Libertarianism: The Choice of a New Generation in Politics (and Cable News)

Gary Johnson is making a play with Millennials in a proportion that Clinton and Trump can't touch


Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1985. |||

The Pew Research Center, which does some of the best public-opinion research out there, came out yesterday with a new national presidential poll showing Hillary Clinton with 41 percent, Donald Trump 37 percent, Gary Johnson 10 percent, and Jill Stein 4 percent. Those numbers are very close to the consensus snapshot of the race right now, so they're not very interesting in themselves, but the detail in the cross-tabs reinforces an important point we've been making here for a while: Millennial support for the Libertarian Party nominee is damn near astonishing.

Here's how Pew puts it in its write-up:

Johnson's supporters are younger on average than voters who back either Clinton or Trump. Nearly a third (32%) of Johnson's supporters in the four-way contest are younger than 30. This is roughly double the share of Clinton (15%) or Trump supporters (12%) who are younger than 30. Only 29% of Johnson backers are 50 or older, compared with 50% of Clinton supporters and 63% of Trump voters.

In other words, Clinton and Trump are cable news, Johnson is the internet. Democrats and Republicans are from the Cold War, Libertarians from the 21st century. America's third party is increasingly a hit with its soon-to-be most important generation. Consider these national poll results over the past three weeks:


GJ 35% HC 30% JS 14% DT 12% (IBD/TIPP, July 29-Aug. 4)


HC 41% GJ 23% JS 16% DT 9% (McClatchy/Marist, Aug. 1-3)

HC 38% DT 27% GJ 19% JS 9% (Pew, Aug. 9-17)

HC 41% DT 22% GJ 18% JS 7% (Economist/YouGov, Aug. 6-9)

HC 48% GJ 17% DT 15% JS 12% (Economist/YouGov, July 30-Aug. 1)


HC 50% DT 23% GJ 19% (Fox News, July 31-Aug. 2)

The usual caveats apply: Kids don't vote, geezers do, Hillary still has a commanding lead among Snake People, there are worse-looking polls than this, and support for third-party candidates usually erodes as Election Day creeps closer (though this is stubbornly not happening to Johnson thus far). Still, that's a non-major-party presidential candidate polling occasionally in second place and even once in first among the most ballyhooed generation since the Boomers. And that candidate ain't Green.

Indeed, CNN on Wednesday night conducted a Green Party town hall with Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, and the ratings lagged way behind those of the Libertarian ticket's townhall two Wednesdays before: 778,000 overall viewers (including 278,000 in the targeted 25-54 demographic) compared to 1.61 million and 642,000. CNN learned that with Libertarians it can score a rare prime-time win in demo; with Greens, not so much. Note, too, that the percentage of Libertarian viewers in demo on CNN was greater than those of the Greens, 39.9 to 35.7.

As I pointed out in my mini-obit to Roger Ailes' Fox career, the libertarian-flavored shows over at 1211 Avenue of the Americans have noticeably higher percentage of their viewers from the targeted demo—and note that it's called "targeted," because that's who television advertisers are seeking to influence—than the rest of the other show there. Looking at just my former employer, the Fox Business Network (where the libertarian show I co-hosted pulled comparatively excellent demo numbers), in the second quarter of this year our good friend Kennedy comes in a close third on average demo, with 18,000 households per episode (Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney are first and second, with 32 and 21, respectively). But look how FBN's shows rank when you stack them by percentage of their overall audiences that are between the ages of 25 and 54:

20.8% Stossel

20.2% Kennedy

18.8% Mornings w/ Maria Bartiromo

17.8% Wall Street Week

16.9% Making Money w/ Charles Payne

16.5% Risk & Reward w/ Deirdre Bolton

15.9% Lou Dobbs Tonight

15.8% After the Bell

15.6% Countdown to Closing Bell

15.1% Intelligence Report w/ Trish Regan

11.9% Varney & Co.

Gee, notice anything unusual there?

The same trend—the most libertarian shows get the youngest audiences—is also true of the Fox News Channel, but I'll save that number-crunching for a later day. The bottom line is this: The existing, still-dominant audiences, for both politics and cable news, are dying. But they are not being replenished by new recruits among the younger set. Nope, those people are doing their own damn thing, and one of the only draws that gets them anywhere near the older carcasses of power is libertarianism. See a group of young Republicans? They are probably libertarian. Kids watching cable news? Ditto.

The potential implications here, not just for libertarianism but for the future of American politics, is fantastic.

NEXT: Religious Freedom Invoked (Successfully) in Federal Transgender Discrimination Case

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  1. If only people would get out there and vote like they always say they mean to…

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  2. See a group of young Republicans? They are probably libertarian. Kids watching cable news? Ditto.

    Maybe you see droves of young pseudo libertarians, but the rest of us see Generation Snowflake “Raised on praise from the potty to the prom”.

    They are just getting groomed to be good little proggies just like they did with Gen X and Y. Look at the Bernie supporters and tell me you see potential libertarians in there. PLEASE.

    1. If you only had a “, sir” after your “PLEASE,” I woulda outed you as being John McAfee….

      1. Someone is projecting

        I’d be happy with Welch over GayJay or McAfee though, if that means anything.

        Welch/Dukakis 2020!!!

    2. Or maybe they are just as diverse as every other generation.

      No, all people under 30 think exactly the same way.

      1. My Millenial? cohort has a handful of libertarians, but the majority are (were) Bern Victims.

        Then again I went to a known hippie college.

    3. Yes, I do, because shockingly enough there has been crossover.

      Is it as much as Bernie people to Hillary? No, but GJ has been picking up former Bernie supporters at a much higher rate than I think anyone could have hoped for. A lot of them were supporting him for 1) student debt (yeah, they want free shit, alright? So do old people. So does every fucking voting constituency. But if you think that their desire, in their 20s, to have student debt wiped, is an INSURMOUNTABLE barrier to libertarianism ever taking hold, then just go turn on the goddamn gas and stick your head in the oven. Like, you can pitch bankruptcy, you can pitch ideas that make these colleges a bit more liable- or you can complain about how no one likes you, like the whiny bitches you criticize in this generation) 2) good government- honesty, authenticy, seems to care. May seem bullshit, but it matters to people (which we can sell, because honest government would be a pretty important feature of Libertopia)

      Look, Tman, you’re welcome to the Crab Bucket Libertarianism that has to pull down any positive sign and shit on it, but just realize and acknowledge that it’s YOU whose making yourself miserable if you feel that way. I’m kind of fucking done with that attitude and air on here- shit won’t get better tomorrow, but this need to shit on any and all progress for not being EXACTLY what you want is just as whiny and childish as the SJWs you call out.

      1. Wait, is “Crab Bucket Libertarianism” a thing? Or are we witnesses to the Creation? Because, man….

        1. I think I’ve seen it used before, but it should definitely be a thing now. I expect you to work it in to some articles ASAP.

        2. Crab mentality, sometimes referred to as crabs in the bucket (also barrel, basket or pot), is a way of thinking best described by the phrase, “if I can’t have it, neither can you.”[1] The metaphor refers to a bucket of crabs. Individually, the crabs could easily escape from the bucket, but instead they grab at each other in a useless “king of the hill” competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise.[2][3][4][5] The analogy in human behavior is claimed to be that members of a group will attempt to negate or diminish the importance of any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy, spite, conspiracy, or competitive feelings, to halt their progress.

          1. MMMMMMM….. CRAB BUCKETS

        3. Maybe not, but I will now take full credit for it, and call first dibs on the essay.

          Take that, Welch!

          1. Wow, you turned him into jelly.

        4. But, seriously… I would be super proud if I had somehow coined something like that. I can’t have, but I am really glad that you liked it.

        5. I am only interested in “Crab Bucket Libertarianism” if Lobster Girl is somehow involved.

      2. Thank you. That was just perfect.

        I get awfully fed up with that attitude too. What’s the point of caring at all if you think everything is just DOOM all the time?

        What person doesn’t seriously revise the political views they held in their teens or 20s at some point in their life? I know I’m not the only person here who probably would have been a Bernie supporter in his youth.

        Dismissing them all as “generation snowflake” and beyond redemption is probably the best way to make the gloomy people’s proclamations about the younger generations come true.

        1. Like, I’ll totally admit there are a lot of nuts, but the nuts are the loudest ones.

          Most young people look at the special snowflake types with disdain… but it’s not like it’s legal to beat them with sticks, so what are you going to do?

          I mean, it is a worrisome trend, and the world of comedy is being really badly hit by it… but it’s an active fight, and to pretend that there isn’t a pretty significant faction actively against this, you’re kidding yourself. Read the butthurt SJWs- they are constantly butthurt over other people their own age calling out “special snowflakes” and the like. So, it’s not as universal as it seems.

          1. Case in point-

            The Great Indoors Is Already Starting a Generational War Between Millennials and Olds Of course millennials are sensitive about being portrayed as sensitive.

            (this show looks hilarious, by the way)

        2. I would have felt the Bern in my early 20s too. Not because I supported socialism (I really did not know better), but because he seemed honest, straightforward and anti-corruption, at least in comparison.

          And then I got married, bought a house, had kids and started caring about my economic well-being. Just like all of these kids now in their 20s will do. (I also went to an annoyingly leftist college and became more conservative probably out of spite)

          Hell, I know a number of Bernie supporters who loved Ron Paul and now are voting for Johnson. They like the outsider image and do not give two shits about supporting socialism outside of “the economy sucks for us and we’re not really sure what to do about it, but this guy at least seems honest.”

      3. Goldie, sorry to get your panties all twisted but they said the same thing about Gen X and Y in terms of “this is the generation that will finally start rejecting statism and marxism for free markets and liberty” and it never happened.

        I’m not trying to shit all over everything but the fact is that if anything the younger generations are WORSE than the previous ones in terms of rejecting statism and embracing liberty. I never said anything about INSURMOUNTABLE barriers but you brought up a good point that they think that A TRILLION of student loan debt should just vanish and you can ignore that?

        I’m not pitching bankruptcy or college liability but PERSONAL FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY and you are out of your head if you think this generation is better about this than years past.

        I think it’s great that GayJay and Weld are bringing more people in to the Libertarian fold and I hope it continues but I 100% disagree that it’s Generation Snowflake that will finally bridge the gap.

        1. Wait, I thought it was the baby boomers who ruined everything and set us on the path to doom.

        2. Yeah, man, sorry to go off on you. I posted a rant a little down thread, in the heat of the moment, and reading your post… it’s fair.

          But I guess I come from a, “Look, I’m on this Earth another 40+ years. I can look for things to make me hopeful, or I can just always be miserable about the things not working out the way I want.” And it may be unrealistic, or delusional, or whatever, but it’s not a, “Tomorrow is the libertarian moment” but more of a “I have no ideas where the GOP is in 3 months, but it’s probably a place where maybe they’re nicer to libertarians.”

          Look, this generation is, to my thinking, no less or more responsible than previous generations. Whoever figured out debt based financing deserves to be shot, but you can’t put that genie back in the bottle. Still, I look at ideas like the 4 minute mile- once it’s out there, once the rubicon has been crossed, it is possible now. Libertarian philosophy didn’t exist 100 years ago, and at some point, we just need to break that 4 minute barrier to show people our ideas are possible. So, I have hope, even if its just to keep me from suicide.

          1. the pessimism and self pity just gets to me.

            I hear ya, and to quote the great Bill Hicks-



            But seriously look, there’s a difference between “hey, Johnson/Weld might break 5% this year and get matching federal funds down races, and thus we can start building local libertarian bases in statewide elections and increasing our share of the electorate” versus “OMG THIS YOUNGER GENERATION WILL SAVE US!!!”.

            It’s not all doom and gloom when you have Mike Lee’s and Rand Paul’s and Mike Pompeo’s out there defending liberty and the markets.

          2. “Libertarian philosophy didn’t exist 100 years ago …”

            It did. It was called classical liberalism.

          3. And it may be unrealistic, or delusional, or whatever, but it’s not a, “Tomorrow is the libertarian moment” but more of a “I have no ideas where the GOP is in 3 months, but it’s probably a place where maybe they’re nicer to libertarians.”

            Sorry, but I can’t buy into mindless optimism any more than I can buy into mindless pessimism. The world is a pretty conditional place. It may be a world where they’re nicer to libertarians. Then again, it might not. It depends on how the elections go.

            The thing is, the much-vaunted (by Matt & Nick) libertarianism of the millennials has always been of the “if you turn your head just so and squint hard enough” variety. The face value of their politics is that they’re pretty darned pro-big government. Might that change? Sure. But, the reality is what it is. And leaning and squinting to try to see something that isn’t there isn’t particularly appealing to me.

        3. Actually Gen X is probably the least statist generation this country has seen in a century, problem is that Gen X is basically ignored politically and by marketers

          1. That’s the reason we were called generation x- because we’re sandwiched between two much larger demographics, and so our views don’t matter.

        4. they said the same thing about Gen X and Y in terms of “this is the generation that will finally start rejecting statism and marxism for free markets and liberty” and it never happened. … the fact is that if anything the younger generations are WORSE than the previous ones in terms of rejecting statism and embracing liberty.

          As a card carrying member of Gen X, let me say this: GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU COLLECTIVIZING CUNT.

          1. HAHA, good argument CA. That’s deep stuff that is.

            I too am Gen X and you are full of shit. Our Generation is too busy changing diapers and working eighty hours a week to get involved in politics. Perhaps Generation Snowflake will advance liberty further that we have but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

        1. No, you fuck you!!

    4. I dunno, I’m a dreaded millennial and am libertarian as they come. A lot of my friends are too. I think it depends a lot on where you live or if you had decent parents growing up. I do see the Bernie bots though and think I was born in the wrong generation…

  3. Turnout rate among 18-to 24-year olds was 41.2% in 2012.
    Turnout rates of adults ages 65 and older was 71.9%
    So Johnson may win a demographic with a 30% deflator.
    The potential implications are 4 or more years of Hillary. That’s a different kind of fantastic

    1. Actually there is a very good argument to be made that the best thing that could happen for libertarians long term is a Hillary win.

      Lets face it, even if he won Johnson is not likely to succeed at moving the path the country is on in any meaningful way adn with the head winds he’ll be facing there are very high odds that it doesn’t matter who wins this election, they will be a one term President who is remembered as one of the worst we have ever seen.

      Hanging that on Hillary will damage the Democratic and libertal brands for decades

      1. You’d think Obama would have done that by now.

        But there I am being all cynical and shit, sorry.

        Here’s something cheerful

      2. Hanging that on Hillary will damage the Democratic and libertal brands for decades.

        Dream on.

        The true believers in and out of the media will make sure that the only criticism that the dems get is for not going far or hard enough.

        Rebuplicans have been completely irrellevant in CA for more than a decade and they’re still blamed for every little failure.

      3. I think that depends on whether Johnson covers the spread.

        If he doesn’t, libertarians will be relegated back to obscurity. The GOP will move to the left on economics and try to as closely resemble the Democrats as they can without alienating their voting base.

        If he does, then the story gets interesting. The message the GOP will have to take away is that they can’t win without the libertarian vote. And, ultimately, the long-term future for libertarianism and the Republican party is in the GOP becoming a moderate libertarian party.

  4. But who is Lionel Ritchie voting for?

    1. Hillary obviously, don’t you know that Democrats capture the predeceased demographic at more than a 90% rate? It’s over 100% in some places like Chicago.

  5. I have a different interpretation of the numbers.

    Young Rs are basically Ls.

    Given that HC has been the consistent leader among young people by a wide margin, it seems that a high proportion of the young people still prefer D’s policies (namely on the economic side).

    Having that said, the latest IBD/TIPP poll did show GJ leading among young people, so we will see how these numbers progress.

    1. I would guess that, as with pretty much every generation, as millennials age they will trend toward being less socialistic and more practical.
      And, again as is usually the case with young people, they are often easily swayed by something that seems new and different.

    2. Given that HC has been the consistent leader among young people by a wide margin, it seems that a high proportion of the young people still prefer D’s policies (namely on the economic side).

      Eh, in my experience a lot of young people are amenable to conservative/libertarian economic ideas. It’s not like they don’t notice the money that’s raided from their paychecks.

      What’s a nonstarter for them is social intolerance and the Jesus stuff the GOP can’t help but push.

      1. I sort of think that it’s really not ideology that makes young people so much more attracted to left-wing politics. It’s much more cultural and in how the parties market themselves. Somehow the Democrats managed to sell themselves as the cool party. And Republicans seem to do everything they can to be the lame-ass party.

        Seems to me that libertarians should be the cool ones. Young people tend to be anti-authoritarian and rebellious. But the only cool idols for that sort of thing they get are evil pieces of shit like Che Guevarra. It really shouldn’t be such a hard sell. But instead of trying to be the cool revolution of leaving people alone, we’re too busy just being dicks to everyone.

        1. It’s not that hard, guys. Young people are actually verryy socialistic.

          Literally, they hate free markets, and they’ll tell you so. And they think “the rich” need to give them free stuff, because fuck the rich—it’s their fault they’ve set up this system for me to fail and not get what’s rightfully mine (free college, free health care, etc)

          These are literal things most young people think. Go look at the reactions a few months ago of Vin Scully talking down communist dictatorships—They lost their shit, with many saying it ruined Vin Scully for them.

          1. But what does Los Doyers think?

        2. “Young people tend to be anti-authoritarian and rebellious …”

          Millennials are conformist and collectivist. They want to be a selfless cog in a Movement. They assume all cool people agree with them and get terribly upset when anyone breaks the consensus.

          This may not be true for younger millennials, who were under 16 at the start of the Obama era.

      2. “What’s a nonstarter for them is social intolerance and the Jesus stuff the GOP can’t help but push.”

        You mean the way Trump is doing?

  6. What if they held an election and everyone threw their vote away on the third party candidate? If only voting LP was as simple as tuning into Fox Business… IT WOULD STILL BE HILLARY BECAUSE WHO CAN FIND FOX BUSINESS?

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  8. But look how FBN’s shows rank when you stack them by percentage of their overall audiences that are between the ages of 25 and 54:

    I’m totally with you Matt, and in fact i think Libertarians should have their very-own Fox-sponsored channel.

    But here’s the thing = most of the viewers are actually “over 65”.

    So, what that statistic is basically saying is that the tiny-minority of yunguns who happen to stumble into the Old-Folks-Home of Fox-News? prefer the shows where the hosts aren’t speaking in BOLD TYPE and WELL I NEVERS

    I get that you already implied this in your gloss. But i felt like beating a dead horse.

    1. We agree.

      Like Guy Pearce and memories, they need to make new viewers. Libertarianism is a way to get there. If our team does not actually rock demo compared to competition, the demo-percentage ain’t worth squat. But when we do — and we did, when I was on payroll, and Kennedy/Stossel are competitive — then there’s a case to be made that we are (uniquely!) creating Tomorrow’s Audience. The suits are desperate about demographic death spirals, and the solution, at least in the Fox building, is so obvious that it has taken an act of will to not make the no-shit conclusion. In a time of organizational tumult, and 9% polling for the Libertarian, I am happy to remind that lot about it.

      1. Like Guy Pearce and memories, they need to make new viewers

        +1 dead joey pants

  9. Look, as shitty as the next 4 to 8 years will be, it is interesting that their is starting to be hope for a longer term future. Now, I will admit to challenges- entitlements and the demographic crunch terrify me- but I actually have hope that voices more closely aligned with my values will have a spot at the table in the future than I have been before.

    I know that’s a deeply unpopular opinion on here lately, but I’ve kind of quit the comments because I am just so sick of the Crab Bucket, “Woe is Us” libertarianism that seems to run rampant come election time. Look, I get it- you’re right, but no one listens. On the other hand, this idea that a ratchet which took decades to tighten is going to loosen all in one go, you’re fucking kidding yourselves. Yes, we are going to have remove some government- then let people see shit doesn’t fall apart (and yes, social forces will make this difficult. Politics isn’t played by the Marquis of Queensberry rules, the media isn’t fair- boo fucking hoo, grow a pair), then remove more, all in stages. If you want libertarian ideas to gain traction, you’ll have to live with the imperfections inherent in supporting PEOPLE for President, not paragons of libertarian virtue.

    I don’t know, the pessimism and self pity just gets to me. Some people here just come across as a bunch of whiny bitch losers who would rather be perpetually aggrieved at the world’s imperfections than maybe try to make themselves happier a few years down the road.

    1. Look, as shitty as the next 4 to 8 years will be, it is interesting that their is starting to be hope for a longer term future.

      This is why I’m supporting Hillary.

      The faster we bring the pain, the more Libertarians we will create. Trump will merely give the alt-righties and faux-cons something to amuse them for 4 years. We need to magnify the Awful to bring people to the fold.

      1. No, that’s not how it works.

        “Let them reap what they sow” never works, because people will never blame their own policies—they’ll always find a way to pin all the blame on someone on the other side, or pretend like everything’s great.


        2. No one wants Hillary Clinton. She will be the other side and she will be blamed by everybody except the baby boomer establishment progressives who are her base.

          If Trump actually made it into the White House – not likely – the blame would fall unfairly on “capitalism”, conservatives, libertarians, along with the nativists, opportunists and idiots who actually supported the orange con man.

          If Trump wins, America will go full-on socialist in 2020, with a younger version of Bernie Sanders.

          If Clinton wins, libertarians will have the opportunity to take over the viable remnants of the GOP, become the second major party and form a winning coalition for 2020, fueled by the post-Obama generation.

    2. “He wishes to do what other people do (conformism) or he does what other people wish him to do (totalitarianism) ? The very challenge is to join the minority. For the world is in a bad state, but everything will become still worse unless each of us does his best.” ? Viktor Frankl

  10. My Bernin for Bernie friends, i.e., all my friends, gave me the literal, “Sam if you post one more reason article to the group chat….!” bitch slap the other day.

    Don’t hold your breath, the indoctrination is strong. I can’t seem to figure it out, honestly, they are smart and educated but somehow they full-heartedly accept party rhetoric as indisputable.

    I just don’t know how a person (looking at all partisans here) can look at a multiple choice test of complex social and fiscal questions and simply go down the page marking team blue or team read rhetoric as the answer for each and every question. Pragmatic solutions to political problems would force me to not mark LP down for each answer of the quiz — but that’s probably why I am Libertarian. There’s next to nothing in this world that I can go all-in on; this is simply not the case for most people. Most people look for the one answer to all questions, I reckon, and in political terms the answer is team blue or team red.

    1. Have you ever read “I can tolerate anything except the Outgroup“?

      Maybe share that with your friends.

      1. @Gilmore

        Thanks man, I read it (because reading is what I do whilst sitting in the cubicle) and it was thought provoking.

        I’ll post it for the bros, but I can’t see any of them reading it. They don’t usually read the reason articles I pass along either, they simply have a knee-jerk reaction to oppose them — to the 20 something Bernie crowd that I know, Reason is viewed as nothing more than a thinly veiled team red propaganda machine lol.

        That knee-jerk reaction is of course strongly correlated to the very thesis of the essay you posted. No doubt that’s the impression you had in the first place from reading my original comment, and as a result, why the essay popped into your mind and caused you to share it with me.

        Thanks again, I’ll be sure to reflect on it further.

  11. Avenue of the Americans? Maybe some people at Fox would like it to be called that, but it’s Avenue of the Americas (meaning all the countries of the Western hemisphere), better known as Sixth Avenue.

  12. Gee, Matt, revenge of “The Independents,” much? I am still waiting for you and Kmele to both be on Kennedy’s “Party Panel” at the same time, one of these days, soon. Who else would be best to make a fearsome foursome?

    1. Sadly, Mary Katharine Ham’s no longer in play. I’d enjoy Kat Timpf or Joanne Nosuchinsky.

  13. What’s also interesting is Socialism also “got the youth vote”.

  14. RE: Libertarianism: The Choice of a New Generation in Politics (and Cable News)
    Gary Johnson is making a play with Millennials in a proportion that Clinton and Trump can’t touch

    One must sneer at such an idea of the millennials accepting the ideals of Libertarianism. These young men and women have been properly indoctrinated in their teachers in the tax payer public school monopolies, colleges and universities to blindly accept the wise and beneficent diktats of socialism by their over-educated idiots who neither have the guts or brains to attempt any capitalist venture. These millennials are now, and forever will be, the gimme generation that will permeate throughout our society for decades. They are not the first of the gimme generation, nor will they be the last, thanks to magnificent methods of socialist propaganda disseminated throughout our schools, the media, literature, etc. Mercifully, socialist slavery is slowly but surely becoming a reality in our country, and soon the ravages of capitalism will finally be destroyed and replaced with such joys and benefits of socialism as mass incarceration, civil asset forfeiture, needless wars, useless beaucracies, unnecessary social programs, rampant cronyism, and other wonderful political activities that will empty our bloated treasury, destroy our economy and accelerate the Glorious Peoples Revolution. So take heart all those wish to see our country to become another workers paradise. Help is on the way.

    1. David Harsanyi, late of this parish, once wrote, “Millennials aren’t libertarians. They’re socialists who want to buy legal pot.”

  15. Besides, I call bullshit. The numbers may be real enough, but that’s only because Johnson is being the centrist they *say* they want, not because they like actual Libertarian policies.

    What millennial doesn’t like free shit, a dump-off of student debt, the ability to give Dems emperor-like authority, etc.?

  16. You know I am so fucking tired of hearing about millenials and what they think/want

    News flash, 80% of millenials are to young to have the slightest fucking idea what they think or want so yeah they are gloming onto the hip new thing but you know what, almost none of them has a libertarian bone in their body so yeah they’ll say they favor Gary Johnson because he’s hip and down with the Marijuana legalization and who knows a few of them might even come out of their vape cloud long enough to cast a vote for him on election day but please stop deluding yourself into thinking it is the beginning of some great libertarian awakening because in 8 years all these 18 to 24 year olds are going to be died in the wool statists voting for Chelsea Clinton who will be running on a platform of smashing the patriarchy and gender/racial reparations.

      1. Hey, you want proper grammar, you start paying me for my comments damnit

  17. There are times when I look at the intercine warfare on Reason and think, “Man, if the commentariat used this same passion to work on electing Libertarians to their local city council, in 20 years we’d really have something.”

    Seriously, for all the shit that is happening to the Republicans at the federal level, they at least have got a bunch of state legislatures and governorships under their belt.

    1. the intercine warfare

      is that when we disagree about movies?

      i hear you.

      i did in fact both sign (and gather signatures for) a guy who tried to run for city council as a libertarian the last time there was an election i was present for. But in nyc it was something of a hard-sell.

    2. Here’s the thing.

      I can post on a message board or facebook or comments section at places like this in 5 – 10 minute gaps between tasks in my 15+ hour work day (8 hours of it I get paid for, the other 7 are called being a parent and supposedly I get paid in good feels or some shit) . Sure I might spend 2 total hours a day doing it some days (most days are considerably less than that) but it was 2 hours broken up into little chunks between doing shit I need to do, at no point did I actually have to spend 2 hours doing something actually productive or important.

      Now, what precisely could I do for 0 to 2 hours daily in random 5 to 10 minute chunks that would actually help elect a libertarian to the city council?

      Oh right, nothing

      Same with nearly everyone else here. People may put passion into their comments when they are blowing off steam or arguing, that doesn’t mean they have the time to transfer that passion to something productive.

  18. No wonder I’m feeling younger these days.

  19. Suppose libertarians joined one party, then voted as a block for a single candidate. The other votes would be split among the other candidates. The libertarian candidate would win by a plurality. This is what Trump did and he hasn’t been the only one. Libertarians can’t?

    1. Nope.

      First they would have to come up with a billionare with near universal name recognition to run (or a billionare willing to finance someone with near universal name recognition) and then they’d have to attract a lot of other voters to vote for them.

      See Trump didn’t win a majority of Republican votes, he didn’t even get a plurality of them. What Trump did is to get a lot of people who don’t normally vote in Primaries to show up and vote for him. Take those extra voters away and he loses to Cruz.

      Well the problem with libertarians is that while possibly as many as 25% of the country are vaguely libertarian in the most general sense (supporting both fiscal and social freedom), actual libertarians only make up maybe 3 to 5% of the electorate so even if we all voted for that candidate in the Republican Primary and you add in the 5% of Republicans that the Pauls were able to garner and you might be up to 10% of the primary vote. You’re going to need to come up with another 5 – 7% of the primary vote to even have a shot of making it to the later primaries and another 15% to have a realistic shot at winning a split primary with a plurality. Well here is where libertarians run into a problem, we don’t do so well with populism which is what you need to pull in those votes, Trump on the other hand is nothing but populism.

      So no, in the end libertarians could not capture a party in that way because we just aren’t that popular.

    2. Rand Paul tried that, but there is no way to keep both social conservatives and libertarians happy. And as it turns out, “the conservative base” was more interested in white welfarism and sticking it to libruls than in individual liberty and limited government.

      The potential support for libertarianism is split between the Republican and Democratic parties and the disenfranchised center – independents, moderates, etc.

      1. Randall Paul and his dad are antichoice Republicans masquerading as libertarians on other issues. As long as the Prohibition Party and its new clones hold sway over God’s Own Prohibitionists, their platforms will continue to read like Mein Kampf, as they have since 1932.

    3. To the looter parties, getting their grinning baboons on the government payroll is the whole purpose of the game. To LP members, winning is getting enough spoiler votes to force the looters to repeal laws and cut taxes so they can still get their baboons’ hands in the till. Major change only takes about 2% of the vote, or anything close to the difference between the winning and losing looter party candidates.

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  21. Funny how the writer is talking about Millenial support for Johnson as if it’s a good thing.

  22. Excellent political slogan. Suppose that Gary Johnson magically wins >270 electoral votes or better yet is voted in by the house. And then it turns out that he finds himself governing like Hillary Clinton or even belly flopping worse than Trump would.

    Fizzy sugar water that’s colored brown. It’s the choice of a new generation…and every statistical grouping for that matter. Isn’t variety wonderful?

  23. Hillary is still going to win. The gamblers say so.

    1. I’ll wager with them any day. Bookies faded Brexit bets at 4 to 1 against and the thing passed. But many’s the time I drew a card and completed a flush or open straight when the odds were against it.

  24. Those polls mean nothing to gamblers. Bookies at Paddypower are giving The Don’s antichoice party the same chance of winning as of drawing one card to complete a straight. Those odds are getting longer. The LP candidate’s odds of geting elected went from 400 to 1 to 50 to 1 against in about the same month. The probability of the LP actually winning is exactly one. This is because our spoiler votes force the entrenched looter parties to consistently repeal bad laws and lower them taxes. Otherwise they don’t get their boys on the government payroll. To them, winning means a hand in the till. Nothing else matters.

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  26. I’ve got really bad news for the Cosmo’s.

    The ‘miillineal’s’ ain’t the libertarian generation by any stretch of the imagination.

    And the contrarian commenters here are wring too in calling them socialists.

    Intead, they* are mostly people who’s emotional development has been retarded sine pre-pubescence. They are big children. And as such the things they care mat about are having mommy and daddy (or governmental surrogates) providing for them in return for obedience, and avoiding uncomfortable situations. They have not reached the emotional stage of development that used to be called adolescence, with a pushing of boundaries and rebelliousness against social norms on the way to self identification. So no, libertarian ideas are not ‘cool’ to them. What they crave most is another gold star and pat in the head by an indulgent authority figure.

    Their entire life experience has consistent of being rewarded for parroting back (and then promptly forgetting) the socialist propaganda pushed at them in schools of various levels. The idea that they have been taught ‘hoHanging that on Hillary will damage the Democratic and libertal brands for decades
    to think’ or even acquired knowledge along the way is laughable. And disproven by a short conversation with a recent university gard on the area of their study.

    1. BTW I see the decline in sexual activity and complete collapse of family formation in this cohort as another example of their emotion tardation.

    2. *Yes of course I am speaking generally and there are many people in that age range who do not fit those descriptors. Maybe, even 20-30%.

      1. That’s nice sweety, now go outside and have a good argument with the clouds some of them are shaped like things you find offensive.

  27. So they’re little Alex Keatons?

  28. I would like to see libertarians get to the point where they realize elections will not solve anything. The country, the system, the culture is broken and unfixable. The only solution is revolution. Peacefully seperate from the system and start again. Since this wont happen, Im moving to Ireland where at least they have greater economic freedom and no D or R.

  29. As a milennial myself, I find the amount of handwringing over milennials amusing. Your generation created us, and FWIW, we didn’t create the conditions that led to what we have become. With that being said, I think every generation views its successor as being morally corrupted and a generally worthless bunch of moochers. That’s how the boomers were viewed, at least. On the other hand, most of our problems were caused by the boomers so maybe they were right about them.

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  31. Mmmm. I wonder if millenials are fiercely debating about whether they should have been vaccinated.

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