Brickbat: Louisiana—Come for the Food, Stay for the Corruption


Jerry Larpenter

Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, Sheriff Jerry Larpenter says he was tired of someone posting anonymously on the Internet accusing him of corruption. So he sent deputies to raid the home of a Houma police officer he suspected of making the posts, seizing computers and cellphones from the home. Larpenter got a judge to sign a warrant because of potential criminal defamation violation.

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  1. Since I won’t be around for the AM Links, could somebody repost this there for the benefit of the powerlifters:

    Armenian weighlifter suffers mishap at Olympics.

    Warning: the pictures may not be for the squeamish. But considering the way we’re obscene around these parts and talk about woodchippers, a few sports photos shouldn’t be a problem.

    (Apologies if it was posted elsewhere; I didn’t see it in last night’s thread.)

    1. Just make certain I get a hat-tip.

      1. Hat tip?

        Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

        What do you think this is?

        1. to the woodchipper with him…imagine demanding hat tips…of all the nerve!

      2. Dude breaks his arm lifting a shit ton of weight and you are gonna break your arm patting yourself on the back?

  2. Usually, if someone thinks they’ve been defamed, they file a civil suit.

    In this case, they’d sue the site hosting the comments.

    But if you have the cops at your beck and call, you get to go to the next step and actually arrest people you claim have defamed you.

    I wonder if they send out the cops to arrest *everyone* who (allegedly) commits defamation, or only those who criticize the government?

    1. “or only those who criticize the government?”

      The cherry on top is the anonymous poster wasn’t criticizing the government. Just one dude in the government. In fact, the poster was trying to protect the government.

      The bulwark against this kind of horseshit is supposed to be the judge. He needs to be shown a woodchipper catalogue too.

      /”woodchipper catalogue” is a euphemism for “the constitution”

      1. This is why we can’t have nice brickbats.

      2. The idea is that we have elections to correct this sort of thing.

        If the people of this country were at all right-thinking, this story would instantly disqualify both of these men from any public service.

        But it won’t. It rarely does. People re-elect Jim-Bob almost every time.

        I had a buddy from a small town that had similar issues. His brother was a deputy and thought the sheriff was corrupt. One of the things he kept pointing out in the campaign was the guy who supposedly had a gutter business, but his truck never left the driveway of his million-dollar home. Everyone in town referred to his house as “the drug dealer’s house”.

        Deputy files for the Sheriff race and begins getting death threats. Sheriff’s buddies in the department drive by the house at odd hours, shining lights in the windows, etc. He gets fired from the force. The day after he wins on an anti-corruption platform, $30,000 shows up in his mailbox.

        So he goes to the state bureau of investigation and helps put together a case. When they raid the drug-dealer house (walking up to the front door and serving papers to the wife, btw) they find drugs, packaging materials and a quarter million in cash on the kitchen table. (the wife had no idea and wasn’t charged. I found that part interesting)

        But this is by far the exception. Corruption usually isn’t that blatant, and the people usually won’t stand up against it.

        1. “The idea is that we have elections to correct this sort of thing.”

          Nah concentrating power in the hands of a few always leads to corruption, the idea is only that democracy is better than the other forms of govt that have been tried.

      3. I assumed it was a euphemism for “woodchopper”

    2. Just imagine what Hillary will be able to do with the entire federal government at her beck and call….

      1. But TRUMP!!11!!!!! Because he said mean things.

        1. Don’t start me up……..


  3. “corrupt, eh? I’ll FUCKING SHOW YOU CORRUPT.”

    Stay Classy, you lousy, retarted swampfuckers.

    1. how exactly do you fuck a swamp?

      1. First step is to push the cypress knees apart………..

        1. Hold it’s motherfucking root.

  4. What’s this guy trying to do? Give southern sheriff’s a bad name? BTW,I believe since he’s a public figure a defamation suit wouldn’t fly. .

    1. Hence the need to invade his home and arrest him. Even if it eventually gets thrown out, the process is the punishment.

  5. After detectives seized Anderson’s belongings, Judge Randall Bethancourt, who had signed the warrant in the first place, put a stay on it pending a hearing.

    While I hate to speak ill of a judge, perhaps with all the unexpected publicity that no doubt made this one back-pedal he’ll think twice about mindlessly signing warrants, even as personal favors for his cronies.

    1. Ha,ha,ha, oh,your cereal?

      1. The fact that he actually put a stay on it is remarkable for a judge in the Banana Republic of Louisiana.

  6. Anderson was placed on paid leave about an hour and a half after the raid on his house, Jerri Smitko, one of his attorneys, told The Intercept. She said that he has not yet been officially notified about why.

    Shoot an unarmed person? Get the benefit of the doubt and demands for no rush to judgment. Possibly tell of corruption in law enforcement? Hand over that badge.

  7. I don’t like to judge before all the facts are in, but it’s beginning to look like General Ripper exceeded his authority.

  8. Is “Larpenter” the preferred nomenclature for someone into LARP?

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      1. Does he import them, or take sheepfucking vacations? Because the great swampy south doesn’t host a lot of them.

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          1. Radioactive, if the internet has taught me anything, it’s that you should not be surprised what people have figured out how to copulate with.

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          2. Are you asking for a friend?

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                  “Dirty deeds and they’re done with sheep.”

                  1. Eerily apposite. According to this book, when the boys were touring they bet a roadie he wouldn’t fuck a sheep. The tour bus pulled over, he got off, grabbed a sheep and fucked it. The boys paid up.

                  2. The first time I heard that song on the radio, I thought they were saying “Dirty Knees and the Dunder Cheeks”

                    I was like, “Man, those Ausies have some weird slang…. ” My buddies all laughed… but everyone had a different idea of what they were saying. So we piled into Brian’s big brother’s Ford Galaxy 500 and went out and bought the album at Peach’s. (remember record stores? Remember records?).

                    1. Come on, Grandpa Cyto, tell us the one about putting music on spools of electronic tape!

  9. “…Come for the Food, Stay for the Corruption…”

    I can vouch for both, but our reputation for being especially corrupt is undeserved. This shit goes on everywhere. We did remove a couple of judges recently for their shenanigans, so there is that.

    https :// 2016/02/04/north-louisiana-judge- removed-from-bench-re-elected- disgraces-his-office-in-sentencing- drug-dealing-state-cop/

    I know this guy personally. I cant find the story on the other one.

    1. The fantastic seafood is what I miss most about living in Louisiana, after living ‘down on the bayou’ for three years, the wife and I grew very appreciative of Cajun cooking. We didn’t pay much attention to politics then, but I doubt the integrity of politicians there was/is much different from many other places in the USA. If we had stayed, probably would still live in that area, actually Lafourche Parish, but next to Terrebonne Parish…

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