Election 2016

America's Summer 2016 Election Playlist

Obama, Biden release summer playlists while Trump releases one for Hillary.


White House

Vice President Joe Biden joined President Obama in releasing a "summer playlist" to show how cool he is. It includes Sam Smith, Tina Turner, and a showtune from Les Miserables. While Obama made a "friendship bracelet" for Biden earlier this summer, there's no song that appears on both lists as a sign of their BFF status.

As the White House noted in its release of Obama's playlist, they did the same last year. The glomming on to pop culture by politicians shouldn't be so surprising. Products of pop culture are far more popular than products of politics, and unlike politics, you can choose to participate in pop culture or not without the threat of coercion.

Donald Trump joined in to, not with a playlist of his own but with one for Hillary Clinton which he posted to Facebook. It includes Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock," Eminem's "Love the Way You Life" and Avicii's "Liar Liar."

Jesse Walker noted in 1964 KRAB-FM in Seattle had a playlist sandwiched between speeches by Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater and Democratic incumbent Lyndon Johnson. It featured songs like "Two Pretty Boys" by Lucy Stewart and "Tomorrow is the Question" by Ornette Coleman.

With the unfavorability ratings of both major party candidates at record highs, America's election playlist could sound a lot different from politicians'. I asked on Twitter what it might sound like. Here's my entry for America's election playlist.

"Metal Machine Music" – Lou Reed

"Here Comes the Night Time" – Arcade Fire

"Welcome to the Terrordome" – Public Enemy

"Rich Girl" – Hall & Oates

"Monster Mash" – Bobby Pickett

"Packt Like Sardines in a Tin Can" – Radiohead

"Shot of Love" – Bob Dylan

"Dead Wrong" – Biggie w/ Eminem

"Gimme a Bligh" – Iwer George

"Heartaches of a Fool" – Willie Nelson

Bonus: "Barack Obama" – Cocoa Tea

Add your suggestions below!

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    1. “Get him a body bag, YEEEEAAAHHH!”

      1. +1 broken boom box

    2. I always thought it was strange that the girls in Banarama all sang in unison. Geez, you’ve got three singers, how about working in some harmony? But the real reason for their existence was always to look at the hot chicks who were singing, not necessarily worry about the tunesmith aspect.

      This has to be around 30 years old now, right? I’m guessing they aren’t quite the same to look at presently.

      1. Bananarama today. Not too bad. Siobhan Fahey left, but the other two are still in it.

        1. Wow, they actually look amazing. Of course, I’m in my 50s, but I would imagine they would look good to most guys.

          1. Would.

  1. Lou Reed is terrible

    1. Don’t let him hear you say that.

  2. ?nema” — Tool

    1. I’m glad this was in the first few posts.

  3. Oooh look at how cool progressives are. They’re so cool, conservatives are so stupid and uncool.

    Fuck this bullshit.

    1. “President Obama is so cool, he has exactly my views! …. I love murderdroning too!”

      1. +1 Bombs Over Baghdad

    2. That’s what you got out of this post?

  4. OT – did you say you want a Jewett Williams update? You’re welcome!

    1. Don’t shit where you eat is the true law of the jungle, not that crazy stuff that Disney preaches.

      1. “Don’t sleep where you shit” has saved more lives.

  5. chucklehead with bobblehead

    Way to go, Ed. You’re now on the ungood naughty list.

  6. My suggestion for Hillary’s playlist: Tool – Prison Sex

    1. “How I could just kill a man” also works.

  7. Edmund Fitzgerald?

    1. If only both ships would sink.

    2. Always liked that song, Then there’s Taxi ,Harry died to soon .

  8. Fuck My Shit Stinks – Dayglo Abortions. Pretty much fitting for either of the frontrunners.

    1. That is a damn good band name.

      1. My favourite song is Hide the Hamster l, followed very closely by Proud to Be a Canadian.

  9. Also, have to includeSpace Lord by Monster Magnet

    1. Good to see you cosmos aren’t all squares.

      1. Hitlery: Season of the Witch – Donovan

    1. Nice console – I guess their studio is in the re-TARDIS?

      1. Nice!

        I made a Scotsman playlist last year. This is as bright as it gets, man.

  10. I Believe In Miracles – Ramones

  11. Anything by Eddie Jefferson is A-OK with me, thank you Youtube for turning me on to him.


  12. Hillary needs to see this. Or maybe she has a few times.

    1. A. Your are supposed to be on commenting moratorium.
      B. WTF?
      C. Banjos deals with stupid shit better than you…just saying’

  13. If it’s all supposed to be about the election, I’d volunteer “Suspect Device” by Stiff Little Fingers.

    Hell, thhis would be my nomination for the Hit & Run theme song.

    Their solutions are our problems
    They put up the wall
    On each side, time and prime us
    And sure we get fuck all

    . . .

    Don’t believe them
    Don’t believe them

    . . .

    They take away our freedom
    In the name of liberty
    Why can’t they all just clear off
    Why can’t they let us be?

    . . .

    Don’t believe them
    Don’t believe them
    I tell ya, question everything yourself

    Just take a look around you
    At the bitterness and spite
    Why can’t we take over
    and try to put it right?

    Please don’t believe us
    Don’t believe us
    Don’t be bitten twice

    . . .


    1. Fuckin’ a, Stiff Little Fingers!!! I’m happily surprised that someone on the forums knows these guys.

  14. This could work either way as well: Masterplan – Plasmatics


    1. +1 Plasmatics.

      In 1981 the world was an amazing place.

      I was just a kid in grade school walking down Hollywood Blvd., and everybody looked like they were movie extras from Road Warrior. I thought the world in the future was gonna be waaaaaaaaaaay cooler than it turned out to be.

      Plasmatics was what pop started to look like back then.

      They were on fucking disco-ass Solid Gold. For Gen X kids, that was one of those generation defining moments–like the JFK assassination was for boomers. Where were you when you saw the Plasmatics on Solid Gold?


      1. lol. I can’t help but cringe when people talk about all the bad-ass gurlz of today. Get any one of them to jump off a bus which goes through a wall of TVs and we’ll talk dangerous.


        1. Holy hell! The Plasmatics! I was in elementary school and they were gone by the time I was paying attention. Damn, you’re right. Miley and the rest cannot hold a candle to Wendy.

          1. At the time I was paying attention, I was way more into the geeky weirdo stuff – Devo,Wall of Voodoo etc. Nevertheless, seeing the above video was eye-opening, to say the least.

            1. Ditto. I had a brief brush with the Butthole Surfers, but it’s impossible to listen to them in any sustained manner. I swung between prog rock (Rush, Yes, Genesis, etc.) or some sort of undefined “wave” movement(s) (Teardrop Explodes, Julian Cope, Robin Hitchcock and the Egyptians, Talking Heads, etc.)

        2. “I can’t help but cringe when people talk about all the bad-ass gurlz of today.”

          We are massively less tolerant of free expression than we used to be. People don’t know what controversy is anymore.

          Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” was massively popular. Remember the video?


          Using black slavery would never get it made today. Making the whole thing an obsessive love song to an eight year old little girl is freakin’ unthinkable.

          You can’t show that on television anymore. You can’t make it in the first place. I’m not even sure we’re supposed to be talking about it.

          1. A few years back there was a freakout over the Wikipedia entry for The Scorpion’s ‘Virgin Killer’ album.


            “In December 2008, the image again gave rise to controversy when the British Internet Watch Foundation placed certain pages from Wikipedia on its internet blacklist . . .”

            1. Hmm, looking at their discography, I realize that every Scorpion’s song I’ve heard looks to have come off of one of only three of their albums.

  15. Here’s your dose of cognitive dissonance for the day – it seems U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, scourge of the Reason commentariat, is now actively investigating the Clinton Foundation:


      1. My initial reaction too. Needless to say, I hope this thing has legs.

        1. If he does unearth absolute proof of bribery and paying for favorable State Dept decisions, some lackey will take the fall and say that Hillary didn’t get involved with day-to-day stuff and that she’s as pure as the driven snow.

          And 1/2 of the voters will nod and increase their sympathy for the poor beleaguered Hildog. Barf.

          1. “Sources I’ve spoken to in New York law enforcement have described Bharara as The Terminator. When he gets his teeth into something he simply does not stop ? ever ? and he’s impervious to threats from those in positions of power.”

            WTF? Power down the chipper!

          2. Hillary sure does take a few pages out of the Genovese Family playbook; they’ve been doing that for decades to protect their bosses. Maybe, when that trick fails, Hillary will pull a Vinny Gigante and start wandering the streets in a bathrobe in preparation for an insanity defense? She can change her campaign motto to “I may not be fit to stand trial, but I promise I’m fit for higher office.”

    1. Perhaps he’ll pull a Comey and just tell us that despite the overwhelming evidence, Justice will take a pass, thereby “exonerating” Hillary in the mind of the public.

    2. I thought he had his hands full with Deblasio and Cuomo – I wish he would wrap those up first.

    3. It’s good news to see one’s enemies fighting each other. Either he’ll find a way to make some charges stick, or he won’t and after she wins she’ll bury him. One way or another, a douchebag will find itself out of a job.

  16. The cult of personality stuff really creeps me the fuck out.

      1. + eleventy

      2. Man, where did these guys go?

    1. “The cult of personality stuff really creeps me the fuck out.”

      Seriously. This is the problem with the American voter, especially my fellow millenials. I can’t tell you how many times I heard that Obama was the guy to vote for because he was cool. Or he was handsome. Or had nice teeth. Or Michelle had great arms. That this is how the Youtube generation chooses their politicians would be pathetic if it wasn’t so fucking terrifying.

      But just for funsies, while we are on the subject of personality cults…If
      A) Trump= Mussolini
      B) Putin = Hitler
      C) Obama = Lenin/Trotsky?

      That means Hillary = Stalin (i.e. a totally corrupt and ruthless meglomaniac who came to power by ruthlessly crushing all opposition within his own party in spite of having no charisma and a shit personality.

      Historical analogies are fun. Somebody help me out here 🙂

      1. Hillary = Brezhnev.

        As the old Soviet joke goes, Brezhnev wanted a cult of personality, just like Stalin. However, Brezhnev didn’t have a personality.

      2. I’m hoping Trump will be more like a Friederich 2 von Hohenstaufen. I see indications in his attitude toward Putin that this might be the case.

    2. I saw a Fallon commercial with a sketch with BHO in it.

      In my younger days I don’t recall Reagan or GHW Bush doing silly sketches on the Tonight Show.

      Was it “beneath the diginty of the office” back then? Or do I just mis-remember due to nostalgia filter?

      1. Richard Nixon went on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and protested, “Sock it to me?

        1. That was before the election, I believe.

          1. You are correct. It was September 16,1968.

            In my defense, I can only say that I was only seven when this episode aired.

      2. Butane hash oil? My best friends moms brother overdosed on that stuff

  17. I assume Joy Division and Zappa are off limits.

    Glamour Profession – Steely Dan

    1. Zappa is never off limits. Never.

    2. If you haven’t checked out Stranger Things on Netflix, “Atmosphere” by Joy Division appears in one of the episodes. I recommend the series for many reasons, including the soundtrack.

    3. Appropriate for this election season:

      The Eternal

      1. I think this song goes straight to the heart of the issue. And SOB, I am drinking.


  18. First of all, the definitive Radiohead song is Karma Police.

    Second, what a sad, whitebread list full of mediocrity and crap.

    1. I mean, Arcade Fire? Did Obama’s flunkies not tell him that Arcade Fire is that band that people who don’t actually listen to music say they listen to when discussing music?

      Arcade Fire fucking sucks. No, save your “personal taste” posts, they suck.

      1. The strange thing is that I agree with you that they suck, but at the same time, I cannot recall having heard a single song by them. So, they are that forgettable, or the fact that they suck is like a Dothraki wife fact: it is known.

    1. Surprised this one isn’t on Obama’s list:


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  20. I Can’t Cope – Protex
    Last Train – Ghost Dance
    Losing My Religion – R.E.M.

  21. Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon.
    Going to the candidates’ debate.
    Laugh about it, shout about it
    When you’ve got to choose
    Every way you look at this you lose.

  22. With their tanks and their bombs
    And their bombs and their guns
    In your head in your head they are crying

    What’s in your head, Zombie?

    Ei, ei, ei, oh do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do

  23. How about

    They’re Coming to Take Me Away Ha! Ha! – Napoleon XIV

    She’s Always A Woman To Me – Billy Joel

  24. This could als fit either Trump or Hillary


    When there’s dancing I want to lead
    even if you’re whirling around alone
    Let yourselves be controlled a little
    I’ll show you how it really goes
    We’re making a nice round dance
    Freedom is playing on all violins
    Music is coming out of the White House
    and Mickey Mouse is standing in front of Paris

  25. For Clinton:

    The law don’t mean shit if you’ve got the right friends
    That’s how the country’s run

    “I fought the law and I won” – Dead Kennedys
    “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta” – Geto Boys

    1. would

  26. Nickleback’s entire discography

    1. cue ominous political ad music:

      “My opponent listens to Nickleback!”

    1. Unfortunate but I don’t think this will work since Montana is still too close, but it is Zappa.


      And for Hilldog and Huma


  27. I’ve got to use my imagination- Bobby bland
    Pier 57- Aim (a song about convention protesters)
    Cell therapy- goodie mob
    Propaganda- dead Prez although I prefer animal in man.

  28. Queen of Light took her bow
    And then she turned to go,
    The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom
    And walked the night alone.
    Oh, dance in the dark of night,
    Sing to the morning light.
    The dark Lord rides in force tonight
    And time will tell us all.


      1. It does

  29. Is it all ok? -Princess chelsea

  30. Louisiana flooding


    1. Didn’t the levee break down there one time before? Is this time Obama’s fault or still Boooshhhh fault?

      1. Oh shit, I think I just lit the shreek signal.

  31. But in other, more important news:


  32. Now the world is waiting for you
    And the wonders you can do
    Make a hawk a dove
    Stop a war with love
    Make a liar tell the truth

    I’m with her. #Hillary2016

  33. The Hillary soundtrack has to include Change Your Evil Ways by Santana.

    Today in the lust Olympics we have women’s water polo. The suit designer forgot to but a back on the US team’s suit. It is quite easy on the eyes.

      1. Except that this bitch never seems to go away.

  34. Most appropriate song for this election:

    Symphony of Destruction

    You take a mortal man
    And put him in control
    Watch him become a god
    Watch people’s heads a’roll
    A’roll, a’ roll

  35. Another:

    Ship of Fools

    Save me, save me from tomorrow
    I don’t want to sail with this ship of fools, no, no
    Oh, save me, save me from tomorrow
    I don’t want to sail with this ship of fools, no, no
    I want to run and hide right now

    1. Love that song – nice

    2. the problem with that song is that isn’t Andy Partrige is a Marxist of the worst sort? I am pretty sure he is constantly whining about getting the evil profit motive out of music and all of that.

      1. Enh… I like Billy Bragg sometimes. What can you do?

        1. Billy Bragg is really talented. I love the records he did with Wilco covering the Woody Guthrie songs. But God he is an ignorant fuck. He is just fucking loathsome. He is Steve Earl level stupid and loathsome.

      2. Forget Andy Partridge. Think Danny Partridge.

    3. I haven’t thought of that band since…. well, 1992 or so

      i think i was a big fan in 8th grade

      1. Dear God is one of the dumbest songs ever written. It is like a parody song of the petulant immature atheist.

        1. Which i suppose was appealing to 8th grade, late 1980s youth,

          1. I don’t mind Ship of Fools. But Dear God is so annoying. It just makes me yell “grow the fuck up and realize the world is a pretty harsh place you little douche bag” every time I hear it.

        2. tho i should say i don’t know what you’re referring to. I had “private revolution” and “goodbye jumbo” on tape and played them a lot until i lost the cassettes* and any memory of the band was erased until just now.

          (*i believe its possible they were in a car whose engine had died, and which “friends” of mine decided would be funny to smash the window, release the parking break, and push it into a pond. Good times)

          1. “Friends” of course means yourself.

            1. i was the one who had to pay ~$500 to get a tow truck to pull it out and scrap it. which was more than the car was worth

          2. John is mixing up World Party and XTC.

            1. You are right. I don’t know why I confused the two.

            2. ahh.

              i really did like World Party. Which was notable because I never liked any contemporary singer/songwriter stuff at the time. I pretty much jumped from “Classic rock” to “hiphop/jazz etc” in my early teens and ignored everything else. there was a lot of stuff that went right past me. but every now and then 1 tune would catch me and i’d listen to it 10000 times in a row.

              all i can remember about XTC is an album title about Fruit, or Trains.

        3. Is “Dear God” worse than Dear Mr. Jesus?

          1. That seems to be the yin to that Dear God’s yang. It never occurs to the protagonist in either song that maybe God doesn’t give a shit about their concerns or understands things they don’t or exists for any reason other than to make them happy.

          2. By the way, I didn’t listen to that particular Youtube video, so it may not be the original. I think this is the original, which is even worse because it’s sung by a little girl.

            Horrible on so many levels.

    4. You totally win. Ship of fucking fools.

  36. There’s something wrong if nobody’s suggested Warren Zevon.

    Well, I went to the doctor
    I said, “I’m feeling kind of rough”
    He said, “I’ll break it to you, son
    Your shit’s fucked up.”
    I said, “My shit’s fucked up?”
    Well, I don’t see how.”
    He said, “The shit that used to work-
    It won’t work now.”

    1. +All the points

      If I ever find myself with a terminal illness, I hope I can meet fate with a tenth of the class he did


  37. “Night of Long Knives” – Machine Head

    “Prototype” – Septicflesh

    “I Am Colossus” – Meshuggah

    “Every Day is Exactly the Same” – Nine Inch Nails

    “Fuck You” – Damageplan with Corey Taylor

    1. “Mass Murder” – Lenin/Stalin
      “Can’t Get No (toilet paper)” – Chavez
      “Wait Until You Die” – NHS

      1. Who’s Laughing Now?

        At least he could pick a better SP song.

        1. Or better yet, this one – more descriptive of our candidates:

          Human Disease (S.K.U.M.M.)

    2. Oh, and that all-time fave:
      “It Ain’t a Debt (if I don’t feel like paying)” – Asswipe and the Juvenile Whiners.

  38. How Clinton views the voters:


  39. BTW the mood here is getting pretty grim. Something to lighten things up?


    1. I’ve never seen that. That’s hilarious.

  40. In the unlikely event nobody’s gone there, yet:

    The roof the roof the roof is on fire
    We don’t need no water let the motherfucker burn
    Burn motherfucker burn

  41. I know it’s kind of 2012-election-ish, but you gotta include Won’t Get Fooled Again.

  42. Political Science by Randy Newman

  43. OT: Anthony Weiner is back and he’s stronger than a mongoose!


    1. Rigidly thrusting back, tall and proud.

      1. suspiciously timed with release of Sausage Party….

  44. http://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1604764/…..erto-rico/


    A HEALTH expert has warned he expects one in four people in the US territory of Puerto Rico to be infected with the Zika virus before the year’s end.

  45. http://nypost.com/2016/08/13/b…..d-of-bull/

    Poor Comey. He destroys his own and the agency he has spent his entire life serving credibility and reputation to save Hillary and the thanks he gets is Bill saying he is full of shit.

    Selling out never works. People think it will but it never does. The people you let off just hold you in as much contempt as the people who object to it. You end up hated by everyone.

    1. Sure it does, if you sell out wholesale. If he’d gone all in against her, Comey would be a hero among those who dislike Hillary. If he’d come out and said she had done nothing wrong and was the paragon of integrity, Hillary might offer to make him Attorney General. But instead he chose the middle way, and so “because you are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm, I shall spew thee out of my mouth.”

  46. Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
    A tale of a fateful trip
    That started from this tropic port
    Aboard this tiny ship.

    The mate was a mighty sailing man,
    The skipper brave and sure.
    Five passengers set sail that day
    For a three hour tour, a three hour tour

  47. You’ve got to change your evil ways… baby
    Before I stop loving you.
    You’ve go to change… baby
    And every word that I say, it’s true.
    You’ve got the media and FBI hiding
    All you’ve done
    You’ve got Trump sneaking and peeping
    And running you down
    This can’t go on…
    Lord knows you got to change… baby.

    When I come home… baby
    The house is dark and the server’s hacked
    You’re hanging eround… baby
    With Huma and George and a who knows who
    I’m getting tired of waiting and fooling around
    I’ll find a candidate, who won’t make me feel like a clown
    This can’t go on…
    Lord knows there is always Stein

  48. Creep – Radiohead

  49. it seems U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, scourge of the Reason commentariat, is now actively investigating the Clinton Foundation:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton


    Rolls right off the tongue, don’t it?

    1. She already was an unindicted co-conspirator in White Water.

      1. No reason she can’t go for two.

  50. How can a women get elected in a country that hates women.


  51. How can a women get elected in a country that hates women.


    1. The problem is that even if it had been a good movie, which it wasn’t, people still likely would not have gone to see it because its half wit supporters made a person’s opinion of it an expression of politics.

      The lesson any smart studio should learn from the Ghostbusters flop is don’t make all female cast movies because you run the risk of the media making a political issue out of it and running off half or more of your potential audience.

      1. I like all the women that are in it. Movie itself just doesn’t interest me enough to choose it over other movies that are out. I’ll probably DVR it when it gets to TV.

        1. I didn’t think flipping the gender of the cast was necessarily a bad idea. You have to do something different in a remake and making it women could have worked. But when they couldn’t come up with a single funny scene or line to put in the trailer, I decided it was likely pretty awful. Even the worst comedies can look funny in a trailer.

  52. Metallica’s Sad But True (turned 25 years old yesterday for those of you who want to feel old).

    1. Or Holier Than Thou:
      “The crap rolls out your mouth again
      Haven’t changed, your brain is still gelatin
      Little whispers circle around your head
      Why don’t you worry about yourself instead…”

    2. Most. Over rated. Band. Ever.

  53. Run To The Hills – Iron Maiden

  54. How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away? by Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks

    (playing right now on Pandora)

    1. Hillary’s should be Sheep.

      1. The great thing is that this song covers both of them.

        This is perfect:

        Bus stop rat bag
        Ha, ha, charade you are
        You fucked up old hag
        Ha, ha, charade you are
        You radiate cold shafts of broken glass

    2. That one doesn’t seem to work


      1. I just realized Run Like Hell is like a glimpse into the soul of the current crop of campus feminists. Look at the lyrics.
        You better make your face up in
        Your favourite disguise
        With your button down lips and your
        Roller blind eyes
        With your empty smile
        And your hungry heart
        Feel the bile rising from your guilty past
        With your nerves in tatters
        As the cockleshell shatters
        And the hammers batter
        Down your door
        You better run

        Run, run, run, run [repeat line four times]
        You better run all day
        And run all night
        And keep your dirty feelings
        Deep inside. And if your
        Takin’ your girlfriend
        Out tonight
        You better park the car
        Well out of sight
        ‘Cos if they catch you in the back seat
        Trying to pick her locks
        They’re gonna send you back to mother
        In a cardboard box

        1. And then there is “In the Flesh” from the same album. Change out a few words and they would own this song too.

          We’re gonna find out where you folks really stand.
          Are there any queers in the theater tonight?
          Get them up against the wall!
          There’s one in the spotlight, he don’t look right to me,
          Get him up against the wall!
          That one looks Jewish!
          And that one’s a coon!
          Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?
          There’s one smoking a joint,
          And another with spots!
          If I had my way,
          I’d have all of you shot!

  55. http://www.espn.com/espnw/spor…..d-olympics

    Any of your soccer people know why the US women spit the bit against Sweden?

    1. I didn’t watch the match because spoilers but… soccer is a game of chance sometimes. When you only have a single match to play and the scoring is few and far between, the better team does not always win. And a single gaff like Solo’s and it’s over. OTOH Sweden is also coached by the same woman who led the USA to huge success.

      1. The only thing that annoys me about it is that whenever the Women’s soccer team wins anything the sports media treats it like its the biggest most important thing ever. Then when they choke, which is not unusual, they act like it is not big deal. No, you can’t have it both ways. If the US women’s soccer team wants to claim to be a big deal when it wins and people should care about it, then it should get hammered when it loses just like the Men’s team does.

        1. I read somewhere that Hope Solo, who incidentally is a tremendous bitch, blamed the Swedish team for being “cowards.” She sounds like a fat kid I knew in grade school who would wine every time he lost at four square (yeah I played four square in grade school what of it?)

    2. They thought they could win by simply keeping possession the whole time, or so it’s been related to me by several others (I tend to not watch, because the women’s game is [still] barely above high school level). They had no idea how to break down a very organized Swedish defense, and when they did, they shit the bed except for once to tie the game.

      This is not uncommon, and is basically how Leicester City won the Premiership last year: they let the more talented teams piss around with the ball and then hit with deadly effect on the counterattack.

      In a different sense (but similar basic mentality), this is how the US Men managed to basically fight their way to parity with Mexico (and we pretty much own them anywhere but Mexico, LA, and Texas) in the last couple of decades. Hang back, let them masturbate with the ball, then convert quickly when they inevitably turn it over.

  56. I am not a big Seth Rogan fan but this actually sounds pretty funny.


    1. “Other comedic elements of the film that have galvanized the SJWs: Salma Hayek voicing a Mexican taco, a Native American bottle of Firewater (which quips he had settled in the grocery store first before getting shoved in the backroom), and some Nazi German sauerkraut dedicated to”exterminating the juice” compound.”

      Sounds like he’s trolling.

      1. All I see is Salma Hayek’s Taco. Would eat.

  57. The only song on the list that I’ve heard is the Pickett tune.

    I truly am old.

    … Hobbit

  58. Some hacker(s) got into the DNCs’ servers, and hilariousness ensued.

    One of the things they did was publish the personal contact information for hundreds of Democrats.

    “The cellphone numbers of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland were among the information posted.

    Mr. Hoyer, reached on the cellphone number listed on the spreadsheet, said he wasn’t aware that this information had been stolen or posted online.

    —-Wall Street Journal

    If you’ve ever wanted to tell whatever Democrat how you feel about gun control, Anthropomorphic Over Spending, warrantless wiretapping, or any other issue you care about–but think it’s a pain in the ass to get past their staffers or degrading to be responded to with form letters? Now’s your chance to tell the people in power what you really think.

    Or better yet, people are probably pranking ’em!

    “Hello Nancy, This is Barack. I know you’re there. Stop sending me to voicemail, you dried up piece of shit.”

    1. Yeah, that totally won’t get anyone in trouble at all.

      1. The hacking or calling people’s phone numbers?

        Since when is calling people’s phone numbers illegal?

        1. If I had to guess, I’d say…since politicians start getting on the receiving end of prank calls.

          1. If the First Amendment’s right to free speech and the right “to petition the government for a redress of grievances” protect anything, surely it’s calling politicians up on the phone and telling them what we think of them.

            1. You’d think so…but if the Constitution was so well respected, how did these jokers get elected in the first place?

              1. We’re talking about a situation where politicians call SWAT raids on critical bloggers and subpoena the records of Internet commenters.

                1. So you’re saying we shouldn’t make fun of politicians at all?

                  Does this have something to do with South Park again?

                  1. No, all criticism of politicians are risky because they are scum.

                    Some forms of criticism, like prank calls, are more risky than others.

    2. Nancy Pelosi is flooded with ‘sick and obscene’ phone calls after ‘Russian’ hacker posted House Democrats’ private numbers:

      ‘This is a sad course of events, not only for us, but more importantly for our country,’ Pelosi said…

      Yes, your personal work problems are really the problems of the entire country, aren’t they, Nancy? You are America, and we are, too. Some people more than others, apparently.

      What will the country do with the horror of having email and phone access to their elected representatives? The rabble, communicating directly with the Top Men?

      How will the nation survive as its lawmakers switch over to new phone numbers and emails? Who will be lucky enough to survive the anarchy of the transition?

      We are just one step away from Somalia.

  59. http://www.technologyreview.com/s/602…..-anything/

    Will Embryonic Stem Cells Ever Cure Anything?

    In fact, no field of biotechnology has promised more and delivered less in the way of treatments than embryonic stem cells. Only a handful of human studies has ever been carried out, without significant results. The cells, culled from IVF embryos, are capable of developing into any other tissue type in the body, and therefore promise an unlimited supply of replacement tissue.

    Sounds simple, but it hasn’t been.

    Ron Bailey hardest hit. My God did Bailey flog that propaganda hard. It was going to cure everything!!! Not so much.

    1. Who’s getting stem cells to work on? The people at the NIH?

      How limited has access been to entrepreneurs?

      I don’t know a lot about that, but if the paucity of effective therapies is due to government regulation and that’s given as a reason not to lift the government regulation, then our logic thingy is running around in circles.

      1. Read the article. The paucity of effective therapies is due to there being more to it than they thought.

        Sounds simple, but it hasn’t been. It took Melton and his team 15 years to unveil each molecular step required to coax a stem cell into a pancreatic beta cell able to sense glucose and secrete insulin. The recipe uses a cocktail of chemicals and a three-dimensional incubation system, tall spinning flasks brewing what looks like murky red Gatorade, that within 30 days can direct the differentiation of stem cells into fully functional beta cells.

        The problem isn’t regulation. It is that the technology has been wildly oversold.

        1. How long it takes to find effective treatments and the viability of stem cells for treatment are two different questions. Doesn’t look like they’re saying that they don’t expect stem cell therapies to be effective.

          It takes an average of 12 years to get an average drug from conception in the laboratory to approval by the FDA. Only one in a thousand standard compounds make it to human testing.


          If demonstrating effectiveness and safety in the lab for a standard pharmaceutical takes three and a half years, then that means it takes them an average of eight and a half years to develop a standard drug. Compared to that, 15 years for a completely new technology like stem cells doesn’t seem that bad.

          1. Yes it takes a long time to get a treatment approved once you have one. The problem is this hasn’t produced any treatments. If it had and they were just stuck in FDA hell trying to get approval, your point would be valid. But that is not what is happening. What is going on is they haven’t come up with any treatments that are effective enough to even start human trials and the FDA approval process.

            And sure the people doing it still claim “some day we will get it”. And maybe they will. But the fact remains they have massively under delivered on their promises. The claims that people like Bailey have repeated as gospel truth have turned out larger to be false.

            Will they ever come up with effective treatments? You can’t say. But given their track record and the fact that it has turned out to be much more difficult and complex than they originally thought, it is a decent bet they won’t or won’t anytime soon.

            1. The hx of medicine’s littered w promising stuff that didn’t pan out. And it’s always possible that a line of research that fell into neglect could yet prove its worth, as in the case of microbial mechanisms of peptic ulcer & of dandruff, or electromagnetic healing. Bacteriophage many decades ago had promise as anti-infectives. Ideas of “good” & “bad” dietary fat have switched around. Cancer research alone can fill libraries of lines of work that produced no practical result.

              Anyway, I have a client with whom I’ve been working mostly on another project who’s really enthused about stem cells. Maybe we’ll be the ones to crack their potential.

            2. Stem cells are being used for repairing connective tissue damage, like degenerated joints. I have a friend that does this in his practice.

              1. Some day (to some extent, already) they’ll be taking the patients’ own cells and using gene therapy to ‘revert’ those cells back into stem cells to be put back into the patient to repair tissue. One big issue with the embryonic cells is they don’t have the same DNA as the patient so they can induce an immune response (like with other kinds of transplants) which causes problems. Ultimately, I think we’ll end up just using the patient’s own cells to make stem cells to treat them. Which I think is pretty cool.

            3. Well, another way to look at it, is that as a research tool, stem cells have been used to make more realistic cell culture models of various tissues, including cell types such as neurons that are difficult to access in real patients. So if you’re trying to develop a small molecule drug to treat epilepsy or schizophrenia, stem cells can be differentiated into brain-like tissue cultures that can then be used to screen lots of compounds in a high-throughput manner, as opposed to using animal models that are much lower throughput, and also aren’t human.

  60. Oh Pongo, it’s her! It’s that devil woman.


      1. I had that 45.

        1. That was a bit before my time. My first memories of him are doing “Suddenly” from Xanadu with Olivia Newton-John.

          And then there’s this.

          1. nice:)

  61. For pretty much every member of TEAM BLUE or TEAM RED:


    1. What percentage of the tunes people are recommending seem to hover around “1981” as the central point?

      1. I’m not certain what this has to do with the US presidential election.

        1. I remember this version better.

      2. Year I graduated high school

        1. that’s interesting – because i was about to say that if i picked a year which i frequently come back to?… its 1992. Which is coincidentally… the year i graduated high school.

          1. 1988… jeez you’re right.

      3. The Pop-O-Pies song I linked above is from 1981.

      4. This one is ’82. The rodeo song by Gary Lee and the Showdown, also known as “You Piss me off, You Fucking Jerk.

        1. I just noticed that the majority of people’s interests seemed to hover centrally around the ‘early 80s’

  62. Darude – Sandstorm

  63. http://www.powerlineblog.com/a…..-pages.php

    Somali American Ilhan Omar defeated 22-term incumbent Phyllis Kahn for the nomination of the DFL to serve as the representative of House District 60B in the state legislature. Omar came in first in a three-way primary race for the nomination in Tuesday’s primary. When elected, Omar will be the first Somali American to serve in the Minnesota legislature.

    The Star Tribune hailed Omar’s victory as “historic” in a celebratory day-after story. How did Omar do it? They’re pretty excited about it over at the Star Tribune, as they were when Keith Ellison secured the DFL nomination to represent Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District after a contentious four-way primary in 2006.

    A reader has written us to point out that the Somali website Somalispot posted information last week suggesting Omar’s involvement in marriage and immigration fraud. The post notes that Omar married Ahmed Hirsi in 2002. Hirsi is the father of Omar’s three children. Omar is depicted with Hirsi and their children on Omar’s campaign website here.

    The post further notes that Omar married her brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009, implying that the latter marriage assisted his entry into the United States

    You can’t make some shit up.

    1. Ah, but she was so much older than. She’s younger than that now.

      1. The first “than” should of course be “then”.

      2. +1 Dylan reference.

  64. OT:
    “On 90th birthday, Fidel Castro thanks Cuba, criticizes Obama”
    “The need for closer economic ties with the U.S. has grown more urgent as Venezuela, Castro’s greatest ally, tumbles into economic free-fall, cutting the flow of subsidized oil that Cuba has depended on the South American country for more than a decade. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Cubans are emigrating to the United States, hollowing out the ranks of highly educated professionals.”

    Obo is certainly due a lot of blame for a lot of things, but not what that tin-pit dictator claims he’s caused. You did itt all on your own, Fidel, every last bit of it.

  65. The need for closer economic ties with the U.S. has grown more urgent as Venezuela, Castro’s greatest ally, tumbles into economic free-fall, cutting the flow of subsidized oil that Cuba has depended on the South American country for more than a decade. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Cubans are emigrating to the United States, hollowing out the ranks of highly educated professionals

    I, for one, am baffled as to how this could have come to pass.

    1. I’m told it’s all the result of lower oil prices, but somehow the result seems localized. Maybe it has to do with the climate there.

      1. Well see , they got that zika thing going on next door over there in Puerto Rico so them Cubanos are just being proactive.

  66. “:Fidel thanks Cuba, criticises panhandles Obama”

  67. Anything by Rick Astley, because it sure looks like we’ve all been rickrolled this election season

  68. Apropos of nothing… Forbes has one of the worst web sites of all time; probably worse than anything in the craptastic Gawker family.

    1. They have an Adblocker-blocker – I don’t visit there.

    2. Worse than Oregon’s Obamacare exchange ?

      I think not. Good day to you sir !

  69. …and in case you missed it earlier this year during the Easter season, here is a song for you

  70. http://www.latimes.com/sports/…..story.html

    Wow is Hope Solo an idiot. Sorry dear but being able to enforce your style of play onto your opponent is one of the things that makes one team superior to another. Her complaint boils down to “Sweden wasn’t stupid enough to try and play our game but instead played theirs. That is not fair!!”


    1. Hey Hope, why don’t you get loaded and beat up the Sweden players? That will make things all better!

    2. Poor Han, his kids keep doing wacky stuff like this.

      1. Spoiler alert: Hope kills her dad.

    3. Yep. I answered your question upthread, but you seem to have basically come to the right conclusion anyway. Should have read on before replying.

      Hope Solo is a colossal idiot, AND she’s a domestic abuser. She seems to prefer teenaged nephews as her targets.

  71. Trump is bad

    Trump’s economic playbook is warmed-over supply-side orthodoxy. Because his speech (which was apparently written by a group of people with no known expertise in economic policy) failed to lay out a full-scale plan for economic growth and prosperity, my analysis here can only follow up on a few of Trump’s smattering of loosely related suggestions.

    Lest there be any doubt, let me be clear that these policies, separately and together, would push the economy in the wrong direction. I am hardly the only one to have reached this conclusion, of course.

    There is nothing deep or mysterious going on here. Trump is all in for trickle-down economics, and trickle-down economics does not work.

    The proof? Another recitation of all the same, “Trump is stupid, and all his ideas are bad, because it is self-evidently true that Trump is stupid and all his ideas are bad!” enlightened liberal talking points we hear every day. “He doesn’t even have a plan. How can the President run the economy without a plan?”
    It’s like their fucking catechism.

    1. He doesn’t have any top men Brooks. Obama had top men. Hillary has top men. The best and the brightest. How the hell can you do anything without top men?

    2. The proof? Another recitation of all the same, “Trump is stupid, and all his ideas are bad, because it is self-evidently true that Trump is stupid and all his ideas are bad!” enlightened liberal talking points we hear every day. “He doesn’t even have a plan. How can the President run the economy without a plan?”
      It’s like their fucking catechism.

      I don’t know whart you’re talking about. Why, I look at the covers of the papers today, and all I see is objective analysis of policy positions between the respective candidates. You are clearly a Trumperloompa-nazi-tard with a case of delusionitis.

    3. I tried to guess which pinko wrote that before clicking the link. It was far too coherent to be written by the usual suspects. But yeah, readable or not it is just a boilerplate list of pinko talking points which are astounding in their denial of reality.

      Amazing how the mechanics of the economy are never mentioned. They just tick off phrases like ‘trickle down economics’ that have been thoroughly vilified, coded commands for their trained seals. What is their point exactly? The seals will clap but they won’t win anyone over to their side.

      “Lest there be any doubt, let me be clear that these policies, separately and together, would push the economy in the wrong direction. ”

      Oh? Which direction is that?

    4. Trump is all in for trickle-down economics, and trickle-down economics does not work.

      Yeah, we’ll ignore the part where the author doesn’t understand what ‘trickle down’ economics is.

      Hint: Its a stimulus dummy. Similar the one that you wanted more and more of during the last recession only this one isn’t targeted towards favored government cronies and reaches producers that produce things people want instead of being earmarked for random ‘infrastructure’ projects.

      And it works a hell of a lot better than any ‘full-scale’ plan for economic growth has ever worker – and we have examples from multiple time periods and multiple countries showing how badly ‘full-scale’ plans work.

    5. I wonder if these people will ever realize that it was their own intellectual forebears who invented the notion of ‘supply side economics.’ That phrase is to the left in this country what secret orgies in the basements of Catholic Churches were to Protestants back in the day. A figment of the imagination that can’t even be called a straw man.

      There is no ‘trickle down economics.’ What there is is the undeniable fact, supported by nearly all academic and business economists, that increasing private investment leads to an increase in production and employment. By denying that, it’s the leftists who are denying what damn near every economist in the world knows to a certainty.

  72. “Olympics politics” – London pandered to the NHS, Rio panders to Green Lobby…. Fan tries making point about women’s rights… and is asked to leave

    Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2 in ‘Star Wars,’ dead at 81

    – Unrelated = Creator of Jar-Jar Binks still in hiding due to death-threats

    1. Typically when I hear ‘women’s rights’ I think of agitating radicals squawking about positive rights and demands for some animals to be more equal than others, but in this case the woman has a legitimate complaint. She is a real feminist. I eagerly await the blistering firestorm of criticism the Iranians will receive from western feminists.

      1. An outspoken Iranian woman who voiced her opposition to the treatment of women in Iran was assassinated in Houston a year or so ago.

        They shot up her car right before she got home IIRC.

        This lady should live with her head on a swivel.

    2. The International Olympic Committee bans political statements at the games.


      1. Whew! That’s a releif ! I was afraid we would have to suffer through horseshit about global warming sprinkled over everything Olympics.

        *Debate on television this morning about the prosecution of deniers. Right leaning debater suggested sarcastically that prosecuting them one at a time was too inefficient so Cankles should just pull out all of the stops and open up re-education camps.

        Lefty did not counter that and just argued that ‘corporations are manipulating evidence’ and ‘denying the proven facts’. I got the distinct feeling that it wouldn’t have taken much prodding to get her to seriously endorse the idea.

        Do they really want to drag their scam into court and have it looked at under a microscope?

        1. Fortunately they haven’t been able to push the issue as fast as some of them would like. AlGore has made his millions and lost interest except when occasionally forced to make a public statement over the noise of his private jet engines spooling up.

          All the Cool Kids, A Listers, and Hipsters have already moved ahead to the oncoming cooling period aanother little ice age. The only ones who are still into Climate Change are the slow adapters , like wearing bell bottoms in the 70s.

          For Real.

        2. “corporations are manipulating evidence’ and ‘denying the proven facts’.”
          It’s amazing and horrifying that so many people think these should be crimes.

          1. It’s No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition but with terrifying persecution fear replacing all of the comedy.

        3. Do they really want to drag their scam into court and have it looked at under a microscope?

          What delusional world are you living in where those folks would enter a courtroom where the outcome is an unknown? If you are going to use the power of the government to criminalize speech that you don’t agree with, you certainly aren’t going to lose in a government courtroom.

  73. “Even a broken clock…” seems particularly apropos here:

    “Daylight saving time may be no more in California”
    “A bill to scrap daylight saving time has just made its way through another Senate committee, which means California may be closer to standard time year round.”

    Yes, yes, YES!

    1. I’d rather we stay in Daylight time year round. It’s OK to be dark at 4am, I want to sleep. Much more wonderful to have it be light out after 8pm all summer long.

      1. People in CA (and elsewhere) if they want this, should just go ahead and do it. There’s no need to wait for the legislature to ‘make it happen’ by fiat. Won’t matter one whit to most people if the government is an hour off for half the year.

        1. Plus it’d be a nice Fuck You to the CA government.

        2. Why change the time on your clock at all? Why not change your schedule instead of the time?

          1. Don’t ask me – I don’t do it.

            And the proposed dropping of DST would mean that CA no longer changes clock *or* schedule.

      2. That’s like the amp that goes to 11. It’s only much more wonderful because of what you choose to do at that time. Why not just do things earlier instead of making the clock later?

        1. Because not many employers will change the schedule to get off earlier in the summer. So if you want an evening drinks, ballgame or barbecue to be in daylight, it’s better to have the extra sun in the evening.

          Our little town has evening outdoor concerts in the town park every Tuesday in June and July that go from 6:30 to 8:30, for example. Everyone comes and sits on blankets, has a picnic and drinks wine, it’s really great and one of my favorite things about our town. The concerts just ended, because it’s now getting dark after 8pm. You couldn’t change these concerts to 5:30-7:30 in a standard time world, because everyone getting off work at 5pm could never make it home in time through rush hour traffic, so maybe you could only go to the last half. Ditto little league games, block parties, and a million other wonderful things that happen on summer evenings.

          1. And yet employers will go along with changing the time on the clocks twice a year, or to whatever the authorities say. Is this an example of collective decision making being superior to individual decision making?

    2. I approve this message

    3. I do think it’s funny how a fair number of libertarians pick Daylight Savings Time as the hill they want to die on.

      1. What’s funny about it? It’s an easy one, so why not go for it?

  74. via Counterpunch

    Another fundamental problem in the antiwar movement was individual careerist interests. Let’s be honest, many people failed to protest Obama’s militarism because it wasn’t economically prudent to do so. In short, it was bad for peoples’ potential careers in the world of non-profits. Many of the veterans and antiwar activists I met during the Bush-era now work for any number of liberal NGOs. The revolving door of professional activists and paid consultants dampened any potential radicalism that could have sprouted from any number of organizations we worked with. We were told, “Don’t offend the donors!”


    Several years ago, at a strategic workshop in Chicago, we spent the first two hours of each day talking about pronouns. That’s right, pronouns. Now, is there anything inherently wrong with discussing gender identities? Of course not. But we were attending a strategic workshop for an antiwar organization, not a lecture on gender and civility.


    If anyone reading this essay ever wondered why more working-class and poor people don’t join antiwar organizations or attend leftist political events, well, now you know. Because the Left is a fucking weird place.

    Worth a read; I had pretty much forgotten about Counterpunch, but there is wheat amongst the chaff.

    1. Counterpunch is my favorite leftie site. They post intelligent articles, rather than the derpy nonsense on all the usual leftie crapholes.

  75. The NYT has a mammoth/epic think-piece out in the Sunday Times called

    Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart

    It is much longer than the typical New York Times Magazine feature story; in print, it occupies an entire issue. The product of some 18 months of reporting, it tells the story of the catastrophe that has fractured the Arab world since the invasion of Iraq 13 years ago, leading to the rise of ISIS and the global refugee crisis.

    Of course they start with the Iraq war in 2003, and not ME policy going all the way back to “The Carter Doctrine

    My guess (before reading it) is that this will be a sort of “Bury the story in the details” piece, which comes to the following conclusions =

    -Bush was the worst
    -Obama/Clinton tried to fix things
    -Bush was the worst
    -The Arab spring was ‘messy’, but lets not worry about why, or how the US responded
    -Bush was the worst
    -Whatever Obama & Clinton are still doing right now is probably better than nothing

    personally, i think the “Romancing the Sunni” thing would make an interesting compare/contrast

    1. I am sure someone will accuse me of blaming malice when incompetence will do, but it doesnt seem it will do to me. It seems unlikely that anyone could fuck things up in the middle east as badly as they are fucked up now on accident. I think it is deliberate.

      1. It seems unlikely that anyone could fuck things up in the middle east as badly as they are fucked up now on accident. I think it is deliberate.

        I have not read the NYT piece (or even gotten a grip on what it is – at first glance it seems like they’ve done a “Roshomon”/”As I Lay Dying” approach, where they try and get a dozen people’s perspective on the same event, and try and tease out “reality” from the complex experiences of different people.

        IOW – i don’t think they’re actually *trying* to explain things from the POV of US policy…

        …. although my expectation is that they *will*, because like many of the “Blowback”-proponents, a lot of people seem to think that everything that happens in the world is because of something the US did/didn’t do. Its a sort of naive solipsism that thinks everything (*everything that matters, anyway) revolves around us.

        re: your own point….

        I think there’s insight in Andrew Bacevitch’s talk on US policy since the Iranian revolution… and between that, and the aforementioned “Romancing the Sunni” – the impression you get is not of any conscious intent to destabilize the middle east, so much as having fallen into the position of enforcing “balance” on an inherently unstable region. Its a Jenga game that only has one player.

        1. It’s usually because of the British.

          1. In the above mention of Andrew Bacevitch, he sort of breaks middle-east history into 2 periods; the “Sykes Picot” period, post WWI-WWII-through the 1970s… then the “US-era”, which followed from the Iranian revolution, and then the Carter doctrine decision to declare the Gulf a key-strategic interest of the US

            Arguably, after WWII, the british role in the ME was done. the American influence really didn’t begin to assert itself until the 70s oil crisis, and deposing of the shah, made it into the most-significant “non-soviet” foreign policy issue.

            1. Well, yeah, but standing answer that’s usually good for whatever “misfortune” there is in the world is, (((the British))).

    2. An “in depth analysis” of the Arab world that takes 2003 as its starting point is worthless ab initio.

    3. Just think, a few decades from now progs will be telling their grandchildren about how it all came apart when Bush invaded Iraq, then Syria, then Libya too, before eventually resigning from office in disgrace after it was discovered he had been exchanging top secret information using a private email address and an unencrypted server. Not to mention how bad race relations got under him. A shame we ever let him run for a fourth term.

  76. Director Comey very explicitly laid out a very damning case against Cankles to the American people on camera and nearly everyone saw it. He very clearly said that almost nothing she said was true and that she likely compromised national security.

    Cankles gets on camera and claims that Comey said she told the truth.

    Now this: http://nypost.com/2016/08/13/b…..d-of-bull/

    So, which is it? Comey vindicated the Canklebeast, or he served up a load of bullshit?

    1. How about the fix is completely in at this point? Everybody, most especially the media, cannot ever find the slightest fault anymore in Hillary, nor will they in the future, even if she’s videotaped strangling a disabled orphan child — while Trump could sneeze and have 200 op-eds written about how this proves he’s the most horrible and incompetent person to ever run for Prez.

      On NBC’s national news program the other night with Lester “Corn” Holt, they reported how Trump had said that Obama and Hlllary were the founders of Isis. Corn Holt took him literally, and then ran a piece on the man who ‘really’ founded Isis, not Obama, so now you know the truth. And I’m sure thousands of smug viewers nodded along.

      I’ve never felt we were more doomed. I’m thinking this current election debacle will lead us to a future one-party country like we have now in California, where our choices in the main election are always between the leftist and the extreme-leftist. Oh, and I hope you like taxes; right now between state and federal, some of us are paying 51% of our salary in income taxes alone in CA; coming soon to your neighborhood with a perennial (D) government.

      If anyone can cheer me up, I’m all ears.

      1. I have to admit I am worried about a Cankles presidency in a way that I was about Obumbles. With the potential for so many SC picks, a commitment to destroying the first and second amendments, the prosecution of people who hold the wrong opinions, a continuation of lefty economic policies and in all likelihood more war in the middle east she is more of a threat than he ever was.

        Trump would at least improve the economy exponentially and would be able to accomplish little else. We can take some meds that have some unpleasant side effects or we can take cyanide. It is a real head-scratcher of a choice.

        I will tell you what C., ignore this post and read the one below about birds.

      2. I can cheer you up; the US government is about a decade, two at most away from joining its buddy the CCCP on the ash-heap of history. People already view it as corrupt. We already are seeing people blowing off its more ridiculous rules.

        The more in debt they get; the more they will try to squeeze money out of people; the more people will decide paying taxes and obeying the law is a bullshit game; the worse their finances will get.

        It really doesn’t matter who gets elected. They are doomed.

        1. I fear that you are correct. My father believes the US will outlive him, but not me.

          I just wonder what will come next? Perhaps the country splits into Libertopia and Proggietopia? I can dream cant I?

          How messy, bloody and destructive will it be getting there? There is no way the proggies will let the productive leave without a fight: see Cuba, Venezuela, the Norks, the USSR etc.

          1. Problem for them is that we have the guns, ammo, and know how to use them.

      3. This. Mrs. Animal and I are making our plans to bail. Alaska’s looking decent; the lower 48 can go completely into the shitter and Alaska should still be reasonably OK. Lots of natural gas, good fisheries, enough game.

        Plan for the worst, hope for the best, and the worst is looking a lot more likely. I think we’re pretty fucked right now.

  77. So – we paid for the White House to pay for someone to create a mixtape and put ‘From Joan and Barack, with love’ on it?

    Wait – they’ve put out a summer playlist . . . in mid-August? Summer’s pretty much over. Kids are back in school where I am.

    Fucking government can’t get anything right.

    1. Summer’s pretty much over.

      I wish. “Feels like 105” in NYC today. And tomorrow. And yesterday.

      1. Lucky you. Its been a 115 here every day for the last two months – and we can look forward to another month of this.

        But the idea still stands – if you’re doing a ‘Summer’ thing, you don’t release it 2 and a half months past the official start of Summer and just before rolling into Fall.

        1. Is it “dry heat”? Ours sure isn’t.

          1. 100 plus here on the temps and humidity at 100% for a couple of weeks now. It’s like a fuckin’ sauna out there.

            1. Ugh. I could probably deal if it weren’t for the fact that most of us here in our old buildings don’t have central air so it’s a fuckin’ sauna in my kitchen and bathroom in addition to outside.

          2. !00 ish everyday here in San Antonio. 115ish heat index.

            True story. I had a crew build a roof for a local female professor at UTSA.

            She was bitching at me the other day because the job took 1?2 a day longer than I had told her it would take. She was mad because she was inconvenienced. I explained it was 115 heat index and while I know she didn’t notice it in her air conditioned office it affected the crew. A few sentences later she though she had a gotcha moment and said to me, ” so you’re telling me they quit working because it was hot” ? “No”, I told this asshole, ” Those are your words not mine. What I said was that it was 115 heat index and the guys couldn’t work as fast as if it was air conditioned”.

            The Bitch had a Hillary for Prez sticker in her yard. After I received payment for the job I told her how disappointed I was . Those poor young migrants had busted their ass in 115 heat index building her new roof and I expected a little empathy for the working man from a Democrat.

            1. Those poor young migrants had busted their ass in 115 heat index

              As a paleskin, I would probably have a stroke in that situation.

  78. OT: Editors note ticket blitz but are unwilling to tie it to the proliferation of petty laws that make it inevitable.

    Bonus derp: poors and minorities can’t be expected to clean up after themselves.

  79. All libertarians stand for our anthem. Or don’t, whatever, it’s up to you. Also featuring Warty on guitar.

  80. OT and on the lighter side for no reason at all:

    I love hummingbirds. In addition to being pretty critters they are fascinating to watch. They are like the jet fighters of the bird world. Their speed and agility is remarkable. As some of you might have heard we are having a bit of rain here. The hummingbirds pay no attention to that. Wind, pouring rain, it doesnt matter. I was just out on the front porch and the birds were hitting the feeders just like always. I stood too close to one of the feeders and a sparky little shit got in my face almost nose to nose and tried to intimidate me. A few others buzzed by my ear.

    In march the odd bird starts appearing and I will put out one feeder. As more show up I put out more and more feeders until they are all out. I have half a dozen feeders that added together hold a gallon and a half of food for them. The first birds start collecting spider webs to build nests and pairing up. A few weeks later the adolescents from the first batch of babies start appearing at the feeders. By then I will have all of the feeders out and will be refilling them twice per week. By october they will have produced three (by my count) batches of babies and I think some of the first batch are reproducing also.

    1. In the fall they will be aggressively trying to build up fat reserves for their Mexican/Central American vacation so their aggression towards each other will have mostly stopped and they just drink constantly all day. Each feeder will have a dozen or so birds lined up shoulder to shoulder all the way around and a hundred or more birds will be hovering around the feeders awaiting their turns. You can sit and watch the level inside the feeder falling. In the month of October I usually go through around 50 lbs of sugar and will be refilling all of the feeders two to three times per day. It really is a sight to see.

      I cant wait for the cooler weather, but I will be sad to see them go.

      1. That’s totally awesome. I agree that ‘hover birds’ are per ounce the fiercest critter in flight by far.

        1. You should make a video of that suthenboy, would be awesome to watch

    1. Actually sounds worth chexking out. I like a yeasty tasting crust.

      1. a yeasty tasting crust.

        Crusty would

    2. Chicago Thin Crust pizzas

      So, just regular pizza then?

  81. Offhand thought =

    The DNC’s media-panic about how “Russia is out to get us/hillary!” doesn’t work the way they think it does.

    1) most people don’t care about foreign stuff.
    2) to the degree that people think “russia is our enemy”, they don’t see them as a ‘threat’ as much as a competitor
    3) being ‘hacked’ doesn’t mean they are afraid of you. it may mean your security is incompetent. being targeted doesn’t make you important; it just means you are walking around with a bullseye on your back.
    4) i’m pretty sure on any ‘national security’ issue, Hillary polls worse. not recent, but polling seems to bear that out.

  82. While the same lefties that cheered this on in years past double down here I don’t hear much about the inevitable outcome of their preferred policies:


    “Bread shipments to Venezuela fell 94% in the first half of 2016 compared to the the same period last year. That’s $216,000 worth of bread this year, versus $3.5 million last year.

    Meat exports declined 63% to $127 million, from nearly $350 million last year

    Exports of fruit such as bananas and strawberries plunged 99%, to $159,000, from $21 million

    Fish exports dropped 87%

    Sugar fell 34%”

    https://www.theguardian.com /world/2016/aug/03/venezuela-sterilizations -soar-children-crisis-food-shortages-inflation

    Talk about losing hope…

    Any comment from Bernie lately on Venezuela? Why yes, yes there is:


  83. In honor of everyone being Hitler this year – and I’m shocked no one linked this – my last addition to the mix


  84. Satanic Temple brings after-school program to counter Good News Club

    “”We’re only going to schools where there is already a Good News Club,” says Lilith Starr, who heads the Seattle group….

    “Moises Esteves, vice president of U.S. ministries for Child Evangelism Fellowship, said the Satan clubs are nothing more than “packaging” and a “publicity stunt” from atheists who resent the success of the Good News Clubs….

    “”This isn’t a devil-worshipping club,” Esteves said. “It’s atheists who are trying to scare parents with pitchforks and devil horns.”

    “He says the Satanists may hope to stir up enough controversy that schools will try to pressure the Good News Clubs to leave.”

    1. AND!!!!!

    2. I think this was the same approach taken when groups, frustrated with supreme court rulings allowing “Nativity scenes” in public squares during holidays, continued to sue demanding “Equal Access” as a pre-requisite, hoping that the courts would determine that Free Speech became unwieldy when everyone was provided it at the same time.

      iow, its an attempt to create “Freedom From Religion” by attempting to enact a physical Reductio ad Abusurdum = Demanding that public squares include a menorah, a pagan burning bush, a kwanzaa display, and a host of other “balancing” representations …. which would guarantee that the state was not endorsing any one POV. Sans this (false and contrived) “balance”, any such displays should be banned by default rather than permitted, they argued.

      The same could be said re: schools. The satanists only form themselves into clubs for the purpose of trying to “shut themselves (*and everyone else, by extension) down”. I expect it might make it into court, but the SC precedent in the above mentioned cases is detailed enough that i don’t think they’ll ever get anywhere with the approach. its silly how often the same issues are endlessly re-litigated.

  85. Megalomaniac – KMFDM

  86. Etiquette question. If an in-law showed up falling down drunk to a family gathering at your house, what’s the proper round to shoot them with?

    1. .22 short; it’s still family.

      Unless it was like your kid’s First Communion or bris or something like that. That might require a higher caliber.

      1. Bris? That’s where you swear a solemn oath to Moloch to steal as much as you can from the goyim, right?

        1. Jesus saves.

          Moses invests.

          1. Wasn’t Jesus as Jewish as Moses?

            1. “It will be as when a man who was going on a journey* called in his servants and entrusted his possessions to them.

              To one he gave five talents;* to another, two; to a third, one?to each according to his ability. Then he went away. Immediately

              the one who received five talents went and traded with them, and made another five.

              Likewise, the one who received two made another two.

              But the man who received one went off and dug a hole in the ground and buried his master’s money.

              After a long time the master of those servants came back and settled accounts with them.

              The one who had received five talents came forward bringing the additional five.* He said, ‘Master, you gave me five talents. See, I have made five more.’

              His master said to him, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities. Come, share your master’s joy.’

              [Then] the one who had received two talents also came forward and said, ‘Master, you gave me two talents. See, I have made two more.’

              His master said to him, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities. Come, share your master’s joy.’

              1. Then the one who had received the one talent came forward and said, ‘Master, I knew you were a demanding person, harvesting where you did not plant and gathering where you did not scatter;

                so out of fear I went off and buried your talent in the ground. Here it is back.’

                His master said to him in reply, ‘You wicked, lazy servant!* So you knew that I harvest where I did not plant and gather where I did not scatter?

                Should you not then have put my money in the bank so that I could have got it back with interest on my return?

                Now then! Take the talent from him and give it to the one with ten.

                For to everyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich; but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.

                And throw this useless servant into the darkness outside, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.’

                -Matthew 25:14-30

                1. Comment: “Faithful use of one’s gifts will lead to participation in the fullness of the kingdom, lazy inactivity to exclusion from it.”

    2. what’s the proper round to shoot them with?

      but then they just bleed all over the rug and make a scene. I’d think the proper method is to offer them a stiff drink in the basement, then sap them with a blackjack

    3. .22 in the leg. Just enough to hurt.

    4. Do you like the in-law otherwise?

      1. Maybe 15 years ago. This has happened enough times for me to be done with them by now.

    1. Reading Youtube comments is like pouring battery acid into your brain through your eyes.

      Here, dig this

    2. Why should I watch progressive political porn? Whatever turns leftists on, I guess.

  87. Female divers have perfect bodies. Apparently you can’t be one if you have anything short of a spectacular ass.

    1. Pictorial evidence to support this hypothesis, John?

        1. 3!(@*#$&!@*(#$& Scoreboard

      1. Hydrodynamics.

        The arms cut the surface tension of the water and allow the diver to enter with minimal splash – the ass acts as a drag break to keep them from going in too far, too fast.

        1. Oh, Olympic diving. I was thinking free diving. You can’t go too deep with 100 pounds of cottage cheese pulling you toward the surface.

          1. Well, they would only have go down to 66 feet. After that, you just relax and sink.

          2. Free diving chicks must be pretty awesome – all that exercise keeps ’em toned, all that breath holding keeps ’em dumb.

    2. They seem a bit undersized for you…just sayin

      1. They are perfect. They are just fat for sarcasmic.

    3. I read that as “female drivers”.

  88. I Instagrammed the sheriff, but I did not Instagram the deputy.

  89. “In the note to her colleagues, Mrs. Pelosi said she “was in the air flying from Florida to California when the news broke. Upon landing, I have received scores of mostly obscene and sick calls, voicemails and text messages.”




    —-Ken Shultz

    1. Doesn’t she get that every day from Joe Biden?

      1. He just calls her up to mansplain everything.

      2. Do dick pics count?

        1. Biden would probably sent a picture of someone else’s dick.

          /80s joke

          1. “I was just thinking as I was coming over today, this is my actual dick, people tell me it looks a lot like the dick of a well-known porn star, but it’s totally mine.”

    2. “In the note to her colleagues, Mrs. Pelosi said she “was in the air flying from Florida to California when the news broke. Upon landing, I have received scores of mostly obscene and sick calls, voicemails and text messages.”

      According to someone who worked in her SF office, any communication was checked against two lists.
      If you were registered D, you might get a ‘form letter’ response.
      If you had contributed to her ‘campaign’ funds you’d get a bit to a lot more, depending.
      So maybe now she’s hearing from all those ‘filtered’ people?

      1. “…was in the air flying from Florida to California…”

        I cant believe that they don’t deliberately see how far over the top they can take their hypocrisy. I especially liked that time that AlGore got caught idling his limo for an hour+ while he doodled around and gave a speech about global warming in a country where it is illegal to idle your car like that.

        Didn’t that hag Pelosi get caught flying SF to DC three times per week with just her and her staff on the taxpayer’s dime at the tune of over 1M per year?

        I am sure, like Rangel and gun control, she would just say “Well, thats different!”

    3. “in the air flying from Florida to California when the news broke.”

      “So as soon as I parked my broomstick, I…”

      1. This is what winning feels like, you winner.

    4. Normally people call Nancy Pelosi just to tell her how awesome she is.

      no one has ever said anything untoward before now, you see. It must be *the russians*

  90. It is cute how powerful angels try to touch us dirty creaky people in valleys where rich jets cast streaming shadows. My skin, actually, is glowing with all the D.C. cum cocks spilling their UFO song choice jizz all over my lucky goddamn FUCKING woods. Splattered all over my fucking shiba and pigeon actually. I squatted on my lucky day and shat massive tanks of kale slash black bean slash ghost pepper dimple comets directly into the shifty salivating mouths of all the earth’s gods, presidents, emporers, premieres, and tyrants in a single oozing shit tsunami.

    Fuck your goddamn act to try and connect with all the fucking peeling leaning places on the sides of cankled sun-bruised weedy pavements rolling by the concrete edges reflecting the histories of mountains of lost families whipping by on the street cars of disconnected fucking political arrays pulsating with nanosecond trippers clinging to pinstripes on the marbled mafias.

    You want to FUCKING inject all your sniveling cloud-based millennial-wasted dearth fest of echoing goddamn noxious volcano puke wrapped on the whistles of chipping musicians slinging neon shoes and draw shows torching old streets for new cribs.

    Fuck D.C. and its temerity to violate the innocent and vulnerable. FUCK WASHINGTON where hell coils like a thousand dragons eating the throat of the unknowing every measly goddamn day.

    1. Never would have taken Agile for a chemtrail conspiracy theorist.

  91. The earth is lost to the iron upstairs where beady armani-shoed demons play chess fashioned from the bones of downtown legends while the tired slippered Broken thing downstairs greets door-punching Union Lords with winced kneeling as the basement below fills slowly with the melting stink of baseball diamond enthusiasm.

  92. The best female ass is funky taffy… melted gently under the glands of hormones streaming with genetic anomalies=soft winds and breezy evenings and odd recollections right where the bottom of the sweet woman’s ass hit the upper back top of the sweet woman’s hind leg. I shall refer to this as the jizz hinge.

  93. Here is the kind of stuff I’ve been talking about to bypass the CPD.

    Two Asian-American groups held a candidates’ forum where Johnson and Stein spoke, and Clinton and Trump sent proxies.

    (Hillary Clinton’s proxy was Bill, who as a potential First Gentleman, is probably excited by the possibility of being called a gentleman for the first time in his life.)

  94. The reason monsters collide like magical beasts in the threads of pong and i fucking love every single goddamn reverberation from the throated fingers warbling their monthly tunes in the seasonal click and cluck of oceanic tremor and trine.

  95. Gentle glances across a large room filled with cascading misdirection and menus and a single sun angling across the green acres of forever and my wife in her sweet denim tight pants noticed the tall blonde deftly rimming the marbled lake of space as she swam across lagoons and wines into the ethereal backrooms where she emerged flirting and flitting with my dreams and my wife’s nipples… the svelte tall gliding blonde leapt into the night’s fantasy which was more real than forever and this happened just yesterday, my deft bulls. Tall breasts swell when licked at the edges of nipples and lovers melt when you fuck them ever so gently and only hurt them when they demand so under the whistles of bats slinging by the open Ohio windows….

    1. A “27 year old Swiss man” could be either some nut pissed at his girlfriend or a would-be ISIS warrior.

    2. Note the lack of a name for the attacker, no motive mentioned, and the press cant interview the victims.

      At some point probably not too far off, real, no shit native Europeans are going to start committing these kinds of attacks on the unaccountable idiots that are enabling this shit to happen.

  96. Never forget to turn a woman when you fuck her. Your cock is an apex and her gentle or thrusting self a lust spit upon which a smart man upends her orgasms upon. Never fuck the same way that satisfies you because fucking in angles and seasons and moons and glittering swamps ramped with dancing fairies releases the inner cock of your cock and you become a lover of woman above mere lover of women.

    Turn the cupcake. Gently. Turn her… and whisper poems and dreams between her shoulder and underneath her hairline and fuck her slowly while caressing her elbows and inner forearms…

    Fucking a woman is like visiting Mozart or Van Gogh. Your dick is the minor while the rest of you is the major… Most women don’t even understand this…. Billions will die being fucked by stiff self-centered dummies.

    1. “Most women don’t even understand this”

      Yeah, go figure. You can’t explain *anything* to them amirite?

      1. Women are generally latches into the very vast unknown while The Fusionist is a bright dot glittering with massive potential… this is all, my man.

        1. Yeah, women can’t even understand a simple sentence like that!

    2. Granny Ann told us grandkids substantially the same thing during the final hours on her death bed.

      1. underscoreFucking lovely W wren plus underscore is spilling old clever cemeteries because fucking is old and musty doesn’t mean Granny Ann and Andy didn’t play with an Agile and Agiless in their before dead times… I have been accused of fucking centuries before my time, dear. Many multiples of drams of knowledge quicks like the hilly ghosts on the heaving stems of vulva jungles.

      2. underscoreFucking lovely W wren plus underscore is spilling old clever cemeteries because fucking is old and musty doesn’t mean Granny Ann and Andy didn’t play with an Agile and Agiless in their before dead times… I have been accused of fucking centuries before my time, dear. Many multiples of drams of knowledge quicks like the hilly ghosts on the heaving stems of vulva jungles.

  97. So, i’ve gotten around to scanning the NYT middle-east epic-chin-stroker

    My above prediction re: the thesis seems to bear itself out

    Much as the United States Army and white settlers did with Indian tribes in the conquest of the American West, so the British and French and Italians proved adept at pitting these groups against one another, bestowing favors ? weapons or food or sinecures ? to one faction in return for fighting another. The great difference, of course, is that in the American West, the settlers stayed and the tribal system was essentially destroyed. In the Arab world, the Europeans eventually left, but the sectarian and tribal schisms they fueled* remained.

    Seen in this light, the 2011 suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi seems less the catalyst for the Arab Spring than a culmination of tensions and contradictions that had been simmering under the surface of Arab society for a long time. Indeed, throughout the Arab world, residents are far more likely to point to a different event, one that occurred eight years before Bouazizi’s death, as the moment when the process of disintegration began: the American invasion of Iraq.

    par for course. will still read, but its already grating.

    1. “Much as the United States Army and white settlers did with Indian tribes in the conquest of the American West”

      If this this a parody site trying to mock the NY Times, I’d tell to dial it down, it’s too heavy handed.

      1. “I’d tell *them*”

    2. Everything is America’s fault except for that one time when no one starved to death in the Ukraine.

      Never change NYT.

    3. the footnote i wanted to add to the above =

      the sectarian and tribal schisms they fueled* remained.

      The above paragraph where this is stated (as it explains in great detail for many paragraphs leading up to it)… points out itself that these “”sectarian and tribal schisms”” weren’t the *creation* of either the Imperial European powers OR the Americans… just that they were “used” by them.

      as though there were some theoretical reality in which these deep-seated cultural frictions could have been ignored?

      anyway, i just think its incredible that the guy spends 5 pages giving all this detail about how –

      … the nations of the ME itself is made up of countries built on sand (*no pun!) by self-interested Western powers nearly 100 years ago
      …and that there are deep ethnic/cultural/religious grievances going back 100s of years further between many residents…
      … and that their own cultural habits and patterns led to highly nepotistic, corrupt, self-serving govts…

      ….Yet even after providing the reader with this – just as a surface level-teaser….the conclusion is that the most important thing that has ever happened to the entire region?

      Was BOOOOOOSH.

      Even though the substance of the Iraq war’s effect is actually little different from the deposing of Mubarak, Assad, Ghaddafi, or Saleh…. no, somehow that *one* thing is more important than the agency of millions of people suffering under despots for generations.

      1. So this is how NY Times execs and reporters get their kids to behave…”be quiet and go to sleep, or George W. Bush will eat you!”

      2. I would expect more power from Gilmore the fucking hell of letters.

        so… BOOOOOOOOSH…

    4. America has failed its route. Its leaders have stalled because brains are no longer a job requirement. Its Congress and fucking shit eating representatives are total failures. America has. failed. AMERICA.

      And, sure, some horrible shit American crap fucked up parts of the world… FUCK American politics for this. American ideologies are twisted and siphoned from the spread that is the table of this fucking place but a LOT of fucking awesome free-LOVING GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKER live AMERICA…
      and and
      PLEASE SOMEONE FUCKING find my goddamn face some motherfucking free fools in all that shit swamp called FUCKING ISLAM…? PLEASE?
      I can visit the FUCKING CHRISTIAN JESUS LOVING AMISH and their awesome restaurants and hills and suns and hotels EVERY FUCKING WEEKEND which I DO 5 times a year and I NEVER FEAR BEING killed by a FUCKING GODDAMN
      FUCK ISLAM… until some of you bitch ass robed fucks fix it.

    5. I mean, they did all loved each other so much before we came along and invented the Shi’a/Sunni divide to sow discord.

      In all seriousness, did anyone at the NYT bother to ask themselves why neither Latin America nor Southeast Asia nor Eastern Europe is having the same problem despite far more egregious and longer lasting colonial experiences?

    1. replace “cleverest” with “Laziest”.

    2. “Somebody’s got to defend ? ‘defend’ is the wrong word ? represent these people.”


      “Now Ahhm just a simple country lawyuh…”

  98. America is the center of globe. America is the gravity of earth.
    But she is weak and even a total fucking failure leading a pack of fucking planetary fools.
    But the IMAGINATION of LIBERTY is what called Ayn Rand to this cloud, brothers. And to let AMERICA fall
    to the college clowns in even the upstates means a dragging break-up of this last earth island of fist above the cull.

    Man, let us work to rise America above the fools and America SHOULD FUCKING STOP swinging doors for fools… though this is in our dreams because all of your representatives work for the establishment mathematic shows… and shit.. that is why and how the DNC can ‘innocently’ pick off odd voices in their ranks… man…
    this country is big and wide like the open blue eternity skies like a trillion dollar worship altar….
    you don’t think a lost soul or 50 in a vast blue of millions will be missed?

    politics of true and never blue are always baptized in death….

    1. What is thy bent, Sir Underscore?

    2. Holy cow, that’s amazing. I did not expect to see a tank in pieces like that.

    3. I hope our Groovus is doing well.

  99. America is the fuzzy last island we get to grow our children on, man
    everything else is ancient mafia or red knife or frozen.

    Above us lies the escape but no rockets await, man… for your babies or mine. But my imagination lives up there and even if i was to be killed I plan on making a super station on quadrant 64 on sex planet in parallel bullhead earth… so if you get hit by a bus, bro or sis… and your ticket shows up quadrant 64 on sex planet in parallel bullhead earth…. rest assured Agile will greet you with what the fuck knows what because I am hoping when all this shit goes down tons of shimmering cocks for the sisters and glittery hips and cosmos lips for the boys and tight gentle massages of defribilating joymashingmunctions for the girls visiting all about this sun lit peace orgasm drug wand rainy cloudy fist kissing licking bust smashing cock skipping slippery deific alter boat world and shit and so on and picnics.

    1. Is that the guy who writes for CounterPunch?

      1. He’s lefty enough that I had to check..LOL.


  100. Notice all the blocks of the finger voices across the digital streets have to check the hats always and hats that change their names over the years learn to distrust….
    Always enjoy the comfort of old names…
    Alleys and streets are like this, man also islands are this way…. but broad countries that change from hell into hell the demons from the Putins or Chinese FUCKING hell Wands WILL END ALL freedoms… BUT, American business seems to LOVE this aspect of world trade….

    FUCK the EARTH

  101. Just saw Suicide Squad. Good comic/superhero flick.

    1. Most horrible shitty flick I ever layed my eyes upon, radio man. You must amp up your glass telepathy boards, gentle friend. As per usual Harley remains the only useful and worthwhile enterprise of that silly shitty odd fucking homeless bullshit they call goddamn smoke in the alley.

    2. The complaint I’ve heard is that there aren’t any sympathetic characters. Don’t see why that would matter. The previews were cool. I’ll watch it when it comes out on DVD.

      1. ‘aren’t sympathetique karakters’

        IF Suicide Squad was a garden of ivy and dreams a bear would rip the fucking heart out of all of this shit and eat it all to hell and the fucking bear would sloppily piss out and peace upon the side of a sunlight hill….

        and Suicide Squad would have found a natural nap fertilizer which is all it is good for….

        Maybe they imported a bunch of 4th graders to merge all the fucking content together and 4th graders I want to not offer more than perhaps zero laud to…. and so on….

        Suicide Squad was made by at least 4 countries of 15 prehigh schoolers and maybe a billion fucking stupid ass dollars..

        Fuck hollywood… I actually don’t need this shit nibbling crew anymore… I fucking find nothing about their movies
        even remotely worth spending pennies on because water is the main ingredient of modern film… and we have CHINA to thank for Hollywood for their swift demise….

        By, the way CHINA, you suk

    3. Saw it last night too. What the fuck is wrong with critics? Even if the film is uneven due to studio interference with the final cut it doesn’t deserve one tenth of the hate it’s getting. At worst it’s an okay movie that shows it could have been a lot better if they had picked one tone and stuck with it.

      What impressed me the most was that I did not notice at all the 2 hour and 20 minute running time because the pacing was so well done. Combine that with some pretty good performances from the cast and good characterizations and I found it a pretty enjoyable movie. A thousand times better than Batman v. Superman and just as good your average Marvel movie.

  102. words are the fists of power or the flowers of suns
    words are the demands of pig trough sellers plied by the Dutch in the center of Ohio
    words are the odd dreams of empty pianos plied by the French toward visiting waves of aliens of currencies
    words stoke the furnaces of Merkel’s Champagne of saving the Swamps of Islam Hells and sand pits of camels falling
    into words of a billion braying camel screams pulling their fucking string grapplers down into a hell of an infinty of 70 virgin pussies and thank Jesus all the fucking brown boys grappling a million sinking camels got to hang with their fucking 70 cunts and then all these billions of fucking Islam martyr boys just all realized that a 100 billion vaginas even group-fucked by Allah boys will require an eternity of eternities and eternity does NOT like to struggle with eternity…
    just massive amounts of pussy even all the shitty dummies that kill themselves for dumb ideas… can someone brown and middle earth stop all the moronic, please? Like maybe stop evangelicals from being dumb on hanging jesus balls and shit?

  103. Reality mimics Johnny’s colorado Koolaid and Just to say something here I was raised on the nickname from a horrible now dead old fishing fool… called me Johnny on the Lake Erie Shores in the 80’s plunking piers for strong fish and mermaids and long tails and sunsets whispering cold tits.

  104. Reason doesn’t attack the Chinese or Saudi Arabia, man. Notice the gentle bent here, man. Even our own world built cleverly by overlords prancing to the tunes of sea swooping burgs hold agendas dear to their uptown breasts….

  105. FUCKING LIBERTARIAN site and shit managed by a FUCKING Black Crow Man foisting the lost letters of human will on his writings like an old super dead Barney Rossett in the imagination form of N. Gillespie but does THIS last remainder on the infinite web of lost hells even come close to the greatest old West and Root Thought Construct that emerged our modern Constitution or was THIS even a sweet wash?
    Demand that your freedom sites host strong voices that resist external dominations from the vast swathes of hells and not JUST chosen capitalism misdirection clever dipple tripples…. fucking makes me fucking wind up like a goddamn massive whale ninja.

  106. I Wanna Be Adored by The Stone Roses. She doesn’t need to sell her soul. He’s already in her.

  107. Question the stones
    inquire of the scaffolds
    lean into the eyes of your closest dream, lady
    punch the shoulder of your
    dear pal

    Evil structures have held
    the minds of most of humanity for
    untold centuries… families, mothers, little boys and girls
    spent on the chaff of lost centuries built on the demonic hells of
    violent filthy fucks which continue into our times….

    Murderous failing fucks are continuously becoming crowned by our business leaders, governors, and presidents

    America can live long but mostly so WITHOUT a FUCKING earthbound and Internationalized president thingy….

    Let America be liquid and broke off and pure and powerful… setting adrift the rest of the world rusted with the cankered scars of European and upper and lower dark neighbors boiling with caves and minds that match.

  108. Countries are like bullets
    and flowers
    Killing easily but breaking hearts in a whiff

  109. The perfect song for Obama is this:


    Pencil Neck Geek by Fred Blassie

    1. knew a record dealer in a big city with a basement lined with hundreds of boxes of black spinners
      collapsing with ancient brilliant voices like such as this….

  110. Paths wind the drab songs of ancient lands
    wailed before the sunrise of even our times
    and the braves stood atop the wintery blues
    on the cold cliffs where eagles shiver
    and UFO’s land underneath the frozen
    dreams of mind castles of toddlers snoozing
    in the plastic tunnels of malls above.

  111. time to slink off and stop fucking with the crew… i hope to end this bullshit and wind it up in a lost parade.

    one day agile will be like a lost record or maybe far less… but your eyes might find me in a line or two on a page swung from the fringes…

    agile will dip into the ghosts but always love the aura these rectangles provided- infinity of shotgins blasting rainbows into the ethers

    1. One day, in the distant future, archaeologists will discover the lost civilization of America. And Agile’s comments shall be our Rosetta stone.

  112. OT:

    “Gaylord Perry joins Giants’ bronze greats”
    “Then he returned to the microphone and told guests in front of the podium to check what had been taped underneath their seats.
    The folks were stunned and delighted to discover jars of Vaseline.”

    I hear he turned down a Unilever commercial endorsement contract.

  113. So another police shooting and now riots in Milwaukee, apparently. I saw #Milwaukee trending on Twitter, and the first tweet that popped up:

    More footage from #Milwaukee tonight. A gas station was burned down in response to the execution of another Blk man

    Uh-huh. That makes sense.


  114. I wish it was Won’t get fooled again, but I’m afraid we will.

  115. War Nerve – Pantera
    This is my song pick

  116. watching the conventions and rallies, this is the song for both candidates:


  117. If you can find it on the internet, Chelsea Clinton Is Ugly – Surf G?nz

  118. OT: Police in Milwaukee shoot and kill an ex-con who was armed with a pistol after telling him to drop it; people riot in response.


    So, are the goalposts being moved again? Now police aren’t allowed to shoot a black person period? Even if he’s waving a gun around despite being asked to drop it? I suppose I must be racist for taking issue with that sentiment.

    1. And all the people who want to ignore the real police abuse that’s chronicled in the daily nut-punches here will be able to kneel down and keep gobbling the cop knob.

    2. It does sound like the goalposts are being moved, because open carry is legal in WI and concealed carry with a permit. Now police can shoot anyone if they have a gun, period? Even if they are running away?

      1. Let’s see what the facts are. If they told him to drop it and he did not, then yes they can. That is a big if. But at least this guy was armed, which makes it better than most. Let’s see what the facts are. If he had a gun in his hand and he didn’t drop it, then I don’t have a problem with it

        1. I don’t want to rush to conclusions, but I’m willing to say this much: The young man wasn’t shot by an auto parts store, a bank, a gas station, or a beauty shop. Yet rioters seem to have burned these establishments anyway.

        2. Right, we don’t know what the facts are. The most the cops have said so far is that he had a gun (later determined to be stolen). I’ve seen nothing about “waving a gun around” or “point[ing] it at the cops.”

          On the feed I was watching last night, protesters were claiming that he was shot climbing a fence, running away from the cops, and left to die on the fence. Could easily be a lie, but I’ve not seen the cops release any details related to the actual shooting incident (but quite a bit about the victim’s backstory, so the well is nicely poisoned before they explain the shooting).

          1. Who knows. He may not have even had a gun. Or he may have told them he had one and was in the process of dropping it when they panicked and shot him. Or they may have really been right to shoot him.

            One thing is for sure, the truth is likely to be different than what is first reported. It seems like it always is.

      2. Hey! The cops were peaceably escalating a traffic stop to chasing a citizen through the streets while shooting at him. Besides, if the right to self-defense is a constitutional right, then like every other right bestowed upon us it is subject to reasonable regulation, weighing its benefit against the cost to society.

        Honestly, you plebes are never happy. Have you no food stamps, no work houses? Are we not merciful?

        1. If he had a gun and didn’t drop it, that is too bad for him. You have a right to own and carry a gun. You don’t have a right to point it at the cops.

          1. In other words,

            if the right to self-defense is a constitutional right, then like every other right bestowed upon us it is subject to reasonable regulation, weighing its benefit against the cost to society.

            1. That is not what I am saying at all. The cops have a right to self defense too. I don’t care if it is a cop or you or me. If you point a gun at someone, that someone has a right to shoot you. Moreover, the cops have lawful authority to do things like arrest people and such. Their telling you to put your gun down doesn’t give you a right to shoot them.

              Again, you have a right to own and carry a gun. The right, however, does not give you the right to point it at cops.

              1. John, it seems that you are saying either that you agree with the original sarcasm or are making an objection to something not mutually exclusive to my post. Both give me the impression that this is pointless nagging.

                That most of your posts references events we have no evidence happened (that he pointed a gun at cops, “telling you to put your gun down doesn’t give you a right to shoot them”) makes it sound likely that you’ll paint the most favorable scenario in your head, with a vicious thug waving around an automatic weapon and spray-firing an apartment complex, old grannies screaming – you know, super threatening – and then be royally pissed off when I disagree. About anything, really.

                I’m not seeing how this ends well, is what I’m saying. Enjoy your morning, eat something nice for lunch.

                1. Sorry I missed the sarcasm. As far as this case goes, I agree that you can’t say anything until you know for sure what happened. These cases almost never turnout to be what they first appear to be.

        2. I wasn’t aware “right to self defense” included “right to point a gun at someone in public.” Glad to see you and the BLM types share the same commitment to logic.

          1. I would love for you to show me a case of good old-fashioned American 2A self-defense that does not involve pointing a gun at someone.

            Because logic, you know. I’m sure there’s a logical way to defend yourself under the second amendment that does not involve pointing a gun at anyone at any point in time, and you being a super-logical person are surely the one to point this way out.

      3. You mean, if they’re brandishing a (stolen) gun and refusing to drop it after being told?

        1. So now it was “brandishing.” Still don’t see any source for that claim. I’d think the cops would be broadcasting it far and wide if he was brandishing or “waving” it around or pointing at someone in public.

          1. … you’ll paint the most favorable scenario in your head, with a vicious thug waving around an automatic weapon and spray-firing an apartment complex, old grannies screaming – you know, super threatening …

            I said. Didn’t I say?

    3. When a non-criminal is wrongly shot then other non-criminals protest peacefully. When dirtbags are justifiably shot, then other dirtbags use it as an excuse to engage in dirtbag behavior and dirtbag politicians defend their behavior.

  119. Probably already mentioned, but Karma Police by Radiohead kind of sums up the current state of the presidential race.

    Arrest this man
    He talks in maths
    He buzzes like a fridge
    He’s like a detuned radio

    Karma police, arrest this girl
    Her Hitler hairdo is
    Making me feel ill
    And we have crashed her party

    1. Someday that will be a real federal agency

  120. AC-DC: “Highway to Hell”.

  121. This whole song thing is sillier than shit but I must admit that more than once since 2008 this song has seemed relevant, and each time it crossed my mind I wonder how the fuck we let this happen.


    “We’re wise to you this time”

    That line, unfortunately, is bullshit.

  122. Ship of fools.

    1. That works too.

  123. Dwight Yoakam

    You’ll control me
    And oh so boldly
    Rule me ’til I’m free
    ‘Til the pain that shakes me
    Finally makes me
    Get up off of my knees

  124. This song for either the election or Milwaukee last night. Not sure which.

    1. She makes a lot of sense. I would vote for her.

  125. “Alderman Khalif Rainey, who represents the district where the violence occurred, said the city’s black residents are “tired of living under this oppression.” He said he didn’t justify the violence “but nobody can deny that there are racial problems here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that have to be rectified.”…

    “The businesses that burned included a BMO Harris bank branch, a BP gas station, an O’Reilly Auto Parts store and a beauty supply store. Firefighters held back from the gas station blaze because of gunshots.”

    1. We are tired of oppression. Burning down their own neighborhood ought to help.

      1. If you’ll pardon the metaphor, it seems like a good-cop/bad-cop thing.

        “Look at this deplorable violence…I wish I could promise there won’t be any more, but I can’t…maybe if you give me some money?”

    2. A year from now those locations will probably still be burned out hulks.

  126. I’m watching the Sunday news talk shows, and god damned Maria Bartarimo is like the Sophia Loren of news casters. She’s a classical hottie amongst the blonde bimbo seas of Fox news.

    1. She is hot in a very interesting way. She is smoking hot. I have always loved the money honey.

      1. My greatest worry is that Maria Bartiromo will think she needs some work, and will go to the same guy that produced Greta’s animatronic head.

        1. Yeah. She is not classically beautiful. But that is what makes her hot. Surgery would ruin her.

          1. Well she’s a hottie, but a Mediterranean beauty. It’s not the kind of beauty that guys like Hugh Hefner or Roger Ailes would put front and center, because she’s a non-blonde beauty, but she’s still a classical hottie.

            1. Yeah. I have never been a huge blond guy, which is funny because I have blond hair and blue eyes. Someone like Megyn Kelly is plenty hot and I certainly wouldn’t kick them out of bed. I would however take a women like Bartiromo or Ruhdi Bkhtier over them every time and twice on Sunday. I have a real thing for Eastern European and Mediterranean/Persian women.

              1. I have never been a huge blond guy, which is funny because I have blond hair and blue eyes.

                I am also blond and blue-eyed and I always go for dark hair. I think many if not most people go for opposites.

                1. I think part of it is that we’ve been fed that blonde-haired blue eyed blonde women are the ideal to the point of oversaturation. (Blue eyed blonde men OTOH can always get work playing bad guys in films.)

    2. Yeah, watching that too. The comparison of the Trump tax plan with the Cankles tax plan alone should get him elected in a sane world.

      Trump’s tax plan by itself would pull us out of the recession and dramatically decrease unemployment. That is probably why the D’s hate it.

    3. Yeah, Maria is super hot. It’s those gorgeous eys and full lips and attitude. I’ve always been quite enamored with her.

      1. She dresses to cover it up on TV, but if you ever see pictures of her outside of TV, she is stacked. She is like 5’5″ with a whole lot of curves.

    4. Caught an interview with Claire McCaskill re: e-mail / Clinton Foundation tomfoolery and tax plans

      In sum – right wing conspiracy, no proof of quid pro quo, Booooosh

  127. From Todd Rundgren and Utopia’s “Oops! Wrong Planet” album, “Trapped” and “Abandon City.” Or “Liar” or “Lockjaw” by Rundgren.

  128. Boy, weekend content sure ain’t what it used to be, Kind of like everything else around here.

    1. Who needs a strong presence on the internet when you can appear on MSNBC and reach 3 or 4 people at a time.

  129. All we want is an honest debate

    Research shows the folly of the group’s “concealed carry” campaign to arm millions of ordinary citizens in all manner of public venues, from college campuses to restaurants, churches and schools. Far from stopping mass shooters in their tracks, these gun owners have been shooting themselves, family members and others. Since 2007, concealed-carry handgun holders have been responsible for at least 873 deaths not involving self-defense, including 29 mass shootings and close to 300 suicides, according to the Violence Policy Center, a gun safety group. So much for Mr. Trump’s shootout option.

    A dozen other aspects of gun safety need to be responsibly debated. Why should high-powered weapons devised for war ever be sold on the domestic market? Why can gun-show customers evade the federal background checks that other gun buyers must undergo? How can people on no-fly lists be free to buy guns? And as an often litigious businessman, Mr. Trump surely has views on whether firearm makers truly deserve blanket protection from damage lawsuits, an extraordinary shield enjoyed by no other industry.

    Honest as the day is long.

    1. Every fuckin’ word a deliberate, calculated lie.

      1. Fortunately they went so far into lies and hyperbole that they earned themselves less than zero credibility.

    2. Just within the last month a CCL holder stopped a mass shooting at a South Carolina night club.

      Here is 12 more examples:


      Most surveys estimate that more than two and a half million crimes are prevented by citizens with guns every year.


    3. “Why should the elite be allowed an armed security detail – often at public expense – that the rest of us aren’t? Wait – strike that one.”

      1. Just once, I’d like to hear a reporter, interviewer or debate moderator ask this question. I don’t ask for much. Just once.

  130. Then there is this:



    “Fact: Gun homicides were 10% higher in states with restrictive CCW laws, according to a study spanning 1980-2009 1

    Fact: Crime rates involving gun owners with carry licenses have consistently been about 0.02% of all carry permit holders since Florida’s right-to-carry law started in 1988. 2

    Fact: After passing their concealed carry law, Florida’s homicide rate fell from 36% above the national average to 4% below, 3.

    Fact: In Texas, murder rates fell 50% faster than the national average in the year after their concealed carry law passed. Rape rates fell 93% faster in the first year after enactment, and 500% faster in the second. 4 Assaults fell 250% faster in the second year. 5

    1. Fact: More to the point, crime is significantly higher in states without right-to-carry laws. 6

      Type of Crime % Higher in
      Restrictive States
      Robbery 105%
      Murder 86%
      Assault 82%
      Violent Crime 81%
      Auto Theft 60%
      Rape 25%
      Fact: States that disallow concealed carry have violent crime rates 11% higher than national averages. 7

      Fact: Deaths and injuries from mass public shootings fall dramatically after right-to-carry concealed handgun laws are enacted. Between 1977 and 1995, 8 the average death rate from mass shootings plummeted by up to 91% after such laws went into effect, and injuries dropped by over 80%. 9

      1. The problem with arguing from stats is they don’t always make your point. The homicide rate in NYC is lower than in major Texas cities, for example.

        Better to argue from natural rights.

        1. The interesting thing about the homicide rate in New York is that it is kept down not just by the gun laws, Chicago has those too but still has an outrageously high murder rate, but also by stop and frisk and racial profiling. New York got its murder rate down by banning guns and then having the cops stop and frisk every young black male they saw. This made it virtually impossible for a young black male to carry a gun in New York City for long without the cops finding it and arresting him. Since homicides in large cities are committed by young black men at a disproportionately high rate, this brought the murder rate down.

          The liberals who point to NYC as an example of how gun control can work never mention the role stop and frisk and racially targeted policing played in its success. Of course, liberals all hate stop and frisk and racial profiling. That is of course fine except that those policies are the only thing that keeps cities with gun control from turning into murder capitals the way Chicago has done.

          1. But stop ‘n’ frisks are down 95% under Deblasio and the murder rate continues to drop.

            1. Give it time. If that continues, then my hypothesis is clearly wrong. But it has only been a year. It will take a while for the gangs and such to feel confident about coming back into NYC and start shooting each other. I bet the homicide rate goes back up if not this year certainly next. We will see but I bet it does.

              1. I’m not a betting man but I do think the rate doesn’t have much farther to drop. Sheesh we’re at like 50’s levels now.

          2. In essence gun control laws and the numbers of gun legally sold have little to do with murder rates. Culture has everything to do with it. A free society that respects natural rights cant exist without a civil population of people who as individuals respect natural rights.

            This is an inconvenient fact that both sides often ignore.

    2. Gee it is almost like knowing the other person might shoot back deters people from shooting in the first place. Who could have seen that coming?

    3. The rifles and pistols sold to the domestic market only cosmetically resemble guns ‘designed for war’.

      Gun show customers have to undergo a background check just like every customer in gun stores and this holds true in every state.

      People who are on the no-fly list can buy guns because they have arbitrarily been placed on that list, haven’t been convicted of any crime (or even arrested or committed) are not fugitives from the law and have no protective orders against them. Omar Mateen, incidentally, was not on that list despite being investigated numerous times by the FBI.

      Every industry enjoys blanket immunity from damage if their product is sound and they have no agency in the crime. Auto makers, appliance makers, tool manufacturers etc. It would be insane to hold Stanley responsible if some nut uses one of their hammers to bludgeon someone. Should we hold the manufacturer of the tractor trailer rig that Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel used to run down people in Nice? It is completely nuts and would destroy the economy.

      1. The NYT may actually want an honest debate. I know I do. To get it the fucking liars at the NYT will have to sit it out.

    4. Antecdotally speaking, in my younger days, the folks most likely to be packing heat were the gay folks, who occasionally got drive-by insults.

      On a few occasions I would go out drinking with some gay friends, and around closing time we would be heading out to the car and some frat boys or skinheads would slow down to try to start something, and at least one of the local gay guys or gals would pull out a pistol and politely gesture to keep it moving, you don’t want to start shit here. Not in a we’re going to shooting you at any second kind of way, just in a we could start shooting if we felt the need, you don’t want to become the need.

      1. How any openly gay person could be anti gun or not pro conceal and carry is beyond me. Few people are going to be interested in gay bashing if there is a real possibility of the gay being armed.

        1. Is gay bashing still a thing? I must live in a bubble. I thought that died out after a few sensational cases focused the public’s attention on just how barbaric it is.

  131. Huh

    Consider that for state-run lotteries as a whole, only about 60 cents of every dollar goes back to ticket buyers in the form of winnings, an analysis of United States Census Bureau data shows. The flip side is that in the long run, players as a group lose about 40 percent of the money they put into the lottery, and the chances of a big win are vanishingly small.

    For the July 30 Powerball drawing, for example, the lottery sold roughly 74 million tickets across the country, the data indicates. In addition to the $487 million jackpot winner, lottery statistics show that one ticket won a tidy $2 million. Other people won money too, but they didn’t win much: Just under 4 percent of tickets ? fewer than one in 25 ? produced any winnings at all. And for 78 percent of those winning tickets, the prize was only $4. If you won one of those little prizes and had bought two tickets, you broke even for the day. For more than 96 percent of tickets, though, you simply kissed your money goodbye.

    In short, if your goal was actually to win money, your chances would be much better at the blackjack table in a casino.

    It’s the perfect tax. The dumber you are, the more you pay.

    1. Yep it’s a tax on being bad at math. The state has to outlaw all other forms of gambling. Because in a competitive field, nobody would waste their money on the lottery. The kind of payoffs you get from the lottery would be considered sub-sucker bets in any casino.

      1. People would still play the lottery. Look at how much money casinos make from Keno. Keno is nothing but the lottery. Hell, slot machines are just lotteries with shinny lights and flashing animated fruit.

        Before state lotteries, the mob made plenty of money running the numbers racket even though there were plenty of illegal bookies and card games available. People like games of chance. Just because the math doesn’t add up , doesn’t mean the entertainment value of playing it doesn’t make it worth while.

        1. Except Keno and numbers rackets usually have better payoffs than the lottery. Yeah, you’re not going to win a $500 million jackpot playing Keno, but you’re not going to win that jackpot playing the lottery either. Keno and numbers rackets still usually have better odds than the lottery though, that’s why most states outlaw the competition.

          1. True. Casinos are legal in every state up and down the east coast and the lottery seems to still do quite well. Lottery is convenient. You can play it when you buy gas. And the point about Keno is not that Lottery is better. it is that people like games of chance like the lottery.

        2. In NYC, somehow keno is legal in bars. All of the Blarney Stones I’ve been to in Manhattan have it. Very addictive when mixed with booze.

          1. Bodegas too.

        3. My late mother-in-law and her late sisters loved Vegas. They loved buffets, slots keno, all that stuff. Of course they had friends and relatives in all the major casinos so were constantly being hooked up with comps so that takes a bit of the financial bite out of negative expectation games like keno.

          I hate Vegas but when they were alive it was cool to visit because we could see just about any show for free or at a discount, they literally had bowls full of buffet comp tickets and they knew the ins-and-outs of all the other things you could get for free or really cheap.

    1. Needs more OUTRAGE.

      1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. That’s the spirit.

  132. At a minimum, the government ought to be doing no harm to its citizens, yet it appears to be promoting and benefiting from activities that are surely harming the life prospects of many people.

    It’s true, lottery revenue may help the government finance education and other programs, many of them quite worthwhile. Yet policy levers could be used in other ways. Local and state governments could instead engage in aggressive and creative marketing schemes that would actually improve our odds of attaining a decent financial future.

    I wonder if this guy has ever worked out the rate of return of the “benefits” funded by taxation. The lottery may be hyper-efficient in comparison.

    1. How about we just do all taxes like the lottery? Give a certain percentage of it back in the form of say million dollar jackpots with the more taxes you pay the greater chance you have of winning. Sadly, it couldn’t be voluntary. But at least we would get some entertainment value out of paying taxes and it would pay for someone besides the people who collect them.

      1. How about in addition to a chance at winning money the more taxes you pay the greater chance you have of having something named after you or someone you designate?

        All commonly owned property would be divided into parcels, small enough to create many of them but large enough to entice folks in wanting their name on it.

        For every $100 you get a ticket, if your name is drawn you pick something and it’s named after you for as long as you keep up the same level of payment (adjusted for inflation).

        And there’s no limit to the number of times you can win. If your name is picked, only that one ticket is removed. So if you pay millions in there’s a good chance you’ll be able to name a lot of stuff.

        SLD is of course that I want there to be as little public property as possible.

  133. Didn’t We Deserve a Look at You the Way You Really Are, by Shellac

  134. Civil Obedience – Sage Francis

  135. Jethro Tull’s “Thick as a Brick”.

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