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Former CIA Spook Launches Presidential Bid, Trump Talks Taxes, Child Dies on Water Slide: P.M. Links


  • 'No Man's Sky'
    'No Man's Sky'

    Former CIA staffer Evan McMullin has launched a third-party campaign for president designed to appeal to conservative Republicans who refuse to vote for Donald Trump. His biggest challenge is that ballot access deadlines have already passed in many states.

  • A pack of 50 GOP national security staffers signed a letter warning that Trump would put the country's national security as risk.
  • Trump's economic speech today was big on attacking Hillary Clinton and calling for a drop in business taxes. Of note, he has changed his personal tax simplification plan from last year so that the highest bracket would be taxed at 33 percent instead of 25 percent.
  • The mayor of the Virginia city of Fairfax has resigned following his arrest for allegedly trying to trade meth for sex.
  • New Jersey lawmakers will not being putting up to vote a ballot referendum to require the state to actually make its pension payments for public employees.
  • The 10-year-old son of a state lawmaker died in Kansas on a massive water slide in a Kansas City water park. The park is currently closed and the circumstances behind his death have not yet been released.
  • In the now-inevitable Pokemon Go news, Iran has banned the mobile game, and a man was shot to death in San Francisco while playing in a park.
  • In other big gaming news, No Man's Sky, a highly hyped game featuring an entire procedurally generated universe to explore, is releasing this week.

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