Roger Ailes Will Advise Trump, Negligent Gulf Flood Coverage, RIP John McLaughlin: P.M. Links


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          1. Lateness = shrinkage= stack o’ dimes

    1. I know. Life suddenly lacks meaning, purpose. Maybe the nihilists are right…

      1. Say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, Tonio. At least it’s an ethos.

        1. At least Ed makes the links run on time …

    2. Hel…

      What’s the point?


    3. Oh look who’s first. This is my shocked face.

      1. I know right ?

        I haven’t even finished reading all the link articles.

    4. Not even fruit sushi satisfies your honor? Why not rename yourself to Iron Fist of Etiquette?

      1. Wouldn’t First of Etiquette make more sense?

        1. Weirdest Borg name ever.

          1. At work, we have a major effort ongoing to get our subcontractor to correct some failures in an important component. We came up with 9 proposed design changes and then narrowed it to 7 that we actually want implemented. So we started saying things like “…and then we’ll make those 7 of the 9 proposed changes, then “the Seven of Nine changes.”

            Predictably it became the Seven of Nine capacitor and took the next logical step of becoming the Jeri Ryan.

            Yeah, I work with a bunch of nerds.

              1. Magnificent.

        2. You stole First of Etiquette from me. Or at least I used it in a post within the last… few weeks?

  1. Brian Williams might be getting his own late-night show on MSNBC.

    What’s My Lie?

    1. Lying on air, just like Brian Williams did….

      1. Shut it the thread down. I don’t even care that they’re Canadian.

      2. Well it IS Tuesday night, but it is not raining

    2. I hear there’s a slot open on Comedy Central. He only has to don blackface like the last host did.

      1. You can’t out-Leibowitz Leibowitz. It’s not possible. Peak Leibowitz was officially reached near the end of the Bush dynasty.

        1. I was referring to the upper-middle-class NPR-listening nerd who decided to don the ill fitting mantle of Voice Of Oppressed Black America and then forgot to be funny in the process.

          I mean, the guy sounds like he had to have vocal coaching to drop his g’s all street like.

    3. Going after the untapped pathological liar demographic?

      1. He’s with her!

  2. University grad faces $84K foreign buyers tax on Langley, B.C., townhome

    Jing cobbled together a 10 per cent deposit on the $560,000 property by borrowing from her parents in China. She said they in turn borrowed money from friends and family.

    But last month, 12 days after Jing signed the purchase contract, the B.C. government threw a wrench in Jing’s Canadian dream when it levied a 15 per cent property transfer tax on foreign real estate buyers in the Vancouver area.

    Jing is not a permanent resident in Canada, so the tax adds $84,000 to the home’s cost, something she’s certain she can’t afford. But if she backs out of the deal, she would lose her deposit of about $56,000.

    “Now, I can’t go forward and also can’t go back.”

    Hurrah for nativism, woo!

    1. It’s funny seeing people in B.C. simultaneously decry the horrors of Trump in the United States while also having a collective freakout about the wealthy Yellow Peril.

      1. Canada has its own wretched Trumpian racist past and lemme tell ya in places like the Prairies, BC and Quebec it’s alive and well.

          1. That’s why I laugh and take to task Canadians who talk smug and smack about Trump.

            Quebec has had their share of Trump types in their politics over the years.

            1. Who can forget Parizeau’s “Money (and he totally didn’t mean Jews, he swears) and ethnic votes” over the 1995 referendum?

              1. Parizeau: Not dead enough. Fuck that turd asshole.

                My neighbor said, ‘It’s true but you can’t say that!’

                That’s how xenophobic nationalists are.


              2. And to be clear: They’re bull shit about English IS a form of xenophobia. That they’re so insecure about their language to the point of exacting punitive measures against it is absurd as it is infantile.

        1. Plus you got all those Duplessis orphans. That’s why Canadian monocles are the best.

      2. It’s funny seeing people in B.C. simultaneously decry the horrors of Trump in the United States while also having a collective freakout about the wealthy Yellow Peril.

        You could say the same about all of Europe, the UK, etc.

      3. It’s funny seeing people in B.C. simultaneously decry the horrors of Trump in the United States while also having a collective freakout about the wealthy Yellow Peril.

        When it comes to losing their shit over Americans or Asians, people in British Columbia can do hypocrisy as well as anybody on Earth.

    2. Well, nativism, social justice, and class warfare.

  3. Roger Ailes will help Donald Trump prepare for the debates.

    With a Hillary wig, he’d look about right.

  4. When the links are late, you know it’s Soave.

    1. Sorry for being late.

      I don’t even know what fruit sushi could possibly be.

      1. Fruit on vinegared rice (sushi meshi).

        1. I’m OK with fruit sushi as long as the fruit is umeboshi.

          1. The alt-text is sublime!

            1. I love Robby. He is a sport.

            2. God bless ya Rico…that is the ONLY way to deal with us yay-hoos.


              and don’t give in to alt-text demands, if you can’t compete with the likes of 2chili it isn’t worth trying.

            3. I don’t see it. I get a hovering hyperlink hand.

              1. Exactly.

    2. He’s not as late as John McLaughlin.

      1. Too soon

  5. The Walking Dead threatens spoiler site with copyright lawsuit if it outs last season’s major death.


    1. The court invalidates the will, so Anthony Patch gets the money.

      1. He was a ghost all along!


    2. The walkers spoiled a long time ago.

  6. Damn you Robby. Knew it was your fault.

    Repeating: School’s back in session, so it’s time again for terrible op-eds in school newspapers.

    Makeup allows individuals to express themselves, be creative and feel beautiful. However, this mode of self-expression has been limited to women by society. Makeup has been viewed as an indication of femininity rather than an art form.

    Individuality and creativity are genderless, so why can’t makeup be, too? Women wearing makeup has been accepted and appreciated for years in various cultures, so men should be able to experience the same freedom.

    This art form in all of its glory should not be exclusive to females. Recently the internet has seen some male makeup artists rise from the ashes of bigotry. Men are changing the makeup game and should be given just as much cosmetic recognition as girls.

    1. That’s far from terrible. There’s nothing in it about “hate speech” or “privilege”. She’s not asking for free shit or calling for restrictions on anyone else’s rights

      1. So, then, it’s OK to mock her stance on what people shouldn’t say?

      2. Why does it have to be a she, you cis-normative shitlord!

    2. Yeah, they say that – until the Jugallos start painting up. Until the Goth’s cause a mascara shortage.

  7. Never mind gender identity, how about era identity?

    Faux Victorian couple ejected from Butchart Gardens for fancy attire

    A Washington state couple preoccupied with reliving the Victorian-era ? from their icebox to their undergarments ? were asked to change out of their traditional costumes or leave Butchart Gardens near Victoria B.C.

    The Saanich tourist attraction has a rule. No period costumes. No matter what.

    “These are not costumes ? it’s just our everyday dress!” Sarah told CBC News

    1. “They protested loudly on their blog This Victorian Life”

      You mean they sent a telegram of protest to company headquarters, wrote a letter – in exquisite penmanship – for publication in the local paper, and then went to a minstrel show?

      1. Harumph!

        [Deja vu…]

      2. Then he died from a Boer kommando’s bullet, and she spent the rest of her life in a sanitorium until the consumption finally took her.

        1. And saw the doctor once a week to treat her hysteria.

          1. Just once a week? Poor thing.

    2. Canada eh? If the man was dressed as a Victorian woman and the woman as a Victorian man they’d have a rock solid discrimination case

      1. I would like to point out this took place in Victoria…i mean, I can’t even…

        1. And looking at the pics what the hell is the big deal?

          1. So I know that Disneyland has an express rule against adults wearing any costumes, specifically so that they are not confused as staff by other park-goers. I think it is a reasonable concern on Disney’s part, and it’s their right as owners of the property.

    3. Are they vaccinated?

    4. Butchart Gardens spokeswoman Dale Ryan said that it’s been a 20-year policy to ban costumes, as it distracts visitors trying to enjoy the gardens.

      “It can take away from the experience,” she told the Victoria Times Colonist.

      Because everyone knows Victorian garb totally detracts from formal gardens.

  8. Omaha’s answer to pothole complaints: a new dirt road

    thanks to a quirk in how Omaha developed, about 300 miles of streets in these nice neighborhoods are pitted with potholes almost big enough to swallow an SUV.

    The bad roads have been both an anomaly and a source of complaints for years. But recently, they’ve become the center of a mini-crisis after local officials began dispatching crews to tear up the asphalt in the neighborhoods and turn the streets back into dirt roads, much like what existed in the city’s frontier days.

    The sudden appearance of miles of dirt road in the midst of urban Omaha has prompted angry protests by residents and showcased a conflict over the public services homeowners should expect when a modern city outgrows some of its old real estate agreements.

    “No letter, no notice. We just came home on a Tuesday, and our street was ground up,” said Joe Skradski, a dentist who lives on 113th Street, where a dozen $400,000-and-up houses now line a dirt path. “Since then, it’s been nothing short of a nightmare.”

    1. Decades ago, a number of developers sought permission to lay down asphalt roads rather than longer-lasting concrete in several sections in the middle of town, and to skip installing curbs and gutters preferred by the city. The city agreed, with the understanding that homeowners be responsible for occasional repaving. Some substandard roads also were in areas once outside the city but that were later annexed.

      For years, the arrangement held up. But as the roads began to age and crumble, and as new residents replaced the original homeowners, resentment intensified about a city government that maintained some neighborhoods while ignoring others.

      Said neighbor Bill Manhart, “It’s like living in the country, but in the middle of the city…There’s so much dust and mud on the street, what’s the point?

      1. The city simply can’t afford the roughly $300 million bill to fix all the substandard streets.

        That doesn’t fly with residents who say that dirt roads or crumbling pavement are unworthy of a well-off community with a growing population, a tiny unemployment rate and four Fortune 500 companies.

        “Well, gee whiz, if I’m going to be on a gravel street, I don’t think they should increase my taxes,” said resident Terry Hexum, referring to a recent tax assessment hike that would generate revenue for the entire city. He helped organize a protest meeting attended by 200 people about the street dispute.

        Officials have suggested that neighbors create a district to finance repaving, or the more expensive option of rebuilding the streets to city standards, which the city would then maintain.

        But when no agreement was reached, city officials dispatched its bulldozers, saying dirt roads were better than deteriorating asphalt.

        1. LIBERTOPIA!

          1. All that text I shared and I forgot the best line:

            Many conservatives believe “smaller government is better, but we still want our roads to function,” he said.

            1. Somalia! Childrens! Roads!

        2. Either let residents build the roads and decrease taxes or you build the road and keep taxes the same (or increase them). You can’t have it both ways.

      2. Asphalt roads are substandard now?

    2. I read years ago that some paved roads have been converted to gravel in rural northern Michigan, as a cost-saving measure. That seemed like a sign that civilization was moving backwards.

      1. Not necessarily. If the city that created the roads is a shadow of its former self, why should it continue to pay to update the infrastructure on sections that are little used? I don’t think that’s what’s happening here in Omaha, but in certain Bruce Springsteen Mill Towns and in certain areas of Detroit, it might be a sound idea to let certain sections revert back to nature, or at least low maint. gravel.

      2. I would prefer dirt roads to asphalt. They are only a problem in places with lots of rain.

        1. Or very little rain (mega dust).

          I’ve driven down plenty of dirt/gravel roads in the country and it sucks. When you have to drive down them for a couple of miles in a normal road car, you can just feel the value of your car plummeting.

    3. Nebraska: the Somalia of the Midwest?

      1. You’re thinking of Minnesota. Well, only so far, at least.

    4. If the city was within its rights to tell residents if those neighborhoods to see to their own paving, why did they they tear up all the existing asphalt? It would seem to be a gratuitous parting shot.

      1. Nah, it seems like the city is saying they’re doing the residents a favor. If I lived in another neighborhood though I’d be pissed at the free city service this neighborhood is getting.

        1. Except the people are not getting a “Free” service. They are being levied the exact same taxes that other homeowners are being levied. But I agree that it isn’t one that the city is obligated to provide.

          The homeowners should go after their realtors and sellers for not disclosing this item. If it was disclosed, the homeowners should figure out how to get out of this arrangement. Probably by having a one time levy to fix the roads and thereafter their taxes support the road fixing.

          1. Which is what the city suggested before removing the roadz

    5. My street is being ripped out and will be replaced with a linear park. No street at all, just grass, trees, a sidewalk and bike path. Right out the front door!

      1. Sounds pretty nice actually.

      2. Are they going to ticket you for driving on the grass?

    6. I’m not sure that it says about me that I initially read your headline as Obama’s answer to pothole complaints: a new dirt road and thought this was going to be an article about the ACA.

    7. Omaha’s answer to pothole complaints: a new dirt road

      The anal sex link is downthread.

    8. That’s what you get when you allow government to build and own the roads.

  9. Been away for a bit… stop me if you’ve heard these…

    1. Away for a bit?

      I have something to tell you about Trump.

  10. Oh, look who’s all self-aware now.

    Shame. Shame. Shame.

  11. RIP John McLaughlin.

    He was only now 89? I thought he was 89 back in the 80’s.

    1. That guy Dana Carvey would impersonate died? Awwww.

      1. The Sinatra Group was a better parody.

        1. When SNL started to pull itself out of one of it’s many doldrums.

        2. You can say that about anything centered on Phil Hartman.

        3. “I hear you baby. Forget the head. Put a bag over it and do your business.”

  12. Dammit, Robby, you’re trolling us, and effectively so. It’s just impossible to stay mad at you.

    But someday things will change. Looks don’t last forever; hair thins… [sobs quietly]

    1. Robby will never lose his hair. He should probably worry about the hair losing him, however.

      I bet the hair wouldn’t post late links.

      1. You just know he manscapes meticulously.

        1. A gentleman never tells. But to answer your question: yes, yes he does.

          1. Does Dennis have carnal knowledge of this?

  13. Pew Research Center: Black Users More Likely to See Race-Related Online Posts Than White Users, Poll Finds

    Black social media users are nearly twice as likely to see posts about race and race relations as whites, according to a report released Monday by the Pew Research Center.

    1. Not to be argumentative, but… so what? (Also, linky not worky for me, at least.)

      1. Is this a function of different perceptions of the same posts, or is this a function of where different people post?

        Maybe you should stop trolling stormfront?

        1. “Is this a function of different perceptions of the same posts, or is this a function of where different people post?”

          Facebook matches articles to photos! Color me surprised.

          1. Blackface book?

      2. Sorry… guess my browser cached a weird url

        Pew researchers also observed Twitter hashtag trends following the shooting deaths of two black men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, by police, and found that the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was used nearly 5 million times on July 5-7. Of those, 87 percent were in support of the movement and 11 percent in opposition.

        However, the trends changed following the shooting of five police officers in Dallas on July 7. From July 8-17, 39 percent of tweets containing #BlackLivesMatter were opposed to the movement, 28 percent were in support and researchers deemed 33 percent neutral.

        Tweets opposing the movement continued to grow after violence against police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Pew researchers said. The day after the attack, only 26 percent of tweets with #BlackLivesMatter were in favor of the movement and 67 percent were opposed.

    2. Black people are also like 5x more likely to bring up race in online conversations, so that’s probably why they see more of that type of content.

  14. Robby, just when I think you can’t get any worse, you go and do something like this and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF

    1. Why is it fruit sushi? How did it start?

      1. He was at some party with ENB, and he got fat shamed by the waiter for eating too much fruit sushi.

      2. Robby and ENB were at some event which ENB wrote about, and in the piece she casually mentioned how Robby was cut off by the wait staff because he was engorging himself with too much free fruit sushi. Then the God-less sharks in the comments swarmed…

        1. Thanks to both of you.

    2. “You keep using this word jabronie, and it’s awesome!”

      1. “I don’t know I think it’s a daego word.”

  15. Truck Driver Fined $2000 For Getting Stuck On This Road

    On Monday, a truck driver attempted to drive his big rig through a section of Vermont 108, which passes through Smuggler’s Notch . According to Burlington Free Press, the trucker tried to get through the pass, but instead got stuck.

    Vermont State Police fined 33-year-old Alexander Gendreau of Easthampton, Massachusetts, $2,000 for blocking traffic in both directions while attempting to move his vehicle off the road.

    1. The law came to fruition after many drivers failed to ignore warning signs and became lodged in the pass.


      1. They let some air out of his tires so he could pass!

    2. Actually incredibly common up there, the road is ridiculously narrow and windy, with sharp 90 degree turns.

  16. Female Marine drops out of infantry course

    The only female officer enrolled in the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer’s Course has dropped out after failing to complete two conditioning hikes last month, according to the Marine Corps’ Training and Education Command.

    33 additional officers have been dropped from the course out of a starting class comprising 97 officers. The course started on July 6 and is scheduled to finish on September 20.
    This was the female officer’s second attempt at passing the course. She will now be given another specialization for her career as an officer in the Marines.

    Does anyone know what a typical conditioning hike is for them?

    1. From their bunk to the showers with a bottle of Pantene ProV?

    2. Solution: Lower the standards.


    3. ‘Up to 12 miles in full combat gear’.…..l-training

  17. Is Anal Sex for Women a Way to Increase Orgasms?

    Out of the women surveyed, 65 percent had an orgasm the last time they had vaginal sex. Eighty-one percent of women who received oral sex in their last encounter reached orgasm. A whopping 94 percent who had anal sex during their last encounter were able to achieve orgasm. As Slate’s William Saletan noted, “Anal sex outscored cunnilingus.”

    Buttsecks FTW

    1. Not sure of the causation here. Could be that women who like anal sex are more likely to have orgasms.

      1. You shut your mouth right now.

        1. What is it with you perverts and butt sex? That’s a one way stree…

          *notices handle*


      2. Zip it tropical fruit or we’ll have Robby eat you after they stuff you with rice and wrap you in seaweed.

      3. Papaya is correct. Women who are willing to take it in the butt tend to be more relaxed about their sexuality and more in tune with their bodies, which we all know facilitates the female orgasm. Overall, they are better people.

    2. This is why there should be more libertarian women.

    3. I think independent research is necessary. I’ll leave that to you good men as anal is not my thing. Pitching or catching.

      1. I think that denial is a little too strong.

        1. It only matters what you can prove.

    4. Do you think the womenfolk are going to buy that?

      Am I wrong to think that a woman who is willing to do anal might be more ready to orgasm and it does not really have to do with technique?

      1. I didn’t click on the link (I am at work), but did the study indicate that the women achieved orgasm DUE TO ANAL SEX?

        In other words, it is related to your (and Papaya’s) question about causation, but more directly is it the anal sex, or were the women using toys, or digital assisting at the same time?

        1. Digital assisting? You mean like watching an iPad?

          1. +1 Pornhub

          2. Just be sure to wipe it after… like with a cloth.

            1. I LOL’ed

    5. Do you think the womenfolk are going to buy that?

      Am I wrong to think that a woman who is willing to do anal might be more ready to orgasm and it does not really have to do with technique?

    6. What about FMF 3-somes?

      Asking for a friend.

  18. Kevin Smith: Filmmaker and Actor Defends Daughter Harley Quinn Smith Against Commentator

    “If you hate me (or my kid) this much, the better use of your time is to make YOUR dreams come true, instead of slamming others for doing the same,” the filmmaker wrote on Instagram with a screenshot of the profane comment left on his daughter’s page. “The best revenge is living insanely well ? so if you wanna get back at a 17 year old girl for the grievous crime of enjoying her life, the best way to do it is to succeed in your OWN existence.”

    1. “Harley is one of the stars of her dad’s latest comedy, “Yoga Hosers,” alongside Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp. They play a pair of teenage convenient store clerks who team up with a legendary man-hunter to battle with an army of bratwurst Nazis that are threatening the girls’ party plans.”

      To think that the same guy who is making a movie like this could be so wise with his life advice…

      1. (I hope the article meant *convenience* store clerks)

      2. I mean, Kevin Smith hasn’t made a decent movie in 15 years, but you still don’t go after his daughter for it.

        1. I think he’s like Richard Ramirez. Has all the money he wants, wanted to make money doing something with his kid. Good on ’em. Ramirez or whoever made SpyKids 3D

          1. LOL. Richard Ramirez?? Intentional?

            Robert Rodriguez 🙂

    2. Smith is pretty washed-up nowadays. Only time he ever pops up in the media anymore is for stuff like this and the ‘he’s too fat for airplane seats’ incident.

      I mean, good for him, going from a Jersey indie hack to moderate Hollywood success, but goddamn man, if this is and Tusk is your dream you should’ve aimed higher.

      1. I thought Tusk was enjoyably weird.

      2. I can’t imagine how he’s paying the bills these days. His fan base was pretty niche to begin with and his movies, like most of the mid-90s Gen-X style that he embodied, haven’t aged well at all. Watching Clerks or Mallrats these days isn’t an exercise in pleasant, goofy nostalgia, it’s painful and cringe-inducing.

        1. Podcasts, TV show, comic book gigs, and the movies he somehow finds funding for. And he’s thrifty when it comes to his wardrobe and air travel, so he’s probably living better than a lot of us.

        2. You realize that Mallrars and Dogma are still paying to keep his lights on, right? Not to mention that Clerks was ridiculous profit. Maybe he’s good just being a multimillionaire.

          1. You realize that Mallrars and Dogma are still paying to keep his lights on, right

            Didn’t realize Gen-X possessed that many man-children.

    3. That’s nice and all, but she is now putting herself out there in the public eye, and she herself thought it was funny.

    4. He named his daughter after a comic book character? yeesh

  19. Nine Iraqi migrants arrested after woman ‘drugged and gang raped’ in Austria

    The men, who police said are asylum seekers aged 21 to 47, are accused of taking a German tourist from Schwedenplatz and assaulting her in an apartment. The men reportedly denied the allegations.

    1. It’s amazing this stuff even makes the news these days. Muslim migrants raping European women has become “dog bites man”.

      1. We need Cytotoxic to explain it all away.

        1. That woman has benefited economically from their migration. She has no reason to complain. She should be thanking them for sharing their culture.

          1. Cytotoxic thanks you.

    2. On the plus side, back home they would tell the cops to take it up with the houri, it’s not their fault she compelled them to rape her.

      At least now they are acknowledging such activity is wrong and that they didn’t do it.


  20. ?RIP John McLaughlin.

    On a scale of one to ten with one being Ingmar Bergman and ten being Oingo Boingo, how peaceful will John McLaughlin’s rest be? What say you Eleanor Clift?

    1. Ugh. Eleonor Clift. Progressive retard think taken to its apex.

      1. WRONG! The answer is five, X Atencio.

      2. As usual, I was late to the Clift party.

  21. Kathleen Kane: Pennsylvania Attorney General Announces Resignation After Being Convicted on 9 Charges

    Kathleen Kane has announced her resignation as Pennsylvania’s attorney general.

    “I have been honored to serve the people of Pennsylvania and I wish them health and safety in all their days,” Kane said in a statement.

    The resignation will take effect at the close of business on Wednesday.

    1. Would.

      1. An AG? dude.

      2. Careful, she’s got a bad case of two-face going on.

    2. Bye-bye.

    3. “I have been honored to serve myself and would have continued to do so if not caught”


    4. Dumb question, but if she was convicted, why the fuck does she get the chance to resign? I mean shouldn’t this automatically cause her to lose her position? (I am not saying the law currently does this, I am saying that it SHOULD!)

      1. Yo brah. There are no dumb questions. Just stupid ones.


      2. The state constitution requires the AG to be a lawyer in good standing and she was disbarred sometime back yet refused to resign her office. They couldn’t get enough votes to impeach her, I guess.

    5. She didn’t even have the uncommon decency to pull a Budd Dywer.

      1. I was wondering if anybody would mention Dwyer.

      2. + 1 Everybody stand back and you won’t get hurt.

        /more or less

  22. The Walking Dead threatens spoiler site with copyright lawsuit if it outs last season’s major death.

    So the TV show is suing the comicbook? Or isn’t suing one of the three hundred wikia pages that reveal the same information gleaned from the comicbook?

    1. It’s been a long while since I watched the series.

      However, the series diverges from the book a LOT.

      Also the big death that the advertising is hyping the hell out of, in the book, will probably NOT be the same as the guy killed in the show.

      Because the author of the book, who is a character-kill-hungry crazy person, says he killed off the character in the book because he liked the show version of the character better, and for some reason thought the book version was holding the show version back.

      So it’s REALLY unlikely that the character killed in the books to let the show incarnation of the character shine will be the one killed in the same manner in the show.

      But, again, the writer is a crazy person, who spoiled the death in the books HIMSELF by announcing that the character would die in issue 100 in an offhand comment most people thought was a joke, so anything’s possible. Maybe they will kill off the character again even though the reason for killing him isn’t present in the show, but that’s far from certain.

      1. I’m well aware of the divergence. I’ve read the comics. But unless the spoilerers are actually releasing a script or a scene that was leaked, I see no grounds for a suit whatsoever. It’s all speculation based on a rough estimation of the progression of the comic. Any sort of legal sanctions on those speculating short of evidence of directly leaked information, would be a violation of a very very basic notions of free speech.

        1. I tend to agree. Anyone of the general public should be free to speculate about it however they see fit. However, if a member of the cast or crew reveals it, AND they signed a non-disclosure agreement, then there might be ground for a lawsuit.

          1. For that person who violated a contract they agreed to, with the penalties of which spelled out in the contract itself.

            1. No I agree with you totally. Besides, unless someone is a real insider who has leaked information, or it is someone that got to see some sort of early screening (and is violating a non-disclosure agreement), this doesn’t even constitute a spoiler.

              “My cousin said that her sister-in-law found out from her dad’s favorite website, that the daughter of the key grip’s assistant told her best friend who might have been killed.”

              1. Free advertising for new season.


    Joss Whedon’s spaceship drama Firefly (later turned into a movie, Serenity) is taking flight once again – thanks to a talented fan and professional artist Stephen Byrne. Byrne has created a convincing trailer for his own The Animated Adventures of Firefly.

    1. Not bad.

    2. The preciouusssssssssss!

    3. Firefly is dead, let it stay dead. It’s been almost fifteen years people, as Whedon himself put it:

      “There’s a point where it stops being mouth-to-mouth and starts being necrophilia.”

      1. One of the best sick jokes I’ve heard.

      2. At least it’s animated. It’s easier to do this way, and a much better outcome.

      3. I’ll let CJ be the judge of when that point occurs.

    4. I enjoyed the show somewhat, but honestly, it is probably one of the most overrated examples of sci-fi entertainment that is out there. I don’t want to get into its not really sci-fi argument. Just that the show was kind of fun, but people have blown it WAY out of proportion.

      1. It’s the promise of the show more than the quality of what we got. Following a motley crew of smugglers pulling off heists around the system, talking kinda funny, presented with some cinematic flair? It’s a rich verse to explore.

    5. It’s been over a decade, guys. Put it to rest.

      On the other hand, gotta animate something.

      1. That’s what Dr. Frankenstein said.

        1. Too soon

      2. There have been seven seasons of Castle. Who the fuck watches Castle?

        On the other hand, there is obviously a fervent fanbase, and an animated show is perfect for those nerdy freaks. It’s a no-brainer.

        1. There have been seven seasons of Castle. Who the fuck watches Castle?

          Well, the wife, for one. Then again, I don’t know associate with many people. She also reads the “novels”, too, so there’s that.

          But, she’s a Fillion fangirl.

          1. I was being hyperbolic, but still: seven seasons! Then again J.A.G. ran for ten years, so what do I know.

            1. Hey don’t you talk shit about J.A.G., there was a time in my life I needed Catherine Bell yelling at me weekly.

              1. She did a skinemax flick, so yea, there’s always that.

            2. I was being hyperbolic

              Oh, I know. Just an anecdote for that head-scratcher*. It’s like Numbers, or Criminal Minds, or SVU, or whatever procedural gets such good mileage on fumes.

              And yet, we only got three BBC-sized seasons of Father Ted… I know, I know, RIP Dermot.

              *Really?? “Scratcher isn’t in the spell-check?

              1. or SVU

                As a man, one can’t just like SVU, you have to like at least one other Law and Order series.*

                *OMWC exempted.

        2. There have been seven seasons of Castle. Who the fuck watches Castle?

          There have been eight seasons. And my wife and I watched it pretty religiously, but realized that the writers managed to stink it up in its last season. Best to put it out of its misery (it’s been mercifully canceled).

          Plus, it had the awe-inspiring beauty (and decent acting chops too, Thank God!) of Molly Quinn, who may be the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a completely flawless redhead with alabaster skin. She was born for HD television. Plus she’s a nerd and geek who goes to cons as a fan and loves Star Trek.

          I could watch that young lady read a dictionary onstage for two hours. In fact, I’d pay to do so. Yowza.

          1. Molly Quinn, Yummy,

            1. She’s mine, I saw her first.

  24. No more Mahavishnu – oh wait, wrong John McLaughlin. Never mind.

    1. I understood that reference.

      [Lights “I know 1970s fusion rock” social signal]

    2. I thought the same thing! I didn’t even know who the hell this guy was.

  25. I think AlmightyJB posted this but in a NON lynx thread:

    Suspect found biting man’s face off at chaotic Florida murder scene

    The sheriff said the suspect was removing the victim’s flesh with his teeth. Eventually, multiple deputies and a K-9 pounced, trying to remove the suspect from the prone man on the ground. They used a stun gun, but only after use of great force from every law enforcement officer available could they remove him.

    1. “When we see a case like this, when someone is biting off pieces of somebody’s face, could it be flakka, the answer is it absolutely could be flakka case, we don’t know,”

      Is it flakka? It could absolutely positively without any doubt whatsoever, possibly be a flakka case, we just aren’t sure.

      1. Meh, I am sticking with bath salts.

  26. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Parents Still Putting Babies to Sleep in Unsafe Positions, Study Finds

    A study, published Monday in Pediatrics, used video cameras to determine that between 14 and 33 percent of babies observed were placed on their bellies or sides to sleep rather than on their backs.

    There oughta be a law.

  27. RIP John McLaughlin.

    +1 Eleanor Clift cheering on the miracle of Cuban Healthcare.

    1. Sure, her politics are despicable, but she has some really nice legs, so I hope the show continues.

    2. My friend is Cuban-American and a doctor and always feels tempted to punch out people who talk as if the Cuban system is so grand. Especially assholes who know damn well they never have to use the system. Sort of like American progs who point to Canada about the pros of single payer. They have no idea what they’re babbling about.

  28. So what happens to The Group now?

    Empty chair?

    1. I nominate Clint Eastwood.

    1. never gets old.

  29. Erin Brockovich: Activist Joins Nonprofit Group’s Call for Increased EPA Regulations for Drinking Water

    Brockovich and the Environmental Working Group sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency asking for increased regulations on the amount of hexavalent chromium permitted in drinking water.

    1. The EPA hates the Navajo, therefore Brockovich hates the Navajo. For shame, madame.

    2. Do they have any evidence that 100ppb is too high? Or is this just another one of those “large amounts of X are correlated with Y, Y is bad, so no amount of X is acceptable”? (I’m looking at you, CDC guidelines on lead)

      1. We still use this philosophy in nuclear power. Never mind that there is significant research that indicates limited exposure to radon, for example is correlated with LOWER incidences of lung cancer.

        1. Is this true? *Snorts line of radon

      2. 10 years ago they couldn’t reliability measure ppb. In my Analytical Chemist lab I remember my crusty old instructor saying a good SI water rinse was good for lowering the concentration of fluids in an analytic flask by an order of magnitude. His quote, “Risne that six times like that and I’ll drink the seventh even if you had a concentrated cyanide solution to begin with.” I’m not saying that gallons with ppm concentrations don’t add up, but this is another “problem” induced by better measurements designed to cost people money.

  30. Trump University: Donald Trump Alleges President Obama Bribed New York Attorney General to Sue Institution

    Trump said the attorney general sued him a day after meeting Obama. He added that “fifteen thousand or a lot of money” was paid to the attorney general by the California law firm that is suing him.

    1. Sounds like a Democrat thing to do.

    2. This is an interesting question to raise considering the controversy over Thiel bankrolling Hogan’s suit.

      If Trump University *was* violating the law and victimizing the people who purchased its services, then the fact that the NY AG was paid to investigate will be irrelevant. If, on the other hand, if they were innocent of what they were accused, then it’s a pretty serious crime; the false allegations would harm Trump’s reputation, and of course there will be the expense, opportunity costs, and pain and suffering imposed on the innocent targets of the investigation.

      I think the big difference here is that Thiel was spending his own money, whereas any putative briber is really spending a fraction of his own money and effectively helping himself to public funds to fund the lawsuit. They don’t bear the full costs.

      And, for the record, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true. the NY AG is a corrupt shitheel who will investigate innocent organizations as a favor to companies he is promoting.

      1. then the fact that the NY AG was paid to investigate will be irrelevant.

        The bolded part negates what might otherwise have been irrelevant. Bank rolling a civil suit is one thing, paying a public official to wield state power to another person’s detriment is another. The fact that it’s for political gain even, takes it to a whole new level of corrupt.

        1. Yep. That’s the textbook definition of corruption. Being paid to investigate, being paid not to investigate, pretty much being paid for anything.

        2. If a corrupt person does the right thing for all the wrong reasons, does that make the right thing the wrong thing?

          Lets assume that Trump University was a scam for the purpose of considering the followign scenarios:

          1) If someone had persuaded the AG to launch the investigation by appealing to his better nature (don’t laugh, he probably does have a little bit of a conscience – no matter how withered and shriveled), would that make the suit wrong?

          2) If someone had threatened to expose the AG to bad press for ignoring fraud, and the AG then launched the investigation to head off bad publicity, would that make the suit wrong?

          3) If someone had threatened to bankroll a primary opponent to run against the AG in the next election, and thus coerced the AG into launching the investigation, would that also be wrong?

          4) What if someone had promised to recommend the AG for higher office, if he showed his chops combating fraud?

          Where do you draw the line? Some of these scenarios will be OK. Other’s won’t. Where does the line lie?

          1. That’s what charitable foundations are for.

            What is this, 1987?

          2. I draw the line at cash bribes.

          3. I have to give the DMV official a personal bribe to renew my license, that’s would be doing the right thing for the wrong reason. Is it illegitimate that he issue me a license? No. Is it legitimate that I must bribe? No.

            So assuming Trump University’s guilt as a given, whether or not the AG is doing the right thing we’ll never know now that the process has been diluted with corruption.

            So to wrap it nicely…

            1) Unfortunately, yes. The merits of the case were voided by corrupt process to bring suit.

            2) Unfortunately, yes. We see this happening all the time. It’s not conducive to the concept of justice.

            3) Unfortunately, yes.

            4) That’s more general. It merely steers the AG’s scope towards fraud cases, presumably. If they offered him a promotion on the basis of prosecuting Trump U, then unfortunately yes, that would again be wrong.

          4. If Russia blackmails President Hillary into a less muscular foreign policy, will you be happy about that?

    3. Okay, so Obama bribed the NY AG to sue, and Trump bribed the Florida AG not to sue. So… we’re even now?

  31. At least it’s not Jon McLaughlin. I have tickets for that one.

  32. Republicans for paid family leave?

    Another hill Republicans won’t die on? Lot of abandoned hills over there in GOP-Land.

    1. They’re like the Libertarian Party now. Sad.

  33. Twitter Blasts Ellen DeGeneres for Usain Bolt Meme

    The internet is angry with Ellen DeGeneres for photoshopping herself riding Usain Bolt’s back onto a now-famous image of Bolt smiling as he sprints toward the gold medal in the 100-meter race at the Rio Olympics.

    DeGeneres shared the picture on Monday, with a caption that said, “This is how I’m running errands from now on.”

    Ellen DeGeneres: TV Host Responds to Racism Allegations After Posting Photo of Herself With Usain Bolt

    After DeGeneres posted a photo of herself riding on the back of the Olympic sprinter, she responded to criticism by tweeting, “I am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country.”

    1. Yes……excellent. Feel the hate flow through you. Eat your culture war compatriots. Good……goooooood. /Libertarian Palpatine

    2. ‘Twitter blasts’.

      Since when is Twitter a barometer for how ‘society’ thinks? Fuck Twitter and all the faux-outraged cretins it houses. And fuck its owners too.

      It was a fricken joke. Big shit it came off ‘looking bad’ in the eyes of some jerk offs.

      1. The perpetually aggrieved won’t stop until society is unlivable.

        1. Yep. If she posts herself on a white runner, she is racist because she excluded a black man. If she posts herself on a black runner, she is racist because she is riding him like he is a slave.

          Of course, Ellen probably doesn’t know anything about riding a black man…….

          1. I don’t ge…

            Oh, you motherfucker!

      2. Since when is Twitter a barometer for how ‘society’ thinks?

        Its become a form of journalism to declare any 5 or more “disagreeable tweets” a newsworthy public-reaction.

      3. Twitter is just a bare comments section with no supporting article or blog post.

        1. Eh, at least in comments sections, you have enough room to be eloquent and reasoned in your response to the idiots. Unlike twitter’s 140 cha

    3. Lighten up twitter, Ellen doesn’t even like the D.

    4. Does ‘twitter’ blast anyone, or is it the retards that use it?

  34. Feds reject Clinton comparison in classified sub photos case

    “The defendant is grasping at highly imaginative and speculative straws in trying to…draw a comparison to the matter of Sec. Hilary Clinton based upon virtually no understanding and knowledge of the facts involved, the information at issue, not to mention any issues if [sic] intent and knowledge,” prosecutors wrote.

    Note that the prosecutors did not spell Hillary’s name correctly. Appeal that motherfucker!

    1. They’re right. There is no comparison. Hillary was running an ongoing criminal enterprise, while Sailor Bob was merely negligent.

  35. I wasn’t around much last month. Did this august forum tee off on the following piece of hilarity?

    1. I believe this was covered a long time ago… I may have posted the link, too. I remember something about the temperature in the office being decided by the patriarchy.

    2. Simple fix: require women to wear suits, too.

    3. Only womanly southerners complain about the cold. We Men of the North thrive in the cold, letting it seep into our bones and make us STRONK.


  36. Huh, interesting take on internal Democratic strife.

    For union workers, who have historically made up a loyal voting block for the Democratic Party, a sense of disillusionment has arisen as environmental groups have accumulated victories with the approval of leading Democrats like President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both of whom opposed the Keystone pipeline — the last straw for many in the labor community.…..index.html

    1. She was probably cursed like Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar…

      “Hillary Clinton is…is…it’s no use, I can’t say it…Hillary Clinton is A CROOK! Shit, what did I just say?”

  37. Sorry to hear about John McLaughlin. I don’t know why, but I liked that show, even if I disagreed with most of the panelists. It still felt like a 90s news show, even today, and that’s a good thing, given where the rest of the media has gone.

    Not surprised by the announcement though. He had been looking very bad all summer and sitting sideways, as if he had some kind of medical hookup on set. Despite the fact that he always seemed ancient, I figured this would be the year for him. RIP.

    1. even if I disagreed with most of the panelists.

      Pat Buchanan I can see. But what’s not to like about Eleanor Clift?


    2. I actually started watching again in the last couple months – after years – and yeah he looked off. But 89! I did not realize he was that old. Incredible he never missed a show until his last one.


  38. “Aug. 16, 2016 4:55 pm”


  39. Why on earth would Univision sully its brand with Gawker?

    1. So you do not want to see the cleavage from the Gawker staff?

    2. Univision, which until recently was best known as a Spanish-language TV network, has been expanding its digital reach in recent years, by acquiring satire site The Onion and The Root

      So, is a purchase of The Chive forthcoming?

    3. Univision is owned by a major Clinton donor? owning Jezebel would get him some feminist cred and eyeballs.

    4. My eyes read that as: “Why on earth would Univision sully its sultry brand…”

  40. Brian Williams might be getting his own late-night show on MSNBC.

    A perfect home for liars embellishers and scoundrels.

    Dan Rather next?

  41. Republicans for paid family leave?

    I blame liberal pregnancy forum trolls. As a pregnant person who doesn’t get paid leave, I’ve looked up my share of advice about dealing with that. Every relevant forum thread includes a European-esque concern troll who helpfully tries to solve the “How much did you save up for unpaid leave?” post by ranting for 10 paragraphs about how evil the US is for not mandating that every woman gets 5 years paid leave. They prey on vulnerable concerned women who are looking for practical advice because they’re just so compassionate that way.

    1. My wife keeps going on and on about how my company now gives 12 weeks of paid new parent leave. To a bunch of people who make between 15 and 30 percent of their income on billable hours. Almost everyone is salary plus bonus. In a super competitive technical market. That’s great. But they are competing for people who would work at M$ or one of the Big 4. It is a different value proposition for employers of hourly or even regular salary employees.

  42. Bravo on the fruit sushi pic, Robbie. Very well played.

  43. Try two. I’m trying to set up a denver meet up. If anyone has better days/no go days I’d like to hear em. I’ll change my handle to my email of there’s some interest.

    1. I, like Hitler, work on Saturdays. However, I have Sundays and Mondays off (also like Hitler). So, a Sunday would be super cool. Where were you thinking? (My place is too small, JFYI)

      1. I like Hitler


      2. Cliche banditched informed me the last one was at a cigar bar? I’ll have to ask. Somewhere in Lodo?

        1. Stupid phone. Bandit.

        2. banditched…i think i’ll keep it. ANYWAY

          Last time it was just JP and I. I’ll ping him if we get something set up as I haven’t seen him on in a while.

          We went to Delany’s (the smoking side of the Celtic at 18th and Blake). I am down with that, the Brown Palace’s Palace Arms, or Shotguns since it is owned and operated by car carrying LPers (in before TIWTANLW). But unless you want to come south there are no other cigar + scotch places until you get to the Robusto Room in Park Meadows.

          1. Delany’s is good, I don’t get into denver enough to call the shots. See what comes back from JP. I’ll look for red rocks, and throw an invite. Let’s aim for a Sunday?

  44. Woah. I was 1 day early on the 20 minute delay prediction.

    Call NATE SILVER! 13 KEYS to the WIGHT HAUS!

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