Donald Trump

Donald Trump Call For Immediate Shutdown of Clinton Foundation

Clinton campaign says foundation will stop taking foreign donations, only if she wins.


State Dept.

Donald Trump called this morning for the Clinton Foundation to be "shut down immediately," describing it as "the most corrupt enterprise in political history" in a Facebook post.

"Hillary Clinton is the defender of the corrupt and rigged status quo," Trump wrote. "The Clintons have spent decades as insiders lining their own pockets and taking care of donors instead of the American people."

Over the weekend, the Clinton campaign insisted the Clinton Foundation would stop accepting donations from foreign countries. They did not explain why such a suspension did not happen when Clinton served as secretary of state.

Critics have pointed to a number of State Department-facilitated deals that involved foreign parties that had made donations to the Clinton Foundation. The 'Clinton system' involves selling access to bad guys.

"What they were doing during Crooked Hillary's time as Secretary of State was wrong then, and it is wrong now," Trump wrote.

Earlier this year, the FBI reportedly wanted to open an investigation of the Clinton Foundation after receiving an alert from a bank about suspicious activity by a foreign Clinton Foundation donor, but the Department of Justice (DOJ) nixed it, claiming their own investigation after the book Clinton Cash (now a documentary)was released could not substantiate those allegations the DOJ focused on.