GOP Rep Endorses Gary Johnson, ISIS Reportedly Seizes U.S. Equipment in Afghanistan, Strange Lights Over St. Louis: A.M. Links


  • via Fox News

    Steve Rigell of Virginia became the first sitting Republican congressman to endorse Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, while Jill Stein officially became the Green party presidential nominee at its convention in Houston.

  • ISIS says it captured a significant amount of American military equipment in Afghanistan, where the United States has waged war for nearly 15 years.
  • Iran says it executed a nuclear scientist it accused of passing secrets to the U.S.
  • At a huge pro-government rally in Turkey after a failed coup, President Recep Erdogan called for the return of the death penalty.
  • Voters in Thailand approved a constitution written by the military.
  • The NFL Hall of Fame Game, scheduled to be played in Ohio, was cancelled due to poor field conditions.
  • Alex Rodriguez will retire from major league baseball in New York on Friday.
  • Strange lights were seen over the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

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  1. Strange lights were seen over the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

    Trump rapture starting!

    1. Trapsure?

      The Trump Shout?

      1. Yeah I was trying to think up a combo but it wasn’t coming to me. Trumpageddon?

        1. Trumpture? Trumpocalypse?

              1. Sounds like something that could happen to your balls; therefore perfect.

        2. The Last Trump, or the Trump of Doom.

          Do I have to think of *everything*?

          1. I saw that Doctor Whom beat me to it.

          2. the Trumps of Doom where the tarots in Amber drawn by Julia, Merlin’s ex-girlfriend.

      2. The Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse?

        1. Yes. The four racist horsemen of the Trumpacalypse would also be acceptable.

        2. Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come and see.” I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a spray tan; and a hat was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

      3. 1 Corinthians 15:52 KJV: 52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

        The Last Trump. It was foretold in One Corinthians.

        1. One Corinthians… I see what you did there.

      4. The trumpet of the trumpocalypse.

    2. Hello.

        1. Now, now.

          She’ll give it to you another time.

  2. Strange lights were seen over the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

    Headlights leaving the Cardinals game early?

    1. The last people leaving the city forgot to turn the lights off?

    2. Heaven’s Gateway arch?

    3. Only half of that arch sticks out above ground – it’s a stargate. What, you don’t understand what a “gateway” is?

    4. Judging from crowd pictures lately, that’s impossible because nobody’s been going to the games.

  3. Alex Rodriguez will retire from major league baseball in New York on Friday.

    Going out in the middle.

    1. Top of the bottom.

  4. The NFL Hall of Fame Game, scheduled to be played in Ohio, was cancelled due to poor field conditions.

    Like the condition of the state itself.

    1. Seriously. Hasn’t rained in a while. But I’ve only had to mow my yard twice so far this summer.

      1. And the NFL can’t afford sprinklers?

  5. CNN host says Michael Phelps shouldn’t carry US flag, but a ‘Muslim’ should

    Leading the pack of naysayers was W. Kamau Bell, host of CNN’s “United Shades of America.” In a CNN op-ed, he described the swimming sensation as a “tall, successful, rich white guy” who clearly didn’t “need the honor.”

    “With 22 Olympic medals, you are already the most decorated athlete in Olympic history,” he said.

    But American fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad is a different story.

    “Muhammad carrying the flag would be much bigger than your one moment,” Bell writes. “It would be a symbol for our country in this moment when we are mostly known for one of the most contentious, controversial, scandal-ridden, hateful, xenophobic, jingoistic, and just generally unlikable presidential elections in recent memory. This is at a time when we could use some more symbols of unity and togetherness.”

    1. we are mostly known for one of the most contentious, controversial, scandal-ridden, hateful, xenophobic, jingoistic, and just generally unlikable presidential elections in recent memory.

      And we have NOTHING to do with ANY of that!! Pure as the driven snow, we are.

      1. Now now, his mention of ‘rich white guys’ is totally not about race. Or envy.

        Kamau really should go sit on a sharp stick. This is the kind of slimy shit we get from his ilk non-stop. It just never ends with them.

    2. “This is at a time when we could use some more symbols of unity and togetherness.”

      We can never have too many symbols.

      1. “This is at a time when we could use some more symbols of unity and togetherness.”

        Or we could do something REALLY crazy and quit trying to inject even more politics into the Olympics, and have someone with 23 Olympic medals* carry the flag.

        *more than anyone in history

        1. Something something white privilege.

          1. Well to be fair, those medals were earned in Swimming events, and certain groups can’t swim.

            Relax, I keed.

            1. And all the slightly different lengths and strokes each count as an “event”.

              If there were 10 different ways to play soccer or basketball, more Americans would be piling up gold medals.

              1. Good point, but those are team sports.

      2. symbols of unity and togetherness

        I thought that’s what Obama was for. How’d that work out?

    3. Usually a country’s best athlete carries the flag.

      But progs hate success and envy others who get it. They love to to engage in petty and vapid symbolic nonsense so long as it gives the appearance of ‘progress’.

      1. In this case, a black prog hates successful white people and envies when one of them gets to carry the flag.

      2. Usually a country’s best athlete carries the flag.

        Well, then Bell’s choice of a fencer to carry the flag is a probably the opposite choice. American fencers have done very poorly in the Olympics, winning their first medal in 32 years this year but still not having won gold in 112 years.

        1. Which begs the question, what is meant by “best athlete”? Medal count is not necessarily meaningful. I think the real criterion is “most famous”.

          1. Phelps has 19 gold medals. Granted, some of them are in relays, but I’d say he’s earned the privilege of carrying the flag.

      3. Be careful what you wish for Progs. Look out how well it’s worked out for NASA.

    4. Don’t you just love the way people insist on making reasonable points by also trashing other reasonable points?

    5. A stoner has no place being the standard bearer.

      1. Hey! He’s just starting to turn his life around!

        1. Think what he could have done with his life if he hadn’t smoked pot.

        2. He’s turning over a new leaf?

    6. Well, it certainly would be a symbol for our country to snub the best athlete in favor of someone whose main qualification for the honor is their PC religious victim status.

      1. So much this.

    7. 19 Golds? Those will only be worth 200$ in a year.


    8. “contentious, controversial, scandal-ridden, hateful …”

      But enough about W. Kamau Bell.

      1. You’d think he would disown that W.

      2. You’d think he would disown that W.

    9. “Bell referred to Muhammad as ‘a one-stop inclusion shop’ due to her race, sex and religion.”

      Fuck this guy and his tolkenism.

      I believe the Quran is the literal word of God, enjoy the sport of fencing, and approve of Ibtihaj’s choice of the sabre (objectively the best sword/ruleset in fencing), but still, let the girl actually EARN something before trying to honor her, you patronizing ass.

      1. Hey leftists love to reward people for the virtue signalling. Some guy getting a Novel Peace Prize, something something….

        1. The leftist’s virtue signal has gained them a large following of minority groups ready to knock whites down a few pegs. That’s a big tent.

      2. tolkenism

        Is she also a Hobbit?

        1. It’s the hairy feet that give her away.

          1. fuck Refresh.

        2. Hairy feet?

    10. Good news?

      The comments are letting this pseudo-thinker have it.


      He ain’t gonna learn jack shit. People who think and write this way are lost at sea. Metaphorically speaking. Enjoy metaphors before it’s banned on campuses lest it offends.

      1. He ain’t gonna learn jack shit.

        And indeed, quite the opposite. This will reinforce his conviction that most Americans are deeply racist and bigoted folks who are uncomfortable with his Message of Truth.

    11. CNN competing with ESJWPN for subscription losses?

    12. “Unity and togetherness” like making a concerted effort to remind white people at every possible opportunity that all non-white groups are superior to them.

      1. And not because non-white groups have actually achieved anything greater, but just because of their ethnicity and/or skin color. Which is totally not racist or bigoted.

    13. The real news here isn’t the stupid suggestion that Phelps, as the most decorated olympic athlete in history, shouldn’t carry the flag for the US. The big news is that he’s not alone in his opinion.

      Somehow Time Magazine, The LA Times, The New Yorker and more than a dozen other outlets simultaneously managed to have the same idea.

      The news here isn’t that a bunch of writers across the country at various liberal news outlets managed to coordinate writing the same off-the-wall opinion pieces on the same day. The real news is that there exists an infrastructure for coordinating editors at all of these locations.

      How do we know? Because this is not an important issue. Not in any way. Yet somehow they were all able to come up with the same idea at the same time and get it published in major publications. So we know that the editors are all involved. And we know that it is a pre-existing network for disseminating “marching orders” to the press. This could not have been built ad-hoc for this one issue, because there is no chance that you could convince this many people that it is important enough to write about absent an existing relationship.

      1. There’s really no doubt that the left is constructing reality to suit their fantasies, whether it’s media, Hollywood or in educayshun. My children will be dealing with the eventual disasters that will result from civilization’s long march to the left.

        1. The media/information is a form of warfare

      2. It’s an open secret now. The MSM are all on the same page. Total propaganda. They will never get their reputation back from me. They’re over.

      3. +1 Trump’s “Dark” Speech

        1. The difference here being that there can be no other argument, no other rational explanation. With “dark” you could posit that it was due to effective spin from DNC communications personnel and a receptive audience.

          This situation does not allow for such non-conspiratorial conspiracies. With Trump it is possible to imagine that all of those writers were simply receptive to the poll-tested spin of the Clinton campaign. But you cannot seriously suggest that all of these editors and all of these writers were pre-disposed to agree with the argument that a burka-wearing woman should carry the US flag at the olympics.

          It is a tough sell in the best possible case, and in this case you would be displacing the 18 (now 19) time gold medalist who never got to march in the opening ceremony before because he had early events. Very, very few people would hear this suggestion and simply say, “yeah, that’s right! And I’m so fired up I’m going to write about it. And fight with my editor to get it published!”

          No. This case is so off-the-beaten-path that it argues very strongly that there not only exists an extensive conspiracy, but that there is some sort of enforcement mechanism. Because the compliance rate on this story was way, way too high for something without some teeth in it.

          1. Maybe they all watched Bob Costas (or some other liberal jackass) suggest this and just followed like the lemmings they are. Goodthink is a disease spread by PMSNBC and PCBS.

      4. Journolist 2.0 has been an open secret for some time. That, or they’re pod people. I’d buy either explanation at this point.

        1. Or they are just really creative and want to feel accepted.

      5. Journolist 2.0 is a reasonable conspiracy theory when we this shit over and over again.

        If it’s true, Journolist 2.0 is a horrible indictment of the media elite.

        If it’s false, it’s even worse since that would mean that the media elite are so fucked up that their drones and flaks come up with the same sort of hateful nonsense independently. In this case, the media elite’s drones and flaks don’t have to be coordinated because they are pre-programmed to respond to any set of news facts with a politically correct intersectional, post-modern critical theory analysis that denigrates cis-gendered white males in the name of “unity and togetherness”.

      6. I brought this up to a friend and he made a good point. It’s probably Twitter.

        They all share friends or have friends that all share the same virtue signal triggers. All the editors probably saw the same meme forming on social media and then jumped on it.

        Of course, you can’t cast another JournoList network out of hand, but watching the Twitter beat seems pretty likely.

        1. Maybe JournoList 2.0 is simply secret Twitter accounts?

    14. I thought it was halal for Muslim women to defer to the male.

  6. Burglars mistakenly deliver stolen items right back to victim

    Police said Jeremy A. Watts, 30, of Franklin, and Jessica F. Heady, 24, of Nashville, tried to pawn stolen items at the same pawn shop where the victim works on Tuesday.

    Police said the victim recognized the items right away, and then found that his home had been burglarized.

    The victim called police while the Watts and Heady were still in the pawn shop and they were taken into custody.

    1. “What can I get for these things?”

      “Lets see…how about 5-7 years in the Pen?”

      1. But…that would add to America’s record incarceration rate!

  7. Steve Rigel of Virginia became the first sitting Republican congressman to endorse Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

    Where’s the enthusiasm? He should at least stand up, if you ask me.

    1. *narrows gaze*

      You know, you and Rich are dueling for the Narrowed Gaze Crown, these past few months…

  8. Iran says it executed a nuclear scientist it accused of passing secrets to the U.S.

    Sure hope his name never came up in Clinton’s emails!

    1. I believe Suthenboy mentioned yesterday that it was.

      1. I did this morning .’Grumble’

      2. It was and I wasn’t the first to mention it, or the last. I turned on the news this morning to see if there was any coverage of Cankles outrageous treasonous behavior. All olympics coverage, not a peep about it.

        1. What if the Clintons throw a scandal and no major media outlet shows up?


    2. Oops. So that makes 1 spy, 1 ambassador, and several CIA Agents she managed to get killed in order to hide her Clinton Foundation RICO scheme.

      1. So far…

        1. That we know of…

  9. The NFL Hall of Fame Game, scheduled to be played in Ohio, was cancelled due to poor field conditions.

    They should have moved it to Baltimore.

  10. Shirtless Trudeau becomes summer internet fascination

    A Vancouver Island wedding photographer, Marnie Recker, tweeted the photo of Trudeau on Saturday with his surf board standing several meters (feet) away from the bride, generating plenty of retweets and fanfare online.

    It wasn’t clear exactly when the photo was taken, but Trudeau has been in British Columbia for the past week.

    A previous sighting of Canada’s shirtless prime minister gained international attention.

    The BBC and Time magazine reported on a Canadian family that encountered Trudeau while hiking in Quebec’s Gatineau Park last month and took a selfie with the prime minister who was not wearing a shirt.

    What is wrong with you Canadians?

    1. Aren’t there like 1.5 days per year one CAN go shirtless in Canada?

    2. Cult of the personality.

      You guys know a little about that.

      1. No, we don’t. It’s perfectly rational to worship the Obamessiah.

    3. …several meters (feet)…

      I’m not Canadian but I’ve met one or two and I’m pretty sure a meter is not a foot in Canadian measurements. It’s a boot. A boot a yard.

    4. Nothing’s wrong with the Canadians. They’re just ready for a change after all those topless Rob Ford pics.

        1. Rest in Peace in Peace!

    5. “with his surf board”

      So now he’s appropriating from Native Hawaiians?? Well there goes all of his SJW cred.

      1. A surf board in Canada? I just assumed it was a euphemism.



      1. These euphemisms are getting well-done.

  11. Suicide bomber kills at least 63 at Pakistan hospital

    The bomber struck as more than 100 mourners, mostly lawyers and journalists, crowded into the emergency department to accompany the body of a prominent lawyer who had been shot and killed in the city earlier in the day, Faridullah, a journalist who was among the wounded, told Reuters.

    Abdul Rehman Miankhel, a senior official at the government-run Civil Hospital, where the explosion occurred, told reporters that at least 63 people had been killed, with more than 50 wounded, as the casualty toll spiked from initial estimates.

    “There are many wounded, so the death toll could rise,” said Rehmat Saleh Baloch, the provincial health minister.

    1. Those bastards! Why do they….oh, lawyers and journalists. Yeah, that’s too bad.

      1. rapacious lives matter!

        1. Teach journalists not to rapace!

    2. If only we understood the root causes of such things……..

    3. But have they figured out his motive yet, or is that still a mystery?

      1. I really wish I could find the article again, but some wag penned a piece lamenting the rise of death by “unknown cause” such as was seen in France, Belgium, Turkey, Syria, etc…

    4. There’s a lot of marital problems in Pakistan I hear.

  12. George P. Bush: Son of Jeb Bush Urges Republicans to Back Donald Trump, Report Says

    Bush, the son of former presidential candidate Jeb Bush, addressed state GOP activists Saturday as the Texas GOP’s victory chairman and asked them to support Donald Trump, The Texas Tribune reported.

      1. *claps for swiss*

        Come on guys, please.

    1. “Fuck you, DAAAAAD!”

  13. ISIS says it captured a significant amount of American military equipment in Afghanistan, where the United States has waged war for nearly 15 years.

    How will US small towns make do without those MRAP hand-me-downs?

    1. And they looked at the parts and maintenance requirements and dropped the stuff off at a recycling center.

      1. They only need to work for one mission.

        1. “Adjmal, did you do your -10 level checks and PMCS that before we started?”

          “Wahid, what are you banging on about – as long as we get there….”

  14. while Jill Stein officially became the Green party presidential nominee at its convention in Houston.

    Anyone know why it was held in Houston? I’m holding out hope that at least part of the consideration was because it was cheaper in Texas than in a progressive state.

  15. Swedish church to use drones to drop thousands of Bibles in ISIS-controlled Iraq

    The Livets Ord (Word of Life) church in Uppsala in the north of Sweden has said it will use drones flying at high altitude to release thousands of small, electronic Bibles into Iraq.

    “The Bibles are the size of pill boxes and have a display. They require no electricity, but work on their own,” the church’s mission director Christian ?kerhielm told Swedish broadcaster SVT, according to the newspaper The Local.

    “Our ambition is to pass on the hope and love of the Christian gospel to a population living in closed areas where they are being denied human rights,” the Livets Ord said on its Swedish homepage.

    The church said that another organisation in the area would be carrying out the operation, but did not name the other group. “We start our project in a few weeks and hope to drop thousands of Bibles,” it said.

    1. While I have a certain (small) measure of respect for trying to turn the hearts of the barbarians in ISIS, this effort will do nothing. Fuck! The Swedes’ fiercest ancestors are looking down at them from Valhalla, and are weeping in their mead for what these people have become.

    2. ISIS will probably execute anyone caught with one.

    3. For a Swedish Church, I’m genuinely surprised they don’t view proselytizing Muslims as “punching down”.

  16. Sean Hannity: Fox News Broadcaster Responds to Tweet Calling Him Network’s ‘Dumbest Anchor’

    The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens called Hannity “Fox News’ dumbest anchor.” Hannity responded in a series of tweets, including, “If Hillary wins I will hold a——- like you accountable.”

    1. Hannity is a mental midget compared to Bret Stephens’. I get Limbaugh, and I have enjoyed his show over the years, while disagreeing with him on the obvious issues (WOD). But I honestly have NEVER understood why Hannity is the 2nd most listened to talk show. He is fucking boring, adds no humor, and says the same few things every day,

      1. Levin is the sharpest of the bunch, and also the most libertarian.

        *I did not say he IS a libertarian.

        1. He is very sharp. And he is definitely the most libertarian leaning of the major talk show hosts. I love Dennis Prager, and he can lean libertarian on a number of things, but then the religious Jew comes out and ruins everything.

          1. but then the religious Jew comes out and ruins everything

            I find this to be his default setting, making him unbearable to listen to for any length of time.

        2. Is Levin the one whatsit invites on historians and discusses them sorts of things? ‘Cuz I rather enjoy that guy.

          1. Never mind, it’s this fellow. He had a buff on discussing Pearl Harbor, pretty good stuff.

        3. Levin also makes a lot of money using terms like “Re-pube-lican.” Respect.

        4. Check out Michael Berry on ktrh out of Houston.

          He’s on iheart also. Give him a listen for a few shows and see what you think.

          I dont automatically turn the dial when Rush comes on. He does have good insight on the proggies and others from the left.

          Hannity is boring, repetitive, and uncreative. Im in my truck a lot and whenever he’s on it’s time for sports talk.

      2. And is such an insufferable, pompous ass.

        1. Do you agree? YES OR NO?

    2. I like how Hannity didn’t even attempt to refute that he is the dumbest anchor on Fox.

      1. The easiest refutation would be to point out that he isn’t an anchor.

    3. Hannity sucks. He’s just a straight up GOP shill.

      And his act is like an unfunny Jon Stewart.

    4. As others have pointed out, Hannity has been shilling for Trump from day 1 in a very winnable year for Team Red. He is largely responsible for Trump being able to score the nomination. If Hillary gets elected, Hannity is more to blame than Stephens or NRO or anybody else from the NeverTrumpers.

      1. Hannity has been a robotic spouter of GOP talking points since day one, as far as I can tell. I find him completely superflous, which in combination with being stupid and annoying means that I haven’t listened to him for more than 30 seconds in a very long time.

      2. He is largely responsible for Trump being able to score the nomination.

        Please. No one except old farts and progtards hate-watching him actually know what he’s spewing from day-to-day.

        Trump is the GOP’s responsibility. No one else’s.

  17. Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco: 20-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed While Playing ‘Pok?mon Go’ in Local Park

    Calvin Riley, 20, a college basketball player, was shot on Saturday night by an unknown assailant while playing the mobile game at Aquatic Park, a detective with the U.S. Park Police said.

    1. But how could a criminal have gotten a gun inf California?


      1. Ah, but the Pokemon shot him!

        1. Those damn gun-type pokemon!

        2. The technology is more advanced than I thought.

  18. Delta Air Lines: Airline Says All Flights Grounded Due to Global System Outages

    Delta said in a series of tweets to customers early Monday that its flights had been grounded due to the outages, adding there “isn’t an ETA right now but hopefully it won’t be much longer.”


    2. Seems ominous that even their web site went down, no? And, of course, I’m supposed to fly to Vegas Saturday on Delta.

    1. Johnny Longtorso, like all Redpillers, has sex with 15 women daily, and women continually throw themselves at him whenever he happens not to be having sex at the time.

    2. Funnier headline: “This guy has swiped left on 200,000. Still hasn’t found a match.”

  19. Saw the new Ghostbusters this weekend.

    There is no debate, it was a terrible movie.

    1. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of suffering.

    2. But was it SEXIST?

      1. The girls were covered in slime.

      2. Definitely. A man playing a receptionist?

        1. Man that character was awful. They did everything but scream “HEY! WE’RE TREATING THIS CHARACTER LIKE A DITZY BLONDE SECRETARY CHARACTER FROM A MOVIE MADE 50 YEARS AGO!”

          1. And a total disservice to Annie Potts, who was emphatically not a pushover dummy. Feig’s open contempt for his audience is ultimately what dissuaded me from seeing it.

            1. Feig took a franchise, indulged his Oedipal fetish for Melissa McCarthy, and produced a pile of crap. Who could have seen that coming?

    3. I saw suicide squad. It wasn’t bad, except Leto.

      1. I think doing another Joker puts anyone in a tough situation. They pretty much did all the comics versions of the Joker (Cesar Romero-Silver Age; Jack Nicholson-Golden Age, with a touch of darkness; Heath Ledger, the darkness of the 90s early 2000s). So I think DC had to try to come up with some original things. And in many ways, Leto’s Joker is an updated version.

        I know Marvel is playing the MCU, pretty much straight forward, with a few updates (Black Nick Fury, updating costumes where appropriate, etc.) But DC had to take a different approach. Hence Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, etc. I am a DC fan from way back, and I love what DC is doing. I really don’t get the hate.

        1. I guess my person issue is that the Joker should be crazy, but likable. Leto’s joker is just weird and creepy, not fun. I do appreciate them trying something different. I loved the Harley Quinn character.

          1. That is a fair point about likability. Although, I am not sure The Killing Joke, or Death in the Family Jokers were all that likable. (Comics obviously a different genre than movies).

            You may disagree about the choice the director and Leto made about the direction of Joker. But you have to admit, they accomplished what they were going for (i.e. creepy as hell).

          2. I think you may be confusing likable with the fact that audiences liked the Nicholson and Ledger versions in a ‘oh wow, that IS funny’ kind of way, but it’s not real likability.

            If anything, I think pushing the likability angle too far is what’s ruined too many good villains in comics.

            And in a movie like Squad where you have to make the Joker stand out as truly villainous in a group of villains that already includes Harley Quinn, it was the right choice to not play the likable card.

        2. I haven’t seen BvS in full, but the clips have looked pretty good, so what’s the problem everyone has with it? I hear it’s dark and moody, but MCU pretty much has the action-adventure with levity thing down pat, so DC has to do something different. Is it really that bad?

          1. The main problem is the story is kind of disjointed. Most of the scenes by themselves are good, they just don’t connect well, the way they resolve the title conflict is weak, and the Lex Luthor plot is very convoluted. The Ultimate Edition clears some of this up, but mostly it should have been two separate movies. I still like it though.

          2. The main problem is the story is kind of disjointed. Most of the scenes by themselves are good, they just don’t connect well, the way they resolve the title conflict is weak, and the Lex Luthor plot is very convoluted. The Ultimate Edition clears some of this up, but mostly it should have been two separate movies. I still like it though.

    4. There’s no way in hell it had the subtle humor of the original.


      Louis Tully’s character alone is a scream.

      1. Nope.

        I didn’t really follow the controversy surrounding it before it was released. I was aware of it of course, seemed mostly fabricated, but I was excited to see it and give it a try.

        Here is the very painful Bill Murray scene.

        1. The very end, where they are talking with the cop and then start doing that annoying side yuk-yuks. That sort of comedy never works for me.

        2. I actually liked the cameos. There were cameos from every one of the actors from the original except for the one that’s dead and the one that retired.

          Movie was pretty bad overall though.

        3. The ‘Atta Girl” was the only humorous thing in that.

        4. Why is FDR in this scene?

  20. Oksana Chusovitina: 41-Year-Old Gymnast, 7-Time Olympian Competes in Rio Olympics for Uzbekistan

    Chusovitina has competed in every Summer Olympics since 1992. Chusovitina earned a 14.999 combined score on Sunday to qualify for the vault final.

    1. Can I use this reply to complain about how much bullshit the All-Around qualifying is? Gabby Douglas finished 3rd in qualifying. 3rd for the US, but also 3rd overall out of all competitors. The top 24 qualify. But there’s a bullshit rule that says that no country can have more than 2 qualifiers for the all-around competition, so she gets fucked over.

      1. Thanks. Now I’ve got another reason to not care about the Olympics.

        1. I’m not saying it’s all bad. Yesterday was great. Beach volleyball and womens’ rugby.

          1. I watched women’s field hockey. Mind numbing experience.

            1. True story: in the very early 80s, when my parents got cable, there was a college girls’ lacrosse match on TV. It was a transcendent experience.

              1. Oops. I left out the best part: plaid skirts.

                1. I hate to break it to you, but those were Scottish dudes.

    2. The Olympics are a joke. There are all these ridiculous sports that are included. Meanwhile people have a shit fit over the first gold for the US was to an air rifle shooter.

      The Olympics were intended as a time where warring city-states could come together and test their warriors’ abilities while having a time of peace. Running, jumping, wrestling, throwing spears. Obviously today, shooting should be included. But beach fucking volleyball??? (I don’t have a problem watching scantily-clad, athletic women jumping around), and softball, and basketball?
      How about weight-lifting; various running, jumping, pole-vault etc.; fighting sports: wrestling, boxing, shooting; and perhaps swimming.

      1. I personally prefer to watch the oddball sports (archery, badminton, canoe slalom,ping-pong, trampoline, synchronized swimming) – but they never televise those. Instead they show entire 10,000m track events. Yawn.

        1. I have to watch them on Japanese TV. The first time I watched the track events here I thought, “Damn, the Japanese are winning every event.” Then I realized they were only zooming in on the Japanese athletes even if they finished last.

        2. Me too. Up here, they show a wide variety of sports – and all of it live.

          None of this tape delay crap.

        3. I see a lot of complaints (more so in the Gillespie article) about the television coverage. Is that from people who are watching the main NBC feed only, or maybe just going from past history? Because the NBC/Universal network is showing Olympics on something like 7 channels, including one that’s soccer-only and another that’s basketball-only. They’re also showing every event live at Right now there’s a choice between Australia vs. Switzerland in women’s beach volleyball, Men’s individual archery round of 32, Japan vs. Cameroon in women’s indoor volleyball and round 3 of singles table tennis before I stopped looking. There are commercials, but seem to be fewer than you get on the broadcast coverage.

          Also, I’ve been hopping around from channel to channel and the live stream, and I think aside from the main NBC network, I haven’t seen any of those up close and personal stories. And aside from the main NBC and NBC SN, I think everything has been live as well.

          1. ^^^ This is good news…

            That year they had the Red, White and Blue channels was a good Idea in that direction, but I think they dropped it the following Olympics IIRC? Then I stopped paying much attention. I’ll check my Dish feeds.

            1. Yeah, the late, great Triplecast of 1992…I remember ordering that nearly at the last minute, and it was such a big money-loser that the cable company was tripping over themselves to help make any new sales. I think I needed a box upgrade or something, and as opposed to the usual “be home over a 4 hour window and maybe we’ll show up” they actually were willing to come out in the evening and showed up right on time.

              Very few people ordered it, and as you say it was gone for 1996. I want to say it was something like $150 for the full 16 days, and maybe they allowed single day orders for less. But aside from boxing or wrestling people weren’t much into paying for one-time events on their television back then. To me it was definitely worth it, as even though there were only three channels, they had one devoted to track and one to basketball (the two main sports I watch), and it was all live, 12 hours per day. With the Barcelona time difference, that meant something like live action from 4 AM to 4 PM over here, then everything repeated over the next 12 hours. I believe it was commerical free too but I couldn’t swear to that. Probably just an idea that was too early for mass acceptance. And three channels would have meant significant capacity back then, whereas today they could easily pump 15 channels like they do for all the different pro sports subscription services today.

      2. Weightlifting should be outsourced to the WSM guys, and Gymnastics should be outsourced to the Ninja Warrior/Sasuke guys. Those guys should also consult on creating similar shows for Track and swimming events.

        1. Oh, and of course, the rules committee for wrestling and boxing should be outsourced to Vince McMahon.

  21. Neil deGrasse Tyson: Reflections on Rationalia

    In Rationalia, the Constitution stipulates that a body of convincing evidence needs to exist in support of an idea before any Policy can established based on it. In such a country, data gathering, careful observations, and experimentation would be happening all the time, influencing practically every aspect of our modern lives. As a result, Rationalia would lead the world in discovery, because discovery would be built into the DNA of how the government operates, and how its citizens think.

    In Rationalia, the sciences that study human behavior (psychology, sociology, neuroscience, anthropology, economics, etc) would be heavily funded since much of our understanding of how we interact with one another derives from research within subfields of these disciplines. Because their subjects involve humans, these fields are particularly susceptible to social & cultural bias. So the verifiability of evidence will be of highest concern.

    In Rationalia, since weight of evidence is built into the Constitution, everyone would be trained from an early age how to obtain and analyze evidence, and how to draw conclusions from it.

    and shot if they disagree…

    1. In Rationalia, the Constitution stipulates that a body of convincing evidence needs to exist in support of an idea before any Policy can established based on it.

      Oddly, he places no such requirements on “Climate Change”.

    2. In Genuinely-Rationalia, they would remember the first rule of holes.

      1. Everyone has one, and everyone else’s stinks?

    3. “Convincing evidence” sounds subjective. Convincing to who in what circumstances?

    4. To make a law making a behavior criminal, a 90% vote is required. It can be overturned with a 50% vote.

      I would actually be fine with 100%, but acknowledge the problems with that. If you can’t get 90% of reps to agree, its clearly not a consensus.

    5. And the Ignorami nodded and applauded in happiness and grabbed random crotches with glee as if they’ve just heard a brand new concept.

      1. Hello Toledo! We are Grabbing Random Crotches and we are here to rock you!

    6. This is a political model where freedom and liberty are nonexistent.

    7. And rationality police would make sure all irrational people are sent to rationalization camps.

    8. Government funded science will surly be the best science. Isn’t government funded stuff always the best?

    9. And Tyson just got added to my list of “truly evil” people.

        1. That’s actually a pretty accurate representation of my Saturday afternoons.

    10. Is Tyson over 18? That reads like the imaginings of a freshman polysci major who has never been exposed to anything outside upper-middle class suburbia.

      1. He’s such a second-rate thinker it’s absolutely maddening to see him try to play the part of some kind of genius.

        1. He gets away with it because he is actually a very good presenter. I saw him at a conference a few years ago and he was funny and entertaining.

      2. He’s the guy that runs the planetarium. Does anything else need to be said?

    11. You know, I seem to remember that there was at least one country in which their founding sounded very much like Tyson’s utopia. And those that disagreed were declared insane by the state. And the Top Men, who looked at all the evidence and trends, put into action plans that were in the best interest of the people. 5 year plans they were called. And the economic evidence was clear that the state should take control the financial transactions that occur, again, for the best interest of the people. And if someone just couldn’t accept all this, after his psychological repair didn’t work, he was sent to the Gulag. FOR THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE.

      1. They just had the wrong people.

      2. No, no. With modern computers, we can do all the central planning in real time!

    12. Something tells me the way this “Rationalia” would function is a direct democracy of thought policing. Everyone votes, we get the “scientific consensus”, and if you deviate from the Almighty Scientific Consensus then you get imprisonment like the filthy heretic you are.

      1. Title for the head of the government:

        Chief Scientific Officer and Defender of the Faith

    13. Okay so you’ll need a way to fund your statist wet-dream, Mr Tyson. But first, we need a body of convincing evidence to support the idea that taxation is not theft by a different name. I’m just soooo certain that Emperor Tyson wouldn’t skip these strenuous rational requirements when implementing the statist precursors to his preferred policies.

    14. You know who else used scientific sounding arguments to justify atrocities?

      1. Olympics gymnastics judges?

        1. slow clap

    15. I find it rather amazing that an African American came up with this nonsense because until the 1950’s it would have been a slam dunk that there was clear and convincing evidence that Blacks were inherently inferior to whites, there were even numerous social science experiments to back up the obvious disparities between the races.

  22. Ed – good work on the alt-text.

  23. A bill under consideration in the [New Jersey] state Legislature calls to prohibit “any activity unrelated to the actual operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle on a public road or highway.”

    USA Today is hyping this as meaning no coffee for motorists.

    Let’s see: “any activity … in a manner that interferes with the safe operation”. Despite the typical pretentious pseudo-legalize, I ain’t particularly seeing it.

    1. You’ve been here long enough to know that it can and will be read to ban *everything*. There’s going to be a case where someone is pulled over, cop brings in a dog, dog “alerts”, cop finds money/drugs/whatever.

      Motorist moves to suppress evidence for 4th amendment violation, says there was no reasonable suspicion to be pulled over. Prosecution says motorist was talking on phone/drinking coffee/changing songs on MP3 player/whatever. Court refuses to suppress evidence, says statute was violated. The end.

      1. Someone remind me what state requires all motorists to have both hands on the wheel, 10 and 2, at all times. somewhere in the midwest…wisconsin? Indiana? Ohio?

        I vaguely remember reading about just such a case from 10 years ago.

        1. Ask OMWC. Oh, you meant 10 and 2 o’clock.

        2. It would be a bit hard to drive a manual transmission that way.

    2. Nitwits.

    3. Leaving it up to a NJ cop….that could mean anything

      1. “But, Ocifer — I was just picking my nose!”

    4. Mere conversation would seem to qualify as an “activity unrelated to the actual operation.” Women drivers hardest hit.

  24. The NFL Hall of Fame Game, scheduled to be played in Ohio, was cancelled due to poor field conditions.

    Just another sign of what a faggotized, pussy nation we’ve become, as if we needed another sign.

    If you’re one of those dopes like Gillespie who doesn’t think Clint Eastwood is right, you need to get your head out of your ass, pronto.

    1. Or perhaps I would prefer my team’s athletes risk injury for a game that at least counts in the books versus a meaningless exhibition.

      1. FAGGUTIZED PUSSYYY!!!!!!!!

        1. Hey, this tastes funny.

      2. I do agree that we have become a bit of a wimpy nation. However, I also agree that having an exhibition game like this is stupid. I have never understood the wisdom of having full out preseason games this early anyway. I realize that the starters don’t play that much yet, but I just don’t think that it is anybody’s best interest to have the guys out there this early.

    2. Okay, now I’m sure you’re just a troll.

  25. Kansas Lawmaker’s Young Son Dies on ‘World’s Largest’ Water Slide

    Officials said the boy died on the Schlitterbahn Waterpark’s main attraction, the Verruckt, a 168-foot-tall water slide

    1. There shoulda been a law

    2. I live in Olathe, and I have been saying to my wife ever since this was built that no one could ever get me on this fucking thing. And even in all the local media and gossip bullshit, no one is releasing any info. At this point, I am thinking Schlitterbahn is going to be emptying their pockets over this one.

      1. Who came up with a park name that sounds like Shitter Barn?

        1. German Americans

        2. It means slippery road. I worked at the original schlitterbahn 30 years ago.

    3. Ironically, the park was running Elected Officials Day. I am not joking.

    4. Rumors are that the kid flew off the slide and was decapitated by the safety net.

  26. I watched some Olympics and kept seeing that awful Hillary ad. She literally just promises to tax and spend our way to nirvana. And arbitrarily fine companies who do’t like it.

    1. There have been some horrific injuries. The Dutch cyclist and French gymnast specifically.

      1. Saw the Dutch cyclist crash on live TV. I was worried she’d be paralyzed when her back hit that concrete gutter. Scary.

        1. I saw that too. That crash was brutal.

    2. My wife had to warn me to shut up after I started ranting about that commercial.

      1. “Well, *I* disapprove it!”

      2. Would have been a perfect time to ask her to make you a sandwich.

    3. “spend our way to nirvana.”

      The majestic plural?

  27. The Never Trump Republicans are launching a third party “conservative candidate”.……xf4ZVnJ87

    This makes me think two things. First there really is a bipartisan fusion party. My apologies to everyone here who has claimed as much. You were right and I was wrong. This guy can’t win and his only purpose is to put Hillary in the White House.

    Second, despite the push polls and the claims of the “Trump implosion”, they must really think Trump is going to win. Otherwise why do it? They always planned to let Trump lose by a landslide and then come back and take over the Republican party. The only danger they thought was for Trump to lose a close election and conservatives get blamed for the loss and a Hillary presidency. Launching a third party candidacy shows that they are so terrified of Trump winning, they are willing to guarantee they will be blamed in return for even a small shot at stopping him.

    Does anyone else see any other way to read this?

    1. Yes.

      They’re just stupid.

      1. They other thing that put lie to their claims they knew Trump was going to lose in a landslide is that if you really believed that, the thing to do was support him. If you know Trump is going to lose big, you support him and then after he loses tell his supporters “well we tried but your message just doesn’t work we need to nominate someone more friendly to trade and immigration”. Trump supporters wouldn’t have liked that but if the entire Republican party had supported him and he still lost in a landslide, what would they be able to say? All not supporting him did was set conservatives up for the blame if he lost. So why do that if you know he is going to lose in a landslide anyway? You don’t. You only don’t support him if you think he might win and given a choice would rather have Hillary than Trump.

        I am not talking about your average Never Trump voter. I am talking about people like the Bill Kristol and the people at Heritage and National Review. Those people understand politics to some degree and certainly understand strategic decision making. Their actions have totally put lie to their claims to believe Trump was sure to lose.

        1. I don’t really see what they have to gain by being Never Trumpers.

          These are the same people that vast swathes of the R party already hate. It is like they are banking on resurrecting their political careers with an I-told-you-so about Trump 2 or 3 years from now. But, they are so stupid they don’t realize that even if/when Trump becomes a disaster of a president, it still won’t mean people are going to flock to their policies or ideas. Putting bad ideas against bad ideas does not make them good, and as stupid as the electorate is, I think they get that to a large enough degree that the Never Trumpers plans will not work.

          1. Yeah. I never quite understood how anyone could think “I told you so” was some kind of a winning political message. The one thing people hate more than being proven wrong is being smugly informed of it. These are the same people who thought the way to beat Trump was tell everyone that he wasn’t a ‘conservative” or a “real Republican”. They honestly seemed to think anyone gives a shit about ideological purity contests or that Republicans and “conservatives” were that popular outside their own echo chambers.

            Assuming a voter actually agrees with what Trump is saying, why should they care that he is not a Republican or a conservative? They never answered that question.

          2. The never-Trumpers are driven by professional consultants and sycophants who will be badly damaged, both economically and credibility-wise, if Trump wins or even comes close. Trump owes them nothing, and is a refutation of their theory of how to campaign.

            They want him to lose, badly, to preserve their place at the trough. They can’t imagine that the Repub Party openly opposing the Repub candidate will damage the Party, perhaps irreparably.

            In short: stupid and venal.

    2. I don’t think there’s a great deal of strategery at work here;

      Consider for a moment what you would do if you were in the establishment and wanted to keep the party competitive.

      You’d be working on building a great bench. You’d be inviting men and women of ability to run for low level office to get them started on the cursus honorum.

      I see none of that happening. I see a bunch of guys who struggle to think more than one election ahead. Hillary getting her people into the DNC to ensure her coronation is miles ahead of any of the other politicians. She looks like Napoleon because all her competition are midgets.

      1. + a large number for cursus honorum use!

      2. You’d be working on building a great bench. You’d be inviting men and women of ability to run for low level office to get them started on the cursus honorum.

        Actually the GOP does do that and really better than Democrats. The GOP bench is very deep. And the GOP has gotten a lot of really talented people to run for office over the last few years. This is evidenced by how many state houses and governorships they have won and their huge majority in the House.

        I would actually argue from their perspective, they have done it too well. They have brought these people into politics like Cruz and Rand Paul and others but they couldn’t control them. These people started thinking for themselves. And no one wants that. Hillary got the nomination so easily because there is no Dem bench. And to the extent their is, none of them think for themselves. They all do what they are told.

        1. I think you are right on the money. For right or wrong, the people who vote in the Republican primaries, voted for Trump. Now maybe early on, if some of the also rans had stepped aside and pooled their resources into a Ted Cruz, or even Rubio, it may have made a difference. But they didn’t. The big money folks lined up behind Jeb, and these egos weren’t going to step aside until they absolutely had to.

          As a libertarian Republican, we do have a strong bench. We have won elections after election at the state level, and in Congress. And yet, the big money people, and apparently, the “brains” at the national level couldn’t see what was coming. And now they want to do whatever they can to throw the election to Hilary. I

          BTW: This is the first presidential election in which I have been eligible to vote, that I still don’t know if I am voting Trump or GayJay. (That is primarily a measure of how much I despise Clinton and all she stands for).

    3. Is this like that David French thing where everyone says “who?” and then he disappears?

      1. I don’t know. They guy is former CIA. What planet do you have to live on to think running a former CIA guy is a good idea?

        1. Bush the First got elected.

          But yeah, this is just silly. Just a sad little tantrum.

          1. Bush I was a CIA guy. But he was also Reagan’s VP. That is what he was known form. I don’t think Bush could have gotten elected if instead of being VP for 8 years had become a pundit and then decided to run for President in 1988.

            They really are the bipartisan fusion party. Shame on me for ever denying.

            1. Bush was also an elected congress critter, ambassador to the UN, chairman of the national Republican Party. He was appointed head of the CIA for 2 years. He wasn’t a twenty year agent or analyst.

    4. I am beginning to think it is going to be a slam-dunk for Trump.

    5. I’m not seeing that this is a party-led effort. You have one strategist and a smattering of unnamed “serious Republican donors and fundraisers”, which means nothing to me. If I’m a money-man, even if I think Trump has a shot at winning, even if I want Trump to win, I’m not throwing cash at him given his track record and the fact that he’s milking the campaign for his family. Hell, is Bill Kristol even anywhere near this? Can you imagine Paul Ryan et al. wresting their tepid endorsements from Trump to throw it behind an unknown with three months left? He brings one state into play, a state Republicans should be winning anyway.

      1. I agree with all of that. But that just further makes the point that this makes no sense. The only way it makes any sense is that they really think Trump is going to win and this is the best shot they have at stopping him. I don’t see any other way to explain this.

        1. I’m just failing to see who “they” is, besides the strategist and the candidate himself and maybe a couple deep-pocketed gentlemen. If that’s it, it sounds like a no-name nobody attempting to launch himself into national recognition and maybe running for a House seat in 2018. Unless they’re seriously delusional and think they can challenge Trump, in which case they should have launched their campaign when Cruz and Kasich dropped out. I’m no strategist, obvs, but then I’ve never wasted hundreds of millions of dollars to secure a handful of delegates, so there’s that going for me.

          1. I think they figure they can get him on the ballot in a few key states and maybe swing the election. That is the only logic I can see. The other thing is maybe they can get him into the debates and let him run interference for Hillary. Trump isn’t going to fall for the “let Candy Crowley stick her big but in and save the Democrat” routine. They might figure they need this guy and Johnson up there to save her.

            1. Can they, though? Bernie’s people were screaming bloody murder at Jill Stein’s backers because she’s on the ballot in less than half the country, and that was months ago. There’s just no ground game outside the LP, and the LP seems set on cruising in the wake of the bigger boats.

              1. I don’t know to be honest. I am really grasping at straws to explain this.

                The more I think about it, the more I wonder if it doesn’t help Trump by associating the Never Trump Republicans with this guy. Before Never Trump was principled stay home or vote for Johnson kind of thing. It was just vague enough to be appealing. Well now it has a face and it is some ex CIA operative who worked for Goldman Sachs who is running for what reason no one seems to fully understand. That makes being Never Trump a lot less attractive than it was yesterday.

                1. The CIA thing they’ll spin has him patriotically serving his country. The Goldman Sachs thing they’ll outright dismiss and point out Hillary Clinton’s support from Goldman and Donald Trump’s alleged Russia link.

                  If this is just a move to stop Trump from winning the election then its smart. A one time vanity campaign designed to sap support from the hated outsider who “stole” their party from them. And they get to do this without having to support an “organized” third party they disagree with. The Duopoly wins!

                  1. It is a huge mistake. You are right, the duopoly will win. But thanks to them doing this, they will be radioactive in both parties. Their only hope was that Trump lose in a landslide so the loss wouldn’t be blamed on them. By doing this, they ensure that any loss is blamed on them. They can’t go back to the Republican party after doing this. And they certainly can’t go to the Democratic Party. The duopoly will win and they won’t have a home in either party.

    6. I got two different readings on this: First this proves another point to libertarians whether they’re the “purists” who hate Johnson/Weld for not being really libertarian or the pragmatists who think Johnson/Weld are our best shot to relevance. The conservatives and establishment Republicans, unless they’re “conservatarians” (Rand Paul, Mike Lee, etc.), have no interest or desire to back the LP candidates no matter how “moderate” they are. Bill Weld’s nomination as V.P. was declared by “purists” as the moment establishment Republicans took over the LP, while “pragmatists” praised it as the best way to bring over more Republican voters and donors. Bill Weld despite all of his friends among the establishment GOP still couldn’t convince them to back the Johnson/Weld ticket.

      My second reading: The conservatarians and “purists” are right. The LP should’ve nominated someone who would’ve had more appeal among the #NeverTrump crowd. Such a candidate could’ve sucked the oxygen out of an independent conservative bid because the voters and the donors would’ve been more comfortable with the LP candidate. Of course this assumes that John McAfee or Austen Petersen would’ve had more pull with this crowd. I don’t see much evidence for that either.

      But you’re right, they want to see Trump lose, and they also don’t want to see a third party gain at their expense. The LP getting major party status in a bunch of states in their mind is probably just as bad as a Trump victory.

      1. I had not thought about the “preventing the LP party from gaining” angle. It is possible that is part of it but I doubt it. I think they figure most Never Trump people voting LP will come back next election. And I think they are right about that.

        As far as what this means for the LP, I think you are right that it means they need to forget the idea of getting any of the GOPe or moderate Republicans to come on board. It is just not happening. The establishment and moderate Republicans care too much about playing international policeman and are way too invested in the drug war to ever go Libertarian.

    7. Honestly John, I truly think they’re just stupid and disorganized, not actively plotting for Hillary.

      Any effort that started more than 3 weeks after Trump clinched was too late.

      1. Stupid is never a bad bet. But, even stupid people have some idea of what they want to accomplish, they just have no idea how to do it. My question is, what other than helping Hillary are they trying to accomplish? They cant’ think he can win. No one is that stupid.

        The other question I have is what kind of a moron donates money to this guy? Quixotic third party runs are usually restricted to rich guys who waste their own money on them as vanity projects. What are the people who will donate money to this guy going to be thinking? It just boggles my mind.

    8. They are proposing a professional, life-long spy as the Republican candidate?

      Stalin and Putin approve!

  28. Lights the shreeeeek signal:

    Stocks a Screaming Buy in Fed Model That May Never Prove Right

    While companies may be priced high relative to items such as sales and earnings, the values placed on fixed-income assets are much loftier. That’s important because the two markets used to move in lockstep, from the early 1980s through the internet bubble. Since then, the two have diverged, with one bullish conclusion being that equities have room to soar about 40 percent before catching up to the historical relationship.

    The problem for investors is that values have diverged for so long now that it’s possible something has fundamentally changed — and that may keep stocks from rallying as much as they would otherwise. While companies have benefited from low interest rates and slowing inflation the past three decades, the worry now is whether it’s become too much of a good thing.

    “We have very low inflation or deflation and that means continued investment in fixed income, but not great prospects for earnings growth or stocks,” said Jason Brady, a portfolio manager at Thornburg Investment Management, which oversees about $60 billion. While the comparison worked in the past, it breaks down when “it’s clearly part of the design of central banks to push rates down below what would be a natural level,” he said.


    2. it’s possible something has fundamentally changed

      Gosh, 8 years of rigged bond markets and suppressed interest rates may have changed the pricing relationship of debt and equities? Whodathunk?

  29. Balance, Fairness and a Proudly Provocative Presidential Candidate

    And while coded appeals to racism or nationalism aren’t new ? two words: Southern strategy ? overt calls to temporarily bar Muslims from entry to the United States or questioning a federal judge’s impartiality based on his Mexican heritage are new.

    “If you have a nominee who expresses warmth toward one of our most mischievous and menacing adversaries, a nominee who shatters all the norms about how our leaders treat families whose sons died for our country, a nominee proposing to rethink the alliances that have guided our foreign policy for 60 years, that demands coverage ? copious coverage and aggressive coverage,” said Carolyn Ryan, The New York Times’s senior editor for politics. “It doesn’t mean that we won’t vigorously pursue reporting lines on Hillary Clinton ? we are and we will.”

    You can fairly say about Mrs. Clinton that no presidential candidate has secured a major party nomination after an F.B.I. investigation into her use of a private email server for, in some cases, top-secret national security information. That warrants scrutiny, along with her entire record. But the candidates do not produce news at the same rate.

    1. Candidates produce news. That is news to me.

    2. So the NY Times business desk needs to write a story about Trump. They need to interview someone, stat. So they reach out to…. someone over at the NY Times politics desk.

    3. But the candidates do not produce news at the same rate.\

      Indeed not. Hillary produces actual news at a much faster rate than Trump. ProTip: Twitter fights aren’t news. Health problems and violations of national security and recordkeeping laws are news, as are lies about the same.

  30. “Forecasters are predicting a Perseid outburst this year with double normal rates on the night of Aug. 11-12,” said Bill Cooke with NASA’s Meteoroid Environments Office in Huntsville, Alabama. “Under perfect conditions, rates could soar to 200 meteors per hour.”

    Jupiter’s gravity [tugged] the huge network of dust trails closer, and Earth plows through closer to the middle, where there’s more material.

    Even if it’s due to climate change, should be a good show this year.

  31. Neanderthals’ undoing: Their lack of jackets

    Justifying concerned mothers everywhere, a group of researchers believes Neanderthals could have survived the Ice Age if they’d just worn a dang jacket. According to a study published Wednesday in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, dozens of ancient campsites?both human and Neanderthal?contain little evidence that Neanderthals ever figured out how to make cold-weather clothing.



    2. Jacket? Homo Cosmo Cosmosapiens survived

      1. “Cosmosapiens”

        *opera applause*

    3. And this is a perfect example, of why Tyson’s utopia would be a nightmare. To extrapolate this sort of hypothesis from what little data they possibly could have collected, is asinine.

    4. These pronouncements always make me facepalm.

      Neandertals did survive, at least the ones that weren’t eaten. There is one typing on my computer right now.

      1. The call is coming from inside the house!

    5. Err Neanderthals DID survive the ice age, several of them in fact, they only died off when the last ice age ended allowing the less robustly built Homo Sapiens to thrive in more northerly climates.

      I mean you really have to be a moron to come up with this kind of crackpot theory, anyone with any basic history and science knowledge would know this is stupid because the timelines don’t match up.

      Much more likely…

      Neanderthals didn’t learn to make warm weather clothing because they didn’t NEED it but they had a harder time dealing with the warmer climate of the interglacial periods and were unable to compete with their younger cousins the Homo Sapiens in the warmer climate.

  32. I’m sure this is all coincidence.

    Bernie Sanders supporter, Shawn Lucas?shown in a viral YouTube video serving the Democratic National Committee (DNC) a lawsuit over the organization’s favoring of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders?has died, according to a report.

    On 11 July 2016, Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Conrad Rich was shot and killed just after 4 AM in Washington D.C.……..c-staffer/

    1. The guy who was shot in DC is really interesting. There wasn’t a robbery. The guy was just murdered walking home late one night in Washington. People get robbed in Washington and urban white hipsters get knocked out and beat down occasionally by teenagers out looking to stick it to whitey. Respectable white people, however, almost never get randomly murdered in the street. Murders are almost always gangs killing each other over drug turf or some robbery gone bad. It is just bizarre that there would be a random murder in that neighborhood that didn’t involve a robbery.

      Maybe there is a serial killer out hunting for Washington hill rats but I doubt it. There should have been another murder by now. That said, strange things do happen. Right before 911, everyone was convinced that Congressman murdered the intern he was banging. Again it was “who the hell else could have done it?” Turned out, she really was killed by some random sicko. So it does happen.

      1. I am particularly interested in Breitbart’s death; the whole thing was very bizarre. If I wanted to assasinate someone in a particularly scary way for my other enemies and had infinite resources, reporgramming his car’s computer to put him full speed into a tree would be on the shortlist of options.

        1. Breitbart died of a heart attack. Then the medical examiner died under suspicious circumstances as well. The car thing was a journalist who had claimed, right before it, to have a big story.

          1. You’re right. I was conflating the two. The unexplained deaths do blend together don’t they? 😉

          2. I remember reading about some hit man that had gotten away with knocking people off for decades. His favorite method was to fill a sinus spray bottle with a potassium cyanide solution, pass the person on the street and covertly spray a mist in their face. Simple, Quick, easy, and apparently difficult to detect unless you are looking for it.

            How many suspicious deaths now with Cankles name mentioned in the story?

            1. Well, I have direct evidence and proof that HURGLE GURGLE UGH………………………

            2. That was a guy in New Jersey known as “the Ice man”.

              And one other thing about the case of the guy shot in Washington; maybe he shot his mouth off and disrespected the wrong guy. I could see that getting you shot. And maybe the guy who did it was smart enough not to rob him and thus walk away with evidence linking him to the crime.

              1. maybe. that’s awfully good foresight for someone who’d shoot someone else over a slight.

            3. How many suspicious deaths now with Cankles name mentioned in the story?

              I wonder if any of this could be the actual “personal business” on the deleted emails?

              1. Stop getting your talking points from the vast, right-wing conspiracy.

      2. Was she? They recently dropped the charges against said sicko, IIRC.

        1. Really? I didn’t know that. I thought they caught some homeless guy and were sure he did it. Damn.

        2. For lack of evidence. Basically there’s nothing to tie him to the crime. But he was assaulting women who went jogging in the park where Levy’s corpse was found. I think it’s likely he was her killer (the dude was arrested shortly after she disappeared and has been in jail ever since), but it will never be proven.

          He became a suspect after a jailhouse snitch claimed the guy told the snitch that he had been hired to kill the girl by Condit during the initial spate of publicity about her death. But the cops thought the story outlandish and discarded him as a suspect absent anything more meaty. He was charged a few years later when a new chief of police fired the lead detective and brought in her handpicked investigators, who turned up a very unreliable professional snitch who told them that the dude had confessed in prison. The dude was convicted based on that testimony and the small bits of forensic evidence that failed to exculpate him. The appeals court felt that the jury should have been told that the snitch is the short of fucking liar who would testify to anything.

      3. Shit is getting weird.

      1. Bizarre random stuff happens all the time. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a guy with four aces loses to a straight flush.

        How else can one explain how Zacarias Moussaoui was one of the few cases in the history of the FISA courts in which the FBI was unable to obtain a search warrant, despite the facts that he paid for flight lessons in cash, said he urgently needed to learn how to fly large jets before he could even pilot a Cessna, inquired about cockpit access in large jets, and inquired about flight patterns around NYC, which led flight instructors to contact the FBI, manifestly lied to the FBI during his subsequent interrogation, and was implicated by French intelligence as being connected with al Qaeda years before 9/11?

    2. I do remember joking that after the Sanders / Obama meeting when people were asking what Obumbles must have said to Bernie to get him to walk out and endorse Cankles that Obama offered to get him some new shoes…cement shoes.

      Doesn’t seem so funny now.

      1. I heard a rumor that Bernies wife was implicated in embezzling at the university she bankrupted and that the deal was she wouldn’t be prosecuted if Bernie endorsed Hillary.

        1. anything so long as he doesn’t have to get a job.

        2. I really think the meeting was more along the lines of “Look Bernie, the fix is in, we will not allow her to be indicted, so just give up on that being your way in and play ball like a good boy.”

    3. I’m sure this is all coincidence.

      No, it’s the vast right wing conspiracy. Duh

      1. *minus second italics

  33. The Phantom Tollbooth Movie is Back On

    Norton Juster’s classic children’s novel, The Phantom Tollbooth followed the journey of its leading character, Milo, as he found his way out of a fantasy kingdom. Now The Phantom Tollbooth itself may finally chart a course from development hell and arrive in theaters 55 years after its initial release.

    The Tracking Board reports that screenwriter Michael Vukadinovich has signed on for a new draft of The Phantom Tollbooth, which recently jumped studios?to Tristar from Warner Bros, where it languished for years until the project lost its director Gary Ross and screenwriter Alex Tse. It’s still going to need a new director, but we’re excited to see it get some forward momentum again with Vukadinovich. Though the scribe doesn’t have many film credits to his name, he’s written a script based on Disney’s The Wind and the Willows and the famous Disneyland ride, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, as well as The Three Misfortunes of Geppetto for Fox (the latter two are currently in development).

    1. I saw the Chuck Jones movie in the theater when I was a kid (having read and liked the book). I think I was the only one who liked the movie… it was pretty damned strange and dark.

  34. Erdogan is restoring safety to his country – make Turkey great again!

    1. There was a Turkish journalist on NPR this morning explaining that liberalism is under attack all over the world, and even in the US there are far right politicians with a populist authoritarian streak. And that’s why Turks came out to support Erdogan…because they want to support democracy.

      1. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he was rounding up thousands of people who had nothing to do with the coup and throwing them in jail.

      2. Except it’s not liberalism under attack. Liberalism was hijacked by the far left in the form of progressivism. Progressives wear Jason masks.

  35. Was reading up on Public Choice Theory and Rational Ignorance. Very convincing so I didn’t finish reading it.

    1. I googled epistemology but I didn’t learn much.

  36. “Voters in Thailand approved a constitution written by the military.”

    INT: Congress. In the near future, monkeys running amok on the floor. They tear up the Constitution. Suddenly, they organize around one monkey equipped with a pencil and a loose leaf and wearing a Brown’s cap put on sideways.

    Leader (in British): ‘E,e,e,e!’

    Crowd: ‘E,e,e,e,e?

    Leader: ‘E,e,e,e,e….EEEE!’

    They all bow before it and then proceed to have sex with one another.

      1. I think that’s part of the sex act for them.

  37. $400 million ain’t enough! Iran already shaking down Block Yomomma for more money. And I guess if they don’t get it, they’ll just take even more stupid idiot Americans hostage.

    This is why you never give in to terrorists.

    1. 1) Anyone who believes the spirit of the 3D chess agreement crafted by the Potsie administration, at the very least, would be honored by Iran is naive.
      2) I’m having trouble understanding. *Technically* it’s Iran’s money that was seized. It was seized because atrocities were committed by Iran and will be used to compensate victim’s families. Correct? And this ‘frozen’ money has to go through court, according to the article, and Iran is appealing. So how can Obama keep sending money if it’s still in court?

      1. So how can Obama keep sending money if it’s still in court?

        Because FYTW. Who’s gonna stop him?

      2. The mullahs repudiated some? most? foreign debt after their revolution. If you repudiate the debt, you give up your claims on any amounts owed to the government that took on the debt.

        This is a farce, from beginning to end.

        And I still haven’t heard anything giving Obama authority to appropriate money to pay off Iran. Maybe its out there, but I haven’t heard what it is.

        1. Until Congress shows some balls and puts him away for his criminal behavior, it is what is. Traitas gonna trait.

    2. “demanding frozen funds”

      That’s not unreasonable of a demand.

      1. If you freeze them under some rationale, and the reason is still effective, unfreezing doesn’t seem logical.

        1. As noted just above, Iran repudiated its debt after its revolution. That means the mullahs have said that their government isn’t a successor to the one that issued the debt, which means it isn’t a successor to the one that had its funds frozen, as well.

    3. A guy who has openly shown contempt for this country and its citizens makes a deal with America’s enemy that gives said enemy what they want.

      He is fucking us, again. It is as simple as that. His sympathies do not lie with this country.

    4. We have always paid ransom since the Barbary Pirate days.

      We just say we dont.

  38. Steve Rigel of Virginia

    His name is Scott Rigell. Sheesh.

  39. Reward Organ Donors, And Thousands Of Lives Will Be Saved

    Economists have frequently argued that a liberalized market in organ transplants would rapidly increase the supply of kidneys. Medical researchers have reached similar conclusions. A study published last year in the American Journal of Transplantation calculated that if the government were to begin paying $45,000 for each donated kidney, taxpayers would end up saving $12 billion annually in public expenditures.

    1. The penumbra of privacy covers only uteruses, not kidneys.

    2. Organ donation would make a nice boost to life insurance if a payout was allowed.

      Although I see one possible “unintended” consequence…suicides might go up. Right now a suicide doesnt provide for your family, but if you do it in a way to leave valuable organs behind, that would change.

    1. Who would want to be with a hooker who was willing to accept meth as payment? If you have enough money to buy the meth, just save the money and get a hooker who is a bit less skanky.

      1. Someone with the intelligence and taste to be a politician, of course!

        He could have tried to pay by check…

  40. “Think tanks push agendas dear to donors”
    “Think tanks, which position themselves as “universities without students,” have power in government policy debates because they are seen as researchers independent of moneyed interests.”…..128003.php

    First, in the entire article, one and one only ‘think tank’ is mentioned: Brookings. But then, I hope Cato and Reason use my money to promote my interests; WIH would I give it to them otherwise?
    Also strange the NYT doesn’t find the workings of ‘foundations’ equally interesting, the “Clinton Foundation” for example.

    1. Fucking stuffy bastards didn’t have photographs.

        1. Since the image is right at the top, and shows up even if I don’t whitelist anything in NoScript, I assume Bear is making an incredibly clever joke. if I figure it out I’ll make sure to let everyone know.

          1. Sorry folks. My browser at work is in serious need of updating, and everytime I click on the link to the story, I still don’t get any pics.

  41. Leslie Jones’ hilarious Olympics tweets got her invited to Rio

    If we think that is funny, we are a bunch of a faggotized pussies. Mike M. shall rule us all.

    1. That’s funny?

      1. I do not think so, but there are like five million internet news outlets the have written the exact story saying her Olympic tweets were funny, so apparently you and I are in the minority.

        1. so apparently you and I are in the minority

          Sweet! I gets special privileges now?

          1. Now, *that’s* funny!

        2. This has to be social signalling. I don’t see “Hilarious!”

          I see awesome, rabid Team USA homer being over-the-top ridiculous.

          The proper reaction is “Hell yeah!” and a big hi-five. It can come with a laugh for the crazy fanboy costume, but it is a laugh of “you rock, and I wouldn’t be wearing that outfit!” Not “wow, you are sooooooo funny!!!”

          The fact that she’s a professional comic might have thrown them a little. But going “Ha-ha-ha-ha! You are the funniest thing ever” just because she’s a woman and black and loud is pretty revealing. And offensive.

          I’d love to hang out and watch the olympics with the person in those tweets. She’s right at home with me and my brother and our friends. We’ll watch freaking curling at the winter olympics if team USA is competing. And every call against the US squad in Field Hockey is a crime against humanity. Even though we don’t know the first thing about field hockey. Because we are homers for the US.

          But we wouldn’t be condescending about how crazy-awesome funny she is. ‘Cause that would be racist.

        3. This has to be social signalling. I don’t see “Hilarious!”

          I see awesome, rabid Team USA homer being over-the-top ridiculous.

          The proper reaction is “Hell yeah!” and a big hi-five. It can come with a laugh for the crazy fanboy costume, but it is a laugh of “you rock, and I wouldn’t be wearing that outfit!” Not “wow, you are sooooooo funny!!!”

          The fact that she’s a professional comic might have thrown them a little. But going “Ha-ha-ha-ha! You are the funniest thing ever” just because she’s a woman and black and loud is pretty revealing. And offensive.

          I’d love to hang out and watch the olympics with the person in those tweets. She’s right at home with me and my brother and our friends. We’ll watch freaking curling at the winter olympics if team USA is competing. And every call against the US squad in Field Hockey is a crime against humanity. Even though we don’t know the first thing about field hockey. Because we are homers for the US.

          But we wouldn’t be condescending about how crazy-awesome funny she is. ‘Cause that would be racist.

    2. W.T.F?

      They’re obviously trying to placate her over her Twitter kerfuffle.

    3. The fuck? Maybe they didn’t publish any of the funny ones?

  42. Good to know that ISIL-KP in Nangarhar has hooked into the same U.S. to ANA supply chain that the Taliban in Helmand uses.

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