Trump Running Against 'Crooked' Media, Protests Turn Violent in Milwaukee, Flying Cockroaches in New York: A.M. Links


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  • Donald Trump focuses on running against the media, while his campaign manager Paul Manafort reportedly received cash payments from Ukraine's pro-Russian government. Carlos Guttierez, who served as commerce secretary under President George W. Bush, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. A new poll shows Gary Johnson pulling 16 percent among Latinos.
  • Protesters turned violent, clashing with police in Milwaukee over the weekend after the fatal shooting of an armed man who ran from police during a traffic stop.
  • A former soccer player died after being Tased by police in England who say they were responding to a call about concern for the safety of an individual.
  • Hackers leaked thousands of documents of various groups linked to George Soros.
  • Massive flooding in Louisiana has led to at least three deaths.
  • It was so hot in New York this weekend that cockroaches started to fly.
  • Four American swimmers competing in the Olympics were robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro.

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  1. Protesters turned violent, clashing with police in Milwaukee over the weekend after the fatal shooting of an armed man who ran from police during a traffic stop.

    The city hasn’t been rocked like this since Laverne shot Squiggy.

    1. Congratulations to Ed for the nice picture, and not forgetting the alt-text.

      1. Points deducted for the binary genders.

        1. Just pretend it’s poop.

      2. Pictures of cockroaches = clickbait

    2. Hello.

  2. A former soccer player died after being Tased by police in England who say they were responding to a call about concern for the safety of an individual.

    When you put it like that, sounds heroic.

    1. They were concerned he might be safe, and took care of it.

      1. He can never be unsafe again.

      2. They tased him before he could flop.

    2. When someone has a headache, one way of dealing with it is to to chop off their head.

      1. ECT is sometimes used to treat migraine.

        Maybe the family can sue for malpractice?

        1. Or they’re billed for treatment.

  3. 213) Is blue collar life freer than white collar life? I worked construction a couple summers in college, and also delivered pizzas, worked for a pool company, and others too. They didn’t always pay a lot of money (though the construction work wasn’t bad), but you know what?if one of those guys wanted to quit, he just did it. And although those jobs didn’t give you vacation time, it was not all unusual for somebody to not show up for a couple weeks, and then start coming to work again. The boss was usually so desperate for employees who knew what they were doing that he would just go along with it.I can’t imagine doing that at my current professional-type job. Vacations have to be announced weeks in advance, and even taking a week off at a time is pushing it. Quitting without two weeks notice, and having another position lined up? Unthinkable. And even if I did?what about the kids? The mortgage? But you know, a lot of those guys had kids and didn’t seem to worry about it. Am I romanticizing the blue collar lfiestyle? Or are they really freer than those of us chained to our desks?

    1. Yeah they are freer then people chained to their desks and forced into cubicles, but society has decided that if you work with your hands then you’re a loser, so as a result a bunch of people choose to make their lives miserable by working in a cubicle.

      I think society has played a cruel joke on some people.

      1. I see those losers in my town. Pathetic licensed Plumbers, Carpenters, and Welders. Parking their new trucks in front of their nice house, pretending to enjoy their miserable existences.

      2. I’ve been around construction all my life and my BIL is a GC. He tells me all sorts of stories about plumbers, electricians etc. They all do very well provided they’re not lazy. Even the hacks make money. Those ‘losers’ who work with their hands make a lot of money and many of them take that money and drop it in revenue properties. They all seem to own a bad ass pick up and a Hot Rod. They have a very nice quality of life thank you very much. Plus they’re usually a blast to be around. No PC crap among them.

        Contrast this to my buddies who are generally uptight now because the corp environment they work in demands it. All communications has to be very dry and in a couple of cases, it even carries into private conversation. They’re far more tied to their work (they can’t just drop and go) and for some reason despite very high salaries, maybe because they’re too educated and risk averse, none own properties. They talk about investing in it but it’s just that – talk.

        1. Those ‘losers’ who work with their hands make a lot of money and many of them take that money and drop it in revenue properties. They all seem to own a bad ass pick up and a Hot Rod. They have a very nice quality of life thank you very much. Plus they’re usually a blast to be around. No PC crap among them.

          This has mostly been my observation as well.

          1. The plumber who set up my parent’s new house has a brand new, 2016 Dodge Rebel (My brother works for a FCA contractor, and helped him get a decent deal), and a 1950s Porsche that is his project car. He also owns his own home (at age 42) his own business with two vans and five employees, and basically works whatever hours suit him. What a life!

        2. for some reason despite very high salaries, maybe because they’re too educated and risk averse, none own properties.

          To be fair, the blue collar guys likely have the skills to fix up their own revenue properties and so they don’t have to shell out as much to get them renovated for rent/sale. Your average white-collar/cubicle drone these days probably isn’t as mechanically inclined because our society has engineered itself to discourage college-educated workers from picking up even the basics of home repair–they’re more incentivized to just call someone to fix the problem because that’s the exact same thing they do at work.

          1. Perhaps in some cases, but I don’t think it’s just that to be honest.

            I think they over analyze.

        3. The guy who does work on my house, and who also built the addition and 2-story garage for my dad, owns several rentals. And does all the work on them. He’s not hurting for $$$.

          He also gives my family discounts since he knows we will be a constant stream of revenue.

      3. Meh. Some of us are perfectly happy with the cubicle life. Manual labor isn’t for everyone 😛

        1. Chacun sont gout.

          1. True, gout can result from too much inactivity from what I have heard.

        2. Cubical life has me one foot in the grave. I was so free and happy working as a caterer two years ago but I lived with the folks and couldn’t get out from underneath. Now I practice the art of slow suicide and patiently wait for it all to go up in flames — and I’m the guy who has made it! I’ve seen so many 25-30 year old’s wash out — I’m 27 and all I can figure is they didn’t drink enough.

          1. I use to work in an office where I had my own office but my current employer has everyone out in the open (the CEO is a few cubes down and I stare almost directly at the CFO).

            I was doing OK for a while but lately I am so incredibly bored lately and just watching these execs make poor/lazy decisions that make absolutely no sense…

    2. There many mornings where I daydream about a blue collar job while on the way to my white collar job. It’s not that I dislike my job, I like being an attorney, but sometimes…

      1. Every day of my life. I am sitting in a shitty cubicle in an open office environment responding to stupid data requests. At least they don’t care that I sit here on HnR posting comments every morning.

        I would much rather be building physical things for a living but it’s difficult to walk away from a good salary and solid job security.

        1. Yep, I was first in my family to go to college, majored in accounting (because those fucks make money) without really thinking about whether or not I would really enjoy it long term.

          Boy is it miserable (yes, does pay well and has near bullet proof job security) .

        2. Back when I was younger I worked low low wage blue collar jobs. Fuck romanticism about blue collar work, I’m grateful that I get to spend 40 hours a week in a building with AC.

          1. *fist bump*

            Also, you know what sucks? Kansas wind. Spend all day squinting into a Kansas wind and shouting to be heard across the job site and enjoy your headache all evening.

            1. Worst job I had working construction was a gig on the inevitably gusty west side in February. Six in the morning for several weeks clamboring around the unfinished steel skeleton of a two-story clinic, framing walls and coming down every hour or so to thaw beside an industrial jet-propelled furnace.

      2. Air conditioning is nice, especially as you get older. Most trades don’t get to spend much time out of the weather.

        I enjoy the best of both worlds. I spend some time at an air condioned desk and some time out in the field and my schedule is my own to make for the most part.

      3. Oh yes… my grandfather owned a landscaping company, got to know everyone in town, and had several employees under him. Because he had a few employees too, he was also able to spend extra time with his family and grandkids.

        I also dream of working with my hands – and my hobbies show that I could have done it too. But the solid week-by-week paycheck is nice. But working in the same office year after year is a bit soul crushing. 🙁

    3. “Office Space” dude, “Office Space”

      1. “When you come in on Monday and you’re not feeling real well, does anyone ever say to you, ‘Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays?'”

        “No. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you’d get your ass kicked sayin’ something like that, man.”

        1. *switches to channel 9*

      2. Watch out for your cornhole, bud.





          1. bravo




        3. Brown collar?

    5. I completely understand the sentiment. Are you romanticizing? Probably a bit.

    6. I know plenty of union guys who “request” layoffs. It is pretty common. I know a millwright who has worked six months on/six months off for the entire time I’ve known him. He collects unemployment and works the occasional side job off the books. He’s a pretty extreme case but a lot of the guys take a week or two here and there, collect unemployment, work a side job if they feel like it and know that a job will be waiting when they’re ready to go back. I live in Florida, where the unions have shrunk quite a bit, so it doesn’t happen as much as it used to but it is still popular among the union guys. I think it is because they know they’ve got a job to go back to.

    7. I think there may be some sample bias here, but overall the trend seems to be that the extremes are more highly represented.

      I have family in the contracting business, and my observation is that the construction Trades (not necessarily electrician, plumber, but definitely carpenters, painters and drywall) are dominated by highly motivated entrepreneurs and highly flakey fuckoffs.

      The entrepreneurs are usually running their own business or on their way to running their own business. They are motivated, work hard and- even more important- learn hard. On the other hand, another large set are 30+ year old kids who don’t manage money well, work paycheck to paycheck and largely come to work to get away from messes in their personal lives. These are like the kids I saw in my initial (white collar) jobs who were always itching to leave 10 minutes early to make an early happy hour, spent all weekend partying and could be counted on to never do an ounce more than what the boss demanded while standing over their shoulder. The difference is that the kids in the white collar jobs seemed to grow up in higher proportions, while the dynamics of construction seemed to perpetuate and enable the same behavior.

      Most of the guys I know in construction do indeed have the badass truck, but at least half are leasing it and way behind on their payments, have no tools in the tool-box other than what they have borrowed or stolen from the job site.

      1. It’s also noteworthy that people in construction are often more likely to take home way more of their pay because so much of it is paid under the table, meaning they don’t end up paying more than a pittance in payroll taxes. So they are not necessarily making huge bank, but they are taking home better than someone at a regular corporation.

      2. My cousin owns a chain of pawn shops. His best customers are guys who pawn their tools between jobs. Then they get a job and an upfront payment, pay to get their tools out of hock, and get back to work. They complete the job, spend all their money, and repeat the cycle. I imagine the car title loan business works the same way.

    8. Yes, you are romanticizing. In the short term the white collar career is a lifestyle negative vis-a-vis blue collar except maybe for the money. (It’s only “maybe” because of the both the direct cost and opportunity cost of the college education necessary to get the white collar job.) In the long term, however, the white collar option is much better.

      I have similar experience with construction, ranch hand, and other blue collar jobs during college. Now a self-employed consultant after a forty year engineering-related career. When I started out, I made the same observations that you make. To me the ability of a blue collar guy to go home and completely forget about work — what he did today, what he had to do tomorrow, what he has to do during time off for professional development, and so forth — was also appealing.

      At age 60 I am certain that I took the right route. Whereas the diminution of physical endurance with age would eventually diminish the market value of my participation in a blue collar job, the accumulation of experience has increased the market value of my participation in a white collar job. Once I had developed a valuable portfolio of skills, experience, and knowledge, I was able to negotiate successfully with employers. Now I’ve been self-employed since I turned 50, so my boss is always agreeable.

    9. Uhm. My company started offering unlimited PTO in an interim while I had a job with someone else. I’ve only been back two months, but the number of people taking two full weeks of vacation together has skyrocketed. You are expected to give at least one day of notice per day off, and if you’re planning to take more than a week, it is courteous to give six weeks of notice so that managers can plan for your outage.

      Most of the employees at this company are paid salary plus a billability bonus. Take as much time as you want, it won’t hurt your bonus — but it won’t help it either. Its nice being treated like a responsible adult.

    10. I worked construction framing new homes from about 15 (a little gray market since I wasn’t old enough to be insured if I got injured using power tools) until 22, when I moved into my first co-op job at an engineering firm.

      It was a satisfying and well-paying job for a young man, but most of the folks I worked with were never going to do well for themselves. My boss wasn’t quite savvy enough to do the basic trig needed to build stairs without reworking them and he refused to let me help with the measuring, resulting in costly tear-downs. My coworkers were not as others describe above. They drove beat-up cars, had drug & alcohol problems, one guy fled the state after being arrested for over 100mph in a 55, and several of my coworkers were work-release. One guy who worked for us lost a bar fight and threw a molotov cocktail at the other guy’s porch, then kept working for us during his trial and then while on probation (or maybe it was after he served a short time and was paroled) until he failed a urine test and went back in.

      1. Most of these guys were free in that they could quit working for my boss, but not free in that they could quit working for a couple weeks. They had kids (and habits) to support, bills to pay, really wanted out of prison for 9 hours a day, etc. There was no vacation pay or sick leave and several of them (and me too!) worked through injuries that should have sent them home for a while. I can’t remember any of my coworkers who had nice cars. The more skilled guys could do better, and of course the guys who didn’t have drug or alcohol problems did better, too, but I only remember maybe one coworker who lasted a while that I considered someone who had his life together generally.

        I don’t feel like a soulless drone in my cube, but maybe that’s because I really love what I do. It’s a nice day outside today, but I remember working on 100deg days, and -10deg days, too. I also remember getting rained out 3 days in a row or more – that can really put you in a bind.

        I’m much happier with my air conditioned, weatherproof, higher-paying, vacation and sick leave giving, intellectually stimulating office job.

  4. Four American swimmers competing in the Olympics were robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro.

    Olympic size fail, am I right, people?

    1. If only Brazil had common sense gun safety reform…

      Oh wait. Guns are pretty strictly regulated there.

  5. A new poll shows Gary Johnson pulling 16 percent among Latinos.

    Well, Ed — at least you didn’t write “Johnson pulling reaches 16 percent among Latinos”.

    1. What’s he pulling with the Latinas, if you know what I mean?

      1. ?Ay, caramba!

  6. A new poll shows Gary Johnson pulling 16 percent among Latinos.

    Tan cerca.

    1. Tan cerca.


        1. Klingt besser im der Deutsch original

  7. It was so hot in New York this weekend that cockroaches started to fly.

    They’re not cockroaches, they’re Palmetto bugs!

    /Florida Department of Tourism

    1. AKA good ol’ American cockcroaches, as opposed to the pussy little German kind.

      1. German cockroach exterminations. Not touching that third rail.

  8. Carlos Guttierez, who served as commerce secretary under President George W. Bush, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

    Check his papers. Sad.

    1. I have to say, I have never heard the name Carlos Guttierez in my life. Frankly, it sounds made up.

      1. Carlos “Carlos Danger” Guttierez?

        1. Coincidentally, it’s Carlos “Weiner Pics” Guttierez.

          1. Hmm, that is a coincidence!?

  9. the heat wave taking over the Upper East Side apparently signals to the city’s roach population that it’s time to take flight — and people aren’t having it.

    “People aren’t having it”? Is that New York slang for something?

    1. My roaches appear to be quite inert.

      1. Thanks, Fist!

      2. OMG that is the best site ever.

    2. Hey! I’m walkin’ here, I’m walkin’ here!

    3. “So long and thanks for all the crud!”

  10. …his campaign manager Paul Manafort, reportedly received cash payments from Ukraine’s pro-Russian government.

    Rookie mistake. Set up a foundation, next time.

    1. Seriously. If his wife had gotten that $12M from giving speeches in the Ukraine it would be all good?

    2. I am trying to figure out why a private consultant getting paid is bad?

      Aren’t all of these consultants paid?

      If consultants weren’t paid, Washington would lose a big chunk of its population

      1. Manafort has done a lot of work consulting for dictators. In this instance it seems like he was working for a Putin proxy. Therefore, Trump is a Putin-puppet.

        Manafort is really scummy, though.

        1. Has he done any work for FIFA or the IOC? Because that’s my scumbag line. Sorry, Mitt. Not sorry.

        2. Manafort has done a lot of work consulting for dictators.

          So did Milton Freidman.

      2. They’ve got to be paid by The Right People?.

  11. Donny will protect us from the media.

  12. Libertarian senator David Leyonhjelm has lodged a racial discrimination complaint with the Human Rights Commission over a Fairfax Media opinion article describing him as an “angry white male”.

    The Liberal Democrat senator from NSW said he was not personally offended by the article but had lodged the complaint as a test case to show how “absurd” Australia’s racial discrimination laws are.


    1. But he’s white…

      1. And he sounds a tad bit angry.

    2. Sounds like a man who needs to check his privilege.

      1. Send him the flying roaches

    3. For his next trick, David Leyonhjelm will reveal that he is 1/64 indigenous.

      1. Indigenous Irish?

        1. No, “indigenous” as in that other word that isn’t PC down there anymore.

          1. Abbo?

  13. Citing Clinton, sailor seeks leniency in submarine photos case

    The defense and prosecutors agree that sentencing guidelines in the case call for a prison term of 63 to 78 months, but defense attorney Derrick Hogan cited the treatment of Clinton as he argued in a filing last week that Saucier should get probation instead.

    Perhaps he’d settle for Clinton also getting a prison term of 63 to 78 months?

    1. There are distinctions between the cases. Saucier admitted as part of a plea bargain that he “knew from his training and his specialized work upon the submarine” that the photos contained classified information and he wasn’t authorized to take them. He also admitted that after being confronted by law enforcement in 2012 he destroyed a laptop, camera and memory card.

      So Clinton is just a dumb broad that didn’t know better and only important people get to destroy evidence?


      1. He also admitted that after being confronted by law enforcement in 2012 he destroyed a laptop, camera and memory card.

        “What, like with a hammer?”

      2. Yes, only the elite can claim incompetence as an alibi.

      3. She didn’t get the training!

      4. *There are distinctions between the cases. (proceeds to name similarities)

    2. Perhaps if he’d stripped down and made the photos a little Saucier.

      1. Perhaps if he received a *narrows gaze*

        1. All that narrow gazing must play merry hell with the skin near your eyes

    3. Randy is in attack mode.

    4. Sailor Man

      Oh so handsome –
      Oh so strong –
      Tell me stories of distant shores –
      All night long –
      I shiver all over –
      When I see your lovly tan –
      And I can tell by your clear blue eyes –
      Your a sailor man –

      Oh sailor man –
      From polar land –
      Oh sailor man –
      Come take my hand –
      Oh sailor man – Take me along –
      Show me the porta-prince and Hong Kong –

  14. Australia’s biggest donor to Islamic State could be the taxpayers:

    Counter-terror police are investigating whether millions of dollars in childcare subsidies allegedly obtained by fraud have been funnelled overseas following a series of raids across Sydney.

    1. Just curious, ifh: Under what circumstances does the Aussie press publish names of individuals? The US would probably name these guys?

      1. Hey Rich, our defamation laws can make the press a bit gun-shy on naming names at times (your 1st amendment makes a yoooooge difference).

        Charges however have been laid and hence this second story uses names and joins the dots. Journos still have to be careful to make fair and accurate reports of court proceedings, otherwise they would open themselves to defamation proceedings and possibly contempt of court too.

        1. What is this “gun-shy” of which you speak? 😉


    2. American taxpayers just skip the money laundering and go straight to supplying them with weapons. More convenient that way.


    Big win for religious liberty in California of all places. I am sure Scott Shackford will be covering this real soon, because he cares so much about religious liberty and is parting with the gay community over it. He will cover it right after he gets done sobbing in despair over the result.

    1. In a way, I am sad this happened.

      This could have been the spur to get religious schools to divorce themselves from the state.

      The state will still be calling the shots – they just will put off this shot another decade or two before trying again.

      1. The problem is that thanks to accreditation, there is no way religious schools can divorce themselves from the state. Sure, go start you little religious school, good luck getting anywhere without state accreditation.

        1. Yep. Accreditation is the keystone of the government control of schooling.

      2. How do the schools divorce themselves from the state, when so many students are subsidized by the state?

        The state was effectivley contemplating a religious test for the student’s ability to use their financial aid

        1. Indeed. This wasn’t so much a restriction on the religious liberty of schools as of students.

    2. “Without a doubt, the unmodified version [of the bill] would have jeopardized Christian institutions and egregiously penalized all students of faith, especially Latino and African-American individuals,”

      This has nothing to do with “religious liberty”.

      1. It sounds like political jiu-jitsu.

        Show the SJWs how they’re screwing with the people for whom they claim to have a monopoly on Caring.

    3. Good that the state doesn’t get to tell seminaries what to do.

      BAD that the state is still funding fucking seminaries.


    Taking money from a pro Russian government is a big deal. Taking millions from Russia in return for letting them obtain access to huge uranium reserves? That is just a fake scandal.

    1. It’s good to have political connections, isn’t it? I mean, she’s more corrupt than an Illinois governor, and if her last name wasn’t Clinton she’d be in FCI Tallahassee for the next decade or so. C’est la vie.

      1. The media is just so pathetic. Obama is an idiot but he doesn’t seem to be any more corrupt than your typical Democrat. Hillary is just an arch criminal.

        1. I think of her as a super-villain, I’d vote for Lex Luther before her.

          1. ^^This.

            Lex Luthor at least had a plan to nuke California.

            1. I liked the Kryptonite island idea.

              “Hundreds of thousands of people will die!”

              “Millions! The press underestimates me once again!”

        2. Obama is an idiot but he doesn’t seem to be any more corrupt than your typical Democrat.

          Hillary’s just using him to run interference.

          1. People refer to Obama as chocolate Jesus, but he’s really more like chocolate John the Baptist.

            1. Hillary is just cunt Nixon?

    2. The country deserves way better than Trump and Clinton.

      But no… we’re going to end up with one of them. Because not voting for one of them is a vote for the other.

      1. Sometimes life is like that.

      2. We’re getting what we asked for.

        1. We’re getting exactly what we deserve.

          1. Deserves got nothing to do with it.

            1. +1 Will Munny

            2. We all got it coming, kid.

          2. Our political culture gets what it deserves. Individuals of course may or may not get what they deserve politically.

            Sort of like Libyan political culture getting what it deserves, if their society is one that finds authoritarian strongmen acceptable, they will tend to get authoritarian strongmen. Of course the one and half libertarians in the entire Libyan population don’t deserve it.

          3. We’re getting exactly what we deserve.

            Fuck you.

        2. Who is “we,” kemosabe?

          1. We as in the Royal We, man.

            – Jeffrey Lebowski

      3. We’re not getting the candidates we need, but we’re getting the candidates we deserve.

        1. No one deserves this.

    3. Some of my proggy friends keep saying that Russia and Trump are in cahoots. I’d like to point them to this article and say: why the fuck would Russia care that much about Trump? Russia has already done this deal w/ Hillary, who knows how many other deals have happened. Plus, Russia has all of Hillary’s emails and can use them to blackmail Hillary whenever they need another deal. It’s nice to know that a potential President is already compromised before they even get in office.

  17. Studies in Hyperbole: THE WEEK DEMOCRACY DIED!

    Becuase looking back from less than a month later is how you determine a week’s place in history…

    1. Because democracy is awesome!

      1. A flaming sack full of poopy.

    2. Part of it actually makes some sense. The problem is that the author seems to think Democracy would be great if only the filthy people would agree to do whatever the elitist tell them so that the elites wouldn’t be forced to be so elitist.

  18. It was so hot in New York this weekend that cockroaches started to fly.

    Add that to the list of things caused by global warming.

    1. Don’t forget GMO’s role in all of this

      1. Cockroaches ate GMO corn and then developed super-flying powers?

        1. Don’t be naive. Evil multinationals genetically engineered the roaches because profit.

          1. Soylent Brown is…


    2. Wait, i’m sure I already saw that movie. It was called Mimic, I distinctly remember that guy from Law & Order tearing up about his daughter winning an award.

  19. Paul Manafort, reportedly received cash payments from Ukraine’s pro-Russian government

    Bad move Paul. Everyone knows you set up a foundation for that sort of thing.

  20. Hackers leaked thousands of documents of various groups linked to George Soros.

    Seems like a ‘managed leak’ of handpicked most innocent stuff to create an impression they’re doing nothing special. More than half of their activities in Europe occur in Moldova, yes, white_owl.png.

  21. For you John:…..nflux.html

    1. You know who else thought Germans should move to Russia for space to live?

      1. The Teutonic Knights?

      2. Check out the evil grin on the baby in the minivan. BEWARE, RUSSIA!

  22. I asked on the week-end.

    How do you say ‘Libertarian moment’ in Spanish?

    1. ?Ay, caramba!

    2. porros y culo sexo?

    3. Still ‘ma?ana’ 🙂

    4. “Cucarachas voladoras”?

    5. “Momento Libertario”, unless you want to get cheeky.

      1. Culo magnifico!

    6. “Marijuana, homosexality, y butto sexo?”

  23. Fire up the wood chippers! Has anyone posted this yet?

    Preet Bharara, someone everyone here is familiar with, is supposedly investigating the Clinton Foundation.

    This was from April. Maybe she will commit soon… LOVETT: Hillary Clinton won’t commit to reappointing U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara

    1. So how long until Mr. Bharara has an unfortunate “accident” on his way to the office?

      1. Great.

        You had to bring it up.

        Now we’ll get the blame.

      2. Ironic if he were to fall into a ‘chipper.

    2. A nice donation to the Clinton Foundation should clear up this little misunderstanding.

    3. Maybe he’s running an “investigation” so he can crowd out any other actual investigations that might take place before November.

    4. It’s a fake insetigation that will end with her public exoneration.

    5. The worst irony would be if she doesn’t reappoint Preet, and the reasoning is the Reason case shows him to not have “good judgement”.

      1. I thought the Reason woodchipper incident was driven more by Niketh Velamoor and not his boss Preet Bharara.

        1. Moreso by the delicious Judge Katherine B. Forrest.

          1. No comment.

            1. Crusty already did.

  24. There IS life after DEATH: Scientists reveal shock findings from groundbreaking study

    In a large scale study of more than 2,000 people, British boffins confirmed that thoughts DO carry on after the heart stops.

    A *real* boffin wouldn’t have used “groundbreaking” in this context.

    1. If you look inside a boffin’s mind after death, you’ll find lots of thoughts about Page 3.

    2. My first thought was “Daily Mail wouldn’t go this low”, and behold, it wasn’t Daily Mail.

      1. “even Daily Mail”, I mean.

      2. seems to have a hard-on for the word “boffin”. I realized it when I was trying to read a scientific article and the word boffin must have appeared 30 times. Stupid fucking word.

    3. that thoughts DO carry on after the heart stops.

      Well no shit. It’s not like when the heart stops, your brain just instantly explodes.

        1. *consults wikipedia for reference*

    4. The graphics alone are derptastic.

    5. “after the heart stops.”


    Some computer experts and Democrats in Congress believe both websites?the Guccifer 2.0 WordPress page and ties to Russian intelligence services and that the sites are using hacked information to try to influence the November elections.

    The precise motives of the entities controlling these webpages cannot be learned because their identities are unclear.

    U.S. officials are now debating whether to publicly accuse the Russian government of conducting the attacks, two people familiar with the deliberations said, though no final decision about how to proceed has been made.

    “I certainly believe that this is a coordinated Russian effort against the U.S. political process,” said Rep. Jim Himes (D., Conn.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, in an interview Sunday. “It’s an act of hostility by a foreign power.”

    But Russia is not our enemy. Hey the 80s called and it wants its foreign policy back. And nothing says responsible government like starting a confrontation with a nuclear power to try and cover up your own corruption.

    1. The precise motives of the entities controlling these webpages cannot be learned because their identities are unclear.

      However, let the high-level public speculation run rampant!

    2. Is there any evidence that this the work of the Russians, and not say, someone in the US intelligence community pissed about Clinton skating, or maybe a disgruntled DNC employee?

      1. None at all. The Russia speculation just helps to take the attention away from the actual contents of the emails.

    3. Who knew that Russia was part of the vast right-wing conspiracy against the Clintons.

    4. Historically, there have been three types of military stupidity: 1) ordinary military stupidity; 2) really, really, really stupid military stupidity; and 3) taunting the Russian bear. Last time the US did #3, it dedicated a first-class military organization to the project, spending trillions of dollars over four decades. The conclusion of the cold war was the best-case scenario: Napoleon and Hitler did not fare so well with their Russian adventures. Now Hillary wants to taunt the Russian bear with her morally and financially bankrupt government, a war-weary civilian population, and a newly feminized, transgendered, and gay-embracing military.

  26. Turkey says no compromise with Washington on cleric’s extradition

    Turkey will not compromise with Washington over the extradition of the Islamic cleric it accuses of orchestrating a failed coup, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Saturday, warning of rising anti-Americanism if the United States fails to extradite.

    Yildirim’s comments, at a briefing for local reporters, were the latest to take aim at Turkey’s top NATO ally and coincided with a report that an Istanbul prosecutor wrote to U.S. authorities asking for the detention of cleric Fethullah Gulen.

    “There is no compromise apart from this chief terrorist coming to Turkey and being prosecuted,” Yildirim was quoted as saying by state-run Anadolu Agency.

    “The only way to prevent the rising (negative) sentiment against America is for the U.S. to hand over this man and make sure Turkey’s justice system holds him accountable.”

    1. Time for a Turkish drone strike in Pennsylvania?

    2. I think it might be a good idea for the U.S. to start removing nuclear weapons from Incirlik.


      1. I would agree. And maybe….just maybe…. get Turkey the hell out of NATO.

        1. Now you’re sounding like a Trumpkin.

          1. Does it matter that I felt this way last year and the year before that and the year before that? I must be the First Trumpkin.

        2. “get Turkey the hell out of NATO.”

          Let’s just get America out of NATO. NATO can keep Turkey and it’s doompact, just get us out of there.

          1. Sure. Either one would be an improvement.

        3. US out of NATO.

    3. Guys, just fire up a drone and bomb the shit out your accused terrorist mastermind in Philadelphia. Make sure to accidentally hit a few weddings and hospitals while you’re at it. America will understand.

    4. As threats go, “do it or we will not prevent anti-American sentiment from rising” may be the most limp-wristed I’ve heard out of a country.

  27. Are visors hats?

    A visor is a hat that forgot to wear pants. It has given up, has no respect for others or itself and is the moral equivalent of a human wearing a hat in a restaurant. There are exceptions, I guess (Truck stops? Food courts? Maybe an underwater restaurant?). But really, any place that offers you shelter from the elements should be met with equal courtesy: Take your dumb hat off. As for your visor, when you break for dinner, leave it with the other poker-playing dogs.

    1. and is the moral equivalent of a human wearing a hat in a restaurant.

      So, something only crotchety useless old fucks think to complain about?

      1. Some of us weren’t raised in barns.

  28. Tennessee cop “mistakenly” shoots a live round during police drill at a middle school

    ROANE COUNTY, TENN. – A Rockwood Police Officer accidentally fired a live round of ammunition during a “blank-fire” drill at Rockwood Middle School Thursday morning.

    “We had an accidental discharge that should not have happened,” Rockwood Police Chief Danny Wright told 10News. “Nobody was ever in danger.”

    Rockwood PD and Roane County Schools were working together on the drill this week to demonstrate to school staff and teachers what an active shooter situation sounds like.

    During the drill, teachers, staff and school personnel are locked in a classroom with the police chief while an officer fires blank rounds in the hallway.

    However, the officer’s weapon contained a live round.

    “It was a blank-fire drill, is what is was. There was not to be any discharge of live ammunition,” explained Roane County Schools Superintendent Leah Watkins.

    I’ve known that cops aren’t good with guns, but they’re so dumb they can’t check the chamber and tell if there’s a live round or a blank?

    1. “We had an accidental discharge that should not have happened,” Rockwood Police Chief Danny Wright told 10News. “Nobody was ever in danger.”

      If I accidentally discharged a firearm within city limits, at a government building or in a school no less, I wonder if I’d be able to get away with the “no one was ever in any danger” defense. I doubt the cops would see it that way.

      1. I had an accidental discharge the other day.

        My gun went off in the shower yesterday.

        It was clearly a case of over enthusiastic gun cleaning.

        1. There’s no need to beat me to death with a euphemism.

          1. aww shit I just euphemismed all over the place.

    2. Thete is video on the tbues of a cop demonstrating firearm saftely in a middle school.

      The cop actually shot himself in the classroom full od students.

      I have to give props to the guy though. He gutted it up and kept trying to act like ,no big deal, in front of the kids for several minutes before the video ends.

    3. demonstrate to school staff and teachers what an active shooter situation sounds like

      This is like the nuclear bomb drills that ended sometime in the 80’s – completely unnecessary bullshit scare tactics.

      Bravo, American education system.

      1. What? Useless? Getting under your plasticized sawdust would totally protect you from a megaton explosion!

      2. “This is like the nuclear bomb drills that ended sometime in the 80’s – completely unnecessary bullshit scare tactics.”

        Back in the 60’s they used real nukes with us. It was scary!


    4. Which is it? He cooked off a live round outside a room full of children, or nobody was ever in danger?

      Can’t be both.

  29. Protesters turned violent, clashing with police in Milwaukee over the weekend after the fatal shooting of an armed man who ran from police during a traffic stop.

    Not knowing anything else about the case, I venture to say that the Black Lives Matter people have a serious problem picking their martyrs. Which is sort of expected when the only prerequisite is whether or not a person is black, bonus points if the cop is white.

    1. They know exactly what they are doing when they pick their martyrs. They deliberately choose martyrs that most people will find unsympathetic, because BLM thrives on racial divisiveness and conflict. The last thing they want is a victim that white people will also be outraged by.

      1. Fair point. That wouldn’t be too conducive the race war they’re angling for. The people calling BLM a movement for good are delusional.

      2. WTF, That’s why they have not spoken out about the therapist that was shot because his patient had a toy truck.

      3. When did they “pick” this guy?

        1. Protesters turned violent, clashing with police in Milwaukee over the weekend after the fatal shooting of an armed man who ran from police during a traffic stop.

          1. I venture to say that the Black Lives Matter people have a serious problem picking their martyrs

            You make it seem as though if there was a meeting between the top level, national BLM folk (which doesn’t exist) who decided that this shooting was the time to protest and loot and burn things, and not an organic response from people who live in Milwaukee.

            1. the Black Lives Matter people

              is a pretty generalized way to phrase it. I’m going to count on you reading into it whatever you want to see. I’m sure the Milwaukee chapter/grouping/branch/division/assembly of BLM had no presence at these protests, or any interest in these protests or any overlap of supporters whatsoever. Yeah that’s the ticket.

              1. My point is mostly that this complaint was being raised against the Saturday riots, which came hours after the shooting. Before these details were known. Perhaps some protesters/rioters knew the guy and raged anyway, but like Crusty said, the initial spark was likely an organic response to news of a black man being killed while fleeing the cops (and supposedly shot while he was climbing a fence, and left to die on the fence). It is fairer to talk about it with regards to last night’s protests, but once the initial explosion was there, it’s not like it was all gonna calm down within 24 hours.

                Also interesting that any kind of demonstration or protest or riot is saddled upon BLM, with no need to provide any citation that BLM organized a response.

                1. Before BLM, every damn instance of a black man getting killed by cops was not being protested without any regard to the circumstances. After BLM, the circumstances around the shooting are effectively irrelevant to whether or not it will be widely perceived as an injustice within black communities.

                  The fact that BLM has no true Big Cheese deliberately selecting their martyrs, doesn’t take away from the fact that BLM does regularly make martyrs of individuals that are not only unsympathetic characters, but also those who have legitimately forfeited their right to live while in the commission of a violent crime. Leaderless and/or disorganized movement? Fine. That doesn’t make them above reproach, in fact it only serves widen the scope when aiming criticism at this movement/organization/entity/mass hysteria.

    2. The cop that shot the fleeing felon is black.

      1. No bonus points. Still the biggest outrage since that white hispanic neighborhood watch captain shot an armed black toddler.

      2. Yep, th cop that shot the felon was black. The chief of police is black. The mayoyor is black. There hasn’t been a republican mayor in Milwakee in the past 100 years, but it’s still all the fault of racist white Republicans..

    3. Black cop, armed burglar. Fuck this particular incident is dumb. And now I can’t go downtown for date night tonight.


    I have no idea who Andrea Tantaros is; but damn.

    1. Roger Ailes sexually harassed her, John, and then he kicked her off the air when she complained about it.

      1. Actually, he kicked her off the air for breach of contract, and then she claimed sexual harassment after that and after the Gretchen Carlson accusation.

        1. I believe all sexual harassment complaints because I am not a dirty misogynist who hates women.

          1. #Believeher

            Except of course when a Clinton is involved.

            1. You can’t spell believe without belie.

            2. When it comes to Clinton no one believes her they #ExcuseHer

    2. Dude, she is way not thick enough for you.

    3. I have no idea who Andrea Tantaros is; but damn.

      It’s a beautiful world, ennit?

    4. Yep, she’s a solid 7 in that Jewy, sorta Italianish way. The kind of attractive that goes over as attractive in certain parts of the country, but really isn’t attractive in comparison with actual attractive women.

    5. Her boytoy is Dave Navarro.

  31. Donald Trump focuses on running against the media, while his campaign manager Paul Manafort reportedly received cash payments from Ukraine’s pro-Russian government.

    Handwritten ledgers show $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments designated for Mr. Manafort from Mr. Yanukovych’s pro-Russian political party from 2007 to 2012, according to Ukraine’s newly formed National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

    I used to think that Reason was above the deceptive tactic of the MSM. Yeah, I was naive.

    1. Donald Trump focuses on running against the media, while his campaign manager Paul Manafort reportedly received cash payments from Ukraine’s pro-Russian government.

      1. Donald Trump focuses on running against the media, while his campaign manager Paul Manafort reportedly received cash payments from Ukraine’s pro-Russian government.

        1. reportedly

          Shameless self-promotion by Ed.

      2. Donald Trump focuses on running against the media, while his campaign manager Paul Manafort reportedly received cash payments from Ukraine’s pro-Russian government.

        1. SQUIRRELS!!!!

          1. SQUIRRELS!!!!

          2. BEATUS!

      3. Donald Trump focuses on running against the media, while his campaign manager Paul Manafort reportedly received cash payments from Ukraine’s pro-Russian government.

    2. My newly formed bureau just found Bokassa’s records, and unsurprisingly he sent money exclusively to people I don’t like.

  32. For John. Warning: ESPN.

  33. Follow the herd people because everyone is;
    Trump leads widely in rally crowd numbers & hugely in social media fans and his massive voter base has now tanked CNN’s ratings to that of the Shopping Channel.
    Check out why;
    You have never sat through an entire Hillary speech so be open minded.

    *Real progressives don’t defend corrupt power they doubt, question and challenge ALL existing oppressive powers.

    1. So what you’re saying is, there are no real progressives? Power to remake people into what the progressive deems “good” is the cornerstone of progressivism. If that power is subtly manipulative, fine, but if it’s oppressive – well, you have to break eggs to make omelets, right comrade?

  34. Marion Barry’s idiot kid dies of an overdose at 36.

    I gues the bitch set another one up? The apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    1. Christopher Barry also wanted to follow in his dad’s political footsteps, Johnson reports, having attempted to run for a D.C. Ward 8 council seat.


      1. That’s how much of a total fucking loser this guy was; he couldn’t even successfully ride his father’s coattails, and they practically worship his father there.

    2. Would have.

  35. The racism of lowered expectations, item 4,935,694:

    “Race, class collide in prosecution of cell phone theft”

    Dunno if this’ll be pay-walled, but a black woman stole a cell phone (that’s not in question), now the Chron at least is saying, well, she’s poor and black, so why are you going to punish her?

    1. Look, if it weren’t for this racist desire to punish black people for the crimes they commit, gentle giant Michael Brown would still be alive, you racist monster!

    2. SF Chronicle actually expect me to pay to have to click out their ads that might get past adblocker just for the privilege of reading their propaganda.

      I think not.

  36. Nancy Pelosi is flooded with ‘sick and obscene’ phone calls after ‘Russian’ hacker posted House Democrats’ private numbers

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned fellow Democrats on Saturday to change their cellphone numbers and not let family members read their text messages after revealing she had received ‘scores’ of ‘obscene and sick’ calls and messages due to another Democratic party-targeted hack.

    Pelosi told Democratic lawmakers that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other Democratic Party entities were the target of ‘an electronic Watergate break-in’ after personal and official information of Democratic House members and congressional staff was posted online.

    As a result, a mix of personal and official information of Democratic members and hundreds of congressional staff, purportedly from a hack of the DCCC, was posted online, Pelosi said.

    1. after revealing she had received ‘scores’ of ‘obscene and sick’ calls and messages

      She’ll have to listen to the voicemail to find out what’s in it.

      1. Over, and over, and over….

      2. (insert SugarFree-like story here about Pelosi and the phone calls)

    2. Having to look at that rictus grin of hers is sick and obscene enough.

    3. Boo fucking hoo. Resign if you don’t like hearing from the proles.

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  38. Killing of Imam in Queens…..1471222792
    tldr: Motive. Known. But unfortunately we require stupid evidence before we can start arresting all the Islamaphobes

    1. This provided the best “Not OK” response I’ve ever seen from some person on facebook.

      Got that? Murder is NOT OK.


      TLDR: Suspect in custody. Hispanic man. Seems like an actual hate crime in some sort of race feud.

      1. Oh please do read the whole thing to find out how it’s all Trump’s fault.

        God I fucking hate people.

  39. So I gave $15 to Johnson/Weld. I hope my past luck supporting candidates doesn’t carry forward with them. If they make it into the debates, I’m going to open up my wallet big time.

    O/T, I recently found out about this FEC disclosure web site. Snooping around there, I was shocked to see how much money my neighbors and acquaintances have been throwing at Clinton and Sanders. Anywhere from the $250 minimum that gets your name on the FEC site, to $1000!!!

    1. Gotta link for this retard database?

      1. Here: Transaction Query By Individual Contributor

        There is a link for “Advanced Search” which lets you even search by employer. So you can see which of your colleagues needs to be sent to an asylum.

      2. From this site, I found that my boss’ boss and my next-door neighbor are big Clintonistas, another acquaintance donated $1000 to the Democrat running for Congress in my district, and another colleague was stupid enough to plunk $600 to Sanders.

        I generally keep my mouth shut on politics at work. Now I know whose provocations to avoid specifically.

        And btw, not a single Johnson donor even going back to the 2012 election. No Trump donor either, which I see as a good thing.

        1. I almost don’t want to know what my friends and acquaintances are giving. It’s like finding out the political beliefs of your favorite musical artist and wishing you hadn’t.

      3. So my dad apparently gave negative $1500 to Ron Paul. I guess Ron Paul donated to my dad?

    2. Silly proles.

      Your money carries more weight when given to the Foundation.

  40. Greeks will have to declare to tax office even cash below 100 euro

    The long planned registration of all kinds of private wealth will go into effect in February 2017. More than 8,500,000 tax payers registered in Greece will be called to declare all moveable and immovable assets, their total “wealth”, and even cash they possess even if it is below 100 euro. Furthermore, the taxpayers will have to register changes in their assets when they occur and not annually.

    Tax authorities will upload on their website pre-filled data like real estate, declared income, income from rents, loans, vehicles etc ? practically they pre-filled data will refer to data given by taxpayers in their income declaration.

    In the new scheme to have registered everything the trouble Greek owns, the taxpayers will have add moveable and immovable possessions such as paintings, antiques, jewelry, even historical weapon, etc but also the cash they have in their wallets or under the mattress.

    1. The magic of democracy.

      Greeks voted for their government, so this is all legit.

      It takes a 50.0000000001% to grant legitimacy.

      1. Yeah, but the Greeks have had massive tax evasion for decades, and through the miracle of the EU are being baled out by everyone else (including even poorer countries), so part of me says, “Great, you kept voting in governments who spunked money up against the wall and took as much free money as possible from them in entitlements, now pay your own fucking way”. Another part of me doesn’t care. The rest of me is debating what colour nail polish to apply.

        1. Nail polish?

          Neo: “You’re THE Trinity? I thought you were a man.”
          Trinity: “Most men do, Neo.”

          1. there are no female libertarians. Fact.

            1. Seriously… you’re female?

              I had no idea, other than that you’re from Australia.

              1. There are goth libertarians.

                1. aaah, but they don’t have to debate the colour, they just paint ’em black

              2. I don’t think Australian women qualify as women per se… they’ve been metabolically altered by frequent envenomation and sublimated the melanoma from the harsh Australian sun into thick, leathery hides. Between that and the near-constant intoxication, gender down under has become a very malleable concept… American college students would quail at their designations.

                1. Strine gender is divided into “bruces” and “sheilas.” You’d be surprised to learn which is which.

              3. Up is down there, so…

    2. Wait, so if a greek person goes to a bar and pays 10 euros for drinks and leaves, they’re going to have to report a change in cash? If they find a 5 euro note on the ground they’ll have to report that?

      Yeah, I’m sure this will create no problems whatsoever.

      1. Who cares if it works in practice, as long as it works in theory?

        1. Selective enforcement FTW.

      2. Greece needs the sort of “shock therapy” that Soviet bloc countries got after the USSR fell.

        They have democratically gotten themselves into an economic straitjacket.

    3. And, as always, Greeks will comply with this shit about 0.05% of the time.

      1. Gee, punishing those who complied with the existing tax laws (by filing) won’t incentivize others to duck even further under the table?

      2. I’d actually respect the Greeks for not paying taxes (and French and Italians who are notorious tax evaders too) if they wouldn’t demand free shit from the government. Those countries know the money ends up in the wrong hands or getting wasted most of the time. So there’s a ‘fuck them’ type of mentality going on.

    4. It’s hard to feel sympathetic about the greeks. They vote for all sorts of taxes, and ridiculous benefits, then go out of their way to evade all the taxes they voted for while trying to claim the benefits.

      1. These worthless losers are basically demanding that the Germans pay them to sit around on the beach and do nothing all day long. Fuck that shit.

        I’m not quite sure how it is that the German people haven’t lopped off Angela Merkel’s big fat dough head yet.

  41. ‘Vegetarian Piranhas’ With Human-Like Teeth Found in Michigan Lakes

    A South American fish with uncannily human-like chompers has been unexpectedly showing up on Michigan anglers’ hooks.

    The fish are red-bellied pacus (Piaractus brachypomus) and are piranha relatives, though their diet is mostly vegetarian. Pacus are popular with aquarium owners for their unusual square teeth that look remarkably human ?rather disturbingly so, in fact. But recently, pacus have been sighted in places where they shouldn’t be: Lake St. Clair and Port Huron in southeastern Michigan, where three pacus were caught during the month of July.

    The pacus were almost certainly introduced into the lakes by former owners who kept them as pets, according to a statement released Aug. 9 by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

  42. I want to take the person that created this meme and kick him repeatedly in the nads for an hour or two.

    1. That’s a meme? What’s the joke here? “Females won’t get it”, yet it seems to be directed at a female. Maybe it’s a gay thing.

      1. I couldn’t tell either. The one on top is a 4th Gen Glock .45

        The one below looks like a 9mm. Not a Glock. Maybe a Smith & Wesson MP? Or a Springfield XD subcompact?

        Either way, I’m not getting it.

        1. The lower one is a Hi-point.

          The picture is saying, “I’m reliable and strong; your man is a cheap shit with no style and who will choke under pressure”

          hi-points have a terrible reputation – probably the most despised handguns not made by Kel-Tec.

          But all the “gun channels” on youtube have tested them over the years and shown that they’re probably not quite as awful as their looks/feel suggest.

          1. I don’t hate Kel-Tec. I have one because it’s actually less obtrusive than a wallet and I can comfortably carry it anywhere. Though in winter I prefer my Sig Sauer or my Glock. Hi-Point and Taurus are awful I will say.

      2. I was hoping someone could explain it to me as well.

        1. She has just as big a ‘dick’ as your boyfriend?

          That’s the best I can do.

  43. Four American swimmers competing in the Olympics were robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro.

    It warms my heart to see that the Olympics have yet again proven to be a disaster.

  44. Every once in awhile I would check in to Scott Adam’s blog, The very same person who predicted a Trump landslide based on Master persuader skills. Now he is claiming that Hillary has some Master persuaders on her side, saying that painting Trump as a racist is some sort of deep master stroke.

    Uh, hate to break it to you, Scott, but that’s always the Democratic playbook. And Trump is no hypnotist, or much of a master persuader. He was just lucky that he had a crowded field, an unhappy Republican base, and recognized how to exploit it.

    If there is any gift for manipulation, I’m certainly not seeing it now.

    1. This is the same man who claimed Herman Cain would sweep the 2012 election.

      I’ve been keeping up with Scott’s writings daily. They’re sort of fascinating in examining how many shady persuasion tactics he throws into his own articles. He’s always hedging his bets and trying to set up scenarios where there is no way he could lose. Currently, if Trump wins he can say he was right, and if Clinton wins he can say he was right. He also blatantly uses the techniques he claims Trump uses in his own articles to try to convince readers that Trump is some sort of genius (and sell his book at the same time).

      Before Trump definitively won the primaries he was writing articles about how Trump might ~NOT~ win due to some of Cruz’s shady tactics/conspiracies about rigging the election. Despite the fact that that undermines his entire thesis, his thesis being that the most persuasive person will win the election, because if he was “right” and Cruz won due to shady manipulation and chicanery, it would prove that the most /tricky/ person would win the election, not the most persuasive.

      I think he’s mostly just trying to sell his book. Or maybe he’s trying to show that his alleged persuasion techniques work by trying to use them to convince people Trump is a genius.

    2. Adams is an interesting dude, I like his perspectives on big picture issues.

      That said, his Trump writing is grating because he’s constantly moving the goalposts to take credit for predicting everything that happened in the race; meanwhile he’s constantly shilling for Trump while claiming he’s completely neutral.

      He turned off the comments section on his site about the time he “updated” his prediction to Clinton after spending 12 months guaranteeing a Trump landslide. I doubt that timing was any coincidence.

  45. Chilli-powder condoms, firecrackers boost Tanzania elephant protection

    Conservationists in Tanzania are using an unorthodox way of keeping elephants from wandering into human settlements – by throwing condoms filled with chilli powder at them.

    The method has proved effective and Honeyguide Foundation, which hit upon the idea several years ago, with U.S.-based Nature Conservancy has stepped up its promotion, training volunteers in villages in north Tanzania to use a non-violent four-step way of protecting their homes and crops without hurting the animals. Previously many used spears to defend themselves.

    1. Chilli-powder condoms

      Atsa’ spicy meatball!

  46. Party at Rufus’s house!

    Thieves steal more than 5,000 gallons of maple syrup in Canada

    Vice president of Mexuscan Cargo shipping company Alfredo Monaco said thieves broke into the warehouse and stole a shipping container carrying 20 pallets with a total of about 5,283 gallons of the syrup.

    According to the CBC, the shipping company is offering a $10,000 reward for the load’s return.

    Monaco said insurance will not cover the total of the missing goods and the company would lose about $60,000, making the decision to offer a reward an easy one.

    “$10,000 is not much compared to the value of the goods,” Monaco said.

    1. I heard Rufus puts maple syrup on his deep dish pizza. Just sayin…

    2. Going to make some mapleheads happy. Once they get that syrup in them…

    3. Capital crime!

  47. Did anyone catch this?

    The Obama administration’s new regulation on student loans could cost taxpayers more than the Department of Education’s estimate of $43 billion, according to experts.

    The administration’s proposed rule would ease the loan relief process for student borrowers, allowing anybody who claims to have been victimized by a university’s “substantial misrepresentation” to sue that institution.

    Taxpayers could be on the hook for the flood of lawsuits that universities will face now that the threshold for legal action has been lowered from intentional deception to any type of misrepresentation, given the fact that $1.2 trillion in student debt is financed by the federal government.

    1. You SugarFree’d the link.

      But yeah, this has the earmark of being his last massive giveaway before he leaves. Free college for everyone, which is the biggest thing the Bernie Sanders leftards have been demanding.

      1. Hah, but paid for by fucking colleges, so it’ll basically just destroy them as institutions unless they wean themselves off of student loans.


      1. go on…

  48. You can say a lotta things about Ed Krayewski, but not one of them is that he’s a shitty linkser. No sirree, doggone it.

    Morning everyone.

  49. http://www.yourdoctorsorders.c…..ealthcare/

    This is an excellent link for those who would like to learn to construct terrible arguments.

    1. how does someone get multiple degrees @ U.Chicago and still write 8th-grade english?

      he also weirdly inserts lots of extended quotes that he attributes to some amorphous “libertarian”, but never says whom or cites anything.

      there’s a lot of derp in there, but the central-derp-motherlode seems to be the following =

      – Libertarians want heathcare to revert to a 1960s model, which had less govt intervention
      – since the 1960s, there have been lots of innovations in healthcare, such as in oncology medication/cancer treatment
      – therefore, libertarians want you to die of cancer
      (*because these things did not exist in the 1960s, they never would have been invented w/o the magic of govt)

      its an admixture of the Bastiat fallacy (*””every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all””), and some sort of magical assumption that there mere existence of govt regulation CAUSED all the innovation that happened in the ensuing 50 years, rather than it happening *despite* lots of red-tape, etc.

      i think this is roughly the same argument often made about govt involvement w/ the internet.

      1. I wondered the same thing- I had to go back and check his credentials a second and third time..

        My favorite part was “The FDA has not driven up the costs of medicines, consider that almost 25% of the cost of new medicine comes from direct-to-consumer marketing in the United States. It is the free-market that is increasing the cost of medicine, not the FDA.”

    2. Check out this site to see a cool discussion platform but stupid people?

      1. gave it a 20 minute read through various topics. stupid people levels are well over 85%

        1. I don’t disagree, but that doesn’t present much of a positive outlook for the intelligence of “average person.”

          It reminds of me the George Carlin quote “Think of how stupid the average person, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

    3. Two line version of the whole article:

      Government is responsible for all the good things that have happened in healthcare*. The market is responsible for all the bad things*.

      *[citation needed]

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