And I will even make it a good steak.

  31. Heh, all those hip writers targeting millennials at Rolling Stone, think they’re stupid for backing Gary Jonnson. Who’da thunk it?

  32. If you’re a reasonable human being, of any political persuasion:
    Johnson believes, despite overwhelming scientific consensus, that vaccines should not be mandatory ? a view that any reasonable person, regardless of political affiliation, would agree is a threat to public health.

    “If you don’t believe in using coercion, for this and everything else we brought up, you’re not a reasonable human being!”

    1. If you’re a reasonable human being, of any political persuasion:
      Johnson believes, despite overwhelming scientific consensus, that sterilization of the mentally deficit should not be mandatory ? a view that any reasonable person, regardless of political affiliation, would agree is a threat to public health.

      -Rolling Stone circa 1920.

    2. No possible perverse incentives in forcing people to buy the latest medical treatment. Nope.

      1. From companies granted immunity from adverse reactions and lawsuits. That could never end badly for anyone.

    3. No, reasonable people do not fucking think vaccines should be mandatory.

      They’re *required* for public school and day care admittance. Most people are fine with *that*. But there’s a big difference between that and making it mandatory, under penalty of law.

      1. I’d link them to Dr. Gorski, who also didn’t think it was a good idea, but I don’t want to give him the clicks, given how much he hates H&R commenters (he’s even written articles about us before!)

      2. It’s amazing how many people don’t realize that neither Obama nor his Surgeon General support mandatory vaccines.

  33. Based on that Rolling Stone article, I think Johnson deserves a shot. e’s no more incoherent than those other two bozos.

    *Saw a couple in Bozeman today wearing matching “Johnson 2016” t-shirts. So he’s got that going for him.

  34. New York Times Spares a Few Paragraphs to Take Note of GayJay About half the space is used to note how horrible the GOP is and also the historically ‘extreme’ positions of libertarians.

    1. My hat’s off to the statists for convincing the general population that “leave people alone” is an “extreme” position.

    2. Yet even if Mrs. Clinton holds her lead and wins the White House, Mr. Johnson envisions a decisive fracture of the two-party system.

      “This is the demise of the Republican Party,” he said. “This is an opportunity, I think, for the Libertarian Party to become a major party.”

      Maybe. Hopefully. Not unless the Dems fracture too, which is a possibility even if she does win.

    3. also the historically ‘extreme’ positions of libertarians

      Like advocating desegregation in the 1940s.

      Like advocating gay marriage in the 1960s.

    1. Wow, she looks great for 85.

  35. Hillary is for sale…no shit. She lied again…no shit.

  36. Also- the moron at Rolling Stone lists a variety of positions likely to make some people dislike Johnson as she completely dismisses the possibility that those same positions will appeal to other people.

    Are Rolling Stone readers really that stupid? (we know the writers are)

    1. Yes they are. All ten of them.

    2. They are Rolling Stone readers, LPB, so yes, yes they are that stupid.

    3. Clinton’s anti-Trump ads aired constantly during the Olympics (shirts made in Bangladesh) certainly improved my opinion of Trump.

  37. Bahrain: Emails Show Nation’s Crown Prince Tried to Meet Hillary Clinton Through Clinton Foundation

    The Abedin emails reveal that the longtime Clinton aide apparently served as a conduit between Clinton Foundation donors and Hillary Clinton while Clinton served as secretary of state. In more than a dozen email exchanges, Abedin provided expedited, direct access to Clinton for donors who had contributed from $25,000 to $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. In many instances, Clinton Foundation top executive Doug Band, who worked with the Foundation throughout Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State, coordinated closely with Abedin. In Abedin’s June deposition to Judicial Watch, she conceded that part of her job at the State Department was taking care of “Clinton family matters.”

  38. Cops: Married Female Teacher Traumatized 18-Year-Old Foreign Exchange Student With Spring Sex Romp

    She said she and the Swedish teen often had sex in the wee hours of the morning ? around, say, 3 a.m. ? while her husband slept.

    The affair started with oral sex. Eventually, it advanced to full-on sex.

    They had sex at other times, too. Once, Jakubiak explained, she and the student were engaged in sex in the study in her home when the garage door opened. They scurried to get dressed. During another sexual encounter in Jakubiak’s marital bed, her in-laws showed up for a surprise visit. The Swedish student hid for a while, then made a daring escape out the backdoor and through a neighbor’s backyard (playing it totally cool in the neighborhood until the coast was clear).

    1. I smell a sitcom!

      Jakubiak faces a second-degree felony: improper relationship with a student. It carries a prison sentence ranging from 2 to 20 years and a maximum fine of $10,000.

      Oh wait…no, this is just depressing now. If you want to fire her for it, fine. But two to twenty years? For a consenting eighteen year old? Jesus.

      1. The land of the free.

    1. That’s a sad story.

      1. Yeah, i know. Dude was just looking for someone to go bowling with. then she went and shot him in the head on his own kitchen floor.

  39. This week in progdissonance

    – The government is us….we are all the government! It isn’t coercion

    – Progs hate libertarians who want lower to no taxes because that allows libertarians to be selfish with their earnings instead of giving it up.

  40. James Carville: Political Commentator Defends the Clinton Foundation Amid Criticism on ‘Morning Joe’

    “What the Clinton Foundation does, it takes money from rich people and gives it to poor people,” Carville said while defending the charitable organization on the MSNBC show Monday.

    Carville: Kids are gonna die!

      1. That entire article is something else.

      2. Old Snakehead is just confirming what Hillary said: The Clintons were broke when they left the White House.

      3. Well, Bill and Hillary were broke when they left the WH, so … sure.

    1. I mean, some of it. Pennies, really.

    2. You know things are bad when “Joe Scarborough” is the one calling bullshit.

  41. The Boston Globe: Clinton’s e-mail ‘scandals’ are pure fiction

    When it comes to the Clintons, the most mundane actions can be raised to the specter of national outrage, because of the appearance, but not actual incident, of impropriety.

    Take, for example, the imbroglio over newly released e-mails regarding interactions between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department when Clinton was secretary of state. These exchanges, primarily between Clinton’s assistant Huma Abedin and Clinton Foundation top honcho Doug Band, have become Exhibit A in efforts to brand Clinton as a corrupt figure and the Foundation as a pay-for-play operation. The evidence, however, speaks to a different reality.

    1. There is too much risk of the appearance of conflict of interest between the Clinton’s charitable work and the responsibilities that come with being president. But such a decision shouldn’t mask the fact that the foundation has done extraordinary work as a philanthropic organization, from renegotiating the cost of HIV drugs to reducing childhood obesity to mitigating the impact of climate change. That’s the real story of the Clinton Foundation, not spurious and evidence-free allegations that donations to the foundation gave donors special access to State Department officials or preferential treatment.

      Clinton is running for president and thus merits the scrutiny she is receiving. But the American people deserve an investigation into her record that separates fact from fiction and relies on evidence, not innuendo. So far, that’s not happening.

      Childhood obesity and mitigating climate change? This guy.

      It’s as though if Clinton hasn’t been completely transparent about her foundation and her time in the State Department.

      1. But the American people deserve an investigation into her record that separates fact from fiction and relies on evidence, not innuendo. So far, that’s not happening.

        On Saturday, May 16, 2009, mobile communications executive and political activist Jill Iscol wrote to Clinton, “Please advise to whom I should forward Jacqueline Novogratz’s request [for a meeting with the secretary of state]. I know you know her, but honestly, she is so far ahead of the curve and brilliant I believe she could be enormously helpful to your work.” Clinton subsequently sent an email to Abedin saying, “Pls print.” Jill and husband Ken Iscol donated between $500,000 and $1 million to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton subsequently appointed Novogratz to the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board.

        Innuendo? Or vast right-wing conspiracy?

    2. Oh shut up you fucking putzes.


      1. Not to go all Mike M. on this one, but this toolbox and Carville are making the same argument on the same day.

        1. The Journolist was a real thing, no? It’s not like they care enough to hide it.

      2. One might argue that they are. They don’t work for you, after all.

  42. Stanford bans alcohol in large containers and immediately gets mocked

    Meanwhile, the Bloombergian rule that whatever alcohol is allowed on campus after deciphering the fine print must be in smaller containers (oversized soda ban, anyone?) was quickly mocked by some mischievous Stanford students who joked “Make Stanford Safe Again” on a new website weighing in on the policy.

    The website lets students buy “low-volume” alcohol containers (same alcohol, but magically safer in 3X small bottles than 1 big bottle).

    1. Ugh, I have to open another crown russe. Maybe I won’t even bother.

    2. Sounds like those kids are in the back pocket of “Big Malt Liquor”.

  43. “What the Clinton Foundation does, it takes money from rich people and gives it to poor people,” Carville said while defending the charitable organization on the MSNBC show Monday.

    Some of it, maybe. But the shipping and handling costs are murder.

    1. They have to wet their beaks.

    2. That’s just sad. That’s enough money to buy a new still and outhouse for every last citizen of Arkansas.

  44. RS is relying on quotes from 3,4 years. Johnson has reversed his position on Burka bans and is currently running as a moderate republican.

  45. Let me see what Rolling Stone has to say, maybe it will persuade me to vote for Gary.

    1. OK, I read the subheads – nice concern-trolling, but RS’s concern is obviously that Johnson wants people to pay for their own education, would leave businesses to decide about family leave issues, and supports Citizens United.

      1. Well, there is a section on why libertarians shouldn’t like him. The reasons liberals shouldn’t like him is, unsurprisingly, full of positives.

        1. But whey are they so *concerned* about whether conservatives or libertarians would like him?

          If anything makes me vote for GJ, this article would do it.

  46. Ok, way late to the party.

    But if I am a candidate in a debate against Hillary, I go full in on the “Pay for Play” with the Clinton Foundation.

    If indeed fully half of her visitors at State were donors to the foundation, that is prima-facia evidence that she is utterly corrupt and unfit for office.

    If Johnson gets on the stage, that is exactly what he should say. He should dismiss anything she has to say as irrelevant because of her utter disqualification to hold office. He should attack the Occupy folks and their sympathizers in particular, challenging them that they cannot possibly support Hillary or cast a vote for her in light of her overt corruption.

    Then he can pivot to how his administration will be run without being open to the highest bidder. He’ll definitely have the “we haven’t been bought” argument sown up, seeing as the Dems will likely spend more in one day than he’s raised all year.

    And as for Trump…. well, Johnson doesn’t have to worry about Trump. If Johnson ever becomes relevant in the race, Trump’s support will have a viable alternative.

  47. If you’re a reasonable human being, of any political persuasion:
    Johnson believes, despite overwhelming scientific consensus, that vaccines should not be mandatory ? a view that any reasonable person, regardless of political affiliation, would agree is a threat to public health.

    I laughed out loud at how presumptuous that ending was.

    Oh, science proves that vaccines should be mandatory, huh? Tell me more about this science.

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