Brickbat: Say What?


Beer bottles
Sam Beebe, Ecotrust / CC/BY

Ali Sonboly had already shot and killed nine people in Munich when Thomas Salbey confronted him from his balcony. In addition to shouting at Sonboly, Salbey threw a beer bottle at him. Now, prosecutors say they are investigating Salbey for "insults to the detriment of the dead" for his remarks about Sonboly.

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  1. Geeze, at the rate this is going, Germany is going to supplant France as the pussy nation we all make fun of.

    1. So I guess we start we start referring to them as sausage eating surrender monkeys?

  2. I’ve got some choice words for the dead motherfucker.

    I’ve got some choice words for the living prosecutor if they charge him, too.

    . . . not that we need to enunciate anything here that might cause Reason any difficulty.

    In other news on the free speech front, did you guys hear about the Canadian comedian who got fined $42,000 for telling bad jokes about a handicapped kid?

    No, that isn’t the set up for a punch line. The Quebec Human Rights Tribunal actually fined a comedian $42,000 because his jokes hurt a handicapped kid’s feelings. The Human Rights Tribunal made the comedian pay money to his mother, too–’cause the jokers hurt her feelings, too.

    1. Jeez, at least the old school kings were kind enough to let the jesters mock them. Now they can’t even let mockey slide

    2. I guess this is one of the reasons the Canucks feel so superior to Americans, what with all that free speech and stuff.

      1. Have a couple of patients from Canada in an MVA; they are fighting having to repatriate because the quality of health care there is so bad…and I thought that was another paragon we were supposed to imitate, you know, like be like all the other “advanced” countries in the world. Samantha Bee would say no less.

    3. Fuck that kid.

      1. should be easy to catch, what with being handicapped (differently abled?) and all…

    4. So, I guess saying “hire the handicapped, they’re fun to watch” won’t go over very well in canada?

  3. Weird story . . .

    Last night I had a dream that I was in a fascinating thread with Fusionist. We were talking about Hillary Clinton, Caesar’s wife Pompeia, there was stuff about Oedipus Rex, Zoroastrianism, next-of-kind marriages, and the Manchurian Candidate.

    It was shaping up to be the best thread ever.

    But then when I woke up, it was all just a dream. It was like the thread never happened, but in that dream? It was all so freakin’ real.

    1. Hey ken,

      Since we’re up late and getting all metaphysical can you describe for me exactly what device you all use in order to determine if Donald Trump is serious or not? You know me… I’m always trying to figure out what makes the average American tick. Do you think there’s a decoder ring or something?

      I know this. In contrast to the next Mooslem who shoots up his coworkers or patrons in a gay bar, I’ll definitely know that the only way one can label some right-winger who shoots an abortion doctor or an IRS agent is as an isolated nutcase. You can’t hold politicians who talk about second amendment solutions responsible for when some right-winger shoots up his local government office. Nono… That would be something a lame stream media asshole would do on NPR or something.

      1. It’s fairly sensible. Commies contribute nothing. They can’t even be bothered to pay their debts.

        So hey Am Soc, when was the last time you sent a check for your mortgage?

      2. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

      3. Bro, unbutton that shirt. It’s Cleveland Steamer time.

      4. Welcome to Retardation: A Celebration. Now, hopefully, I’m gonna dispel a few myths, a few rumors. First off, the retarded don’t rule the night. They don’t rule it. Nobody does. And they don’t run in packs. And while they may not be as strong as apes, don’t lock eyes with ’em, don’t do it. Puts ’em on edge. They might go into berzerker mode; come at you like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows. You might be screaming “No, no, no” and all they hear is “Who wants cake?” Let me tell you something: They all do. They all want cake.

      5. Hey, here’s the decoder ring, as if you didn’t already know, you disingenuous little shit:

        Is there a “D” after the speaker’s name? Then whatever horrible thing they said or did is to be buried or excused.
        Is there an “R” after the speaker’s name? Then whatever thing they said or did is to be reinterpreted in the worst way possible to gin up faux outrage in order to bury whatever awful things the “D” said or did.

        1. The only problem with that is that when the person says something bad, the “D” is buried in the last paragraph if it is mentioned at all. While if there is an “R” to mention it is in the first sentence.

          At least as far as the MSM is concerned.

          1. Yeah, that too.

      6. “Since we’re up late and getting all metaphysical can you describe for me exactly what device you all use in order to determine if Donald Trump is serious or not?”

        I guess you’re still hung up on Trump jokingly asking the Russians for Hillary’s missing emails?

        If it’s genuinely funny and makes a point, then generally speaking, you’re looking at something that’s meant to funny.

        If a late night talk show had said it in his opening monologue, and everyone would have laughed at the punchline, chances are you’re looking someone who’s kidding.

        Do you still not understand why what he said was funny? You see, he was making fun of the fact that Hillary was so incompetent in setting up her email server that we could ask the Russians for her missing emails!


        You know what else is funny? When people are so obtuse that they can’t get an obvious joke.

        Like for instance, did you ever see that time on South Park, when someone ask Kayne West if he likes “fish sticks” (phonetically “fish dicks”) , whether he likes to put them in his mouth, and when Kayne responds “yeah”, the next question is, “What are you, a gay fish?”.

        Kayne takes himself so seriously that he can’t understand the joke. He ends up taking the joke so seriously, he ends up swimming around underwater singing about how he’s a gay fish.

        1. So, in answer to your question about how to tell if Trump is kidding? If everyone else gets the joke but you and the Clinton campaign, then you might be a motherfuckin’ gay fish.

        2. You have a point. When you have your own preconceptions about someone it is difficult to tell when they are serious or joking. Never thought of Trump that way. Not that it matters. I can’t vote for either the Giant Douche or the Turd Sandwich with a clean conscience.

          1. Politics has almost completely stopped being about issues, and I blame progressives and the media.

            The important question now aren’t about any issue anymore. It’s about who’s a racist, who’s a homophobe, who is or isn’t cray cray, . . .

            Hillary’s numerous improprieties have made that necessary. Somebody could support Trump because of where he is on the issues, but to support Hillary on the issues, you have to overlook her improprieties.

            If Al Capone were running for head of the FBI, I wouldn’t really care if he were anti-warrantless wire tapping or in favor of legalizing marijuana. You have to look past the 600 lbs, gorilla in the room of Al Capone being a murdering mobster to see where he stands on the issues.

            Hillary Clinton took money from foreign governments while she was the Secretary of State continuing a consistent pattern of corruption that goes all the way back to the governor’s mansion in Little Rock and extends through the Clinton Foundation continuing to take money from foreign governments today.

            1. You have to look past the 600 lbs, gorilla in the room of Al Capone being a murdering mobster to see where he stands on the issues.

              Hey, they never got Capone on anything other than tax evasion, which was just an understandable bookkeeping error, so all the rest of the stuff he supposedly did was just PHAKE SKANDULZ!!1111!

              That seems to be the Hillary standard, anyway.

              1. Al Capone being a murdering lobster

                Re-reads, has a sad.

          2. If Hilary wins, I will continue to oppose her–even if I agree with her on the issues–because she a crook. The only time I’ll break down from that stance is if and when we needed to engage in a war of self-defense.

            Once impropriety goes out the window, the issues aren’t pertinent anymore. So Hilary’s campaign and her cronies in the media focus almost exclusively on things like taking Trump’s pointed jokes literally. Even if we dislike Trump (as I do), we owe it to ourselves not to be manipulated by the Clinton campaign.

            I don’t like Trump because of where he stands on certain issues–it has nothing to do with Hillary’s fans in the media presenting him as stupid and crazy.

            1. even if I agree with her on the issues

              I wouldn’t worry about that.

        3. People who record segments of tv shows off of their televisions with iPhones and then post on youtube should be woodchippered.

          1. AmSoc may not have the same pop cultural frame of reference as the rest of us.

            And, yeah, I know that means I’m taking your pointed joke seriously. The blatant hypocrisy in doing that–for AmSoc’s benefit–is what makes it funny.

            AmSoc probably thinks you literally want to woodchipper those people. If Trump said somebody should be woodchippered for opposing him, no doubt, AmSoc would take the joke seriously.

          2. it can bypass the hashing they perform to detect copyrighted material, compared to posting a digital reproduction. For visuals at least, they can still catch songs. I made a laser o-scope a while back and was playing some Sublime through it for my vid. Only vid i’ve ever had flagged.

      7. Again with the abortion doctor stuff. I know lefties like to pretend that it is just as much of a danger as jihadism, but simply looking at the facts should dispel that myth. A grand total of eleven people have been killed in abortion-related violence over the past twenty-three years going back to 1993. There have only been two such instances since 1998. Hell, the 1993 WTC bombing alone killed almost as many people as in all of the abortion-motivated killings.

        1. A grand total of eleven people have been killed in abortion-related violence over the past twenty-three years going back to 1993.

          Well, for certain values of “abortion-related violence”, anyway.

          /ducks, runs

          1. Careful, soon people will be telling you babies are morally indistinguishable from cancer.

      8. Who fucking cares? Try asking a republican.


  4. Morning, I’m beginning to wonder if Europe would even try to defend themselves.

    1. As near as I can tell, pretty much every country in Europe has some far right anti-immigration party.

      Once they made unlimited immigration a thing, So all reasonable people want unlimited immigration, That just opened up the door for unreasonable people.

      1. I for one don’t regard opposition to unlimited immigration as unreasonable, especially in Europe.

    2. You have to wonder?

      “Ideological subversion / psychological warfare ? to change the perception of reality of everyone to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to a sensible conclusion in the interest of defending themselves, their family, their community or their country.” – Yuri Bezmenov

      Remember, that smarmy, smirking moron Merkel was born and raised in East Germany. Not only are they not defending themselves, they have opened the gates and are encouraging them to invade, welcoming them with open arms.

      1. I am reminded of the Children’s Crusades.

      2. The Brits have cut defense also. Their navy is a shadow of what it was just 10-20 years ago. After 70 years it time for the U’S. to tell them to take care of themselves. All NATO does is give them an excuse for their own weaknesses.

        1. You know this suggestion that NATO members pull their weight is dangerous extremism, right? Because TRUMP.

        2. Depending on the report, Canada had possibly the third but likely fourth largest army coming out of WWII.

          It’s almost a tragedy how we let a once proud military heritage fall by the wayside.

      3. And Obama and Hillary want to import tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” to America, and anyone pointing out this may not be the best idea is mocked as a xenophobic yokel.

      4. It’s ironic as hell, but Germany could sure as hell use a couple hundred thousand or so Israeli immigrants, if they bring their weapons with them.


    3. who really cares if they will or wont, how would you tell the difference before/after invasion?

  5. Jesus fucking Christ crucified on a cross fashioned from I-beams recovered from 9/11 WTC, Germany needs a little more “cowboy” (read: beer bottle guy) that manginas flacidly complain about, and way less of a dose of Prosecutor Dickhead here.

    1. Agree, but with one caveat: Don’t bring a bottle to a gunfight.

  6. Charges have already been dropped. At work, so can’t find the link.

  7. Yesterday’s Brickbat got memory holed. Always remember to watch your tone, boys.

    1. Remind me, what was it?

        1. Good grief, I must be getting senile. I remember that, but don’t remember anything egregious in the comments…other than some woodchipper references. Nothing out of the ordinary.

          Some court clerk complain, I wonder? That is one crooked, corrupt, and arrogant bunch. If we had a DOJ that had any integrity and was concerned about their actual job instead of political cover for BO they would be all over that place.

        2. There was at least one iffy comment there beyond chippers.

          1. It wasn’t me, was it?

            1. me, me please let it have been me please!!!!

  8. No. This is an Onion article. It didn’t happen.

    That’s my reality, and this time I’m gonna stay there. No way in the world this happened. And no way in the world did some Canadian comic get fined for making a joke, however distasteful. It isn’t possible, so I reject your reality and substitute my own.

    1. Your American privilege, check it.

  9. I had to read that three times to make sure I understood it properly. Even then I thought that Oliver has structured his sentence poorly and I was misinterpreting it.

  10. From the article:

    Materials found at the gunman’s home also showed he had been hospitalised for three months to treat a mental health condition and was an avid player of violent video games.

    One of the games, ‘Counter Strike: Source’, was a game “played by nearly every known rampage killer”, according to the president of Bavaria’s crime office, Robert Heimberger.

    Nice to know stupidity knows no borders.

    1. I bet they all played Super Mario as well.

    2. Did they check for socks?

    3. Wait, really? Source? A game that’s been around for more than a decade and is still incredibly widely played? They’re blaming that?

      Whom do I blame for the concussion I just gave myself facepalming?

    4. Terrorists win.

  11. Shortly after the shooting, it was revealed Sonboly considered himself Aryan, despite his Iranian heritage…


    1. Forget it. He’s rolling….

  12. As long as we are discussing alternate realities….

    Drudge has a huge screaming headline for Julian Assange’s suggestion that DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered because he was the source for Wikileaks’ DNC emails.

    Just beneath that he has a story about a lady who was raped by a 41 year old drifter on an Arkansas roadside when she was 12. She is angry that Hillary Clinton got her rapist off while subjecting her to psychological testing and accused her of “seeking out older men”. “She is furious that her rapist’s defense attorney – Hillary Clinton – has been portraying herself as a lifelong advocate of women and girls on the campaign trail.”

    Meanwhile, over at HuffPo:

    Giant headline about Trump making threats with a subheading :”Get this political train wreck off the tracks before something happens”

    Followed by 6 Olympics articles.

    Followed by 3 articles about Trump and death threats. Bonus Birther article.

    Ferguson protest article, followed by article about how much everyone misses Michael Brown. (Gotta burnish that hero image.)

    A global warming article, followed by a hit piece on the oil industry about a cute baby seal.

    Trump/Heritage Foundation hit piece.

    Hit piece on Trump for 2nd amendment “threat”.

    Dan Rather Trump hit piece.

    Climate Change scare piece.

    Trump hit piece wrapped up in a Paul Ryan primary story.

    Hit piece on Sean Hannity in support of Khizr Kahn.

    Elizabeth Waren on Trump assassination threats.

    Alternate realities.

    1. MSNBC:

      Leads with a group of 4 Trump assassination articles. Including: “The Secret Service is Aware of Trump’s Comments”.

      Big picture and article/video of Kahn hitting Trump.

      A Paul Ryan article and an article about Clinton leading in the Polls, followed by:

      2 #BLM articles and then back to

      “2nd Amendment Quip Seen as Threat Against Clinton”

      and worries over “Hollywood Gun Culture”.

      Alternate realities.


        Big headline: “What Trump is Saying is Dangerous”

        CBS news, much less politicky. Top article is about polls and fundraising and Clinton winning.

        The rest is peppered with police abuse / #BLM type stories, a couple of Trump 2nd amendment articles, and Olympics stuff.

        ABC news: Trump attacks Hillary after more emails released.

        NBC news is Olympics heavy, with muted Trump 2nd Amendment attacks. A fair amount of police violence coverage.

        Fox News:

        Big headline of Trump refuting 2nd amendment threat interpretation.

        Small group of articles about Clinton/DNC email stuff.
        Small group of articles about #BLM stuff.
        Small group of articles about media bias

        Oh, hey! Will Gary Johnson Make the Debate Stage?

        1. Right wing conspiracy!

    2. http://www.whatreallyhappened……BODIES.php

      I think John posted this yesterday. Coincidence, my ass. I especially like Boorda who committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest twice with two different guns. And the mouthwash overdose guy. And Bill’s pregnant girlfriend who committed suicide by shooting herself in the back of the head…no autopsy allowed.

      As high as the stakes are for her now this comes as no surprise.

      1. Why not point out that she took money from foreign governments while she was the Secretary of State and be done with it?

        1. Make that a centerpiece but it doesnt really relay just how sinister she is. It is important to fill in the details.

    3. Huh. Links 7 & 8 on huffpost for me are

      – State Department Releases New Batch Of Emails Clinton Failed To Turn Over

      – New Emails Raise Questions About Clinton Foundation And State Department Overlap

      Someone going off the reservation?

      1. Nah. They have to put up a few mild anti-Clinton articles that are headed for the memory hole so they can keep up a pretense of not being her operatives.

      2. Those weren’t up when I posted.

        Surprisingly they didn’t choose to couch the new email release behind “republican’s allege” or some other signalling that this is not to be trusted.

        Still, the new giant headline is: “National Disgrace” with a big photo of Paul Ryan giving the thumbs up. You have to click through to find out that he’s a national disgrace because he isn’t disavowing Trump and endorsing Clinton. Turns out it is another 2nd amendment hit piece, this time using Ryan as a fake surrogate punching bag.

  13. insults to the detriment of the dead

    Nice album name.

    1. heh, I’d buy it.

      This defamation of the dead thing is pretty common outside of the Anglosphere. The daughters of the long-dead Brazilian footballer Garrincha objected to his biographer recounting tales of his servicing a ward-full of nurses when he was sick in hospital, and also his ginornous peenie. The judge dismissed it, explaining to the ladies that seriously, no guy would object to this being said about him

      1. I’d buy that judge a beer, if I could.

      2. This defamation of the dead thing is pretty common outside of the Anglosphere.

        So, I can’t go to Germany and say that a lot of people who are dead now fully supported Hitler?


  14. Germany has lost its mind.

    /face palm.

    1. They lost their mind when they elected a goddamned brain-dead commie broad to run their government.


  15. Pigs are pigs wherever you go.

    1. As are morons. You being a case in point.

  16. Now, prosecutors say they are investigating Salbey for “insults to the detriment of the dead” for his remarks about Sonboly.

    I don’t get it. He wasn’t dead (yet) when he was being insulted. Unless they are prosecuting Salbey for something he said after the guy got greased.

  17. According to a friend who looked up the german news sources…

    “I went to dig in the original German news. He was first investigated as they thought the altercation in the video might have been *before* the shooting and that the racist shouts might have contributed to triggering it. Once it was clear this was after, it was dropped.”

  18. The Germans are bat shite crazy.

  19. Hey Quebec Human Rights Tribunal, what do you call a dog with no legs? Anything you want, he still ain’t coming.

  20. nice post thanks admin

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