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Nick Gillespie Live on #NeverTrumpers on Sidewire at 3:15 P.M. ET

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I'll be talking with Bloomberg View's Eli Lake about #NeverTrumpers at Sidewire, the political chat site, at 3:15 P.M. ET.

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  1. Might be interesting to ask about the new trove of emails that were wrongly deleted by Hillary and that implicate the corruption between State and the Foundation.…..index.html

    Its even a CNN story, so you don’t lose any cosmo cred if you bring it up.

    Even better, CNN buried the lede: DOJ killed a probe into the Foundation earlier this year.

    The Clinton Foundation was not part of the recent investigation into her private server; it was separate. The FBI went to Justice Department earlier this year asking for it to open a case into the foundation, but the public integrity unit declined.

    1. Shit, I was just about to OT post this myself. I’m glad Judicial Watch is doing the job journalism should be.

      They show her interacting with lobbyists, political and Clinton Foundation donors and business interests as secretary of state.


      The new Clinton emails include a February 2009 message to her from Stephen Roach, then-chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, saying he planned to testify to Congress that week and was “happy to help in any way I can.” Roach later met with Clinton over the summer for 30 minutes, according to Clinton calendars obtained by The Associated Press.…..turn-over/

      1. Back when I was doing trade association work, I had a hard and fast rule:

        You never, ever cross the money stream with the policy stream. You never talk about political donations at the same meeting as you talk about policy. You never talk about money with the policy people, and while you can talk policy with the money people, you do so in very general terms and never make a specific ask.

        From what I can tell, money and policy are completely intermixed with the Clintons. For a serf, that’s a ticket to a nickel ride (metaphorically). For the Clintons, its a fabulously successful business model.

        Monetizing policy is corruption, full stop.

      2. I was reading an AP story about that where the author described Judicial Watch as “controversial group”. They made the lawsuit sound so ominous. It was such a blatant example of bias.

        1. Makes it should like they might be run out of a guarded compound in Montana.


        2. McGuffin reporting.

          The bad guys want this thing, the good guys don’t want the bad guys to get it. Who cares what the thing is.

          1. Two Mexican lesbians walk into a McGuffin shop, and one of them says, “Feel like some fish tacos”?

            And the other one says, “No, I’m still stuffed from last night”.

    2. Sorry, I beat you to this link in the previous article.

      But never mind anyway, Trump is Hitler.

        1. Proof doesn’t make me like it better.

        2. Pshht. Like anybody cares what Hyperion posts. 😉

          1. You mean. I just emailed my mum and told her what you said, and she said ‘I care about what you post, RC Dean is da debil!’.

    3. Who cares? Trump is ordering an assassination of Hillary Clinton and half of the SC Justices as we speak.

      1. Good. They all die, Trump goes to prison. Everyone wins.

    4. Subconsciously or otherwise, the media is railroading Hillary in at this point.

      They’ve turned Trump into such a ridiculous caricature, swing voters wouldn’t take him seriously anymore–even if he weren’t being ridiculous.

      People know that Hillary is a crook. It’s just that somehow the bad stuff people say is more important than the bad stuff other people actually do. If Marshall McLuhan were here, he might point out that the difference is that you can’t get live video of Hillary being a crook, but Trump provides new live video of himself saying seemingly outrageous things every day.

      Yeah, right, I know nothing of his work. Hardy Har Har.

      Anyway, if you don’t have live video to show, these days, it just doesn’t register the way it used to.

      They used to hold hearings on scandals that everyone would watch–like Iran-Contra. But that was before the cameraification of America. If a tree falls in the forest anymore and it makes a loud noise, it doesn’t really matter if no one was there to catch it on video. And Hillary just stubbornly refuses do her evil on camera.

      1. I’ll go with otherwise, and I think you’re right.

        My prediction: Hillary will not hold a single press conference, or hold a single interview that isn’t thoroughly controlled by her campaign, between now and the election.

        And the lapdog media will cheerfully collaborate in their marginalization.

      2. “Subconsciously or otherwise, the media is railroading Hillary in at this point.”

        There is nothing subconscious about it and that’s nothing new.

        They were consciously in then tank for Obama in the last two presidential elections and they are in the tank for Hillary now.

        1. There is a subconscious element to it in the nature of the media itself. The news happens on video now, but it didn’t as much before.

          When you have a story about Hillary being a crook, there’s no video to show. Back in the day, there wasn’t much video of anything to show. Cronkite would sit there with a picture of the person he was talking about over his shoulder. Press conferences and hearings would get lots of coverage because that was live video, and that was rare outside of sporting events.

          Try to imagine the interesting video you’re going to show when talking about Hillary being a crook. Advertisers don’t want to pay a premium for the time slot after that fascinating picture of Hillary standing around in a pants suit, but Trump says something saleable on camera every day. I know the media slants to the left anyway, but that by itself would bias the coverage.

          At least, that’s part of my working explanation for why people care so much more about what Donald Trump says rather than what Hillary Clinton has actually done. What people do is just fundamentally more important than what they say, and yet in our day and age, people will accept things like discrimination by the government against LGBT more than they’ll accept someone saying the word “fag” or using some other slur.

        2. Did I ever tell you the one about the Mexican lesbians in the McGuffin shop?

          Makes me awful in some people’s eyes, I’m sure. And the fact that I’ve supported gay marriage every day for ten years and denounced government discrimination against them probably doesn’t count for shit.

          Why is that? It’s gotta be about more than liberal bias.

    5. What’s scary is that it’s looking like FBI 4chan anon may be right? it’s the Clinton Foundation where the corruption is.

  2. The way the headline was written, I initially thought (for a moment) that Gillespie was appearing on a show called “#NeverTrumpers”.

    Which isn’t a bad idea for a ratings boost.

    Hell, MSNBC might get a ratings boost network wide if they changed the name of the network to “#NeverTrumpers”.

    They wouldn’t even have to change the content at all.

    1. What sort of movement can’t even get the name right? It’s Trumpets, not Trumpers, derp.

      1. Trumpalos, not Trumpets. Geez, tow the lion, Hyperion.

        1. I was, but he got loose and ate 3 of my orphans so I had to put him down.

  3. Gillespie went straight to the point:
    ” #NeverTrump conservatives have been slapping away Johnson”

    1. Didn’t he mean ‘fapping the Johnson’?

      1. This year is the frappening all over again.

  4. From the chat :
    Eli Lake
    Bloomberg View
    1 m

    Eli Lake is Mike M?

    1. According to Alan Vanneman, he’s some kind of Jew.

      1. Analman Inavan doesn’t look kindly upon the people that killed our Lord and Savior Jesus H. Christ?


  5. #NeverTrump = #AmericansDieInSyria

    NeverTrump’ers, go die in a fire.

  6. Eli Lake
    Bloomberg View
    I just wish the libertarian party could have nominated a plausible leader who would actually, you know, lead us to that vision.

    I do agree with Eli Lake on that.
    Nevertheless, regardless who it is on the L ticket, the person can only bring some of the themes to light (and very quickly). It is the individuals that must do the convincing why big govt is doing far more harm than good.

  7. Eli Lake
    Bloomberg View
    I just wish the libertarian party could have nominated a plausible leader who would actually, you know, lead us to that vision.

    I do agree with Eli Lake on that.
    Nevertheless, regardless who it is on the L ticket, the person can only bring some of the themes to light (and very quickly). It is the individuals that must do the convincing why big govt is doing far more harm than good.

  8. So, I feel like this time 4 years ago, every other horserace story was about who was getting how much money from where. I feel like I’ve hardly seen any such stories in this race. Can anyone explain this curious phenomenon to me? Did we successfully get money out of politics, and I just missed it? Is there some reason that the media no longer has any interest in the relative corporate and special interest funding of the various candidates?

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